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1  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Do you think COVID19 is a scam? on: December 04, 2020, 05:41:26 PM
Children are not prime transmission vectors for COVID and in the UK, it was not determined that schools were responsible for the uptick in cases.

i guess you missed the news where they had to close schools often and also universities. where they actually had to put alot of mobile test centres on uni campuses to test them.

it got to a point where instead of whole year groups(grades) having to isolate because schools had year/grade 'bubbles' they had to change it to class size bubbles. due to how often isolations were being triggered. then they had to try to organise it as smaller 'bubbles' otherwise kids would be off school more then they would be in school

oh and also this month give uni students the new rapid tests to ensure that students tested negative before returning from dorms to family homes to ensure they dont spread it..

.. if it was not a thing. then they would not have needed to put so much effort into schools and uni's.

the only reason UK tried so hard to put kids back into school/uni. was due to the economic decision not a health decision. purely because while kids where home, so were their parents. which hindered economic growth and cost gov more money in furlough payments.
yep it was an economic choice.

same as america. they want kids to go back to school so that parents can start earning at work again.
heck even the conspiracy nutters that think education is some brainwashing institute want their kids to go back purely so the parents can go back to work. again economics.
they dont like having to look after their kids 24/7. the parents want a break from their own kids.

the funny part is during march-august where kids were at home. ofcourse they didnt cause spread.. because they were already at home.
butas soon as they started going back to school. cases amungst kids and then their family the following week went up.
in the UK certain businesses are saying they should not be shutdown. such as hairdressers/barbers/pubs because they say that the spread is not due to their business but happening within the home due to their kids school and then to parents

so i know you probably want an excuse to put kids back into school in america.. but right now while america is seeing a second wave rise, not fall.. trying to push for actions that will increase the rise wont be successful plea.
also its the christmas season where schools/uni's are starting to winde down and shut anyway for christmas break. so another reason why its the wrong time to beg to send kids to school, they are not going to learn much if you sent them to school for the next 2 weeks.

just a few of the many UK news in just the last 2 weeks regarding schools(search google if you want more)
50 fold rise in school infections
daughter asymptomatic passes to parent that ends up in intensive care
schools beg for rapid tests and shutting schools early for christmas to get cases down
2  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Do you think COVID19 is a scam? on: December 04, 2020, 08:38:41 AM
If you can prove that viruses are not exosomes, that is.     Cool

exosomes are HUMAN dna biological transport vehicles
virusus are their own RNA biological transport vehicles.

exosomes are under 100nm
covid are over 100nm

inshort their blueprints/design are different
a virus is a weaponised tank and an exosome is a car.
its spikey dog toy ball vs a recreational golf ball

Friendly reminder that Dr. Fauci, after literal months of ignoring the American Academy of Pediatrics who stated in June that schools should be open, now up until these last couple weeks recognized that schools should be open. But apparently dem's feel safe when someone like this is in charge.

its not that simple.
although kids themselves do not die as much. they are still spreaders. and when in a classroom of 30+ kids in close proximity. thats 30x families interacting essentially.
also by kids being at school, parents are then less likely to want to stay home/work from home. so parents too would be going back to work/socialising more which adds onto the excess of points of contact.

you can see this by although UK covid restrictions relaxed in summer. the rise in cases started in september when schools reopened and parents went back to work.
UK has some area's that can trace some spreads being in excess due to schools/universities.

There are loads of videos
Anything on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc., should be taken with a large grain is salt. Videos certainly don't prove anything. "Common sense" based in misinformation or incomplete information is worthless.

I'll take a pass on the tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories and fake internet news thank you.

when conspiracy nutters search out stupid things. social media check their cookies and offer them suggestions for more stupid things. in a short time conspiracy nutters are only seeing stupid suggestions that echo chamber their initial thought.
in short: when an idiot searches for people that are interested in aliens. social media suggest alien related articles and people interested. idiots then talk to those people and suddenly the echo chamber makes idiots think aliens did abduct them because everyone(in their circle jerk chamber) knows about aliens.

reality is they are just in a small bubble chamber of a few idiots and not interacting amungst the millions of rational common sense people.

prime example. there are 7billion people in the world but only a few million that own/have used bitcoin. but people on this forum think the whole world know/used/own bitcoin. where as there are 7billion people that dont know or care about it. so bitcoiners start to think bitcoin is mainstream and a world accepted currency because everyone they talk to on this forum knows/uses bitcoin. reality is outside of this forum its not even 0.1% accepted/used in the world
3  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Pfizer chief exec sold 62% of his shares. on: December 03, 2020, 10:49:09 PM
The Pfizer price was not even high when he sold so that accusation doesn't check out.  Hell, the price isn't even high now.  Its up a whopping 5% over the past year.   

dividends were only 4%
august price of $36 and a order to sell at 41.94 is 16%
so as a trader i wouldnt hoard for only 4% id buy at 36 sell at 41.94 buy at lower price. rinse repeat.

but in this topics scenario he got a bonus of 132k shares for reaching the vaccine milestone. and he just chose to cash out.
now it appears he is gaining more shares while the price is below 41.94 again.
4  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Do you trust the co-vid19 vaccine ? on: December 03, 2020, 10:39:48 PM
things to note

many people think news of 'pfizer imdemnified of legal actions' means if the vaccine causes issues people have no redress..
this is wrong. people actually have an easier method. their government will take on the liability.
in the UK there is the:
Vaccine Damages Payments Act.
.. fun fact. in the last decade there have been only 14 payments released. this is because there have been only 14 cases where a vaccine of any kind in the last decade caused severe adverse effects.
thats a 1 in multiple million risk.
the adverse reaction for any vaccine is usually an unpredictable allergic reaction of 0.0000001% risk

why is this method better?
if you ever tried to sue a company in international court. your head will be butting walls for years. however claiming via a government liability scheme or your healthcare provider locally is faster/easier for all those involved.

the reason for the indemnification. well it costs companies alot in insurance premiums which trickle down to higher medical product cost. so again it makes it cheaper for government to buy the vaccine because of less costs.
also an insurance company would only underwrite a policy if it had full long term study results. meaning a vaccine company would not even be able to produce mass doses for public use for years.
so again government taking on the liability to cut down on bureucracy delays.
examples are if you go to hospital and want a new medical treatment. insurance companies will deny you treatment as they would class it as 'experimental' for years

the pfizer vaccine is the one with the least amount of adjuncts and adjuvents. its this very reason the vaccine needs to be frozen at super cold temperatures. it does not have the stabalisers and addatives. so need to be frozen to keep it stable for longer.
(like freezing organic beef, to last longer before it decays/goes off because it doesnt have preservatives)

vaccines have 100 results of 9month 1000 results of 6 months and 10000+ of 3 months that show that the vaccine itself does not cause any adverse reactions beyond the normal lowlevel stuff vaccines cause.
this is pain at the injection site. and maybe feeling tired or mild fever for a couple days.(normal low level immune response). these are expected symptoms.
yes a needle is involved. so if you fear needles. put your bigboy pants on and man-up. needles hurt, yep. get over it.

yes one person in a few million people are allergic to random strange things not popular in the allergy group
you know things like latex or even sperm. yep 1 in a few mill are allergic to sperm.
so there is always a small, very small risk of someone being allergic to some substance. but this is the same risk to food and other medicines. so not something specific to vaccines.

the cries and lies about vaccines causing autism and birth defects are just that. cries and lies.
the main attributor to birth defects is actually where the mother gives birth at a later age because the womb and ovaries function deteriorates as a women reaches a certain age meaning the older a woman is the higher the risk she has of an offspring having issues. .. nothing to do with vaccines
5  Other / Serious discussion / Re: Out of the pandemic and into the firedemic. on: December 03, 2020, 08:25:22 PM
oh jetcash. please delete your conspiracy sites off your browsers bookmarks

the corona strain that lingers in society mainly from 2002+ remained in the human community.

however a mutate went into the wild animal community. which it appears it went into bats and then moved to pangolins. and then in late 2019 jumped back to humans. whereby this jump back to humans is very divergent strain compared to the one thats been lingering in the human community for decades.

please go do your research

human-to-human spread do not cause dramatic mutates.
human-animal-human spread DO cause dramatic mutates. especially if they have more time away from human crossover before returning.

the reason covid spreads so much and triggers severe illness is because the body does not recognise it as the strain thats been in humans before.

its this very reason they were worried about the cross over to the denmark minks. because they dont want it going into animals again. because if them animals then pass it around for a while and then if it gets back to humans. that human-mink-otheranimal-human strain will become another novel(new) strain that our bodies wont recognise as a invader

so please do your research
6  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Pfizer chief exec sold 62% of his shares. on: December 03, 2020, 08:18:14 PM
Nothing to really look at in regards to him setting a price and hope it goes up to that. It'd be a bit of a different conversation if he had changed these predetermined parts of his plan right when he was told about the news. But regulators will most likely look into it and determine if there was any violation here.

throughout (pre)august->november he didnt have these excess 132k shares. he only had 78k total
he got the extra 132k shares due to a 'bonus' deal for achieving a result which seems to have been in a plan since august. which he requested to cash them out.

he has not sold his original shares.

all i can see is that he got a cash bonus of $55m due to pfizer getting results that the covid vaccine passed safety checks and also preliminary effectiveness results
7  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Pfizer chief exec sold 62% of his shares. on: December 03, 2020, 07:23:48 PM
i decided to look into it. and yep there are many SEC documents only a google search away.

so lets explain
in summer he had only 78k shares. and it seems he got 132k shares as a 'bonus' for the vaccine announcement.
in summer he ordered that if he was to get a bonus he would want to sell and take that bonus as cash if share price hit $41.94.

this got triggered in november and those shares sold. (jetcash news is 3weeks old) at $41.94
but.. he is now rebuying , and has so far bought 4k . now sitting at 83k shares instead of his summer 78k share holding

8  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Pfizer chief exec sold 62% of his shares. on: December 03, 2020, 07:00:54 PM
buy low, sell high....
............................ buy low again. keep the profit
... wait for next high... repeat
9  Other / Politics & Society / Re: UK has approved Covid Vaccine - Will you take it if you’re in UK? on: December 02, 2020, 09:08:07 PM
to those wondering about the question over why a vaccine at:
full dose and a booster 3 weeks later at full dose
does not result in as good effect vs
half dose and a booster 3 weks later at full dose.

well its like a car with 'turbo' if the turbo only kicked in when the car was at full revvs the car would just give up and not want to go faster.
but when you set a turbo to kick in at half revs you get a true boost. which then helps your car achieve even greater speeds.
its like eating a full meal. and then trying to squeeze in a dessert. just leaves you feeling sluggish.
but if you have a light meal and then a big dessert. you are happy and more energised.

trying to stretch a system while its already at its peak. wont make it want to stretch further.
but letting it stretch while its still has potential makes it go beyond the first limit

try to run full speed in a 200m sprint.. your body wont like it and want to stop before you get to the finish
then try to jog for 100m then sprint the last half. you will get to the finish line in better condition

hope you now understand how real life works.
10  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Abortion is the leading cause of death during the pandemic, killing 37 million on: December 02, 2020, 08:36:08 PM
badecker does not understand things like lungs and consciousness to be able to independently survive..

when is life actually life if the life support is taken away.
badecker will refuse to answer this question
11  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Bitcoin lobby group on: December 02, 2020, 08:19:31 PM
devs and big corps in bitcoin dont want bitcoin to be 'critical mass' they want their offchain services to be critical mass.

over the last 5 years many of the devs and big corps have already done the lobbying. and right now they are getting what they want.

even starbucks is getting in on starting up some offchain services of bitcoin vaults(bank2.0) and offchain trading

bitcoin will never replace a fiat. it will always work as a side option beside and away from fiat. like gold will never become a fiat again.
12  Other / Politics & Society / Re: UK has approved Covid Vaccine - Will you take it if you’re in UK? on: December 02, 2020, 08:10:45 PM
Wuhan back in August celebrating their victory over covid-19...

difference is wuhan actually closed its flights.
wuhan actually done proper track and trace
wuhan actually went to isolated peoples houses to test them, check on them and make sure they had what they needed so they didnt need to leave home

but UK/america done
repatriation flights
didnt do a good track and trace
didnt ensure those isolated were well looked after, so those isolating broke their isolation or ignored it completely
'coz constitution'
13  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Do you trust the co-vid19 vaccine ? on: December 02, 2020, 04:12:06 PM
actually there are less then that whom are at your lower IQ level
i know i know you will pull out some stat that suggests half of america is republican.

but strange thing is. there are some republicans that are not dumb.
yea they voted for local republican representation but didnt vote for trump

and even in the 74mill that did vote for trump. even some of them are not dumb enough to think that healthcare is some plot of eugenics.

so i think 'your crowd' is more like 2million that are at your low IQ level that believe in conspiracy.

and well. reality is your not going to be on the priority list anyway(millenials). so dont worry you are not going to be given a 'share' in january. so no decision about giving away your share is needed
14  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Abortion is the leading cause of death during the pandemic, killing 37 million on: December 02, 2020, 04:01:23 PM
ok badecker has just volunteered to house and parent all people on life support.

and no badecker. you are to never. ever take them off life support even if they are minus 3 month. nor plus 90.
oh and ofcourse all them anorexic and depressed people. yea your responsible for them too. you gotta keep them alive for infinity aswell.

you are now the guardian of all people needing life support.

have fun with that.

does your few braincells hurt when your pro-god mindset fights your pro-darwin mindset?
subtle hint: at some point even you will have to make decisions on when/if its best to end the life support for those in your custody dependant on your life support.
15  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Do you think COVID19 is a scam? on: December 02, 2020, 03:06:54 PM
Even Dr. Fausti admits that when it takes over 35 'cycles' to get a positive, the person is almost never able to pass on the disease to anyone else even if they were at one time infected.  'Replication competent'.  Yet they are getting the news media to cause a panic over 'new cases' which require cycles up into the 40's.  Why?

no covid testing platform on the planet is ever going to deem someone as a 'new case which requires up into the 40's'

you and badecker must really be members of the same conspiracy cult. your scripts are getting too similar.
what you have to realise is ..if they tested people way before showing symptoms. they may catch people before it becomes peak of infection. where by the number would also be 35 at the start.. and thus those people would definitely become infectious after

but by offering tests when symptoms exist or a few days after coming into contact with an infectious person.
the 35 result is more then likely to be due to very low exposure or at the end of their infection. simply due to when they bothered to take the test.

however the 35 number is not a guarantee that they were never infectious(if test taken late) or wont be infectious(if test taken immediately)

heck some people with bad immunity but low exposure may not even be able to fight off even low viral load. thus although the initial exponential from 35 is slow. it can later spike real high
16  Other / Politics & Society / Re: UK has approved Covid Vaccine - Will you take it if you’re in UK? on: December 02, 2020, 03:00:05 PM

Dr. Wodarg and Dr Yeadon request a stop of all corona vaccination studies and call for co.signing of the petition.
Not in UK, but no, no fugging way

wodarg is a covid denier, as soon as i googled his name and see a vid of him denying why elderly people were going to hospital and dying in excessive numbers. saying its not covid but social neglect.. i just laughed at the stupidity of his nonsense
sorry but you dont call up the emergency services and order an ambulance with 'im lonely' sorry ambulances and hospitals dont work like that.

so yea wodards 'weight' of evidence is found in fantasy land in regards to anything he claims
17  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Do you trust the co-vid19 vaccine ? on: December 02, 2020, 01:57:38 PM
i personally will wait for further data on the effectiveness, but i dont fear the vaccine causing harm. just think

Logic dictates that if you are not worried about harm, there is no reason to wait.  Why don't you signal your virtue and get as many vaccines as you can in the interest of helping science and humanity?

logic dictates that a vaccine of 10-80% is better than nothing for the extreme vulnerable. and with limited supply for january. let the vulnerable have that chance

but for those(my situation) where im not in the critical vulnerable priority. i should not push myself to the top of the list. taking that chance away from a vulnerable person
however if i was to take one,, id take one which is the best, and fulfilled all its claims. with large scale proof

put it another way. if vulnerable(65+) group had a 40% chance of severe covid. and vaccine X was only 60% effective. that makes them 16% at risk.
i at 20% risk could become 8%. but i am taking that chance of a 24% risk drop from a vulnerable person

if vulnerable had a vaccine X thats 90% effective. they get down to 4% risk, where id become 2% risk

again whatever the effectivity is, its much better to let the vulnerable have it first and ill take the 90% later
i know herbalists would love to say just take 20 herbal pills a day, even if safe, but not proven to cure what it claims to cure.. for me its just seen as making expensive urine.
id wait for the actual studies that show its worth its claims. yes the herbs might help and better to take something rather then nothing. but i personally would rather wait for the science
my personal opinion is. if im only allowed 1 free vaccine a year. ill take the one with best effectivacy results.
but if they had 65mill doses of each brand available tomorrow. and able to take all 3. i would
18  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Do you trust the co-vid19 vaccine ? on: December 02, 2020, 12:24:37 PM
In a short period of time two completely independent companies presented a corona vaccine. Since both them are listed companies I think gbdfd is some truth to their product. I would expect more companies from other countries like in Asia or UK to present their own vaccine. The more different types of vaccines we choose from the better for the consumer.

UK has one. the oxford vaccine.

yes pfizer, oxford and moderna released pre-lim data quickly but thats because they need some approval process just to start mass production.
basically get to atleast a point of being allowed to invoice governments for the mass production.

they had to release pre-lim data last month just to get the production going. even though governments wanted stockpiles of their stuff in summer.
as a separate thing
they have yet to be granted approval for mass USE. that is still to come later.

it has passed the safety tests of the vaccine itself not causing adverse reactions. with 100+ results with 9 month data. 1000+ results of 6month data and 10000+ result of 3 month data.

the question of does it stop future covid illnesses is something yet to come in any large dataset.
they only have 100+ results of effectiveness. they are hoping for 1000+ results by february and 10000+ by may..

.. but hey herbalists and anti-pharma nutters love to tell people that certain things cure illnesses but know that if atleast the thing they promote doesnt cause harm then it doesnt matter if the cure X claim is false.
so they should be happy to promote something thats proven to not cause harm even if it has yet to be proven to help said future illness in any large dataset proof..

i personally will wait for further data on the effectiveness, but i dont fear the vaccine causing harm. just think it hasnt proved the test of time of preventing covid to any real high level
19  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Do you trust the co-vid19 vaccine ? on: December 02, 2020, 11:58:48 AM
I trust it to make money for big Pharma.

Given that some research seems to indicate that 60-90% of the population has developed immunity,

give the fact that governments have already made it a law that the cost of a vaccine be not more then standard prescription prices. i think 'pharma' are not going to profit.
so get it out of your head already if our thinking vaccines will be £$100-£$1000-£$10000 a dose..

sorry but its more like $40(£30) max
EG the oxford vaccine is going to cost government £6
any additional costs would be the logistics/distribution costs.
given the fact that there are 65million people in the UK meaning 650k is 1%
given the fact that there have not been any studies/reports/research that have shown 650k cases of spread a week.
there is no way, logically, mathematically, realistically to have had '60/90% spread' in 52 weeks

please .. please . please.. can you conspiracy nutcases atleast try to put some effort into your replies. its just getting too easy to debunk you lot.
atleast try to use some form of data/stat/info that is actually of merit/worthiness. and no i dont mean something you found on  conspiracy/fiction site
20  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Do you trust the co-vid19 vaccine ? on: December 02, 2020, 06:36:19 AM
Why people would assume (with rock solid conviction in a lot of cases) that all vials contain the same thing is beyond me.  When they did the 'tetanus' covert sterilization in Kenya recently it is said that a fraction of the vials come from a specialty lab in Canada while others seemed to have come from a factory.

thats called bad batching.
there is actually processes in place that monitor different batches whether its the same lab/factory, but just in a different production slot. or from different labs/factories.

they actually sample random vials within a batch and see if a batch is good or not.
its not just vaccines. heck even meat pie industry regularly test their batches.

they may make 1000pies an hour. so every 30 minutes they take a pie and test it for weight/ filling amount. they test for bacteria and also if the pastry rose to the right height and the temperature is right.
they dont simply just let the machines run all day and only check once the machines alarm beeps.

when it comes to medical supply checks. they do loads of stuff. far beyond what a food production factory world.

yes some kenyan citizens might be blackmarket selling 'vaccine' where the supplier used could have been a ethiopian 'sweatshop' counterfit factory putting river water into vials instead of vaccine

yes bad batches can happen.
but for instance with these vaccines they are being sourced via the companies direct. they are setting up logistics and distribution to get it from source.

yes 9 months ago there were cases where america were in a rush to source PPE and trumps son inlaw was just handing out money to whomever said they can supply PPE. and yes plane loads of PPE arrived. and on inspection they found out it didnt meet standards. and so trumps son inlaw was taken off that project and it was handed to pence.
so yes bad batches can happen if idiots are in charge of the logistics and dont source the products from a trusted source thats been vetted properly.

so yes batches can be a problem. but the chances of a bad batch getting to a destination to then be handed out to citizens is super super low due to the different checks/layers of inspection inbetween
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