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1  Other / Meta / For Theymos on: February 10, 2019, 08:34:44 PM
Hello and first i would like to say that i know posting this topic in first place is useless and won't change anything, but believe me, i talk from many people on this forum, and i will try to use facts only and not empty words.

I will try to manage the topic in few parts, because it will be long one.

1). Lets start with the problem with the "DefaultTrust" system.
We all know that most of the "DefaultTrust" members have their own standard.
They are couple of people who run the "trust" score by their own discretion and not based on the "non official bitcointalk rules"
It is sad that the very first bitcoin forum created by Satoshi Nakamoto itself, have no official rules after 10 years of existing in first place.
If Satoshi were still active, and watch what is going on in his forum, this would never happened...
Couple of people running this forum (yes they running it not you) by teams.
Teams that manipulate, abuse and ruin this forum with fake/false arguments, most of them cleaning their actions with "funny" utterances which of course are supported with laugh from the other "DefaultTrust" members.
This scheme is old and it is more obvious for those who don't have their eyes closed.
Every single member in this forum know about those existing teams who abuse and manipulate the trust score, ruining the whole market and everything in this forum.
Every single person can see after the first member of the team post somewhere, the others follow them strictly by just spreading the word of the first.
They attack the OP not only with abusive and false trust abuse but also with arrogant arguments based on no proofs ignoring the statements which are proof based.
Everyone know that if TMAN, owlcatz or Lauda post somewhere, no matter which one will be the first poster, others are coming in less than a day to support each other, and no matter the facts they stay behind the first poster of the team.
Do not get me wrong, i am pretty sure all of those "DefaultTrust" members have done a lot for the community, but based on the statistic and the facts for last 12 months, they have done for this forum only bad things.
We can continue with the other "team" of "DefaultTrust" abusers.
They are know and also their posts are coming right after the very first one and i am talking about the marlboroza, The Pharmacist and LoyceV.
I don't really like to commend the bad things most of them doing, but 99.99% of the forum know each of those "DefaultTrust" members reacts and false arguments.
As the first team, this team also running pretty well their circle of support, fabricating false arguments without proofs and abusing the trust system.

Sadly the facts and the statistic show that the "DefaultTrust" members have done nothing but bad things in the last 12 months.
I bet you will trying to say that's not true, but everything they done in the last year were only supported by group of members who control the "Merit circle" and not the normal and average bitcointalk member.
They using those "powers" to censorship, manipulate the trust system and also abusing the "Merit" system.
This courage the account sales in this forum, no matter sales are not forbidden (but they still tag it and by that they break the bitcointalk rules but no one care).

Lets see the facts about the trust abuse based on false arguments without single proof (I will just add few, they are many):

And many many more.
All of the DT members do their "job" based in their own view, giving this forum nothing but "Mafia" management.

I can continue with this, but it will take so much space and information which already everyone know.

2) Merit
The whole idea of Merit system is more than absurd.
You will ask why?
Take a look at the huge "Merit circle"...
Most of the "Merit" in this forum is controlled by very few persons who circle it.
Many very new members are not familiar with it, don't know how to earn it, and if the "Mafia" do not accept their posts as "Good", "Useful" and so, they never rank up.
The same people decide what is good and what is not for someone to rank up based in their own views not letting competition or anyone who have different view point.
The whole idea of creating this forum from Satoshi is dead and the way people are forced to use the forum doing it.
All new members and those who already using the forum from some time, are forced to lick their asses, watch what they write because if they do not meet the criteria of the "Mafia" team who control the merits and the trust system, they will be out.
Is that what Satoshi really wanted from this forum ?
Is that what Satoshi were giving as idea for the normal bitcoin user and bitcointalk user?
I don't think so...
I can't really touch all the problems for the normal average bitcointalk user but even if i had the space and time to talk about it, it won't be read and handled properly.
Don't get me wrong, by "handled properly" doesn't mean handled by my view point by the view point of EVERYONE and not couple of people in this forum.

3) Moderators
Since ages this forum sections are dying from spam, and from months the marketplaces dying from the same reason.
Many and important sections which people were super active months ago are dying from spam and not moderated topics.
And i am talking about the marketplaces.
The bitcoin marketplaces (currency,digital goods,hardware) and the altcoin marketplaces.
They are leaved to die, people are not so active on them anymore because of the reasons above and also the bad moderation of the forum.
The post reports are handled super poorly, super slow and based on opinion but not rules (because we still don't have rules).

I will reserve a space to add more in thru this problems and lock this thread because it is useless to read the "Mafia" team posts, but at least this can be read by you, our admin.
Everything should be consider and everything should be voted!
If something will cost you money to do, but everyone want it - we will donate to help our forum to be better place.

Problems that can be solved:

1.Removing the Merit system because it is not fair.
It is not fair for everyone and the average new member.
"Merit Circle" Mafia should not decide who will rank up and who not.
Official rules should replace the judgement which post is useless, spam and so, and it will be removed from Moderator.

2.Removing "DefaultTrust" powers.
Yes that's right, this abuse should have his end as it has begin.
We don't need abused false and fake opinions by "Mafia" team.
If someone needs feedback, it can be used like everywhere else, with non-moderated thread used to collect "Vouches"
Those "Vouches" should be proof based so the "feedback" cannot be manipulated.
There is no need of "Positive" and "Negative" feedback on profile.
Everyone who wants to run "business" on this forum, should be able to do it free, without breaking the rules, and if he want to become trusted, that should not dependent from "Team" which decide who will be and who won't be trusted in this forum.
Trust should be based in feedback.
Take a look how marketplace forums run since 10-15 years such as sythe,powerbot and many many more.

3.Official rules.
Finally we need official rules (Well at least after 10 years it is time Moderators to follow official rules but not take decisions by their own).
There should be Official rules that Moderators should follow strictly.
Rules that people should respect and follow.
Most of the "Not Official" rules being passed and not followed not only by the Moderators but the "Mafia" team who manipulate the trust system and Merit.
If something is allowed such as "Account sales" it should not been abused and tolerated.
If that kind of sales got forbidden, then Moderators should take care of it.

4. More moderation.
Yes this forum needs more moderation and more Moderators with free time to do it.
Scams in this forum should be moderated and proven scammers should be banned.
By "Proven scammers" i underline scam reports with valid and proper evidences.
Those "Proper evidences" should not be considered as such based on free notepad story's, but clearly matching who is talking with who, matching his contact details and the scam itself.
Samples can be taken from different forums how they moderate the scam reports.
Moderation of scams should be punished with ban by the Moderators.

And not in last place i would like to say few words.
Theymos, we need to you more than ever, and the forum statistics showing that.
People leaving this forum, people not coming often in this forum, people being abused, threatened and forced to follow group of people and their own "game".
That wasn't Satoshi idea, that wasn't the forum idea in first place.
I know you have the powers to make the things better for everyone.
The average new and normal member needs his favorite bitcoin forum back.
And we need it ASAP.
This should be place for people!
This should be place for everyone!
For knowledge, information, marketplace and communication.
Not place where people abusing each other, where people don't have official rules, where people being forced to do something, or they will be abused with false abusive trust score ratings.
This forum crying for proper moderation and end of the "Mafia" era.

This thread is now not locked so every single retard who abuse his DT powers and lie can post here.
2  Other / Off-topic / Giving away 7 merit to newbies to rank up on: February 06, 2019, 10:04:05 AM
As tittle says, i have no use of those sMerits so please, let me know why should i send you 1 merit.
3  Economy / Reputation / Trust abuse and lies from DT members on: February 03, 2019, 10:56:14 PM
marlboroza is trying to hide things on his thread which is self-moderated.
Im creating new thread because everything should be transparent and no posts should be deleted.
There won't be censorship here.

After he give me more information about the case, i clearly told him to not pay them a single cent, because it was obvious scam.
Also i posted my pm, posted my offer to him to help in exchange for money that should be paid AFTER if i manage to help him and not upfront.
All I'm reading is you suggesting that the guy bargain with the casino to lower the 5BTC amount of extortion.  It's not a bribe. One of your last quotes is "you have no other option than deal with them if you want to have your stuff back".  That is indeed suggesting he pay the extortionists, perhaps not the full amount but at least a partial payment.

And you want 0.1BTC for helping him get his account back?  How did you plan on doing that and how was he supposed to know you were responsible for him getting it back?  You're clearly trying to make a profit for yourself off of someone else's dilemma.

Yes that's suggesting paying the extortionists so he can have at least less loss in his back.
In the end, we are trying to make his loss less.
Based on the facts they're asking money from him, there will be loss but at least it should be less.
And yes, what other option he have than going by their rules but making that secure by using escrow?
Do you actually see something bad for someone losing 38btc to accept paying something in exchange to return big loss?
Because if i was the victim, i will agree on everything security based like an escrow service for the bribe.
Yes i wanted 0.1btc for helping him get his account back.
I was going to think ways and also suggest him the escrow usage of the bribe and not only to cover his payment.
He would never know for 100% i would be the one responsible for him getting it back, but at least i would stay with him and giving him safety advice how the things should be done.
Yes i am trying to make profit by trying to help someone, that's true.
But at least i am trying to help the user and not just read his drama.
Yes i do not fully understand his huge sadness about it, but at least i am willing to help him with  what i can to make the things better than they are.
Services were always paid, and if someone want to make them for free, i don't blame them, but i am not sure why people blaming me for asking money for help.
Especially when i never requested any payment upfront.
Also, in the end we all know, even if i help him out, and i show him that i was the one who help him, he is the only one who can pay me out the 0.1 for my help.
I mean he's not forced and he can always not pay me a single cent for what i am doing and spending my time.
4  Economy / Reputation / Reporting post = Time waste on: February 03, 2019, 04:45:09 PM
Since almost 2 weeks 20+ not handled reports sitting without resolution.
Currency exchange and altcoin marketplace full with spam and no one take care of the reports..
Is reporting posts = time wasting ?
We need more mods because the current seems to busy to handle the requests
5  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] Psu 850w [EU] on: February 01, 2019, 02:06:27 AM
As tittle says looking to buy PSU 850w.
Not going to be used for mining.
Should be shipped from Europe.
Shipping fees should be included in price, also if you need escrow, his fees should be also in the price.
Escrow+Shipping fees should be covered by the seller. (minerjones as escrow)
Best offer wins.
Thank you!

Forgot to add that i prefer to pay with PayPal but btc is option also.
6  Economy / Currency exchange / [H] 140$ Paypal [W]BTC on: January 30, 2019, 09:41:13 PM
I know people nowdays are afraid from paypal but i have many transactions here with btc-paypal which can be found in my trust score.
Not looking to get anything under 1:1 so if you need paypal that's your place.
If you need escrow, you are free to pay for one (minerjones is perfect).
Currently got available 140$
7  Other / Meta / Bad reports on: January 12, 2019, 10:22:36 PM
Interesting how those are bad reports.
All reported from Altcoin marketplace

I guess someone will explain me where is their altcoin exchanges/sales/purchases or i am missing something ? Cheesy
8  Other / Meta / Escrows and forgotten sections on: January 09, 2019, 10:17:15 PM
Part one.

Let me start in first place for the escrow services here in our forum.
The problem with escrows is something that should be considered.
Im talking about the many topics in the currency exchanges where people want 3rd party escrows and offer other websites/platforms to be used as escrow.
Bitcointalk have our own escrows, yes, they are not official but, they are bitcointalk escrows.
I suggest everyone who create topic about buying/selling and requesting escrow to be FORCED to use forum escrow.
Any other suggestions to 3rd party platforms/websites to act as escrow, should be removed/deleted.
Why ? Because if someone wants to use localbitcoins or bitfy or whatever other escrow platform/agent/website, he is free to open topic/sale/exchange on their platform.
Trades/sales/exchanges requiring escrow, should be handled by our escrows.
Many people get scammed from people redirecting to fake or not trusted escrow services/platforms.
We have enough trusted people who can act as escrow for our forum, and by posting ad/sale/exchange in our forum, people should be using our forum escrows.
That will help the forum, members, escrows and everyone around who is willing to do secure trade to receive and provide more trust to the people who provide us security.
Not in last place financial it will motivate the trusted escrows to be more active and provide fastest and better services.

Part two.
In last place lets talk a little bit about the forgotten sections and especially one of it.
And im talking about the altcoin  marketplace ( )
This section is more than forgotten from moderated activity and 99% of the post there belong to different section.
Most of users there spam the altcoin marketplace with spam and the section itself becoming useless with every single day.
Yes i know Moderators are people just us and they work and need time to handle thousands of requests/spams but we need someone motivated with free time who can handle the problems.

*More sections full with spam and off-topic will be added to this topic in future.

Any other suggestions about the escrows and the forgotten sections are always welcome to make our place a better place.
9  Economy / Reputation / Hacked/Sold account on: December 17, 2018, 09:16:32 PM
He suddenly wake up after 6 years of inactivity start buying stuff around...
Something smells fishy...
Also his email were changed and so..


Last post:

Newest post:
Need many live game keys for my eBay store please PM or add my skype to discuss pricing I need lots codes daily



10  Economy / Reputation / How MODs taking care out of reports ? on: December 15, 2018, 03:03:11 PM
Well, after wasting my time reporting more than 200-300 threads that have nothing to do with the altcoin marketplace ( ) i realized that most of the reports gone bad.
I have no problem with that if actually the reports were bad...
My question is how the specific thread is handled and why obvious threads that have no place in that section were not moved after report ?
Lets take a look some of the reports i did about the altcoin market section.
I will post some of the threads that were reported from me to be moved because they got nothing to do with altcoin market place.
If i am doing it wrong, please explain me so i can be more helpful to clean the spam in the altcoin marketplace.
Threads reported to be moved from the section because they don't belong for altcoin marketplace:

And that's just small part of the threads i reported...
As you can see, all of them have nothing to do with marketplace.
Correct me if i am wrong but at altcoin marketplace, people should: buy/sell/exchange.
Not promote, seeking for investors, and stuff like that.
I reported the thread to be moved like in the discussion section,ANN or bounty section but the reports were "bad".
Help me to understand what "Altcoin marketplace" it is because it seems i understand it by different way.
If people going to spam the marketplace with threads that are not for there, and they have proper sections for their threads, and after reporting the threads they are not moved to the right sections, why the other sections even exists if everyone spam the marketplace?
Thanks for the information in advice, it will help me to not waste my time reporting threads in future.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Buying Ripple on: December 06, 2018, 01:53:05 AM
As tittle says Smiley
Bring me all your ripples and i will gladly buy them with BTC.
Why i don't buy them off exchange? No thanks, i won't be the next person crying in the scammer section how some exchange fucked me Smiley
Yes i am willing to use escrow for sure, but only forum escrow.
That's not charity after all, i will charge some % but not anything scary Smiley
Feel free to pm or post here with the amount you wish to sell, and if you like your contact details such as telegram.
Any fees including the escrow fees should be covered by the seller also.
Happy trading.
12  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] RTX 2080 TI on: December 06, 2018, 01:22:21 AM
As tittle says.
I am interested only in Aorus,Strix model.
Can pay with BTC.
Shipping should be from EU (not interested paying any customs fees).
Seller should cover both shipping and escrow fees.
Looking for the cheapest offer.
Escrow thru minerjones, ognasty, philipma.
Post you offers with prices ONLY.
I prefer brand new card but i can buy also used one.
13  Economy / Digital goods / Buying sonarworks cd-key on: December 02, 2018, 09:40:11 PM
As tittle says, looking for the cheapest offer available.
Not looking to pay first, if you need escrow, feel free to pay for one.
Can pay with BTC.
14  Economy / Reputation / Account buyers waiting red trust on: November 21, 2018, 11:48:49 AM
They buying accounts from this thread ->
Obviously based on the feedback they leaving the trade went good for them Cheesy

smooth deal

i bought an account via skype using bitify as escrow, no issues.

Got my account thanks.

I sent you the payment for the senior accounts, awaiting your response.

15  Economy / Reputation / Waiting for red tag "therealfalcon" alt of scammer + abuser on: November 20, 2018, 07:49:44 PM
Well after some kid contacted me about selling his gpu's to me and i refused he threatens me to abuse the trust system because i don't want to buy his stuff and ignoring him Cheesy
After i did quick research and check his trust score i found interesting things and profiles he may using for self vouching and scamming also.

messages being interested, but doesn't communicate wastes time.

will leave -rve rep of he ignores for 1 more day

Now lets see that on his profile trust score ->
Based on the reference, this guy "therealfalcon" (;u=954016) is alt of "blocksminer" (;u=1182552) and "33bitcoin" (;u=945378)

Blocksminer have open scam report against him with some proof on it but still not tagged ->

33bitcoin have open scam report against him and some proof on it but still not tagged ->

And seems like that's alts of therealfalcon which got caught and he's using it barely but also not red tagged.

I guess some DT member can check  this out.
16  Economy / Currency exchange / Need 60eur Paypal on: November 18, 2018, 05:20:09 PM
As tittle says.
Rate is 1:1 coinmarketcap, and you should cover all paypal fees in the transaction.
Do not bother if you are new member or person without any trading history.
Need this soon as possible Smiley Thanks !
Paying with BTC
17  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] Many 1080TI Aorus on: November 17, 2018, 02:50:25 PM
As tittle says im looking to buy many as possible 1080ti aorus.
Price depends in conditions but somewhere around 400-450 eur.
Should be shipped to EU and any shipping + escrow fees should be covered by the seller.
Escrow is always more than welcome: minerjones,philip,ognasty.
Payment via anything you wish: Btc/Eth/Ripple/Paypal
18  Other / Beginners & Help / [Must Read] Complete Guide for safety trading!!! [Must Read] on: November 17, 2018, 12:50:30 PM
If i miss something guys feel free to post and i will add what i missed.
I found few different sources that are legitimate and decided to share them with the community for safe trading.
It is long guide and will go even longer but believe me, its worth the time reading and its for your own good!
*Full credits giving to the real owners of this off-site guides which help all of us to stay safe

Credits to:
R2Pleasent  from
LooneyToon from
Cfrey from
Shoop from
HappyFace01010 from

*I am the creator of this modified and edited thread for bitcointalk but not the original owner of those guides
** My only part here is to edit and combine them to help bitcointalk users
*** This thread is self moderated to prevent any spam.

Disclaimer: This guide will not guarantee a successful trade. This guide simply shows you how to trade safer.

Big 1. Basic knowledge.
Read the forum rules!!! ->
Always use forum escrow!!! ->
Never Rush A Trade!!!
Search their contact details on Google and their bitcointalk name for more info.
Too good to be true? It is!

[1] Precautions
Look up the user's profile on bitcointalk!

Post count
​If he has posted a lot in a short period of time, you should check the quality of his posts carefully - he might be posting just to fake activity!

Join Date
​* If he's been registered on bitcointalk for at least 1-2 years and has a fair amount of posts, it shows that he's dedicated and should know the bitcointalk community to a good extent.
* If he's been registered for 6-11 months, he's been with the community for a while and may have done a few trades already.
* If he's been registered for less than 6 months, you should inspect his activity more carefully.

Look up the user's trading history.
Always check the trust score on the person you going to trade with.
Make sure you find the difference between the feedback he received and this which he send because many people make the mistake to watch the negative feedback which people send to others as their own.
Click also "Ratings" to see the person "Untrusted feedback".
This feedback is not really untrusted but send from normal persons like you who are not in the "Default Trust" website score and that doesn't mean this feedback is fake or it means nothing.
It means that the source of those feedbacks are not from the "Default Trust" people on the website.
There is many high trusted persons here with many "Untrusted" feedback but from another also trusted sellers/buyers.

Scam reports
Make sure that the user has no scam reports on him. If he does, show extra caution or leave it!

Big 2.Avoid payment methods that can be chargedback.

2.1 Paypal

Be realistic.
If someone is using THEIR money, realize that they are going to very careful. If the buyer is offering an abnormal price (6-7 dollars per Mil USD), then that's a good sign they're fake. Also, if they publicly say they'll go first, be very cautious. People using their money usually are very hesitant about going first, unless you have a great reputation.
Ask for some Paypal information

Before your customer even pays you, make sure his account is VERIFIED. Also, it's extremely important that their ADDRESS IS CONFIRMED. These two factors are extremely important if you wish to protect yourself. Also ask them if it's their account, or their parents. Also make sure the address on their account is listed in the phonebook, and is their current place of residence. If your customer hasn't passed each criteria here, you leave yourself prone to chargebacks. Also tell them you will be calling their house, to verify their location, with the address you get from their Paypal account.

Have them include a note with their payment
With every payment you make on Paypal, you can include a Note, or a Memo. This can help you prove that your customer received their item. Have them include a message like "Thanks for fixing my site for me!" or just "I received my item before this payment was made - I promise not to chargeback". This is a good little measure to help protect yourself. Try to avoid using the word Bitcoin, because Paypal does not like people trading virtual currency.

Call their listed number.
After the customer has paid your Paypal, click the Details on his payment. Make sure they included their Confirmed Address in the payment, which is displayed.
Call them up. If the account is under their name, their consent is all you need. If it's under their parents' name, tell them you need their consent for the payment to be accepted. This is extremely important. This step proves that the account being used is not stolen, and therefore an Unauthorized chargeback can not be filed.

By following these 5 steps, you have eliminated the vast majority of Paypal scams. The most devastating scams usually involve people paying you from stolen accounts. This guide aims to prevent these scams, and in turn, keep you out of the red.

Remember though, Paypal will always carry SOME risk.

Types of Chargebacks:
1. Unauthorized Transaction/Stolen Paypal Account

Let me make this simple. If you accept a payment from a stolen Paypal account, YOU WILL GET CHARGEBACKED. So how do you know if the Paypal account is stolen? If there address is confirmed with paypal, and you call their home, odds are the account is not stolen. Follow this guide for more information.

2. Item Dispute
A buyer can file an item dispute if an item is not given to them. It is rare, but sometimes a buyer may file an item dispute in an attempt to get their money back even if you have already given them the item. To protect yourself against this type of claim you must have your buyer make it clear that he/she is buying intangible goods.
Paypal does not have buyer protection for intangible goods, so all you have to do is let Paypal know the trade was for intangible goods and the dispute will be closed. Follow this guide for more information.

The Process:
1. Buyer Sends Payment Confirming Address
2. Seller Calls Buyer
3. Buyer Sends Full Payment With a Note

Simple as 1-2-3

1. Buyer Sends Payment Confirming Address.
To do this, the buyer should send $0.01 to the sellers Paypal Account including a confirmed shipping address.

If the address is unconfirmed I highly suggest not doing business with that buyer.
If the address is not provided the buyer did not send the $0.01 with an address. Tell the buyer to send it again and refer him/her to this guide if he/she does not know how to include an address.
If the address is Confirmed move on to the next step.

2. Seller Calls Buyer

Once you have the buyers confirmed address, ask the buyer for his phone number registered with his/her address including the area code.
After you have the buyers telephone go to (Or for the UK) and click 'Reverse Address' and enter the buyers telephone number. Then Click 'Search'
Compare the results with the confirmed address from the buyer. If the address match then the paypal is most likely not stolen. So far I have not come around any problems using this method.

3. Buyer Sends Full Payment With a Note

Now that the Buyer has proved his paypal is not stolen, its time to finalize the deal. Have the buyer send you full payment including a note saying:
"I have received the intangible goods and they are exactly as described. Thank You."
Including the above statement is VERY important to avoid an item dispute.
If you want you can ask the buyer to include their bitcointalk name and what they are buying in the note.

4.How to Deal With An Item Dispute/Claim:

There is nothing more heart stopping, nerve pounding...cant find the words. There is nothing like waking up to see an Item Dispute for any amount of money. Many people will file an item dispute because they think that you cannot prove that you gave them an intangible object. Guess what? If you followed my guide you shouldn't have to worry about a thing.
Paypal has something called 'Buyer Protection Policy'. It protects buyers from scams and such, and allows them to file an Item Dispute or claim if something goes wrong with a transaction. Paypal however, does not protect buyers if the trade was for intangible goods.
So, if you have an Item Dispute/Claim you need to email paypal at and for the subject, add the dispute or claim ID. You can find the ID by clicking 'Resolution Center'. Then Copy and Paste The Case ID.
In the email, let paypal know that the trade was for intangible goods, and the that there is proof that the trade was for intangible goods in the transactions note (If you followed my guide). Tell them that the dispute/claim is fradulent. I advice you make the email long as possible and use as many words as possible.
Paypal should reply within 1-3 days and close the case.

3. Western Union

1.How To send Money

First thing ,you need to go to Western Union site,then click on Find agent location,and then select your country and put on your city name until you find the agent address the nearest to you
NOTE:WU agents doesnt have to be on special shops,they can be everywhere like Post office,Supermarket,Exchangers...
after you find the nearest agent,go there
then tell the agent your correct full name and the reciever's Correct full name[/B ]and give the agent the money and a small sending fee which varies from each country,then give him your ID so that he writes your ID number.
After you fill out the paper the agent will give you an MTCN number which will be explained on the next part


2.How to recieve money​

In this part you need the sender to provide you the MTCN number,the MTCN number is a 10 digit numbers which is needed when you go to the agent and recieve the money,you Must give the agent that number and your ID so that the name is correct and is for the right person
In some cases the agent could require infos about the sender such as first name,last name,country,city and why he's sending you money.
After everything is ok this part the agent will give you the money

3.Western union Common scams​
Recently, many Sellers have pretended to sell expensive items (usually, jewelery, computers or sports tickets) which they DO NOT Actually have.These Sellers almost always are located in Europe (typically England or Italy, but they could be elsewhere, too!) and Almost always require the high bidder to pay by Western union and no other of payment methods are acceptable


NOTE: Western Union payments are virtual untraceable, which means that -- if a Seller is a fraud -- there is virtually no chance that a Buyer will be able to get his/her money back.​

In some cases the Western Union sender sends money in first place and providing valid MTCN number which can be tracked online as available for picking.
After he provide the MTCN for proof of sending to the Escrow, all of the party's including buyer, seller and escrow can track the payment is ready to be picked.
And here comes the tricky part Smiley
Just before the receiver pick his money and right after the sender gave the infos to the party's to verify that the money were send, the sender can go back to the same Western Union office and claim his money back before they were collected with any reason they want.
So in this case everything going messy because the receiver and escrow have seen already that the payment is ready to be picked up but once the receiver go to Western Union office to collect the cash there won't be anything to be collected.
In this part the sender can claim that the receiver collected his cash and that's some sort of bug or just the receiver is trying to scam him after collecting his money.
Be really aware of that type of scam because its really smart and only a smart escrow will catch whats going on !!!

4. Skrill/MoneyBookers

Well the cases here of chargebacks are not so often as PayPal but it is possible!
In most cases MoneyBookers turn back the money to the sender and close the receiver account.
Sadly you can't dispute that decision taken from Skrill team and your money is gone...

5. MoneyGram

Everything about sending/receiving money is almost the same as Western Union.
Also the methods which scammers using are also the same as Western Union.

Big 3. How to avoid being hacked​

The Team Viewer scam
Team Viewer is one of the most insecure types of software I've ever come across. It's only good in case you want to help a friend fix their computer or something similar to this. If you really want to view their screen ask for a screenshot or use the function through MSN.

Team Viewer allows the other party to have almost full control over what is sent to and sent out by your computer. Most people will infect you with a keylogger or a RAT using this method and you won't even realise you have the keylogger unless you scan your computer.

The email phishing scam
There has been plenty of threads like this of people going around asking if these emails are legit and from Jagex, they are not.

Host File Editing
This happens very rarely and you would have to be infected by a program such as a RAT before this happens. Editing website to a phishing site makes it so you will not even notice that you are on another website other than the correct website until your password has been changed. Check the page source if you suspect that it isn't the real site for anything related to hosting or a free host such as t35.

Most phishing is done by posting threads to something that people would generally like to see on forums like these. It's pretty easy to know what is real or fake because all you have to do it scroll over it or copy the link into notepad and make sure it's the right website. If you spot a phisher, it's good to report it to it's host so it is taken down.

Java driveby
Java Driveby's are one of the hardest to detect. You won't actually know that it's infecting you and you won't be able to tell if it is a clean applet or not. Generally you shouldn't go on any website that you do not trust or any IRC channel. If you want to use a IRC channel then download mirc which is a piece of free IRC software. Generally Java driveby's place a Keylogger/Rat onto your computer.

Keyloggers / Rats
Keyloggers / Rats are the worst of all. Thousands of people get them and most virus scanners will not detect them. Most people get them from downloading off non-trusted sites or off a YouTube video. The file could be of any format because I have even seen someone bind a Keylogger to a text document. Most keyloggers market their video's on Youtube.

What should I do if I fall for one of these hacks?

The Team Viewer scam / Keylogging / Rats / Java driveby's: Keyloggers / Rats are very hard to detect and I've even had one before. Virus scanners like AVG, Norton and Adaware will not detect keyloggers. There is only one program that I found successful which is MalwareBytes. To prevent getting Keyloggers / Rats in the future, I would recommend Comodo Firewall. Even if you don't think you have one and you have not re-installed windows recently, I would recommend doing a quick scan with Malwarebytes anyway. If you have entered your recovery information for your account at any time before you removed the keylogger / rat then read the recovery section below.

Phishers / Email Phishing Scam: Falling for phishers isn't such of a big deal unless you enter your recovery information as well (Read the recovery paragraph below). All you need to do is change your password on the

Host File Editing: Firstly read the method on how to get rid of a Keylogger / Rat and make sure that it is gone. Read This webpage for the location of your host file and open it in notepad. Search for bitcointalk or something similar and delete that line.

Email hacking
If you suspect that someone has access to your email and it is connected to your bitcointalk account, I'd recommend to changing it at least temporarily to a email provider like hushmail straight away. Generally, people will go straight for your account but if they are able to hack it once and obtain your information, they are able to get it back again. Remember that it's probably better not having a email connected to your bitcointalk account. It's easier for you to recover but it's also easier for others to recover. If you have a email on your account already, it's not such a big deal but keep the email secure.

Always use a hard to guess password, on every website try to use a different one, be very careful while using Facebook, nowhere use the same password.
Do not click on links which you do not know, check if a link is hidden, maybe it is a phishing link, do not download the files from untrusted websites/from the topics made by newbies.
Use a Kaspersky/Nod32 Antivirus program, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware program, every few months run a full scan especially if you suspect something.

Big 4. How to always catch a scammer

Step 1 - Gather all information

It is very important you know who you are trading with.
Make sure their email is correct (always triple check this)
Google their email (this is to see if they are a ban evader or if they use other forums)
Look for other information you might want to find

Step 2 - Save any evidence that confirms it is the person you are talking to

You want to save the PM, which is most important, this is the main indicator that proves it is who they say they are.
Report the PM to moderator as proof so it can be found by Moderators/Admins.
You can also check their profile to see if they have their email on there.

Step 3 - Save all chat logs (conversation screens)

This is when talking to the person you are trading on any chat program. You want to make sure you always print screen the whole conversation window, this is because the persons msn is at the top and it proves they are indeed the chat logs of that person.
You should save all chat logs and keep them in folders in case you need them later on.
You may trade with someone more than once so try to keep each trade separated.

Remember to always follow these steps and you will always catch your scammer!!!!
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As tittle says.
Only high trusted people, i don't want to deal with chargebacks in future Smiley
Post on this thread before pming me.
Newbies don't even bother Smiley Thanks.
*Forgot to note im paying with BTC.

Rate is 3% above kraken and any paypal fees is in your back.

*Don't be fooled Smiley My red trust have nothing to do with trades Smiley
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