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Author Topic: [SWEET] NectarCoin | Crypto's Answer to Skype, Slack & more | Crowdsale Jan 12  (Read 104660 times)
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October 05, 2014, 02:26:23 PM
Last edit: January 05, 2015, 08:00:42 AM by nectarcoin

"Bitcoin (has 20 million users, at best). PayPal has 150+ million users. Whatsapp 500+ million users.
Facebook 1.2+ billion users...some alternate (coin network), better at promotion and user base expansion,
could go viral and surpass Bitcoin...within months...and people...will be asking themselves what just happened."
--bitcointalk user TaunSew

Proof of Developer

The Sweeter Option and Cure to the Common Wallet
Next-Generation WHAMM: Communications & Wallet Hub with Alert System, Market Monitor & Messenger
Staggered, Results-based, Milestone-based "Pay for Results" Crowdfunding Campaign (CFC)
Our Ultimate Aim:
To Build A Decentralised, Secure, Truly Private, Resilient
All-in-One, Well-Integrated, Peer-to-Peer
Alternative to Skype, Slack* & Event-Prediction (Event-Forecasting) Markets* such as the (inactive) Intrade
5+ POD

It's Darkest Before the Dawn...


Audio Intro from Nectar-AT, Our Project Team Leader


This is a Crowdfunding Campaign to support anticipated
research, development, marketing, legal and community
support needs over an 18+ month time frame.

This project is presented to the community as a proposal
to be escrow funded. If it's escrow funded, we build it.
We do not get a dime until we hit each of the milestones.

The campaign, detailed below, is carefully structured to give
everyone more peace of mind by providing protection from
non-delivery risk and altcoin-exchange risk:

* Payments from the escrow will not be released as a lump sum.
They will be broken up according to a milestone/"pay for results"-based schedule,
where escrow payments are released only upon our completion of each key milestone.
The relationship between us and coin buyers is one of developers working
for their employers, at their pleasure, and paid only upon deliveries.

* The escrow payments will be made from a (likely 3-of-4) multisig wallet,
so payments can only be released with the permission of representatives of both
the hosting exchange and Team NectarCoin.


Crowdsale: Jan 12

Planned Features

Conceptual Designs

Chat with In-Chat Coin Transfer

Chat with In-Chat Altcoin Market Alert


Altcoin Market Monitor

Altcoin Alert System

Event Monitor


Alert system prototype demo
(click here to request invite-only access)

Wouldn't you like to quickly, easily, pleasantly and privately
GroupChat (Text or Video)
Send Files
Track the Market Forecasts of Major Events
Establish Yourself As A Prediction Guru
Without Being Indentified and Monitored By The Company Managing Your Messenger App?
(Or The Government Monitoring the systems of The Company Managing Your Message App?)
And Send and Receive Money?
And More Efficiently Monitor Altmarkets?

one, single, convenient, user-friendly, secure, beautiful and private


For starters...?

Wouldn't you like to own a coin
built from the start
to encourage Viral Adoption?
By Men & Women?

For decades, computers were hard for the masses to use.
Now many people can't live without them.
That's because developers made them easy, interesting and even fun for the average Joe to use.

Many cryptocoins today are like the clunky IBM/Intel/DOS model.
We need the equivalent of an iPhone/Galaxy to break the adoption barrier:
a nice, easy, intuitive, familiar, pleasant user experience that grandma would love to use.

We want to be the Apple/Samsung of Crypto.


Because crypto should be (and can be) sweet.
(not bitter)

1. Crypto should be sweet, not bitter.
There's an awful lot of acrimony and distrust here lately. We need to get back to the fun, confident, pioneering spirit of crypto.

2. The focus should be on providing a complete, elegant solution, where crypto-tech isn't an end in itself, but a means to an end. Make it part of a useful, compelling user-friendly solution. Make it as simple and as much of an afterthought as using a Visa card.

3. Crypto can change the world but first,
we must change the world of cryptocurrencies and ourselves

4. Crypto needs more women - a lot more. Developers and users.

5. Privacy and ready access to market information should be the right of all human beings,
and not just the exclusive privilege of big-money types, VIPs, tech geeks, politicians, dictators and gated-community elites

6. We need a more private, decentralised (p2p), user-friendly alternative to Skype and other messengers that is
peer-to-peer, private and not easily monitored by "Big Brother";_ylt=AwrTWf2ygCdUCj8AYlfQtDMD

7. Too many here miss the forest for the trees.
We want to refocus on the big picture

8. The burden should not be on non-geeks to understand crypto
but on geeks to make crypto understandable, accessible and usable for everyone

Nectarcoin is part of a multi-stage plan to become the preferred alternative to Skype and other messengers.
It will be more than a wallet. It will be a robust communication, file, banking and data dashboard platform - and something bigger:
a new kind of cryptocoin with a new, in-demand, user-friendly features that encourage usage.
A one-stop web wallet and portal to ease your interaction with cryptoworld and beyond.

We want this to give a big boost to the ecosystem
by making communication and information more immediately available,
accessible and understandable to all participants.

The project is currently wrapping up the mockup stage and from there
we'll proceed to the development stage and later the marketing/promotion stage

We need only the time, resources and support provided by the Crowdfunding Campaign
to formalise a blueprint and build the darn thing.

Let us be clear about the Crowdfunding Campaign. It will be a staggered, milestone-based, results-based escrow release plan
in which payment is only released for each stage of delivered, verified results.
Not one satoshi would be released until a milestone is complete.

We're committed and are hopeful that funds raised by the Crowdfunding Campaign will provide
sufficient support for us to devote ourselves full time to the development of this exciting new platform.

We don't want to reveal everything before the launch publicly,
though we are open to disclosing key details to trusted members who
sign an NDA and who make a significant investment of at least 10BTC in the Crowdfunding Campaign
so we can be sure your interests are aligned with this project's before we share
project information with you. Full details would be disclosed to everyone after the Crowdfunding Campaign.

We're an IT team ranked among the top 5% among more than 40,000 IT service providers worldwide on a top freelancing platform.
We're received perfect scores on more than 50 IT and design projects over the past 5 years.

Our focus is programming (PHP, .NET, C++/Qt, AJAX and Js frameworks such as Node and Angular)
and design (Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, Js, CSS).

We've worked for a wide variety of corporations, mid-sized companies and startups
across a wide variety of fields, including financial software, publishing, consulting,
legal services and food-related. Our team is multilingual, and we're all English-fluent.

We've initiated contact with all 3 of the following POD rating groups:


One idea we are open to is giving permission to POD rating groups and the CFC-hosting exchange providers to fully disclose our identity if we do not deliver. That's how seriously we appreciate the trust of those who consider our project and how serious we are about delivering and establishing a strong, long-term reputation in crypto.

Our approach to how we interact with the community is as follows.
We want to make a meaningful contribution
to the still-virgin, still-fertile ecosystem for cryptocurrencies
and bring more life, dynamism and security to this space by distinguishing ourselves in the following:

plain english (less technobabble)

in other words:
(with lots of pollination)

Our approach to adoption is generally as follows. We want to build a "Sweet Suite" of useful features that are
well integrated and compliment each other in encouraging adoption of the platform

nectar is a metaphor for what we believe crypto should be:
golden, sweet, nourishing, fertile, self-perpetuating

nectar is the sugar-rich source for honey produced by plants in glands called nectaries (nodes)
...which provide a nutrient source to animals such as bees,
which as part of a mutually beneficial relationship, in turn provide protection against pests and pollination,
encouraging growth and spread of plants, and therefore all life.

no instamine
no POW to eliminate any risk of big miner dumps

12.5 million CFC coins*

POS framework that will include new POP* (Proof of Promotion) adoption incentive system
that rewards users for sending coins to a new zero-balance address
distant from their own source address

Tx fees: market-based
Block generation: 1 minute
Stake minimum age: to be determined
Variable Network-Stake-Dependent Interest: up to 30% a year
Proof of Promotion: Award of a set amount of coins for each send to a new zero-balance address to which the coin holder is not historically, closely associated

What does this all mean in English?
Market Adaptive
Strong Incentive to Hold
Strong Incentive to Promote
Dynamically Adjustable to Network Needs

The crowd-funding campaign is to help fund development of the coin, the system in general and its successful adoption.

We would not receive any of the CFC until we deliver on the key milestones.
Investors are completely protected against any risk of non-delivery.

That's how we roll in our freelance work - we never request payment until we've delivered on a milestone.
That gives clients complete peace of mind, and that's been a key factor behind our strong feedback ratings.

milestone 1 - 5% of CFC escrow funds released - NXT asset token issuance
Distribution of NXT Asset Exchange tokens to all participating exchanges, which will be redeemable 1-for-1 for Nectarcoins to be distributed during the third milestone.

milestone 2 - 5% of CFC escrow funds released - whitepaper/roadmap released
Disclosure of all future plans, including project scope not yet announced, with a heavy emphasis on NectarCoin's unique plans for encouraging mass adoption.

milestone 3 - 15% of CFC escrow funds released - version 1.0 of wallet:
stable network, smooth fair launch with block explorer, website integration, working wallet and high POD score (at least a 5 from Cryptoasian, 5/7 for coinsource or 3 stars from CryptoCertify)

milestone 4 - 20% of CFC escrow released - version 2.0 of wallet:
version 2.0 wallet design mockup finalised and approved by community, p2p text chat, p2p voice chat, p2p video enabled, file-transfer enabled (codename: "sweetsuite1")

milestone 5 - 20% of CFC escrow released - version 3.0:
group chat, group videoconferencing (codename: "sweetsuite2") enabled

milestone 6 - 15% of CFC escrow released -version 4.0:
one-stop crypto market portal market notification system
High scores from all three POD rating groups
(codename: "cryptoberg")

milestone 7 - 10% of CFC escrow released - verison 5.0:
 independent security audit by a respected authority recommended (codename: "ironclad"). Recommendations implemented

milestone 8 - 10% of CFC escrow released:
at least 10 community bitcointalk full members have publicly reacted in the forum thread
to our work with the word "wow" (Codename: Sweetness)

open ended:
R&D involving undisclosed features, relentless expansion of user-friendly features (Codename "Weareborg") and marketing campaign (Codename: Viral101) strategy to be fully disclosed and implemented

The CFC would occur in five order book tranches that reward the earliest investors:

2.5 million coins for 0.000150 per sweet
2.5 million coins for 0.000162 per sweet
2.5 million coins for 0.000175 per sweet
2.5 million coins for 0.000189 per sweet
2.5 million coins for 0.000204 per sweet

Any remaining unsold portion will be destroyed in a verifiable, video-verified manner by the CFC-hosting exchange.
Proceeds would be held in secure escrow and released in portions by the CFC-hosting exchange based strictly upon our completion of each milestone.

If targets are met, the budget would be dedicated toward the following:
Project Management
Promotion/Marketing, including Market Research
Community Management/Tech Support
Future Maintenance
Coin Buybacks
Legal Services

This would be up to the community to decide - we've proposed, starting two years after the launch, each year,
that the community - through its Nectarcoin wallets - vote on whether to award the development team
a small percentage (less than 0.005%) of coin balances, to cover ongoing expenses beyond the
completion of development, delivered only in 3-month installments
as a kind of "stock option" that financially sustains commitment to increasing
the long-term value of the platform.

We plan to run rigorous testnet simulations under high-traffic conditions to ensure a smooth and fair launch. If unforeseen circumstances result in a launch widely perceived as not smooth and fair, we'll push for an immediate re-launch.

We will not allow this coin's history to be tainted and FUD posses emboldened by a bad, botched launch.

Our CFC is a crowdfunding campaign to support design and development of the coin and its adoption. Any sales of coins are sales for crowd-funding purposes (think Kickstarter) and do not guarantee profits or ownership of a company.

All specifications and terms outlined above are subject to change based on community input and the amount raised by the escrow.  

This is a major imperative for us. One of our main goals is to build a great reputation in crypto for delivering excellent, innovative work.

So we aim to underpromise and overdeliver and try our best to prepare for all foreseeable scenarios,
but markets, community and network dynamics can be, by their very nature, unpredictable. Please plan and invest accordingly.

Please do not risk any BTC you can't afford to put at risk.

Who are you?

We're a team of developers, designers and project managers specialising in both functionality (C++/Qt/Python/PHP/JS) frameworks) and design (Adobe Suite, UI/UX, /HTLM/CSS/Js). We're based in Europe (many of us Eastern European) and are among the top 5% of more than 40,000 IT freelancers on one of the biggest freelancing platforms on the web. We've earned perfect performance scores on more than 50 projects spanning over more than five years.

Translation: We know what we're doing, we can handle demanding clients, we have a deep bench, we jealously protect our reputation and track record and are not hobbyists or middlemen reliant on a single part-time developer. We aim for perfect scores with an eye on our brand and reputation when it comes to everything we do. This is a long-term engagement for us - we see crypto as the future emerging market and want to build the future of our business on it. We want to build a reputation in crypto as a core focus for years to come.

Will you submit to a POD?

We'd like to submit to at least three PODs. We've already earned a 5+ from CryptoAsian and plan to get ratings from CoinSource and CryptoCertify when we're further along. We can't think of anything that would help bring greater attention to our coin and demonstrate the seriousness of this project.  

In our humble opinion, you have every right to be skeptical and downright cynical after some of the nonsense we've seen here. And we have a very long experience dealing with demanding clients who've been burned, and proving ourselves through our work. We hope to earn your trust by our work, our professional conduct and delivery of results.

Ultimately, it's the people outside crypto that concern us. The people who want to kill crypto or will once they perceive it as a threat to their power (or rather abuse of power). With things like this happening in parts of the world - privacy is a legitimate concern for everyone.

What is your FUD policy?

We welcome - in fact, we cherish - vigorous, constructive criticism and feedback. Developing design and programming solutions, especially in the cryptospace, involves (sometimes unavoidable) tensions between conflicting tradeoffs and finding the right balance. It also involves many unknowns and unpredictables. No one has a monopoloy on the truth. We all have much to learn from each other, which is the fundamental point of a forum.

But every investor who buys Nectarcoin will be treated as our client. And we will work to protect our clients. Comments will be moderated for vulgarity, irrelevance, spam, references to other coins and apparent campaigns by other coin communities, etc. We'll consider keeping a full log of all deleted posts for full transparency, time permitting.

Basically, we want the main forum to be a place for people to easily find important information about a coin
ask questions and provide constructive feedback - the very point of a forum -
without having to spend their precious time wading through sludge and spam.
We will consider redirecting all forum discussion off of bitcointalk to our own website forum if we feel it's necessary.

Why the newbie account?

Because we just created it, but we've been lurking on bitcointalk - particularly its Announcements section - for months, off an on, since late 2013. Our approach as a company is often to study things very carefully and become as fully informed as possible before we engage. So yes, while our account is new, our presence in and exposure to bitcointalk, and certainly crypto, is not. We know very well what's gone on here and what continues to go on here. That's one of the main reasons we decided to offer something we feel will be useful and positive for the ecosystem, and in a way that is more open and warm and less techy and abrasive than much of what we've seen here.

Still, we know enough to know some of what we don't know, which is why we've reached out to potential advisers whose contribution to bitcointalk and the wider crypto ecosystem we've come to respect and admire. We want to do this right. We want to make a good first impression.
We want to build a positive reputation here.

Your technology mindset and vision

We intend to build on a framework that will be modular to support third-party applications (plugins/add-ons),
secure, flexible and future proofed for additional functionality,
made scalable and built to eventually adapt to all platforms -- desktop and mobile.
We don't envision this endeavor as a fixed object with a fixed goal but as a journey that evolves and adapts to conditions over time.

Why are you doing this?

We are tired of seeing the same-looking Qt-style wallets. We think, in order to encourage mass market adoption, that crypto badly needs user-friendly applications and interfaces that the average consumer will want to use because they're useful, fun and easy to understand.

We also want to cement a bankable reputation in crypto and blockchain tech, because we've seen the future of our business and believe that - despite the present chaos -
blockchain technology will emerge as one of the standout, enduring, thriving markets of the 21st century.  

We also think crypto needs to get back to basics. People need to wake up and realise what's going on outside the altcoin world. Things like this:
We all need to clean up our acts and get the bitcoin/altcoin world developed, professionalised, serious and strong as a real force for good and for freedom - and as soon as possible because threats to it are gathering. There too much at stake for short-sightedness, pettiness and back-biting.

A 2800 BTC CFC?!

Yes. We're going beyond what any coin has done before in terms of design, functionality and user-friendliness.
We're aiming for widespread adoption. The project involves some significant labor-intensive research and technical challenges (*).
And we have to hedge for continued bitcoin weakness.

Our vision is, if you're going to do it, try to do it right. Go big, or go home.
Crypto investors are tired of scams and mediocre coins that fail the test of mainstream adoption. Or coins where devs disappear. Or coins that fall short of their plans.

Many coins fail not because they're scams, but because the devs lack the resources and built-in
redundancy it takes to launch and sustain a coin, its community and ecosystem over the long-run.
It is a full-time job and requires a team. A good one. Including backup.

You want a quality coin, a quality ecosystem and quality support along with an aggressive long-term marketing initiative and a sustainable, full-time commitment by a professional team with a solid track record. You want expansion to future platforms, including mobile (iOS, Android) and possibly alternative platforms. You want a team with the resources to help protect investors (we'll just leave it at that).
We want to deliver that to you... and more. We want to be one of the top altcoins out there. 2900 BTC will help us to make all of this happen. Note that this figure was adjusted from the previous 2200 to further hedge against possible additional weakness in bitcoin.

And for those who make comparisons to other new coins, we don't see those as our ultimate competition.
We are setting our sights much higher and... well, we'll just keep it at that for now....

This section in the future will feature a set of quicklinks to key milestones in the thread
to make it easier and faster for users to navigate to the information they seek.

October 5: Announcement
October 9: Raw test demo of alert system (pre-wallet integration):
November 5: CryptoAsian gives Nectarcoin highest 5+ Proof of Developer rating

Our website:
Our email address:
Our twitter page:

Live chat will be enabled on the website
We aim to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

We appreciate your time and consideration. Thank you.

The Beginning...

Nectar ≈ AltcoinMonitor + The Decentralised Alternative to Skype + Slack + Intrade
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October 06, 2014, 12:00:09 PM

Nectar ≈ AltcoinMonitor + The Decentralised Alternative to Skype + Slack + Intrade
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October 06, 2014, 12:08:21 PM

how much do you plan to raise in ICO in BTC
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October 06, 2014, 12:20:43 PM

Awesome, waiting for the ICO  Smiley

For security, your account has been locked. Email
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October 06, 2014, 12:21:14 PM
Last edit: December 16, 2014, 12:43:03 PM by nectarcoin

how much do you plan to raise in ICO in BTC

The details are up above - we're thinking big. The most important aspect of this is that we want a staggered, milestone-based, results-based crowdfunding campaign. In other words, we don't get a dime - not one satoshi - until we deliver on each milestone.That's the way we roll in all of our client work. Clients get complete peace of mind.

And we're treating everyone who invests in this coin and uses the forthcoming desktop app (it will be more than a wallet) as an appreciated client who deserves peace of mind. We can not emphasise that strongly enough.

Awesome, waiting for the ICO  Smiley

Thank you so much for the interest - and we welcome constructive feedback. The specifics are subject to change based on valued community input. As for the ICO, we're awaiting a response from key exchanges. Ahead of that, we're working on getting all three PODs - and we'll be aiming for the highest ratings for all of them.

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October 06, 2014, 12:36:27 PM
Last edit: December 04, 2014, 07:36:34 AM by nectarcoin

We've been getting questions about bounties for promotion, etc. and will be adding a finalised response to the FAQ of the ANN on this topic.

Our thinking at this point - most likely we will be offering bounties after we've completed a full needs assessment (most likely this week) after gauging the community response. What we have in mind at this point is tying bounties to the crowdfunding campaign - a portion of the CFC to cover bounties could be committed by the exchange at our request to a trusted bitcointalk agent such as "devthedev" to distribute the bounties when the work is verified by us and the community and the CFC escrow is released. Just a thought - we haven't decided the details of that yet. We will also be needing ANN translations in some languages and welcome any other bounty offers to cover needs we might not have anticipated yet.

Needless to say, we're seeking broad community involvement in this project.

Nectar ≈ AltcoinMonitor + The Decentralised Alternative to Skype + Slack + Intrade
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October 06, 2014, 12:43:33 PM

good luck. ico is too high. i can't see it giving a return. korecoin doing the same thing yours just looks nicer which kore coin can edit
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October 06, 2014, 12:52:23 PM
Last edit: October 08, 2014, 03:35:43 PM by nectarcoin

good luck. ico is too high. i can't see it giving a return. korecoin doing the same thing yours just looks nicer which kore coin can edit

Hello again - we were aware of that concern going in. Three points:
1) it's a target. We reach it or we don't. We don't, and the balance of coins gets destroyed and we adjust the goals accordingly.
2) Yes, we are aiming high. When you say you can't see it giving a return, that might be because you're not fully aware of how high we're aiming. We are not going to be just another middling altcoin, which we hope we've made clear from the ANN (for one thing, bitcoin and litecoin are clearly vulnerable, and...well, we'll leave it at that for now). We think the mistake that many other coins have made is striking out with ambitions they did not have the resources to support. That's why so many devs seem to quit before the job is done. Quality dev work and community management is a full time job you want done by professionals and done right.
3) We're going beyond what any coin has done before in terms of design, functionality and user-friendliness. We're aiming for widespread adoption.

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October 07, 2014, 12:22:52 PM

dang, the interface looks sleek.

 Cheesy nice!
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October 07, 2014, 02:21:37 PM

ico.  oh  no . 

good luck ,bye.
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October 07, 2014, 06:23:10 PM

ico? chat?!?! video?!?! through block chain?  Have you not heard of bitmessage? Lost interest.  bye!

Notable projects 2019: Semux, Dero, Wagerr, BEAM
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October 07, 2014, 07:09:28 PM
Last edit: October 08, 2014, 03:38:55 PM by nectarcoin

ico? chat?!?! video?!?! through block chain?  Have you not heard of bitmessage? Lost interest.  bye!

It should be pretty clear how far beyond bitmessage this will go. It'll have more in common with Skype than bitmessage.

And this would be the start of functionality, not the end. This would be designed for popular use - we're aiming for a market and demographic much wider than crypto enthusiasts, including people who've never heard of crypto, or bitcoin for that matter. People who will respond to a much more user-friendly interface than most Qt coin wallets currently out there.

Nectar ≈ AltcoinMonitor + The Decentralised Alternative to Skype + Slack + Intrade
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October 07, 2014, 07:39:20 PM

Like this, will follow.
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October 08, 2014, 03:20:24 AM

wallet looks nice, but ico price is absurdly high.  even the 5th final opening shouldn't be .000157
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October 08, 2014, 08:59:28 AM
Last edit: December 04, 2014, 07:38:03 AM by nectarcoin

wallet looks nice, but ico price is absurdly high.  even the 5th final opening shouldn't be .000157

The crowdfunding campaign price is a target, not a minimum. We are indeed aiming high and requesting the resources that will allow us to aim as high as possible for as long as possible. We think again, as we said in the OP, that the mistake too many devs have made is cutting corners and biting off more than they can chew -- not having the resources to sustain the time and effort it requires to build a high-quality killer app.

But again, the CFC is a target. If we don't reach it, we adjust the goals accordingly, and the balance of coins gets destroyed. And, again, not a dime of the CFC is released until we hit the milestones.

Nectar ≈ AltcoinMonitor + The Decentralised Alternative to Skype + Slack + Intrade
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October 08, 2014, 12:38:33 PM
Last edit: October 08, 2014, 03:32:14 PM by nectarcoin

Tomorrow, we'll be demonstrating the exchange alert/notifications feed capability - we'll be posting video shortly.

The alert system, which draws on data feeds from the 4 major altcoin exchanges (Mintpal, Poloniex, Cryptsy and Bittrex), will make it easier for crypto market watchers to track significant developments in altcoin markets -  prices, volume, buy and sell orders, as well as dev updates - from one place. While you chat or conference.

Note that this is a partial, off-wallet demo built on our demo server. This would be only one of several features fully integrated into our sleek (sweet!) "WHAMM" desktop app (Wallet Hub with Market Monitor and Messenger) as part of the NectarCoin project.

We welcome any questions, we thank those as excited as we are about this project and we welcome the growing number of twitter followers for their questions, interest and support.

Nectar ≈ AltcoinMonitor + The Decentralised Alternative to Skype + Slack + Intrade
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October 08, 2014, 03:03:23 PM

It will be sweet  Wink

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October 08, 2014, 03:05:07 PM

Looking forward.

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October 08, 2014, 03:22:03 PM

It will be sweet  Wink
Too much sugar is not good for health  Tongue

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October 08, 2014, 03:31:18 PM

It will be sweet  Wink

There's a reason we aimed for the [SWEET] ticker symbol.

It will be sweet  Wink
Too much sugar is not good for health  Tongue

But it's good for crypto - and these days, crypto can certainly use more sweetness.

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