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1  Economy / Web Wallets / Blockchain wallet minimum password length in 2013 on: September 06, 2021, 04:09:05 PM
Does anyone know the following:

1) Did Blockchain wallet have a minimum character password length requirement in 2013?  (I believe itís 10 words now.)

2) Was the 12-word recovery phrase mandatory in 2013?

3) If so, were these 12 words given to you, or did the user have the ability to choose them?

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Help Requested - Question about old Doge address on: January 29, 2021, 04:46:13 PM
Context: I have some old Doge wallet.dat files from 2013-2014.  Last night, I spent some time dumping the private key from one of the addresses using the newest version of Dogecoin Core and importing it into a new Multidoge wallet.  Everything seemed to work correctly, and Multidoge recognizes the receiving address corresponding to the private key that I imported.

Problem: However, one thing is puzzling me.  Although it isnít synced, Dogecoin Core is showing a list of old transactions from my old wallet file.  When I tried to enter one of the addresses corresponding to these transactions into the Doge Blockchain, it yields a result that shows the address has no transaction history whatsoever.  No balance, no coins sent/received, 0 transactions.

What could be happening here?  I havenít been much paying attention for the past few years, but was there ever a hard fork or something where the entire pre-fork blockchain was abandoned somehow?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!
3  Other / Off-topic / Inventions on: March 03, 2016, 07:40:42 PM
When I have ideas for practical inventions, I often wonder what others think of them, or if they've already been thought of.  This is a thread where you can post any ideas for new inventions or products, or to provide feedback for others.

I'll start with a few of mine:

1) A refillable, concentrated caffeine spritzer built into a mechanical pen/pencil for long work or study nights.

2) Natural-looking, synthetic firewood, refillable with flammable liquid that is released externally at a controlled rate to simulate burning of real wood.  No more chopping/buying firewood, disposing of ash, or cleaning chimneys.

3) Small hole built into driver's side of vehicle that sucks cigarette smoke and ash and dispenses it cleanly outside of the vehicle.  Smoke in rain or snow with the windows rolled up without hot-boxing the interior.
4  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] 3 x r9-290x Sapphire on: June 09, 2015, 01:39:50 AM
Up for sale:

3 x Sapphire r9-290x GPU
- Used for ~1-2 months
- Excellent condition

- Name a price!  Make me an offer I can't refuse and I won't  Smiley
- Include cost of shipping in your price
- Chicago in-person pickup is available
- Payment due up-front (no escrow, sorry)
- Accept payment in BTC or cash-equivalent

5  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS] Lealana Series 1 w/error, 3 x r9-290x, and more! - the joint's Garage Sale on: April 11, 2015, 09:14:39 PM
It's that time of year!  Here is an assortment of some things I'm looking to get rid of (see bottom for terms of sale):

See links for pictures.  Oh, and prices are negotiable Smiley

SOLD!2011 1-BTC Casascius Series 1 w/ error (brass): BTC6.0 BTC4.25
- Minted October 18, 2011!
- Address: 15M3Zmhq5nuMobdcwWwrD7rpXbGoVzvNLf
- One owner; received direct from Mike Caldwell
- Uncirculated; never touched; kept in safe

SOLD! 2011 1-BTC Casascius Series 2 (redeemed unfunded; brass): BTC0.3
- See what happens to a tamper-proof hologram Smiley

SOLD! 2013 1-BTC Casascius (brass):  BTC1.2
- Address: 135Hw7cQCfZWVEa8A3dpvYsYPqmtJMn175
- Uncirculated; never touched; kept in safe

Lealana Series 1 Collector Set w/ error:  BTCAccepting Offers
- 2 x 10-LTC, 0.5oz. silver
- Collectors case and certificates of authenticity included
- Uncirculated; never touched; kept in safe

3 x Sapphire r9-290x GPU:  BTC1.2 each
- Used for ~1-2 months
- Excellent condition
- Current SquareTrade warranty

Handmade Dragon cone incense burner (RARE!): BTC0.5
- One-of-a-kind
- Handmade; hand-painted
- Beautiful, insane detail!
- Stick incense cones in its butt and smoke comes out of its mouth

Sound Percussion full drum set: BTC1.75
- Fantastic Condition!
- Includes all stands, cymbals, and hardware!
- Includes drum throne seat
- Chicago-area pickup only

Magic Card Collection  (w/ rare Star Trek extras): BTC2.5
- Thousands of cards (more not shown here)
- Mostly 3rd and 4th edition (plus Legends, Dark, Beta, Antiquities, Ice Age, Fallen Empires, etc.)
- Hundreds of desirable rarities including Wheel of Fortune, Fork, Demonic Tutor, Sol Ring, and much more!

White-Grecian Marble Tile 18x18 in.^2: BTC0.18 per case
- Two cases for sale (11.25 ft.^2 per case)
- Like new; unused
- Luxury tile for a luxury, world-class look and feel
- Found here:
- Chicago-area pickup only

- Prices negotiable, but make me an offer I can't refuse and I won't Smiley
- Shipping available for all items except Drum Kit and Marble Tile
- Chicago in-person pickup is available for ALL items (preferred)
- Payment due up-front for all shipped items (no escrow)
- Accept payment in BTC or cash-equivalent (actually, cash is preferred)
6  Economy / Auctions / [Auction] Signature Space 1-month on: March 14, 2015, 09:03:27 PM
Description:  This is an auction for use of my signature space for 30-days

Starting bid:  BTC0.01 (or LTC/XRP equivalent); please bid in increments of BTC0.01

Buy it now:  BTC0.50

End date and time:  24-hours after initial thread-posting

Payment methods accepted:  BTC; LTC; XRP

Additional information:
-  Payment due up-front
-  Use as much or as little space as you would like
-  Advertisement may run longer than 30 days, but never less than 30 days.  Previous users of my signature space can attest that, in several instances, advertisements have remained there far longer than the time paid for (sometimes many months longer).
-  Not available to newbies
-  No negative feedback accounts
-  Accounts suspected of scamming or illegal behavior during advertisement period will have their advertisements terminated without refund (at my discretion)
-  No scam sites or alt-coin promotions (at my discretion)
7  Other / Off-topic / I just did this on: March 04, 2015, 03:46:16 AM

Is that weird?   Cheesy

Anyone else have a habit of not paying attention?
8  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Spondoolies SP-20 + 1300W EVGA PSU on: January 12, 2015, 11:25:38 PM

I'm looking to sell one (1) Spondooies SP20.  This unit being sold is that which I received from Spondoolies' legendary member review offer.  The review I posted, which includes pictures, can be found here:

Included with the miner is one (1) EVGA 1300W Gold PSU.  A description of the PSU can be found here:

Both the SP20 and the PSU run without issue.  The SP20 has been running 24/7 at the settings listed in my review, except that I dropped the max voltage from 0.79 to 0.74 after the review per advisement from philipma1957.

Price:  $720 USD equivalent in BTC + shipping from the USA.  Local pick-up in Chicago area preferred; I'll accept cash if we meet in person.

Additional notes:  No escrow if you do not select local pick-up; once payment is received I will ship ASAP (i.e. same day time-permitting, or following business day, with small refunds given for any additional delays in shipping).  I've never used escrow as a seller (edit:  I used escrow once for half of the value at which I sold a BFL ASIC to 2weiX) and have had no issues.  See my trust for verification of, and references to, some of these transactions.

Hope to do business with you soon! Smiley

Edit: I'm open to offers given the recent drop in price.
9  Bitcoin / Hardware / [Review] Spondoolies SP20 Legendary Review on: December 18, 2014, 01:42:58 AM
First, I would like to extend a *huge* thank you to Spondoolies for this opportunity, and I feel especially fortunate because there are so many great legendary members who not only have vastly more experience with mining hardware than I do, but who are also capable of writing a great review.

Preface: I've always been keen on computers and tend to pick things up quickly, but I'm not a software developer, I'm not a hacker, and prior to my foray into Bitcoin I had never built or deconstructed a computer of any kind.  Accordingly, this review may be useful for those who are intimidated to explore mining due a lack of technical know-how, or for newbies facing Bitcoin's sharp learning curve.

Shipping, Preparation, and Delivery:

On December 11, after providing Spondoolies with my shipping details, I received an email containing both an invoice generated by Spondoolies for the product and a copy of the FedEx shipping label.  The invoice is nicely transparent and provides the company's contact information.

To prepare for receipt of the miner, I purchased a 1300W PSU.  Specifically, it was this one:
.  I'd recommend a high-quality PSU rated at 1300W unless you plan on some significant underclocking.

The miner arrived on December 15.  The following pictures illustrate just how awesome this packaging was.  The box was taped *very* securely, and the cardboard inserts help keep the device nice and snug during shipment.  I picked up the package and tried shaking it lightly, but its contents didn't jiggle whatsoever.  The cardboard inserts also support the miner from the top and bottom in addition to the sides.  

The Miner:  The miner itself feels sturdy enough.  You can find all the dimensions and specs for the SP20 here:

I placed the miner on a hard, plastic surface adjacent to some sliding glass windows.  It's cold where I live, so convection through the windows helps keep temps down.  I also oriented the fan to push warm air back into my home.

Setup:  Ah, yes...setup.  In the past, I've run into a number of headaches when setting up various ASIC and other mining devices ranging from GPU rigs to the Antminer S1, though admittedly many of these headaches were the result of a lack of experience.

So, how does the SP20 stack up in terms of ease of setup?  I'm pleased to say it's not intimidating whatsoever.  In fact, once I had everything wired up, it took me about 3 minutes or so to get the thing hashing.

These are the all the steps I took during setup:
1)  Unpack the device and place it in a desired location, bearing in mind factors such as heat and noise.
2)  Grab a PSU with at least four 6-pin ATX connectors.  Run the connectors from the PSU to the four 6-pin female ports on the rear of the miner.
3)  Grab an Ethernet cable and run it from your Internet router to the miner.
4)  Use the "paperclip trick" to trigger the PSU to run continuously while disconnected from a motherboard.  If you've never done this, it's far more simple than it might sound.  This video provides a tutorial:
5)  Now that everything is wired up and powered, open your web browser and type in "" to gain access to the miner's management console.  You will be prompted for a username and password whereupon you will enter "admin" for both.   After doing this, you will be logged into the management console.
6)  Click on "Settings" in the upper left corner of the management console.  Here you will be able to underclock or overclock your SP20 by tinkering with voltages. You will also be able to control the fan speed of your miner.  If you are unsure about how changing these variables will affect your miner, it is recommended to use conservative settings to ensure the safety of your hardware.  

Here, you also have the option to change your UI (user interface of the management console) password.  I strongly recommend this.

7)  Click on "Pools" in the upper left corner of the management console.  Here you will be able to point your miner to whatever pool account you wish.  If you do not have an account at a mining pool, you will need to create one.

Cool  That's it!  Once you've configured your pools, the miner will automatically restart itself and begin mining for you!

Performance:  Here are screencaps of the homepage of the management console, mining statistics, my miner settings, and a view of the ASIC stats page accessible via the management console:

Review:  I haven't had this thing long, but this machine rocks.  Although I certainly haven't personally tested every ASIC device out there, I've tested quite a few, and the SP20 is the best I've come across in terms of ease of setup.

The device has been mining for more than 36 solid hours now without any hiccups whatsover.  I don't have the proper equipment to accurately measure power draw or noise levels, but using the settings I depicted above I have been getting a steady 1.58-1.60 TH/s without any indication that my PSU is being taxed at its limits.

I'll be honest, this thing is loud (i.e. running at 80% max fan speed), and unless you happen to be a fan of such background noise (I am, and its fan purrs me to sleep) this isn't a miner that you're going to want to keep in your bedroom.  Additionally, *any* miner is going to give off heat according to its power draw, and it just so happens the extra heat generated by the SP20 has allowed me to completely shut off my heat, even during colder nights.  But don't worry, the fan on this miner is a beast and a half and pushes out nearly 200 cfm.

In summary, I couldn't be happier with this miner.  If you're in the market for a sturdy, easy-to-use, cost-efficient miner, the SP20 must be considered as one of the strongest choices.

Pros:  Speedy and professional delivery; stellar packaging; sturdy construction; easy to configure and use; cost-efficient; overclocking and underclocking readily available.

Cons:  Loud; some aspects of the management console user interface are not intuitive for the tech-illiterate.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / My Ideal In-Store Bitcoin Shopping Experience on: October 18, 2014, 09:17:32 AM
I walk into a store with BTC.  Let's say this BTC is secure on a little device.  Imagining a Trezor works nicely for the sake of demonstration.

I see an item I want on the shelf.  On the item is a QR code, magnetic strip, or something similar corresponding to a unique public BTC address; also on the device is a tiny green LED or some other change indicator.  When I hold my BTC device up to the code/strip, payment for the item is automatically and securely deducted from my device.  The green LED lights up, I walk out the door with it, bypassing an imaginary checkout line with imaginary cashiers, and instead simply wave my green LED-lit item in front of a security attendant as I walk out the store.

What's the closest we have to this experience now?
11  Economy / Speculation / For those who have no idea what to do on: October 05, 2014, 01:07:51 AM

When things start getting messy and emotions run high, I often find it's useful to remind myself of the basics.  Accordingly, this is a post aimed at those who, over the past few weeks, have become increasingly emotional and panicky about BTC price.

What should you do?  Should you sell?  Should you buy?  Should you HODL?  Should you diversify?  Ultimately, these are unknowns, and the more you focus on the unknown, the less you focus on what is knowable.

So, what is knowable?  Systems Theory is an *extremely* broad, overarching theory of systems in general.  Depending on what discipline Systems Theory is applied to, it will look slightly different and certain systemic aspects will be highlighted over others.  But, the core ideas behind Systems Theory are applicable to virtually everything.  Absolutely everything and anything is a system -- I'm a system, you're a system, and this community is a system.  Most relevant to this post is that the Bitcoin market is a small, economic system nested within much larger economic systems.

Why is this basic knowledge useful?  All systems have some basic properties that, at the very least, can help us to understand the context in which the Bitcoin market exists in relation to other economic markets.

Let's first address some characteristics of all systems:

1) Entropy -- All systems are prone to entropy or decay over time, and will continue to do so without outside influence.

2) Homeostasis -- Homeostasis is a state of balance within a system, and is often achieved when systemic input is delicately balanced by systemic output.   A system in a state of total or near-total homeostasis can be described as stable.  A system not in a state of homeostasis can be described as volatile.

3) Input -- energy flowing into a system from external systems.

4) Output -- energy flowing out of a system into other, external systems.

Imagine a human being.  From the moment you are born, you are subject to entropy.  You will decay and die without some additional source of energy in the form of received input from some external system (e.g. food, oxygen, etc).  But, simply receiving this input will not guarantee your continued existence.   This systemic input needs to be counterbalanced by systemic output (e.g. excretion, etc.).  The absence of one or the other will lead to a quick death, and extreme imbalances between systemic input and output will cause systemic volatility that can threaten systemic collapse.

Applying Systems Theory to Bitcoin:
This post isn't intended to give you a formula for determining the cause of every tiny movement, but rather to provide some general considerations so that you can place the current state of Bitcoin in a more reasonable context.  Accordingly, here are a few of those considerations, though this is by no means an exhaustive or even comprehensive list:

1) Bitcoin is still a tiny economic system nested among larger ones.  This implies that smaller amounts of systemic input/output will have a larger impact on Bitcoin than they would on some larger economic system.  This is obvious -- simply imagine how, for example, the influx of $1 billion in new money might affect the Bitcoin market vs. how it might affect Google stock.

2) Bitcoin has experienced several phases of enormous systemic input that was not counterbalanced by systemic output.  The rise to the $32 in June 2011 was the first example, the rise to $266 was a second example, and the rise to >$1000 was the third.   These are all examples of periods in which systemic input was grossly mismatched with systemic output.  The inevitable result of these scenarios is systemic imbalance or a lack of homeostasis, thereby increasing the chances of systemic collapse.

3) Bitcoin is not self-correcting.  It is inherently linked to external systems from and to which energy is transferred.  This dependence upon other systems is specifically what removes any guarantee whatsoever of recovery.  

For the dense, let me repeat and highlight that last sentence:  This dependence upon other systems is specifically what removes any guarantee whatsoever of recovery.

4) Volatility doesn't care which direction you're moving or whether you're making or losing money, it is simply a reflection of instability within a system.  Although I'm certainly generalizing a bit with this next example, it's equally 'bad' in terms of instability whether the price goes up $100 in a day or falls $100.  Accordingly, you shouldn't be looking to your trading success or lack thereof as an indicator of market health.

Again, this list is extremely short and by no means comprehensive, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling with some general advice (Note:  I am NOT a licensed professional).  I like people, which means that I generally like all of you, and I don't enjoy reading stories of people making investment decisions that end up ruining their lives.  So, here goes:

1)  To HODLers, there is absolutely 0% guarantee of a price recovery, and it is absolutely possible for this system to die.

2)  Systemic death can begin at any price.  Volatility and a lack of homeostasis lead to systemic death, not a low price.

3)  However, as Bitcoin grows, its resistance to systemic death increases.  Furthermore, as systemic output grows to match systemic input, the chances of re-establishing a homeostatic state increase.  Consequently, even this precipitous price drop from the ATH over the course of nearly a year is not conclusive evidence of a dying Bitcoin market, but possibly of one that is mending and healing itself.  This is directed towards the doomsday prophets on this forum.

4)  Avoid extreme positions.  Don't commit yourself to sinking with the ship, but also don't pretend icebergs can't or don't exist.

**Note: For the record, I released the majority of my holdings between $600-$850 but still have some stake in this market.
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Are bitcoins still safe even on computers disconnected from the Internet? on: September 06, 2014, 12:49:56 AM

This is fairly old news, and I'm also not familiar with what kind of threat this might pose.  Hopefully someone more knowledgable can share their input.

Since it's now no secret that the NSA has the capacity to hack into computers via radio waves (though apparently only on computers constructed with the proper hardware), what does this mean for things like Armory's offline transactions?  Do you believe that this poses a viable threat, particularly if companies increasingly integrate backdoor radio transceivers into household computers and mobile devices?

Moreover, has this issue been considered by the core devs?
13  Economy / Lending / Exploring options for a large, long-term loan on: August 27, 2014, 06:25:54 PM
I'm creating this thread to do a preliminary exploration of what loan options might be available to me from the lenders here.

I was prompted to make this thread after reading a thread posted by another member here several weeks ago.  He/she was looking to take out a large loan to effectively reconsolidate his/her existing debt.

My goals are:
- Take out a large enough loan to cover all, or a significant portion of, my debts.
- Set an interest rate that is lower than the average rate for my existing debts.
- Make one monthly payment to a new creditor rather than making multiple payments on varying dates each month.
- Raise my credit score which took a huge hit do to multiple recent credit inquiries (mortgage; having multiple open credit and checking accounts; using the majority of my existing credit lines for home remodeling, etc.).

Other notes:
- Ideally, this loan would range from $50k-$150k, though smaller loans would still be okay so long as it reduces my overall average interest rate.
- Time to repayment would need to be sufficiently long enough for me to afford monthly payments.
- Interested lenders can PM me to learn more about my employment history, credit history (I can provide documentation of all open and existing accounts which reflect my flawless payment history), available collateral, etc.
- Yes, there will be legal contracts, and preferentially face-to-face meetings.  I'm hoping that someone near the Chicago area would be interested in this.
- I am employed full-time and am looking to pick up a part-time job as an Uber car driver.  I have an MSW degree and within the next year will be taking a license examination to receive my LCSW license (licensed clinical social worker) which will enable me to open a private practice.  Currently, I am a transition coordinator for a Federal financial assistance program run through the county health department; I was and may still be ranked #1 in the United States for my position in terms of both productivity and positive client outcomes.  I also have a small mining operation and write occasionally for Bitcoin Magazine.  
- The home remodeling I am doing should also result in a significant increase of the appraisal value and therefore my equity.  I also own a car outright (fully-paid for) and have some other assets of value.

Basically, I'm looking to see if someone is willing to invest in me while earning some passive income and letting his money work for him.

Post or PM if you would like to know more.
14  Other / Off-topic / Bitcoin graph/chart glitches and anomalies on: August 19, 2014, 03:28:05 AM
It's been an eventful couple of days.   But sometimes things get so crazy and volatile that even the charts and graphs we depend on seem to falter under the pressure.  This is a thread to honor our coded comrades who hope we don't remember the times that even they had no idea WTF was going on.

15  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS] 1 x 2012 Brass 1-BTC Casascius Physical Bitcoin [SOLD!] on: August 17, 2014, 04:57:16 PM

I'm looking to sell one (1) 2012 1-BTC brass Casascius physical bitcoin.

Aside from being more uncommon than the 2013s:
- Coin is in uncirculated, excellent condition
- Coin has been stored in a a safe since its delivery date
- Minted January 2012
- I am the first owner

- PM or post in this thread an offer I can't refuse; make sure your offer includes shipping.
- Once a deal is reached, I will provide you with a BTC address for payment.  You will provide me with a name and shipping address.
- Once payment is received, the coin will ship ASAP and I will provide you with tracking.
- No escrow.  You can trust me.

Just to get things started, I'm looking in the ballpark of 1.8 BTC, but let's see where this goes.
16  Other / Off-topic / Misconceptions about sympathy and empathy on: August 13, 2014, 05:04:00 AM
I have news.

If you think empathy is walking a mile in another man's shoes, check this:

'Sympathy' = prefix 'sym' + root word 'pathy'. 'Sym' is an alternative to 'syn' meaning "together"; 'pathy' refers to 'disease' or 'not at ease'.


"Together, not at ease" what does that sound like?!

With me so far?  Good.

In contrast, 'empathy' = prefix 'emp' + root word 'pathy'. 'Emp', while specifically reserved for root words beginning with certain letters, is an alternative to 'ent' which is an "inseparable verb prefix indicating removing something from the object."

And there you have it -- 'sympathy' is walking a mile in another man's shoes, and 'empathy' is stealing his damn shoes!
17  Economy / Service Discussion / Cryptsy Support Ticket Delays? on: July 24, 2014, 06:45:13 AM
On February 10th, I submitted a support ticket for a missing DOGE deposit into my Crypty account.  The transaction cleared fairly soon after I made the ticket, but I just received email notification from them *today* (about 5 months later) letting me know that my ticket has been resolved. 

I'm just wondering if this is the norm for Crypty support tickets.  I mean, come on...five months?   Anyone else have issues with this? 
18  Other / Off-topic / Looking to physics for an understanding of psychology on: July 17, 2014, 04:08:32 AM
I've been kicking around some ideas for the past few years about the potential for physics to give insight into human psychology.

Questions I've asked myself include:
1) Are there correlations or similarities between the interactions of atoms or molecules and the interactions of humans?
2) Are there correlations or similarities between certain physical/chemical processes and psychological processes?
3) Is it possible to look to physical processes to provide valid insight into psychological processes that promote either self-actualization and self-destruction?
4) Do individual atoms/molecules behave in ways we might expect a human to behave?
5) Do groups of atoms/molecules behave in ways we might expect groups of humans to behave?

To give an example of the type of correlations I'm talking about and the possible insight they might give, consider, for example, the similarities between an angry, destructive person and nuclear fission.  An angry, destructive person may release a lot of energy, wreaking havoc on people nearby, perhaps actually making contact with them and causing physical damage; compare this to how nuclear fission of an atom affects other atoms/molecules nearby.  A converse example may  explore  the correlations and similarities between nuclear fusion and the formation of positive social relationships.
Do you believe further exploration into the relationships between physics and psychology is warranted, or do you think that this is just wishful thinking and that any correlations or similarities are mere coincidence?
19  Economy / Service Discussion / Impact of extraneous transactions on value of Casascius Coins on: July 11, 2014, 11:05:39 PM
Since I'm in the process of trying to liquidate some physical coins, I've been running some first-bits through Casascius's Bitcoin Analyzer and I'm seeing that some coins, including one of my October-minted Series 1 error coins, have received some of those "pinging" type transactions.  In some cases, it's as small as 1 Satoshi while others are as large as 0.001 BTC.

Do you think this has any impact on the collector value of a coin?  If so, in a positive or negative way?  For example, would someone think this decreases the coin's collector value as it may no longer be considered to be in "original" condition or because the balance does not match the denomination?  Or, would someone think it's more valuable simply because the coin's denomination has increased?

My initial impression upon seeing that one of my error coins has received an extraneous transaction was negative -- I was disappointed that the balance no longer matched the denomination.  But, if such extraneous transactions do indeed have a negative impact upon the collectible value of the coin, then it could be worthwhile (and certainly easy) to send small, extraneous transactions (e.g. 1 Satoshi) to all active physical coins.  This would be made possible through Casascius's website as he publicizes all addresses.

Is there a way to create a physical coin with an address that is "locked" for further deposits but whose balance can still be withdrawn?
20  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS] 6 x 1-BTC Brass 2013 Casascius Coins [SOLD] on: July 07, 2014, 04:45:27 PM
Edit:  Price reduced to 7.5 BTC for a limited time only!


I'm looking to sell six (6) 1-BTC Brass 2013 Casascius coins.


I'm looking to get rid of these as a lot.  I'm looking for 8.25 8.1 7.5 BTC shipped for the lot.


1) PM or post intent to purchase
2) I will supply you with BTC address
3) I will ship next business day or same day (time pending) once coins are received and supply you with tracking info.  

Get your hands on some physical BTC in great condition at a great price from a trusted seller!  Can't beat good prices and peace of mind Smiley

Picture edit:

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