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1  Economy / Services / How some hosting platforms are dumping on your investment. on: March 10, 2019, 01:31:02 PM
Masternode investors are here to achieve one goal – to make a return on an investment. Whether you give focus to short term or long term gains, one consistent always remains across all investors. You want to make money!

Investing in cryptocurrency can have great risk but also great reward, and what drives us all is the euphoria of researching and investing in an encouraging project/coin before others and maximising short or long term returns. The 2018 crypto bear market has hit the vast majority of investors hard and it has become ever more difficult for an investor to return a profit, or a project to offer a smooth launch of their coin.

Investing in masternodes through shared platforms has grown in popularity during 2018 with the number of platforms continuing to grow during 2019. All shared platform have responsibility to their investors and to the projects/coins listed to it. Without trust from the community, a platform ceases to exist.

For platforms that hold a great amount of influence in the space, it is vital to operate ethically to build and gain this trust from current and future investors. For the top shared platforms, this is the number one consideration to provide real value to projects listed to our services and the wider investment community. Sustainable growth of masternode projects is the only way that investors can gain a return on their investment, and is the only way shared services can continue to grow in the future – without projects choosing to operate masternode technologies, shared platforms do not remain relevant in the cryptospace. Therefore in collaboration with investment communities, shared services have to provide infrastructure to enable growth of projects and the masternode space in general.

As an investor, you will be aware of services like Midas, trttNodes and Gentartium. Collectively, they are working towards growth of the masternode space, and to offer a strong infrastructure providing support to assist in the appreciation of communities’ investments. Unfortunately, these ambitions are not shared across all popular platforms. For the future development and growth of the masternode space, and in order to give protections to the investment community, it is vital this is reported to educate the masternode investment community.

CryptoHashTank. Here to help investo-.....
In April 2018, CryptoHashTank (CHT) launched their shared investments platform, and offer a mix of instant and ‘auto’ nodes on their platform. Specialising in offering a coin extremely early after launch, they offer investors the opportunity to invest early in a coin on a shared basis when the rewards are at their highest. CHT do very well at listing a high number of coins – whether an agreement is made with the project, or not - and this draws increased investors to their platform.

When they can make an agreement with a project, they achieve this by offering listing terms to a project that does not appear to have any cost. CHT take collateral of a node, and reimburse this collateral after a short period (often 1-3 days if rewards are high enough) thus providing no lowering of the projects premine through a listing with CHT, yet allowing CHT to continuing offering an instant node via their platform utilising the rewards earned. When an agreement cannot be made with a project, CHT list the coin anyway without the permission of the project as ‘Auto’ without an Instant Share.

It is apparent that CHT practices behind the scenes are secretive, unethical, and highly damaging to a projects longevity, the coins chances of success and ultimately, their investment communities’ portfolio.

Listing a project in presale to CHT would help, wouldn't it?
During February 2019, Klimatas listed through the Midas Incubator Programme. They successfully completed their own presale and KTS launched to Midex.

One week before KTS listed to the Midas Incubator programme, they also gained a listing with CHT, providing the CHT team with collateral for a node on the understanding this would be reimbursed a few days later, thus appearing to have no cost to Klimatas. CHT opened their Instant node, and started to receive investments of KTS from their community.

Investment platforms who list a project very early after launch during presale (if one is being offered by the project) - such as how CHT usually operate - have the ability to accumulate a high number of coins not dispersed to investors shares due to the coin being in high reward phase. With no outlet to sustainably and gradually sell these until it lands on exchange, the coins are held and continue to return coins themselves through compounding interest. Should this be the case, it is vital that utmost responsibility is provided by the shared investment service for the good of the project, the coins long term prospects, and their investment community who have chosen to use that service.

Between 25th January, and the launch to Midex on 22nd February, through rewards not dispersed to their investment community and service fees that CHT charge in the coin, CHT accumulated over 4,000 KTS that was deemed their own funds. At the price of KTS presale, this has value of 4BTC (approximately US$15,000). Rather than handle the sale of these coins sustainably and ethically, CHT choose to dump the high number of coins they hold as a coin lands on exchange. When a coin launches to exchange, liquidity and support is at its lowest, and therefore the vulnerability of the coin’s price at its greatest.

The practices of CHT came to light after @Mike [CHT Dev] posted directly to an open Discord channel that his deposit of KTS had not arrived to Midex shortly after the launch to exchange.

At the exact time of the deposit arriving to Midex, KTS had rebounded and was offering early resistance at 0.00040000BTC/KTS. Following the arrival of KTS to their trading account, they systematically proceeded in continually dumping KTS without consideration of the price of the coin, nor the responsibility they hold to investors. During the first three hours of trading, the account registered to CHT dumped over 2,100 KTS providing the greatest sell pressure on exchange to push the price to all-time-low of 0.00001350BTC/KTS. Within 7 days, they dumped over 4,200 KTS to continually keep the price of KTS suppressed.

At the same time, Mike [CHT Dev] shows apparent concern for coins price, posting throughout Discord promising support to a coin. This screenshot comes two weeks after the launch of KTS to Midex after crashing the price and continually providing sell pressure.

The launch of Midex, the exchange operated by Midas, has shed light on the operating practices of CHT. Just as they have treated KTS, they have also replicated this pattern with OTS - who also launched to Midex. Over a period of three days, CHT proceeded in dumping over 8,500 OTS on Midex. These figures are growing daily!

How does CryptoHashTank treat mature coins?
Unlike all major shared service platform in 2019, CHT have chosen not to create their own utility coin, but charge service fees to use their service at a percentage of rewards in the coin. Coins earned via service fees are sold directly on exchange, and continuing to use this method of fee charges suppresses a coins price and therefore an investor’s portfolio. All other major shared services actively encourage service fees be paid in their local coin/currency.

CHT also offer a variable service fee percentage allowing CHT to charge up to 90% of an investors rewards. Once a coin doesn’t provide enough reward output, CHT begin increasing fees to raise their earning potential, thus increasing the dumping pressure to further lower value of the coin.

Below, we provide examples from a number of coins being offered on CHT and the fee structures in place:

Based on the fees being charged, and the number of nodes in operation:

1.02 ABET nodes will be sent to exchange per month to sell.
1.6 MARC nodes will be sent to exchange per month to sell.
4 UPC nodes will be sent to exchange per month to sell.
5.38 PRX nodes will be sent to exchange per month to sell.
8.67 ISF nodes will be sent to exchange per month to sell.

This continual sell pressure will push the price of a coin down, and devalue the investments held on behalf of their own community.

Once the node is not producing high enough payouts, CHT introduce the variable commission structure. A masternode may not pay out enough rewards if; i) the coin offers a low ROI, or ii) the price of the coin has been depressed by continual selling. Below, we provide some examples of these coins:

The above coins all have large communities and are well known in the masternode space. Importantly, none of the above five projects gave CHT permission to list their coin, and all are listed as ‘auto’ meaning there is no instant share provided by the project.

Can CryptoHashTank be trusted?
The findings have been stark and clear: By sending your investments and increasing the influence of CHT provides a direct negative price suppression on the coins value, and devalues the investments for not only those who choose to invest on CHT, but the entire investment community.

Acting on greed, CHT use their influential position to ensure earnings are consistent for themselves without consideration of the projects, their community, and even those not using CHT. A listing to CHT in a coins infancy whilst rewards are at their highest can provides an immediate dumping after landing on exchange, as well as a strong negative effect for the long term progress of the project. Resulting from the immediate suppression on the price of coins like KTS and immediate devaluing of their communities’ investments, the continual selling pressure provided by CHT allows them to increase service fees to apply the final nail in the coffin for the coin allowing CHT to suck the final life out of the project. Once at this stage, the consequences are irreversible leaving their own investment community and others to face subsequent losses.

This article can be concluded and summarised with a couple of damning screenshots through communications with Mike [CHT Dev], and displays the willingness to not only destroy a project, but also their communities investments.

The example used is IFX. Through continual dumping through the listing of IFX, CHT has majorly contributed to the decline in price of IFX resulting in them taking a 'variable fee' of 50%+ of all rewards generated from his community.

CryptoHashTank's work here is done! Who will be their next victim?

Seeing this price action, the community would be in their right mind to assume a selling of premine and team exit. No! It is just CryptoHashTank at work!

Choosing the service and platform you send your investments to must be considered carefully. DYOR does not only apply to coins, but to the platforms you choose to send your coins to. Not doing so may have a strong influence not only in the success of your investments, but the success of the projects themselves!
2  Other / Off-topic / Best multiplayer-BROWSER-ONLY-on-line-game ? on: March 05, 2015, 06:37:09 AM
Good day, boys & girls!

Who know the best multiplayer Browser-Only On-Line game?

Means, Javascript + [ php | ruby | html5 ] based.

* No any extension. ( Better... )
* Platform independent. ( Hope... )
* Free.

- Strategy
- Shooter
- etc...
3  Local / Разное / Кто как начинал ? ( Делимся опытом ) on: January 03, 2015, 11:32:56 AM
Привет всем.

Предлагаю делиться опытом из жизни. Кто как в биткоин пришёл и где ударился, где поднялся?

Моя история:

Начал майнить биток на всех подряд пулах, играл с видюхой и так и эдак. В итоге:

* - 7 BTC
* mmpool - 10 BTC + куча альтов
* - какой то был Питерский пул, тоже где то 8 BTC

и ещё + 10 разных пулов, примерно с той же статистикой.

1 Видюха, Биток стоил меньше 5$. Всё это было просто так, вообще. Чем то надо нагрузить тачку, вот и крутилось. Почитывал форум.

На первом пузыре в 12$, слил половину битков, купил пивасика....

Начался пузырь в сотню, альты поднялись. Слил NMC, было больше 10,000 NMC, так и не смог завести себе доменное имя в зоне .bit. купил пивасика....

Начался пузырь в тысячу, биток уже не майнился 1-ой видюхой, ушёл из майнинга.

Итог: всё пропито.
Мораль: надо такие все вещи делить минимум по-полам. Половину слил, половину в копилку бросил, и не трогаешь до следующего изменения радикального как переход с 100$ на 1000$. ( В порядок ) И потом опять, половину слил, половину в копилку.... Так хотябы половинка останется...
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Untraceable cryptocurrency ( Poll ) on: December 19, 2014, 04:18:57 AM
* (BTC) Bitcoin
* (DRK) Darkcoin
* (VTC) Vertcoin
* (XMR) Monero

 * (SDC) ShadowCash, Thanx to @LongAndShort
 * (BTCD) Bitcoin Dark  - with Teleport (is a set of blockchain technologies built on top of Bitcoin Dark). Thanx to @Zer0Sum
 * (BBR) Boolberry, Thanx to @Este_Nuno
 * (XDN) DarkNote, Thanx to @dNote
 * (NEOS) Neoscoin. Thanx to me.
 * (DOGED) DogeCoinDark. Thanx to me.
 * (FCN) Fantomcoin. Thanx to me.
 * (NAV) NavajoCoin. Thanx to @Sall.
 * (PTS) BitShares. - by default with TITAN. Thanx to @monsterer.
 * (ANC) Anoncoin. Thanx to me.
 * (TIPS) Fedoracoin. Thanx to me.
 * (BCN) Bytecoin. Thanx to me.
 * (QCN) Quazarcoin. Thanx to me.
 * (PINK) PinkCoin. Thanx to me.
 * (CRYPT) CryptCoin. Thanx to me.
 * (OC) Orangecoin. Thanx to me.
 * (CINNI) Cinnicoin. Thanx to me.
 * (VRC) Vericoin. Thanx to me.
 * (CLOAK) Cloakcoin. Thanx to me.
 * (XC) XCurrency. Thanx to me.
 * (SUPERCOIN) Supercoin. Thanx to me.
 * (CRD) Credits. Thanx to me.
 * (MAMM) MammothCoin. Thanx to me.
 * (XST) Stealthcoin. Thanx to me.

Additionally, two public mixers:


Here - can be found forum of CryptoNoteCoin protocol dev. team. There are up-to 10 untraceable cryptocurrencies CryptoNoteCoin's protocol-based.

[Poll] What anonymous coin will succed? - similar to this Poll

[DRK/XMR/SDC] Summary explaning differencies between best anon coins (MUST READ)

Push your coin into comments, will be added soon.
5  Other / Off-topic / Collisions for Hash SHA256 will kill Bitcoin. on: December 06, 2014, 10:38:27 PM

Try it your self:

# wget
# wget
# md5sum *
e06723d4961a0a3f950e7786f3766338  00313.jpg
e06723d4961a0a3f950e7786f3766338  0046.jpg

What are you thinking ?


Original article:
6  Local / Трейдеры / На cryptsy напали ведущие пендоские троли! on: October 24, 2014, 11:18:46 AM

Silver Law Group has filed two lawsuits, one against Texas-based Bitcoin Savings & Trust (operated by Trendon Shavers) and another against Florida-based Cryptsy (operated by Paul Vernon).  According to the Complaints, investors have been victimized by deceptive and misleading tactics, such as claims of profits of 7% weekly interest or of a safe and reliable platform to trade cryptocurrencies free from excessive fees and commissions.  While Mr. Shavers raised more than 700,000 Bitcoin in principal investments from investors, those Bitcoins have disappeared.  Likewise, investors with Cryptsy, which CoinDesk has touted as “the largest crypto-to-crypto exchange,” have seen their accounts emptied and Bitcoin simply disappear.  On behalf of its clients, Silver Law Group has pursued nearly $12 million in restitution from these online operators.

If you have invested in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency and believe you are the victim of a fraud or a theft of your assets, you might have the grounds upon which to assert a claim to recover your losses.  Additionally, if you have entrusted your cryptocurrency to Cryptsy or have traded through its web site and feel you have been misled, gather your metadata and contact Silver Law Group to find out what rights may be available to you.

Вот этот пункт "Likewise, investors with Cryptsy, which CoinDesk has touted as “the largest crypto-to-crypto exchange,” have seen their accounts emptied and Bitcoin simply disappear. "

Счета cryptsy пустеют, троли это видели, и собираются преследовать биржу.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / What forums, chats, boards do you use? on: August 14, 2014, 06:21:09 AM
* Poll Options: 4 Maximum votes per user.
* Run the poll for no limit
* Allow user to change vote. - Yes

See List of all related forums / chats / boards.
Other poll: Untraceable cryptocurrency

Support me with DOGE: DArzgdYVttT2PsL4S3bJREtCxaR3LXzAFh
Or Bitcoin: 139nfRMRXojzL2LNn2HxUTwSofUEUndzbC

If you don't find your forum or chat here, live a comment, will be added.
8  Local / Майнеры / Miner Ubuntu без дров, но X - летает. Как? on: July 09, 2014, 02:20:40 PM
Какой майнер заработает, если дрова не отстроены, но X летает по дефолту?

Кажеца poclbm так работал.

Так то ATI Radeon на борту, с дровами всё нормально работает, cgminer выдает 200Mh/s.

Интересует scrypt miner, что бы видюху юзал через X, или как нибудь так, по дефолту.

Кто поможет?
9  Local / Идеи / Все форумы, чаты, борды по теме. on: March 31, 2014, 07:08:00 AM
Ребята, помогите тему разогнать

List of all related forums / chats / boards.

Хочется узнать, где буржуи трутца тесными компаниями.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / List of all related forums / chats / boards to Bitcoin & Alt-coins & E-money on: March 30, 2014, 03:07:24 PM
* - Canada's Bitcoin Community

* - Ripple Forum
* - Bot Development / E-Money

* - Forex Forum | Forex Trading Forums | MT5 Forum

* - Androids Tokens Forum
* - Official Colossuscoin Forum.
* - Litecoin and Bitcoin Forums
* - Devcoin and Bitcoin Forums & all the merged mined coins & other alt-coins.
* http : // bitcoingarden . tk  - http://[Suspicious link removed] ( looks like every .tk domains are banned here. )
* - Earthcoin EAC talk - includes group forums and coin announcements
* - Dogecoin Community Forums
* - is focused on cryptocurrency businesses
* - Russian forum of developers of another kind of alt-coins
* A Community Dedicated To Helping All Invest In Crypto-Currencies Such as Bitcoin / Litecoin / Altcoins.
* - A forum for altcoins in French, with a really new framework
* - the official CAPTcoin forum
* ( the second domain name: )
* - FRC / Freicoin News
* - forum of BLEUTRADE CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE / The secure, fast and reliable cryptocurrency exchange
* - All the things you wanted to know about Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies
* - a strong community of engineers, developers, gamers, etc,
* - NEOS coin forum
* - Ideas, Talk, and Hardware
* - dev. forum of CryptoNoteCoin protocol team.
* - Mining related forum
* -  Crypto Infinity - Bitcoin / Altcoin Community
* - The Cryptocurrency Discussion
* - Vericoin [VRC]
* - XCurrency [XC]
* - ImperiumCoin IMPC

* cypherpunks, gmane - Legendary mailing list with first announce of Bitcoin protocol.



* crypto social media platform like facebook

* irc://
* irc:// - FreeNode's Irc-channel of - Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange
* irc:// - Market
* irc:// - Bitcoin's News
* irc:// - Main developers on-line
* irc:// - Bitcoin's Gaming
* irc:// - Bitcoin's Bots
* irc:// - BlockChain in real-time
* irc:// - support channel of

Language/Region Specific:
* - Russian forum about Bitcoin.
* - Russian forum about earning money in the Internet.
* - Oldest Russian forum about earning money in the Internet.
* - Russian forum about Litecoins.
* - Next (Nxt) - Die Zukunft ist Nxt
* - India!
* - another fast growing  Russian cryptocurrency forum
* - Forum Bitcoin Indonesia


Directories / Listing:
* - TBLOB - The Big List of Bitcoin
* - HowTo BTC
* - list only top quality Bitcoin websites.

Similar threads:
* - List of furums and communities where altcoin related discussion is more welcome
* - list of all other bitcoin/altcoin forums

Closed / DeFunct:
* - This Domain Name Has Expired
* - down? Any info?
* - See
* - Dogechat has closed - we've became Coinchat. Coinchat is a chatroom where you can earn Bitcoin chatting.
* - THIS WEEK'S COIN  forum. Focuses on altcoins ( pending ICANN verification.Huh )
* - This Account Has Been Suspended

This is a largest list of forums, chats, boards around Bitcoin & Alt-coins & E-money !

Let's collect all of related to  Bitcoin & Alt-coins & E-money points of speech. Push your comment!

Take a look at Giant Poll Over All Forums

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11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Is there list of all bitcoin/altcoins related forums? on: March 28, 2014, 01:21:01 PM
It grows like mushrooms, is there thread with all forums?
12  Local / Майнеры / Quark miner GPU, и другие экзотичные miner-ы для GPU, не scrypt. on: March 27, 2014, 10:42:39 AM
Поделитесь, кто в теме. Какие сейчас перспективные форки, типа Prime(XPM) или QRK майнятся через GPU.

Чуство такое, что scrypt-asic уже давно в подполье в пирожок превратился, куда валить с видюшкой, заранее горизонт очертить хочеца.

Интересует меня прямо ссылка на opensource github проект майнера на GPU типа cgminer или phoenix, но для QRK.
13  Local / Обменники / bitcoin -> яндекс.деньги ? on: March 26, 2014, 11:11:03 AM
Подскажите, кто как выводит BTC в ЯД?

Раньше был metabank, теперь позакрывалось всё. Есть какие-то цепочки, что б более менее комиссия была.
14  Other / Beginners & Help / Trying to open directly...Device open failed on: October 27, 2013, 08:51:31 PM
Ubuntu 13.10 & [][1]

xorg.conf created by

    # aticonfig --initial -f --adapter=all

Thereafter, i modify it with next /etc/X11/xorg.conf

    Section "Module"
            Disable        "dri"
            Disable        "dri2"

Start phoenix:

    $ ./ bitcoin_deepbit_gpu.cfg
    [10/28/2013 02:30:08] Welcome to Phoenix v2.0.0
    [0 Khash/s] [0 Accepted] [0 Rejected] [DISCONNECTED]X server found. dri2 connection failed!
    Trying to open directly...Device open failed

Start cgminer:

    $ ./cgminer --scrypt  -T --url stratum+tcp:// --user user --pass pass --no-submit-stale --queue 4 --scan-time 1
     [2013-10-28 02:41:21] Started cgminer 3.6.6                    
    X server found. dri2 connection failed!
    Trying to open directly...Device open failed

I have partially solve this trouble with `--gpu-platform 0`:

    $ ./cgminer --scrypt --gpu-platform 0 -T --url stratum+tcp:// --user user --pass pass --no-submit-stale --queue 4 --scan-time 1
     [2013-10-28 02:43:12] Started cgminer 3.6.6                    
     [2013-10-28 02:43:12] Probing for an alive pool                    
     [2013-10-28 02:43:17] Pool 0 difficulty changed to 64                    
     [2013-10-28 02:43:17] Network diff set to 0                    
     [2013-10-28 02:43:17] Stratum from pool 0 detected new block                    
     [2013-10-28 02:43:19] Found block for pool 0!                    
     [2013-10-28 02:43:21] Found block for pool 0!                    
    (5s):7.156K (avg):18.36Kh/s | A:0  R:0  HW:0  WU:35.4/m

But what is it? And how to specify platform for phoenix miner?

There is only one option in phoenix config:

    name = GPU 0 #The name to display the device as (default is device ID if not specified)

It doesn't help.

I have mirror on Q/A
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