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21  Other / Archival / Delete on: September 20, 2020, 08:39:09 AM
22  Other / Beginners & Help / My taught of plagiarism, spamming and scam in forum. on: September 15, 2020, 05:28:11 AM
There's no need for a beginner to copy another users work and pose it as his while we have the  internet with available inform to everyone that research properly with mediums such as, YouTube video and Google. With the two options mentioned above, anyone is capable to making a quality post with aid of self education, without having to plagiarised someone else work.

I seen that, the only reason why people involves in plagiarism is to make a quality post that will enable them to earn merit. From my perspective it's absolutely wrong for we to plagiarised especially the beginners who are suppose to be creative in order to create a reputation for themselves in the community.

Spamming: when someone spam, he or she makes numerous posts in order to meet up a target of post mostly when in a campaign, and could lead to you getting evicted from the forum. The spamming effect or penalties is applicable to plagiarism penalty, both offers can lead to you getting banned.

As a newbie or beginner, we have to apply a drastic measures in order not to vmbe evicted as it out an end to your participation in the forum.

Both offends penalty is not only meant for newbies or beginners alone, it's applicable to all users of the community.

Scamming: Having in mind to join bitcointalk community in order to scam people is absolutely wrong and if noticed, it will totally degrade the reputation of the user, so therefore beginners are advice to be concentrated in order to achieve he/her obligations.

Some important points to note as a newbie on how to improve on yourself;

* Making of quality posts and replies.

* Understanding how to qoute reply others or edit your previous posts to correct mistakes.

* Avoid repeating of already existing topic and making of informative topics.

* Understanding how the search button works and how to utilize it to your advantage.

* Avoiding off topic contributions.

Note: Exercising patience in the forum in respective the challenges of correction by seniors is someone you should embrace if you want to improve on yourself on the forum.
23  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Is bitcoin difficult to understand on: September 12, 2020, 02:07:45 AM
Peoples fine it difficult to understand what is cryptoccurrency most especially bitcoin,but their interested over cryptoccurrency.
I just suggest that their should be a TEXT BOOK that will discuss about cryptoccurrency in order to educate people who are interested because referring them to online shows that know Manuel evidence of cryptoccurrency. And if their is any article that guide bitcoin.
24  Other / Politics & Society / Concerns or helps of government after covid19 to citizens. on: September 07, 2020, 01:20:04 PM
Projct: some Government projects and privates projects has been eliminated or abandoned since the existence of covid19, the gravity of corona virus caused lost in many investment platform's, companies, entrepreneurs, market square's, both government sector's and individual sector's, now covid19 has gone what is the duties or responsibilities of government towards private companies that passed through lost during corona virus.
From my perspective I suggest that government should give loans to private companies to re-establish their companies for those companies who are not financial buoyant,so that it will enable them to start up new industrial production.

Politicians:politicians are major problem of a specific countries today because some of them their negativities in benefit of society is higher than their positive thinking,because some countries don't really witness the out come of the disease called corona virus, and some leaders of the country impose the existence of the disease to the country, i find out that it was an avenue for politician to embzzle funds,Today many countries are suffering for economy shortage because of politician's in name of corona virus.

Embezzlement : leaders embezzles funds in order to in rich themselves instead of creating infrastructures that will enable citizens to be employed,people are passing through pains and hell's because of massive unemployment accumulated through the problems corona virus caused in society, so if i may ask, how can people survive without the help or aid of government.

Corona virus has come to an end without a specific vaccine or drugs for the treatment, many countries is not complaining for corona virus any longer but their is know approved  drugs for the treatment.
This issues of covid19 has render many people restless, helpless and hopelessly, also a thousands of people has lost their works, and some lost their relatives, and investment of the year, everything turn down because of so called corona virus.

Charity: people supposed to be give items to people in the name of palliatives especially those that lost their works and less privilege people, after the tension of covid19 as it has subsides,people need helping hands because many people are suffering in rural communities, I couldn't believe myself base on what I saw yesterday,that people out there can't afford a daily meals because of lack of jobs.
Make a donation as your hobby to serve life's because people needs your gift.

25  Other / Beginners & Help / Guide newbies on basic criteria of making quality post concentration to the foru on: August 21, 2020, 01:02:28 PM
Beginners have rules to play in order to understand the concepts of the community, because the community of bitcointalk forum need to be concentrated and focused  effectively.

Here comes the list of major things, a beginners must pay attention to,  such as the following.

- creativity:it's come to my knowledge that to be creative is one of the major concept that elevate people in the forum.
A newbies have to basically being constructive in creation of topics and response to topics and quotes, before reacting to a comment, read carefully and comprehend the text stanza by stanza, because  creativity in the forum will make a newbies to accelerate.

-attitude:in my suggestion, this is the most important rules beginners have to play to make them to be firm to the community, attitudes and activeness will make a newbies  to be influential  to the community.
This attitude  has to deal with mode of comments.
Remember know  one is permitted  to use disrespect words to a member  of the forum is prohibited.

-Determination and focused determination is the
basic success to achieve a goals, without determination know one will be able to elevate to he/her position in bitcointalk community today.
I personally define determination as quality that make human to continue trying to do some thing positive or creative things to the masses.
So therefore before we ascertain  a position in the forum you most be determine by hardworking in order to achieve your aims and objectives.

-Observation this community have to be study carefully, before beginners have to responding to chat or topics.
Newbie are to observed very well before starting a new topics, from my research observation are the major
the thing to do in order to comprehend  the community,  I will like to advice beginner to observed all the board before dropping  a topic.

- correction are one of the major advantage of newbies  to capture the rudiment of the system  because know  one is encyclopedia.  Newbies other members are to abide in advice in order to learn. When I was a newbie they was a lot of reaction to one of my topic,  since them i started to cross checking  my text before  posting.

A quality post :are one of the major criteria to earn merit and well recognize to the forum, a beginners  most know  how to make a quality  post both from local  board and public  board, because  good quality  of post attracts a campaign to hire a member and to be merited.

All the beginners note: "that a journey of thousands mile kicked  off a day"
Think big and start small
26  Other / Beginners & Help / Congratulations to me on: July 30, 2020, 05:43:35 PM
Congratulations to me because I never
Believe myself that one day I will be in
A forum that contained more than thousands
Of people approximately million of people.

- The discovery data of bitcoin by Georgejohn

- I noticed what is bitcoin in year 2015,
- And developed passion in bitcoin 2017/2018 after my research.
- And discovered the existence of bitcointalk forum in Twitter in 2019.
- I registered in bitcointalk forum on 9th June 2020, and received th first merit in 15th June 2020.
- And second merit on 16th June 2020.
- And my first smerit was sent in 23th of June 2020.
I never believed that I will be ranked up to member this year,my thought was I will become a member next year due to my poor posts until I started reading carefully on posts made by different people in the forum.
From my perspective I have two basic things that humans needs to excell.
A) Determination
B) Observation and correction.

* determination is the key for achievement and also the beginning of success, may people became prosperous due to hard working and engagement, I was trying to be discouraged due to no guidance but I said no to myself due to the passion I have bitcoin,
To day am one of the member in bitcointalk community.
Am very proud of myself and people in forum that guide me.

* observation and correction is the major personal research to study.
I studies the community with period of two weeks to notice the boards that can suit to me to composed a text and also respond to topics, until now am still observing the community to learn more and more.
Correction is a notification of mistakes.
One of my topic in forum many people corrected my mistakes but in me I find it difficult to comprehend the system until when I started to read both current and previous posts made by some people I began to learn lesson.
I noticed in me that a " tree can't make a forest" with my ideas alone i won't have became a member,is due ideas borrowed through my observations.

My advice to newbies or beginners is to " think big and start small" without getting discouraged by reaction of people toward your objectives because "moving alone is the beauty of success" while competing with other bring about your downfall ".
I'm proud to celebrate my membership in the community.
Thanks and remain bless everyone
27  Other / Politics & Society / Problems covid19 cause on: July 21, 2020, 06:37:15 AM
Covid19 is affecting countries till today does it mean corona virus don't have strong drugs that can eliminate the virus
This virus is causing damage to the world which also making people to feel uncomfortable in they home's,
Take look of  President's of country is not comfortable because of face mask.

Corona virus has caused numerous problem to humans.

* Educational problem

* football problem

* Shopping of eatable items

* Industrial problem

*Civil service challenge

* Home prison

*Embezzlement of country fund

* Downfall of some countries economy

* Death of people in different countries

Corona virus has changed my country academic calendar and students are frustrated in educational system because of covid19
World health organization (WHO) should look towards  corona virus properly.

People can't feel among in entertainment industry any longer,
Know body is going to football viewing centre to view matches even stadium because of covid19.

Production of beverages in companies are weak because no enough raw materials for production,
And cause of a living is expensive now because of corona virus.

Buying of food is difficult now because every supermarkets are closed
Some open once in a why,
How can people coup .

Politicians has used corona virus as a source of income by diverting countries money for palliative for private used.
And many people has committed cybercrime due to diverting countries fund for palliative to personal used.

Corona virus has taken the life of many youths,life of prominent people in society,
A lot of lost covid19 brought to the world.

World health organization (WHO)
Should research more for effective drugs that can destroy this virus.

28  Other / Beginners & Help / Why newbies involves in copying already treated topic on: July 15, 2020, 01:53:32 PM
It's obvious that some newbies are interested in joining campaign instead of studying to know or to learn the rudiments of making a quality post on their own.
Many begginers are involves in plagiarism in order to earn merits and speed up activities to join  quick campaign that will enrich them.
It come to my understanding through my observations that many newbies in the forum are already existing member of the forum because a begginer who has no base find it difficult to be merited, why someone that created account today before three day will be merited without quality post.
I know vividly that many will react to this post negatively in order to bring me down.

Am only here to learn things I don't know
And anyone who like me can merit me when I make a post.

29  Other / Beginners & Help / Advise for the beginners to succeed on: July 15, 2020, 12:33:49 AM
Beginners are conscious to ranked up in the forum without proper research and observation and hardworking.

what is research? Rearch is a careful study of a subject or substance in order to make new discovery or information about your objective of researching.
Example: discovery of a new coins without been informed and understanding the concepts of bitcoin without complications.
As a beginner research helps to expand knowledge  without involving in plagiarism, spammer and other deviates characters.

What is observation? Observation is the act of watching environment or a community you find yourself and study it carefully for a period of time.
Also observation is act of learning carefully for a period time.
Beginners are to study and observe the platform very well before esponding or contribute to a massage.
Through observation a begginer can notice a board that is suitable for composition of text without misunderstanding of topic

Hardworking is the activation energy of begginers to make quality post without obstruction.
A begginer most follow the full steps of the seniors like the following @suchmoon,@ loycev,@welsh, @loyce777, @ upgrade. And other members who are highly intellectual in order to propagate.

When I read the posts of above mentioned names I understood that only good posts and activeness can elevate beginners.
Note: I did not compose this text because am perfect but for the betterment of begginers and Jr members.

30  Other / Off-topic / Network is important on: July 04, 2020, 11:36:57 AM
Networking makes the world to be civilised and also assembles and discuss the way forward of life
The advantages of network is more expensive than the
In perspective I hope that without networking been introduced to the world things would have be difficult to invent and also difficult to exposed across the world.
Looking at this forum that brings million of people together, without networking the objectives of satosh would have know come to pass.

This are the bond networking created for betterment of life.



4.Facebook interaction

5.Instagram communication

6.WhatsApp communication
7. Banking transaction successful.

31  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / I'm new here,what is altcoin on: July 01, 2020, 07:28:58 PM
I heard the knowledge of bitcoin (btc)and ETH since 2016 and i want to know the difference between altcoin and BTC and ETH.

and how influential is altcoin because beginners that ask question is really or interested to know which I am willing to know.

I know some people will react to this topic violently and some will respond with manner,
I am here to know what i don't know because I believe that knowledge is power and also the beginning of success.

32  Other / Beginners & Help / Plagiarism in newbies on: June 30, 2020, 02:22:37 AM
Plagiarism from the newbies are big strategies for down fall of any beginner's because the newbies will never make a quality post of there own if they continued plagiarism base on the characteristics of coping another persons work or post which will totally bring reduction or removal of the author.
I directly advice newbies to leave plagiarism and compose a better post that will elevate us in the forum.
All the beginners let us try to comprehend some concepts that leads for quality post to avoid constant flows of plagiarism in the forum. carefully before responding to topics and composition of a text.

2.lack of focus via construction of topic or text

3.felling inferior or irrelevant in forum and posts

4.relevant topics

5.avoid not to write on board that is higher than you from all the board in the forum to acquire more knowledge.
33  Other / Beginners & Help / Can btc be use to purchase crude oil on: June 24, 2020, 11:17:25 AM
From my perspective it's obvious that in next ten (10) years bitcoin will be centralised and it can be use for exchange of product's in all ramifications and it will dominate any other currencies across the world.

Here comes the list of things bitcoin can purchase in next ten years without physical cash and it's called bitcoin vision 2030.

* Housing estate's


*car industry and private use

*importation of goods and service from different countries

* payment of worker's with bitcoin

* And also use for payment of shopping.

I believed strongly that this vision bitcoin 2030 shall come in reality.
What is your suggestion.
34  Other / Beginners & Help / Beginner's needs directives from seniors. on: June 23, 2020, 03:04:34 PM
Many newbies has dropped out in the forum because of lack of encouragement from the seniors, many beginner's has determination for the forum but it has been taking off because no support to step in next rank.
Encouragement is the back bone of learner's we need a massive support from the seniors to grow like others. remember that class one is the beginning of education.
Before account of two,one must be counted.
We lost hope to continue this journey because we assuming that our posts are irrelevant no appreciation from Seniors.
I begin to wonder how millions of people in the forum accelerates and obtained a higher rank.
We the newbies needs to be upgraded from this level to another level.
We have to know the criteria to follow so that many newbies will not fall apart.

35  Other / Politics & Society / Military leadership and Democratic leadership which one do u prefer. on: June 16, 2020, 07:46:46 AM
Some countries need strong hand to handle some situations,during military time no minister of a sector is permitted to traveled out a country and no senators is also permitted to traveled out a country and things are moving in accordance of government and also their directives since is only the president that has power to go anywhere for betterment of the country, still everything was in order, even journalist are not permitted to broadcast or dispense any information from government house to any other country.
So what is your suggestion over this.
36  Economy / Economics / What is the cause of economy rise and fall. on: June 16, 2020, 07:27:38 AM
Some countries economy are constant and some economy rise and fall, from my understanding I suggest that is because of government,and population of the country. What is your suggestion
37  Economy / Economics / What brings economy of a country down. on: June 12, 2020, 03:02:19 PM
Economy of some country fall due to they channel their economy in one area,what brings economy down is base on focusing in one particular sector not to be diversified in different sectors, so when that particular product fails to thread in market the way it's before, such country will be shortage of economy and the life of the people will be in danger base on things is moving wrongly to the country management,
And the way a country can be free from falling of economy is to spread their economy or diversified economy so that when one of the sector shutdown another will pick up.
38  Other / Politics & Society / How can a country eradicate covid19 in a country without senators ideology. on: June 11, 2020, 12:30:34 PM
Why is that some senator's are earning more than governors and them can't donate finance for proper eradication of covid19 cases in their constituency alone,the problem some country is having is base on their law maker and their ministers who is handling some potential ministries and them fails to support for proper building of their country.
Many countries are turned up side because of members of upper national house assembly whose function is to decide and plan for the growth of their nation, by now some countries suppose to be free from covid19.if are may ask how can we eradicate these if u happen to be a senator or minister of your country.
39  Other / Politics & Society / Hunting to occupy a political position. on: June 10, 2020, 11:27:56 PM
Many people are interested to occupy a political position with zero plans,what is going to be the objective of a leader with zero agenda.
In my finding some people that occupied political position is not base on merit and it never be the choice of the masses that's why people are passing through pains to survive in some country.
Politician buy positions with money that is the reason no politician is ready to listen to the people he/she is serving,they purchased positions instead of conducting appropriate election that will determine a credible leader or candidate that will protect the interest of his people.
Some leaders are playing with the life of people in their regions or states.
40  Other / Politics & Society / Functions of government when their is lack of food items in society. on: June 10, 2020, 12:09:58 PM
Government have many roles to play to the citizens at least providing food items that will enable people in society to aim a living,because currently many people are suffering and government fails to take care of people's needs,what is the responsibilities of government in the society is to provide the needs of the mass and make good infrastructure for their people for a better living.
In many countries were their is a numerous disease attacking individual's government fails to respond to help their citizens why,what is the functions of government when their is lack of food in living habitat of higher and lower organisms in a societies.
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