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Author Topic: Patronage: Tip nullius for his contributions.  (Read 152 times)
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July 04, 2022, 02:59:59 AM

Draft/pre-alpha preview:  Not yet set up, for the reasons stated below.  I want to get a link set up.  If interested, please bookmark this, and check back later.

Skip the Nullian verbosity:  “Shut up and take my money!”
This page will have addresses for BTC, ZEC, and other currencies, plus a PGP-signed list of the same addresses.

Do you appreciate my writings?  Do you think that I should be rewarded for what I have contributed in the past?  Do you wish to encourage me to contribute more in the future?

I have always refused paid signature campaigns, despite having been personally solicited with some lucrative offers in 2018 and 2020.  My posts are not made for the purpose of paid advertising.  Moreover, I fiercely guard my independence.  I will never allow money to influence my opinions—and I will never allow fear of not being paid to inhibit me from taking a controversial stand.

I want payment only from those who genuinely appreciate me.  I promise nothing but to be myself:  “Nobody”.  In particular, I will not let desire for tips (or fear of upsetting potential patrons) influence my opinions.

If you dislike my protest against a world full of shills and sellouts, then please feel free not to send me money:  I do not ask nicely, for I do not ask at all.  Otherwise, I will treasure your tips:  I respect those who will respect this message.

Rather than place a tip address in my signature, I create this thread as a linkable webpage with more information than will thereby fit.  It will be self-moderated, and usually locked.  Please do not attempt to reply here.  Local rules:  Any replies may be deleted.  I think that’s appropriate, because no contractual exchange is hereby offered; this thread is only an appendage of my signature, in lieu of a more garden-variety tip address.


I am attempting to work out some better means of accepting tips without publicly exposing tip transactions, and without address reuse.  If/when Silent Payments become available, I may use that here.  In the future, perhaps I may set up a server for dynamic acceptance of tips.  Meanwhile, I will simply “LOL” at the destruction of privacy, and switch this to a fresh address from time to time:

[Bitcoin address and QR code—oh, dear, do I really need to put out another address that can be watched and tracked by blockchain spies?  Yes, being fed up with a lack of privacy is making me procrastinate on giving people a way to send me money.  Sorry.  It is 2022.  Why does this problem still exist?]

If desired, you may also encrypt ChipMixer vouchers with my PGP key.  Those are essentially bearer certificates.  Send same by PM or e-mail.


I was awaiting Zerocoin for Bitcoin since 2013.  Accordingly, I have been a Zcasher since Sprout.  Zcash is a great way to tip me without any worries about privacy, address reuse, and so forth.

For this purpose, I am trying to get a new, long-term Orchard wallet set up just the way I want.  The issue is currently being discussed in appropriate venues.  I delayed making this thread for too long, awaiting a solution for my issue.  To be resolved.

Other Currencies

Some other alts—to be added.  Preferably things that can be used to buy BTC. 😺

PGP-signed list of addresses

Don’t get scammed!  The following statement confirms my ownership of the addresses listed above.  It is signed with my PGP key.

[Draft with no addresses:  This space is intentionally left blank.]

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