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Author Topic: PIVX will CRUSH Dash - read and comment on this thread to keep this on page 1  (Read 90 times)
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December 03, 2017, 02:22:12 PM

PIVX is going to crush DASH.

The reason for this is simple. It will offer all DASH has and will not have the scam start to hold it back.

DASH is the most PROVEN scam on this board.

NOOBs here have no clue the kind of shamming shit of a project they are putting their btc into.

Read the FACTS and realise this project needs to be crushed.

Let's take a look at the first 5 h of Darkcoin (XCoin at that time)... THIS IS WHAT DASH WAS CALLED BEFORE IT CHANGED ITS NAME 2X
Edufield said (after failed launch) that he will wait the next day to launch DRK (XCoin at that time) it is 11 pm.
Edufield disregard windows wallet and daemon and hurry up his launch, presumably to not have windows miners on board.
Edufield say he added four nodes for the launch at 4 am (5 hours later, despite his promise to wait). The 4 nodes from Edufield are 3 amazons AWS + another unknown (whois IP). Launch started at 3h54 am.
Edufield said the github version was not updated, nobody could compile and only Edufield was able to mine until that time. It is 5.09 am and Edufield instamined alone 1153 block at 500 DRK + 60 block at reward 277 = 593120 DRK for him alone in about 1 hour.
No windows wallet confirmed at 5h47 am, despite a user attempt to make one avaiable, that Edufield dismissed quickly.
Illodin, understand dev has instamined alot of coin.
From this list of nodes, at 8h34 am (4h40 after launch) there were 50 Amazon AWS node and 50 microsoft cloud computing instamining DRK (checked using IP whois service). This is 100/124 nodes using cloud computing to instamine DRK. We are at block 2870 and block reward is 500. From block 1153-1729 block reward is 277. After that it is 500 again hence 2294 block at 500 + 576 at 277 = 1306552 DRK (worth about 13M$ now) were instamined in less than 5 hour by Edufield and coworkers using about 100 cloud mining instances. Edufield himself instamined in not even 5 h from 600K to 1169K DRK ((1306K-600K)*100/124 + 600K) depending how many of the 100 cloud mining instance were its own. All this while having purposefully set the difficult ridiculously low and block reward 100 times what it is now.

SCAM = unfair and dishonest scheme = dash

This latest defence is so strange. Where are the victims ? what are you talking about it is there in black and white.

1. everyone who was told it was a fair launch LIKE ALL THE OTHER LAUNCHES AT THE TIME. - then prevented from mining fairly = scammed
2. everyone who was told there would be much more opportunity to mine ( then that got slashed by 75%) - prevented from mining the coins that were then taken away = scammed.

here are your victims.

3. everyone buying now thinking dash can go somewhere not knowing the scam it is will forever hold it back = being scammed.

Every dasher on here trying to scam others into supporting your scam = scammers.

I will be updating my scammers thread to add all of your names to it.

Denying a scam after it is proven time and time again to you in black and white = scam enabler and defender = scammer.

Threads examining the evidence of the captive instamine and reduction of the minting to magnify such instamining ...PROOF OF SCAM

This coin needs to made a pariah. Too many noobs do zero research and are flocking into this filthy shit of a project.

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