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1  Other / Off-topic / What is the likelihood that this will happen when the "Red king" is given power to continue ? on: April 13, 2021, 12:43:14 PM
The time for  power to be given back to  him is very near, but what is the chance that he will remember that someone was constantly praying for him, stood behind him during his trials,  and will anyone show appreciation ? Well, what will happen after he is given power may surprise or shock you.  

*The time is near
2  Other / Off-topic / The big problem for those centralizing or trying to centralize crypto on: April 12, 2021, 08:27:58 AM
The big problem for those/developers who aren't sticking to the main principles/ideals of cryptocurrency like Decentralization, Transparency, Immutablity, Censorship resistance, Permissionless/trustlessness, Network consensus-based, based on good rules, security, etc.     ..     You cannot centralize or go against this important principles and expect to be independent of the traditional centralized "system". No, the system will fight you and rule over you . It won't allow you to be free. The ideal system that reflects the true freedom for all network participants has to be created. You don't free yourself from tyranny and evil only to try to rule over your fellow participants in fight for freedom.  All participants must all  have equal opportunity in that network/networks. Don't make things difficult for others or other participants. Make sure they can fully/easily participate under good rules otherwise you can't really be free.

By the way, the Freedom I totally support is the freedom to do what is right/good.
3  Other / Off-topic / Which continent do you think is the Poorest/least in the World on: April 09, 2021, 08:32:59 AM
Which Continent do you think has the Poorest people in the world or has people that are least amongst nations?
The full truth about this will help you understand why humanity needs to help protect, guide and cherish them more. GOD will use them to guide humanity out of darkness

I may reply the comments or write another post concerning the topic in the future (depending on the answers/replies from forum members)
4  Other / Off-topic / Don't judge people based on 'appearance' on: April 08, 2021, 03:23:37 PM
I believe it's the Will of our CREATOR (GOD) for those who do HIS Will to be here in cryptocurrency space and help develop true crypto to something good and very useful.
Beware that the "enemy" will constantly try to get you feel guilty even if what you do is ok.  If what you post and promote is harmless to people and approved by GOD then don't feel guilty about it. They will always find things bad about what you do no matter where you work. You could start promoting Fruits and Vegetables today and they would get you to start thinking that fruit/veg is evil, or maybe use bad names for the fruits and vegetables.
It is part of their war strategy, so ignore and always ask questions to be sure you are doing what is right.

I don't know much about others, but my main purpose of remaining in Crypto space is to help build the right tech that will help people during the time of serious crisis. So, we need to keep contributing and solving problems. You will know when the "time" comes, and there will be safe and decentralized tech people who listen to us will rely on.
5  Other / Off-topic / The kind of rights given to certain people who provide free products/services on the internet on: April 08, 2021, 09:05:28 AM
I noticed how easily people who offer "free" products/services can abuse this privilege. I call it privilege because most people who use the products/services are not aware they are free... In my case, I was aware but was "forced" to accept their offers, inform of pop-ups, to use a popular social media for free. The offers occasionally appeared on the screen of my phone with no way of regecting the offers... better still, there was no button to click on to reject the offers and avoid giving them your consent to use your private information and get the information exposed to dangerous people (or things) intentionally/unintentionally.
I pay for my internet services. So, I don't fully understand why they took over my phone screen and got me to click offers (I never requested for) that get you to use the social media for free?

It's Important to get the consent of people before offering them free products/services.  You don't force it on them. I never had any problems paying for my internet services with money I worked for, and i don't request for free things from people I don't know really well or outside of my family.

6  Other / Off-topic / Do not expose people to harm on: April 06, 2021, 01:50:36 PM
Some days ago I saw some "sensitive information" about satoshi shared on a section of this forum(Bitcoin section), I was abit worried and wanted to discourage or speak against it but changed my mind realizing that the information has been available publicly on satoshi's Bitcointalk account for anyone to go through. I concluded that the person or thing copying and sharing such information may not have done anything immoral/illegal if he/she/it has no bad intention, doesn't misuse/abuse the information or doesn't expose the owner to harm or risk with the way the information is used

I think it's better to use such information privately as a researcher or share them with people that would never abuse it. In my opinion, people who would not care to research about such information could misunderstand, misinterpret or know things about him that shouldn't be known by any kind of person.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Always remember I have nothing against "Staking"... "Staking tied to Consensus" is what i do not re on: March 25, 2021, 02:44:11 PM
"Staking tied to Consensus" is what i do not recommend"

I do not recommend certain kinds of Stakings that are tied to Consensus of Decentralized Crypto Networks/Systems. A Truely Decentralized Cryptocurrency needs to be truely  decentralized and safe as much as possible. To achieve true decentralization, it's important that most/all honest network participants/investors run full nodes and take part in full/proper Consensus. Investors must include participants who have something they find very valuable invested in decentralized network. So this includes investors of any economic class (both the rich and the poor). Unfortunately, Certain PoS consensus mechanisms excludes people in certain financial states or certain economic class, with high staking requirements which makes it hard for lots of others important users from taking part in proper network consensus.
We need proper Consensus Mechanism that makes it possible and easy for all/most participants to take part in proper Network  Consensus. And it's important that consensus participants are able to easily run full nodes.
I want to see millions of people able to easily run full nodes and take part in full consensus. This will greatly help in decentralization, especially if it's Merit-based consensus mechanism, rather than that based on high amount of money all network participants won't be able to afford.

It really surprises me how impatient, selfish and inconsiderate some crypto community members  can be. Nothing stops me from making my own system/network with my own community and leave the centralized cyberspace behind, but I avoided that idea in order not to be selfish. Leaving the rest behind from something that should be for the whole True Crypto Community Fans is definitely a selfish thing to do. I shared ideas I strongly believe will protect alot of people from what is coming but some care about themselves, their class/groups alone.

We need truely decentralized systems/networks, not those that are antifragile and can easily be centralized or will easily fall apart in serious crisis. Such systems/networks need to be driven by Consensus Mechanism anyone can easily participate in.
Trustlessness, Permissionlessness, the ease of running full nodes and taking part in full merit-based Consensus are some of the most important ideals that will make a consensus mechanism very decentralized and safe
8  Other / Off-topic / Pro vs anti mask. The two extremism on: March 22, 2021, 01:00:00 PM
It's actually sad to see people discouraging others from wearing nose masks as if they don't know that people have been using mask to protect themselves from bad air and disease before covid. I have seen people in bikes many years ago before covid wearing mask to protect themselves from dust, and I have seen  doctors wearing masks too for good reasons. So why are there campaigns on the internet encouraging people not to wear mask, that mask is bad or don't offer any protection from diseases, toxins, etc?

Another extremism is pro-mask people imposing unreasonable mask rules, whether it helpful or not. I have heard people getting arrested in the past for walking/jogging alone in open field without mask. This isn't really reasonable.

I just wish people will be more concerned about other's well-being than their selfish feelings . No one need to be told when to or when not to wear mask once they start caring about other people's lives and theirs. It is most likely possible that people died or contracted the disease due to not having or following good mask rules.

9  Other / Off-topic / An important sign that time to live separately from the 🌍 is coming on: March 19, 2021, 02:19:39 PM
An important sign that time to live separately from the 🌍 under the safety of our CREATOR is coming.

Have you notice how certain people are strongly refusing to allow "foreign things" into their bodies? Imagine what will happen if most people accept the foreign things but few refuse .The few could be blamed if the problems continue,and they will be attacked/hated by societies they live in. One of the Right things to do in this case is to leave them and go to isolate places and live. It's time to prepare to live far away from the World.
The people you see today so friendly, may completely change to something else tomorrow.

10  Other / Off-topic / How is Anonymity seen in your culture? on: March 16, 2021, 03:22:10 PM
Does your culture tolerate or abhor it?

Do you think it's OK to be anonymous in physical world?

Here is one very important aspect where anonymity is allowed and an important practice in my religion...
*Alms giving or donation in public

It's actually a fact that when you want GOD to bless you, you need to donate or give your alms anonymously/secretly rather than to be seen. This aspect is why I find it hard giving things online. I prefer to do such things anonymously. It actually more fulfilling to me.
11  Other / Off-topic / Very important thing people need to understand about destiny/predestiny on: March 11, 2021, 09:40:58 AM
I remember the predestiny questions made me wonder if GOD really exists. The more I searched for answer the more confused I got...Evolution theory didn't help either until I was saved and GOD gave me understanding of the questions some months ago.

So below is the summary of the answer to the destiny or predestiny questions which I first posted here:

All men have been destined by GOD to live according to HIS will. When you live according to HIS will, things go well for you. There is a good path created for those living according to HIS will. It's a good and smooth path..
But when you do things according to your own will and break GOD's law in the process, you will automatically be moving on a different path full of problems. Our CREATOR knew/knows exactly what will happen to those who are on bad path and breaking HIS rules. HE knows them all to the minute details. And HE already put things in place to still help us when we are on the bad path. He always intervene for our own good even after the disobedience. HE is such a merciful and loving FATHER!.
Look around you now, every single movement, and every single thing you see, HE knows they will be like that before the World was Created.

12  Other / Off-topic / Imagine the zombie movies on: March 09, 2021, 05:03:58 PM
"The light in the head" is quenched and normal people begin to turn into zombies.

Understand that this is actually happens...but on a slightly different level.  A human spirit is killed, demons take over the human.. .the human forgets and become really evil.   It's easy for the demons to takeover when the light is quenched.

The one who controls the Matrix, controls the demons and the demons control the human. Imagine this happening on a large scale with millions/billions of humans. They will be hardened and controlled by the evil one. Technically that makes the millions/billions fully satan. They are under his full control.

It's time you begin to take your salvation seriously. With JESUS as your LORD, you can't be turn turned into zombie or controlled by evil spirits.

13  Other / Off-topic / Have you taken any of the covid vaccine? on: March 09, 2021, 02:07:05 PM
If yes, how exactly do you feel?
Do you feel fine?
Do you feel forgetful?
Do you feel great?
Did your body react to it in anyway?
Or what else do you feel?

14  Other / Off-topic / Can Translation Services be trusted? on: March 02, 2021, 01:40:05 PM
Imagine you give one of your Bitcointalk posts to a Translator to translate into a foreign Language you don't understand, and after translating, you take back the original post and ask the Translator to translate the translated post back to the language it was translated from... he/she translates it back but it turn out very different from the original post. Example:
You get a translator to translate the short post below into a foreign language I called "Kir":

- Original post:   "The cat needs something to eat. I'm going to get Linda to feed her."

- Post translated to Kir language:  Ta' kir ilum ko wol sucrum cim sin Linde dum melwzua

- Translated post translated back to English: "The cat was hungry and she ate Linda"

That^ is similar to what I discovered about a translation service I often rely on... though I never really trusted it 100%. It basically misinterpreted the true meaning of the original post. That could create misunderstanding, cause problems, plus other consequences
15  Other / Off-topic / Would you consider someone who cheated to win a contest the winner? on: March 02, 2021, 11:37:20 AM
*Would you consider someone who cheated to win a contest the winner of the contest?
* Is ok to cheat to win?
*Can there be any kind of situation it's should be OK or acceptable to cheat to win? What kind of situation/situations?
16  Other / Off-topic / Whom do you call the Mother of this Child? on: February 23, 2021, 10:04:54 AM
A thief steals a child from the care of her real mother in a hospital, she changes the mother's hospital record to hers ... the real mother discovers this and scream for help but the thief claim the child is hers. The Nurses intervene, look at the Hospital record, compare it with the thief ID, and then accept the claim of the thief. The real mother scream more for help, people gather around, and the nurses/doctors finally decides to give the child to the thief. The Mother refuses and decides to look for other means to prove she owns the child.

* Would you encourage her to prove she really owns the child even when the world tells her she shouldn't?
*What method would you recommend she use in proving ownership of the child?
* Better still, How do you tell who really owns the child?
* Would you call the thief the mother of the child without knowing the truth or without having convincing proof of who the real mother of the child really is?
* What do you think is the right punishment for the thief once the true mother is known?
17  Other / Off-topic / Here is an idea how you are part of the "Matrix" on: February 17, 2021, 02:20:31 PM
If you work for the system and controlled by it, you are part of the Matrix. You don't have to work in government or corporations to serve the Matrix. If you live the kind of live they want you to live or do the kind of businesses/jobs they want you to do, then you are working & contributing to the system. It's an evil system and the only way out is be broken free and be protected by a far Superior/Benevolent BEING .
The evil one controls the Matrix and basically uses those under his control to run this world. You are basically serving the evil one if you work for him and do his will. Lots of people would rather work for the him than serve the Real CREATOR of this World nor let HIM rule over them.

Currently, people who work for the system  are working intentionally/unintentional to hand full control of earth over to the one who controls the matrix. You are helping satan take full control of our world by your deeds, actions, inaction.
18  Other / Off-topic / The current "happenings" are lining up with prophesies. on: February 09, 2021, 02:15:58 PM
It shocks me whenever I come back to my "low level mind" how precised Holy Bible prophesies are. I'm particularly more interested in what happened in US past (esp from Nov 3rd 2020) to date. What I was shown by the CREATOR of Heaven and Earth is gradually coming to pass. It should shock the observant ones how extremely precised the prophesies have been so far.

*The enemy and his agents are trying to fully takeover the nations but are failing because It's Is Not Yet Time. GOD is giving the world the opportunity to know the truth and follow HIS Son JESUS CHRIST.

The Powers in the Spiritual is unbelievably advanced. GOD has given the True Church the Powers. The spiritual kingdom of darkness are suffering heavy defeat by the Church and GOD has given the Church Powers over them. The Spiritual war is way more effective than the physical wars.

Believe this^. It's real!
19  Other / Politics & Society / My view on Free Speech on: February 09, 2021, 09:20:45 AM
You are free to say whatever you want as long as they are not harmful to people and society. And the intention of users who say certain words, use certain signs, expressions, etc matters.
People who use  words, signs, expressions,  without bad intentions, but other  people find inappropriate for good reason shouldn't really be penalized. Those who use them intentionally could receive some kind label or sign *"user use words/expressions people find inappropriate*", probably somewhere abit hidden on their profile.
People could always be reminded/informed before posting certain words, or before using expressions in order to be aware and sensitive about viewers who dislike the words/expressions for good reason. If they go ahead and share the words, viewers could choose to add the words/expressions to the list of inappropriate word used intentionally by users, tagged to user's profile with explanation why people find them offensive.
20  Other / Politics & Society / Where is the most appropriate place to hide & survive during a global dictatorship. on: February 08, 2021, 11:31:26 AM
I think the answer is: where they can't easily access & control.
I would avoid using their technologies/infrastructures, or avoid using technologies they understand & are familiar with.

The technology part is why I'm seriously considering things that are open source & decentralized... both in hardware and software areas.

I wouldn't be running away from things they control in one country and going to another country to live where there are infrastructures/technologies they can potentially control
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