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1  Other / Politics & Society / The very fundamental of wealth, jealousy, how can we abuse this human behaviour? on: February 14, 2021, 05:59:40 AM
The very fundamental of wealth, jealousy, how can we abuse this human behaviour?

Rich men induce jealousy with money, poor men get jealous.

The very same can be found in women, rich women, women define fertility as wealth, they think fertility is above wealth, rich fertile women induce jealous on poor infertile women, by shaming them they have money but canít have kids, they despite having no money but their kids are wealth that can harvest interests.

How to abuse this jealousy?
2  Economy / Economics / In crypto everybody pay high tx fee, no matter rich or poor people on: February 12, 2021, 11:07:33 AM
If you own 1000 ETH, you pay 10 ETH in fee for fast speed transaction, if you own 100 ETH you pay 1 ETH fee, if you own 10 ETH you pay 0.1 ETH.

In stock market, poor people pay the highest trading fee, where rich people pay low trading fee, 401k probably paid zero trading fee because they own the brokering market, yup, stock market benefit rich people and punish poor people on trading fee alone.
3  Economy / Economics / What if you had invested bitcoin instead of gamestonk? on: February 03, 2021, 12:13:04 AM
Say, you invest on bitcoin instead what would be the plausible outcome, both of them are the same? Or there would be a vastly different outcome?

Iím witnessing the gamestonk get tossing around -70%, +600%, -50% on a single day trade, I donít think itís something very usual on bitcoin, some might argue bitcoin was way more volatile back dated, dump from 35 to 0.00001 on mt gox, or ethereum being literally dump to 0 after the flippening in 2017.

Is bitcoin much more resistance to such wild swings? Is bitcoin much resistance to naked short selling?

I think many gamestonk investors might be very pissed to be play around like a fool at this point, if it was me Iím sure I wouldnít have absolutely no hard feeling toward such a debacle.
4  Other / Off-topic / Japanese elitist already know the end game of economy on: January 23, 2021, 07:14:14 AM

Thatís why they create bitcoin, also they know anime is better than reality.

They already create robot because they know whatís the end game.

Japanese already wake up, why are you still living in denial?
5  Economy / Economics / All people in the real world still think everything is fine !!! on: December 27, 2020, 01:51:39 PM

I canít believe all of them are so stubborn just like trump!!

Despite all the very obvious hints of crisis coming!

I told them market crash will be back in 2017/2018! They deny it

I told them to save themselves they need to grab gold in 2017/2018! They deny it

I told them they need to sell everything they have in FIAT and get bitcoin! They deny it

I told them covid is the biggest crisis ever! They still deny it

I dunno what to say about the people in REAL WORLD! It is over theyíre too deep into the denial, they canít tell theyíre in dipshit and never want to change and even listen to one of my advice! I hate to convince the people in real world, theyíre dumb just like politician, theyíre so stubborn, and the stubborn on the wrong reason!

They go to work, they go to spend all their money on latest phone games car everything, they continue to punting in stock market, they continue to call me an idiot that know nothing but spreading fud, they continue to donít buy bitcoin and gold, even to this day, I canít convince them at all, they block me and ban me, they totally unfriend me on contact list, idk, theyíre too stubborn, they are just unreachable to me, itís over! Everything is over, this real world is over!
6  Economy / Economics / Why bank need cheap loan as low as 0% to make profit?? on: December 09, 2020, 10:02:43 AM
Please explain in laymen term

Bank hand out the loan at 6-10% interest rate to Small Medium business
Central bank provide low rate (0%) loan to small bank to MAKE profit

The bank canít survive with 0% interest rate?
How can small business survive with 6-10% interest rate?
How can people survive with 6-10% personal loan interest rate?
Why bank is above small business and human on interested rate privilege?
This is a major scam!
7  Other / Politics & Society / Logical brain is biggest gift(biggest asset) and also a biggest mistake(biggest on: November 29, 2020, 10:14:53 PM
Logical brain is biggest gift(biggest asset) and also a biggest mistake(biggest liability)

Logical brain make us believe thing would work as A+B=C, when the logical brain get too strong, we eventually come to a point we think itís how the nature work, we foolishly believe rainbow is a phenomenon, gravity is real, wine is alcohol and mixture of ethanol, and foolishly make us 100% sure your logic canít be wrong, foolishly believe physics, chemistry and biology canít be wrong, science canít be wrong, religion canít be wrong, wars canít be wrong, election canít be wrong and so on.

When scammer applying logical thinking into financial scam, A+B=C, it is where smartest people get scammed and loss a fortune, because they blindly believe the scams also work as A+B=C.

Thatís false, logical thinking is not the utmost ultimate answer to a question, itís not a 100% foolproof, logical thinking apply a lot of assumption, assume A is really ďAĒ, assume B is really ďBĒ, so that we can finally prove that A+B=C, often time in the scam A in the equation is not a real ďAĒ, B in the equation is not a real ďBĒ, thus the Issac Newton get scammed on south sea company crash.

Conclusion, logical thinking is not only the biggest gift for you, it can also be a biggest liability. Itís just a tool with double edge sword.

P/S: Iím both a logical and emotional thinker.
8  Economy / Economics / Jobless for 10 years still doing great because Jobs market is a joke on: November 22, 2020, 08:42:28 AM

 Grin Grin Grin
YouTube, gamers, free lance, hackers

No need a #job and will never need one.

Employers, businessmen, government, banker, welfare, social leeches can btfo.

Itís the future, without a money system manipulated by a central banker FED, people can finally achieve freedom.
9  Economy / Economics / A problem that canít be dissolved: mission impossible on: November 12, 2020, 07:26:41 AM
Iím paying my <censored> monthly allowance of 2000 (out of my own hard earned wallet cash ofc) without failed for more than 9 years. I think thatís enough for everyday necessity and even some luxury items to treat themselves to their heart content.

And one fine day my <censored> reach me a complaint about having money problem and hinting me to increase the monthly allowance for <censored gender> itself. Iím unwillingly to provide more help as I find myself unconditionally advocating the self entitled mentality on my own <censored> and it would begin to nailed me an arm and a leg, if I give into that sort of entitlement.

I begin to realise there is really a problem that canít be fixed, wonít have an answer to that problem, and itís no right or wrong way to do it.

Thatís just one fine instance, I believe there is much more on the wild, a whole lot of mission impossible thatís without my knowing.
10  Other / Politics & Society / Anybody else still give a damn about election? on: November 10, 2020, 03:35:06 PM

Well I used to be naive and young and such, I know kids today all talking politics in school, even my niece as young as kindergarten are starting to talk about politics, I think itís bad parenting to teach their kids politics at such a young age, because when Iím a junior I would indulge into video game and totally give zero damn about politics.

Ok I used to be as naive as those young forumers who get rekt at the trump losing election. Yup I used to give a whole damn of my attentions to election when I was as young as them teenagers, and get mad all over the foul play and such, get absolutely throwing batons around and extremely rebellious, but as time passed I no longer give a single f*** anymore, I think itís a growing to a point itís a reality kicking in, election is just an attention seeking ďcarnivalĒ that want to mock you at your boring life thatís without up and down.

When I give less crap about politics, my life changing, I start to find the point of anti politics, I found great interests on apolitical movement, theyíre bunch of apolitical people with the likemind, I believe apolitical will one day gain as much traction as the crappy political movement. Expect me.

Have a nice day.
11  Economy / Economics / What are they hiding from us? on: November 01, 2020, 01:58:44 PM

They said inflation rate is about 1%
Do you think anyone will believe itís really 1% since may be 200 years ago??
Then for a 200 years to inflated price by thrice is pretty good.
What give?? What are they hiding?
12  Economy / Economics / Down Jones intrinsic values?? on: October 27, 2020, 05:40:27 AM

Gold intrinsic values is gold mining from earth crust the man-power and their valuable life, the logistics of gold delivery.

Bitcoin intrinsic value is the mining rigs, the difficulty curve, the supply, the miner valuable life, the risk of delivery bitcoin to buyer without getting hacked.

Whatís down joke intrinsic value? I think itís backed by ever changing bluechips that wonít existed in the next tens or so years?
13  Economy / Economics / Wipe out on crypto vs wipe out on stock market? on: October 11, 2020, 01:16:05 PM
What if a person get wipe out on crypto

Vs a person get wipe out on robin hood app?

Example: many get wipe out on ethereum flash crashes, and many get wipe out on Robin Hood trading the hottest stock of the century.

One can keep their crypto the other may get wipe out and force sell because of margin requirement.

I think crypto is superior because the latter person still can keep the crypto in their wallet, while the former person get wipe out and left with debt worth of a student loan.

Btw everybody only YOLO, because nobody can buy back his life and revive when they get wasted just like in GTA5, you die IRL thatís a permadeath, no revive, no buy back, no second life. Crypto or stock market? Choose wisely.
14  Other / Politics & Society / Stop visiting investment talk, self improvement, PUA, seminar on: October 09, 2020, 08:43:41 PM
Decade ago, people rushing to attend investment seminar to learn the magic of passive income, many are convinced theyíre investing and would be next Warren Buffett.

Think carefully itís all but a setup, they are no different than donating money with internet to the rich, but just camouflaged with sugar coated promise and keywords, calling it ďstockĒ instead of ďdonationĒ, calling it ďinvestmentĒ instead of ďtransfer of value to the richĒ,

The same goes for PUA and self-improvement too, just a donation in a little gimmicks.

Yup, the red pill is finally accepting the uncomfortable truth about reality.

The bitcoin change the perception of money, also change the entire financial products that come with it.
15  Economy / Economics / The only thing goes up is debts! Itís inevitable! on: October 06, 2020, 09:56:10 AM
Debt goes up
Misogynist skyrocket due to lock down, (prove me wrong otherwise)
Stock market goes up (according to trump itís going up everything is good for himself only)
Fenimazi definitely on the upward trajectory
Incel also shooting up thru the roof???
Whatís even good compare to 2008??? No lock down in 2008.
16  Economy / Economics / US gov print $3 trillions, 1.6% distribute as stimulus check, 98.4% corrupted!!! on: August 15, 2020, 02:01:48 AM
Bitcoin and gold can flourish all thank to dictatorship policy, we watch the US government can print many trillions but each family receive merely 1,200.

Say US have 200m population, then one family 5 people, around 40m family in total, 40m X 1200 is around 48b only, but government can print 3 trillions, where is the surplus money go to? 3 trillions minus 48b, we have 2952b go to cronies capitalist own wallet, this is equal distribution??

People who have poor commend mathematically all rushing to grab that stimulus check thinking it will save them. 1.6% distribute wealth to family, 98.4% US government grab them all and save themselves first, your life is your problem you die tomorrow due to famine is your own fault, government will lock you down, censor your fake news, keep your mouth shut about the 98.4% money, ban the bitcoin, pump the stock market, blame the vaccines, call the invisible viruses is the enemy. Thatís why many bitcoin people is anarchist, they are very hostile to the US government, everyday they will spread conspiracy.

Faster get into bitcoin and save yourself, selfish?? Yeah, very selfish, buy gun, buy bullet, buy toilet paper, buy canned foods, buy up everything and hide inside the basement, anybody who try to get close will taste the bullet on their head.

17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Scraping lifetime tweets of all crypto projects on: July 01, 2020, 08:50:41 AM
Scraping lifetime tweets of all crypto projects

For archiving purpose and I donít trust twitter because I donít trust YouTube which delete and ban many crypto anarchists videos in 2017-2018. A lot of crypto projects it is not an easy task but everything must start from somewhere so...
3000++ projects to be wip...

My rant:

Download link for files scraped:







How to use: guide
In using Linux and twint I dunno python IDE so this is all I can do

Copy and paste this into terminal console window

twint -u cz_binance --resume CZB_file.txt -o CZB2020.txt

Wait for 5 minutes then it would run fine. Need more detail in the command go to the homepage and read.

You want to translate it, itís feel free to do so.

Please donít attack me for stealing your copyrights tweets IP claim, I have no money to pay you. Peace.

It is in a easy to read format
No tweetstorm from multiple spammers
18  Other / Politics & Society / Send to prison grown up men who canít make their own money on: May 05, 2020, 10:11:59 AM
Send to prison grown up men who canít make their own money

Iím giving speech to a team of high school graduates, theyíre cheerful, playful and friendly, after the meeting. I begin to think, I think theyíre unable to make their own money, I assume they will very soon quit the job and decide to being leech for the rest of their life, donít get me wrong I donít hate them, but imagine a fully grownup men need to leeching on more capable younger entrepreneur, that may not look good, what about a parent need to leech on their own kids? Thatís oversimplify example. A parent is fully grown up men, but they need to send their kids to work to make a living, send kid to be child labours, I know itís sound like a story full of eastern Asian filial full of moral values, so a little girl work as red riding hood and selling matches to make some money under the winter town, and use the money to buy some food to take care of her own mother who is disabled and need to spend entire life on bed to recover. My ASS, itís FBI, open up the damn door! Iím sending all your filthy men to jail for leeching on kid labours. All of you!

Donít tell me you will kys, I donít entertain that

Donít tell me you need money to buy food, you gotta make your own money

Donít tell me your got kids to feed, Iím not your provider, Iíd pay myself first, you should pay yourself too

Donít tell me itís politically correct to leech on kid, and you feed your kid so your kid need to pay back, yeah, kid need to pay back. Pay back.
19  Other / Off-topic / Itís pointless to get number one in YouTube on: May 02, 2020, 11:28:29 AM

People are fighting to become the top youtube star, India seize the crown and become the very top.
Oh yeah congrats on the achievement
But what do you know? I get to create youtube accounts before it was independent organisation, couple of account to be precise, before its being sold to Google, I remember it was 2006, and upload a couple of videos to the platform, and eventually I got to know YouTube are shifting to new team, I donít know what is it, so it was sold to Google later I was told, and all my old YouTube account, the most infancy account itís all gone suddenly, theyíre all gone, all my videos, subscribers, and comments, I canít login anymore with my email and password anymore, thatís the time I donít even prefer google mail, so I register it with privacy protected email account, thatís suck, youtube simply reset all my hard work and my achievement.

Imagine one day in future, your YouTube account you put in years of works and collect a lot of views, subscribers and comments, tomorrow youtube was gone, your account was gone, you canít login youtube anymore, will you get heart attack? Will you go nut and smash your pc into pieces, will you go full psycho because your youtube officially dead on you, you loss your life of sweat and blood, I canít wait to mock all those idiot who dedicated all their effort to just a account that could be erased, what is it? I think itís fun.
20  Other / Politics & Society / Corona virus is indeed Chinese virus!! Truth reveals! on: April 30, 2020, 08:01:03 AM

Shi ZhengLi, she is the first one who contact corona virus, she is the lab leader of the Wuhan laboratory which conducting corona related SARS virus research. Her well being is currently unknown! Many suspect she is dead by now due to contacting corona virus, online netizen demand China to bring Shi ZhengLi into public appearance that she is still alive and not dead, China trying to hide her death, she responsible for the Chinese virus and China need to pay for it, the damages is done, Chinese did the pandemic, now pay the price, pay the damages, China you are toasted now.

Now we demand $2 trillions compensation!
Japan demand $3 trillions compensation!
India demand $4 trillions compensation!
Germany demand $5 trillions compensation!
Australia demand $6 trillions compensation!
UK demand $7 trillions compensation!
US demand $8 trilllions compensation!
South Africa demand $9 trillions compensation!
South Korea demand $10 trillions compensation!

Done damage control...

**this article is just for satire purpose**
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