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October 15, 2018, 10:48:26 PM *
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Author Topic: Waqar Zaka is here to answer whether he is a scam?  (Read 31 times)
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August 01, 2018, 10:05:36 AM

Hello Mr. Hacker & Beautiful people  Smiley

I can easily file a complain here requesting moderator to delete this post, but after understanding that this post is by the same hacker of OuiCoin web , who was a fool and  thought that blackmailing me can get him money, So instead of asking moderator , I  warn everyone on this platform to remove this person and all his Newbie IDs which are focused on posting about defaming me , that is the reason I am openly showing myself and not hiding .

Let me introduce myself , I am Waqar Zaka, founder of TENUP project  about whom this post is, Unlike the person who is hiding himself and posted this topic,  that Waqar Zaka or Tenup is scam, I am right here, not hiding my email or anything, so firstly only scammers hide , today after few personal posts, my team realized that this post is on personal hateful basis not technical grounds , so here it goes  Smiley

1) Now whoever is posting that Waqar Zaka is paying leading Block Chain conferences to talk as speaker on main stage from Europe to USA, go and read again, its media partnership , not sponsored appearance, not just media partnership but a Speaker as crypto influencer , anyone can easily judge and check whether Waqar pay these organizers or buy tickets or they invite him ,  in fact , there are ICOs which pay Waqar Zaka to promote them or post a video for their project and if I am buying tickets of 2k USD to paying 40k to 50k USD sponsorship for a conference, so since March 2018 till now its over Million dollars budget that I used to promote TENUP and still never went for PUBLIC SALE ?

2) Anyone can easily check my post at bitcointalk , which can easily show how I started OUICOIN , then I invited everyone to give feedback , also asked that engineers from Pakistan who don't get a chance to be on the front to lets make a team, as its my wish to have  major team members from Pakistan, now these are those dev who have been working but no project gave them the right credit,   and anyone can see that at OUICOIN website there was no team , no whitepaper, but there was only one picture on the Ouicoin website and that is of me , so why it was just my picture at Ouicoin, and no one else  ?  why the real team (if there was any) was hiding ? as scammers only hide

4) Question is its so easily to do scam in Crypto world buy taking payments through ETH , making a simple token on ETH, smart contract, then posting  that there will be a fixed 40 to 50% profit for investors , showing no team, putting a Referral Pyramid scheme, but any of such thing was there on TENUP or OUICOIN ?   Why I have to ( Waqar Zaka) , show himself on website ? why anyone will take the risk of showing his face when he is planning a SCAM? also considering I have a fan following , oh  wait, as someone posted here that Waqar has fake followers so how can fake followers invest?  and someone posted that Waqar has fake ONE MLLION followers on Twitter? guess what few days back Twitter removed such followers from all Verified accounts for one day who had no activity with that account, my followers increased on twitter from 1 Million to 186K , maybe I paid twitter too LOL , and since when Verified social media accounts started getting fake followers? oh guess what I am the only content maker from Pakistan who is verified on SNAPCHAT also, do know how many views you need to be a celeb and get official snap story STATUS ? , sadly, the person who posted this or his friends posting against me have no verified accounts on social media so they feel verified accounts can keep fake digits in their follower and fan section. 

5) NOW the BIG ONE, Why anyone will invest in OUICOIN which had no WHITEPAPER , no BUSINESS plan, no TEAM except Waqar Zaka's face on the web, specially no PROFIT promise of 40 to 50% per month like BITCONNECT or NEOCONNECT OR PLEXCOIN etc, having no Office address on OUICOIN website, do you think random people can invest in such a project? which had no details what so ever ? the answer is , people who personally know Waqar Zaka , invested on his name , in his personal BANK ACCOUNT, now because of transferring money in BANK ACCOUNT anyone can file a case which is not possible incase of investing through crypto specially in countries like Pakistan, SO a person showing himself on a project, openly posting videos, not hiring other social media artists to promote like BITCONNECT , how I am planning a SCAM?

6) I am the one promoting crypto in Pakistan since 2015, video posts are there on Youtube with upload dates, helping Refugees in warzone areas , educating them about crypto, directly connecting refugees wallet with donors, which no one else did , and after realizing that I have a friend circle turned into community a group of crypto investors, I decided to launch a crypto for my community , the community has no issues whether I call it TENUP or OUICOIN or WAQARCOIN , the real idea is the same , that is "PROOF OF STAKE, MASTERNODE" , now whether we fork dash or PIVX, if I promised proof of stake Master Node based platform and my friends are getting that so what seems to be the issue ?

7) Whoever is investing are those who are following me since when BTC was at 200USD and they invested on my advice and today when they look back they agree that it was Waqar who educated the masses on social media in middle east and Pakistan, they earned profits they are more than happy to invest on Waqar Zaka's name , they are not worried whether its TENUP or OUICOIN or WAQARCOIN and still the public regular sale is not launched

Cool AND NOW as they it is posted that  Authorities like FIA CYBER CRIME is after me , (Waqar Zaka) , so this means that I am openly promoting crypto currency, traveling from Dubai to Europe to USA, where the CIA cannot arrest me? and I am daily posting videos on my social media that how people can invest in TENUP COIN, above all, having a TENUP office in Saddar area of city Karachi, country Pakistan with a banner on public wall outside my office in main Mobile/ Electronic market ?
LOL ,  ya right

Point is anyone can file any complain against anyone , anywhere in the world , there are so many complains against me because of my social media content but does that mean its a SCAM,?

Over all, again , the same thing , how many CEO or founders of a project reply on bitcointalk themselves? there will but who are they? those who are like BITCONNECT or those who are here to have a clean business and name in crypto world?

Oh by the way there is also one more thing that Waqar Zaka promoted BITCONNECT, where is the video on social media or facebook to any post anywhere showing Waqar is saying get BITCONNECT?

Now I request the moderator to do your analysis and remove such people who are posting on personal hateful basis.

I am always here for my investors to answer every  question whenever I have time, My apology that I cannot be here on BITCOINTALK all the time, also I welcome everyone to join us to help a better product, whether you are from PAKISTAN or anywhere in the world, join our telegram @tenupnation and feel free to go hard on us , ask any technical question you like.
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