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21  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD OUT] ZTEX 1.15y-like 4x Spartan 6 boards on: May 28, 2013, 03:30:37 PM
I'm possibly interested in selling a few ZTEX 1.15y-like boards (100% Ztex 1.15y hardware and software compatible) as I'm probably relocating in the coming months. It's a shame having to sell them as I just got them not long ago.  Sad They mine stably at around 820-880MH/s depending on the cooling - I've been getting them mine nicely at about 840 each stacked together in the hot tropical weather here with a good fan pointed at them.

I'm looking around 7 6 - last few boards BTC per board with everything (new fans, heatsink, USB cable that's confirmed working with it, the electrical connector and the hex spacers required to stack them) included to start your own mining. Please PM me if you're interested, and confirm your location so that I can calculate the shipping. I'm open to haggling though, so just PM me to ask.

PS: I will GPG sign my payment addresses like what I do for my escrows.  Smiley


Edit: I still accept offers for them, especially if you're taking multiple boards.  Wink Offer away - I won't bite.
22  Economy / Auctions / ASICMiner Share Auction - get your direct shares today! on: May 18, 2013, 11:26:43 AM
Guys, I'm selling some of my shares here.  Wink

Some background on ASICMiner (plagarized from Franktank's AM intro):

ASICMiner will ramp up to 50 TH/s by June and having projected hash rate of 262 TH/s in the coming months, making it quite lucrative to get invested with ASICMiner now. Additionally, there will also be payouts from both Blade auctions (50+ currently) and USB sales (10k+ for sale soon), adding further value to the shares.

The last dividend is: 0.03622410 per share
The last price on is: 1@2.081

Hash: SHA1

Auction of 50 direct ASICMINER shares owned by me.

Minimum quantity: 5 shares
Minimum bid   : 2.0 BTC per share
Minimum increment: 0.01 BTC per share

Auction ends on 12:00:00 PM UTC time, 20 May 2013.

18 May 2013
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (MingW32)


Please note that payment must be completed within 36 hours after this auction is completed, or I reserve the right to resell/keep the shares.

I'm an escrower here (, and I'm transacting over 10k BTC per month in escrow transactions, so it's impossible that I will run for 50 shares.  Wink

The bidding format is:

5@2.10 BTC

During the final 5 minutes of bidding, every bid will push back the end time by 5 minutes.
23  Bitcoin / Important Announcements / and compromised. on: May 11, 2013, 02:05:00 AM

The systems and have been taken offline over the weekend
Please do not deposit any further coins to your Vircurex accounts. We must assume that the wallet has been compromised.

Please do not further deposit any coins with to Vircurex or Cryptostocks. At this point in time we need to assume a compromise of the wallet.

We will update this post once we have finished our investigation.

PS: As to the coins: All fiat currency accounts are accounted for, the vast majority of the coins are stored in cold wallets and thus are safe.

After investigating the security breach we have to come to the conclusion that the attacker has been able to get root access to the systems.

Therefore we need to assume that the wallets might have been copied, thus DO NOT deposit funds. Everyone will be getting a new set of addresses.

Next course of action:
 - we will setup a complete set of servers
 - setup a fresh set of wallets for the coins
 - recover the funds from our cold wallets to ensure ongoing service.

If all goes well the system should be up and running in less than 24 hours.

24  Other / Off-topic / gmaxwell is the head of Zimbabwe - proven by CNN! on: May 03, 2013, 07:06:05 AM

 Tongue That should say a lot on the recent 'MT.Gox getting raided' and other FUD we've been seeing here. Stop asking me why I delete CNN's iReport links!
25  Economy / Auctions / ASICMiner Auction Discussion Room (temporary) on: April 29, 2013, 06:35:19 PM
Winners' List - Please check your bids to be sure. PM John if there's any errors, thanks!

Credits go to Randombob (for creating the Unofficial count and saving my sanity), Vjain (for starting the GoogleDoc spreadsheet), JaredR26 (for the estimated countdown), and all participants!

Thank you!

NameQuantityPrice (฿)RemainingBTC CountPost
26  Other / Off-topic / IRC bruteforcing attack on: April 24, 2013, 03:03:32 AM
Hey guys -

It's been some time since I logged in #bitcoin-otc, and suddenly decided to do so today. When I auth'ed with the nickserv, I was greeted by '51 failed logins since last login', by a handle known as 'thejohn!~Adium@' .

Any reasons to be concerned about this? My passwords are all of suitable length(26 chars in this case including symbols), and never reused (thanks last pass and keepass). I guess I better start resecuring everything now that I'm 'on the radar' so to speak...
27  Economy / Service Announcements / [ANN] Group buy service for Avalon ASICS Chips - Pledge reached on: April 22, 2013, 05:48:50 AM
Details here:

Please note that I am only the escrow for this service - ragingazn628 is the operator here.
28  Other / Meta / Forum ranks/positions/badges (What do those shiny coins under my name mean?) on: April 17, 2013, 05:54:54 AM

Update on 9/19/18: Merit points are now added
In addition to the activity points, merit points (click for more information) are required to advance your ranking. You will need at least 1 merit point before you can be a Jr. Member (click for more information).

All the main ranks that can be handed out to normal users are: Brand New, Newbie, Jr. Member, Member, Full Member, Sr. Member, Hero Member and Legendary.
In addition to the main rankings, there are also sub-rankings that can be applied, and those are: Donator, and VIP.
Finally, staff sub-rankings are as follows: Staff, Moderator, Global Moderator, Administrator, and Founder.

Brand New:0 posts, gets 1 gold coin under his name.
Newbie:(none), gets 1 gold coin under his name.
Jr. Member:Activity: 30, gets 1 gold coin under his name.
Member:Activity: 60, gets 2 gold coins under his name.
Full Member:Activity: 120, gets 3 gold coins under his name.
Sr. Member:Activity: 240, gets 4 gold coins under his name.
Hero Member:Activity: 480, gets 5 gold coins under his name.
Legendary:Activity: the Legendary membergroup has no universal activity requirement.
You are guaranteed to become Legendary somewhere between 775 and 1030 activity,
but the exact point in this range at which you become Legendary is random per user.
Gets 5 gold coins under his name of which the last is half dark blue.

Donator:Manually applied by administration after 10 BTC donation, and gets 5 gold coins under his name
of which the last is half green. 5 coins are shown regardless of post count when user is a Donator.
VIP:Manually applied by administration after 50 BTC donation, and gets 5 gold coins under his name
of which the last is half purple. 5 coins are shown regardless of post count when user is a VIP.

Staff Rank
Staff:Shown when moderators (see next point) post outside of the sections that they moderate.
The tags under their usernames are dependent on their post group.
Moderator:Shown when moderators of specific sections post within those sections.
Gets 5 gold coins, of which the last is shown as half faded-out green.
Global Moderator:Applied to Staff that have moderation privileges in all boards.
Gets 5 gold coins, of which the last is half teal colored.
Administrator:Has all available permissions and can appoint moderators and perform other administrative tasks.
Gets 5 gold coins, of which the last is shown half red regardless of post count.
Founder:Reserved for Satoshi, gets 5 platinum coins under his name.

The way activity is calculated:
The activity number is determined in this way:
time = number of two-week periods in which you've posted since your registration
activity = min(time * 14, posts)

Activity is updated every hour.

To become a Donator or a VIP, send a PM to theymos to get a unique donation address.

Took the liberty to update it according to the new Activity & new member limits/groups.
Edited with proper number of coins.
malevolent - update: added info about the new rank, changes to the Staff rank tag, removed the deprecated "SCAMMER" sub-rank. Also included info about the posting limits.

Signature restrictions

There are restrictions on signatures, based on your activity/rank.

- Newbie: No styling (including links) allowed. Max 50 characters.
- Jr. Member: Max 150 characters.
- Member: Links allowed. Unlimited length.
- Full: Color allowed.
- Sr. Member: Size allowed
- Hero: Background color allowed


I added a system of badges to SMF a while ago, though only two are defined now. Here are the current badges:

Bitcoin expertDev&Tech only. People with this badge know enough about the Bitcoin network to reimplement something very like it from scratch. They are capable of intelligently discussing the Bitcoin network: current protocol, possible attacks, proposed changes, etc. Criteria: Recommendation by an existing Bitcoin expert or core dev and approval by a forum administrator.
Bitcoin-Qt core developer Dev&Tech only. These are the core developers of Satoshi's Bitcoin client. They are listed here. Core developers are among the top contributors to Bitcoin-Qt, and they are all bitcoin experts, though they don't also get that badge.
The Glider(hacker symbol) Awarded for people who have responsibly disclosed forum security flaws.

A core dev does not "outrank" a bitcoin expert (or vice-versa), and it's possible for someone without a badge to contribute meaningfully to a discussion with experts and core devs.

Art contest recognition badge - Art contest winners only. Offered by Theymos to only 5 people who participated in the 10th anniversary art contest.
- Between 1 and 20 (depending on number of submissions) people will receive art contest recognition badges: , based mainly on community consensus of who had the best art. In judging consensus, I will be substantially but not entirely influenced by the total amount of merit your art received.

Limits on posting

waittime = 360;
if(activity >= 15)
        waittime = (int)(90 - activity);
if(activity >= 60)
        waittime=(int)(34.7586 - (0.0793103 * activity));
if(activity >= 100)
        waittime = max((int)(14-(activity/50)), 4);

Limits on PM'ing (private messaging):

ActivityMax recipientsMax recipients if whitelistedMax PMs per hourMax PMs per hour if whitelistedMax PMs per dayMax PMs per day if whitelisted

You are automatically whitelisted if you buy a copper membership. You don't need to wear the copper membership, just own it. You can also be whitelisted for free by any staff member and a few non-staff, but we're going to need some reason to think that you actually deserve it. Do not ask me for free whitelisting.

Whitelisting is a not a license to spam. You will be immediately banned if you're found spamming, even if you bought a copper membership (and you will not be refunded).

Full Member and up only.  
It must be no more than 120px wide, 80px tall, and 100 KiB in size. It must be a PNG, GIF, or JPEG image. It must be safe for work.

edit: updated PM limits
edit: updated the art contest recognition badge
29  Other / Meta / What to do with this? on: April 04, 2013, 09:16:24 AM
Here's the downsides of free speech - us poor mods get this frequently.
I'm starting to think I'm getting cyber-bullied by him now.... Tongue

Just had an interesting clown to PM me here. I'll be moving this thread to Meta in some time unless any good suggestions roll in.
PS: Moved to Meta as it belongs there.

Hello John,

Can you please delete the following thread of mine:

I find it very distressing and I did not intend how I have been perceived. I have learned my lesson that I should have been clear that I need investors on my project. I am trying to build up to being a reputable member so one day I can contribute to the forum (as stated in another thread).

I do not like how I have been targeted and bullied.

I sincerely apologise.

As per the forum rules, I cannot delete any threads with replies by others.

I don't understand this rule? I am clearly being abused online and it is an act of cyberbullying. If you do nothing about it I will be taking it to the authorities as I am feeling very anxious and depressed on how I have been mistreated. If I sign myself into a psychologist this site will be honed in on.

You must be new to the internet. I was assuming you had a serious concern before this PM came in.

You clearly do not understand the term 'cyber bullying' and the hatred displayed by the members of this forum to my own psychological health. If you do not follow the news, this is a serious offence which is being cracked down upon. And by your latest pm shows that you are now involved. Where's this forum hosted? Netherlands?

Well done. You clearly have no position or right to be a moderator on a forum when you do NOTHING!

30  Bitcoin / Important Announcements / INSTAWALLET SERVICE NOTICE on: April 03, 2013, 04:43:40 PM


The Instawallet service is suspended indefinitely until we are able to develop an alternative architecture.

Our database was fraudulently accessed, due to the very nature of Instawallet it is impossible to reopen the service as-is.

In the next few days we are going to open the claim process for Instawallet balance holders to claim the funds they had stored before the service interruption.

Important information on claims submission:

For the first 90 days we will accept claims for individual Instawallets. Your wallet's URL and key will be used to pre-populate a form to file the claim.
After 90 days, if no other claim has been received for the same url, your Instawallet balance under 50 BTC will be refunded. If several claims have been filed for the same url, we will process those claims on a case by case basis, under the presumption that the claim we received first belongs to the legitimate balance holder.
Claims for wallets that hold a balance greater than 50 BTC will be processed on a case by case and best efforts basis.
31  Bitcoin / Important Announcements / Alert: chain fork caused by pre-0.8 clients dealing badly with large blocks on: March 12, 2013, 01:44:51 AM
Hello everyone,

there is an emergency right now: the block chain has split between 0.7+earlier and 0.8 nodes. I'll explain the reasons in a minute, but this is what you need to know now:
  • After a discussion on #bitcoin-dev, it seems trying to get everyone on the old chain again is the least risky solution.
  • If you're a miner, please do not mine on 0.8 code. Stop, or switch back to 0.7. BTCGuild is switching to 0.7, so the old chain will get a majority hash rate soon.
  • If you're a merchant: please stop processing transactions until the chains converge.
  • If you're on 0.7 or older, the client will likely tell you that you need to upgrade. Do not follow this advise - the warning should go away as soon as the old chain catches up.
  • If you are not a merchant or a miner, don't worry.
32  Economy / Services / John (John K.)'s escrow service (previously known as johnthedong) on: February 07, 2013, 03:41:35 AM
(awesome logo designed by moltenmich, thanks again man!  Grin )

I do require a fee (of 1.5% depending on the complexity - long terms ones for 2.0%+) for more substantial trades now to deal with the extended risk. An escrow that requires no fees for bigger deals is either someone who's really good(as he is effectively looking at negative ROI with the risk) or someone who will run if any problems arises. (getting hacked etc)

An Introduction (quoted from a recent PM I sent someone)


Well, there's not much introduction on my escrow service here, but I've been a regular escrower since last year if I'm not wrong. I've begun offering my services to the public here: , and a few of my notable escrow transactions are for around 2.1k BTC at one go (when the price was at $100~ USD/BTC), and a few other 1k+ BTC transaction. I don't really ask for a 'vouch' or public confirmation as I'm doing around 4-5 escrows per day now (237 transactions till now, and around 240 in the next hour), but just ask around for the more notable users around here - I'm sure I've escrowed for most of them by now.  Wink
I'm also the treasurer and community council member for, and I currently hold 1k BTC for the forum long term - only me and Casascius holds such an amount. ( .

As per fees, that'll depend on what kind of escrow you're needing here, and the amount transacted. A rough estimate would be 2% for ASIC preorders, group buys; 1.5% for most transactions; and 1% for long term users (who regularly use my service and totalling over a few k's+ BTC transacted).

Thanks for enquiring,

Hash: SHA1

Hey everyone,

I figured that as I've been getting requests here and there for escrow services, it would be better that if I made a thread about this to consolidate the matter. I'm providing this service FOC and as a service for the community, but tips are graciously accepted for my time.

I will issue a contract signed by my GPG key below, with the Bitcoin address embedded within the message. Please do not accept a Bitcoin address that is not GPG signed. Anyone who has dealt with my escrow services before knows what to expect in my contract, of course.

On the event that any problems arises, I will release the escrow to whichever party that presents me with the most convincing proof after an open discussion with others and/or theymos. I've invoked this point twice only in my escrow 'lifetime' , and both resulted in a satisfactory settlement by all parties.

As always, PM me if you need me - I'm generally responsive if you see me online.

Dated today: Feb 7 2013
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (MingW32)


Edit: A list of current loans is listed here for my personal reference.

ATC777 BTC3.50 due before Wednesday, 3 April 2013 (UTC +8 time) 1:54PM (
33  Bitcoin / Important Announcements / SERIOUS VULNERABILITY related to accepting zero-confirmation transactions on: January 12, 2013, 03:17:47 AM
If you do not accept zero-confirmation transactions this vulnerability does not affect you.

However if you do be advised that a previously unknown coin-stealing attack has been found that allows zero-confirmation transactions to be double-spent with a trivial amount of effort and without having to have access to any mining capacity.

Details will be release as soon as a patch is ready. In the meantime do not accept any transaction without at least one confirmation unless you fully trust the sender not to defraud you.

Mods: please copy this to important announcements.
34  Bitcoin / Important Announcements / Vircurex and Cryptostocks Wallet Compromised. on: January 11, 2013, 01:05:15 PM
We sadly need to announce that our wallet has been compromised thus DO NOT send any further funds to any of the coin wallets, BTC, DVC, LTC, etc. We will setup a new wallet and reset all the addresses. This will most likely take the whole weekend.

We sadly need to announce that our wallet has been compromised thus DO NOT send any further funds to any of the coin wallets, BTC, DVC, LTC, etc. We will setup a new wallet and reset all the addresses. This will most likely take the whole weekend.

35  Other / Off-topic / Deciding between a Liberal Arts education and a regular education on: December 05, 2012, 04:44:27 AM
Hey guys, time has come for me to go for my tertiary studies. I'm currently in the process of applying to colleges/universities/whatever they call it at the US, and I'm still contemplating on the type I should apply to. I'm an engineering prospective but I'm really interested in the liberal arts colleges as they allow you more flex in determining which courses you pick etc. Plus, I prefer a more compact studying environment, like those offered in the liberal arts colleges (small size classes, better faculty interaction etc). However, I'm under the impression that liberal arts colleges does not have much to offer in the sense of engineering courses, and most programs I've seen are some permutation of a 3+2 dual degree program with another renowned engineering college.

Opinions on this issue please?  Grin

Liberal arts colleges I have in mind are Colby, Swarthmore, Claremont McKenna etc (approx. 10+- on my list that I'm applying), and some regular colleges I'm applying are UC Berkeley, MIT, Stanford, Rice, J Hopkins etc.

(P.S: I know most of the guys here are going to give me opinions to go to LAC's as this is the Bitcoin forums after all  Tongue)
36  Bitcoin / Important Announcements / Attention Bitcoinica users: Bitcoinica liquidator wants to hear from users on: November 20, 2012, 10:25:29 AM
Today I received the following email from Taslim Bhamji, a Senior Insolvency Administrator from PKF Corporate Recovery & Insolvency Ltd (the NZ Court appointed liquidator for Bitcoinica LP):

We confirm that we have been appointed liquidators of the Bitcoinica Limited Partnership, which is registered in New Zealand. We are currently collecting information and our immediate priority is securing the investor funds (in both cash and Bitcoins) and determining investor balances. It is too early to know how long the liquidation process will take, but we would like to move as quickly as possible towards a distribution to investors/creditors.
With this in mind, we would be grateful if all investors and creditors could email us and provide their address and contact details, as well as details of any amounts owed to them and proof of the claim. Also the Liquidators’ first report is due to be sent to all creditors by 26 November 2012, but we are unable to do so if we do not have contact details for creditors or investors.
We would also appreciate feedback from investors on whether they would prefer to receive a distribution in the form of Bitcoins (where possible) or whether they would prefer a straightforward cash distribution. We are still seeking to determine what options are available to us at law, and will let investors know in due course.
Lastly, we are aware of legal proceedings underway in California against the Limited Partnership. The Liquidators have sought to have the Limited Partnership withdrawn from the proceedings on the basis that it is in liquidation. We urge creditors/investors to refrain from taking any legal action against Bitcoinica, as it will simply add to the plaintiffs costs with no benefit. Any legal claims against Bitcoinica would need to be made in the New Zealand Courts. Judgements against the Limited Partnership in any foreign jurisdiction will not be recognised by the liquidators.
Please contact me directly if you have any queries or wish to bring any matters to the liquidators’ attention.

So if you happen to be a Bitcoinica creditor/investor - Now would be a good time to email Taslim at: Taslim[dot]Bhamji[at]pkfcr[dot]co[dot]nz

Note: I understand Bitcoinica got a few false claims during their claim period back in May. If you don't have a valid claim with Bitcoinica already then please realize that sending a false claim to a court appointed liquidator is probably not a very bright idea.
37  Economy / Lending / A list of defaulted loans (list of scammers inside here) on: August 05, 2012, 11:47:29 AM
I've noticed that some newbies coming to this subforum do not realize the amount of scams we're having here. Hence, I'm proposing a central thread, listing all defaulted/failed loans in this subforum stickied on the top. This should give us a rough estimate of lending scams we encounter per month, and serve as a warning for people getting in the lending scene. It'll be easier for theymos to pinpoint the alter egos of the scammers here too (as I presume most scammers operate using multiple accounts - just take a look at HonorMe and co.)

Do take a look at Tomatocage's thread to educate yourself of the scammer situation we have on hand here:

Not too sure to place this in Meta or in the Lending thread, so I'm placing this here temporarily. Grin Placed here

Thanks to PatrickHarnett for the spreadsheet generator!  Grin



Forum Rank

Bitcoins Defaulted

Shakaru   Donator/Hero Member   2211.07786728   
PunkAs   Jr. Member   10   
SirChiko   Jr. Member   12   
DoubleIcarus   Full Member   111.00   
Kais3r   Jr. Member   4.9   
Gurg2.0/KuJoking7   Full member/Full member   108   
Tom Litten   ??   24.00   
Wezzy   Jr. Member   100   
Tesla13   Jr. Member   10   
Milkman39   Jr. Member   70.00   
godchronic   Jr. Member   4.50   
AncientX   Jr. Member   62.50   
lxFlasHxl   Jr. Member   2.00   
ixBRADxi   Jr. Member   5.00   
TheLastDovah   Jr. Member   4.00   
daniel88darko   Jr. Member   0.50   
kingpin26   Jr. Member   98.79   
snapman   Full Member   19.36   
Zack   Jr. Member   3.00   
LionHeart   Jr. Member   26.00   
Jermainé   Full Member   60.13   
noobularkid   Jr. Member   10.00   
jme621    Sr. Member   22.00   
bcjunkie   Jr. Member   15.00   
   Total:   2993.76   

Detailed spreadsheet to Shakaru's owed money (thanks imsaguy):
(Shakaru) Andrew Nollan is now scamming people in Washington over Craigslist with video cards.. YOUR videos cards (to the investors)

He moved to WA because his girlfriend lives there ( Moira Mosher ), so Im sure hes mooching off her someway, some how..

Current residence. as of August 2012

Room 7432 - top floor, second to last room from the south end
Crossland Economy Studios Tacoma
8801 South Hosmer Street
Tacoma, WA 98444 US

Previous addresses in CA associated with him..

16824 S Dalton Ave #A  -  A highschool friend named Jenny rents/owns this place
Gardena, CA

His mother, and outstanding member of the community, a Principal at a religious school..


PunkAs - 10
SirChiko - 12
DoubleIcarus - 101
Kais3r  - 4.9
Gurg2.0/KuJoking7 - 28 + 60
Tom Litten - 24
Wezzy in Australia is a weasel - 100
Tesla13 - 10
Milkman39 - 70

DoubleIcarus 10 BTC

Date      Who           Loan     Payback  Due Date  Loan Address                        Repayment Address                   Location
--------  ------------  -------  -------  --------  ----------------------------------  ----------------------------------  -----------------
01/25/12  gurg2.o         20.00    21.00  02/03/12  15D2uoPut7QbHUKDUtLSXXJfzWvzDvnni8  1JM8xWPuGbW8JnoE61S2YLs9TU3Gpmzyab  LA area, CA
03/28/12  bcjunkie        15.00    15.00  04/02/12  14g8TeohrrTEbsdDAY3EAdiXdzRNZR3Qc3  1BGnM58gzxyvfSeSirzos8zYoSgapSHM8M  Bowling Green, KY

Bad Debts SOLD

Date      Who           Loan     Payback  Due Date  Loan Address                        Repayment Address                   Sold to
--------  ------------  -------  -------  --------  ----------------------------------  ----------------------------------  -----------------
01/29/12  doubleicaras    25.00    28.75  03/06/12  1F6MCoBMwmfpT5fruvCUjirFEybhLe5c1C  12xVb1Z13XQ2ZXTkDQaJcVcoEUzvC81BFU  eroxors

AncientX | Jr. Member | 62.5BBTC

ETA: This hasn't been updated in half a year, but includes some defaults, as well as lendees who repaid on time. All loans with "Were Payments Late" marked as "N/A" were repaid (AFAIK), I just didn't ask senbonzakura if each individual loan was repaid on time exactly as the contract specified.

I got hit by lxFlasHxl for 2 BTC with a repayment date of 8/25/11. Don't feel bad for me, though, since I've long since made it all back from the other limited amounts of lending that I've done.

Add TheLastDovah.He scammed me out of 4 BTC and owed me 5BTC (due to 1BTC of interest) in bad loans.It'a likely he could be using alt accounts.

Hello John,

This is the first one:

kingpin26, Jr. Member, BTC 98.7874 (2 loans)


Added snapman to the accusations thread a while ago, forgot to mention here, please add to the list.
Borrowed 20, to pay back 22, paid back 2.64.

Snapman Received scammer tag 09/14/12

Could Zack be added to the list?

Total loan 3 BTC.


Username : LionHeart
Forum Rank: Jr
Bitcoins Defaulted: 26BTC

Please add LionHeart to the list of scammers...

He borrowed 26 BTC from me and never paid back even post extension.

He used the following ID to do the transaction.


One more, for now.

Jermainé, Full Member, 60.1325 BTC (

By that time we didn't had forum name verification, but I have a message from him atesting the possession of the listing.

thanks again,

UNPAID!  jme621 - 22btc – 10% - 1 month - 24.2btc due September 3, 2012
38  Other / Off-topic / Random stuff I've noticed in the forums... on: July 02, 2012, 04:53:11 AM

Is that a new feature?  Grin
39  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / 新手小册子 - Bitcoin简介+中文比特币网站总目录 on: June 10, 2012, 07:16:44 PM
更新(2012-11-09) by HorseRider

@货币之王比特币 提供了一个较为全面的比特币介绍文档,“比特币简介.doc”。推荐。链接在此:

原文来自: , 由deerjoe 翻义。


忘记那些你曾经听说过的.  许多人发现BitCoin有许多有用的价值,但通常他们都误解了其中的意思,如:“BitCoin能利用电脑获得免费的钱”或者“为了不让我电脑运行程序浪费无谓的电力而使用BitCoin”诸如此类。本文将着重什么是 BitCoin,以及 BitCoin 解决了什么问题,帮助你很好的归纳并大体上理解BitCoin。大部分网站都不能很好的理解这两个问题,自然也就很难评价BitCoin这种技术所带来的效果。


   BitCoin的数量不会增加
   BitCoin不能伪造
   BitCoin可以分割成无限小块
   BitCoin可以以数据连接(例如:英特网)的方式迅速的进行远距离传输


在2011年4月4日30,000 个BitCoins在最大的BitCoin交易中被抛售,抛售了几乎所有“买入”的BitCoin,使得其价格几乎跌到原先的1/3。但是,几天之后,交易价格却已经全面反弹回原来的价格,BitCoin通过大量的买入抵消之前消耗的贸易的抛售,又重新回到了良好的交易量。BitCoin在如此小的经济(当前只有5百万个BitCoins在总额为2100万的BitCoins中流通,按照当时的汇率换算成美元约为3,750,000$)中吸收了如此之大的廉价抛售而不被摧毁,显示出BitCoin机制能够完美的运行。

BitCoin解决了什么问题:从数学的角度来看,Bitcoin协议的具体实施解决了“如何在不适用任何信任机制完成这一切”。这听起来不可思议,但它的确做到了。通常来说,本国流通货币必须信任(使用它)的每一个人才能工作,国家货币也一样(national currency和local currency有何不同?national 比local 的范围要大,local可以指当地的)在两者中,信任通常被滥用,但通过BitCoin体制,任何人都不可以滥用其信任体制,没有人能够无限的印钞,没有人能够通过简单的仿制来使用假币,更不能绕过本人访问权限的密钥的情况下使用他人货币。人们想要单纯地打破这数学规则去创造一个完全不同的体制,那是无法实现的。只要有人遵循这个规则,唯一能破坏BitCoin体制的方法就只有当所有人都不使用它。

    这种不需要信任任何人的不可思议的机制通过两种方法实现:第一,通过尖端的加密技术来完成,加密技术确保只有Bitcoin的拥有者才有权利消费他们。在Bitcoin中的加密技术非常的强大,以至于所有的在线银行都会向Bitcoin妥协(其他的在线银行被危害的时候,bitcon 还是好好的)。若这事情发生了,它甚至会升级。这就像你钱包里的每个钞票都有100个数据的锁锁在一起,除非你销毁账单自己,否则它不能被移除。BitCoin就是如此的安全。

    于此同时,第二种安全措施,叫做环块链,这才是真正神奇的地方。环块链是简单的、权威的记录。用于确认交易是否在点对点的Bitcoin网络上。即使遇到了先进的数据解密,如果没有中央记录确认Bitcoin被“支付”给某些人,你不能给多个人签同一个硬币,这就是所谓的double-spend attack,就像写一张透额的支票,而实际你账户并没有那么多钱。通常这种行为都由中央信任机构--银行,来阻止,也就是银行不停的追踪所有的你写的支票以及确认它们不会超过你所拥有的钱。即使这样,大部分人也只会在真正信任你的情况下接受支票,同时银行必须得花费大量的金钱为储存在物理上的或数据上的中央记录提供物理上的保护。更不用说有些银行的职员利用他们的职务之便滥用信任体系。同时,在传统的银行系统中,银行不会按照规矩办事---它可以借出的钱比它实际拥有的钱多。

    环块链通过创造主要的档案解决了以上所有的问题。这个档案记录一个已加密的安全的BitCoin的传送,对他们进行验证,同时锁定在一个高竞争力的市场—mining。作为回报,Bitcoin社区以一系列的block/Bitcoin作为奖励给miners, 那取自于最先的有限的bitcon,而这是事先已约定好的。Bitcon 送完后,费用将代替bitcon 奖励给优先者,在一个竞争更大的市场确保最低的可能消费。  上述交易进行了验证并锁定由采矿计算工作在一个非常特殊的方式,所以,没有一个人能够通过不在网络中做任何的计算工作来累积miners从而改变这种官方的交易记录。

    总结:这一切的数学技术听起来可能有点拗口的,但它实际上意味着 BitCoin能像现金一样工作。 Bitcoin交易是故意 不可逆的 -不像信用卡或PayPal在可以使已经扣款的情况下使之无效。 而且有没有中间商 。 交易在发送方和接收方之间以网络点对点的方式之间完成

    由于BitCoin的复杂设计, 网络仍然是安全的,无论在哪里,你都可以进行bitcoin交易 。 这是难以置信的-从没有人尝试建立一个这样的系统! 在这之前所有货币系统依靠信任的人 ,无论是国王,市政厅,联邦储备或银行。 BitCoin没有。 它以数学方法为担保,而不是法律,这就是为什么技术人员和经济学家都为之兴奋。

标题:  比特币:一种点对点的电子现金系统
原文作者:中本聪(Satoshi Nakamoto)

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