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1  Economy / Trading Discussion / [Q]To take a loan or not to on: June 20, 2022, 02:32:03 AM
In bloodbath times, I tend to think to take a loan and invest in few prominent currencies and leave it for few years. Then I realize what happened to Luna and realize there is nothing surefire here.

So, there is risk in taking loan but then reward is high, and there is sense of safety in not taking loan. You would be kind of free? Yes you didn't make much/took advantage of market downturn but you are free, you have nothing to worry for?
2  Economy / Trading Discussion / Why your alt didn't dump as much on: June 19, 2022, 04:00:25 AM
I was wondering why the alt I was holding didn't dump as much as top currencies then came to a Twitter thread elaborating there is no exit liquidity for alts to dump as fast. Liquidity having coins dump first and others later.

It got nothing to with project itself, it's just market. It's better to exist asap.

There was nice Twitter thread explaining all this but I forgot where I read it.

So if you were curious, there it is.
3  Economy / Trading Discussion / Better than DCA is DCAing when fear is high on: June 19, 2022, 03:55:02 AM
It's no rocket science and have threw this word plenty time around whenever someone asked when to buy. Recently realized it's better to keep money in fiat/stable coins until market presents opportunity itself.

Those who know charts can find proper bottom and do dca there but for simple folks fear and greed index is enough:
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Quick Defi Learnings on: June 13, 2022, 08:25:29 AM
1) Not your keys, not your coin. Thousands have gotten their funds stuck in Celsius verily due to this.

2) Know where your yield comes from. As long as money comes in you are blind. When ground shatters, you realize your naivety and red flags that were right in front of you.

3) Smart contracts can get hacked, insurance platforms themselves get hacked and audited contracts get hacked.

4) No matter what price, it can go another and another 100% down from there.

5) Read TnC, They won't be responsible for anything, you alone will be.
5  Other / Beginners & Help / Usual phishing warning on: June 01, 2022, 01:41:12 AM
Op drop has arrived and scammers too.

Never rely on Google links, specially ads. Trust only official links, even then be cautious because official communication channels can and do get hacked.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Ethereum and all its sidechains token/nft approvals tool on: May 18, 2022, 11:10:48 AM
Someone asked today to revoke approvals from other chains polygon/arbitrum/optimism/etc and came across this.

It's extension based ethereum and it's sidechains supported wallet. You will find revoke approval tool under 'Security' section.
7  Other / Off-topic / Privacy frontends for popular services (yt, reddit, twitter, fb, insta, etc) on: May 06, 2022, 07:36:28 AM
I recently deleted Twitter account and later Reddit, both were not allowing to browse in peace without having an account, so went on to find alternative frontends and came across this gem. You might find it helpful.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Wallet for Android / Samourai wallet in early access as far as I can remember.. on: May 05, 2022, 09:24:07 AM
It appears they like to keep it in early access forever?

Do you know reason?
9  Other / Meta / Best excerpts you heard on bitcointalk? on: May 05, 2022, 04:28:02 AM
Sometimes, to question an obvious scam how is it a scam or in what way could it scam could actually bring you closer to becoming a victim. - @Darker45

What are yours?
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Look what I've found on: May 04, 2022, 03:03:41 PM
I was just removing old notes and had these saved there, quite funny, have fun.

1) My crypto wallet is like an onion. When you open it, you want to cry.

2) Lots of cryptos – a lot of stress.

3) November is one of the riskiest months to invest. Other risky months are December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October.

4) Crypto is not the most important thing in life. But love is. Fortunately, I love crypto!

5) Trust has an unlimited value, The father of all currencies.

6) Two cryptographers walk into a bar
No one knows what they are talking about.

7) Where to find most dumb and impatient people?
Telegram group of crypto currencies.

8 ) Why won’t the government embrace Bitcoin They hate the idea of Proof Of Work.

11  Other / Meta / Post funny/clever usernames here on: May 04, 2022, 01:20:43 PM
Wanted to create a compilation using loycev's username list but I don't have guts to go through 129k pages.

Here are some top of the head,

cAPSLOCK: living up to the name

Unbunplease : first get bunned pls

TheBeardedBaby : wait, that's illegal

OutOfMemory : everyday

lovesmayfamilis : let's not get personal

Confusedenthuasist : same tbh

Peanutswar: social media bounties be like

Chooseusername: I expected you

What are your favorite usernames you came across?

12  Other / Off-topic / Just realized I was phished... on: May 04, 2022, 03:25:11 AM
Joined a discord server a week back, was greeted with captcha from captcha bot, completed and forgot about it.

Now, today I see this message from the same channel,

It dawned on me that I was phished... Everything appears to be intact however.

From bit reading, it appears that this used to ask to connect to metamask after you complete captcha. May be its due to that I was on mobile and their script didn't run?

Anyway, to be safe,  changed password (as it resets token and resets you out of all logged in sessions), enabled 2fa and removed apps from 'authorized apps'.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Buy/sell real estate as NFT on: April 25, 2022, 03:30:30 AM
It's pivotal imo.

Read more:

3rd sell:

I like to consider this as big as Bitcoin pizza guy. What's your thoughts?

14  Other / Meta / Old design pros on: April 18, 2022, 02:14:27 AM
Just came across Turn JavaScript On topic and it reminded of one thing that you could turn JavaScript off yet would fine little to no difference in functionality of this site. Modern designs heavily depend on JavaScript.

For privacy conscious people (as it appears to be most are here), this old ass design is actually kind of blessing?
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Lit portal for jobs in cryptocurrency world on: April 12, 2022, 08:36:43 AM
Prominent crypto projects post job offers there. Could be helpful in search.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Careful when adding and transacting on new evm networks on: April 12, 2022, 08:28:07 AM
So a few days ago, I wanted to trade on boba network, it's ok if you never heard of it.

I used mobile wallet called, Alpha wallet. Since 'Boba' wasn't officially supported, I added it's detail manually, and went on to DODO exchange to trade $10 eth to usdc.

Funds were deducted but didn't receive USDC, went to dodo discord and asked the support, guy said it's wallet compatibility issue. I wasn't convinced at first.

Then checked the reviews, and the support guy turned out to be right,

It was small amount so it's alright, good lesson for the amount concerned. If you are reading this topic this could save you from unnecessary trouble.

- Stick with prominent wallets

- Stick with officially supported networks for particular wallet

- Confirm with wallet and dex support
17  Other / Beginners & Help / Be cautious regarding highly rated apps on: March 21, 2022, 07:23:42 AM
Don't blindly follow rating/reviews - these stats can be easily manipulated.

For example, look at this app - Scam app - Don't download

50T downloads, 6T reviews and 4.9 average rating, sounds perfect.

Then you look at 1 star/negative reviews and come to know the reality.

Disregard artificial stats, always check negative reviews first, if no reviews don't bother.
18  Economy / Trading Discussion / Do you ever JOMO? on: March 17, 2022, 02:36:28 AM
I learned about this word today too. It stands for 'Joy Of Missing Out".

You were thinking of buying a coin and later that coin dumps to oblivion. That's JOMO!
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Simpleswap one of best instant exchange on: March 13, 2022, 10:33:11 AM
I like instant exchanges for their fussless nature. Was searching for such and came across SimpleSwap, have used it 4 times in last month and experience was smooth.

I compared the amount i'd be receiving compared to Changelly and was getting slightly more here so stuck with it. Didn't bother with others.

 - Lots of cryptos (they say 300+, haven't counted myself)

- No sign up, no limit. You can register however if you want to keep track your transfers.

- Live chat. I just sent them message and they responded within 30 secs. When you start a swap, you get order id, keep it safe (especially when using without account) so if any problem arises you can give it to customer rep for faster resolution.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Dappback - complete tasks and redeem for eth/nfts on: March 09, 2022, 08:32:54 AM

This is like swagbucks of crypto, you can just visit the website and have a look around, it's self explanatory.
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