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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / TLM on Binance. on: April 13, 2021, 09:40:08 AM
Another hype with new coin on Binance.

After top up, and seriously pulled backs, TLM is still trading at very high price.

Do you have any experience with their platform?
I search and find their twitter that was created months ago in 2020. It is a Dapp.

Alien worlds

It runs on Binance Smart Chain and this chain can help one project is more accessible for the poor with cheaper transaction fee or swap fee than the ERC-20 chain.

How it will end? In the moon or the hell place?
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Whales or institutes do not stop their bitcoin buying on: December 25, 2020, 02:43:01 AM
More than 12.2k BTC moved out of Coinbase to cold wallets (likely) and that is a very good support for bitcoin bull market. Overall, the fall of reserve on crypto exchanges stop its fall as whales began to deposit and maybe they take profit but as outflow chart shows there are more investment from whales, institutes. They are very bullish in bitcoin as they withdrawn and stored their bitcoin in likely cold wallets, not in custody wallets on exchanges.

They don't want to lose their bitcoin from any exchange compromise or government lawsuits and don't have plan to take profit too soon.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Altcoins and new all time highs on: December 21, 2020, 03:57:54 PM
The image is taken from a tweet of CryptoDiffer. It is quite interesting to see they are new cryptocurrencies. The exception from the list is bitcoin. Only bitcoin really has its new all time high.

Personally, it is too soon to say a new cryptocurrency is good or bad and with hype after their launches, price can get new all time high anytime. The matter is after a few years, will those projects survive and be adopted by communities with their real products and real usecases. It is not my surprise as no top altcoins or old altcoins appear in the list. They are stucked with their all time high in 2018.

You can save the image in your computer and check it in 2023 or 2024.


4  Other / Meta / Do we need Flag Appeal and Flag Appeal Guide? on: June 13, 2019, 11:05:44 PM
It sounds crazy because Trust flags only activated two days ago, and might be adjusted in coming days. By now, Trust Flags adjsuted the first time yesterday.
Some changes:
 - If the number of pre-flags-system negative trust ratings is greater than the number of all positive trust ratings, a warning banner is shown for guests & low-login-time newbies.
 - I added "These warning banners will disappear when you have 7 days of login time. You should familiarize yourself with the trust system before then." to the newbie warning banner. Note BTW that it usually takes months for someone to get 7 days of login time: among all 4096 users with 6.5 to 7.5 days login time, the account age (lastLogin-dateRegistered) is: maximum 3216 days, minimum 7.5, median 677, average 936.
 - The pages you see after clicking "next" are now bigger.
I raised this question, because with each kind of system, and serious punishments, forum has concurrent appeals. What we have so far:
- Trust Appeal: that looks likely outdated now.
- Ban Appeal: mostly for permanent bans.
I wrote my guides there:
Don't over-create Trust Appeals; keep minds/ emotions stable. No more Red
Ban appeal - How to make it right and reduce workload for forum staffs

What are your opinions? Do you think that we need Flag Appeal and Flag Appeal Guide (of course after we completely understand Trust Flags, and they stably play their roles)?
5  Other / Meta / Data on Banned Users during the banwave on: May 22, 2019, 08:13:08 AM
LoyceV made a topic there: A wave of bans: 400 yesterday, 300 the day before. What changed?, from which I took data for my topic.
By now, LoyceV updated data in that topic on daily basis, so I think that my topic will be updated on daily basis too. However, in the future, it will depends on data updates in LoyceV's topic.

I will do two things:
- Observe banned users during the banwave, sorted them by ranks.
- Compare statistics of the before and after period of the banwave (the chosen cutoff day is 11/5/2019)

- The higher ranks users are, the lower cases of Autobans as well as lower proportional percentages of each ranks per total Autobans.
- The average of Autobans per day of the after period is 1.97-times higher than the figure of before period. Cutoff day between two periods is the 11/5/2019.


All ranks
For all ranks, there are 2170 Autobans from 11/5/2019 to 20/5/2019 (10 days). By ranks, Brand New/ Newbie, Jr. Member + Member are the top two groups that accounts for 54.9%, and 30.2% of total Autobans, respectively.
Full Member and Senior Member ranks account for 6.7% and 4.1% of total Autobans. The rest three groups, Hero Member, Copper Member and Legendary accounts for 1.9%, 1.3% and 0.9% of total Autobans.
Among all ranks, Legendary and Hero Member are the two lowest groups (excluding Copper Member), with 20 and 41 Autobans for each rank, respectively.

Brand new and Newbie excluded
For ranks from Junior Members and above, excluding Brand New and Newbie ranks, there are 979 total Autobans. Among those cases, Junior Member + Member, Full Member account for 655 (66.9%), 145 (14.8%), and 89 (9.1%) of total Autobans, respectively.
Hero Member and Legendary have 41 and 20 Autobans, that account for 4.2% and 2% of total autobans for all ranks (excluding Brand New/ Newbie).

Compare the before and after banwave period
  • Before: one-week before the banwave: 764 Autobans
  • After (from 11/5 to 20/5/2019 ~ 10-day period: 2170 Autobans
The average of daily autobans are 110 and 217 cases per day for before and after the banwave periods, with the cutoff day is 11/5/2019 (the start day of after period). It means that the average of autobans per day of after period is 1.97-times (217/110 ~ 1.97) higher than the figure of before period.

Data (from LoyceV)
Previous week before the banwave
764 autobanned users (there is likely a typo made by LoyceV). It should be 764 rather than 747? (If LoyceV see my topic, please confirm this typo). However, there is no data on autobans  over ranks.
@LoyceV can you post a readable list of those users? (with rank of course and rep you can)
I didn't keep track per day, so I'll use the full modlog data for the past week:
764x Autoban
375x Nuke

I'll ignore the nukes (they're Newbies), and show only the Autobanned users.

During the banwave
389 Autobanned users (11/5/2019)
The following users have been Autobanned since I posted yesterday's list:

137 Autobanned users (12/5/2019)
Another day, another 137 Autobans:

213 Autobanned users (13/5/2019)
213 more Autobans since yesterday:

318 Autobanned users (14/5/2019)
And 318 more Autobans again in a day:

67 Autobanned users (15/5/2019)
Only 67 new Autobans:

685 Autobanned users (16-19/5/2019)
These 685 users have been Autobanned in the past 4 days:

361 Autobanned users (20/5/2019)
Since yesterday, 851 more users have been banned. 361 of those were Autobans:
6  Other / Meta / [Suggestion] Vod removed as a merit source, 8 new sources added, 130 in total on: May 15, 2019, 07:19:49 AM
Due to LoyceV updated today:
I think theymos took the opportunity to process new Merit source applications, there are now 130 merit sources with a total merit generation of up to 20605 sMerit per 30 days.
One of them is Coolcryptovator.
It means that there are 8 new merit sources added hours ago. For now, I don't know who are new sources, only one mentioned by LoyceV is Coolcryptovator; and theymos actually has never had intention to disclose who are sources. Over next few weeks, we surely can discover new sources by ourselves.
Can I raise my suggestion that all merit source applications that get acceptance from theymos with this wave of adding 7 or 8 new merit sources should lock their merit source applications, since today. I am sure that all merit source applicants actually replied in the topic, so whenever you see my post, please consider about my suggestion, because I don't want to dump Meta board with the new thread and give spammers places to spam, in the topic, and in all accepted merit sources applications.

7  Economy / Reputation / What's wrong with Vod, and Hhampuz on: May 12, 2019, 02:39:11 AM
Today, I saw Trust issues of Vod, and Hhampuz. Vod has contributed lots of thing to community, whilst Hhampuz has been one of the most reputable campaign managers in the forum. Both of them actually contribute lots of things, so what's wrong with them last hours?
They both received negative feedback from teeGUMES, that in turn results in ?? ? in their Trust.
Additionally, Reference in Hhampuz's  Trust page leads to this topic:, that does not relate to things mentioned in feedback. It looks like back-and-forth negative feedbacks.

Theymos' opinion:
- Giving negative trust for merit trading and deceptive alt-account use may be appropriate, but you should use a light touch so that people don't feel paranoid.
 It is absolutely not appropriate to give someone negative trust because you disagree with them. I'm disappointed in the reaction to this post. Although H8bussesNbicycles is perhaps not particularly trustworthy for other reasons, the reasons many people gave for neg-trusting him are inappropriate. You can argue that what he's advocating is bad on a utilitarian level, but he would disagree, and his advocacy of a certain Trust philosophy doesn't by itself mean that he's an untrustworthy person. DT selection is meant to be affected by user lists, and it is totally legitimate to try to honestly convince other (real) people to use a list more in-line with your views.
I'm not going to blacklist people from DT selection due to not following my views

Is this one of the most vulnerable things of Trust sytem, and easily to abuse and do personal attacks?
8  Other / Meta / [Suggestion] Reference links with Ban Notifications on: May 10, 2019, 11:42:58 AM
Bans (temporary or permanent) come from forum rule violations. There are two types of bans: Temporary and Permanent. Each kind of bans depend on two things:
  • Types of rule violations
  • How many times of offence forum users get
When a user get banned, a Ban Notification pops up with Red immediately after log in, but it is too general message.
This one is just one of Ban Notification templates:
Sorry User_A, you are banned from posting or sending personal messages on this forum.
You have been permanently banned by a forum moderator, probably due to spam or plagiarism. You may appeal here, but your chances are not good:

The too general Ban Notifications result in abundant Ban Appeals in Meta board, especially after yesterday massive bans.
Yesterday, almost 300 accounts were banned, that's about 4 times more than most days.
Bans likely come from reports (from forum users) or by mods' findings, so it is obviously that when mods Click on Ban button, they clearly know reasons of each banned case (with proof of spam, plagiarism, etc.).

Therefore, I suggest admin to consider adding Reference link inside the Ban Notification that will be send to Banned users. This reference link is the same as what we have in Trust system (feedback,  and reference links). If this Reference link for Ban Notification implemented, it will help to reduce numbers of Ban Appeals in Meta board. Consequently, Meta board will become cleaner and a more purely place to discuss about forum issues.

Such a Reference link might be unneccessary for temporary banned cases, because they will come back later; or nuked cases. In contrast, Reference link is essential thing for Permanent banned cases. Most of perma-bans come from plagiarism, and with plagiarsim, mods only need to leave reference link to a single plagiarism (mods can leave links to two, three plagiarims if they have time).

Ban appeal - How to make it right and reduce workload for forum staffs
Writing a welcome message
[Report] Ban Evasion [Requesting Admin/mod to check those and ban]
Signature Campaign Guidelines (read this before starting or joining a campaign) (Some information on types of bans, offences, and explanations)
9  Other / Beginners & Help / [Guide] Using historical price chart on in a specific period on: May 08, 2019, 07:47:10 AM
This topic is created to help newbies, so if you are prominent users in the forum, and have years as well as lots of experience in crypto, you can skip the topic.

In crypto, when you need to find basics of any coins or tokens (not new born), there is, that is the first place you should start with.
By default, when you copy and paste the link to site (or click on the hyperlink above), you will see the site like this:
Please notice the Search box in the right hand side at the top corner of the site, where you have to type name of coins/ tokens (their full name), or their tickers.

For example:
I type Bitshares or type BTS (that is a ticker of Bitshares)
- Typing with Bitshares

- Typing with BTS ticker

By default, after clicking on given link to Bitshares from Search Box, you will be led to the page of Bitshares on (~ CMC, from now on I will use CMC)
Now, you aldready have an overview on Bitshares historical price, but if you want to see all-year highs or all-year lows of Bitshares in several years, or just within the last two years. How do you do this?

There are two methods:

1) Typing start and end days of period you want to see historical price chart
For example: I want to get price chart of BTS from 8/5/2016 to 8/5/2019, I will type like this
Please notice the time-window in the Blue Rectangular at the bottom.
The first method requires time to type start & end days. Personally, I don't see reason to get exactly start & end days, so there is another method, that will save more time for you.

2) Using the Time-Window in the bottom of price chart
For example, I can scroll computer mouse or touch pad to set the time-window from Jan. 2016 to Jan. 2017. Then you will get results like this:
This way, you can fastly move between different time-windows of Bitshares or any coin/ token that listed on CMC.

Simplify price charts

By default, given price charts on CMC include four components, Marketcap, Price (USD), Price (USDT), and Volume. So, sometimes you don't want to see all of four components, and want to see only price in BTC and volume; or price in USDT and volume. How to do this?
First, let's see four default components on given price charts.
If you want to see three components: price in BTC, price in USDT, and volume.
You have to click on Marketcap to disable this component, then you will get the following price chart.

If you want to simplify your price chart more, with only two components: Price in BTC and volume; let click on Price (USD) to disable one more component. Then you will get the following price chart.

Translations for local boards
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Neutron (NTRN): News & Discussion on: May 06, 2019, 06:45:30 AM
NEUTRON (since 2015)

ANN topic:

Wallets: (Please update your Neutron wallet to the version v2.2.1, if you have not updated yet)

Currently, StarDex and Birake are biggest exchanges for Neutron coin.

StarDex: (Dominant volume of Neutron at the moment, built by Neutron team)
Link to register account:
I am not sure but it seems that the StarDex supports only 10 nations. The Neutron team should confirm this information, please.
Register to Stardex,

Send me your account name, Ill verify the registration and then ill send you 25 NTRN just for registering.


Newest exchange: (No KYC, instant withdrawals, three trading pairs)

  • The price chart shows that we have a very good cheap price to buy Neutron, and it is safe to invest in Neutron at its temporary price.
  • Exchanges to trade: I would like to use StarDex, Birake, and
11  Other / Meta / Don't over-create Trust Appeals; keep minds/ emotions stable. No more Red on: May 04, 2019, 03:51:39 AM
Getting Red Trust and negative feedbacks are among the worst things that one user can get in the forum, just behind getting nuked, permanent bans, temporary bans, and signature bans for years. In the topic, I don't go to discussions on other issues, this one is only focused on Trust Appeals.

Trust system created with original purposes to deal with exchange/ trade issues in the forum. Scammers tend to scam around and steal money from naiive users, so it's why Trust system created to prevent them scam forum members from time to time. DT members are responsible for this task when they found them or see reports from community.

However, DT members are human, and they can make mistakes, so sometimes they can use their roles and feedbacks inappropriately. It means sometimes Trust system get broken due to inappropriate feedbacks of DT members. Theymos stated about that clearly here:

I do not view it as appropriate for trust ratings to relate primarily to non-trust matters. By giving someone negative trust, you're basically attaching a note to all of their posts telling people "warning: do not trade with this person!". If we can get DT working well enough, in the future I'd like to prevent guests from even viewing topics by negative-trust users in trust-enabled sections, so you have to ask yourself whether your negative trust would warrant this sort of significant effect.

In particular, in my view:
 - Giving negative trust for being an annoying poster is inappropriate, since this has nothing to do with their trustworthiness. If they're disrupting discussion or never adding anything, then that's something for moderators to deal with, and you should report their posts and/or complain in Meta about it.
 - Giving negative trust for merit trading and deceptive alt-account use may be appropriate, but you should use a light touch so that people don't feel paranoid.
 - You should be willing to forgive past mistakes if the person seems unlikely to do it again.
 - It is absolutely not appropriate to give someone negative trust because you disagree with them. I'm disappointed in the reaction to this post. Although H8bussesNbicycles is perhaps not particularly trustworthy for other reasons, the reasons many people gave for neg-trusting him are inappropriate. You can argue that what he's advocating is bad on a utilitarian level, but he would disagree, and his advocacy of a certain Trust philosophy doesn't by itself mean that he's an untrustworthy person. DT selection is meant to be affected by user lists, and it is totally legitimate to try to honestly convince other (real) people to use a list more in-line with your views.

If you read all the quote, and notice well, you should see that theymos emphasized:
- You should be willing to forgive past mistakes if the person seems unlikely to do it again.
Therefore, you (Red-trusted guys) can always have chances to see your negative feedbacks removed someday.
- When you changed and DT members as well as forum members actually accept and verify your changes. This procedure takes time, months or years, but it is worthy if you really want to stay here, and actually changed, not pseudo changed to lift your negative feedbacks, then back to work of scamming other victims.
- When your negative feedbacks come from mistakes/ misusages of DT members. Sometimes, they left negative feedbacks due to disagree with someone on support projects that they think like scam projects (such as Bitcoin Cash). You can open your 'Trust Appeal' and wait to see it solved.

Unfortunately, most of times, when someone open their Trust Appeals, minutes, hours, days or weeks later, their Negative trust points move to new all time highs. Why?
  • They usually try to attack or troll all DT members
  • They have unstable emotions and posting habits after open Trust Appeals
  • They don't honestly admit their mistakes
  • They try to spread their appeals and complaints everywhere in the forum, around topics

Please don't do this if you think your negative trust is wrong because they all will boost your Red trust points higher very fastly. Your final goals to open Trust Appeal is to reduce or totally remove your trust points. So, please do following things:

  • Open Trust Appeal {c}
  • Prensent clearly what are your issues: Your mistakes (admit whichever things you honestly think they are your mistakes); DT members' mistakes (by leaving inappropriate feedbacks on your case)
  • Showing proofs
  • Waiting patiently to see how it goes {a}
  • Bumping your Trust Appeals regularly, but not more than one time per 24 hours, and remember to delete previous bump {b}
  • Whichever replies you received, please maintain your opinion, your emotions neutral and stable. Don't fluctuate them from side to side
  • Discuss about your case only in a single Trust Appeal topic

There is the newest post of theymos about this issue.
There are aspects of the trust system that are clearly less than ideal, some of which are probably solvable (and some probably not). But caucusing with people who have very clear and serious questionable behavior isn't going to help you convince people of anything. Anduck had a good case for the trust system being broken. You (cryptohunter) might've had some case for the trust system being broken if you had handled your initial trust issues with rationality and patience instead of absolutely losing your mind and throwing lies around, and even now I could imagine your red trust eventually being cleared if you were able to attain a stable mindset. olcaytu2005 on the other hand hasn't even attempted to defend himself against the accusations (from several independent widely-trusted members, based on publicly-available data) of knowingly assisting scams, so he does not have a good case for the trust system being broken.

The key is don't hurry, don't angry too much. You need time to cool down, accept your mistakes (if you did); and DT members need time to cool down, and accept their mistakes (if they did).
Everything, and everyone have specific thresholds, beyond which will cause irreversible things. Over reacts will lead to being ignored (by Ignore buttons), and when it happens, no chance to see your negative feedbacks removed.

Maybe you are right at the fist place, but when you fall into angry, attack & trolling all, escalate things into 'Wars', you actually make real mistakes. Please don't do this.

Accept & admit your mistakes, make positively changes won't help you solve issues immediately or in short term. Because basic instinct of each person can not be changed within hours, days, months. So, your Trust Appeals take months or years to be solved (in case you actually did something wrong).

Forgiveness and de-escalation are key to getting Trust working smoothly:
 - Forgiveness: Often people make fairly small mistakes, but then they seemingly get red-trusted for life. This isn't really fair, and it discourages participation due to paranoia: if you think that you have a 1% chance of running afoul of some unwritten rule and getting red-trusted for life, you might just avoid the marketplace altogether. Red trust should mostly be based on an evaluation of what the person is likely to do in the future moreso than a punishment/mark-of-shame.
 - De-escalation: If some people end up locked in a feud where they're only really giving negative trust to each other in retaliation for negative trust, then one of them should propose burying the hatchet and removing the negative trust. Otherwise it never gets resolved, and everyone is worse-off for it.

Maybe your case will be solved after six months, maybe longer, like this:
Please review me in year again. I am here to learn and improve.

{b} Bumping
Even the rule allows once bump for each 24 hours, but I think bumping its for every 24 hours is annoying. In my perspective, bump for each 7-day period is enough, and less annoying.

{c} Where to create Trust Appeal?
It is the Reputation child board. Most of users create their Trust Appeals in Meta board, that is wrong, because such things related to Trust don't relate to forum issues. Therefore, it is clearly not belong to Meta board.
Please create your Trust Appeal in Reputation child board

Ban appeal - How to make it right and reduce workload for forum staffs
12  Other / Meta / What is the meaning of this Warning? Has it been applied recently? on: May 03, 2019, 01:09:25 PM
I saw the Warning today, and this is my first time I saw it, so I don't know it is a new kind of Warning or it actually been here long time ago.
Someone who know about the meaning and its launch time, please help me.
Warning: Moderators do not remove likely scams. You must use your own brain: caveat emptor. Watch out for Ponzi schemes. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.
I saw this Warning when I visit the thread:

Recently, a new Warning with Red Box for topics created by negative trust users
Guests - Read Warnings on potential scam projects started by Neg Trust Users
13  Other / Beginners & Help / Account hacks. Do you self-check your account regularly? on: April 30, 2019, 11:44:45 AM
Today, I read the topic, in Meta: account lock again part 2. Theymos see pls here!!!! Need help. You can read the whole topic because by now it has lasted only two pages.
The story of the 'hacked' (assume it was really hacked) account is strange. This is my first time I see such ban appeal.

In case that the hack account story is a real one, what members can learn from that and secure their accounts better?

[1] Don't disclosing your IP publicly (in the forum, or somewhere else)
[2] Logging and checking your account activities regularly

[1] Don't disclosing your IP publicly (in the forum, or somewhere else)
This guy disclosed his IP address as a hope to see account unbanned, but it is a bad idea. He only changed his post to xx.xx.xx.xx after warned by @iasenko.
My ip address always xx.xx.xx.xx and not change last 3 year

You can give your IP address to admin or staffs only if they require you to do this. If they don't require, and you want to say that you have one more proof that your account hacked some period in the past by giving the information that your IP address to log in is only one. That's all you should do, raising the kind of proof, and waiting for official requirements from admin or staffs.
Please remember that you should not disclose your IP address to anyone at any place!
Place to update with topic on weaknesses of most router that usually have common password like '12345'. I just read it yesterday, but don't remember where it is. (I still search to find it)
[Guide] Bitcointalk account security

  • 1- Using multiple web-browsers on the same machine for different purposes (chrome, waterfox, opera, safari, brave, etc.) For example: one for social media purposes, another for banking / crypto, another one for surfing / researching, other for entertainment and so on. Also make sure to configure them properly installing useful add-ons. Like the following:
  • 1.1- Password manager Add-ons like LastPass or KeePass are essential both for storing + generating random combinations of characters, just make sure to setup 2FA as well as never losing access to the associated email.
  • 1.2- Ad-blockers will censor most of the annoying ads including scams / phishing pop-ups. uBlock Origin is the best.
  • 1.3- Disconnect add-on is great for saving time + bandwidth by blocking 3rd party scripts used for social media metrics, advertising, analytics, etc. Also enhances privacy.
  • 1.4- Privacy Badger add-on blocks all those undesirable trackers that let others monitor your activity.
  • 1.5- EtherAddressLookup is a must for crypto enthusiasts, it performs an automated address lookup as well as warns you against blacklisted domains. it prevents you against phishing / loosing money.
  • 1.6- Running proxy scripts on your browsers is highly recommended because hides your real IP from websites by sending fake headers with anonymous IP addresses. it is easy to setup and gives you peace of mind.
  • 1.7- Finally replace your default search engine Google with a more reliable one like it is private & simplified without Ads fighting to be on top of the results. You will less likely fall into fake sites, with a plus of a more personalized experience. Highly recommended doing this switch.
  • 2- Using a VPN (paid or free) in order to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, specially if your connection is wifi and you carry a laptop, also to prevent / bypass government censorship. There are a lot of services worth trying, just pick one that doesn't keep user logs + accept crypto as payment. Also keep in mind that the free ones are great but much slower: &
  • 3- Incorporate the habit of changing your passwords more often, let say 6 months minimum to 1-2 years max.
  • 4- Make backups more often, or make it automated. Be prepared to deal with data-loss and ransomware. Also always keep your sensitive data offline to prevent identity theft.
I'm probably the same. I use a variety of devices, a variety of locations, a variety of connection methods, a variety of VPN servers, and a variety of browsers. I would take a guess at having ~20 different IPs logged against my username.

As others have said, if you are concerned about your IP being logged, either use Tor or a reputable VPN. See if you don't know where to start. Also be aware that if you use Microsoft, Apple, Google, Chrome, Facebook, etc., then a hell of a lot more than just your IP address is being logged.

[2] Logging and checking your account activities regularly
Even you don't post or create topics too often, whenever you log in, you should open your post history or your last topic page to check your account activities.
With the strange situation when hackers hack your accounts, but don't change password, and only use your accounts to write posts or create topics to scam, or spreading malwares, viruses. The second step is helpful for you to discover strange activities of your accounts, that mostly come from hackers.

Lastly, you should secure your account better with Bitcoin signed message.
Stake your bitcoin address here
How to sign a message?!
Someone signed their Ethereum address but you should only sign bitcoin message as proof of your account ownership. Because it is the bitcoin forum, not Ethereum forum, and admin or staffs only (or mostly) accept Bitcoin signed message. You will easier recover your account with bitcoin signed message.
14  Other / Beginners & Help / Posters - Read before composing and publishing your posts on: April 30, 2019, 06:20:48 AM

Reading is one of the most essential things in human culture. People read many types of things, from online sources (news, social media groups, message platforms), from paper things (textbooks, newspaper), and more. Today, I would like to raise to discussion, that is also a Warning for posters, especially newbies.

What we should do first in the forum? Reading, Writing, or Discussing?
No matter what your opnion is, the answer for all of us is available there:
Newbies - Read before posting (by Lauda)

Besides things presented in the Lauda's topic,I want to ask you: What we should read?
[1] Reading the OP's title;
[2] Reading the OP's contents;
[3] Reading previous flow of discussions;
[4] Reading the day of last post.

Let's look deeper in to each of these three Reading steps.
[1] Reading the OP's title
Topic title is the one that help readers to fastly have first impression and main ideas of one topic. It is only true with topics that have good title. Theymos has a guide on how to make good topic titles here:
Topic title style guide
You should read the topic titles first, before moving to OP contents and read  more. If the topic tiltes are boring, you can skip those topics. However, I don't generalize that boring topic titles are always equal to boring topics. Maybe, sometimes writers don't have good skills to choose good titles for their topics. So, if you actually have time to read, you should move to read OP's contents, even with boring topic titles.

[2] Reading the OP's contents
The topic titles give your first impressions, but the most important thing of topics are OP's contents. Good topics mostly have well-organized contents. They usually writen down with main points, from which details, minor points will be spred out to express what authors want to talk about. Therefore, you have to read the OP's contents before start to think of writing down your posts and join discussions.

[3] Reading previous flow of discussions
After reading the first two (Topic title, and OP), you should spend your time to find out which things have been discussed till the day you find that topic. Which flow of dicussions and ideas raised and answered in previous posts. This step is only unnecessary when you are the first people find and read topic, and there is no or less replies after OP before you read it.
You can read OP, or someone do a little better by readind the OP, and last post, or OP + first previous posts after OP + last posts, then typing your reply with intention to help authors or to discuss, but it will become non-sense and off-context reply if topic's authors actually find what they asked for with replies for others, before yours.
- Reading the OP;
- Scanning to find merited posts, and read some posts around merited posts;
- Reading last few posts.

[4] Reading the day of last post
It does not always true but creating new post to reply to such topics most likely spamming, then your posts most likely will be reported or deleted by mods.
It is spam (usually account farmers). If they miss the posting date, they shouldn't miss the red warning while trying to post:

Other stuffs for Writing
If you don't have the intent to pass off someone else's work as your own in order to pad your post count/size, then you don't deserve a ban, at least.

By university standards, well-known quotes should be in quotation marks, but need not be cited. Sayings don't need quotation marks.
15  Other / Beginners & Help / Ban appeal - How to make it right and reduce workload for forum staffs on: April 28, 2019, 12:22:39 PM

If some day, your account get banned (temporary or permanent), you will get a message that highlighted in Red. The message of ban reasons and guide steps will be different from case-to-case.
There is one of them (that I took from one of ban appeal topic)
Sorry A, you are banned from posting or sending personal messages on this forum.
You have been banned by a forum moderator. You may appeal here:

So, if it is your case, and it is your bad day, what should you do?

Please do it with following steps:
  • Reading forum rules & remembering your past posts
  • Self-checking your past posts for plagiarism
  • Creating ban appeal topic & Avoiding ban evasion
  • Bumping that topic periodically

1. Reading forum rules & Remembering your past posts
Remember that when you get banned, it is obviously that you most likely made something wrong, and violated forum rules. Your ban mostly come from your rule violations, so the first step you should do is finding and reading forum rules!

Please don't do anything else, except this step.
Unofficial list of (official) rules, guidelines, FAQ
Reading all rules carefully, reading repeatedly to really understand them; then try to remember whatever things you made in the past likely violated one of those rules.
If you actually remembered you did something wrong, it's good. Now, the second step to come.

2. Self-checking your past posts for plagiarism
You should do this before moving to the third step. Because it is your case, so you have a responsibility to self-check all of your past posts to find out that you actually plagiarised or not. If the self-check results show you actually plagiarsised, and if you did not contribute anything to the forum in the past, your story should stop in the second step.
Please copying and pasting each of your past posts into Search Box of Google Search, then enter. You finally will find your plagiarism in the past.
It might take you half of a day to finish your self-check.

3. Creating ban appeal topic & avoiding ban evasion
Creating an account with a name like: A-banappeal / A-meta, something like this. With A is your account name.
Then, using the account to create a topic in Meta board, and create a good title.
Something like:
Ban Appeal: My account (A) got temporary / permanent ban. Please check!
Then posting your banned account. Someone tend to hide their banned account, they create ban appeal topic without account name, and link to account profile. It is one of the worst thing to do, because you need help, but you actually let others have to ask you for more details, and wait for your replies. I don't think they (staffs, and forum members) will feel comfortable with that.

  • Create only one account, with good title, and present as detailed information of your ban (in the OP) as possible.
  • Don't hide anything because you need help. So, if you actually remembered you did something wrong, please post link to bad posts that likely caused your ban (in your perspective). It will save a lot of time of forum staffs, and members.
  • Only do all your appeal efforts with one account, and in only one topic. Open multi topics or using multi accounts to do this will result in ban evasion.

Avoiding ban evasion
Yeah, we understand you... But please, warn your brothers, and friends that you've used this account to report your case in Meta, and that they can never use this account on the other boards anymore... Thank you...

25. Ban evasion (using or creating accounts while one of your accounts is banned) is not allowed.[e]

25. If you get banned (temporarily or permanently) and create a new account to continue posting / sending PMs, it's considered ban evasion. The only exception is creating a thread in Meta about your ban.

He has several accounts all banned for ban evasion. It seems that the underlying offense which caused him to initially get into trouble (and often the thing which causes his alts to get noticed) is excessive multi-posting. But when he was warned and/or temporarily banned for this minor thing, he kept evading his bans. This forum cannot operate unless its few rules are followed, so ignoring the warnings and temporary bans that you receive and continuing to do the same stuff is unacceptable. People who do so are not welcome here.

His bans will not automatically expire, and any future alts we see from him will be permabanned. I may manually reconsider his ban if he promises to actually try not to break forum rules. The rules are not meant to silence anyone, but to keep the forum usable and fair. When someone multi-posts excessively, it monopolizes a thread in a way which harms everyone else's ability to communicate. Based on his posts in this thread, I think that he will just continue to break rules if unbanned, so I will not unban him at this time.

4. Bumping periodically to get attention
You already have the attention of a Global Mod (hilariousetc).  Unblocking your ban is something only Admin can do.  All you can really do is send an email to the address you have for ban appeals, bump this thread periodically and hope for the best.
However, you should (again) pay your attention to not break another rule by pumping your ban appeal topic. It means users have rights to bump each topic once per 24 hours, but they have to delete previous bump before start a new pump each day. Personally, I don't support the idea to bump topic each day, maybe 3 or 7 day per bump is enough to catch attention.
13. Bumps, "updates" are limited to once per 24 hours.[2]

21. Old bumps should be deleted. [2]

4. Bumps are limited to once per day (24 hours), yes this includes "updates", that's what the edit button is for. Old bumps should be deleted as they serve no purpose, and only clutter up topics and make it more annoying to read.

Prevention is better than ban appeal
Paying attention on your daily deleted shitposts. If your shitposts deleted, and you received delete message, please seriously consider about your posting habits, and change it to avoid bans.
These are shitposts, and probably contributed to why this account got banned. I'm not saying that's the only reason, but I'm sure it didn't help their case. Here's another one:
Opps thats awesome post , full of information.

These types of posts are deleted on a daily basis, and if the user didn't take this as a warning and continued to post these sort of responses then they could of been banned for it. Generally, these types of posters normally copy and paste at some point too, but you'll have to wait for a response from a moderator to find out the exact reason.

Some thing else
Ownership of orignal posts:
It was probably banned for copy and pasting. People obviously shouldn't be banned for sharing their own original articles but it should probably be noted that you originally posted it elsewhere and provide the source. Are your articles 100% original? Seem to get a few hits on google from other sources:

A few people have their bans removed for numerous reasons. It's not plagiarism if it's your own work and if you can prove that then the ban should be lifted in those cases.

I unbanned it. Please make sure you leave a note and source at the top or bottom that it has been published elsewhere in future.

By the way, I would like to remind you that if you do ban evasion, you might appear there:
[Report] Ban Evasion [Requesting Admin/mod to check those and ban]
I don't think you have interests to be there.

[Forum / Campaign] Why have I been banned? Posting guidelines. (by Lauda)

Don't over-create Trust Appeals; keep minds/ emotions stable. No more Red
16  Other / Beginners & Help / Guests - Read Warnings on potential scam projects started by Neg Trust Users on: April 27, 2019, 07:58:52 AM
Sometimes, forum guests might decide to create accounts here, so they might become Newbies. That's why I created this topic for Guests/ Newbies.

Admin has been kindful and open-hearted person, he actually read Meta to see suggestions of forum members, and maybe also read other boards.
Even theymos is the only one who are responsible to code and made improvements for the forum software, he actually listens to our suggestions. When he thinks suggestion is relevant and neccesary, he will spend his time to do improvements and upgrades.

Three months ago, our community raised a demand on adding new feature, that allows Guests [whom do not log in accounts] to see Trust.
Viewing TRUST when not logged in

Yesterday, theymos offically made it. I think we all should give him a round of applause for this new launched feature.
Logged-out users will now see a warning in trust-enabled sections if more DT members neg-trust the topic starter than positive-trust him.

This increases the responsibility of DT members not to give negative trust for stupid reasons, but only for things that cause you to believe that the person is a scammer.
This is a warning:

If you are a guest, whom simply drop by the forum to read, don't create account or actually have account but don't log in, and scan announcement topics to find potential projects for your portfolio. Please pay attention on OP's creators.
If you visit OPs, and see the Warning attached above, you should avoid those projects. They are highly potential scam projects, that start by scammers, whom get many Negative trusts.
Because you don't log in, you can not be able to see their Negative trust and feedbacks, but the Warning is enough for you to stay away from them.

Here is link to announcement topic of Bitcoin Crown:
Please click on the link and see how the Warning displayed.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [ZEC] ZCASH: Discussion on: April 26, 2019, 07:33:20 AM
ZCash (ZEC) has fallen over years (since late of 2016), and today, the coin hit its all time low (or somewhere is around its all time low) at 0.0112 BTC for on Zcash coin.
And the ZEC' chart of price looks like a flat line since June of 2018, around one-year period. Another important plus point to seriously think of its temporary rice is a good point to own it is daily volume of ZEC maintained high and very stable over the last one-year period. Volume is the most important components when we assess any coin. It is likely a power, a momentum, and a breath of growths. Fortunately, ZEC perfectly satisfies this criterion.
The topic is open-discussion, so please feel free to discuss about ZEC. However, I don't want to see topic falls into over-use of technical analyses. Let's discuss and keep it simple.

Announcement topic:
Price chart (in ZEC/ BTC pair): I disable USDT, and marketcap lines to make the chart clearer.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / SEMUX: Discussion on: April 25, 2019, 08:56:31 AM
SEMUX is a project that started in September of 2017, around two years ago. It is just 5 more months till its second anniversary.
ANN topic:
Currently, there are two available exchanges for SEMUX, but dominant volume has been on Tokok exchange.
1) STEX:
2) Tokok:
3) Citex (Korean exchange):
Price chart (all time) on CMC:
One-day price chart:
Personally, with these two charts, the scenario in which SEMUX fall deeper is very rare. In contrast, SEMUX can recover from its current price around 6000 satoshi to about 9000 or 10000 satoshi. At the moment, there are gaps of price between Tokok and STEX exchanges. SEMUX has fluctuated in its very narrow range for months (you can easily see it yourself with two charts above). In addition, the SEMUX Core 1.4.0 v has been released recently, please visit the article for more details:

Vote competition:
1. On Bitmesh (can vote every day):
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