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Author Topic: [ANN][MGPC][CPU][POW][Yespower] Magpiecoin - Yet Another CPU Mineable POW Crypto  (Read 2044 times)
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March 12, 2021, 12:12:46 AM
Last edit: June 10, 2021, 02:03:18 PM by mareels.i708

Yet Another CPU Mineable POW Cryptocurrency using Yespower Algorithm
Make sure there is a mine.
Because mankind's love for mining is endless. : P


#1 MGPC/USDT pair on,
#2 Altmarkets:

General principles
Our general first principle is KISS [2], which is "Keep it simple and stupid". This is consistent with the principle of the Internet. It is embodied in the First World War and is simple and easy to use, without complicated or useless functions.

Our second principle is happiness, just like its name "Magpie". It means that the user is happy and can be used for entertainment, such as games, videos, and music.

1. You can mine with your CPU
OCOV: One-CPU-One-Vote; POW; Yespower; GPU, ASIC & FPGA resistant.

2. MagpieCoin will be integrated into 2D/3D games.
Play games with mining and/or purchase game equipment.
BTW, it is speculated that Satoshi Nakamoto is likely to be an early game developer.

3. Funding to aid undergraduates, postgraduates and faculties.
Most of them have no social resources.
1% reserved for airdrop to the students and faculties who own the edu email address, such as .edu,, etc.

Why use edu mailbox?
Because edu mailboxes are difficult to forge, most people only have one edu mailbox, and most families only have a few edu mailboxes.
So this is relatively fair.

And 8.8% reserved for the further development, network, exchange, platform airdrop & ecosystem.

POEE - Airdrop by EDU Email (may we called it POEE  Roll Eyes )
1. Edu Mail Airdrop Round 1# - (1000 people, 10000mgpc/person)
All applicants must send an application email to our Emai:  and reply to my simple arithmetic questions. In other words, Gmail must be used to determine the true existence of the mailbox. Then you can receive the airdrop.

POGE - Airdrop by Gmail Email (may we called it POGE  Roll Eyes )
1. Gmail Mail Airdrop Round 2# - (10000 people!!!, 10000mgpc/person)
All applicants must send an application email to our Emai:  and reply to my simple arithmetic questions. In other words, Gmail must be used to determine the true existence of the mailbox. Then you can receive the airdrop.

Due to limited working hours, only some rewards can be distributed manually every day.

Email template:
Apply to receive airdrop rewards from your name by your mail address
I am Lisa.
I am applying to receive the airdrop reward of Magpiecoin.
Please send me simple arithmetic questions.
Your title and name
The details of the first 200 people will be posted here and Github.

Airdrop Round 1# List: POEE(By EDU Email)

Airdrop Round 2# (Parallel to Airdrop Round 1#) List: POGE(By GMail Email)

The details of the first 200 people of Airdrop-2-POGE will be posted here.

#1 d9e3448350fa5f29a3280457b7a4dce423c289bdbf6007243ac255fcbf787fd9

#2 f94db75717ce865031e646f42bf490b775431f724b303dce3e764feae15f5d96

#3 705e86f5636b4551db8b3a875a9eab50e39e588835ef6819134e52cab9102744

#4 e3436f7ae1296b9ccb4965634df1f07839797a6a0ea1827af48ebdd1f15e3419

#5 fd78061958b5cb437fc5f0e7bc3e96f27648186a021e9238013094b54d5e5890

#6 e4bca201c1821b67972a6994ce975816088b2002e7e0f7d3319f4b898dd15361

#7 40f00de4b6d167722ea530ddb8696b6c78935e529b83bc482414420088271906

#8 53944ed41c8ca30c8885785a5b3e81814af40ca49365b4202ded06bcb471701e

#9 04a57dfdf75f6028c8ab1d7437cf73bef26b2d65d2cba77bb5c30e8976944cbe

#10 9f445a86fe20e0c557c1791ae06b74eaf1dc39a387559aba45455ca736aefbca

#11 148ef891e3924dc9a6e2950be89ac2e1004fe8780ab1252147ee901f2730ece9

#12 5e5764e69e279a45349b5717cc522bcff86c2569bc8da472b14f0d8104168afa

#13 cb7420d67c68cdb1aac0edc63670ce8bd7ed13dc0ecb207c80e09cb47abeba37

#14 73125b7c1b67525d56aedbabcd7a8cea797a9bd150deebf79094aef756b84dd7

#15 8638fe031fb2c61fc1a13a0820d083ca56f3844134dbb06ac2727e9630dd25ee

#16 2fc8b937f7708dcd79b7a28cc68f0be0097de16f2cf3a1baef8400e01f5ace4e

#17 2305a6165505a8e05d186d2e1d85e7002c9577df9bbaf3d821b6b4ab57f7e7b6

#18 af39ce4bdb62c49ce8ac83dea6449f03f3ddbccecc42f3d1bcff5efde105a02a

#19 639eec458aced63401c956b4b576176930cfe366720dfdc8e118c0e293063291

#20 d8b26b089da901e9a650330ca302c8692542fd8d0eb79f08f3bdbd71b2b72db7

#21 79c2eb52ff565908d8fe45996d6adae64e5904b46a7b9e7f3fadcf65dae1eeed

#22 7b3701c4bdc2841e93448e6f55faeca0736cc0a57fc404ec73c127d1f38c3146

#23 9d6b6539964d67adb33b876a08f751f16d0a0def1e939e9ebc766c672552466b

#24 8035f962b1f504ec75fadebe4e2bff4a5dd024b85d4d37f011735342121182e4

#25 2cc16b8fc2d9a83de944ae616c57e36aa693c280c293e2f00a865b8fed0968b6

#26 5fdebba42b716531e1b7433d6e6b6f653fe683936c9181698f0e47876ae6ce47

#27 4a424aac17d19e4174804590129f63f4a6a477f7544c094dfe98cc0eb6b48e36

#28 49cf5a6b972c306dd2812df10fb5532b45fb1c2aac8e7ea8c627c8bd4e539ce1

#29 0837e3ebb2a877cc51a2dbfd4b68f309e9a41885a2c06e39126b24cc1d6a2d26

#30 4e2097aa59f536d59813d634c7c66e573d865568fa605c8e834f4db4244ce015

#31 160eb703b832dcd51f730f6625c23bb46454b613796dc678e375d4cbbba65273

#32 68dd01f06869c652c3b67e18be62accba396207be8c1a543860c8e53e784848b

#33 473fc03f22a20b5609e4f1381d8694c7ab4850718fe341eaba647b5bd639be1c

#34 466c6b4bb1382a86fa90d6c4afdff8f58783821c42942cf96aeb8adaba279e2e

#35 4a241e89b0cdb1105dfc585a9594ec284743c6ccff72093379f53bc2103f7c96

#36 770e9231d56c9e65b94e2865d8dffb19d0460a48937d8459e5270d82b067e878

#37 704914c8a8ae9e54dab15b999c7a5081051bba9046e58e312f237b80e2f71b2d

#38 15583a7ea8470a28b1e479faf6a6ec2c74d0b43aadd63adb84f15fc40c0148ce

#39 0bc54c1beb973ec98920b7c3a9573efd512dde0642cd9bc884fd774a9d0c8f3e

#40 728aa1da9a3637e376243ab2548a94302881773958e9d2ed0f73f0c1590dac9f

#41 aeb80b0688e437af8d7b9f591489c5bc74bf35fed233c848a59761220b3a5010

#42 c99ead8d005458e685907f5dfd5370f46bd3e971dab4f20ab71142ebb35e9122

#43 00f49f39c3f2f1230656aafc0ea0e930741d886770ea6dcb24934d3c67171c06

#44 0028851ba91cb485f0ccc77392f231f1ed9b1b62f6b17b7dc588492ff5873717

#45 acf46f25b6b51857ebf4bfecc5641b343a105a90591f48357e8cb7a76e73586a

#46 7837e6baaf1fa597c67bbf58e249bb60273f447e328a5f33f15cca9248a01f1e

#47 c0750e7c243940b67ddfbd0c9653b17a60a8cb913d2312a8b3d4b232e393b571

#48 776ba0de0e8e7076f1d81a108374e80ae9c64d7e42bc6f05d1b367cb1f248315

#49 bb0d88f4c2d9eb59b74de6b758d3e33e0a63d1fedec6acaaccb126aa3d0716fa

#50 e78cc2102991eb5f403ad0f98e64d8ba0ba097e35a7ba36e9258cf0a5328290e

#51 547bb8196c66487beda881673fd3e561a6b1953d713b04ee1a759fa9ed5e50f8

#52 c3372218d53b9076819355ebfe191fed76832afd98d38ab60d4855ea41cf7865

#53 365e01577832751ccf77d063af5fa0c1ba107a84490cb024d414f7219b505b95

#54 7cb168bf3cb3c5e6278d3897c432626557005212b79b0653b3f1009a387f19da

#55 eb430e7d945fa4916772a5fc42626c473208bd8873226e659ddf346fbf6f24da

#56 630a7273f955a0f72ca26e0812617573dd5cf8013782458e7305d475ba49a9b1

#57 dc7f99e4ebcc815de40a575fcec29fa428e39f2d21e5987db97c1e864cd09e0f

#58 136f3b08416a1d9bb07633fd3c0333463c0e8f1e07cf4344770eb25f3c50f811

#59 72ee2e3b196f13350c036f7174d979b254e1c67554733bf3461868ee0f7ade04

#60 062a1691e8109a0f9c782ccc85b36e9dc914bbc1ea5cbea3aba252eceb4b51ac

#61 a7b41aec534ba8a5ba453dfeb415a53ccb8ba70296a1375603f20d875da0263d

#62 b659ff23daddccc4791120988b1e6c088566394d62ae3f1bccb666631c568e95

#63 16dd0b63eadcb74b89021743ec6f48852eae189446c799c7bccf4294b176e001

#64 5a5f8bf7270a0a3d500b4c9e682810a3d885ca94c3e7d484fa6ffaf8c24389d0

#65 12adc51304e7d3be7027876efedd879c989ecb0a4e35081a97fc632e5e9a7e6a

#66 3b145ba289cfd347bcb1a0973948ae1337c5f91493f7782d90031043c7100afd

#67 b5c65265feda097eb869afdec15c2824867232d7875236c5d39ccbb4d81e232c

#68 e8102ed213664b98acdcdf6ef995ed93b5b3c04667958cb002adf523bbb2d206

#69 beba6be079f504b67782a1600a5ba0b1b0b718cdbcba1dd7fce4e7e3ee033c37

#70 45c08887d288e0737a72731498dc83bbd0f5b0314640c10b27d145191fd33d89

#71 b985a27de1479ff8b82bd3e19f4aa3d2dca439a1508de70eae6ad05a7ca32982

#72 66738ea27a56d97c0b343a1ccace0826b88619857b4e0d867b523095ecd19bae

#73 04441ce4f78d7f6f881cff1ba34af0cb5c284014d543c1cc7858254dc7f2dec9

#74 96879ebca7cd295cd209fe492aad7dcb00c4ce0b4ba96d0dcc2aa10a803914c4

#75 b035a84c1db8b90744772b075e1d40ce80a1e9d686d25941cc137510f058e37b

#76 28959faad429cfcb0255ffc52284d97d6b045eb33b4071e1007ccf2668595e49

#77 04ed50493c7b633845c6d4650d30ae6f2afa5ca1ea3600af33d6be1113b92d90

#78 cf774934b4b3e40b6eaa41b69f2466e19e1bfdf115bcb1e9c66cfe01c369668d

#79 c6c9b0aad3c0c3054aee04a0d12093c04f468f61a91f513411709fd4a3cf1634

#80 cea1c78d97eb9d76405e1a0c0bf14b7bc58637a9813e267bd1c937ecb25a1b65

#81 05a63740cc09ed202f1929ed9352267f9b5192aa99acf9de4ff767c5b78cbf54

#82 c89d506137a82fd3a666be643fd598df68ead18f33b86670763ae5f24dd863bc

#83 c9e5aaa2e69234490f1c8c38adc1616d8aafb010faca9cfaad12a15c4b732626

#84 ea2292479e1eb47addbcf0ebf587cb37ebc0ecd06cc75b97fab6c036cb3fd362

#85 1198eab0821e95bfe746deff60631bf828e631c1ed113ab762d9470e41883945

#86 31b7a560c41d36800a2d656bf8dd224805618050b919b87f67c00753fc460e30

#87 f8fb2caf30cebb523846aacbe2b7202b62b6415baa605ddc060317cf8d654768

#88 942f130fbdbd6b8da839f8cf32a1faba6c43bc1fde4d7f3e488ec6b0ffaeaa41

#89 4d9f8776c2a78e76476c7ffc523e3026a92937787ddbb2a8adf6aff74021bfbf

#90 ebea5285f080b6ebfe545cf9e4f8ffcf71746976c1796dd8af3d8880ca81080e

#91 14b5bcde192a176e6a77038dece07c01b1ab08f5de146ec8cf64173f36801567

#92 63690f3ec3fe59ce091e198d787964c11873fad399080de5900cf06effed9ddd

#93 bdec5c42620df9feaa1c3b2ba17874b3248928de636d3135b3bbaa4b2a7f3944

#94 32acea1a6e97bb35606eebe2d8ffedf1f7cac997f2580df16bcc0ac1146219de

#95 3dae548601a804f7f3c5cccd4af719ce7466f71ede60be53c1c76378e6dfb832

#96 9cc522b8ebf5e1c18c38f3fb13a4301f419c87831d6c861eef55d78d5f090cff

#97 68341baaecbc2a1335911a1e63ea8e2972e5e4a5cc8e163f5bd4c17c0f058a5b

#98 d597c3d154f1a64a63969346797bc5295ebd035c347cac32ac298387101edbbd

#99 f522d203ab089989f9886620b8e6429834b7bf40f9263558a295a734a1a791a1

#100 eb3006694c966fd5f79e99f5490561ca1cffde7272e474899f4c07e890b81da0

#101 49889c20675f26e51c7849f36620b73091fe4b033622d70a831ddad37293a7ae

#102 12d2ad589cbbc96d7905f398cf5428f54fa7ae900223638284eb829f2da120d7

#103 e249b5c20e9794b9b5087cf8a1a298bc33ec39a0ad07d3944e51ce49322d5334

#104 6036ab9286addba43f48e02084b45f3defb91aa3c3ed4548d78038e9dfa47a6d

#105 69847e31ef1a9c75c8a5d2ab6ff36c919000d20107b8464ec685c06b908ead28

#106 d7b49a6ead577f9b7f228c098918d7123bfa1d20c1811bd06572336eeca36dd9

#107 ecb647cdfb635702e4dd0b50443caf8f575037e400f05e9c439c7d00db9be5e3

#108 fed867e0b0af05bcbe7b0fe21752a4d5ed18dd036ae19e21865179826a1f36fe

#109 ad4b4c56b560215dd6a02d1ff40a148627bc4629a9afc29adb4db0673172a4ec

#110 dd1e9bcd8cbfe15be7bdc0c40c1b89fcf3c91e4280e5cc5c7df29e311af4fb70

#111 18380dd1c30fc1a865ba68e223f4ace2244e0841faec2f8f460921368be72e0b

#112 5fc5156cf784a0a15657817df94642cf748d5a83b776176639ef94269c56cbc4

#113 e2df8b2294c729c802a3ee503d24c030854a0083768a1d663068353c6d59f909

#114 e4ffb2ddf66f099942b8872e921ce133152e91566e276fd7c3131c6e38b8d2b6

#115 4d26e219966fa3afe8f669208c4ea861161dcbdeb0f879860e82aa4e6eb7c96d

#116 479be54a438993bbb50eb90db29c548c39589d490f801772452f18c6acc284ba

#117 e3075e349fb9795069859465a93d9a77b84d6e30a3af0603c685a4f89f8d620e

#118 4f005e82841fb139fd469c87ea084425c2df21023b03de79f76f78ef70365f71

#119 a59db0f33d2ede89555f8506809695cdf9090ab06312cff8c2748325084ed966

#120 29cdde97183a6ee6329fae7218684fcf99e154ed3c17a360f32af1bdcdaf75ed

#121 22ffd1b9fc512c42cd770968021765d855f1d92815707b63816ca493a53d2435

#122 65e3cfdfc63f1046ec51dc210ee981bd7e5b7c15d0ab4be62927a4b6465328b2

#123 208618560bf46d3f4d4f6182f6949542ef9ddf603224b88b0f33adaa79c9cf4e

#124 6fb8a26ff883cda917d7771ce8c1916593b8e1ff8434a222d63daead80a53ae6

#125 f7399e4e10c3ebb68e3c0ef2a383ab1b48c9b2cf75699932e2ac0c944f4969f0

#126 619df18e720cb35b9ecf1a17f1c8c21d872e7cf64fb63b4983bb591ff32e0e4e

#127 ae2c4d6adfbd2d67b919aeedfea40acdd63bb3f9fc435f9e3cfcdb41790a1190

#128 36592156a65a034ff5c82d1af7f54ed59a7a03eb30b2d98c199f88469920562d

#129 3dba60a16f3dc0534454a853b1ba8867c65d01a05319fce4fdf4cc08fcb1497b

#130 b3b23461536629a652979fb34579bd362748dfe3e79d5a0c162fc064cc43465d

#131 b97ae45c33d96c56dcceb8a372114212de0d5fb52951cd82aaf9fa40967ecfa0

#132 f8612d127af0fee31d77a37fd1c9693fea559e21efef141a02ae7f75e04c6b6f

#133 3d66fa2d2b90375b9dd48df955d73f2471d32406bcf1ab267298845b20368f2d

#134 af227829a8cdbbc97c06270608e03458a5b8a73df60fb5caaa1c38bf056bbfad

#135 aae2399520057bab2ae800851ddbb763da44984a0b4411804ee43983b271fdf8

#136 ef4c9829ea5fcd5f888252ac3d7c80dc66084825e70d3e6d72b8cf2e17af3ddd

#137 cc0795578e0eee8258191b346cfc97389d673e5a4e8976038a43990e4e5a2325

#138 5954097e108aadd899f7221f5af243caf2b76aeed8787881cc69c6147cf4e73d

#139 880be8b72321b88b390326fcb0df37332a6bcb16336fe45aad3024122fc57bde

#140 dde9805ac79a10b82487ff5bd8e75dcc6f1b748b7e114096a165f236bddac590

#141 9576e165d6fe14293740d4ddd91f1cf0a6f5684bccdc00a81d647190fca66020

#142 5ef7af40c1a50a81cab591d987514bd299782b8a40f0cfecf9f832eebb4fb17b

#143 41861bae414417269571d3e089e7fbb8ef419c0a3caefe6e78d6774034772e53

#144 b282327a83034541e500248dfd695b2e8e3973066080381b87e49c8f11f49629

#145 29cc0ba0d23788c4cd06c787838fdc25e7297353c5d0421f4aefb400154d8210

#146 9037c7bd196a6c5075c9d8188f27d7386b2a891b1d3b00f762edce19c44917c6

#147 788f9c5bec4ff0d59d53385033a322077a333fc3c3c5e6733dc32a0aab4f4f38

#148 feca4c137f7ec34f3018594f1285de6a2bdf8fcb4c0eec0e9da99a3d9531258d

#149 67f262863cd37e567d67a91f4b2f34bcadf4bdc82e9f497bf1118e0c005ec3c0

#150 da6e2371f5d275e8f17108ce136afbd15f145ad83af0a90598c2901c230c707e

#151 870e0b89a69db960707fe2381756ec270badb72895a4d71ae23ee39ad47b9103

#152 f7a08b01d6f0d3ba98538808c8c3a835aab6926297a69c32a22ddd08c06e3f2c

#153 ac742c43162f86ee0417948078d90577ab9939674bb05b2d5c6c42e938cbc14f

#154 04679f45fd35467669c01771b943356f53fe84a466c0e5340fd45d290288a9df

#155 11bc00e58c76cfd13a868af3b267fe25c081ada81f575044c48ab3bea41cfabf

#156 7fae94f5706dfb8d9f3b3c84ab4a6108cee89299a609e7faafc56f8551cdf553

#157 0224de33a6c65589e212e61c1103815c4be193bd8a96daeaadd0d87596332456

#158 4d11f49611b89f7185722a0988fa0762708408ae0bb4384f18838993a1c5674f

#159 ba85c9fbc69cd79c08ffc9cddede7242740ef915cd844a43d00dfc437544bef6

#160 961e32564f7a542d5078590c22f956fe5a4e024375b39b49183a0b1c52383cd5

#161 5c8c60cfa3c10109bc8c096535ecb7a89ac04d84629584e1cc94556c5debee2a

#162 27c819eb295a35b705132ec844c342505aaf0b3b05d4154002ed758288a98bc6

#163 b1b10b8e08d8c31f3db7f9845dc4d1b794f870b9b0038fae84ad752fc80d901b

#164 98f48ce62248d8d2a24c270bc03b7839e02b3550589a8807a035aba150585ea3

#165 1ca7232d78e276c3b2108d9df8fcdf43af8c0336ad695b1df5a42f8ea502a8eb

#166 134c798dd3276a2906ab758747b1bbdfc26d3631280354c4b6c3cbc11062afce

#167 c149d8e3fc46e1e48530d7580aadb54f76717df4d188c115c4dbf390b73d8778

#168 8f28ddf1edead5fbe1bba1f7de2f4c943bec574a6f3edb52bac06cf5104dfe68

#169 9fed9f22d997e6f4e7549fa554eb8c401b619c9565af147e13f0f8de9432ad1a

#170 c1adfa5ac789e7169aa567fd4cefce1b045bbce7b386292d84a84fd743fa3888

#171 7d95d896854e95a06fd66b6d7493b87b572c3b0914bf366fb64ecd1c27480171

#172 5695d44e9e4a01e3d9222397567dec7cea803bbbc38eebc8bad3a9ab81a5d947

#173 3a251a47a521e37bc9f48f0a280b1f9c45aa9cd89f876a03c477be6a4324aa79

#174 490f9aa5e5582fcfe0ca1b5ed9522a337a5d3415b01a5238ee1cda817a5a2c9f

#175 48aaca9526171386f82019c17a00d947bdb66d11c3f286eeec150adf912e64fc

#176 438395a3974aaf3bef78e6b358f3eafd3d1b44437aa434c9225f992c77bd20ae

#177 a091b98efd06f7956a6cf21069634a31df5f4bd3032ced4ca64ebd157ca94a55

#178 80e9e2c2be801c1112094ad7dea94b8f4ed60363b30bede16a85844956e5aa8a

#179 04311b6afaf22b9cc6d07e4b5a779718c2c7e2094a68ec4b1c7e093517851338

#180 2304958133353bbbe31b82f0f67112ae5881375051ca1b909e7676288d4c6e49

#190 0b7cc0f94b8302da8740dea844310fa02440927b7145da6d3d79dadca58500fe

#191 e9a3dfa333b0258fb55dacabc39188886bc2499b532111a4c5e4ad2e72a02ad2

#192 9e0fdde86216b89d84f515b910a96ee1fb6311f499f170eaef348eb28f58d98b

#193 cd0138865378f5b31553c328639cbd0e3580c62eda5688c8c7c341862c298854

#194 270a7046591f2a05fa0a4b2ecbf0005d1d225f86b671af8ba846f0e3448d9639

#195 4c95c9631efd344874b749d2c1050a40359a7de6aa2e35e219178e2e7405a6b6

#196 1720dc8a39f294b14028e2fbe6c618b4dac719d14ab366bcc3b532bcf0472c22

#197 cf1eae84de222f389808f9fe4870381554d359e6dde26fed722010e1d5594f60

#198 7e314f0f345ac66509428aef013e3372703277d98f416344a2974838bda1a65e

#199 4a4549c4df2c53ed3c39e9f038eb2eb2dc29bd470e52f4fe5e7e81b1abbfcbe0

#200 5fce89fa544344e989deb9a8eda219b8604f055e710a2b3dd5c0ba25ec09f912

Name: Magpiecoin
Ticker: MGPC
Algorithm: Yespower 1.0.1(latest for CPU mining)
Maximum Supply: 68,948,811,840
Block time: 2.0 minutes
SubsidyHalvingInterval: 420000 blocks
Consensus: POW
Confirmation: 340 blocks

P2P Port:  9348
RPC Port:  9347

The coins will be issued through mining over a 56-year time span.

Future roadmap
Development of YespowerMGPC
Development of Nodes
Development of Wallet
On going LTS.
Development of Block Eplorer
Join the 3-rd party mine pools
On going LTS.
Development of 2d game engine modification
Done. (Cocos2d-x-magpiecoin)
Pump to Latest Modern OS and Librariy
On going LTS.
Development of 3d game engine modification
On going LTS.
Development of 2d game with magpiecoin
On going LTS.

[1] S. Nakamoto. Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system, 2008.
[2] WOLFE, Hanke. KISS-Keep It Simple Stupid. Computer Fraud & Security, 2004, 2004.5: 11.
[3] Yespower.
[4] cocos2d-x.
[5] Unreal Engine.
[6] Qt.
[7] libevent.
[8] protocol-buffers.


Social Media
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March 12, 2021, 12:44:53 AM

why cross a modern algorithm and ancient sources like mammoth shit?
mareels.i708 (OP)
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March 12, 2021, 01:05:32 AM

the source is under control and will be pumped to the latest.
need time.
Jr. Member
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March 12, 2021, 06:00:35 PM
Last edit: June 29, 2021, 10:49:37 AM by matusik484

Hello Everyone!

We would like to welcome Magpiecoin on our Mining Pool!

Our Mining Fee is only 0.5% both Pool/Solo, so miners can enjoy their coins Wink
Payouts are made automatically every 2 hours for all balances above 100 MGPC.

You can use following commands to join our Mining Pool straight away :

#1 Option is for mining on Pool :
-a yespowerMGPC -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_MGPC_WALLET_ADDR.workerXYZ -p c=MGPC

#2 Option is to mine Solo :
-a yespowerMGPC -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_MGPC_WALLET_ADDR.workerXYZ -p c=MGPC,m=solo

(Asia servers are also available instead of eu, ports are same.)

Thanks for paying attention!
-Enjoy your hashing.

Your Team

If you need a help or have any ideas about our pools, don't be afraid to contact us at Discord :

Exbitron (
Jr. Member
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March 12, 2021, 10:51:08 PM

Pay attention to safety inspections, beware of Trojan horses online
mareels.i708 (OP)
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March 13, 2021, 10:48:57 AM

------> RESERVED FOR POOL <-------

Pool will be online soon by a third party mine.

mareels.i708 (OP)
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March 13, 2021, 10:55:07 AM

Pay attention to safety inspections, beware of Trojan horses online

Time proves everything.
mareels.i708 (OP)
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March 13, 2021, 11:02:34 AM

POEE Airdrop List

The details of the first 100 people will be posted here.
#1 Djoni Djuli,  asov****@****, 10000 MGPC, sent, Txid: 54365c0629c3f68cdb4bd99b524f0ad86abafa2c6e28d2b22d05bf5fc62cbe8b
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March 13, 2021, 02:04:35 PM
Last edit: March 13, 2021, 02:26:52 PM by eule

Wallet design is interesting, unfortunately OP forgot to bundle the miner with the wallet and thus in-wallet mining doesn't work and you'll have to setup a yespower miner. The .edu airdrop is kinda stupid tbh, lots of people who don't have access to such an email and lots of people who probably own thousands of those.

Edit: Even when you start solo mining, getmininginfo will show 0 hashes per sec, indicating that solo mining does not work from within the wallet. Network hashrate is at 16.6kH/s, so should be able to get a few solo blocks if you're quick to setup the miner and interested.  Wink

Also OP forgot to mention the block reward:

Also note the "Maxcoin-Qt" mentioned in the screenshot, indicating the "ancestor" of Magpiecoin. And 9.8% premine is kinda huge.

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March 13, 2021, 11:18:20 PM

The miner in the wallet does work, many on Discord have used it. You just have to select solo mining and enter your address. (Sometimes you have to stop and start it again before it actually starts mining)
There is now a mining pool too:
mareels.i708 (OP)
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March 13, 2021, 11:35:44 PM

1% reserved for airdrop to the students and faculties who own the edu email address, such as .edu,, etc.
students and faculties who own the edu email address, who are lack of social resources.
moreover, education is our future.
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March 14, 2021, 10:22:24 AM

Hi dev, i too want get a airdrop  Smiley
mareels.i708 (OP)
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March 15, 2021, 12:00:19 AM

Hi dev, i too want get a airdrop  Smiley

u can apply to receive airdrop rewards from ur edu mail box, such as ***.edu.
The list will be shown on this thread and github:

mareels.i708 (OP)
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March 15, 2021, 12:56:03 AM

MagPieCoin (MGPC) YespowerMGPC | Mining Pools
List of known MagPieCoin pools (MGPC) YespowerMGPC PoW algorithm. Live hashrate distribution, pool fees & minimum payment comparison. Mining Pools & Block Explorer
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March 15, 2021, 05:17:35 AM

God damnit... been using btctalk for years without account but since noone reacted to all this joke finally made an account.

Anyway - Says he wants to be anonymous and secure - so thats why his site doesnt have ssl.
So anonymous that he uses his gmail up there.

Reddit user deleted

Discord channels of this aussie gentleman are in chineese.

I got kicked and banned from the discord when I asking about any of this - my messages were deleted as well.

And his wallet is more infected(@virustotal) than 5$ hooker  - this can but doesnt have to be false positive - most likely not the false one, trust ur guts.
mareels.i708 (OP)
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March 15, 2021, 07:17:46 AM

I don't know what your real purpose is?
We are on Twitter.
And there are a large number of miners.
Time can prove everything.
The wallet is operating normally and does not contain any viruses.
When a new currency comes out, some people always say that.
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March 15, 2021, 05:29:34 PM

can someone help me

i tested some Cpuminer with difficulty

but i have the same message share rejected and "low difficulty share"
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March 15, 2021, 06:47:59 PM

can someone help me

i tested some Cpuminer with difficulty

but i have the same message share rejected and "low difficulty share"

Does cpuminer have the yespowerMGPC algo?
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March 15, 2021, 07:40:38 PM

MGPC is just param, it is not actually new algo.
He is anyway if all above is not enough sign for u i dont know what is.

cpuminer-avx2 -a yespower -o stratum+tcp:// -u wallet -p c=MGPC --param-n 2048 --param-r 32 --param-key "Magpies are birds of the Corvidae family."
mareels.i708 (OP)
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March 15, 2021, 10:42:10 PM
Last edit: March 15, 2021, 10:53:44 PM by mareels.i708

Updated release of MagpieCoin for Win64.

The old codes of pool mining will call the minerd exe program directly, which may cause anti virus software false positive error reporting in Windows.

So we update the version:

In other words, the in-wallet pool mining function is no longer available.

Plz down the new version for windows.
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