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1  Economy / Games and rounds / BTCGOSU $1000 GIVEAWAY on: December 22, 2021, 04:34:43 PM
We at BTCGOSU are always trying to bring the best offers, promotions and crypto casino reviews so that you can play in a nice and safe way.

With that in mind, here's our latest promo!

Share any bet from Wolfbet on our newest section and get a chance to grab a prize from a $1000 prize pool

You can upload both Videos or Images

You don't have to be a BTCGOSU referal in order to participate

More rules on the news announcement

Happy gambling gosus!
2  Other / Meta / Proposal for high reporters on: November 09, 2021, 09:47:28 AM
I'm personally a bit picky, and hate it a bit too much whenever a report gets marked as "bad". Even more when it's an avoidable mistake such as reporting a post twice when reporting a few tens or hundreds.

So here I'm thinking, is there something, a resource or so that we coud have in order to prevent this? Well, that's the porpuse of this thread. I'd like to request that from a certain number of reported posts, or good reports as we already have the report history, a small warning is shows saying that you have already reported that post. This warning could also contain some information like the time of the report or even the reported text.

I'm not asking for something too flashy either, a simple red text similar to the "someone has posted while you were typing" text that is usually displayed.

I'm not aware of something similar having been proposed in the last few years, but should that have happened, I'll be locking the thread.

This could also come together with those "reported badges" that have been in the air for some time, although I rather have this functionality than the badge, since it's something practical (although badges are cool).
3  Local / Mercado y Economía / La cadena 100 Montaditos aceptará pagos con crypto on: November 06, 2021, 10:57:41 AM
Como todo lo que se lee en titulos y titulares, esto hay que cogerlo con pinzas, pero anoche leí una noticia curiosa cuanto menos.

La cadena "Los 100 montaditos", va a abrir un local piloto en Madrid en el cual se podrá pagar mediante distintas criptos gracias a una colaboración con Bit2me (el exchange nacional). Dejo el enlace al articulo abajo, peor si me gustaría destacar un par de puntos sobre la noticias

Según precisan, gracias al servicio Bit2Me Pay, se podrá pagar al instante, ahorrando tiempo y fees de minería. Para esto el cliente deberá tener instalada esa aplicación y con fondos depositados. Pero no hay limitación: se puede pagar usando cualquier otra wallet.

Por un lado puedes añadir fondos a la app de Bit2me y usarla como una especie de "prepago" (pagas las fees 1 vez al depositar y luego ya nada), o usar cualquier otra wallet! Esto ultimo es lo que más me llama la atención, ya que no es una pseudopropuesta que pretende en realidad obligar a usar algo especifico para poder usar criptos como metodo de pago

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / [BLACKLIST] Translation campaign cheaters on: October 26, 2021, 08:19:17 PM
This list is intended to serve as reference for Altcoin bounty managers when it comes to what translators not to choose. This topic will be locked, and any discussion about being on the list or wanting to add someone to the list will be done in the following topic: [Discussion] Altcoin translator blacklist

If anyone wants to hire a good translator, there are a few topics with lists ordered by language:

Overview of trusted/recommended Translators
[Translators] List of Bitcointalk Translators


5  Economy / Reputation / [Discussion] Altcoin translator blacklist on: October 26, 2021, 07:15:26 PM
After the idea of creating a blacklist of some sort for altcoin campaign translation cheaters (and thus, spammers), I've finally found some time in order to create the topic accordingly. I honestly want this to be used, and even if I'm being way to optimistic thinking it will actually help reduce spammy and shitty translations, I still hold some hope.

The list is available on its own thread, on the Altcoin Bounty boards; where the intended target usually roams (altcoin bounty managers); who knows, if we get lucky, they may actually take a look at it.

The only problem with this, is that it doesn't prevent spam from happening the first time, but if a user is caught using shitty translations and is added to the list, there's a slim chance he won't get accepted in a new campaign; besides having the translated ANN deleted (and they'll create new accounts until one of the sides can't take it anymore).

The list will remain as a locked thread (and self moderated I'm hella stupid and forgot to mark the option) to prevent spam getting there, so this thread will be linked as a place for discussion/reporting of this wannabe translators. They may even try prove their innocence here, but if they've made this far down...

Now that I've introduced the thread(s), I'll get to writing the first actual report on a spammy translator  Wink may that serve as reference if someone wants to deal with them this way!

[BLACKLIST] Translation campaign cheaters

PS: This thread has been created on the reputation board since it is directly linked with the reputation of the so called translators on the forum overall.
6  Other / Meta / About Serious Discussion on: October 25, 2021, 07:53:04 AM
I'm seriously starting to wonder what exactly does fit in the serious discussion board. It's really not the first time I've had this doubt, but since I just got a report marked as bad on a thread that had nothing to do with bitcoin, and was really not a serious thing in my oppinion, I'm really asking what the hell should be going on at that board to prevent any future mistakes of the same nature.

I've seen it's not a board dedicated to "only bitcoin" over the years, since there's a lot of variety in the threads. However, most of these threads could actually belong to other sections (P&S/off-topic mostly). So, what exactly is serious and what is not? What's the criteria? What the hell?

PS: post that has triggered this below

Loving football and playing from a much tender age to this extent, I just had a quick view of my past in football of the pitch and on the pitch, a little of what I have observe and learnt from football are viz;
•To believe in myself.
•To be patient,while trying to hunt down my goals.
•Not to give up in life,that's why we have two halves first half and second half,so as to give a second trail.
•Taught me team work and cooperation.
•Not to be selfish,while trying to get my goals.
A whole lot to say, majority are football lovers and have that which over time they have got to learn,what are viz ?
7  Other / Meta / Actions against spam translators on: October 13, 2021, 11:12:42 AM
I believe I have already talked about this in the past, but since there has been no clear answer/action taken, I'm bringing this issue up again.

It's a known fact that most of the altcoin bounty projects don't give a unit of fucks when it comes to choosing their bounty participants, creating tons of spam overall on the forum. While most of this spam can easily be reported, and will most likely get removed, it's not so easy when it comes to local translations of ANN threads.

This last case, highly depends on how active the local moderator is, and whether he activaly takes part in the local community. If a report is sent and a Global Mod ends up reading it, in most cases, they "ignore" them because they don't know the language the translation has been done in. Altcoin boards are usually ignored overall for this particular reason, and while ignoring them might be an option, it's not a solution. There's debatively some good content from time to time, and that spam prevents anything from being readable or reachable.

This becomes evident when a single user has sent a huge quantity of translations over a short period of time; but of course every thread should be read before judging it.

I'm bringing this issue up again, because some many months ago I had a rather unpleasant interaction with one of these so called "translators" (reference). In that particular case, some action was taken and a few hundred of his posts/threads were removed. However, that fixed absolutely nothing, as he simply proceeded to create the same threads that had just been removed. When re-reporting the threads, nothing ever happened for the aforementioned reasons (mods not really that active, global mods not knowing what it was about).

Now, I personally think that this kind of threads are a direct violation of forum rules 1 and 27 (kind of obvious). If a number of users are breaking the same rules over and over, why is no action against them taken? Is there an actual way to improve the report information so that global mods do take action? (I'd appreciate the input of GMs here).

PS: I was kind of about to go on another reporting crussade against another one of these translators, but I'd like to be sure about how to do it both efficiently and not wasting any time.
8  Local / Minería de altcoins / Curiosidad para operacion de terraza on: October 11, 2021, 09:39:19 AM
A raiz de varias conversaciones de sobremesa de estos ultimos días, me ha surgido la duda de si a fecha de hoy la mineria incluso de altcoins sigue siendo algo viable. Por razones que cualquier persona con dos dedos de frente alcanza a comprender, el tren de la mineria de bitcoin salio hace demasiado tiempo.

Sin embargo, tengo esa cierta curiosidad sobre si seria viable a fecha de hoy instalar en una terraza generalmente muy fria (aprovechando que hay que ordenarla, vaya) algun rig seguramente de graficas para o bien minar alguna alt que mereciese la pena, o minar sobre alguna plataforma que pagase directamente en btc (se me vienen creo que nicehash y mountain miner o algo asi a la cabeza de hace años).

Tirando del mismo hilo, dentro de algo tan sumamente amateur y sin realmente idea de rentabilidad; que podria valer de rig de inicio aproximadamente? No estoy pidiendo una lista de la compra evidentemente, pero entro en un nivel tan amateur que realmente no se muy bien que componentes hacen falta para montar algo asi aparte de graficas y alimentacion...
9  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Doubt about double spending on: September 28, 2021, 09:29:45 PM
Technical question from a non-technical guy... Sorry if it comes out as something stupid, but I rather seek an answer to my ideas than putting them in a dark corner.

I was thinking about how some wallet providers or even individuals do sometimes use fees that are just "too low" to get fast confirmations. This may not be an issue when we are transacting between individuals, but it can be a pain in the ass in some cases. One of such cases, and the one that has led to this query, is the casino deposit feature.

No need to explain what a deposit is, but most, if not all casinos require at least X confirmations from the network in order to credit the deposit. Nothing wrong with that, since they cover themselves from a double-spending attack. However, in some situations, transactions get stuck and the player is left to wait (bad luck fella, use a higher fee next time) for a long time. The main reason this feature exists is to prevent double spends, as I have already mentioned, but I'd like to know if there is an alternative to it.

I know transactions with RBF can be double spent (or accelerated, call it however you like it most), but is there any other way to actually do this? CPFP is a kind of RBF, IIRC; so, if transactions that don't have RBF active can not be double spent, could hypothetically a casino run a node that is able to tell if a transaction has this activated, and in the event of it being negative, instantly credit the money with no confirmations required?

Sorry if the explanation got a bit messy, I can try re-explain it again if that's the case. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this
10  Local / Primeros pasos y ayuda / Top reporters on: September 20, 2021, 11:34:09 AM
Realemente se trata de una chuminada, pero Theymos acaba de publicar una lista con el top de personas que han hecho reportes buenos durante el ultimo año en el foro. Por lo menos 2 somos de por esta zona curiosamente (y más curiosamente todavia, he empezado a buscarme debajo de DdmrDdmr y no entendia xk no me encontraba). Sin mucho mas que añadir a esto, dejo la lista:

| User                    | Good reports |
| actmyname               |        38580 |
| Ratimov                 |        33267 |
| eaLiTy                  |        13852 |
| GazetaBitcoin           |         4750 |
| hosseinimr93            |         3800 |
| friends1980             |         3090 |
| DaveF                   |         2744 |
| lovesmayfamilis         |         1665 |
| Rikafip                 |         1548 |
| Csmiami                 |         1529 |
| Mbitr                   |         1458 |
| miner29                 |         1403 |
| xandry                  |         1225 |
| mk4                     |         1173 |
| dkbit98                 |         1165 |
| suchmoon                |         1162 |
| Barcode_                |         1010 |
| Lucius                  |          972 |
| xhomerx10               |          852 |
| LoyceV                  |          834 |
| DdmrDdmr                |          832 |
| sandy-is-fine           |          811 |
| OmegaStarScream         |          769 |
| NotFuzzyWarm            |          724 |
| Xal0lex                 |          698 |
| pooya87                 |          677 |
| SiNeReiNZzz             |          595 |
| DroomieChikito          |          580 |
| vareole                 |          569 |
| UserU                   |          560 |
| Lafu                    |          550 |
| odolvlobo               |          546 |
| UnclWish                |          511 |
| alucard20724            |          504 |
| Charles-Tim             |          504 |
| RickDeckard             |          447 |
| colires                 |          435 |
| ETFbitcoin              |          425 |
| bluspirit               |          418 |
| LeGaulois               |          364 |

Hilo de referencia: aquí
11  Economy / Games and rounds / BTCGOSU X BCGAME SLOT MULTIPLIER MADNESS 500$ in prizes! on: August 17, 2021, 03:32:27 PM
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / [BUYING] BFG token on: May 25, 2021, 07:59:51 PM
As some of you may well be aware, cryto-casino Betfury is soon going to list their in-house token at an exchange so that it can be traded. There's no current estimate on the price nor on the exchange that will be used for the trading, but I'd like to secure some of the tokens before they even hit the exchange.

Having said that, I'm looking for people that would want to sell their BFG in advanced and prevent using an exchange overall. My PMs are open for offers in case any interested party does not want to trade out in the open; but be advised I'm looking for big amounts of the token.

I'll be paying in BTC
13  Economy / Scam Accusations / Betnomi scam-ish behaviour on: February 15, 2021, 07:30:38 PM
Almost a year ago, betnomi came to the forum as a "new" casino, claiming to have learnt from their past mistakes and wanting to launch-create the new best online crypto-gambling experience. In the beginning, I helped them clear their name from their past reputation, as I honestly believed it had been a very stupid but honest mistake on the owners' side. Time has gone on since then, and new things have popped up every now and then, and I've recently been experiencing some of these issues myself. That does help change perspectives.

My first incident happened on January 19th; after winning a multi-freebet from their "predictor" feature, I proceeded to withdraw the money in BTC to my personal wallet. The withdrawal took a lot of time (but OK), but once I saw it on my wallet, there were aproximately 20€ missing (on a 220€ operation aprox). Surprised to see this close to 10% reduction, I contacted the site owner on his personal telegram, as we had had some chats last year until summer aproximately. The solution presented to me was to receive the missing 20€ in my personal wallet. I did accept this, and the money arrived, but I didn't like that I had to go double checking everything and that the explanation to this was a vague "was sent manually, maybe fees deducted etc not sure or conversion issue not sure".

The incident I have just mentioned just now was resolved, but there's been a new development today, that has pretty much pissed me off a lot. For some weeks now, a couple of users and I have been under the impression betnomi withdrawals were manually done to have to send less crypto when the price fluctuated up (which has been happening a lot lately). Today, I received the free bets from predictor rounds 8&9. Some users here may be familiar with the site and this feature, and as you can see in the screenshots, the freebet value you have earnt is shown in the leaderboard:

As anyone can see on the screenshots, I "won" 41.7€ on round 9 and 16.69€ on round 8. Those 2 rounds have been credited today, and much to my surprise, both freebets were of a value lower than the expected (according to their own site) value:

So in total, I'm 0.46€ short; a truly insignificant amount, but that's not my only reason to complain here. This small shortness proves the point of them delaying payments (withdrawals and crediting users) to pay "less" when the currency pair fluctuates upwards (USD/EUR) in this case.

This behaviour alone could be shaddy enough, but the magnificent support agent I talked to did clear some other things up. I never received the freebet for the predictor round 7. I made the owner aware of this on telegram once again, as anyone can see here:

The freebet was credited but expired at the same moment, and I never received the notification email. The owner was aware of this and said "they were going to look into it". When talking to the support agent today, he has very clearly stated the following:

So after this insightful conversation with support, I was going to write to the owner over PM on telegram, but I'm tired of empty words and I want everything to be on the record here, out on the public.
Considering how vague the words I've received the last times have been, I feel like I should get all that has happened together and warn other users, because there's something shaddy happening at this site. Not only that, but I've also been scammed of so far, 16.91€; as the round 7 was never paid to me:

As a final touch, I bring a screenshot of my inbox at betnomi, where you can see that round 7 (credited on February 2nd) never received a notification message:

There's also some other things I know other forum members have experienced, I won't be talking for them, but I'd like them all to chip in and share their experiences here.

PS: This is not about the money; I couldn't care less about 0.5€ or even 18€; but having a "serious" casino miss almost 10% user funds twice is something to keep bear in mind. Apart from that, the withdrawal delays during bull runs are another interesting thing to have in mind

PS2: There will be no flag yet, but that one may depend on the overall explaining and corrective actions taken by the site
14  Bitcoin / Electrum / Mempool min fee on: February 01, 2021, 02:58:04 PM
I was getting ready to do a consolidation transaction on Electrum from a Trezor One Hardware Wallet.

As procedure says, I selected coin control from the address in question, and proceeded to max it out into a new addy with a 1 sat/byte fee (no rush order). Much to my surprise, after signing the tx, and when trying to broadcast it; I got a "mempool min fee not met" error. Transaction size is not really big; smaller than 700 bytes, and I've transacted many times using the 1sat fee in the past.

Am I missing something here?
15  Local / Hardware y Minería / Sobre GPU mining on: January 31, 2021, 01:27:20 PM
He estado leyendo varios rumores durante esta semana sobre los planes tanto de Nvidia como de AMD de restringir sus equipos de procesamiento gráfico a la mineria de criptos. Hasta que punto es esto viable, y que supondría para las grandes granjas mineras?
16  Other / Meta / Bottom of the web buttons on: December 30, 2020, 12:03:52 AM
I was just playing around the website, and saw the 4 buttons at the bottom of the site; as I have many times. Only this time, I decided to actually check where they they you, as I've seen similar webs use this as a sort of verifyer of whatever they have.

The 2 ones content "only" information and the link to the 2 on the right suggest they are indeed some sort of verification (license?) tool:


I've stated a couple of times that I'm not really a tech guy, so I actually don't know what these 2 are supposed to verify, but the thing is none of them is actually working? They are working in a sense that the website loads, but one sends a forbidden error back, and the second one brings a "Sorry! This document cannot be checked." I also tried searching by url on that one, as it is suggested on the tab that is opened, and>2 Errors, 1 warning(s)

So my question are as follows:

-What are these 2 guys?
-What are they supposed to validate?
-If they are not working or outdated, why are they there?
17  Local / Primeros pasos y ayuda / Funciones ocultas del foro on: December 22, 2020, 07:16:55 PM
Despues de maravillarme por este hilo de tranthidung, he pensado en compartirlo por aquí. Hay muchas cosas que hasta que no las he leido aquí nisiquiera sabia que existian, por lo que supongo que a muchos os resultará bastante útil también. Evidentemente, previa autorización del creador; que tal y como están las cosas ultimamente....

Funciones/páginas ocultas
Descripción informativa breve
|Donaciones al foro||
|Donaciones|Información sobre los donantes al foro (donators - 10 BTC, VIP - 50 BTC). Los casos excepcionales no están incluidos|
|adinfo|Información sobre los anuncios del foro (9 slots principales y 1 slot de datos)|
|adstats|muestra de manera ~exacta las impresiones de cada anuncio|
|seclog|Usuarios que han despertado o cambiado de contraseñas (Jr. Members - predeterminados). Pincha en 'Show all' para ver los detalles de los newbies.|
|modlog|Posts/hilos eliminados, usuarios baneados/fulminados (nuked). No se muestran los baneos temporales.|
|código para bypasear el captcha|Your unique captcha-bypass link. Ver anuncio sobre el tema|
|Sobre la privacidad|Un intento por describir las practicas que respectan a la privacidad de los datos de los usuarios; no es un acuerdo.|
|Posts recientes|Los últimos 100 posts en el foro (de todas las cuentas)|
|Patrulla|Los últimos 200 posts (solo de Newbies)|
|Patrulla sin bounty|Los últimos 200 posts de Newbies (fuera de secciones de "bounty")|
|Lista personalizada de posts recientes|Los últimos 100 posts (de todas las cuentas) en una sección en específico (ejemplo: 27 -- Local español)|
|Patrulla personalizada fuera de secciones de bounty|Los últimos 200 posts de Newbies (fuera de secciones "bounty") (ejemplo: 27 ~ Local español)|
|Listas de posts/hilos de un usuario||
|Lista de los hilos de un usuario|Lista de los hilos de un usuario en una sección especifica (ejemplo: 130 -- Primeros pasos y ayuda; 903175~ mi UID)|
|Lista de los posts de un usuario|Lista de posts de un usuario en una sección específica (ejemplo: 130 -- Primeros pasos y ayuda; 903175~ mi UID)|
|Estadísticas del foro||
|Centro de estadísticas|Estadísticas del foro (Los datos hitóricos del foro dejaron de actualizarse en 2017)|
|Volcado de datos de mérito|Volcado de los datos de méritos que theymos realiza cada viernes|
|Méritos recientes|Últimas 500 transacciones de mérito|
|Hilos más meritados recientes|Los 50 hilos más meritados recientes|
|Hilos más meritados de todos los tiempos|Los 50 hilos más meritados desde que se introdujo el sistema de méritos|
|Posts recientes más meritados|Los 50 posts recientes más meritados|
|Posts más meritados de todos los tiempos|Los 50 posts más meritados desde que se existen los méritos|
|Usuarios más meritados, con méritos recientes|Los 50 usuarios más meritados con méritos recientes|
|Usuarios más meritados de todos los tiempos|Los 50 usuarios más meritados|
|Los usuarios más generosos que han enviado méritos recientemente|Los 50 usuarios más generosos enviando méritos de manera reciente|
|Usuarios más generosos enviando mérito|Los 50 usuarios más generosos enviando méritos desde el principio de los tiempos|
|Usuarios que han mandado más mérito a usuarios baneados en los últimos 180 días|Los 50 usuarios que más méritos han mandado a usuarios baneados en los últimos 180 días (6 meses, en terminos más simples)|
|Estadísticas|Estadísitcas sobre todas las fuentes de mérito, todo el mérito generado en sMerits cada 30 días|
|Opciones de confianza|Crear/actualizar la configuración de confianza en el foro; un vistazo general sobre tu configuración de confianza|
|Volcado de datos del sistema de confianza|Volcado de datos que theymos hace sobre el sistema de confianza|
|Información sobre los miembros DT|Información sobre las listas de confianza de algunos miembros DT (no tengo muy claro lo que es esto)|
|Membresías de pago|Haz un pago único para aumentar los permisos de tu cuenta. Solo existe la opción de Copper Member por ahora.|
|BBcodes ocultos|Algunos emojis más que tiene el BBcode|
|Hilos de manera descendente en función de su número de "bumps"|Lista de los hilos ordenada de manera descendente en función de su poder de bump en secciones seleccionadas|
|Hilos de manera ascendente en función de su número de "bumps"|Lista de los hilos ordenada de manera ascendente en función de su poder de bump en secciones seleccionadas|
|Enlaces del foro abreviados|La manera de acortar los enlaces de hilos/psts del foro (útil para tablas)|
|Página para ignorar secciones|Selecciona las secciones a ignorar|
|Página de ayuda de SMF|Una guía básica sobre la estructura de foros que utilizan el software SMF|
|Explicación sobre el BBcode de SMF|Lista de los comandos BBCode de SMF|
|Estadísticas de reportes|Tu historial de reportes (disponible a los 300 correctos)|
|Primeros hilos|Primeros hilos del foro|
|Escrito de theymos sobre Bitcoin|Escrito de theymos sobre Bitcoin|
|Archivos de la web antigua|Accede a los archivos de la web antigua|
|Clave Pública PGP|Clave pública PGP|
|Notificaciones por email|Activar las notificaciones por email de un hilo en concreto|
|Observar/ Dejar de observar una seccion|Utiliza esta función para observar las actualizaciones de una sección|
|Search personal messages|Use it to search PMs of specific user|
|Ordenar los PMs enviados por usuario|Selecciona entre Up/Down para ordenar de manera alfabética (ascendente/descendente)|
|Ordenar los PMs recibidos por usuario|Selecciona entre Up/Down para ordenar de manera alfabética (ascendente/descendente)|
|Tu historial de IPs de los últimos 30 días|IPs de los últimos 30 días. Para más detalles pincha aquí|
|Eliminar el Proxyban|Comprueba tu estado de proxyban|
|Ver quien está conectado|Ver quién está conectado(tanto Guests (invitados) como usuarios)|
|Lista de borradores|Una papelera temporal (para tus últimos 100 posts/previews, se eliminan a los 7 días). Ver detalles y la guía|
|Añadir un usuario a tu lista de ignorados|Para añadir a un usuario cambia su UID y usuario en el enlace|
|Añadir un usuario a tu lista de ignorados por PM|Para añadir a un usuario cambia su UID y usuario en el enlace|
|Añadir un usuario a tu lista de "no confiados"|utiliza el formato ~username (con el usuario en cuyo criterio no confias)|
|Una versión más apta para móviles|añade ;wap al final del enlace|
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Un par de sugerencias

18  Other / Archival / 🎡 ¡GOSU Roll Hunt 🎲 $500+ Dice Contest 🎲 72 horas! 🎡 ⭐ BTCGOSU ⭐ on: December 08, 2020, 01:21:09 PM
Lo primero de todo, dejar claro que esto es solo un hilo de ANUNCIO. Self moderated por si algún cazurro no lee las cosas con atención y participa aquí en lugar de en el hilo adecuado para ello (incumpliendo las normas y haciendonos bastante daño a todos en el proceso)

Los premios principales para los jugadores con más puntos por conseguir alcanzar los números GOSU se pagarán en BTC, nos pondremos en contacto con los ganadores para pedirles su dirección.

Además de los premios principales GOSU as stated in OP, los siguientes premios secundarios GOSU serán repartidos de la siguiente manera:

- $50 para cada uno de los jugadores que apueste la mayor cantidad en cada una de las webs seleccionadas (premios en BTC, como alternativa, se podrán creditar directamente en la web; nos pondremos en contacto)
- Premios sorpresa que no vamos a decir todavia, en base a la participación en el evento

Algunos detalles explicativos:

- 0673 / 6730 / 06.73 / 67.30 son números GOSU (los decimales no se tienen en cuenta)
- No hay apuesta mínima
- Solo las tiradas realizadas con dinero real contarán para esta competición
- No hay límite para la cantidad de premios que un mismo jugador puede ganar
- Esta competición no es exclusiva para usuarios de Bitcointalk

Documento con la tabla de clasificación del GOSU Roll Hunt -->
19  Economy / Reputation / Cheating translator and incompetent manager on: December 02, 2020, 12:18:04 AM
I'm going to take a little rest from the reporting streak I've just started on a certain users' profile. I'm also going to explain the situation and use this thread to reference my negative tag, and I'm still considering adding a type 1 flag on said user. Apart from that, I'll ask that the manager in charge of this user shows up and gives some credible explanation as to why no control over this user's translation had been taken. Depending on that reply (or lack of it), a negative tag will also go for this lovely lad. Let's get started on what I currently have:

This is a reputation thread, not a scam accusation. I have lost no money interacting with this user, and if someone has to fill some scam accusation, it should be the manager or the company that has paid a user to do a job he has most certainly not done.

User Profile Link: pedrillo0

What happened: A user has been posting strangly worded sentences in the Spanish local board while being working as a translator. I had had a suspicion of translation tool usage for quite some time, but I never considered the user being as obvious as I'm going to show. Tonight, I finally felt I had the moral strength and time to start revising every post looking for machine translation tools, when out of the blue, I saw the same post posted twice, but in 2 different languages (english and spanish). Seeing them that close, and realizing everything was too similar to be a manual translation, I decided to check the most obvious tool there is: Google Translate.

Much to my surprise, every word matched; it was a 100% copy paste. Knowing this, I've started checking every post with it's english counterpart, or reference link (article) provided. Everything is a 100% match, so I'm going trough some report fest RN. I'll take a couple of random examples to ilustrate my words; but having the whole posting history, anyone can actually check, you don't even need to know the language to see it's the same.

Example 1:

Example 2:

User's post history in Spanish boards:

Concerning the manager(s):

I've decided to only list the ones from 2020, as that's the year I'm still reporting. Back in march I had some suspicions the account could have been bought, so older campaigns will be added here as I see fit

2020 manager(s):
Bounty Detective (times 11)
bitcoinmuseum (times 1) looks like this project was cancelled (scam, lmao)
Aerys2 (times 1)

I hope you are capable of providing some serious explanation here, because you are actually promoting spam and facilitating scams with such lax control measures

Yes, I'm bloody angry, and I'm going to keep on reporting; it was nice having some fresh air while wirting this though; anyone that feels like joining to the report fest, is more than welcome
20  Local / Biete / DOGE-BTC on: November 30, 2020, 08:20:20 PM
Ich habe 7997.864502550 DOGE das ich für BTC verkaufen möchte.

Ich werde nicht zuerst senden wenn du:

-Neg trust hast
-Ein newbie bist
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