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1  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] (4) Bitmain Antminer S3s in Southern California (1.9TH for $100 +shipping) on: February 25, 2016, 10:11:18 AM
Price lowered to $100USD for all four + shipping/escrow.

Hello HCT peeps.  I have (4) Antminers S3s (batch 6) I'm looking to find a new home for.  I overclocked them a week after I got them and they've been running a consistent 476-478GH/s each. No other modifications. They have only seen a downtime once in the past 1.5 years and that was when the power went out for a couple hours.  They are still mining at present in a temp controlled, smoke and pet free commercial building.  No bad hashing units and fans all work fine. Total combined rate is just over 1.9TH/s

People in SoCal are welcome to do local pickup.

I will ship anywhere in the continental US but I don't really have access to discounted shipping so a commercial delivery address may be helpful. I'm OK with escrow with somebody reputable like OgNasty - buyer pays.

All four are mining about 0.0057BTC/day at F2Pool - they should mine a bit more with the upcoming difficulty drop.
2  Economy / Computer hardware / Socket 1155 MoBos | CPUs | DDR2 | Wireless N Adapters, Router & Bridges on: September 12, 2014, 05:42:14 AM
I have some hardware I'm trying to clear out to make my house usable again.

-I am the original owner of all of the items.
-All are working like new unless stated otherwise.
-I have ridiculously excellent (as in perfect) 381-0-0 Heatware rating & eBay feedback to 2000 and theymos has my info but I am always willing to use escrow if requested.
-I'm located in Southern California and can do local meetup as well.

MOTHERBOARDS - all boards are full retail
(1) Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P AM3+ Motherboard - asking $35 + shipping
(2) MSI H61M-P23 socket 1155 Motherboard - asking $40 + shipping per
(1) Gigabyte GA-H61M-D2P-B3 socket 1155 Motherboard - asking $50 + shipping

CPU - all CPUs are full retail w/ Heatsink
AMD X2-4450e - asking $18 + shipping
Intel E3200 - asking $10 + shipping
Intel Pentium G620 - asking $40 + shipping
Intel I3-2100 - asking $90 + shipping
Intel I3-3225 - asking $110 + shipping
Intel I5-3470 - asking $165 + shipping (no retail box)

NEW Crucial 2x1GB PC2-8500 BL2KIT12864AA1065 - asking $15 + shipping
NEW OCZ 2x1GB PC2-5400 667MHz DDR2 SO-DIMM Kit OCZ26672048VSO-K - asking $15 + shipping
OCZ Rev2 Gold 2x1GB DDR2-800 - asking $15 + shipping

NEW Hitachi 7K100 0J22423 2.5" 7200RPM HD - new pull from my gaming laptop - asking $70 + shipping

Creative Labs CT4670 PCI Sound Card - $3 + shipping
Creative Labs X-Fi Platinum with the 5 LiveDrive (think it was Platinum somethingoranother) - $35 + shipping

(2) Airlink101 Wireless 300N USB Adapter Model AWLL6080 - $8 + shipping per
(1) Airlink101 Wireless 300N Router Model AR680W - $15 + shippping
(1) Netgear WNCE2001 Wireless Bridge - $25 + shipping
(2) Netgear WNCE3001 Wireless Bridge - $38 + shipping

Amazon payments or BTC/LTC/XMR preferred
3  Other / Politics & Society / The "woman" behind the ACA really pulls in the big bucks on: September 11, 2014, 07:24:42 AM
Nancy Pelosi continues to pull in the fundraising dollars despite losing majority position. If Obama was a JV player, this is the Michael Jordan of fundraisers.

Google around to see how much her wealth has gone up in the last 12 years.

Public servant  Roll Eyes
4  Other / Off-topic / Saddest Song you know on: August 27, 2014, 08:42:07 AM
Since there was a mention of no good topics I thought I would make one for what was going through my head.  I was listening to Pandora and noticed that a lot of the old songs I listened to when I was younger were really sad.  I remember back in med school one of my classmates told me about a Natalie Merchant song called My Beloved Wife - to this day I would say that still takes the cake for the saddest song I have ever heard.  Basically it would be the equivalent to the opening scene of Up where the man loses his wife of so many years.

So please share whatever song you feel is a real downer or at least draws a lot of sympathy or empathy.
5  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Various PCIe 6-Pin & 8-pin cables, Adaptors on: August 26, 2014, 03:01:08 AM
I have a bunch of new & used cabling, adaptors, PSUs and such that's I'm going to be listing over the next few days.  I live in the Los Angeles area (use 90701 as ref zip).  I can ship but I don't really have any shipping discount as I don't have a merchant account.  All new items are unused, all used items should be assumed to have been mined with unless otherwise stated and everything is working like new unless explicitly stated as dead or as-is.

(4) NEW Gigabyte OEM (2) 4-pin molex to 8-pin PCIe convertors.  PN 12CF1-1PW013-11R.  These came with my R9 290s.  18AWG - decent cable and crimps - $3.99 each
(36) NEW Sapphire OEM 4-pin molex to 6-pin PCIe convertors.  PN 146-00699-0000F.  These came with various sapphire cards from 6950 to 7970s. 18AWG - very good cables - still using about 100 of them on my farm and not a single problem - $2.99 each
(16) NEW ASUS/MSI OEM (2) 4-pin molex to 6-pin PCI convertors. These came with various cards again. 18AWG - seem pretty beefy for 18AWG and pull from 2 molex connectors but haven't used them myself - $2.99 each
6  Economy / Service Discussion / Advice for new users regarding CLOUD MINING on: August 14, 2014, 09:04:28 PM
        First off I will preface by saying that my only current holdings are BTC, LTC, Monero, USD and I am enrolled in Stunna's PrimeDice signature campaign.  I do not have any stake in any Bitcoin based business nor do I have any affiliation with any business other than my own medical practice.  I have a small GPU farm (residual of my previous monster) and 2 Antminer S3 B6 ASICs.

        A lot of users are coming onto these forums learning about Bitcoin and hearing about people making some money and possibly even becoming rich or filthy rich.  While I will not say the time to make $ in crytocurrency is over, the chance to make significant profits by mining is gone (at least for now).  Many new users who are not familiar with how to build computers let alone mine on them come to these forums looking to invest $ and get involved with the cryptocurrency "craze" - the biggest notable coin obviously being Bitcoin

      There are 3 basic ways to acquire BTC
      -Mine them using dedicated hardware known as ASICs (previously CPUs and video cards were used, now that is obsolete)
      -Buy virtual or cloud mining contracts with fiat (cash) and get a flow of BTC into your account/wallet for the defined contract length
      -Buy them in person via localbitcoins or on an exchange like BTCe, Bitstamp, Poloniex, Crytpsy etc
      -Work for them as you would with your regular job but receive payment in BTC as opposed to fiat like US Dollars - see the services section to look for job offers

      So ever since CEX.IO started offering virtual or cloud mining a lot of users have considered this option since they didn't have to deal with the noise, heat, electricity rewiring, fire risks, maintenance and general headache involved with actual mining.  Many of the more "veteran" bitcoiners like myself felt that these companies did nothing for the Bitcoin community other than enrich themselves and we were vehement about avoiding these companies.  After all, why would a company go through the trouble of setting up something that would generate passive profit and offer to give you some of that profit.  No company performs a service like that in the real world - only charities do.  The prices at CEX are also insanely priced relative to actual hardware ownership but supporters of CEX will argue that the profit to be made is from trading and not from the actual hashing you purchase.  To that I would rebutt that why would you risk adding a middleman if all you wanted to do was trade for more BTC - you might as well trade BTC for fiat on an established exchange.

      Well the discussion about whether or not cloud mining is good or not can go on and on - and it has valid points on both sides.  What I don't like to see is new users arriving on these forums looking to get involved with cryptocurrency only to have a bad experience and then end up thinking the cryptocurrency world is full of scammers and cheaters.  We do have thousands of scammers.  But we have over a million good hearted people who would be the kind of person to let you know you dropped your wallet in a store.  To that effect, I will warn new users to consider some things particular to cloud mining.  First, let me go over the risks of mining with real hardware so you can see why people considered cloud mining at first:

      With real hardware:
      1) You hope the company you order from is not a scam.  You hope you don't send them 5 BTC for a miner and then they just disappear.  Since BTC are NEVER reversible (unlike credit card payments) once you send your payment you are at the mercy of the receiver to send the coins back should you have a problem or want a refund.
      2) You hope you get the hardware when promised. This was a HUGE issue for miners (myself included).  BFL shipped my pre-order almost 13 months after I ordered it, about 10 months late.
      3) You hope the hardware, once it arrives meets specification.  It hashes at the right speed and uses the amount of power it said it would (or less preferably)
      4) You hope the hardware is reliable and doesn't die.  With mining, time is money - at the present time is more important than future time - especially when the mining difficulty increase (please read up about Bitcoin difficulty if you do not understand this)
      5) You hope you earn more with the miner than you paid - this should be obvious to be considered an investment.  Sadly this is where the majority of hardware manufacturers are failing their customers but with good reason - going back to why would somebody sell you something that could make profits for them?
      6) You hope that if the hardware does fail the company will RMA it quickly

      Now let's compare to cloud mining:
      1) Again you hope the company is not a scam.  You don't want to buy a 5 year contract and then have the company run away after collecting up-front contract income for 6 months.  In the crypto world unless you know the names and address of the actual company you are dealing with you will most likely never see your money again.
      2&3) Cloud miners typically will deliver exactly what they promised in terms of hasrate or people would get upset at the very first day and it would be bad for their image. You don't need to worry about specs and efficiency.
      4) Cloud mining does require the mining company to be able to reliably mine.  I haven't heard of these companies having significant down-time or server issues
      5) Just like with actual hardware no mining company has been shown to really be worth buying other than PBMining - and for that we have the issues below
      6) You are relying on the company to be in business and holding up their contract for the set duration.  Now consider your contracts with phone carriers, internet access, cable TV etc.  I don't know how it is in the rest of the world, but in the US these companies are notorious for changing the rules and changing your contract and secretly charging you more fees and trying to trick their customers with the full blessing of the US government (via FTC consent).  Now think about the crytocurrency world where many companies are anonymous and newly created - do you trust a company that has been around for 3 months to honor a 5 year contract?  If they go bankrupt who are you going to call?  Would you trust the 40 year roofing warranty from a 2 month old roofing shingle company?

      And that last point #6 is where the biggest issue with cloud mining resides.  Let's forget about whether you'll make money or not.  Let's forget about whether they restrict you to mining on certain pools (or even algorithms if you're mining alternative coins).  Let's assume you get a contract and you start getting income into your wallet.  You have to HOPE that the company stays in business and doesn't shut down for the life of the contract - especially since many of these companies do not allow you to transfer ownership of your contract.  You are trusting these cloud mining companies.  If the company showed me the management positions, pictures of these people, address where the business is headquartered (not necessarily where the mining is going on for security reasons) then perhaps I would be willing to trust these companies.  I run a business myself - I am incorporated in California as a physician and my information is clearly visible to the CA public.  These mining companies should at the very least show you their credentials before you invest with them.

      Gavin Anderson, one of the lead BTC developers recently echoed similar sentiments:

      Having said that, I will list some companies.  I am not endorsing any of these companies - just making a list for reference.  If a representative from the company would like me to amend statements or prove the company's validity please post in this thread or link to the official announcement thread.  The End User must do the due diligence and investigate the company before investing.

      • Considered the first cloud mining company and is a subsidiary/partner to Ghash.IO
      • Allows you to buy and sell your hashrate at any time - this is the only way to make any profit from this service.  You will lose money if you just buy hashing power.
      • Insanely overpriced (relative to physical hardware)
      • Your cloud hashing may at times even cost you money due to the insanely overpriced maintenance fees you will lose money during bad luck spells
      • 07-07-17 FOLLOW-UP - still around but most people have already left
      • Added to list per Finalhash's request
      • They are incorporated in the  US state of Wyoming
      • Buying a contract appears to entail buying hardware which will be shipped to you at the end of the contract
      • 07-07-17 FOLLOW-UP - website is still up but CEO Marshall hasn't been online here since 2015... assume dead.



      • CONFIRMED SCAM! - took contracts for a couple months and now the website is down - ran away with over 2000BTC!!!
      • Ran a signature advertising campaign and failed to pay all the signature bearers stealing even more money!!!
      • 07-07-17 FOLLOW-UP - Confirmed Ponzi scam

      • Has undoubtedly the best prices in the cloud mining industry
      • Should be assumed to be a ponzi unless it can be demonstrated otherwise since their model is unsustainable.  I don't accuse people instant but the company has not provided any proof otherwise despite multiple claims of operating a ponzi.  They also have no evidence of an actual farm, no evidence that they are actually mining (can't show block generation).  They may show pictures, but I can stand in front of the Statue of Liberty and claims it's mine.
      • Will most likely end up disappearing like lunamine
      • 07-07-17 FOLLOW-UP - Confirmed Ponzi scam

      If you have other major cloud hashing sites I should add please list them in the above format.[/list][/list][/list]
      7  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] Bitmain Antminer S3 coupon on: August 09, 2014, 11:05:21 AM
      I'm looking to dabble with a couple of S3s since my BFL gear has gone to the electronic mulcher  Cheesy

      If anybody has a coupon that they don't plan on using I'll buying one - PM me.  Unless you have default trust, you either send first or we use escrow.

      Question - do the coupons take off a percentage amount or a set amount?  I've never ordered from Bitmain.
      8  Economy / Digital goods / WTS: AMD Radeon Gold Rewards (3 Games) on: June 23, 2014, 12:48:12 PM
      (2) Gold Radeon Rewards good for 3 games of your choice - 0.035BTC or 2.25LTC
      9  Economy / Computer hardware / 300GH/s (5x60GH/s BFL SC Singles) for sale Los Angeles, CA $50 on: May 18, 2014, 06:38:09 AM
      So I am the original owner of these 5 SC Singles.  I brought the miners down from their nice chilly perch in Seattle, WA for retirement.  3 are using the original BFL PSU bricks, 2 were running off of a PSU.  All the Singles run more or less right at 60GH/s except one is a little slouch at 57 GH/s - might benefit from a repaste.    I did take the fan grills off all the miners on day one since they run about 4c cooler with the grills off.

      I am asking $50 for all 5 Singles and the 3 BFL PSUs.  Obviously this is for people who have free electricity but the 5 of should be making about $4/day after the next big difficulty bump so they pay off after 12.5 days

      No trades please - I prefer to sell them as a bundle.  If you think $50 is too high make an offer.

      10  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] BFL Pre-Order # 1799 SC Single 60GH/s (or BFL equivalent) on: April 24, 2013, 09:23:09 AM
      I've been debating this for the past couple of months and decided to throw out a feeler listing since BFL is finally shipping some ASIC devices.  My order is #1799 which was ordered about 1 hour into the day 1 release. More important than order number is my payment - I sent BTC from my own wallet within 1 minute of completing checkout on Bitpay so I'm probably queued ahead of some other people (since BFL orders queue by payment receive time rather than order time - and I don't have the 1-2 day delay of wire transfer).  I think the lowest order number for ASIC was #1650.

      Asking price is currently 190BTC - 20BTC cheaper than the price I paid.  I can either ship it Express to you by next morning (assuming US delivery), you can do local pickup, or I set it up to mine for you and ship it at a later time when minutes of mining are not so critical.  If you want me to host it I can do so at no charge as I have "free" power at my wife's office.  I could just leave a spare machine on which you could remote into to control the miner whatever way you wish.  If I host it there is no security issue - my wife's office has equipment worth over 5x the value of the ASIC at current valuation.  That's not to say somebody won't try to steal it, but it will be insured.

      Obviously it will not make 190BTC in the first month, 3 months, or probably even first 4 months.  It will probably pay off between 6-9 months.  I can host it for free as long as my wife has her office and her current lease is good until 2016.

      The biggest risks are:
      -BFL goes belly up before they ship - in which case escrow will return coins to you and you're out opportunity cost.
      -BFL ships late and it takes a long time (2-3 years) to make ROI.
      -BFL goes belly up after they ship, the unit breaks and you lose your income source.

      Benefits - it depends on you and what your plans are for BTC

      If you have a reasonable offer then please post it here or PM me.  I won't even bother quoting or answering troll posts, so if you find it entertaining... well go eat some cat liter.

      Trust? - well I've only had about 20 transactions on BCT but all without problem.  I tried to help noobies/small players last month by setting up a Group Buy for Avalon Batch 3 which failed at the last minute due to OOS, returned all 73 coins to users.  And of course you can easily find me and my wife's pics and info on the internet since we're both incorporated and have professional degrees.  And JohnK has my info.  We can use him or another reliable person if escrow is requested.

      I've stared at OOCs graphs and done lots of calculations.  The biggest if seems to be what happens to those Avalon group buy chips.  If those custom solutions actually get mining within days then ROI will take a lot longer.  If there are problems and logistical/customs issue then ROI should come earlier.

      I do have other BFL orders later on in queue (as well as Avalon orders), but for now this order seems as close to the front of the starting gates as I see available other than order 1776 which went on eBay.
      11  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Electrical box failure? Some circuits now read 71V while others remain 125V on: April 24, 2013, 05:36:23 AM
      So today at 5:30PM over 1/2 my rigs went offline.  I have them mining at my wife's work and most of them have been going on almost 2 years now without problem. Only recently (2 weeks ago) did I start noticing one of the breakers tripper a couple times when an employee of hers used a microwave I'm guessing.

      Some event happened in the evening and 1/2 my rigs powered off.  I got to the office 2 hours later.  I figured maybe the power went out quickly (brownout) and some of the rigs managed to stay online without reseting.  The I notice some of the box fans I use on my 4 card rigs aren't spinning fast and then I knew I had a power problem.  I go to her server closet and the power backups is just on it's very last leg of juice (the server had already powered down and only the switch and router were drawing power).  I found it odd that the powerbackups remained on though.  I cycled through the little LCD menu on the APC 1500 (older model) and it showed the input voltage as 71v, output 125v.  So I unplugged it and moved it to a different socket.  Same thing, 71v.

      I shut off all the breakers (there's no main breaker that controls everything so I did each one).  Then turned them all on slowly.  Still voltage input showed 71v.  Some miners were still mining when I first got there so I moved the UPS around and found that roughly 1/2 the circuits showed 125V input to the UPS, the other 1/2 showed 71 or 72v.

      So I'm guessing something went bad in the panel or the breakers. It has been getting hotter here in SoCal and I had been placing a higher load with the last set of 7950s I got last month. Perhaps the heat and load were too much.  My dad is an EE, but hasn't done any real electrical work in 20 years (he went to defense contractor programming).  I'll ask him later tonight about this.

      The panel appears to be a 3 phase commericial panel.  It has a couple dedicated circuits for 240V like an X-Ray machine, a vacuum pump and air compressor.  The rest are standard 110 or 120V lines.

      Any ideas on what went bad?  My friend who knows more than me (that's not saying much) said either several breakers went bad, or the bars in the panel might have been burned or even the lines leading to the bars.

      The office is in a 20k sq commercial 2 story building.  My wife renovated the office in 2005 for 150k, but the first contractor was a scammer.  Don't know the quality of the second but he did get the job done.

      Any ideas? Suggestions? Repair estimates?
      12  Economy / Currency exchange / WTB $1000 to $5000 USD of BTC via Paypal, bank transfer or local trade in SoCal on: April 16, 2013, 10:00:10 AM
      I have some funds moving into Dwolla right now but I want to pick up some BTC at current prices.  I would like to pay with Paypal or Bank Transfer.  Before anybody chimes in about Paypal yeah I know about chargebacks (if you look at the newbie area you'll see I've warned several people about it).

      -If using Paypal I can send as Gift payment to so chargeback risk is removed and there will be no Paypal fee (don't know if Paypal allows Gifts in large amounts though)
      -I would like to use John K (forum mod) for escrow since he already has all my info including my SSN and my CA medical license number.
      -Price would be based on the MtGox price at the time escrow BTC is received by John K unless otherwise agreed on by both parties.
      -I have B of A and Citibank accounts and can do an ACH bank transfer if that is preferred.

      Alternatively if you're in Southern California and want to sell locally I can do cash or ACH bank transfer.

      Last big "trade" I did was try to organize an Avalon Batch 3 Group Buy which fell through due to Avalon selling out - returned all 73BTC without issue promptly here:

      13  Bitcoin / Group buys / [CLOSED] Avalon Batch 3 Group Buy & Hosting on: March 26, 2013, 03:10:13 AM
      It looks like there's not too many people in SoCal who want to jump in on this (or they have big bucks and already bought their own units).  Since CoinHoarder put his Group Buy on hold I'll open this up to anybody worldwide.  I already placed my order for Batch #3 and thought it would sell out by now but looks like the price seems like a barrier to entry for most people.

      The building I have been mining in the last 2 years is my wife's office and she's been very accommodating of my GPU farm, so having 3 or 4 Avalon units shouldn't be an a problem.  I may even buy a portable AC unit just for them if Bitsyncom thinks its a good idea.  The building is very secure with cameras and is located in front of a hospital so it even has security guards patrolling at night.

      - A "small" administrative fee of 4% would be paid to maintaining an emergency fund for repairs or maintenance of the unit.  Electricity is included in my wife's office lease so for now consider it free for now.  Mining will be done on a pool (most likely OzCoin or BTCGuid).
      - Dividends would be paid weekly until the group has majority agreement of when to decrease frequency.
      - Shipping costs will be taken from the first dividend payment
      - The mining pool will be decided by the group.  If a consensus cannot be reached I'll mine the pool I deem most stable and profitable.
      - Dividends will be paid on a proportional basis.  If you contribute 1 BTC, for example, and the unit costs 75BTC, your dividends would be 1/75th of the gross interval revenue (BTC earned minus pool fees and 4% admin fee).
      - The unit will be kept mining until it breaks, we all agree to sell it, or the sun explodes - whichever comes first.
      - Anybody is welcome to come over and check out the unit.
      - If enough funds are not collected to purchase a unit in its entirety the funds will be returned to the sender.
      - Minimum investment is 2 BTC.
      - I will provide my personal info as well as my wife's info for people in the group.  My wife and I are both incorporated professionals and have state licenses in medicine and orthodontics.  If we go on the run, we're probably leaving the country  Tongue

      Only invest what you're willing to risk.  While it's a pretty good bet that Avalon will deliver in a few months, there is no guarantee that the unit will see a full ROI before it breaks or something happens to Bitcoin.  That being said, think about this - if the difficulty stays low enough for ROI under 6 months, some company will most definitely put out more units - be it Avalon, BFL, ASICMiner, Helve....  If you don't mine with ASIC now you may as well give up and just focus on the commerce portion or trading aspect.

      If you're interested PM me with your BTC address and the amount you are sending.  Send payments to 173eWSr3vMzhZkh75Pg5SZ2MxXxJnkPyig

      For reference see my Heatware
      I have been trading online since medschool (2000).  You'll notice all the AMD voucher games I recently sold after getting my last hurrah batch of 7950s  Tongue

      If you want to invest but want to remain anonymous then just let me know and I'll record you as anonymous - you can reference yourself by the investor #
      14  Economy / Goods / Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Full Retail (not OEM or Upgrade), Win 7 Ultimate on: February 28, 2013, 02:11:30 AM
      I have a sealed copy of Windows 7 64-bit Full Retail version.  This is not the cheaper OEM or Upgrade version.  Most people on here do not need the full version, but for those who do... 4 BTC shipped USPS Priority.

      I also have Win 7 Ultimate NFR (Not For Resale) which I got at the Win 7 launch.  I will include it with a lucky penny I have.  I belive it is a 32-bit key but can be swapped for a 64 bit key from MS.  6 BTC shipped USPS Priority for the penny (with Win 7 Ultimate thrown in).
      15  Economy / Goods / New HTC One V Virgin Mobile phone on: February 22, 2013, 10:09:51 AM
      I have (5) new HTC One V phones.  The phones are new and sealed in their retail box.  Here's the phone on Virgin Mobile's site:

      The phone can be rooted and will work on PagePlus but don't ask me how I haven't even gotten time to root the one that I have (my kid is using it as a media player).

      Asking 3 BTC shipped USPS Priority w/ DC in US
      16  Economy / Services / Orthodontic Braces in Southern California now accepting Bitcoin on: February 20, 2013, 11:14:03 AM
      So I just volunteered my wife to accept ortho patients and case payment can be made in Bitcoin (either full payment up front or monthly installments).  If you know the SoCal area she practices near Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm.  If you're in SoCal and want a free ortho consult PM me.  She only does orthodontics though - no cosmetic or general dentistry.
      17  Economy / Computer hardware / WTS 2 Intel E3200 CPU, E2200 Socket 775 CPUs, Molex --> PCIe 6pin power cables on: February 16, 2013, 07:37:13 AM
      I've got some socket 775 CPUs I've been meaning to get rid of.  I have to check the functionality of the E2200 since it's coming off a mining rig where the Mobo called it quits after 1.5 years (my first mining causualty  Cry)

      (2) Intel E3200 Retail boxed CPU (have OEM Intel heatsinks and manual and all the crap) - 1.1 BTC each shipped USPS Priority w/ DC in US.
      (1) Intel E2200 Retail boxed CPU (have OEM Intel heatsinks and manual and all the crap) - 1.1 BTC shipped USPS Priority w/ DC in US.

      Also have a bunch of new Molex --> 6 pin PCIe cables - 0.1BTC each + shipping (shipping depending on quantity)

      Have a bunch of new Crucial Ballistix DDR2 I need to inventory and then list.

      18  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] Win 7 Ultimate, BF3, Metro 2033, Mafia 2 on: January 19, 2013, 10:52:21 PM
      I have the following game keys/coupons for sale:

      (1) Mafia 2 Steam key - 0.1 BTC
      (1) Metro 2033 Steam key - 0.1 BTC
      (1) Deus Ex Human Revolution Steam key - 0.1 BTC

      (4) Windows 7 Ultimate - received these with the Win 7 launch.  I believe they are 32-bit version discs but can be upgraded for free to 64-bit.  They are not for resale but will be included with a lucky penny - 2 BTC each penny (and copy of Win 7 Ultimate)

      I'm open to escrow if requested (like JohnK)

      (1) Crysis 3 keys - 1.5 BTC each - SOLD to TheMan
      (1) AMD Never Settle Reloaded Promo vouchers for Bioshock Inifinite & Tomb Raider - 1.5 BTC each - SOLD to Vanderbleek
      19  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Windows 7 Professional Full Retail (Sealed) on: July 17, 2012, 08:49:46 AM
      I have a sealed retail copy of Windows 7 Professional (Full, not an upgrade). UPC is 882224883436.  Asking $175 USD equivalent  in BTC.  I've been on these forums for over a year, but haven't really traded much (only given medical advice hehe).  I do have a perfect 342-0-0 rating on Heatware (if you've ever traded on Anandtech you've probably seen me and I probably bumped your thread).  Also 397-0-0 on eBay.  I can do local trading in the Los Angeles area or can do escrow with a trusted member on the forums.  PM me if interested.

      I will also have 4 copies of Win 7 Ultimate NFR available shortly.  I got them at an MSFT event during the Win 7 launch.  I think they're 32-bit but can be upgraded to 64-bit for free.  I just need to find where I hid them (got 2 babies running around destroying everything Tongue)
      20  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Sapphire 6870 dead or headed that way? on: July 09, 2012, 10:56:51 AM
      Background: I bought a whole bunch of 6870s for my mining rigs (mostly Sapphire ones) and for the most part they have been problem free running 965/175 stock volts.  The ones I got from Amazon can all run that speed.  2 that I got from Newegg seem to have issues so I throttled them back to 950/175 and ran them in a 2 card rig.  The card with the issue has hashed for about 6 months without major problems until now.

      Issue:  Yesterday CGminer reported that the card that usually runs cooler (one farther from the CPU) was "SICK".  So I killed CGMiner 2.4.4 and restarted it - card seemed to be working fine.  30 minutes later I check up on it and card says SICK again and is not mining. This time I watch it on a restart and note it seems to be hashing OK but the temps seem to be ramping up past the max it normally went to (past the 72C it previously maxed at).  MSI Afterburner shows it hit up to 92C sometime in the past (I'm assuming when it went SICK previously).  On this reattempt it got up to 88C, the machine hangs for 10 seconds, and the driver crashes with Win 7 x64 running fine just CGMiner not hashing.  I took the card out and brought it home to test it and it basically does the same thing when mining on my home rig (single card setup).  It seemed to run 3DMark 2011 Basic OK with a 4220 score (average) and played Civ 5 without problem for 2 hours).

      Any idea what's wrong?  The fan seems to be spinning fine and I had it set at 50%.

      I did a lot of messing around with the rig recently that may be relevant.  Last week I swapped out the previous Antec Neo Eco 620C and used a Antec HCG-400 (400W 30A on 12V single rail) since I needed the 620 for a 7970.  The rig should have had enough power as it read 340W on the killawatt with both cards mining.   2 nights before the "SICKness" I "upgraded" the drivers to 12.3 from 11.7 to see if the hashrate would really take a hit (it did, dropped from 305 MH to 275).  Yeah it was a bonehead move, but my 6950s suffered almost no penalty from going from 11.7 to 12.3 oddly and that cured the CPU bug on those rigs.  So I'm not sure if swapping the PSU or changing drivers could have resulted in the hardware "failure".  I keep hearing about VRMs overheating on 5970s - are the 6870s susceptible to such damage?

      I could always RMA the card to Sapphire but I worry they'll find nothing wrong with it and I'll be out a mining card for 2-3 weeks.
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