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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / [BOUNTY][QWC] - Join the Discord - Earn QWC - [QWERTYCOIN SOCIALCOIN] on: April 13, 2019, 08:55:27 PM
Hello Everyone,

Qwertycoin - QWC is conducting a coin giveaway.  Its a very simple bounty and will only be available to the first 100 People. No Newbie accounts will be eligible. 

If you want to learn more about QWC see the link here:


Step 1: Create a Qwertycoin Wallet

Several Multi Wallet Clients:
Web Wallet:

Step 2: Join the Qwertycoin Discord Channel (expires after 100 invites)
And write at least 3 messages.

Step 3: Post your Qwertycoin Address in this thread after you join the Discord. Including your Discord Name.

Once the first 100 people have posted their QWC address in this thread, I will start sending out the QWC.

Once All 100 accounts have been credited, the bounty will end.

Good Luck
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Qwertycoin - Safe. Simple. Secure. CPU/GPU/ASIC [CryptoNight] Mobile Wallet on: February 04, 2018, 07:16:57 PM
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Website - Block Explorer - Nodes Map - Official Mining Pool - Faucet - Web Wallet - Paperwallet - Download Wallet - Source code

Qwertycoin (Ticker: QWC) is a real community cryptocurrency, a decentralized digital asset, like Bitcoin. It is based
on CryptoNote Technology V2.0. Nobody owns or controls Qwertycoin. It allows anonymous and trustless peer to peer
transactions through a fair ASIC-friendly PoW mining algorithm and will implement EPoSe, a new algorithm concept exclusive to QWC.

Qwertycoin transactions are untraceable, unlinkable and your privacy is protected.
Mathematics secures the QWC network and empowers individuals to control their own finance and information.

Your private key is your bank account, with no censorship and surveillance.

Here you can find the whitepaper as a PDF file:

Pairing: BTC - Bitcoin

QWC : BTC | Bitexlive
QWC : BTC | Crex24

Pairing: USDT
QWC : USDT | Bituan

Pairing: BCH - Bitcoin Cash

Pairing: ETH - Ethereum

Pairing: DASH

Pairing: LTC - Litecoin
-coming soon

Pairing: DOGE - Dogecoin
QWC : DOGE | Bitexlive

Click here to see all our recommended Qwertycoin Mining Pools with Livestats

Download a large Blockchain file for faster synchronization from
our official Download Storage or from a3rd party mirror:

Desktop Wallet (GUI)




See all images here:

Light Wallet (ZERO) working on any devices without downloading the whole Blockchain.




It is possible to use all our wallets without blockchain, in remote mode it will be connected to the remote node.
This allows to get fully functional wallet in minutes. Just select remote node in settings and restart wallet if you're using GUI,
or run simplewallet with --daemon-address or --daemon-host & --daemon-port flags.
It's quite safe, the node can't steal your coins.

It's a smart idea to choose an server which are you located from here:

Once you opened Qwertycoin Wallet, you can create your first Qwertycoin address or open an already existing Qwertycoin
address and synchronize with the network.
It is highly recommended that you encrypt your new wallet with a password.
Leaving the wallet unprotected makes it vulnerable in case your system is compromised.
To encrypt your wallet, choose "Settings" menu and then "Encrypt wallet".

You can download a big Blockchain file for saving time during synchronizing process from here:
Paste the downloaded, unzipped archive to:



How to solo mine with the CLI release
1. Download CLI Wallet and extract it
2. Run Qwertycoind
After you are synchronized run Qwertycoind again with these flags: --start-mining YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS --mining-threads 4
Or you can download the GUI and start Mining Solo, or in a Pool.

Cryptonote's Wallets can operate through remote daemon without downloading blockchain. It allows to start working quickly when needed.
It's quite safe as remote daemon can't steal your coins, running own node is more secure of course.
But these remote nodes are not rewarded anyhow in any CN coin. Qwertycoins remote nodes are rewarded for their 24/7 service.
When People use your server you collect 0.25% fom every Transaction from this People but a maximum of 100 QWC per transaction.

Read the full Guide Howto run an own Qwertycoin Masternode


BTC: 1DkocMNiqFkbjhCmG4sg9zYQbi4YuguFWw

ERC20 compatible Token Wallet: 0x0703DB2425157F5ab3AD552CB703B6bFf72be834

ETH: 0xA660Fb28C06542258bd740973c17F2632dff2517

BCH (Bitcoin Cash): qz975ndvcechzywtz59xpkt2hhdzkzt3vvt8762yk9

XMR: 47gmN4GMQ17Veur5YEpru7eCQc5A65DaWUThZa9z9bP6jNMYXPKAyjDcAW4RzNYbRChEwnKu1H3qt9FPW9CnpwZgNscKawX

ETN: etnkJXJFqiH9FCt6Gq2HWHPeY92YFsmvKX7qaysvnV11M796Xmovo2nSu6EUCMnniqRqAhKX9AQp31GbG3M2DiVM3qRDSQ5Vwq

Donations will go towards infrastructure maintenance. development, Bounties and for Paying the Listing Fee on Exchanges.

Tracking key for Qwertycoin Donation Wallet:

Other Information and Links:

Qwertycoin is licensed under the "MIT License" for more info, refer to the License file.
No endorsement of third party services is implied. Use at your own risk. In the event of forks or other network issues be sure any service you use is properly updated and supporting the correct chain.

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