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1  Other / Off-topic / 2020 Absence on: November 18, 2020, 01:41:21 AM
So this is just a friendly Hello....

Been absent from here for the most part all of 2020.     With COVID, lock downs, crazy orders from our governor....  I have had a lot to try and deal with.
Started a manufacturing business.   Ended up buying a beat up CNC mini mill;  Fixing its problems, completely rebuilding it for the most part....

I already have a few product designs, and have a few prototypes floating in the wild.   I am half way through production on my first batch of 10 units of product #1.

Many late nights at my friends shop repairing and tuning up a lathe.

Many late nights of figuring out why my mill was not acting properly....  even burned out the motor controller during a lightning storm.


Still alive.

Still kicking.

Trying to make the best of what looks like a pretty dismal future.

Hopefully good will prevail here in the USA... but it seems like... its far fetched at times.

I got my head up.    Keep yours up too.

Ill try and be around to grace with my knowledge and support once again.     I want to get back into the hardware/software side of crypto again.   I miss it.  More than you know.
2  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Trying to create a personal active searchable address/balance/etc database... on: May 01, 2020, 11:43:56 AM
I was thinking, and wondering how sites like, and blockcypher are able to retrieve balance information so readily.  The wallets only maintain information about keys or address imported to them; and each import would require a rescan.  Rescans were bad enough at 60Gb, but 300+... Geez.

I have looked and looked for different solutions, but I would like to create a database, that I can have for a test system that polls various details for deep learning correlations....   it needs to poll details such as the balance of a specific address, tx counts per address, etc... I would like this type of information kept in an easily searchable database.

I would like it to stay up to date and current just like a wallet would... it would imagine it just having to prune it's own DB with details of each block as each block is processed.

I would use's free api returns;  but one every minute... is... too slow.   Blockcypher charges as well;  I just want to avoid pay-for-use services.   

I would rather put up a machine with the drive space and RAM to get it done and cut my network bandwidth down at the same time.  This is the goal.

Has anyone come up for a solution to something of this nature? 
3  Economy / Reputation / User 4fanBTC issuing retaliatory red trust on: March 04, 2020, 07:49:50 PM

Reference to my red flag:

User clearly states he was the dev for DBIX....  as well is connected to a hand full of sock-puppet accounts which were obvious to spot in grammar and demeanor.

The user has avoided all relation to a road map and project promises for well over a year or two.

many investors were mislead and ripped off.

I felt this user based on his history and his replies to the affected parties is a risk to anyone wanting to trust him.

I gave him ample opportunity to prove he was not any of the accusations placed on him and all he did was plead for me to remove red trust, and threaten me/denigrate me in PM.

Can an admin please review this case of red trust on my profile left with no reference?

I know his trust means nothing on my record, but this is not how trust is to be used.
4  Other / Meta / Cryptotalk campaign thread is a mirror echo of the yobit thread... on: December 04, 2019, 09:49:23 PM
Sooo...  This time it didnt take 300 pages of posts for the cryptotalk campaign thread to explode and get locked in the same exact manner as the yobit one.

Same group's campaign, same results.

I am sure there will be comments here on both sides of the field... but honestly, after everything....   I think they need to meet their end...  at least here.

Im seeing the same sigs yabbering back and forth about the topic... and... many times, the replies have already been said and restated yet it perpetuates.

Anyone in on an idea on how we can get to the core of who controls yobit and ultimately bring some transparency to a very shady company?
5  Other / Serious discussion / Custom Dell Precision server BIOS question on: October 18, 2019, 03:45:16 AM
So... I am at an impasse.

I have a Dell Precision R5400.

I purchased 2x x5460 (SLANP) CPU's and am maxing it out with 64Gb ECC Reg-F.   The cpu's were reported to be compatible.

Installed them;  get through post and it says processors are incompatible and doesn't continue the boot. (If they were truly incompatible, it wouldn't even go through POST).   The CPU's just aren't in the BIOS's list as "supported" even though they actually work.  Updated BIOS to the current A10 version, still same message (annoying, as its just a BIOS simple check that if wasn't there, everything would work fine)

I have found a custom BIOS to reflash to it to supposedly unlock it and let these processors work in it. (R5500A10.HDR)
The Ubuntu dell bios tool works and can read my current BIOS no prob.  Good news there...  I also upgraded it to the current A10 BIOS the other day while installing the new RAM   and CPU's under windows 10;  no issues at all...

Now here is the rub:  if the flash goes bad;  is there any way to recover short of using a chip clip on the on-board bios and hard-flashing it manually?   The only information I can find rely on the BIOS to reflash the machine, etc.... and the only BIOS recovery on bad flash options I have seen are related to their laptops.....


I have the custom bios all ready to apply in linux, but haven't hit the button yet, for fear of ending up with a brick and bringing my main VPN and other services crashing down for who knows how long....

Anyone with experience in the matter of flashing custom BIOS's to dell servers that has any comments would be much appreciated.
6  Economy / Scam Accusations / YoBit's Fake volume on shitcoins, among others on: July 31, 2019, 10:00:16 PM

I'm gonna be straight.  Yobit is massively faking volume.

I would like the person who got screwed and purchased from them the 7+BTC back then to chime in on this thread, as well as Mick if he ever graces this site with an update because he has always been erratic in his replies and updates to this site.

Currently (right now) there are 3,873,355 coins total in the BUB coin network at the time of writing this sentence.

on 5/25/2019  A poor soul attempted to buy out whatever was available for sale on yobit in this coin (7.323 BTC was exchanged).  The total volume on that day was: ~10,550,424 coins.  
On that same day;  YoBit's BUB wallet suddenly goes offline....

Many of us have complained, and my support tickets have gone unanswered. (I can assume the others as well can say the same, for the few of us that bag these coins)  (I only started with 20K and have staked myself up to over 100K due to never ever letting my wallet going offline).

This is on a coin that has tanked in the last few years, it went from bouncing between ~100k and 10K satoshi often: to being worth 100 satoshi or less where I bought up my bag of 20K as the price dipped under 100 satoshi each time.   I profited on these large fluctuations a lot when it was happening back in the higher priced days... so to me, it was worth the reinvestment, as its no net loss to myself.

The largest wallet that belongs to YoBit is probably: NUTLRobEVnbY1rNq7WVcC8BGrWjnaDG4zG Rough balance: 1,229,110
Mick Ghee's wallet is most likely: NQUgLXfxua2XaiyyJEF3Ah7SR9fmb9My9Q rough balance: 820,738 (he is the BUB/Siraj project owner; now running under the name doing real-time animation to voice overlays)
I would have better active network balances, but the cryptobe richlist has been broken ever since yobit's wallet went "offline"....  yet the block explorer itself, still returns the active blocks..... hmmmmm...   coincidence? Cryptobe Block Explorer

FYI If I am wrong;  you can most likely reverse the owners of those two addresses....  Because I am not 100% certain those are the correct owner placements but am 99% sure as I don't presently have access to my original wallet that I received the funds in from yobit back when the wallet was online.

Tell me this information alone does not raise massive suspicion......

Does anyone know the owners of cryptobe?   I heavily suspect they are directly tied to yobit.   Same shit coins are searchable there, that are not on all the other explorers.    They did give up on maintaining that site over a year ago FYI.

Now this all goes in line with Yobit keeping on an XVS/VSX (VSync), NKA, etc fork and royally screwing people who do not know to check for identical block height numbers before investing/depositing/withdrawing;  
Or with Yobit artificially inflating BTC withdraw prices/fees to "speed up the blockchain" while pocketing ALL of it and paying below the minimum for massive TX's during that time.    When I called them out on it they referenced the fact that they alerted us in the increase of fees;  and my response to them was a screenshot of their tweet saying to increase the speed, along with the screenshot of the TX of them sending me and 40 others BTC, with a .00065 fee attached to that massive TX.....    They ignored my response to them (never responded to me) and decreased their withdraw fee to ~.0012  instead of .0025 where it was.

I have some reservations about saying a few other things, because so far, they are coincidence and unsubstantiated;  but the timing seems to line up with what might be;  so ill keep a tight lip as to really be able to nail someones feet to the floor before ousting them to the public if my senses are indeed correct and let the community lay the coals and kindling.
7  Other / Serious discussion / closing??? on: June 10, 2019, 11:50:26 PM
Just read the article:


I have a suspicion that a big part of their content being filtered is the larger number of right-leaning posts/articles that have peen posted in the past few months;  just check their article title history.

What are your thoughts on the matter?  Did you browse their articles regularly along with the other news sites?
8  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] Onda B250-D8P mining rig on: June 01, 2019, 12:53:46 AM
I just sold off all of my video cards, and only have this last mining rig left. I'm sure someone else will put it to good use. This isn't a cheap chinese mining board, Onda boards are renown for its build quality and the D8P is no exception.

This board has 8 16x slots, and 4 1x slots.

The specs:
Onda B250-D8P V1.0
I3-6100 LGA1151
1200W Modular ATX power supply
Spotswood custom made frame for the D8P
64Gb RecData mSATA SSD
Windows 10 Pro Licensed and Activated
Cooling fans

It's ready to go with the recent nvidia and a stable blockchain AMD driver. I personally ran this board with 7 GPUs. 100% ready to have video cards installed and your favorite mining software run. Fans are used and dirty; but they do their job and still work fine.

Comes exactly as seen in the photos, (includes the IEC 110v power cable that is not pictured).

I accept BTC, LTC and cash.

Trying to find a buyer in California so it does not need to be shipped;  I would rather not, but I will for the right person if they cover the cost of shipping and materials (it will be fully disassembled).

Best reasonable offer gets it... but again;  I'm trying to find a local California sale.   Maybe trade for a 1080ti?
I am located in the Bay Area... but willing to meet in the middle anywhere in cali for the right price.
9  Other / Meta / User martychubbs; need opinions on: May 26, 2019, 10:03:55 PM
Ok, I have noticed a thread with many replies; that really had no place being there, and these veil advertisers seem to be circle-jerking each other.... that's how it seems....

I checked the most recent poster's created thread history;   before mid last year he literally copy/pasted text (sometimes the entire text) from the page/article in his link and links it as well... This goes for all of his created posts.  He has not created a post since;  only short responses of general 'a or b' opinions/statements, not really discussion that I can see.

For his recent post history;  most of the replies are just a random comment similarly in-line with the subject of the thread;  nothing really to bringing anything of substance to the conversations.

looks like a mostly copy/paste turned to spam user when the merit system and stronger crackdown on copy/paste was enacted.

Check this:  
His created topics:;threads;u=36229;sa=showPosts

His recent posts:;u=36229;sa=showPosts

His most recent merit was from a deleted thread; but NotFuzzyWarm gave it to him... so i don't think much of that.  no worries.

The thread which inspired me to make this post:

the real question is why did he reply... he didn't add anything new.... No less its a topic from a year ago, that I and others had already covered/answered, and I was even not compensated for my work as was promised by the OP....

Im looking for opinions;  im not looking to torch someone;  but curious as to what moderators think.  His created threads history is the main reason I am posting here.   100% of the reason actually.

Ive seen people banned recently for less; so another reason why I bring it up.

If any bigger trusted members here can throw a vouch or some thoughts, would be appreciated and put my mind a little at ease.

I don't like pointing a gun at someone if I don't have to; but the post history necessitated it.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Anyone else having good luck with 90%/950% dice bots? on: May 24, 2019, 01:45:18 PM
So;  after a little deliberation a while ago, I decided to try a little gamble.... again.

Risking .1 doge is a mere pence, so i made the choice to use it as my medium.  Been having some good results, so I thought I would share.

using 999dice:
90% chance of win  (>90 of 100)
+950% bet after loss
Initial bet of 0.000001
actual win percentage: 86.3%
reset to base bet after win

Steadily gaining about a mili-doge every hour or less.  The larger loss streaks give bigger bumps in profit.  Considering upping the % bet after loss;  but I think that would necessitate a x10 increase in bankroll.

If I can keep this bot for a few weeks solid, Ill probably attempt a very similar setting, but with 1000 doge as a bankroll...  incrementally step up and see how the site treats me.... who knows if their algo trims the win % based on bet size.... that's always a gamble... but if it fairs well, ill possibly give BTC a test...

I had started with a lower initial bet, but the gains were painfully slow after a full day.  Moved the decimal to the setting above, and it was good, tried one more decimal up and nearly wiped out the account.... something i had done in the past before I had thought deeper about how much of a losing streak is in the 95 percentile of chances.

Anyone have any strategies they care to discuss or share?   
11  Other / Serious discussion / New gambling website scam: on: May 16, 2019, 04:45:13 AM
Do not use any credentials to sign up that you think can be used against you....  I used a one time use fake password to test this site.

They give you a promo code to redeem for just enough to make one roulette gamble.   (0.0022 BTC)  They say you can withdraw it right away if you want to.

The website tells you otherwise that you need to make one gamble to withdraw. (ironically, 0.002 BTC minimum, and there's a 10% fee)

You make that gamble and win a large sum of $.

You try to withdraw and get hit with an alert telling you that it is necessary to send a deposit in order to do a withdraw.

Here's some screenshots.

FYI: as soon as I commented about it then started collecting screenshots to post in his thread;  it was deleted.    Oah the irony.

I suggest some forum moderators look into banning the linking of this website.
12  Economy / Goods / Eotech 552 with dual laser module on: March 25, 2019, 06:33:22 AM
Up for sale is my EOTech 552.  It has a combination integrated infared laser dot and infared laser illuminator.  
This is not your average EOTech, and you will not find this laser package for sale anywhere.

This laser is a serious hazard if you do not know what it is/does.  
Keep this in mind:  I will imagine that it would spark the interest of few and specific people given its features...  
I don't expect it to sell quick; and If I need to explain about this to you;  you don't need to buy it.

This optic has a Laser Devices dual-laser installed.   Laser Devices is the leading company for the highest tier military-grade laser devices.  You will not find this laser package on a public purchase list;  that is 100% certain.  Their public SKU list is rather limited; and this package definitely is/was not on that list.
The Laser has two separate emitters;  one is a typical infared pointer (dot), the other is put through a lens and focused into a flashlight beam effectively giving you daylight-like illumination through night vision optics at any distance (focusable); while emitting zero visible light.
There are low power and high power settings for each.  Check with local laws about using the high power setting;  there's a reason that little blue screw is there to block high-power mode.
It can be activated manually by the button on the side, or double click the button to turn it on.  The bottom has a port for a standard quick disconnect squeeze switch for activation as well.

I have had it for years;  but since NV optics are illegal to use in combination with illumination here in California;  I really can't justify holding onto it; and would like to get something a little more practical and less pocket-heavy.  I don't think they will be changing their laws any time soon.

Testing waters for offers on either cash, crypto, or trade.  
I know exactly what this is worth.  
I will most likely ignore most offers if they are not realistic.  
Escrow can be provided;  and I am sure if you wanted to do direct;  I have references that could give a good hefty vouch that I follow through with my deals on this forum.

Will not ship overseas or outside the US.  I will use a USPS flat-rate postage box with tracking.

Yes its dirty in the photos;  Its still mounted and used since it works just fine as a holosight for now.

It does need a new battery housing.   They are for sale on amazon for not much at all.  
This one works;  but a battery corroded in it at one point and made one of the springs pop out of the bottom;  makes battery changes annoying.  
Best to get a new one.. they are ~$20.

What you get:
The sight as pictured.
Two grip "squeze" buttons for laser/illuminator activation. (not pictured)  You can mount them on your grip or wherever you want a push-to-use button.  They have fresh new unused velcro mounted.

Please leave all offers in this thread.... don't PM me.    I don't like closed door trade/sell offers.

13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / JK's Application and system rebooter v1.0 on: November 04, 2018, 07:41:50 PM

  Another small utility I whipped up the other day.     I was having stability issues with xmr-stak; as well as wanting to have a clean auto-reboot mechanism in my miners.   Nowadays I tend to use teamviewer to track all of my devices and have easy access, but it tends to have strange crashes and not respond every now and then.   So;  two birds with one stone.     I don't use windows task scheduler.... it is... unreliable at best.

This simple batch file can be used to reset your process periodically, and set a system reboot timer as well.

Feel free to hack and splice this any way you wish;  Just remember;  if you incorporate it;  just give credit where credit is due as everyone should.

I do not ask for donations for my work.   But if you feel so inclined, there's a tiny donation address that can be found via the batch link in my signature.

@echo off
REM     JK's Application and system rebooter v1.0 11/04/2018
REM     AP is the program's filename that you wish to run and kill periodically.  AL is the long launch string;  using a separate a batch file containing that is preferable, but not necessary.
SET AL=xmr-stak.exe
SET AP=xmr-stak.exe
REM     A is the base counter for keeping track of when we started.
REM     C1 is the amount of seconds between each application restart. (default 7200; 2 hours)
REM     C2 is the amount of seconds between each system reboot. (default 86400; 24 hours)
SET /A A=0
SET /A C1=7200
SET /A C2=86400
REM     Some fancy math for the text readout.
SET /A B=%A%/%C1%
SET /A C=%C2%-%A%
SET /A D=%C%/3600
ECHO JK's Rebooter v1.0
ECHO Executing: %AP%
ECHO Number of application restarts: %B%
ECHO Projected next system reboot in %D% hours.
REM     Start our program
ECHO Waiting...
REM     Wait 2 hours for a keypress that will never happen and increment the counter
CHOICE /c /n /t %C1% /d
SET /A A=%A%+%C1%
REM     If the counter is greater than or equal to our C2 reboot counter, reboot the machine.  Comment out this next line if you don't want complete system reboots.
IF A GEQ %C2% reboot /r
REM     Otherwise just kill our process and go back up to where it starts again because our timer ran out.
REM     Wait 1 second to let the app close up.   It's not necessary, but a smart thing to do.
CHOICE /c /n /t 2 /d
14  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB - GTX 1080 Hybrid on: November 04, 2018, 07:03:26 PM
My buddy is looking for someone that's selling a GTX 1080 Hybrid.  Prefer EVGA.   He is looking to by around a $300 price range.  So if you have are looking to sell for around that price, shoot him an email,

Thanks guys.
He asked me to pass on the word to anyone I know, so, here it is.
15  Other / Meta / user: DekoliteNom is banned, can you help decompile his malicious code? on: August 09, 2018, 05:26:40 PM
Ok;  So this guy posted something suspicious....

He posted a link to a .doc file with quite an unambiguous name (direct quote at the bottom)

So I looked into it:

Downloaded a copy and 7zipped it for the archive...
opened in nano.   Looks like a photograph for the most part... but with a bunch extra tacked on;  just very little word formatting.  Ok, dig deeper.
Went to the weboffice and generated this link:

Now I can safely see the photo and contents of the document through the link;  and what you see.... is a blurred photo asking you to disable some security features in office.



You guys;  I know you are resourceful.   What can you get out of that .doc file to see what its trying to do extra?  That part is slightly out of my realm, plus I don't have VM's to test with or anything at the moment.

Can we get enough on this guy to get him a permaban?  

This guys type of posting, trade rating... and not to mention;  the last 117 posts of his were spamming this .doc file.    so... there must be something I am onto here...

16  Other / Off-topic / Complicated networking configuration discussion..... on: August 04, 2018, 04:23:43 PM

I'm going to try and articulate this properly....

I have two networks.   IP addresses are used as an example.

First one is the "Main network".  Attached is my DNS name and several personal services I run from this network.  One machine in this network is a VPN service for my second network.  I am using OpenVPN; and it has been extremely reliable.  The network layout is as follows:  Internet->Router->Devices. This router is set on

My second network is a remote network at another property.   It's network layout is as follows:  Internet->Router(With OpenVPN connection)->Devices.
When I connect to "the internet" from location 2;  it automatically connects to my OpenVPN TUN device (remote gateway is,, the OpenVPN default) and gets the IP as assigned. (so far all as expected)
The router then shares that TUN connection to the internal network at location #2.

From location #2:  
I can ping and administer that router, as well as other PC's on that internal network.  I can not see the network shared drives via browsing in windows networks.

From location #1:
Location #2 doesn't exist and is unreachable.

My ultimate goal is to have these two networks linked seamlessly.  

I know it should take some sort of custom routing tables or settings in my routers... I am just at a loss.   I have configured openVPN as per all of the documents out there;  as well as following several how-to's on "joining two networks with openvpn" and other such similar topics with no avail.

The router at location #1 is a Linksys new fancy $500 model with crazy amounts of wifi capability, and plenty of bells and whistles... not a problem there so far... Should be plenty configurable for my needs.    The server hosting the OpenVPN service is running a flavor of Debian Linux.

The "router" at location #2 is actually a server PC running ubuntu 16.14;  Using a USB connected modem, and is using the built in network manager for sharing the network coming in from TUN0 to the ETH0 port.  From there it connects to my 3com switch and disperses across my devices.

There is no way to properly "bridge" an ETH0 with TUN0 so that the local network #2 gets it's IP from the openVPN DHCP service that the router#2 gets it from;  that would take one layer off of my onion....    Does anyone know how to do this?

I would ultimately like to be able to browse shares and admin those remote machines at location #2;  from location #1;  without having to SSH into my openVPN server and try and talk to those devices... and even then, i can only talk to my machine that acts as router #2.

If I need to draw a photo with bubbles and lines... I can do.... but I think I have advocated my issues here.

Interested to hear possibilities for remedies.   I know there has to be a way to add some sort of routes that allow my devices connected to router #1 to be able to talk through to network #2.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / XTL-stak-JK 2.4.4 Compiled with no devfee on: June 04, 2018, 06:55:54 AM
Followed all instructions on the XTL-stak github to compile.... kinda.  Notes are below.  It compiles exactly the same as XMR-stak...

Compiled using Cuda 9.1.  
DevFee set to zero.  
Build version number stayed the same, build name was changed (added -JK).  
No major modifications aside from "built by notes", and changing the donate address to '' for quick timeouts if there is any code trickery I did not catch.

No donations or whatever required.  Just enjoy.  I know a bunch of you (like me) would like the zero devfee build, but either can't or are too lazy to compile it yourself.   Here you go you lazy ones Wink  If you do feel like taking the time to donate, you can find the donation address in the "miner batch" post that is linked in my signature.  The text is extremely tiny.

***I literally cut/paste the source and built it 100% as per instruction aside from the edits mentioned above.***

MS Visual C++ Runtime:
Download vcredist here

Current Version:
Download XTL-Stak-2.4.4-JK here

Previous versions:
none yet!

If you are getting slower hashrates on older cards, try these DLL files.  They are from a different release of xmr-stak, thus not compiled by me.  But, another user has reported that replacing the DLL's with these has increased performance.  Your mileage may vary:!oGY0iIxa!X1tlll_HR5LWTa1aT3jBQIZAR3Bv91_Bgll8huVl84w

2018-06-03: Compiled and uploaded 2.4.4.  Noticed the 2.4.4 source was version marked in the code as 2.4.3, so I edited that as well to 2.4.4.

Just run xtl-stak.exe and fill out the questions.  from there after, just run xtl-stak.exe and there's no need to put any commands after.
See the xmr-stak thread's replies  by clicking here for notes on disabling CPU and GPU's individually.  I can help if you need assistance with your configuration.

Please see all of the build and usage notes ( the original github: By clicking here.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / XMR-stak-JK 2.10.7 Compiled with no devfee (Updated: 2019-8-18) on: April 05, 2018, 08:55:13 PM
Followed all instructions on the XMR-stak github to compile.... kinda.  Notes are below.

Huge thanks to Fireice-UK for making this source public.  Without it;  this release would not be here.  If you like it;  I suggest you donate to him directly rather than the devfee as it costs you more than just the donation time of hashrate in the real scope of things.

Compiled using Cuda 10.  
DevFee set to zero.  
Build version number stayed the same, build name was changed (added -JK).  
No major modifications aside from "built by notes", and changing the donate address to '' for quick timeouts if there is any code trickery I did not catch.  CLi.cpp file was modified to add built by notes, as well as remove excessive fluff.

No donations or whatever required.  Just enjoy.  I know a bunch of you (like me) would like the zero devfee build, but either can't or are too lazy to compile it yourself.   Here you go you lazy ones Wink  If you do feel like taking the time to donate to me for my time, you can find the donation address in the "miner batch" post that is linked in my signature just message me...  But I highly suggest throwing a donation to fireice-uk first... without him, this release would not be possible.

***I literally cut/paste the source and built it 100% as per instruction aside from the edits mentioned above.***

MS Visual C++ Runtime:
Download here

Current Version:
Download XMR-Stak-2.10.7-JK (VS2019 Build) here
Download XMR-Stak-2.10.7-JK here

Previous versions:
Download XMR-Stak-2.10.6-JK here
Download XMR-Stak-2.10.5-JK here (NOTE: suggested to delete old .txt files and let them get rebuilt due to some changes)
Download XMR-Stak-2.10.3-JK here
Download XMR-Stak-2.10.2-JK here
Download XMR-Stak-2.10.1-JK here
Download XMR-Stak-2.10.0-JK here
Download XMR-Stak-2.9.0-JK here
Download XMR-Stak-2.8.3-JK here
Download XMR-Stak-2.8.2-JK here
Download XMR-Stak-2.7.1-JK here
Download XMR-Stak-2.6.0-JK here
Download XMR-Stak-2.5.2-JK here
Download XMR-Stak-2.5.1-JK here
Download XMR-Stak-2.4.4-JK here
Download XMR-Stak-2.4.2-JK here

If you are getting slower hashrates on older cards, try these DLL files.  They are from a different release of xmr-stak, thus not compiled by me.  But, another user has reported that replacing the DLL's with these has increased performance.  Your mileage may vary:!oGY0iIxa!X1tlll_HR5LWTa1aT3jBQIZAR3Bv91_Bgll8huVl84w  This was applicable on 2.4.x only.

2019-08-18: Compiled and uploaded 2.10.7 under VS2019
2019-08-12: Compiled and uploaded 2.10.7
2019-07-23: Compiled and uploaded 2.10.6
2019-06-15: Compiled and uploaded 2.10.5
2019-03-28: Compiled and uploaded 2.10.3
2019-03-16: Compiled and uploaded 2.10.2
2019-03-12: Compiled and uploaded 2.10.1
2019-03-07: Compiled tested and uploaded 2.10.0
2019-03-04: Compiled and uploaded 2.9.0
2019-02-16: Compiled and uploaded 2.8.3
2019-02-15: Compiled and uploaded 2.8.2
2018-12-10: Compiled and uploaded 2.7.1
2018-11-23: Compiled and uploaded 2.6.0
2018-10-29: Compiled and uploaded 2.5.2
2018-10-18: Compiled tested and uploaded 2.5.1
2018-06-03: Compiled and uploaded 2.4.4
2018-05-30: Added vc redistributable install link
2018-05-29: Compiled and uploaded 2.4.3/quickly removed partially built binary
2018-04-10: Alternate .dll files from original dev's older release available, download link added.  May give better or worse hashrates.
2018-04-06: Fixed issue with not launching properly.  Added original usage docs from source.

Just run xmr-stak.exe and fill out the questions.  from there after, just run xmr-stak.exe and theres no need to put any commands after.
See my below replies for notes on disabling CPU and GPU's individually.  I can help if you need assistance with your configuration.

Please see all of the build and usage notes on the original github: By clicking here.

If you are looking for XTL-stak, that's right here.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / XMR-stak 2.4.2 Compiled with no devfee on: April 05, 2018, 02:43:26 AM
Followed all instructions on the XMR-stak github to compile.

Compiled using Cuda 9.   DevFee set to zero.  No major modifications aside from build note.  I didn't even blank out the devfee pool names in the code.  No need if its set to zero and we can trust the dev's original code Wink

All files in the zip were compiled by me, except for the two .dll files from the "xmr-stak-dep" folder as per the build notes.

No donations or whatever required.  Just enjoy.  I know a bunch of you (like me) would like the zero devfee build, but either can't or are too lazy to compile it yourself.   Here you go you lazy asses Wink

Download XMR-Stak-2.4.2-JK here
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Nanopool and monero7... on: March 26, 2018, 06:39:37 AM
Does anyone have word if nanopool will support the new monero7 algo?

Whats the best bet do you guys think?
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