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1  Economy / Reputation / Is Satoshi a Russian? on: November 29, 2022, 07:33:39 PM
The reason why I asked this question is because I have been following local boards activities posted monthly by Rikafip. Every month Russia activity is always more than double of the other countries. This means that the population of Russians in this forum is higher than other countries by large portion.

I also understand that bitcoin url was  blacklisted by the Russian government and yet they are still topping all the charts.

This has made me think that Satoshi is a Russian. I said so because I am a Nigerian. If I am able to develop something like because, I will bring my people in to take early spot and they will also support me when necessary.

There is no other evidence apart from what I presented above which is not concrete. If I am not correct can somebody explain to me why there are many Russians in the forum?
2  Economy / Exchanges / Binance announces crypto industry recovery fund/FTX question. on: November 20, 2022, 03:42:32 PM
Quote from: Binance
This week, Binanceís CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) announced that Binance is setting up an industry recovery fund to support projects that may be facing liquidity issues. The exchange has published details of its hot and cold wallets and the exchanges holdings in this blog post, and said it was sharing these details publicly in the interest of transparency, given recent events in the crypto market. Binance also recently topped up its $1 billion SAFU insurance fund, first established in 2018 to protect users in extreme situations.

I was sent this email by binance which is an indicated that they know that people are losing confidence in exchanges because of the drama they have been putting up recently. My main aim of raising this topic is not because of the Industry Recovery Fund project by CZ, my main emphases is the last sentence in the binance announcement, which indicated that binance has increase her insurance fund from $1 billion to something higher.

My Question:
Did FTX had this kind of insurance fund? If they had, people would not be crying around.
If they don't, it will be right to say CZ is ahead and master of the game.
3  Other / Meta / Push-down option. on: August 23, 2022, 11:18:47 PM
When you go to some boards like reputation board, at the first page you will see many locked threads. They don't appear pleasant to my observation. It messes up the decency or aesthetics of the such boards. Many people might not see it as a problem and it might not be a problem. Then forgive me because there are people who would always want something to be 100% nice even if it doesn't matter to others. There are obviously threads that aren't relevant to be in the first page. I am suggesting that as there is a means to bump a thread, there should also be a button to push a thread down to second page or bottom. Locking a thread and waiting for other active ones to override it might take time to happen, or might not happen because more threads would be locked.

A thread like this should not occupy any space in the first page anymore because it's solved.
However, I am not suggesting that all locked threads should be pushed down, but some obvious ones that might not be revisited anymore should.

I think a first page like this;

Is more decent than this;

4  Economy / Service Discussion / Questions about signature campaign and its rules. on: June 10, 2022, 07:17:03 PM
Since my coming to this forum, I have joined 3 campaigns in this order; Gamdom managed by yahoo62278, Duelbits and Roobet managed by Hhampuz. I have seen that there are different rules of campaigns according to different managers. Then I have these questions to ask, who knows, the answers might be helpful to many who may become campaign managers in the future.

Question One
Who decides the amount to pay participants according to ranks?
The company or the manager. Because some campaigns pay a certain rank higher and some pay same rank lower even if they have almost same budget.

Question Two
Who decides the ranks to hire,  and why such decisions?
I ask because I have seen managers like yahoo62278 and Royse777 hire member ranks. Could  the reason for the decision be to encourage low rank members or they discovered that low rank members have more zeal to work.

Question Three
How do the companies that launch campaigns here make money? Is there any kind of SEO embedded in the signature that indexes their sites in search engines?

Question Four
Having 10 quality posters making a total of 100 quality posts a week and having 20 shit posters making 500 shit posts per week, which one produces more result for the company.

I ask because I have seen company like Fortunejack paying members $100 to make 20 posts, ChipMixer paying members $300 to make 50 posts. But a company like will have to make a user post like 80 to 90 posts to get $100. (I do not mean that stake members posts shits). Just to buttress my question.

Question Five
Some managers do not require number of merits earned in applying in their campaign while many require.
Is merit no longer the measure for quality?

Question six
Is it a crime in the forum that after applying for a campaign, the user sends the campaign manager pm to give the manager more reasons to hire him. Which he cannot do in the application thread in order not to destruct the application process.

Question seven
Post Bursting!
If user A makes 3 posts per day for 7 days, that will be 21 posts. User B makes 10 posts per day for the last 3 days of the week, making it 30 posts. Who among them is beneficial to the company they promote and why?

Question eight
Is there a rule that says a user must wait for such amount of time after making a post in order to make another. If yes, why?

Question nine
Are there boards that gives more result to companies and are there boards that doesn't give results at all.
I ask because;
Best_Change doest like posts in gambling.
Yahoo62278 doesn't like posts in Beginners and Help board.
Some campaigns don't want posts in local board.
Some doesn't like Altcoin boards.
Some doesn't accept Politics and society.
Why this discrepancy?

I wasn't sure of the board to post this, but I believed it's forum related and as such Meta fits better.

Thanks all!
5  Other / Politics & Society / Politics and Cryptocurrency on: March 09, 2022, 02:31:14 PM
In many countries as mine (Nigeria), general elections will come up next year (2023). Politicians are beginning to switch interest, some are decamping from one political party to another, some are declaring interest for some political positions. Then, the crypto enthusiasts are very far from involving in politics. Despite that people involved in crypto are smart and financially intelligent, you will rarely see them involve in politics.

After the general elections, you will understand that anti-bitcoin, anti-crypto and financially uneducated people will become your leaders. They will start to make anti-bitcoin decisions, such as to ban bitcoin and we will return here and begin to complain of how government is fighting bitcoin. Then, who is the government? We are the government but we decided to leave the governance at the mercy of others.

I have the intention of contesting for the councillor of my political ward, I am popular and well trusted but the financial involvement is my challenge.
I so urge you all to involve in politics directly or passively so that some anti-bitcoiners or some touts will not make laws that will crumble your acquired wealth and back it with government. Me and you can also be the government.

Translation: Nigerian pidgin
6  Economy / Reputation / [REVIEW] 3 Bitcointalk unsung heroes. on: March 02, 2022, 09:40:45 AM
I brought out 3 people who has almost the same posting style and are old in this forum. I call them unsung heroes because they are my heroes even if many people may not notice them
Disclaimer: Everything written here is my personal opinion. I may be wrong or I may be right. So it should not be used for any official purpose.

These 3 people are:

Franky1 registered on this forum on 3rd September, 2012.
He does not wear signature of any company, still he contributes daily in the forum. If there is statistics, he should be one of the most active users. From 2012 till date, almost 10 years and he is not tired. I can call him a genuine lover of bitcointalk. I wonder where he draws his motivation.
As old as he is in the forum, he is not trusted by a single DT member, -3. But he has been tagged for spreading FUD and trolling by Achow101 (2019). He was also tagged by gmaxwell(2018) for dishonesty and anti-bitcoin shilling, could be the reason why he is banned from the technical board. This year BlackHatCoiner tagged him for spreading FUD about Lightening network and he eventually called for Franky1's ban
His Strength
Meriting style
I don't know if he is a merit source. But he recieves merits frequently for his quality works. He does not issue merits always, but when he does, he will definitely change your merit history by issuing 50merits.
My personal opinion about Franky1
He is very intelligent. A verse thinker. I enjoy sleeping in his profile to learn but he is not aware of this. I wish he can reply and tell us his driving principles.

Danny registered three months earlier than Franky1, on 25th June 2012. 10 years down he is not tired of providing solutions in the technical board. He also does not wear signature yet he is active in the forum.
He is well trusted +10 by DTs.  He has done a 7btc transaction in this forum (2014). Many trust him for his knowledge, smartest and also for his professional escrow services.
His Strength
  • He is logical, uses real life examples to express his believes or opinions. He is known also for typing a very long wall of text when he wants to prove a point. Danny can be correct and will like to be more correct so that it will be very clear to everyone that he is correct
  • I was thrilled when he used himself, myself and Pooya87 to write a play in order to explain how a pool operator can coordinate with scammer to manipulate a transaction in the blockchain
  • He is an analyst and a strategicthinker,  I wish he can sometimes visit Beginners and Help board to help new people with his knowledge
Meriting style
I don't know if he is a merit source. But he recieves merits for his quality works. Just like Franky1 he does not issue out merits frequently but when he does expect them in tens.
My personal opinion about DannyHamilton
He is just like Franky1 but not Franky1. He is so intelligent that he will stop at nothing to convince you about a particular matter. No wonder he agrees and disagrees with Franky1 most cases. I wish he can reply and tell us his driving principles.

Jay came two years after Danny and Franky1. He registered on 17th February, 2014.
8 years down he is not tired. He also does not wear signature of any company, yet he contributes much in the forum.
He is trusted +4 by DTs.  Vod (2019) said he fights against forum corruption. He is also trusted for the time he spends in the forum giving advice and explanations in a detailed way - Poker player (2021).

His Strength
  • He is a great spectator. No wonder his favourite board is speculation and his favourite thread is Wall Observer
  • Just like Danny and Franky1,  he can type from Ukraine to Russia in order to explain or express himself completely
  • Very intelligent and I also believe he is financially intelligent.  Who knows if he works with a finance company in his country
Meriting style
It seems Jay is a merit source because he sends out merit daily. Unlike Franky1 and Danny, he sends just 1 merit to everyone. Unless you are lucky, on his birthday he can issue 3 merits at once 😅. He believes in spreading the merit across everyone.
My personal opinion about JayJuanGee
He is intelligent and has enough knowledge to dish out. But he is also a good listener. He most times listens to what people say and use it to compare to what he has and then give out the best.

I respect three of you, who knows I may make similar review for other deserving members of this forum in the future.

Sorry for a long read.

7  Economy / Reputation / Who to believe in trust system. on: February 18, 2022, 01:28:20 PM
I saw someone's trust rating and I became confused about it. I will not mention the name of the person but I believe with the image I will share you can still know the person. I don't think I am doing the wrong thing or intruding the person's privacy because if you visit the person's profile, the information is available there for anyone to see.

A global moderator hilariousandco does not trust this person and he gave him a negative tag. And dropped a comment.
Looks like he's done a runner with a couple of users funds. Hopefully he returns at one point and reimburses people but not looking good

A staff Welsh trusted him and has this to say
Sold PS4 to Maidak. Good communication and great trader

The user has +9 and -7. Is like this person is confusing the community, he will do good things and also do bad things and put confusion among the DTs and the rest of the people.
Who to believe in this case, the moderator or the staff.

8  Other / Meta / Using as user's statistics. on: February 15, 2022, 08:12:39 PM
When I click someone's profile, the most attractive option for me to view is Show general statistics for this member. But I have been disappointed for so many times because the option is disabled.
I searched the forum to know why it was disabled. I did not see a very clear reason. Just that some people said that it gives the forum some loads or downtime, especially if many people wants to access the statistics at the same time. And Theymos said this
I might've figured it out. A bunch of things are currently disabled; I'll work on safely enabling them in the coming days

What about if everyone's profile is linked to the general member's statistics. So that if you click on Show general statistics for this member, it will redirect you to the bpip profile of the person.

But I don't know if is owned by an individual or it is an extension of
9  Economy / Reputation / [POEM/SONG] Congratulation to me for full member rank. on: February 11, 2022, 05:49:40 PM
I was happy when my rank turned from member to full member
To show my appreciation I decided to write a poem. As a choirmaster, I use the lyrics of the poem to compose a song in sofa notation. The title is BITCOIN IS LIBERTY . I will teach the song to my choir of 21. This peom/song is dedicated to Bitcointalk forum.

Do you remember, when Nakamoto came up with an idea. An idea to liberate the people, an idea to control your finance. Many took it for a fairy tale, under-rating  the power of blockchain. Time has proven that Satoshi was right.

O! Yes, liberty has come,
O! Yes, liberty has come,
The wind of bitcoin is blowing everywhere.

Verse one
We were over-taxed,
For a business we do not own,
We could not act, because we were vulnerable,
But today, bitcoin has brought liberty

O! Yes, liberty has come,
O! Yes, liberty has come,
The wind of bitcoin is blowing everywhere.

Verse two
We were extorted ,
Our income was been monitored,
We could not act, because we were vulnerable,
But today, bitcoin has brought liberty.

Bitcoin has come,
Bitcoin is here,
Bitcoin will last,
Bitcoin has come to stay.

If you are a pianist, you can try the chorus with a piano.
10  Other / Beginners & Help / How hackers target large fund? on: February 03, 2022, 12:43:13 PM
I used to read the advice that if you are using a hot wallet, do not leave too much bitcoin there, that it will attract the attention of hackers.
My question
Is there a specific means that hackers use to know the wallet that has much coins in it and begin to target it.
11  Other / Meta / What outsiders know or say about Bitcointalk. on: January 24, 2022, 10:37:44 AM
After I made this post Test your forum knowledge People did not contribute much because I did not do it well. I did not put the questions in objective form. So I was determined to make research. I decided to start from outside the forum to know what people outside the forum say or know about the forum. I separate different websites and outline the important things they said about this forum. I tried to put some important things they said in quote so that we can note them. I also ask questions in red colour anywhere I was confused.
1. It did not recognise Bitcointalk as the largest Bitcoin Forum.
What Is Bitcointalk?

Today, Bitcointalk is one of the largest online forums where people can ask questions and discuss topics related to Bitcoin, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in general. The forum was created by the infamous inventor of Bitcoin itself ó Satoshi Nakamoto, in November 2009.

2. It did not recognise Bitcointalk as the oldest Bitcoin Forum.
Bitcointalk is one of the most important resources for people interested in learning more about crypto, consensus mechanisms, mining and blockchain technology. As one of the oldest forums for crypto talk, it has the richest library of topics and discussions.

3. However it recognised Bitcointalk as the most popular online Bitcoin Forum.
Bitcointalk is the most popular online forum dedicated to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

4. It said that Satoshi lost the first forum which he was using a to post about bitcoin development.  A SourceForge forum.  That Sirius (could it be this Cyrus) provided hosting for the present day Bitcointalk we know.
The story behind Bitcointalk is almost as mysterious as the one behind Bitcoin itself. Initially, Satoshi Nakamoto was using a SourceForge forum to post about Bitcoin and discuss the technology. However, this forum is now lost. In order to provide a space for such discussions to continue thriving, user Sirius provided hosting for a new forum where Satoshi could continue posting. However, as Nakamoto gradually withdrew from the public space, Sirius decided to move the forum to its present address and announce it is a strictly unofficial Bitcoin discussion forum.

5.  It also said that the diversity of languages in Bitcointalk is one of the reason it became so large.
One of the reasons why Bitcointalk became so big is the diversity of languages supported on the forum. Anyone can start a thread in any language, which has attracted users from all over the world

1. They have a decent definition of bitcointalk.
Bitcointalk is an Internet forum dedicated to the discussion of bitcoin, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The forum was initially created by Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous inventor of Bitcoin on Nov 22, 2009.

2. It said that the first Bitcoin transaction happened in this forum, which is the popular 10,000 Bitcoin for pizza.
I searched for this thread.
Pizza for bitcoins?
Is this actually the first bitcoin transaction?

3. It said that the cryptocurrency slang HODL originated from this forum.
The commonly used cryptocurrency-trader meme "HODL" originated from a 2013 bitcointalk forum post.
Could it be this thread?
4. It raised the concern about scam and said that traded accounts are used to scam people.
A 2016 study by researchers from the University of New Mexico, and University of Tulsa, Oklahoma identified 1780 scams, based on forum reports. There is a demand for more privileges for older user accounts. Traded accounts were reportedly used to scam people

1. It says that most ICOs promotes their projects here. That bitcointalk is ethereum first announcement platform. (happy and wonderful to me that I discovered this)
As a crypto community, here is where most ICOs promote their projects and start building their communities. For example, Bitcointalk is Ethereumís first announcement platform.

2. It describes the forum very well. It talked about merit, activity, trust, spam reduction, signature and bounty campaign, evil fees, copper membership, ANN threads and more.

3. It said something about the importance and dangers of seed account but I don't understand what seed account means even after the explanation
Seed accounts are double-edged swords that can give great competitive advantages but with some headaches. These are also commonly used in the online marketing space in generating initial momentum when launching a campaign to trigger virality that will later be sustained by organic growth. This is also similar to "fake accounts." The benefit of having seed accounts in Bitcointalk ANN thread is the retention of the ANN thread on the first page of the forum. Having a constant pump of the thread would help the ICO announcement reach more audience in the community and keep it trending. If the thread has more views and comments, it will attract more audience in which Jr. members, Members, and Full members can comment to increase the visibility of the ANN thread. Having seed accounts is an effective way of being proactive in the community and thus, triggers discussions to keep the thread in the spotlight.

The risk of using seed accounts is the possibility of getting banned from the forum for the accusation of excessive spamming or bumping of the thread to keep it on page one, but having a legitimate dialogue among other users using the seed accounts will keep the thread active and visible. Using a seed account is a growth hacking activity that requires cautious execution of plans to avoid the possibility of getting banned from the forum of the entire projectís thread.

Exposing the usage of seed accounts to the public may cause some harm in your reputation. But hey, youíll be surprised by the number of crypto projects employing this kind of strategy. With the right moderation, getting completely banned will be avoided.

4. In conclusion it agrees that bitcointalk is the oldest forum and that it is still reputable till date.
Bitcointalk is one of the pioneer crypto communities that launch ICOs and crypto-related projects. It is the place where crypto space began to sprout and led to other crypto channels. Even with the presence of other channels, Bitcointalk remains a reputable platform every crypto project must consider building a community on.

1. It says Theymos is the admin but the domain name is owned by Sirius.
QuestionIf Sirius decides to take his domain as the owner, can he or he can no longer temper with it, just as Satoshi can no longer temper with bitcoin?
2. It said the forum had before being hosted as In July 2011 it was moved to to make it unofficial. But there was still a strong marriage of link between and until recently.
The "forum" link on the homepage was made to simply return the Google search results for the search terms "bitcoin forums". This was followed by Bitcoin Community members, very much in bitcoin's spirit of decentralisation, creating a number of alternative forums offering different moderatorial policies and using different software platforms. None of these alternative forums have yet reached the size of Bitcoin Talk.

Later, the "forum" link was simply removed, further distancing Bitcoin Talk from the official As of April 21, 2012, Bitcoin Talk remains the first search result on Google thanks to its high page rank.

On July 22, 2012, Bitcoin Talk reached its one millionth post.


I acknowledge everybody that encouraged me when I made Test your forum knowledge
Now I have known what outsiders say about I will continue another phase of research.
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Blind signature question. on: January 20, 2022, 11:44:14 PM
I already asked some questions in this thread. In order not to flood here, I decided to add three questions in one thread. I apologise if the questions don't meet standard.

Question one- Volatility question:
I understand that bitcoin volatility is caused by demand and supply. Then, there is fixed 21million supply, if the 21million bitcoin is mined, will it make bitcoin price to be stable? Because there will be no more demand, there will be no more supply. The bitcoin in circulation will keep circulating.

Question two- PoW question:
Bitcoin and Ethereum uses the PoW consensus. Why does ethereum now process transactions faster than bitcoin. This is without consideration of sig wit or beacon chain.

Question three- blind signature question:
A blind signature,  is a form of digital signature in which the content of a message is disguised (blinded) before it is signed. The resulting blind signature can be publicly verified against the original, unblinded message in the manner of a regular digital signature.

Alice is a vendor that made her address publicly alongside her real name. Bob buys something and pays Alice through bitcoin. Bob will be able to link Alice address to her real identity.

Since blind signature says a resulting blind signature can be publicly verified against the original(unblinded message). Why does bitcoin not make Alice address disguised(blinded) to Bob and yet it can be verified by miners or checked on explorer. By this Alice can be completly anonymous. Is it not compatible or it is not making sense?
13  Other / Beginners & Help / How bitcoin has employed more African youths. on: January 20, 2022, 12:18:59 AM
Bitcoin has employed more youths than the government of some African countries. African countries are most times referred to as third world countries because of their under-development and under-civilization caused mainly by bad leadership. Africans have high level of poverty rate and unemployment. These problems made an average African youth to be inferior to his foreign mates. If the youth try to involve in international trade, they will pay high fees.  If they decide to save their money in their countryís weak currency, it will keep depreciating. An average African youth was financially vulnerable until bitcion brought liberty.
I will discuss how African youths earn a living from bitcoin.

Bitcoin has given Africans with skills the opportunity to earn by creating bitcoin related contents, bitcoin digital marketing, SEO and more.

Many African youths did not discover or involve in bitcoin mining at the early stage that it was more profitable. The youths are now joining mining pools with whatever hash power they have to make a living out of it.

The buy and hodl has enriched many Africans, especially these few years that bitcoin made some successive decent bull run.

This is the most popular way Africans make money from bitcoin. Trading has empowered many African youths. But the risky nature of it like trading altcoins, future trades made trading very scary to newbies and they lose money. You need skills to win here.

Now that many companies are accepting bitcion as payment for online services, Africans that can create payment gateways for companies or help people purchase things on amazon, are meeting ends from bitcoin.

The problem of buying bitcoin with fiat or selling bitcion to get fiat is solved in Africa by Africans and they make money from the exchange fees.

Lending bitcion to people with some percentage interest is another opportunity that Africans earn from. Traders borrow from lenders, trade with it and make profit and it becomes a win-win situation for the lenders and traders.

Bitcointalk being a bitcoin forum created by Satoshi has given a few Africans the opportunity to earn bitcoin by promoting some companies in the forum.

Bitcoin has brought liberty to Africa.

Translation: Nigerian Local Board (pigin)
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / How liberal was Satoshi Nakamoto? on: January 17, 2022, 10:23:11 AM
I did not make this post to undermine satoshi. I cannot do that because I respect him so much. He created what I call financial revolution. He is the reason I am here today.
I asked this question because of my curiosity on why bitcoin block size was made 1mb. On wanting to know why Satoshi kept it at 1mb, I started a research and I saw a post in this forum dated 3rd October, 2010 by Jeff with username Jgarzik. (I recommend you read it, so that you may justify my question)
Jgarzik wrote a code suggesting that the bitcoin block size should be increase to match paypalís average transaction rate.
Few minutes later Theymos observed that applying the patch will make Jeff incompatible with other bitcoin clients.
At this time Satoshi came in in support of Theymos, see his statement.
Quote from: Satoshi
+1 theymos.  Don't use this patch, it'll make you incompatible with the network, to your own detriment.

We can phase in a change later if we get closer to needing it
From Satoshiís reply you can see that he saw that there will be need to increasing the block size in the future. But he believed that it was too early for a hard fork or maybe when we get to the bridge we will cross it or some other reasons.
Jeff didnít give up easily, he gave more reasons for the proposed increase and was actually supported by majority of the user under that thread.
What made me to question how liberal Satoshi was is, after reading this reply by caveden he didnít change his decision.
I'm very uncomfortable with this block size limit rule. This is a "protocol-rule" (not a "client-rule"), what makes it almost impossible to change once you have enough different softwares running the protocol. Take SMTP as an example... it's unchangeable.

I think we should schedule a large increase in the block size limit right now while the protocol rules are easier to change. Maybe even schedule an infinite series of increases, as we can't really predict how many transactions there will be 50 years from now.
My question:
  • What did you think made Satoshi keep the block at 1mb and did not consider to change it?
  • In his statement ďif we get closer to needing it, we will phase itĒ. Will there be a time for such change again, or it has been done already?
15  Other / Meta / Test your forum knowledge. on: January 12, 2022, 09:49:01 PM
I created this topic because of some inquisitive people here that want to know about this forum. Since I joined this forum, I have been asking questions in technical support board, bitcoin discussion board, trading board and beginners and help board. People in technical board always have answers to questions. Now I have many questions base on research about the forum. If I begin to ask them I will create plenty topics. So I decided to assemble them here. I have found answer to few questions but  I don't have answer to about 95% of the questions. But I still include all the questions. This will make Jr members to know about the forum and Sr members to test their knowledge of the forum.

  • You can quote the question you know and answer
  • You can answer more than one question
  • If you have other forum related questions you can ask here
  • Good questions and answers can attract merit from random people
  • Inclusion of link will be good for reference and further studies

Q1. What date was bitcointalk forum launched and by who?

Q2. Who was the first poster, what is the title of the post and in which board?

Q3. Who was the first user banned and for what reason?

Q4. Which is the first board to be created?

Q5. What is the last board created?

Q6. When was newbie jail introduced?

Q7. When was newbie jail removed?

Q8. When and why was Satoshi banned?

Q9. When did Satoshi stop using the forum?

Q10. Who gave the highest number of merit per post and to who?

Q11. Who sent the first merit in the forum?

Q12. What is the biggest scam the forum ever experience?

Q13. When was merit introduced, who gave and received the first merit?

Q14. What is first domain name of bitcointalk?

Q15. What is the first or first set of local boards to be created?

Q16. Who has the oldest account and still active?

Q17. When was trust system introduced?

Q18. Which user recieved the first red tag?

Q19. When was signature campaign introduced, which company was the first and who was the first campaign manager?

Q20. When was ranking introduced?
16  Other / Off-topic / KYC is the biggest scam on internet on: January 10, 2022, 06:19:45 PM
I was browsing one of my favourite sites today which is and I saw an article where a hacker boasted that he broke into a government server and stole over three million NIN of citizens.
I lost the full story because I could not bookmark the article. So I had to dig the Internet to discover the full information. And this happened in Nigeria. The hacker said he got one more s3 bucket with nuclei which contains upto 5gigs of data. The whole country is in total shock or panic now.
I have to go to the NIN website to know the kind of information that is in the NIN. I was shocked to see this.
The NIN is set to be used for all transactions in Nigeria requiring identity verification so youíll be using your NIN for

obtaining your National e-ID card

travel (international passport application & acquisition)

opening personal bank accounts

getting your driverís license

obtaining your Permanent Votersí Card

participating in the National Health Insurance Scheme

payment of your taxes

transactions related to your contributory pension scheme

access to welfare and other relevant services from the Nigerian Government

transactions with social security implications

land transactions subject to the Land Use Act

any other transactions NIMC may so prescribe and list in the Federal Government Gazette
Look at the kind of data that is in the NIN. Pension data, international passport, bank account information, tax payment information, social security, estate information and more. We can say that hacker has kill over 3 million people.
Please avoid KYC. If a government server can be hacked. Any server can be hacked.
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Computational power question on: January 08, 2022, 10:27:14 PM
I know we have many miners here. I have a question. Someone should help me, I am learning. I read that in bitcoin mining for you to be given the next block of bitcoin your computer should be the first to find the solution to the mathematical puzzle. For your computer to be the first to find it within the 10 minutes. Your computer power should be high. Which means your hash rate is high.This means that the higher computers will always find the block on or before 10 minutes. If this is correct. Why are the people with low computational power still in the business? Are they there for only transaction fee or is there a time that anyone can be lucky to solve the problem even if you have the lowest computational power?
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / is bitcoin scalability problem solve now? on: December 30, 2021, 10:30:10 AM
In 2017 there was the last civil war in bitcoin. This civil war gave rise to the hard fork to whom that gave birth to bitcoin cash. The reason for the war is because of bitcoin scalability. One part of the network wanted the fork that will make bitcoin have upto 200 and above TPS. But the order part of the network believe that if the change is apply it will lead to centralization of bitcoin. The result is bitcoin cash from bitcoin.

Some week after the civil war. Pieter Wuille came out with segregated witness. But this one is soft fork. What seg wit did is to technically increase 1mb size of bitcoin block to 4mb. He did this by separating the bitcoin signature data from transaction data. So that there we be more space in the block to accept more transaction. The reason for this soft fork is to solve the scalability too.

Lightening network has be there before the 2017 war. But is adopting slowly. The Lightening network use second layer bitcoin protocol to process transaction fast and small transaction fees. This one is design to happen not on the blockchain but will be add to the blockchain after transaction. The reason for this too is to solve the scalability.

On november this year. Important update was made in bitcoin protocol call taproot upgrade. This is design to aggregate the different signatures in one single batch and validate. This help to increase the number of transaction to be made on bitcoin network. This is brought to solve bitcoin scalability problem too.

My question
  • From Ln to sig wit to taproot.  Can we say that bitcoin scalability problem is solve
  • is bitcoin TPS officially more than 7 now.
19  Other / Beginners & Help / BBCODES AND HTML (similarities and differences||questions) on: December 17, 2021, 09:17:41 PM

After seeing Bbcodes in this forum. I compare it to HTML and need to know why HTML is not use here even when is more organize.
I went through many of this links below to read the Bbcodes use in this forum
I enjoy the codes because it can make somebody creative and make article of someone to look nice or organize.
What I have been doing is to use the idea of HTML that I know to be trying in the forum and I was surprise that most of HTML work here.
I will write some similarities and differences that I notice.

A.   Both Bbcodes and HTML are not programming language

B.   Both can maintain a style from outside software like ms word: if I type some text in ms word or notepad and want it to occur in this forum like that I will use this.
[pre]the text style[/pre]
. I can use this style to make a table instead of using
[table], [tr], [td]

Quality     Bitcoin     Fiat
Centralized     No     Yes
Currency        Yes     Yes
Privacy         Yes     No

C.   When open a url if you donít want to or you donít want to leave the site: in HTML the link will open in the current tab, but if you want it to open in different tab you put
target=_blank in the opening of [a] tag
but in Bbcodes is assume the url will open new tab but if you want it to open in your current tab
. But iurl is not working here. I donít want some of the link I click to make me leave the forum, but all the link always take me out of the forum by not opening in a new tab. Any help?

D.   Both of them has two types of tag. The opening tag - [tag] and the closing tag - [/tag]: If you forget to close the tag, the code will not work or it will spoil your other work.

E.   Both of them have some self-closing tag: like for Bbcodes we have
[hr] to rule line horinzontal, [btc] to show bitcoin logo
and for of HTML we have
[hr] = horizontal line, [br] = Line break, [img]=Image

A.   HTML can be understand  by browser but browser will not understand Bbcodes unless the ones that match with HTML
B.   HTML is used to build website but Bbcodes is use in different forum which mean I can create my own Bbcodes if I have my own forum.
C.   Bbcodes is somehow simple than HTML
D.   In Bbcodes they forget very important thing in Table. that is table head (th). I saw some people that use to bold the first colon of table data (td) to formulate there table head (th)

Why does the forum use Bbcodes instead of HTML?

  • Because Bbcodes is simple than than HTML
  • So that the forum will not be attack.
my question
How will the forum be attack?
Because with both Bbcodes and HTML? someone can share link.
Too if someone use a strong HTML? parser will there still be risk?

20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What is the fundamental goal of bitcoin on: December 16, 2021, 12:56:39 PM
    I have see in my research in many place that fundamental goal of bitcoin is to replace traditional currencies.

    I am asking what is the fundamental goal of bitcoin. Is it
  • to replace traditional currencies
  • to provide alternative to traditional currencies
  • to provide freedom to everyone on how to use money

If number one is truth. There means bitcoin is deserving the fight is getting from government. Because nobody will fold hand for another person to replace him.
But if number two and three is truth. There means Bitcoin not deserve the fight is getting from government.
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