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Author Topic: The Selling of  (Read 845 times)
darrenwgray (OP)
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June 11, 2014, 04:57:53 PM

Disappointing as it is that I have to post in this part of the forum to warn of the user known as Crycurex-support. He is currently trying to sell Crycurex for 0.1BTC and based on the experiences of some of other BitCoinTalk forums; I suspect this to be yet another scam.

The Complaints and Ignorant Customer Service
Firstly; from the original [ANN] Thread set up for Crycurex we have:

Quote from: ozzymax
Quote from: on January 24, 2014, 02:37:54 PM
Quote from: httpb on January 24, 2014, 02:31:21 PM
I decided to test Crycurex by depositing small amount of CRN. I managed to make a trade and now I'm stuck at withdrawal with Status:waiting.

Are withdrawals still manual and if so, when can we expect for them to be semi or fully automatic so they can be processed faster?

Will be processed in 15 minutes, as we are still in beta, some features may take longer then ussuall ... dont worry everything is fine, without problems, we rather be little bit slower with 1 or more deposit/widthrawal, than beeing hacked Wink

I know crycurex is not best or 100 % working or 100 % smooth, but we are aproaching Mount Everest every day, we are closer and its because of you -clients, I aperchiate your deposits, your trades, your withdrawals, they help me test every feature on my website to became security stronghold and number one Wink

Yes I bet you appreciate our deposits, shame mine isn't in my balance. from 3 DAYS AGO. where do I open a support ticket as emails go un-answered

ID   Currency   Amount   Status   Other info
1631   COXE   0.00000000   waiting   19

or which is Crycurex-support's answer to another complaint
Quote from: GiantSlug on January 24, 2014, 09:21:12 PM
Here is my experience, so others know what happens with Crycurex:

Initially, all went well. Got a deposit wallet, traded some COYE, then withdrew BTC. However, the BTC withdrawals took almost an entire day (one longer) and when all was said an done, I somehow had a negative 0.0003 BTC balance. I still had almost 1mil COYE, and I couldn't trade it for BTC to take care of negative balance. I was locked up, and only thing I was able to do was withdraw my COYE. It took 2 days, but finally got them.

So, this exchange somehow lets balances go negative, does not list fees for all withdrawals / trades openly, and then has terrible customer service. I was trying to get assistance with this, and after a long period of no responses, would just get short, rude remarks about "deposit the negative balance to trade".
At one point, the Dev told me via skype:
[1/23/2014 12:47:50 PM] ok
[1/23/2014 12:47:56 PM] you dont need to depoist
[1/23/2014 12:48:02 PM] but you are not able to trade

How professional is that? Saying fine, you don't have to, but you won't be able to do shit then. Learn some customer support and take care of your customers, thats where you profit. Unless you scam.

I was not going to put any more BTC into this exchange with all these issues. I said, let me trade my COYE for BTC, ill take care of the balance. Nope, just said deposit.

Now, with Cryptorush coming in, and Vox (i think) around the corner, this exchange is going to be terrible.

With the competition of the new exchanges, and the lackluster performance and support, etc, I feel Crycurex is not long for this world.

My personal opinion: Get all your funds out of there ASAP, stop depositing. I feel this exchange will disappear with coins when the Dev realizes he can't produce a decent exchange and

 compete. Just my opinion though.

FIrst of all Id like to inform you that GiantSlug is part of competitors exchange keep in mind that.

Secondly what "negative balance means"

Short explanation: thre was some bug, due witch we had to reverse lot of trades. Negative balance means that ... trader x had to have profit of 1 btc for example, he booked this profit (1btc) and make a withdrawal of 1btc, but we noticed there was price error and real price was lower ... therefore he had to earn 0.5 btc instead of 1btc ... so we make a withdrawal of 1btc instead of 0.5 btc ... and his account is in negative balance now ...

those "negative accounts" are few ... 5 or 10 ...

On other hand, yes we dont have automatic deposits and withdrawals yet, this id due security reasons, as there should be lot of hidden bugs in our site, same as at any other sites. So it depends of each client if he wants to risk with brand new exchange who has automated payouts.

As I dont want to risk even penny of clients account, i wont switch to full-auto until I am 100 % sure my site is completely secured.

TO his personal opition: : D : D yes because he wants as much as possible clients for his exchange.

Right now traffic on crycurex is beeing handled much better then 20, 40 hours ago ... i welcome every potential customer.

Note the comments I have put in bold. A common theme of this individual was to accuse everyone of being a "Paid Hater" sent by another exchange - so we will come to where I found

I won't continue with all the quoting of the complaints like the one from atheistftwins

Crycurex's poor "customer service" and bad management led me directly to BitCoinTalk

Quote from: darrenwgray on January 26, 2014, 04:02:52 PM
Although I was impressed when I was convinced from the CoinyeCoin IRC channel to try out Crycurex I am (not really) shocked to see that it is a bit of a fiddle.

Lets go for the basics:
* I was asked to sign up and agree to the terms and conditions of the website; when you go to the T&C page it comes back with a 404 page in what appears to be an Eastern European language - possibly Polish.
* I followed their activation key procedure and logged in and thought how reasonable it was for a beta.
* I clicked on their terms and conditions fairly basic blurb about how they are not responsible for cryptocurrencies who end up getting sued, etc, etc.

I then make a few very small transactions and get a very small BTC balance 0.00006xxx something - I then go to withdraw it (to test their withdrawal process - you need to have confidence in these places before you use them)

It got rejected. So I asked on their support IRC.

darren-w-gray  So... what is the minimum withdrawal rate for BTC then?
CC-Support-Lom  There aint minimum withdrawal, but notice withdrawal fees
Btc withdrawal fee = 1-2 %, minimum Btc withdrawal fee = 0.001
darren-w-gray  It does not say that at any point from log-in to actioning the withdrawal.
CC-Support-Lom  On forum,

Crycurex are obviously only expecting their customers to come from this thread; otherwise they might have thought about the basics (like information for those that they got direct from the CoinyeCoin IRC channel) who have never been to this forum before. You would think that they have some sort of information on their withdrawal page about what the minimums and fees are; but they have forgotten about the basics.

I hate to say it, but at the moment Crycurex is all about the back-end making money and nothing about the influx of first time users that CoinyeCoin's notoriety was meant to attract....

PS on the plus side BitCoinTalk has got a new user.... I never knew you existed until today!


to your "basics"

- For me Terms and conditions works fine, so please check if there is no problem with your connection, thank you
- Yes, crycurex do not take any responsibility for many of things, check terms and conditions of other exchanges, do you think they are responsible for anything ? I dont think so. They even have their whois hidden, why they need to hide thier whois ?

Yes your withdrawal has been rejected because fees would be greater than you account balance, but if you want I can process your withdrawal but you will receive 0.0000 btc ... it was my good will that I canceleed it.

Support member nick: CC-Support-Lom

I aperchiate Lom´s help very much he is only support member at the moment, as you should know I had "trojan horse" from at my support team, I need to choose my support members carefullly now.

What he answered you was true and I would answer you the same. I am very happy he helps me with support and hope he will do same good work in future as he does now

CC-Support-Lom, Thanks, keep up the good work.

At the end:

I am sorry your experiences are not positive only, but as I said several times, my exchange is few days old, I do my best fixing all possible problems, I am here to help you, I am here to provide best servicies, I spent like 15-18 hours a day managing my website, and yes its true that my services are not 100 % optimal but keep try to understand my situation Wink

and just a few posts later;

Yes terms and conditions do not refer for fees, fees are only mentioned in first post of this thread, but I may add it to terms and conditions also, if you find it important.

I actually then started to get PM's from Crycurex:

I am from slovakia and looks like you dont know how it works here in slovakia ...  I will tell you

To have internet company you have to make xyz papers .... if you wont you will be fined with like 10 000 eur ... But thouse papers costs like 5000 euros

I do not have thouse papers ... I kindly ask you to remove that PM once again or I go offline immediately...asI wont risk 10 000 euros fine

Thank you for understanding Wink

Apparently trading illegally in Slovakia then?

The Lies

On January 26th - Crycurex will have fully automated deposits in 2 to 3 days - didn't happen
Sorry I lie, it happened a few months when they relaunched; removing all the markets due to low volume and going into mining rig rental. Now hang on.... back in January (only three months ago) they had 2500 clients?

More accusations of "Paid Haters"

Now just blatently accusing any complaints of being sent from Cryptorush and that they were not growing fast (I think 2500 clients in just 4 days is quite fast?)

and yet they continued to have trouble with automated deposits taking 9 days

Now I ask you.... with all this going on.... is Crycurex in anyway trust-worthy enough for anyone to buy his domain based on a "PM-auction" with bids that inflate in his "for sale thread" when I questioned the reliability of his "secret bidder" he PM'ed me


I really dont know what is your problem. You have 20 posts, 19 of them are about my exchange. Who are you ? Some paid hater ?

Btw: your post ... was deleted because you are starting to be asshole again. Where I lied ? What case are your reffering to ? I think you have some mental problems and I dont know why you still have to spam all my threads Cheesy

Here is screenshot of bid of 0.1 Btc .. I dont know why should I do fake highest bid Cheesy When I do "fake" highest bid and noone will overbid it what should I do ? Sell it to myself (as it would be fake bid) ? Cheesy

Man, if you are bored, please go bother someone else, and go spam elsewhere... if you want to discuss about crycurex, find discussion thread ... and do not spam my sell thread

Baring in mind that the only reason I registered on THIS FORUM in the first place was because of this scammer? Of course most of my posts will be complaints to Crycurex.

(saying that, I actually read a huge amount of the threads on here now)

darrenwgray (OP)
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June 14, 2014, 06:17:52 PM

I make no apologies for bumping this thread, because the owner of Crycurex seems to still think I am a "paid hater" on behalf of CryptoRush

Cheesy as I see you have serious mental problems, but allow me to ask one question you primitive.

Looks like you do your best to damage name of my exchange as much as possible ... Why you dont focus your life energy to find stolen coins from where approximately 500 000 - 900 000 Usd were stolen ?

Morning Martin

I thought you said you would never PM me anymore?

I see you can only defend yourself with childish insults like saying I have a serious mental problem. People with serious mental problems get locked away in mental hospitals.... My eyes are a bit sore of hours of coding (have you ever tried removing a websites dependance on Erlang.... it is a pain in the ass) so I will entertain your question.

I would love to focus my energy on CryptoRush, but you see my account was dormant with them long before anyone lost any money, but you just had so little idea how to run a business or a cryptocurrency exchange while I was an active customer and you listened to absolutely nothing but your own meandering experience and believing you were right, and your lies, and your empty promises; that you were more damaging than CryptoRush when you were "trading".

You hid behind the BitCoinTalk forum. Lombage even directed me to it as it was home to your "Terms & Conditions" in full; as I said when I called you a scammer, YOU are the reason I registered an account at BitCoinTalk. If you had not simply called me a hater when I pointed out flaws in the basics of your exchange we might not be at this point; but your almost narcissistic approach to thinking you are right despite not knowing how to run an (allegedly) unlicensed cryptocurrency exchange is now so legendary I have used it in a seminar on customer service that I gave at a charity conference..... on how not to do it.

Many Regards

many of plain talking ...

important words in your reply were: "I would love to focus my energy on CryptoRush"

all other words were just trash like 99 % of your other words and like 99 % of your posts ..

So please focus your life energy on biggiest scam for last months -, if you return at least 10 % of coins to thier true owners, I will say you are helpful for community.

Apparently to be a help to the community I need to refund the coins of an exchange that I was a customer of....
Hang on. I will check, is 0.13BTC enough to cover that? Because that is my entire balance anywhere!
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June 15, 2014, 02:25:49 AM

what ?

oh never mind. wrong thread sorry...

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June 15, 2014, 02:26:33 AM

how come we cant delete posts anymore ??
or is it jut in this section ?? or is it just me ? hmmm or my browser screwed ?

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June 15, 2014, 01:20:16 PM

I've been posting in that auction a few times, it seems that the seller can't even provide details on how the website was written (e.g. types of database, etc). He tells me that the programmer is "on vacation", and after realizing the auction ends before that programmer "gets back", extends it to be barely sufficient to get these details.

The programmer could very well be on vacation but I'm highly skeptical.
darrenwgray (OP)
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June 15, 2014, 01:30:15 PM


I would not question him. He will accuse you of having a mental illness and being a paid hater from CryptoRush.
(No... seriously - that is what every PM to me has said recently)

edit: it appears he has actually taken my advice on making the auction transparent.... and tidied up the thread.
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