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41  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [WTB] Custom altcoin (0.5 BTC) on: May 13, 2013, 01:49:58 AM
Hey, I wanted to make a jokecoin for some friends of mine at another forum. I was wondering if anyone was able to clone litecoin for me and change a few paramters maybe

Keep in mind, this is for me and a few friends only THIS WILL NOT BE POSTED/ ANNOUNCED HERE AND IS STRICTLY NOVELTY!

If anyone is interested pm me!
42  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Altcoin maker on: May 12, 2013, 07:07:45 AM
I'm SO sick of the new altcoins every day, so, in an effort to show the the masses the value of each new scamcoin, why not have it be easy to make an altcoin out of thin air with no effort?

I was wondering if any programmer can make a windows program that can be easily used and do the following:

-Make a custom Scrypt altcoin executable!
-Set coin name
-Set coin abbreviation
-Set block time target
-Set starting reward (maybe allow premine incentives?)
-Set time when reward halves
-Set starting difficulty
-Replace all instances of litecoin to coin name
-Write custom about
-Make a genesis block

- Make a guide for using it, including the ability to customize any images

anyone able to do this?
If anyone can, I'll get John K. to start a bounty for it that people can donate to.
43  Economy / Marketplace / Selling 0.035 btce code for 0.03 btc on: May 10, 2013, 08:36:16 PM
just wanna empty the account, any takers?
44  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [CLOSED] 10 Free Ixcoin on: May 10, 2013, 07:26:31 PM
Ixcoin giveaway. since the exchange is down and i dont care about ixc, Ill give 10 to each person who posts here until my supply of 135 is gone.

doubled it for no real reason...
45  Bitcoin / Hardware / Klondike 1 Avalon Asic chip Mini USB miner on: May 05, 2013, 09:59:09 PM
Everything here is credited to BkkCoins (I'm merely trying to get a bulk order with him to ship ready made units out of the USA). Keep in mind if you are looking for efficiency, I highly suggest you check out his other threads about bigger boards that hold multiple chips efficiently at a much better cost. This is supposed to be a cute little hobbyist miner to get people into mining as a gift or as a small little accessory. Buying many of these to mine by yourself is probably not as good as just going with the Klondike-16.

Probably Isn't happening soon [july?] We'll try to get this done as it comes along though!

Since a lot of people have asked, price estimates (Absolutey no guarantees!):
1 - $90 each*
10 - $75 each*
50 - $ 70 each*
100 - $60 each*
*Add BTC 0.1 to price for the chip

A group buy via Canaryinthemine seems to be the best way.

Still rough estimates. still don't know what they'll cost to manufacture. I got in on a relatively early avalon order and hope they are done fast. If they cost less to make or there is little demand by the time they come in, the price will go lower. Same is true for the opposite.

If you think it is expensive, I know, and am trying to find a group seller to reship them and make it approximately the group buy rate for everyone since I'm not set up for mass shipping at the time.


I wanted to use this thread to gather interest on a mini asic usb miner with avalon chips, equivalent to the asicminer version that cost 2 btc. 3d model:

If/when this is done, I'll pay for several hundred/thousand units for retail with the chip included. Everything else would probably be done by BKKCoins


I think this is a pretty sweet idea. How feasible is it though? Is this more at the 'hey this a good idea stage' or the 'hey I think I can actually make this it wouldn't be that tough' stage? Smiley
I've done the schematic and I'm partially through the board layout now. Maybe tomorrow will have something concrete. But still pending on Avalon docs forthcoming.

Here's my first pass on the Klondike 1 PCB layout.

Prettied up with designer colours.

Board is 1" wide and 1.5" long with USB tab sticking out about 0.5". I just realized I'll need to flip over the USB tabs so that the heat sink is on top. No worries, always stuff to fix up, but lots of time before any chips show up. This will run the same firmware as I'm developing for the Klondike 16 and 64.

Also noticed I lost some thermal vias during the copy over from 16 chip board. Ha ha, I was going to redo them anyway. It's just a quickie to see how it'll fit together.

I've been tinkering with the 3D rendering in Kicad this morning so people can see what this could look like.

My current projection for retail price is $16 for a kit, and $25 for assembled - both NOT including the ASIC.

A kit would include a plastic stencil (1 per order only) and heat sink, and you'd need a skillet or toaster oven, and some skillz to put it together. I still have to source a suitable heat sink - something 1" x 1.5" would be ideal. I'm looking for something awesome but cheap.

Assembled ones would be ready to use - you'd send me an ASIC, I'd assemble and ship back.

This is upside down.
The bottom will have something covering it like compound or a plastic wafer of some sort. The top would be a heat sink - no 3D model for that.

You won't see these until at least July but if I have a sample ASIC then I'll make a prototype and take pre-orders when I know it's functional, pending only ASICs then. Check out my Klondike 16 board if you need more than 1 ASIC per board. I'm expecting the K16 won't need to be fully filled, and at $35/kit would be better for multiple chips.

Here's an update of the 3D render for the K1 based on recent Avalon docs release. This is a final pre-prototype board. Will be checking it over for a bit before ordering a batch of boards for testing.

I've updated the parts list and added Gerbers on github for those interested in seeing the board close up. This is untested - do not order boards based on these Gerbers as there are likely some errors. Hopefully I'll catch them before my first prototypes.

I'm working on firmware now for both K16 and K1 (same code).

I know, looks the same, but it's not.
Added a chip and inner layers have the data signals now. ASIC also has thermal vias.

First test board ready to send off to the factory.
Here is a render of it 2up, 5cm x 5cm. This is the under side.
2 LEDs on other side (top): Green - Power, Red - Activity. (position marked near left edge)
Heat sink will cover from 5mm left side to near the USB connector.
The small connector at left edge is for daisy chaining or connecting to K16. (It's an I2C bus.)
Although my test boards will be green, I'm really thinking of using white for the final product (because white and LEDs are just so bling - I just need a blue anodized heat sink).

First batch of 20 test boards just ordered.
Expect to see them here in 10-12 days if all goes well.
Any updates?

Maybe we should organize a group buy for avalon chips here and send them to Klondike?
Latest status - waiting for K1 test boards to arrive. They were shipped on May 30th. so should be here in a few days. I'm setting up a prototype board to test firmware while waiting for the K1s. Until today I was waiting on PIC chips to come in. Some of the firmware code has been tested and scoped by choaztc and is working but even if I get fully functional firmware I'm still going to be waiting on Avalon samples to test/verify against, and those appear to be a couple-few weeks out.

I don't have spare Avalon chips ordered to make K1 sales with. I know of a few forum members who have chips and are waiting on final boards to produce a ready-to-use product, either on their own or with me providing boards or assembly (K1 only). So I think by the time chips begin arriving there will be options for those who want a plug n play K1 experience. At some point, when more certainty is available, pre-orders will be opened and jumping on that will be best bet for early on product.

Just a cross post for those not following the K16 thread.

K1 test boards are here and I'll be working on assembling a few for testing next. The firmware is mostly done and I'm expecting by the time the ASIC samples arrive the kinks will be worked out and I can focus on just the ASIC data signal issues.

46  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Double spend prevention on: May 05, 2013, 05:08:39 AM
If All the big mining pools published there "to-do" transactions, could that be used to see which transactions will be confirmed and if there is a double spend on different pools? (Address X in one pool, Y at another...), and then can't the person accepting the coin wait until the transaction gets a confirmation?
47  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] Selling ASICMINER Blade on: May 05, 2013, 01:58:52 AM

BIN is 80BTC (mostly cause price has gone down a bit and I want a little profit.)

Comes with all this stuff to get going (Radioshack ref numbers)

   7-Ft. Cat5e Network Cable
Item#: 2780053
Quantity: 1

   Adjustable Wire Stripper
Item#: 6400223
Quantity: 1

   Audio cable
Item#: 2780566
Quantity: 1

   13.8VDC 15-Amp Power Supply
Item#: 2200508
Quantity: 1

Escrow is OK (I pay fees considering it's reasonable), overnight shipping is included for US (elsewhere contact me)

Please give me a reasonable offer if you think 80 BTC is too high, but It's basically what I want... (inb4 0.01) thanks!
48  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Free Escrow (Tips appreciated) on: May 04, 2013, 12:28:56 AM
Hash: SHA1

Hey, I'll be doing escrow again. Pick one:

Pm Me here

Text 7652767698

email me at markusweasly gmail dot com

WOT Link

I also currently control this NXT account:

Doing it for free (a tip is appreciated and suggested)

Version: GnuPG v1.4.2 (MingW32)

49  Economy / Goods / My Kickstarter (4 Horsemen Playing Cards, accepting BTC soon) on: May 03, 2013, 08:28:41 PM
hey guys. Started a kickstarter here:

Once we hit 7k I'll happily accept BTC and LTC, and give a 10% discount! I'll bump this when I hit 7k, but if you don't mind amazon payments, consider backing that way Wink.
50  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / how does feathercoin change anything? on: April 29, 2013, 09:51:20 PM
I'm not saying this to be a typical altcoin hater, but I don't get what makes it different from LTC other than it makes more coins per block... Can someone explain why anyone who believes in a scrypt based miner should use FTC over LTC?
51  Economy / Currency exchange / Closed on: April 24, 2013, 01:25:47 AM
Sold please close this
52  Economy / Goods / 5-Hour energy for sale for BTC! on: April 23, 2013, 08:39:40 PM
Ok I got more.

5 Hour Energy

Price per bottle is 0.02 BTC

Price for Box of 12 is 0.2 BTC

Price for case of 24 is 0.3 BTC

shipping is 0.04 BTC and comes with tracking

I currently have 5 boxes.

53  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Gum, 5-hour Energy and Emergen-C on: April 13, 2013, 08:25:39 PM
I'm selling random food items I have a lot of...

BTC0.02 5-hour Energy (Berry flavor)

BTC0.005 trident Layers (Strawberry Orange or Apple Pineapple)

BTC0.002 Emergen-C packet (Tangerine, Orange or Raspberry)

Priority mail is $5.80 so we'll say BTC0.06 for shipping and handling

order limit is whatever fits in a priority box, I'll update as I sell out of stuff.

thanks Smiley
54  Bitcoin / Electrum / [BOUNTY] Lost Electrum password on: April 08, 2013, 07:16:39 AM
I lost my electrum password. (I don't recall ever making one, but whatever.) here is my electrum wallet.dat for the wallet. it has around 1.8-1.9 btc in it. if you can crack it, you can keep all btc in excess of 1 BTC (of course you can take them all, but I 'd appreciate some of it back...) (15HC2A9VGFMRYEHy3e49pUTgmmcGR5sFco)

{'change_addresses': ['15Cmq32vtG6PNAY1bTh8ks2Zez4CVELvvH'], 'expert_mode': False, 'use_encryption': True, 'labels': {}, 'fee_per_kb': 20000, 'seed': 'BZWAQbfF6GbwSXmSrd5DqOVnnin7264i1lBvzfb1jzJxvhcUPmtCL/qdjGm3AcbrkUb+Uz4BFAIwIAOKDkCRyQ==', 'accounts': {0: {0: ['1PBP2RjoEqzS4RQFqjPvjNBnMi1vxKEDny', '1JSt31iH61ZztWGer1CNDjimruFkEFAfZ7', '1fFWJgEKygq45EFTGG4AxT38H4PsJRJS6', '1C87oDR4WdnkzaVYTYo5PZpDs91rkma3e5', '1AWBA6SS1jYRccUJMh5MCcVU8A1VVS7hzz', '17a3YtEpmyn6UuWkKbWDdyvr4KQ9quwWtU'], 1: ['15Cmq32vtG6PNAY1bTh8ks2Zez4CVELvvH', '1BdhBepRV21JmR2tfUTmAZx36DYJ5jE1tt', '1LKnCv5PaoaEpjth9T7EcqdRhqhrHEoBks'], 'name': 'Main account'}}, 'aliases': {}, 'fee': 10000, 'contacts': [], 'auto_cycle': True, 'master_public_key': '240bb0ea5852e2c07d769225602c4159d9e78337053805aa68ac9cb1396c533995872ea6e1d8fe3 f11f00eea655a10f9bdc3ec49b15f9874f7244acfa343e420', 'column_widths': {'receive': [[370], [370, 200, 130]], 'contacts': [350, 330], 'history': [40, 140, 350, 140]}, 'column-widths': {'receive': [[0, 310, 200, 0, 0, 0], [50, 310, 200, 0, 130, 142], [50, 310, 200, 130, 130, 10]], 'history': [40, 140, 350, 140, 162], 'contacts': [350, 330, 152]}, 'winpos-qt': [323, 112, 840, 435], 'gap_limit': 5, 'seed_version': 4, 'requested_amounts': {}, 'addr_history': {'15Cmq32vtG6PNAY1bTh8ks2Zez4CVELvvH': [], '1C87oDR4WdnkzaVYTYo5PZpDs91rkma3e5': [], '1BdhBepRV21JmR2tfUTmAZx36DYJ5jE1tt': [], '1fFWJgEKygq45EFTGG4AxT38H4PsJRJS6': [], '1PBP2RjoEqzS4RQFqjPvjNBnMi1vxKEDny': [(u'c25543061eeb5a587a906ff46f60fdb99da0daf69406b8fcddf5b30d875be8fa', 224778)], '1LKnCv5PaoaEpjth9T7EcqdRhqhrHEoBks': [], '17a3YtEpmyn6UuWkKbWDdyvr4KQ9quwWtU': [], '1JSt31iH61ZztWGer1CNDjimruFkEFAfZ7': [], '1AWBA6SS1jYRccUJMh5MCcVU8A1VVS7hzz': []}, 'prioritized_addresses': [], 'frozen_addresses': [], 'use_change': True, 'transactions': {u'c25543061eeb5a587a906ff46f60fdb99da0daf69406b8fcddf5b30d875be8fa': '0100000001fb1c03f95962fe18119d829314cec60dc79268200fcc76d16533aee8db78fb7701000 0008a4730440220029918eaf35ff9ecb37e8ac44da167c0f49510e545ac56b36dc7c15b77d92b96 02201a4487793792a6b12fd93990daa3ef351dfa0639f10126873a652c08718eb769014104b31b2 c6f63bd34f600f5ad400f82d42eee73655dae0b7fe3a3f381f14bf7a6e70c1ab88cb29fc808ccba cbeb4e977b179c77435f62209adb7d7650d28a47f741ffffffff027f66040b000000001976a914f 3494fe3a14b79e5a4c79c18b385f6d4f6b2931988ac7128350d000000001976a914cc189b504d9b a4ec2e84b65931a86c156c18d52988ac00000000'}, 'console-history': [], 'num_zeros': 0, 'proxy': None, 'authorities': {}, 'receipts': {}, 'addresses': ['1PBP2RjoEqzS4RQFqjPvjNBnMi1vxKEDny', '1JSt31iH61ZztWGer1CNDjimruFkEFAfZ7', '1fFWJgEKygq45EFTGG4AxT38H4PsJRJS6', '1C87oDR4WdnkzaVYTYo5PZpDs91rkma3e5', '1AWBA6SS1jYRccUJMh5MCcVU8A1VVS7hzz', '17a3YtEpmyn6UuWkKbWDdyvr4KQ9quwWtU'], 'qt_receive_tab_mode': 0, 'language': '', 'conversion_currency': 'BRL', 'gui': 'classic', 'server': u'', 'imported_keys': {}, 'verified_tx3': {u'c25543061eeb5a587a906ff46f60fdb99da0daf69406b8fcddf5b30d875be8fa': (224778, 1362713115, 49)}, 'verified_tx2': {u'c25543061eeb5a587a906ff46f60fdb99da0daf69406b8fcddf5b30d875be8fa': (224778, 1362713115)}, 'history': {}}

Good luck!

[mods if this is in the wrong section, sorry Sad]
55  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] Early order BFL ASICs, Better prices, look within on: March 07, 2013, 09:28:19 PM
Ok I have around 5k now, I would like to buy one SC, a mini SC or at least 4 jalapenos.

Paying $5000 for BFL SC
Paying $2500 for BFL Mini SC
Paying $700 per Jalapeno

This can be in paypal or Bitcoin or in person (in vermont and NYC area at times.)

If it's bitcoin, an escrow is required.

This is only for Batch 1 orders (aka June 2012 early July 2012) later orders are ok but prices will be lower. thanks
56  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] Avalon ASIC miner on: March 07, 2013, 12:47:08 AM
Thought it might be worth a shot, but I'll pay 2200 paypal or equivalent in btc for an avalon asic miner. I'll also pay a good amount for a batch 2 order. lookup noitev on OTC for references
57  Economy / Goods / 1 BTC Metal Engraved Public Key cards. Colors and custom images available! on: July 08, 2011, 02:28:43 AM
Engraving some Aluminum colored credit card sized public addresses. Can do any black and white designs. I will take Bitmaps and try to convert them, but black and white bitmaps will be best. other image formats can also be converted.

Colors available for now are Green, Blue and Brass (brass may not be easily scanned)

happy to do qr codes and other things, all done and shipped for 1BTC USA 1.5BTC International. This is a test and once I run out or am done testing, it'll be done.


Its a tad misaligned (made quick), but yours will be made better and I guarantee it'll look how you want it

Am I really online and ready to engrave live?
58  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Keypair cards now available through Bitbills! on: June 28, 2011, 06:32:37 AM
The picture is just a prototype. The finished product will have 2 cards (One with just the public key so people can send funds to it on the go. and a public private one to stash.) I have a fairly high level of trust on Bitcoin-OTC (I go by noitev on there too.) My engraver that I used my Bitcoins on should be here soon and its a high end engraver. There's also a small possibility of a business card sized usb drive with a public address on it. put your own wallet in it and send me a btc address to put on the front and you have a usb backup you can send coins to on the go.

Big news:
I Work for Bitbills now and im getting the final product ready with him!
Stay tuned!
59  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / need help importing private btc keyd, will give a few cents for help on: June 27, 2011, 01:55:01 AM
join freenode #keyhelp
60  Economy / Marketplace / help me import bitbills key, earn a few bitcents on: June 27, 2011, 01:48:26 AM
need help, we'll meet on the irc

i'll be in room #keyhelp on freenode
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