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21  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / WTB DOGEcoins with PayPal or Pingit on: January 25, 2014, 10:56:06 PM
Since I'm looking to expand my collection of DOGE,I thought that I'd buy as many DOGE that I can get for 30 GBP via PayPal. I have good feedback on here and have never scammed anyone.Also my PayPal account is verified (to my knowledge)

Would like an escrow unless seller sends first (don't worry I don't like to cause grief so will pay asap once it arrives in my client)

Thanks Smiley
22  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / WTS 1 line of my signature for DOGE on: January 25, 2014, 10:52:54 PM
Since I'm fascinated by DOGEcoins I want to sell my forum signaure space for 40k DOGE (due to price uncertainy this is higher than I'd like)

If interested PM me with link and send 40k DOGE here DQGfoWh4SEHjWrcs9vhrRY8jej5rS4gQYH

Thanks Smiley
23  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Looking for free DOGE coins on: January 25, 2014, 10:34:12 PM
Hi I've tried all the faucets and I was looking to get more free DOGE here: DQGfoWh4SEHjWrcs9vhrRY8jej5rS4gQYH

Where can I find them?Are there any contests on here that do giveaways.If anyone's willing to donate a few I can see if my android wallet works as I want to try it out.Thanks Smiley
24  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [WTS] Will promote a message or link on my twitter feed [available] on: January 24, 2014, 11:18:59 PM
My twitter service now accepts DOGE coins: Smiley
25  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / [WTS] 1 ad slot for 1 million DOGE on: January 24, 2014, 11:04:38 PM
I'm looking to sell off 1 adslot for 1 million DOGE coins as I'm looking for a quick sale and to fund much needed things for my travel blog and also I have a great interest with trading DOGE as well.I think the concept appeals to me and I want to get as many as possible/fast as possible.
Thanks Smiley

Edit:This great offer won't stay for long.The price will rise by 1 million DOGE per week so buy now to get it at the cheapest possible price.
26  Economy / Services / [WTS] Adspace on my travel blog on: January 24, 2014, 09:52:44 PM
Looking to sell off adspace on my travel blog since I'm looking to invest in starting up a business as well as fund necessary improvements to the site.
The blog gets over 200 visitors daily now (and keeps rising)

If you want to buy an adslot:
1.Pick which one (i.e if you want slot 29,say slot 29 in the order)
2.Send me banner and link
3.I'll check to see that its suitable for the site
4.Pay for either a month or a year (terms) in BTC
5.Soon enough,your ad goes up

I've had many successes with my twitter PR business so you know I can deliver (as I want to get more business,not scam people).

27  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Looking for easy to use miner for ASIC I ordered on: January 17, 2014, 02:43:19 PM
I was really excited that I won the eBay auction for an Ant Miner ASIC USB Miner (which says can be overclocked to 2.2GH/s) earlier this morning so now I'll be waiting for it to be delivered.

After I recieve the miner,I'll have 2 issues to deal with:
1.Find an easy to use miner that works on my mining PC (windows 8 x64) and my Mac (as that's my main computer now) which I need help in finding.
2.How to overclock this ASIC so I can get the best value out of it

I bought it to expand mining capacity as well as doing an experiment (mining profitable SHA based alt coins,electric costs don't matter in my case with this) as I want to improve my understanding of the mining process on alternate platforms (later planning to build a Raspberry Pi miner as I'm fed up with the fan noise of my mining PC used for Scrypt coin mining,still got the Radeon HD6950-I know it's a little dated now and is showing its age but with low difficulty coins,it's still profitable for me,just)

Can someone please help me find the right miner software for my needs and how to overclock that ASIC when it arrives?

Thanks Smiley
28  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / My twitter promotion service now available in LTC and DOGE on: January 13, 2014, 10:19:46 PM
I just thought that those of you who use alt coins would like to know that my service for twitter promotion now accepts LTC and DOGE as I want to reach out to more people and hopefully improve my business while I'm at it too.No one likes to feel excluded do they?

Anyway to find out more about what I'm doing please read here and reply to that thread for any queries/orders:;all

Thanks Smiley

P.S If you like this,please spread the word too Smiley
29  Bitcoin / Mining / Want help looking at my mining options and which one to pick on: January 10, 2014, 01:24:16 PM
I've been a miner since may 2011 when I upgraded my (then current) PC (before it was later dismantled,had parts sold off then rebuilt the PC from 2007 with old parts lying around) with a Radeon HD6950.Since then so many changes took place that I was forced to stop mining at the end of 2012.

After 2013 (break from mining), I started mining again because of all those other alt coins that flooded the market with easier to mine options available.Since I've been able to save up a fair amount now from doing odd jobs and selling stuff plus my mini businesses online,I'm now forced to take a look at other options for mining.

Since I've discovered a really easy way to flash miner pi so for a raspberry pi thanks to a really easy tool for the mac,I've been considering setting up a pi miner with ASICs because I can mine other Sha-256 coins with them and finally reduce the noise/power use of my mining operation as I need a sustainable source on income to finance other more important projects I have to maintain.I don't see this as a big money spinner as the difficulty keeps rising to ridiculous levels for Bitcoin.

However I'm stuck with which option to choose.Should I:
1.Buy an extender to use a 2nd GPU with my rebuilt PC for mining scrypt coins?
2.Buy a raspberry pi,buy 2 bit fury ASICs,reuse an old smartphone charger,wifi dongle,SD card and monitor.Will also need a USB keyboard and mouse to run with it though plus USB hub.This will then mine all the Sha based alt coins.just need to know the OS that let's me mine those easily/easy mining pool.

As I'm really stuck on which option to choose as I want to see which is more profitable and focus my money on getting those sorted out,I'm asking the community here for help deciding.Thanks Smiley
30  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Got to mine most profitable coin on: January 08, 2014, 05:59:32 PM
I know it's been over a year since I last mined my alt coins for cash but since the need has now arrived (again) and the old PC (one before that nice spec Core i7 PC) has now be ressurected with the sole purpose of running everything on the GPU for mining alt chains.

I've seen a few good looking alt coins to mine LTC,Dogecoin and a few others.Can someone advise me how to get setup for mining DogeCoin/other alt coins as the HD6950 was put out of retirement recently (as that's the only card I can fit into the old PC's mobo,it only has one slot PCI-E x16 and PCI-E x1 slot-help me tap into it with the extenders I've heard about)

In the mid term,I plan to sell off all remaining parts,then build a really cheap PC (out of 2nd hand budget parts like,CPU,mobo,RAM,SSD and GPU) so that I can gain a sustainable income to finance one of my online businesses plus to build enough funds for the big more (sell off all parts with fair to good value,then reinvest in dirt cheap parts while keeping the profits from the sales t keep things going)

How can I mine LTC,DogeCoin (easiest solution preferred none of this P2P pool business as it never worked for me) and any other alt coins as they come up?

Thanks Smiley
31  Economy / Services / [WTS] Adspace on my travel blog,iPad and laptop screens on: January 07, 2014, 04:04:06 PM
Since I've seen my blog getting over 2000+ visitors so far this month,I think it's finally time to give serious thought to selling off adspace.I've discovered I can get decent rates for each one sold (the price I set is much cheaper than that for each slot than the market would charge for such services).

The blog is currently being rennovated (as some people didn't like the design as well as changing a few other things) and after rennovations are completed,I anticipate the blog to receive millions of hits every month so advertisers who get in early will hit a goldmine of visitors/impressions if you buy now.

See here: This is where Adspace will be sold so I can keep the blog presentable while earning something from all my hard work on it.

But that's not all,I've discovered that I can rent out ad space from my iPad Air and laptops sleep screens (which are shown a lot more than people realise and also it gets constant exposure to potentially millions of people in real life as I travel a lot when I'm able to)

The iPad Air will have 20 slots available for rent a month (I prefer annually so I don't have to chase up payments constantly after each month) and 50 for the laptop.

Read the blog for pricing details for all adspaces.I hope to raise funds for a very worthwhile cause (@Seaofchangefilm on twitter,as I was the video editor of it and the film was shown in a screening at the House of Lords on 3/12/2013) as well as invest capital in improving my Twitter PR business here: as I know I can do better but need the funds to rennovate things here too.

Only people interested are welcome,no trolls or time wasters thanks.

If you buy now,you won't be disappointed Smiley
32  Economy / Trading Discussion / What's the best way to encourage donations in BTC? on: December 11, 2013, 09:20:08 PM
Since I've discovered a BTC fundraising widget,I just thought that I'd get it out there so that people can help me find the best way to encourage donations to help me keep my travel blog running.I'm looking for advice tailored to my blog and which aspects (content) can help?

I'm also looking for several volunteers to test out the widget so I can make sure it works properly before promoting this in the wider world if at all possible.It seems to generate a QR code though.I'd also like some volunteers to help me promote this as well

Go to the support us page on as I'd like a viable alternative to using PayPal (as my recieve money limit is quite low).I'm also looking into selling off adspace off there too (but that's a separate matter)

Since I feel that I have a lot to learn about best/successful practice in the BTC world about how to get more people donating/buying my services I thought that asking around would be a good idea.

33  Economy / Services / Re: [WTS] Will promote a message or link on my twitter feed [available] on: December 11, 2013, 08:48:56 PM
Since I'm always on Twitter and would like to earn revenue from this,I thought that since people are looking to have their blogs,sites,services promoted that I'd love to help them (for a fee). I have over 160K followers currently.My twitter account has been around since February 2010 and have experience with Twitter.For BTC I'll promote 1 link,text,image or video 5 times on my feed for a fee.

I will promote most things but here's a list of a few things I can't cover:

1.Adult/NSFW content (as it's for general audiences)
2.Gambling (I will only promote this for an additional fee of 0.15BTC now)
3.Strong political views
4.Nothing hateful/racist/offensive,etc (as none of my followers will tolerate it.My goal is to help promote people,not offend others.)

I'm sure you're left wondering,what's the price (prices based on current BTC/LTC/DOGE values)?
1.For text,images and videos there is now a flat fee of 0.12BTC /500K DOGE/5LTC per day (5 tweets sent a day/per job)
2.Consultants fee only applies to larger projects and is based on the scale of the job (small jobs have this fee waived)
3.For the express tweet service the price is 0.35BTC per tweet as some people need to do the job more quickly than a normal campaign sometimes.
4.Extended reach add-on (for an additional fee.Pricing based on scale of the job or 0.25BTC additional fee per job.As more partners/methods get on-board,Extended Reach will be a tiered service as some people want a budget friendly option while others want to reach the biggest possible audience worldwide.)

What to do to make use of the service:

1.Contact me via PM with details of your project.
2.Supply me with the relevant message followed by links,images or videos in your tweet.
3.I'll then give you a quote.
4.If you accept the quote,you must pay all charges before work will start.

1.Cleaned up this post (as the regular updates made this messy before)
2.Added new service options
3.Got rid of the deposit scheme as it's not needed anymore
4.Updated pricing

Thanks Smiley
34  Economy / Services / [WTS] Adspace on my travel blog on: December 08, 2013, 08:07:28 PM
I've wanted to do this for sometime but wasn't sure whether or not it's the right time but I've decided to take the plunge anyway.
I'm selling off ad slots for both BTC and via PayPal (more on that at another time) on my travel blog as I wish to fund some much needed expansion in terms of both content and the introduction of (possibly paid) guest writers to contribute content as I really do want it to go well.

Info about blog:
Traffic:Around 50 hits a day (will vary each day) meaning that you'll enjoy the benefits of a site with growing traffic as an advertiser.
Content:Travel related things such as documenting my adventures both around the UK/worldwide.
Requirements for content of ads:No adult/gambling whatsover as this blog is designed for family friendly viewing as I want to share content with everyone (families,kids,colleagues,general public,etc) All things related to travel like tourist attractions,places,travel services,airports,travel accessories,etc.Well basically anything related to travelling.

The price of the ads have a 20% off discount until January 2014 so if you want advertising for either a month or for a year,be sure to buy now as I can assure you that you won't see another offer like this.

How to buy:
1.Pick the slot numbers that you want to buy and the kind of slot as different types of slot have different pricing/visibility on the site (more prominent ads will cost more)
2.Choose how long you want to rent the ad slot for,1 month,a few months (specify the no of months you're after) or a 1 year term.
3.Message me via Twitter or via this forum post so I can then give you a BTC address to send payment to.
4.Send me the banner image and link with relevant text that you want to have shown in the ad.
5.When I recieve payment (and confirmed as BTC requires confirms before I get paid),your ad will appear as soon as possible

Any questions or if you want to buy please post in this thread so it'll help me keep track of who's buying and those who just have queries.Don't send PMs if there's no intention to buy as it'll just confuse things for me.

Thanks Smiley
35  Economy / Currency exchange / [Closed][Successful trade] 0.20BTC for GBP via Barclays Pingit [UK] on: December 06, 2013, 06:17:06 PM
Since it seems that I cant find an easy to use and reliable exchange anymore where I am in the UK,I'm having to look harder in order to cash out some of my BTC as I have concerns that the value may drop suddenly soon and naturally I wish to cash out before then.

I prefer PingIt as I can easily see if things are ok or not,and easy to use.PayPal I heard too many horror stories about being scammed.I'm only interested in doing trades with reputable users with a good trust rating,reliable and can work quickly.

If i have any doubts about reputation,I'll ask for an escrow to assist me before I go any further.Thanks for understanding Smiley
36  Economy / Service Discussion / Looking for who's behind on: December 05, 2013, 10:38:21 PM
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this.If not can the mods please move this?Since I've tried out this site and I got my 0.10BTC bonus as promised but I discovered a flaw which I feel needs addressing but since I don't know who runs the site I can't send him/her a PM to help them out.

Another issue I noticed is that it asks for a BTC address yet it wants to send you a cheque.When I try to cashout,it forces you to fill in a survey which just raises question marks as i just wanted to transfer it into my Bitcoin wallet as other methods just take too long and since I'm based in the UK,it'll just take too long to recieve the cheque anyway.

Finally it seems that the sole job is to refer people rather than act as a jobs board which is what I thought it would be like (as I wanted to promote web links/messages for BTC on my Twitter feed).

Thanks Smiley
37  Economy / Services / [WTS] Rent my signature.Looking for options and some renters on: December 05, 2013, 04:07:57 PM
Since the get paid for your signature service run by TradeFortress doesn't seem to be working anymore (plus he seems to have very negative feedback now,not sure why),I'm looking for some people to rent out my signature out to (for a month or hopefully longer this time) and yeah as some posters may remember in previous threads that I made I am looking for services that pay for my current post count since It's not very often that I can login here.

Since I'm confused by the growing number of options on here,I'm hoping to see if there are any services that allow me to have multiple signatures rented out at the same time (as some don't allow this) as I hope to raise revenue to help with an important project and manage my bills (you got to pay them somehow and earning Bitcoins seems like a nice way to do it.Earning your way is usually best anyway).

Even though I placed some signatures already,since I'm not sure when I'll get paid or if it'll happen at all,whoever gives me the best options in terms of flexibility/good payout will be welcome to rent out my signature space to.

Not interested in spam replies as it doesn't really help me or anyone reading this.Thanks for understanding and have a nice day Smiley
38  Economy / Marketplace / Can I promote my amazon shop here? on: November 06, 2013, 03:12:36 PM
I know I don't get to spend much time on here due to editing a major film project (yeah I know,they just keep coming) so I thought that since I'm looking to downsize for the move (make things as painless as possible,a lot like move form my old PC to my mac) I may as well see what my options are for spreading the word about my online amazon UK shop as I see people mostly focusing on social networking sites but since I'm not sure of any dedicated classifieds type sites,I thought I'd try to ask here since people on here seem to be more knowledgeable

I've seen this and thought that I'd give it a go.

Link if interested to my amazon shop It's for the UK only.

Looking for constructive feedback on methods of promotion (both on here and in real life/online) as I'd appreciate the advice.I'm off Smiley
39  Economy / Service Discussion / I wonder how to monetise my travel blog for bitcoins on: October 09, 2013, 09:00:35 PM
I know I don't get much of a chance to visit the forum due to a full time film project taking up nearly all of my time (but will be worth it in the end) but since I see my travel blog keeps getting more visitors each day and Adsense doesn't give me enough to help me invest in and make the travel blog better,I'm hoping to see what solutions people in the Bitcoin world can offer me to address this since the only option for me (has to be easy to understand and implement) is either Google Adsense or Bitcoins.

I started by posting a listing on offering an ad slot for sale (for a 1 month term) like so: but since I need to make a fair amount of revenue to help make blog improvements (content is king but so is saving up for a more reliable/feature packed host to improve the user experience for everyone who visits) what other solutions can be looked at from the Bitcoin world?

I look forward to your suggestions.Thanks Smiley
40  Economy / Currency exchange / Looking to exchange BTC into GBP on: September 22, 2013, 08:31:14 PM
I'm looking for a website in the UK that lets me exchange my BTC into GBP as I can't trust and Intersango stopped the service a long time ago,PayPal/other traders are too risky for my liking (as people love to take your BTC,claim a chargeback and you lose out) and the types of sites in the UK seem to disappear quickly.

Is there any site that can let me exchange BTC to GBP in a manner similar to Mt Gox but without asking me for ID? As I'm a very busy man due to being asked to edit a huge film project (Sea of Change,the trailer is out.It's about transforming lives for the better worldwide and will be shown at the UN at some point so everything has to be perfect by then.)

I'd also love a service where Barclay's PingIt is used if a suitable alternative isn't available in UK in terms of what exchanges are actually trading BTC to GBP.

Thanks Smiley
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