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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Football bet of 05/1/2020 on: January 09, 2020, 04:24:15 PM
New year.
Hello everyone leauge match is starting slowly. Try my best effort below...
1.qpr match over 2.5g
2.burton match over 2.5
3.crew match both team score
4. Rio ave team goal over 1.5

Note: Dont get addicted in gamble.dont follow me if u don't like my pick.
Take cashout on 203

You got good net profit on your last bets. Anything new? Or you are not posting your bets here anymore?

People who follow someone's picks should be responsible enough accepting it win or lose. After all, this is free. I hardly see people getting addicted in gambling by just following someone's bets. 
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What is the safe and easy way to buy bitcoin more than 20 one on: January 05, 2020, 03:26:30 PM
Can Anyone advise what is the best way to buy bitcoin in bulk (more than 20), due to the limitation of all exchanges and Payment Gateways

Thanks in advance

I have always heard that whales or institutional investors never buy bitcoin from exchanges. They buy it Over the counters. I have never experienced how it is done, but you can search for the term "Over the counter" and buy bitcoins from there.
Binance also offer the OTC services. You can check them too.

Yes there are whales that are into P2P, some over the counter but some just purchase it in exchanges like Coindeal and Binance. LocalBitcoins is also popular but may vary from places to places.

It seems that op is preparing for the coming bitcoin halving.
3  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: handling bitcoin volatility on: December 29, 2019, 03:59:40 PM
Setting a stop loss is a must. Everybody should have learned their lessons last year. It was a bad year for bitcoin trading where the price was decreasing most of the time. Greed is the biggest enemy here.
4  Economy / Speculation / Re: Next Bitcoin Halving will drive the price down... on: December 29, 2019, 03:45:22 PM
Everything is possible to happen. Bitcoin miners will be leaving if the price remains low. But bitcoin users are also growing all over the world. Many companies are starting to accept it also as mode of payments. These should be enough to sustain bitcoin price and miners will remain believing for a long term increase.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What is your thought about halving? on: December 25, 2019, 07:20:05 PM
Since everybody expects halving to further increase bitcoin price, there's also the possibility that some miners will left because of the small rewards. I don't want this to happen but I am just sharing its possibility of happening. Therefore, bitcoin price needs to increase to attract miners.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: If You Bought Bitcoin Each Week in 2019, You’d Be up 49% on: December 25, 2019, 06:59:32 PM
I actually do not know the point here. So what if you started buying weekly last 2018? Or we start buying last 2017. Anyway, I am just happy that bitcoin in 2019 is gaining compared to last year. Hoping for a better 2020 which is most likely to happen.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Altcoins delist and Bitcoin only on: December 25, 2019, 06:49:44 PM
Altcoins are everywhere because they have a cause on why they exist. Bitcoin is not perfect. We are to see how bitcoin scaling delivers as more people will use the leading currency. In the future, there will be many altcoins that can be used. But probably not thousands like what we have right now.
8  Economy / Games and rounds / Re: Forum Sports Contest - Win 0.0025 BTC for free - Lets have some fun! on: December 25, 2019, 06:32:28 PM
While I pick Milwaukee Bucks to beat Philadelphia 76ers in their own home-court. But I don't think Giannis will reach over 32 points. The Philly defense is good enough and they will concentrate it on Giannis. But the Bucks have other reliable players to score.

My answer is NO.

9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Who Says Bear Market is BAD? on: December 25, 2019, 06:22:34 PM
Many traders are also benefiting these bears and bulls period because can earn profit thru short and long. It is in contrast with most ordinary traders who believe everybody losses in a bear market which is actually false.
10  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [Free Raffle] BitcoinSuisse Set (Generic) | COME FAST OR MISS OUT on: December 23, 2019, 06:38:30 PM
This is very cool. There's still a slot available?

Merry Christmas all.
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Price Trend Reversal in Progress? on: December 23, 2019, 05:44:09 PM
Since it will become even harder to estimate the price of bitcoin in the coming days, I will continue to hold. I'd seen many people that are promoting their charts and are giving advice but in a bad market they are always silent. So I won't be listening to them anymore. Cheesy
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion Thread on: December 23, 2019, 05:32:43 PM
Very exciting matches next year. Dortmund certainly won't be a walk in the park against PSG. Tottenham struggling in EPL I guess can overcome an inexperienced young Leipzig. Chelsea and Bayern is 50-50? I had a slight edge on Bayern. And Real Madrid looks like it will be exiting early as it is matched against Manchester City. Can't wait for these matches.
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: STOP BUYING BITCOIN NOW!!! This coin is crap on: December 23, 2019, 04:49:49 PM
Hey OP, if you don't want to buy Bitcoin any longer then it's your choice ,that won't make others to stop buying it, there are lots of people who will continue buying it and everyday lots of people keeps getting in.

Moreover FYI, what you have said here is wrong, of course I have heard about the 51% attack or whatever they call it, but that's not enough reason for me to quit. People keep on imagining things that are never even going to happen. A lot of people come up with these as a way to discourage others from taking part in buying Bitcoin.

This guy is an Ethereum shill. Guy didn't even know that the Chinese government is not pro Bitcoin itself. The Chinese government in reality continues to monitor and track miners because they are against it. There are still many Chinese miners out there, but they are the most open minded Chinese unlike their traditional government rules.
14  Economy / Invites & Accounts / Re: Netflix Sale Started - All cards are valid for payment - price $1,5 on: December 23, 2019, 03:34:36 PM

15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2020 NBA Season on: December 19, 2019, 11:23:28 PM
Houston Rockets will face Los Angeles Clippers in a big game tonight, well it's not easy to pick who's the winner, both teams have players who can make the difference, in the Rockets side there is the MVP James Harden who's really a goal machine 10 games or more +50 points that's really amazing!
Don't count too much on Harden, yes, he was an MVP but they also have westbrook who has a good stats achieving his MVP.
This is surely not gonna be an easy game for the Clippers, they are a home but Rockets are determine to win as will to avenge their previous loss.

In the other side there is Leonard Khawi he's also a machine who can lead his team into the win. Well it's really hard to choose the winner but I will take my chances and bet for Houston Rockets to win this game.
Both teams have 2 MVP caliber players, ...

Clippers have Leonard and Paul George, while Rockets have Westbrooka and Harden.
However, they Rockets don't have Lou Willams which might be a difference maker of the game.

The winner will be the team that wanted the w most. My money is on Clippers here. PG, Kawhi and Lou.

Hmm, I cannot wait for playoffs. It's so different compared to regular season games where teams aren't willing to give it all.
16  Economy / Gambling / Re: TOP 10 Cryptocurrency Sportsbooks on: December 15, 2019, 12:09:35 PM
Nitrogensports as top 1 sportsbook. I am also using that website. The rating is based on your review or according to the poll in your website?

How about you make a poll here? It would be interesting since bitcointalk is the largest crypto community. I want to see the sportsbooks that enters the top.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion Thread on: December 15, 2019, 02:43:28 AM
When do we have the round 16 table? I'm super excited. I think Liverpool is an early favorite. Strong performance and is also proving it in EPL.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Is it good to talk about big gains? on: December 14, 2019, 05:35:12 AM
Normally I don't brag my winnings to anybody. Because they will end up asking for a treat. There are times I told them and share with them the winnings especially to my family and friends. Gambling is not a profitable activity so normally people should not brag about it because if they start counting the money they gambled over the years they are still in the losing end.
19  Other / Archival / Re: Is KYC benefit to crypto people or not on: December 13, 2019, 03:15:21 PM
KYC benefits crypto users because that's the only way for them to make their money legit when they want to cash out, no bank will accept this money without the KYC process done properly.
This is a simple and normal process to counter money laundering

Yeah. I got your point my friend. But whatever happens to the spirit of decentralization which is the very nature of bitcoin and decentralized crypto currencies. Somehow I agree but there is also a part of me that is not in favor of KYC. KYC becomes a common trend after many scammers and lawless elements taking advantage on this system.
20  Other / Off-topic / Re: Flat Earth on: December 13, 2019, 03:02:29 PM

Go on a first date with a girl in such a car

It is some kind of funny but it could do just fine if both are also flat earth believers. If not, it is hard to imagine how it works out. Unless you are changing the car into a Lamborghini, the other one might adjust.  Cheesy
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