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1  Other / Meta / Are table borders a thing and if not can they be? on: January 17, 2020, 10:13:04 PM
I'm looking at my lightning thread's tables and it looks like it'll be hard to work out the transaction definitions for the most recent one, is there a way borders can be implemented or are they already implementd and just not on the top display?

Just maybe as
[border_table] or [table][border][tr]...
2  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Discussion and support on the lightning network lessons on: January 15, 2020, 02:16:55 AM
Hi, I'm going to be starting to post lessons on the lightning network availabe here:

If you have any question on it or are a bit stuck with anything feel free to ask them here.
3  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / A fortnight of lessons on the lightning network on: January 15, 2020, 02:10:49 AM
I have seen little evaluations of the lightning network that cover the high level and low level content. I will attempt to take a look at the LN based on it's whitepaper and project the important parts I think are neccessary to give you a basic knowledge.

Please do not reply to this topic, any responses will be deleted, discussion topic can be found here instead:

As my first pieces of advice, this may not be as comprehensive as you expect or it may be more than you can handle. I'm trying to condense a 70 page document into 14 pages that can be easily read and quickly understood, I will try to cover everything but may leave out some parts I don't find important or parts I think are covered elsewhere. I would encourage you to do your own research either alongside this or afterwards.

I noticed a lot of webcasters seem to do seminars at 8pm UTC so this will become the time I upload my lessons here. They should be short enough that you can fit two or three into a 10 minute period if you miss some days.

I would also encourage you to try if you want to learn more: ← Timelord2067's Timely Test & Main-neT LighTning Loans to a "T" in 2020 ← Liberated: LoyceV's Legendary Little Lightning Loans ← Free lightning tests by jackg

I got asked for a donation address so I'll post my staked one down here: bc1qdj5v2q8p398rdy6sexc0fapk4hcq0p54xz56ez - I don't expect to receive anything though.

The references I used:
main paper
320 000 000 (number of searches) x 4 (2 input 2 output average) x 300 000 000 (number of transactions a day) / (3600x24 seconds in a day) = 247 000 000 000 Hz
4  Other / Serious discussion / Is speed test dot net accurate? Getting 110 Mbps on 5G on: January 14, 2020, 05:30:25 AM
I was using on my phone and it seems to get a 117mbps download speed, is this normal? I haven't seen it that high before but it could just be me (it's normally around 50 but at midnight it went down to 10 so they might have upgraded the transmitter).

If it is accurate this is quite an advancement for data networks (I only pay about $15 for unlimited everything).
5  Other / Meta / [mod & admin appreciation] the lack of censorship on this forum is amazing! on: January 14, 2020, 04:42:12 AM
If you look at a lot of mainstream social media, they do a bit too well at trying to stop things like indirect hate speech and freedom of expression and this is something I think bitcointalk controls pretty well... While I don't appreciate hate speech, I think it's often best to leave it up and allow a community to attack that person or ideology rather than just remove it from the server and say "that's that mater resolved". (by indirect hate speech I mean when someone speaks out about something and it's due to a lack of public coverage that they feel the way they do) - it's obviously better to educate people more on an issue rather than just to delete it; but what mainstream social networks are about education these days?

But this is just an appreciation post for Theymos and the other mods who seem to have a very well balanced view on moderation of the forum (as balanced as I've seen anyway).

i don't endorse hate speach on any issue but sometimes you need a radical to get the message across and it helps to control ignorance

Local rule: don't quote post or reply to the one above all and his alts... Thanks
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Is bitcoin like smart tvs in ~2016 now? on: December 30, 2019, 12:59:06 AM
I think in around 2016, the technology of smart tvs wasn't very good but most people seemed to start to get them because they had Netflix and YouTube installed on them and could do quite a few other things but were still very limited...

Now there are way more brands of smart TV (in 2019) and I had to buy one recently and they have huge amounts of functionality compared to the old ones from around 2016 or even 2018 and are now much mor eof a reasonable price for a good one...

Bitcoin currently seems like it will in a few years be a huge fad that everyone wants to show off (so people who laughed at it will want to buy) and people will have to be part of it and it may either crash (slightly) or keep it's same value as other countries try to keep up but it loses its hype... Bitcoin also currently lacks a lot of the functionality that it could have to make it so much more useful and a lot of the ideas behind it just need time for people to think on them an implement.
7  Other / Beginners & Help / Thinking of continuing my "a week to learn" topic with whitepapers on: December 19, 2019, 11:16:55 PM
Not sure where to post this so I might start it off here and move it somewhere else tomorrow.

Looking at a lot of the whitepapers, it seems things like the lightning network have a huge whitepaper, I was looking at rewriting some of it and then noticed the statistics might be slightly off compared to an unbiased opinion. I can also give some additional review on the netowkr looking from a different perspective.

Will people be interested in this? I'd be looking at doing a single side of A4 for one day at size 12 attempting to simplify everything into a 5 minute digest (with additional links if people want to look into things at a greater depth).
8  Other / Meta / Filter by rank in currency exchange (implementation request) on: November 25, 2019, 05:16:06 AM
Personally, I only like to deal with people sr+ in the currency exchange if its for fiat to crypto, is there any way there can be a filter added for a certain rank and above to be shown? It also gets rid of those random locked topics from newbies that won't get much of a response (because they're likely to scam anyway).
9  Economy / Speculation / Does the future of money lie with prepayments on: November 20, 2019, 10:40:19 PM
Amazon UK seem to have started offering an opportunity to top up an account with funds and then being given a bit extra once it is added to your account.

This might have just been in October when they could get you to top up and store funds there for Christmas or it might still be going now. This is obviously offered because companies can invest the funds deposited into their own operations and generate a better interest for themselves as it was something like 10% being offered. Is this a thing that's always existed with companies or is it new? Any thoughts on whether many systems will be more like this in the future?

Large payments with btc can thus be done in the same way too.
10  Other / Meta / Would anyone find it useful if I converted some topics to audio? on: October 24, 2019, 11:36:00 PM
As Theymos pointed out from the art contest, we spend a lot of time reading and writing on here. This is good for most of the boards but for things like reading a list of the rules or looking at new changes Theymos implements, it might be nicer to have them read through rather than having to read them yourself.

If you all already have text to speech software then this may well be a useless task but I'm just wondering what people thing.

jet cash did a thread a while ago where I said I'd make something (a parody of some sort) and I got reminded of this with the 10 most noticeable threads competition so I may make something of them anyway - try to autotune my phone )
11  Economy / Trading Discussion / Are there any good videos/tutorials on cross and isolated leverage types? on: October 17, 2019, 06:56:53 PM
I've been using isolated leverage on bitmex and am starting to look into cross leveraging. Are there any good sites that explain how it all works as I'm trying to practice by putting some amounts into cross positions but I'm trying to work out when it's better to use isolated leverage than cross leverage? (I assume it'd when you want to take on large amounts of risk at once?)
12  Other / Meta / My messages is stuck on [1] on: October 04, 2019, 02:47:46 PM
I tried deleting browser cache, I don't really want to delete anything else and I'm on Firefox for android.

It's doing the same on chrome too, is this one of the many smf bugs?
13  Economy / Lending / Free lightning tests on: September 23, 2019, 01:32:18 AM
I noticed a couple of threads on here offering tests for the lightning network in a form of a loan and they seem to have a lot of restrictions so I'm going to make one a bit nicer...

• Amount: 10 000 satoshi
• No interest will be charged on this
• Anyone can apply but I can pick who I lend to
• If you use the eclair mobile wallet you should be able to open up a channel with an ability to receive coins via the lightning network but you'll have to turn this on before opening a channel (it's in settings).
• I need invoices to be between 11AM and 11PM GMT+1:00, expiry time should be set to 6 hours (this can be found in settings)
• Full repayment should be made within 7 days, I won't personally tag you but I can't control what others do and it may harm any future trades if you don't repay. No merit will be awarded directly for repayment either.
• You have to send 125% of what you can receive on eclair. If you want me to send you 0.0001, you must have previously sent 0.000125 for it to be accepted by your app (you can swipe across from putting your pin in after loading up the wallet to see how much your channel can receive).
14  Economy / Trading Discussion / Anywhere I can find the bitmex calculator on mobile? on: September 16, 2019, 12:25:35 PM
I'm trying to calculate profits and potentials on bitmex but can't access the calculator on their site from my phone, does anyone know of a good place to access a calculator like thst with all the functions and imilar estimations? It'll take quite a bit longer to work it out on mmy phone with a calculator and what's the point in programming one if there's already one avaliable.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Why would someone keep sending 546 Satoshi to themselves? on: August 28, 2019, 01:03:08 AM
I was looking at this address (just randomly scanning sites) and came across 11 pages of someone sending 546 Satoshi to the same address? There have been no other transactions to that address, is there a reason where this is a good idea?

Edit: it was a site that looked a lot like a ponzi scheme so maybe they're trying to make it look like they have genuine investors still while shredding one of their addresses for not very much?)
16  Other / Politics & Society / Is there a culture where people are sorted by aptitude at age 9/10? on: August 26, 2019, 12:58:05 AM
I'm starting to think it becomes obvious who is going to be quite intelligent in certain fields by about the age of 8 of 9 and I'm wondering if anyone does this with education?

To me it seems obvious that everyone should be able to get referred from a teacher or take a test (potentially a compulsory one like sats in the UK) in order to determine their strengths and their weaknesses. Thinking back to high school (ages 10-16) for the entire time I didn't really do much, sure we got to learn about a lot of varied subjects but it wasn't particularly time specific - you could pick up a language at age 7 probably to similar ease as you could at age 11). Producing something like a research focused education (similar to what is done in universities) should be of a higher benefit to students giften in certain areas to take that forward. A lot of the time I talk to English, art, history etc students and they have to focus on getting advanced techniques rather than following their own style which I consider to be a waste of time as you're not teaching people to be creative and individual and look at other implications, you're telling them to become a cog. An example I have of this would be the use of punctuation which isn't very well defined in itself a lot of the time, learning things like their they're and there might be helpful but we'll probably do away with them in a few years and you'll be forced to infer by context (like when spoken).

Even though I mention tests it should ultimately be up to a pupil to decide what they want...
17  Economy / Service Discussion / It costs more to use bitcoin on bitpay than bitcoin cash on: August 24, 2019, 09:58:48 PM
I wanted to by something and noticed the site accepted bitcoin, so I went through the checkout and got charged extra to pay in bitcoin rather than bitcoin cash, does anyone know why this is?

It seems bitpay get a lot of bad coverage now and there seems to be good reason why (I wouldn't have made a thread but the price was 50p different which was more than 1% of my total purchase)... As a community there may be issues if bitcoin cash dies or if it keeps going since some of these companies are clearly hugely invested in them.
18  Other / Serious discussion / Need a portable hot spot recommendation on: August 18, 2019, 12:27:10 PM
I'm looking for a WiFi Hotspot that will work in the UK with 4G either with or without an unlimited sim (I'm planning on using one I can take with me and avoid line rental that gets paid on landlines).

Does anyone have a Hotspot that works well that could offer a suggestion?
19  Economy / Service Discussion / My unconfirmed transactions no longer get shown on block explorers on: August 07, 2019, 06:14:59 PM
I was running tests a couple of weeks ago sending some bitcoins to someone else's adress to see how the rbf double spend system works.

I double spent a transaction thrice (once with a really low fee that woulnd't confirm, once with a higher fee that would but back to myself and once again to the other person but with rbf disabled)...

I didn't expect the second one to work and anticipated the funds would end up with them but they came back to me and replaced that transaction... after then I don't seem to be able to see my transactions on block explorers until they confirm, has anyone else experienced this?

The test was because someone said I could reverse a transaction I sent to them before it had confirmed and I didn't think it was that easy so I fancied testing it...
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Is diversifying into the biggest winners a good idea? on: July 30, 2019, 04:05:59 PM
I threw ~$100 into the 10 highest gainer coins on binance (not sure what the time pera mete was).

Anyway after doing this, the value has fluctuated between ~8-12mbtc, is this a good way to get a feel for the market and use as a fairly stable investment or did I just get lucky. This would obviously be done for a short term and you'd only ever put in when it reached the 8mbtc mark again (or at least sub 9).

I'm wondering if I ended up getting lucky on this or whether it will actually function as an investment idea, these coins seem pretty stable short term and don't seem to move by much? I knowforex sites list the biggest gainers and losers but I'm not sure if that's just a plot to say you can earn 3% in a day...
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