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1  Bitcoin / Mining support / Re: Running S17 or T17 from the dryer plug in US on: February 16, 2020, 05:10:26 PM
Common/Return is often erroneously called "Ground" is a VERY bad habit.

The whole purpose of a "Ground" wire is to NOT BE CONDUCTING the be available if a short happens to contact the appliance and make it LIVE/HOT, the "Ground" is meant to be attached such that, if the short makes a connection with an appliance and it then becomes "LIVE" or "Hot"... the "Ground" will THEN ACT as a return for the circuit rather than having the current use the fool who is touching the unit as a return to complete the circuit. It is this very factor which makes AC MUCH safer than DC and was most dramatically demonstrated by Tesla during the current war with Edison, Tesla connected himself to a 1 million volt GROUNDED AC circuit.
I've done this myself in University with 110v and it's still quite the tickle.

Many have experienced this an not even realized it....If you ever touched an electric thing and felt a terrible tingle but not a real hard zap shock it was probably as I described. It frequently occurs from wrongly splicing or connecting wires, especially when mistakenly using the GROUND as a conductor.


Your wiring looks like a fire hazard is on the way.

Why don't you use crimp connectors and cover it with heat-shrink tubing?

So what I'm saying is that do it by the code or don't do it at all.
That is my motto.

Phil said that 3 years ago...and it is the same connection ....still fine...still safe...But I DO check frequently and have re-wrapped the outer protective layer once as the tape does will slowly loose it stickiness and unspool.
They are crimped with metal and soldered and tinfoil wrapped and shrink wrapped and then tape wrapped....They just are not in an box...they are BETTER and safer splices than required for code.
2  Bitcoin / Mining support / Re: Running S17 or T17 from the dryer plug in US on: February 16, 2020, 04:19:06 PM
NO..there is NO ground used on 220V  Single phase home lines in N.A.....they use 2 hots ( usually a black and white/red of at least 12-14 guage for 30amps 10-8gauge for 40amps)  each Hot then shares a "COMMON" usually green. I have plenty of experience using dryer and stove plugs spliced to run 30 amp and 40 amp breakers. I ran 4x S9's off each 30amp breaker at times running up 24 S9's for 180 amps off of 6x 30 amp breakers on a 200amp. panel. Splicing the open wire end of 4 C-19 plugs to open wire of a Stove/dryer plug can be tricky if trying to fit all lines into a large marrette. I use large marrettes but also make damn sure all wires are well adjoined and soldered and then wrapped in tin foil BEFORE inserting into a marrette then shrink wrap, very very well reinforced so the splice can't be accidentally pulled apart and of course then well insulated with electric tape. In 3+ years I have never had a short or break or a connection even get hot. I still use this set up to run S9's as space heaters and for testing new gear at home before sending off to the Host.

Note that with most heavy gage wire the ground is NOT counted as a Conducting wire...In my case the dryer plug has green for ground (not used) and red and black for hot ...White for common/return. So I had to be sure the match the C19's correctly. On my PSU C-19 plugs the GREEN is common/return.
3  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: My Pangolin Nightmare now halved but persists... on: February 12, 2020, 12:52:47 AM
Over 6 months now and I still have one dead M-20 unit....they have not replied to emails for over 1 month. while on telegram no reply since I notified them the diagnosis and instructed repairs of board replacement did not solve the problem the unit is still defective. 2k U.S. rip off for ZERO return.
4  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: MicroBT announced M30s on: January 24, 2020, 03:17:58 AM
So far Inno is the only manufacture that has not fucked me with shit gear.

After my nightmare with the M20 NFW will I ever buy gear from them again.
5  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: It is 2020 time for a new diff thread. on: January 02, 2020, 06:27:42 PM
By now experienced miners should recognize the trend that profitability will ALWAYS reduce to the bare minimum margins acceptable by large farm

It is no coincidence that the price ALWAYS reduces to match the efficiency improvements and hovers nears the costs of 10c electricity.
Notice the new gear is already useless to mine at anything over 10 cents/KwHr
Again that is NOT an accident....

So THAT is the agreed level acceptable such that large investors can sustain the monopoly without large losses
Even at that level most ops still mine at a loss but recover profit by local tax write offs that mere mortals won't be privileged to..

Seems obvious to me that the price is being artificially supported by large whales. Giant centralized private farms make up over 50% of the hash rate.
Public pools who service other large miner ops fill in most of the other 50%
Smalltime individuals represent a minuscule portion of the hashrate

That means mining is and has been in the hands of BIG BUSINESS for a LONG time...

But WHY?
China is by far the largest HOLDER of Bitcoins...WHY?
China is also the largest holder of U.S. Treasury bonds.....

Bitcoin is an insurance policy to protect the MASSIVE VAST DEBT it holds from US dollar depreciation
EVERY hit the US makes on the Chinese economy gets met with a large dump of US bonds and a spike in Bitcoin.
EVERY concession made to China coincides with a large DUMP of Bitcoin converted into Chinese RMB and US bonds/stocks.

ONLY this kind of massive volume can sway the price significantly....irrespective of the public Bitcoin holders/market actions.

China is completely committed and compliant with the US to maintain and protect the current FIAT monetary system controlled by the B.I.S.
However this loyalty comes with a price that the US must cede a larger portion of the money monopoly they have used to exploit China.
The US political system is currently divided into the 2 camps wishes to maintain the gravy train the other knows the US is fucked and are desperately trying to ride China's coattails during the shift of power.
Neither can afford to have Bitcoin threaten the system.

ANY significant price increase can ONLY come from a MASSIVE purchase (BILLIONS!)...And who would do that? Why?

EVERY large bag holder knows ANY significant jump will only give an opportunity for weak to cash out.....Speculators and exchanges will be MOST eager to take some profit.
Often this is a PLANNED subsidy injected to the market by FREE worthless FIAT to suck in new investors and keep the illusion of value afloat.

The is a standard practice in the stock market.

The top ten wallets hold more than 85% of ALL BITCOIN ever mined....funny how that is same ratio that the Big Banks hold of the worlds FIAT and DEBT!.

The next halving event will eliminate the remaining competition and complete the planned takeover of the Bitcoin threat.

Bitcoin will always exist but will be reduced (Has already been) to being a novelty commodity for investors like Silver or Gold that individuals may see some gains but have no real effect on the market.
6  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: Recommended Pools? on: December 18, 2019, 01:35:40 AM
Notice they don't tell you what YOUR portion of the transaction fee reward would be...

To calculate that you must take your portion/% of the total hash rate of the pool.

you would have got THAT % of the tx reward...and that would be VERY VERY SMALL.
7  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: My Pangolin Nightmare now doubled on: December 18, 2019, 12:40:40 AM
And now my second M20 died after less than 5 hours. Glad I did not sent it off to host before testing.
So almost 5 months since paid for in full..... and I have two useless miners.
The first unit (Returned) arrived in Shenzhen 2 days ago but has not been picked-up yet.
8  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: MicroBT announced M30s on: December 11, 2019, 11:55:50 PM
And my M20 arrived DEAD and cost 560 bucks to return...4 months after payment.
9  Bitcoin / Hardware / My Pangolin Nightmare now halved but persists... on: December 10, 2019, 12:32:00 AM
I'm done with Pangolin and Microbit...Absolute Junk and ridiculous return costs and lousy follow up service..My Units have used bodies that still have glue from removed stickers on them and other obvious signs of use and wear.
My nightmare continues and now just more money out the window for ZERO BTC mining done.
Oh and the ONLY way to get tech help is through Telegram and give them remote access to your comp via TEAMVIEW

2 MAJOR security risks not to mention you must download and install and learn how to use both..And co-ordinate a time to be online with someone 12 times zones away during THEIR working hours.

Even then they will only tell you what you already know...THE UNIT IS DEAD and you must return the WHOLE device.

Lousy software/firmware...
They advertise low power setting...there is even an option in the software...BUT it's NOT enabled/supported...WTF that was the ONLY REASON I BOUGHT FUCKERS was for the high efficiency
The units that do work have no fan control  just always 100% regardless of chip temps...and they have lousy cooling they get HOT fast and are VERY LOUD.
They arrived a week late

Any chance for profit has been wiped out completely....I will never even come close to earning enough to pay for the defective/returned unit

They are worse than Bitmain....

So I have got back ONE unit and it is working to spec..And they did pay for the shipping cost to return the unit to them. (reimbursed me actually)
However the second unit was diagnosed as having a connector board problem.
They did not offer to send one immediately...In fact the wanted me to BUY one !!!...for a unit that arrived DOA !!
No they included a new board with the repaired unit...Well it came and I very CAREFULLY replaced it and confirmed the original did have damaged/missing pins.
But there is STILL one dead hash board EXACTLY as before....
They have not responded to emails and I am still waiting to hear from Mr Yan on Telegram IF and or HOW they plan to address the problem..
10  Bitcoin / Mining support / Pangolin M20 DOA on: December 04, 2019, 10:51:46 AM
So my 2x M20 just arrived ( late )....but worse news is both have problems.
One unit is DOA reports chip errors and will not hash at all.
The other does hash to spec of 45th... but will not accept low power settings..Which is the only reason I bought the damn thing was for the high efficiency.

And Pangolin have not responded to my ticket for several days...
11  Economy / Computer hardware / Last chance for 25 S9's at Crytoboreas on: November 24, 2019, 02:33:47 PM
So I have 25 S9's currently being hosted at Crytoboreas in Labrador for sale.
If I can't sell them this week they will be returning to Ottawa and we don't want that..

All but one are still performing well with latest Bitmain firmware with reduced power usage but full hash rate.

The oldest (8 units) are from Oct 17 batch The rest are from Jan 2018.

3x 14Th
21x 13.5Th
1x 4.5 TH (One blade only)

All PSU's are APW3+ ....1600W

I highly recommend Crytoboreas....and you will not find a cheaper place to host in Can or U.S.

Looking for approx U.S. $75 for each set of S9 + PSU. (CDN $100) OR BEST OFFER

I also have 2x Dragonmint B52's for sale in Ottawa (Blake2b)
And 2x Dragonmint B29's in Ottawa (Decred)
And 2x Inno T3+ 57Th (Just arrived selling at cost which was $CDN 3250 each)

12  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Innosilicon t3 50 arrived. on: November 23, 2019, 12:13:29 AM
My T3+ 57Th  have finally arrived and I have them fired up to test before they are off to the Host.
So far so good exactly at spec...57th on performance drawing 3300W Fans steady at 70% with chip temps hovering in low 70's.

High performance we have 57Th @ 3300W (Insane jet engine loud when warm)
Reduced settings
Factory setting puts out 50Th @ 2550W Ambient is 65F (Not for long) fans @50%..... chips temps high 60's
Balanced........not checked yet
Economy.....39Th @ 1800W !!!! And Not too loud at all...tolerable

These are early results after only a few hours on each.
Definitely will NOT be running them full tilt.
All this on stock firmware
These units are for sale in Ottawa but will soon be in Labrador at Cryptoboreas
13  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: 50 million from investors to create a massive mining farm in Texas on: October 23, 2019, 11:37:32 PM
It is A BITMAIN ONLY facility..and they are exempt from import tariffs because they are not selling "that gear" retail.
(But they are happy to give Uncle Sam the tax they will collect from hosting fees which will also make those "Megwa" coins more expensive than their Da Lu Jia mined coins)
You guys that can't read or speak Chinese are just sooooooo out of the loop. American/English news feeds are just propaganda for you "Bun Dan Megwa Ren".
14  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: Smaller PPLNS pools getting hammered by halving, rebound after? on: October 23, 2019, 11:19:01 PM
PPLNS is SUICIDE.......One bad block (300% or more) can kill MONTHS of your earnings... and you get ZERO ramp down..and it happens OFTEN.
It happened EVERYTIME I got SUCKED IN to their CULT...and I have HUGE regrets for swallowing their MISLEADING INFO.
I had 27 S9's for just over 360Th (24 1/3 survive but are mining at a loss now)

Oh you also can get sweet fuck all during your ramp up

And then some whale comes in with 200P to get a block but pushes out all your shares value..Again diminished returns
And the Whale also gets a BONUS!!!

I was a fan of small pools and tried to support both Kano & C.K. but took HUGE losses due to PPLNS system
(I even bought 2 Sia Asic's and 2 Decred Asic's from C.K. for 14K CDN and made ZERO from them before they were obsolete)
I STILL have a payout outstanding from CK's pool but have not submitted shares since LAST NOVEMBER.
His pool has not found a block in many months MEANWHILE the diff has readjusted 8-9  times. AND went up an insane amount.
So while the pool advertises it is at 167% it is  really MANY times worse...My expected payout is actually now about 35% of what it should have been if a block had been found at 100% MANY MONTHS ago.
PPLNS IS A PONZI scheme for the early hard core with a good amount of rate/gear..but suicide for late comers and infrequent hashers/suckers.

Kano's recent hot streak will never come close to making up for the MASSIVE losses sustained during the cold spell that occurred AT A MUCH LOWER DIFF!!! DIFF = TIME= LOSS
They don't/won't tell that a 5% variance on a LOW diff is QUICK and MUCH less of a loss compared to 5% variance AFTER A 50% DIFF INCREASE
Likewise an EARLY 10% block still yields a pitiful payout when the shares are assigned to a block after a few diff increases.

PPLNS is a SYSTEM that BY DESIGN makes your shares EARN FAR LESS by DELAYING them. You are effectively taking yourself OUT of the competition.
15  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: Current Bitmain Hardware Dump 10/13/19. Very ugly at 10c kWh to ROI Ever! POLL! on: October 16, 2019, 12:20:22 AM
Cryptoboreas has GREAT service and reliability and the cheapest rates in North America...but ALL S9's are now mining at a loss.
My S9's have not even reached roi nearing their second birthday. they will be taken offline very soon.
They performed rather well actually out of 27 S9's with 81 boards I only had 8 boards and two controllers and 2 fans die on me...10% failure rate over 20 months.
16  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: Gear Pricing just becomes more irrational then ever on: August 13, 2019, 01:04:19 AM
Nobody is buying S9's at $400. ...nor are the newest S9's going to sell out....there are 10's of thousands of them for sale through Offordscott alone.
S9's will be obsolete Oct. most will be mining at a loss,  because of the Diff increase from new gear and the price WILL DIVE again as new gear comes online worst dive will be before year end. Diff will double by year end to 20 Trillion.
17  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [Review] Whatsminer M20S 65 TH on: August 08, 2019, 12:24:59 AM
I have some M20 on order..prefer the lower power draws...much better bang for your buck...less risk if one fails but same efficiency...MUCH cheaper initial cost.
Also looking for more used M10....
Pangolin's are BOSS and will be for years.

But shhhhhhhhh keep praising & pushing the expensive and inefficient and unreliable ShitMain's and Inno's. Avalon? Schmavalon!
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: If they can print unlimited fiat, can they just not buy up all the bitcoin? on: August 07, 2019, 11:58:34 PM
YES they can..and are!
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: An INFURIATING example of why we NEED Bitcoin on: August 07, 2019, 11:57:44 PM
You are an idiot for buying such a stupid charlatan scam in the first place
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Title Network $TNET - 1 minute 8MB blocks - Blake2b PoW on: June 11, 2019, 03:38:50 AM
Why don't Blake 2B asic's like my Halong B-52 work?
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