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1  Local / Jual Beli / [Laku] Bitcoin ke Transfer Bank on: June 19, 2016, 09:08:39 AM
Ane mau mengirim Bitcoin ane ke sebuah rekening bank gan, masalahnya ane gak punya rekening bank transfer atau pun buat dipakai withdraw Bitcoin di VIP. Jadi ane mau tanya, adakah yang mau menukar Bitcoin ane dengan saldo bank?
2  Economy / Digital goods / [Quick Sell] 40+ Potential Jr. Member for 0.002 on: June 18, 2016, 04:33:38 AM
I need additional $5 for buy something, so I want to sell my account for 0.007 0.002 BTC.

Bitcointalk Account Price Estimator token: 4j3u3flq

Posts: 20+
Activity: 20+ (Jr. Member)
Potential Activity: 40+ (Potential Jr. Member)
Post Quality: Very Poor (13.51%)
Trust: Neutral
Estimated Price: 0.013
Next Potential Rank: Member
Weeks to Next Potential Rank: 1
Potential Activity to next Potential Rank: 4

3  Bitcoin / Electrum / How to install Electrum on Linux? on: May 27, 2016, 07:46:56 AM
Hey everyone, I have an old Pentium 4 PC with specs:
1. Core speed: 3 GHz
2. Physical memory: 249 MB
3. Operating system: Wary 5 - Puppy Linux
4. Python version: 2.6.4

I want to use it as a cold wallet. But I realized that installing Electrum on Linux is not easy as on Windows. Please help me.
4  Bitcoin / Electrum / Transaction details doesn't appear corectly on: May 15, 2016, 05:38:53 AM
The status and date data on transaction details doesn't appear corectly, it says:
Status: -1 confirmation
Date: pending
In fact the transaction has been confirmed.

The date column on history tab doesn't appear corectly too, it says "not verified". And the last, the plugin exchange rate doesn't work.

Does all of this due to my connection?
5  Economy / Economics / What do you think about this "Bitcoin-backed money" idea? on: May 14, 2016, 12:06:41 PM
First of all, what is representative money:
A claim on a commodity, for example gold certificates or silver certificates. In this sense it may be called "commodity-backed money".

Then, what is gold certificate:
A gold certificate in general is a certificate of ownership that gold owners hold instead of storing the actual gold. It has both a historic meaning as a U.S. paper currency (18631933) and a current meaning as a way to invest in gold.

I just wondering if Bitcoin can also have representative form like the gold certificate. This representative form will be a paper that contain sealed private key. This paper will have face value that represent the Bitcoin amount it has. We could call this "Bitcoin-backed money". Futhermore we can use this Bitcoin-backed money just like we use paper money (banknotes) everyday.

How do you think about this idea?
6  Economy / Lending / (Canceled) Loan 0.049 with collateral on: April 05, 2015, 04:37:37 AM

I want to make small investment at Scrypt.CC, I want buy 8000KHS (the current total price is 0.0884BTC). I have about 0.039BTC on my wallet. So, I need about 0.049BTC loan for 1 month. I can offer 1 Member account and 1 Jr. Member account as collateral. But, I just can offer about 20%-30% for interest.

What do you think? I need some advices Cheesy
7  Other / Beginners & Help / Send Bitcoin With Private Key on: February 12, 2015, 02:45:38 PM
Hi everyone,

Is there something (especially API) that can instantly send Bitcoin if I just provide the private-key? I know API from, but I wanna looking else that. I need some advices.

One more, is there something on Windows that have same function like cURL on Linux?

Thanks before Smiley
8  Economy / Services / English to Indonesian Translation Service on: February 09, 2015, 01:44:31 PM
Hello everyone!

Looking for someone to translate your announcement into Indonesian? I'm here Grin

I will translate your thread manually. I will not translate a word that often we see (Indonesian people), because that will make wrong/weird meaning. I will just format that word with italic.

Don't hesitate to contact me via PM Smiley

Currently I'm working on: 0 translation project
I have translated: 1 translation project

PS: You can give me a tip/bounty with any crypto-currency Wink
9  Other / Off-topic / Train Your Brain on Memorado on: February 08, 2015, 08:05:36 AM
I found it on my Facebook friend's post yesterday. It's good, I like this Cheesy
Please post your daily score (brain profile) here Roll Eyes

Check it out: Smiley

Quote from: How does the brain function?
The human brain is just 2% of the weight of the whole body but uses an amazing 20% of the body's energy. Not only does it consume this energy but a fifth of the oxygen from every breath you take is used by it. The brain divides incoming information and sorts it by how long it should be stored. Information needed for only a couple seconds is gathered and stored in the sensory memory. After that, the information is either deleted or sent on to to the short-term or working memory where it typically remains 30 seconds. Then, it is moved to long-term memory where the information is stored. The brain holds two types of long term memory. Procedural memory is the memory of actions and habit, long formed through training, you rely on it without noticing. Declarative memory is the domain of the mind, of names, of words and experiences, it is the memory that helps to make you, you.

Quote from: How does brain training work?
Your brain is a complex living computer, it is a world of more than 100 billion nerve cells. Laid end to end they would reach the length of 1.5 million football pitches and would circle the earth 4 and a half times. Each brain cell or neuron is connected to the others around it vastly complex ways. Each neuron can form several thousand connections to other neurons. These connections formed between neurons are called synapses and they play a role in speeding up the signals your brain cells send. Uniquely amongst all the cells in the human body neurons do not divide, nor do they die to be replaced by new neurons. The neurons you are born with have to last your whole lifetime, but you can with training make them better connected and the connections stronger. This is how brain training works, the more you train the more connections you make and the stronger your connections become. Just like opening another lane on a freeway your brain can increase its speed and keep the same number of junctions.

Quote from: Why train your brain?
Scientists have long thought that as the cells in the brain, neurons do not divide there would be no way to increase the power of the mind beyond the gifts you were given at birth. However, scientists have established recently that the brain is capable of rewiring in better and stronger ways. Our reliance on modern technology in our daily lives keeps us plugged in, but are we switched on? Brain training, discovered and developed by leading scientists in the fields of Neuroscience, does just that. Brain training keeps the brain healthy and active by continuing to stimulate your synapses. This stimulation will reinforce the connections between neurons making your brain faster and more capable. Doing this also increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the active neurons keeping the brain healthier for longer.
10  Local / Altcoins (Bahasa Indonesia) / [ANN][XMG] Coin Magi | CPU mining | PoS-II | PoM | Unique BLK reward | [MagiPay] on: February 07, 2015, 09:21:43 AM

Freenode IRC: #magi  |   Skype: coin.magi  |   Grup QQ: 337678945  |   Email:

MagiPub | MagiPay | MagiMining (Diskusi) | MagiDev | MagiCampaign (PoM ke-2)

Website | Forum | Unduh Wallet | Source code
(versi sekarang:

Diluncurkan pada 15 September, 17:00 GMT -5

         # CPU Miner - Miner buatan Wolf V2 (source code)
           Paket miner buatan Spexx - Unduh, paket pemula, pengatur kecepatan
           Miner GUI buatan NeedIfFindIt - Pengatur hashrate otomatis: 0.9.8 beta, 0.9.8 beta (hanya GUI), source code
           Miner kompilasi kami - unduh dari sourceforge
           Panduan menjalankan miner di VPS Linux
           Mengompilasi miner dengan CygWin di Windows
           Mengompilasi dan menjalankan miner di Mac OS
           Panduan menjalankan minerd (umum)
          # m-cpuminer-legacy-v2 (source code)
             Miner ini sama dengan program CPU minerd biasa, dengan penambahan parameter "-e cpu_efficiency", agar pengguna dapat mengatur efisiensi CPU antara 1 - 100.
minerdlegacy -o stratum+tcp://pool_url:pool_port -u pool_user.worker -p password -t thread_numbers -e cpu_efficiency

Miner lama dipindah ke: (TIDAK direkomendasikan)

[Video MagiIntro] - Apa itu Coin of the Magi?

[Donasi untuk proyek Magi]
XMG: 95V9eZnrghtEriGUhBwwEuqMbDm1HBJ58u
BTC:  188AmugttD1jfy2xYNy6muTzVzYha1JEuq
LTC:  Lba3T9NUWcTi2VrKWxtXAT4ypnFGV5ojLC

04/20/2015: Kampanye PoM ke-2 diluncurkan;
03/06/2015: MagiPay diluncurkan; payment gateway yang berdiri sendiri untuk Coin Magi!
03/01/2015: Pemberitahuan peluncuran MagiPay;
02/23/2015: Proyek m-face --> koin komunitas;; anggota baru:
01/26/2015: Miner yang dioptimalkan;
01/04/2015: Tes internal proyek MagiPay;
12/31: Mempertajam sistem reward PoW & pembaruan untuk membuat PoS-II, koin teraman sejauh ini;
12/28: Magi JSON-RPC libraries untuk C++ dan Node.js;
12/20: Beberapa catatan;
12/03: Pendahuluan MagiPay - sebuah proyek payment gateway untuk Magi;
11/12: Multipool untuk Magi;
11/11: MagiTeam, roadmap & rencana;
11/10: Pasar Magi di Bittrex sudah tersedia;
11/09: Magi-stratum untuk mengatur pool;
11/08: Layanan trading dan escrow Poloniex; 720,000 XMG hangus (93m4hAxmCcGXMfnjVPfNhWSjb69sDziGSY);
11/06: Coins Source Trust Index (7/7);
10/30: MagiTor dan beberapa pembaruan lainnya;; Unduh:
10/24: Pembaruan wallet Mandatory [Hardfork] M7M-v2, reward blok baru, pengatur difficulty - Magi quantum wave (MQW) dan pembaruan tahapan PoW-II;
10/17: Meningkatkan CPU mining: M7M hardfork dalam testnet 17 Oktober 2014 20:00 GMT -5;
10/07: Akhir dari coin swap: total 227,140 XMG akan digunakan untuk swap, itu hanya sebesar 0.9% dari total persediaan; rasio swap: 16 Magicoin lama => 1 XMG; koin ter-swap tidak lebih dari 10% dari total XMG dalam sirkulasi, escrow akan digunakan untuk memegang koin yang tidak ter-swap:; koin yang tidak ter-swap akan dimusnahkan (kecuali beberapa upah yang kami berikan, seperti penerjemahan, pembuatan video, dll). Kami percaya ini akan lebih menjamin para pelaku mining maupun investor.
10/07: Tahapan PoS-II:
          Pembaruan & salam untuk coin swap;
10/02: Siapa saja dapat memimpin MagiCampaign;
09/29: Proof of Mining Campaign;
09/28: Peluncuran MagiPublication (, penjelasan reward blok baru, pernyataan untuk rencana kedepan;
          [Tersedia online]
09/26: Pembaruan tentang sistem reward blok baru;
09/25: Proposal untuk revisi algoritma, half-closed source code, pembatasan pool hash;
09/24: Memulai coin swap;
09/23: Membangun sebuah jaringan CPU mining yang solid;
09/21: Seperti apa sistem reward blok baru: cuplikan; misc (IRC):
09/20: Perlu 5 pool untuk mendukung Proof of Mining Campaign;
09/20: Update wallet Mandatory v1.0.0.2;
09/19: MagiPlans dan informasi lebih lanjut;
09/19: Sebuah penyesuaian potensi dari reward blok baru - diff;
09/18: Mendesak, mohon tanggapi;
09/16: XMG diperlukan untuk upah penerjemahan;
09/16: Sebuah rekapitulasi pendek dan sebuah persoalan untuk dipecahkan;
09/13: Test mining sebelum peluncuran;
09/13: Sebuah panduan untuk mining menggunakan VPS;
09/10: Pratinjau distribusi OP dan koin;
09/07: Tentang algoritma CPU PoW;
09/04: Miner, kemungkinan dengan algoritma M7-N;
08/30: Testnet kedua;
08/25: CPU & GPU miners telah di-port; diperlukan tes untuk cudaminer:;
08/23: CPU miner siap untuk testnet kedua:
08/21: Kami mendapatkan sebuah masalah, akan diperbaiki lalu menjalankan testnet kembali;
08/20 (PoS-II):
08/18: Testnet pertama;

Rekapitulasi untuk pembaruan penting yang telah lalu:

13/03/15: Light Splasher Graphics:
07/03/15: Crypto Mining Blog:
02/03/15: Crypto Mining Blog:
24/02/15: 24/7 Cryptonews:
13/12/14: Crypto Mining Blog:
01/12/14: (Bahasa Indonesia)
23/11/14: BTC-Germany:
15/11/14: The Bitcoin News:
14/11/14: Coins Source:
31/10/14: Mundo Crypto: (Bahasa Spanyol)
29/10/14: The Einsteinium News:
28/10/14: The Bitcoin News:
28/10/14: Cryptos.Us:
21/10/14: Satoshis.Guru:
19/10/14: The Cryptocoin Chronicle:


Bittrex | Poloniex | Bitspark | Bleutrade | Cryptopia | Lazycoins | Comkort

Beli Magi menggunakan mata uang fiat
(USD, Euro, Pounds)

Payment Gateway

Coin Magi terdaftar dalam TOP position di Coin Market App bersama dengan
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, BitsharesX, NXT, dan Peercoin.


MagiPay - payment gateway yang berdiri sendiri untuk Magi

Bagaimana MagiPay bekerja?
1. Sebuah merchant membuan sebuah akun di; setelah registrasi sukses maka depat membuat payment box;
2. memberikan rincian akun MagiPay;
3. Mengintergrasikan MagiPay di situs merchant;
4. Pelanggan mengklik tombol 'Pay with magi', MagiPay menyambukan ke server dan meminta payment box yang spesifik;
5. menampilkan sebuah alamat MagiPay dan total jumlah Magi untuk dibayar;
6. Pelanggan mengirimkan koin Magi miliknya ke alamat tersebut;
7. Segera sesudah pembayaran diterima dan terkonfirmasi, server menginformasikan bahwa pembayaran tersebut sukses;
8. 1 jam setelah pembayaran diterima, server secara otomatis memindahkan uang pembayaran ke alamat Magi milik merchant.

Apa istimewanya?
1. Dapat diatur secara penuh dibandingkan dengan layanan pihak ketiga (escrow), sejak kami mengembangkan sistem ini.
2. Menggunkan layanan pembayaran MagiPay tidak memungut biaya, dibandingkan dengan menggunakan pihak ketiga dengan ongkos minimum 0.5%. Tambahan fitur untuk menggunakan layanan gratis adalah pertukaran fiat/BTC - XMG, yang mana mengurangi ongkos terakumulasi selama proses berlangsung, sampai pembayaran selesai, contohnya adalah kartu kredit.
3. Pengiriman:
  • Tahap #1: Fungsi dasar, contohnya membeli barang online menggunakan XMG (tahapan ini berakhir sekitar bulan Desember)
  • Tahap #2: Menambahkan fitur lanjutan (seperti fitur survei, lihat dibawah)
  • Tahap #3: Penyertaan exchange mata uang fiat/BTC-XMG.

Survei untuk fitur lanjutan:

Tahapan PoW-I:  blok 1 - 50.000; reward blok baru antara 5 sampai 300 XMG
Tahapan PoW-II: blok lebih dari 50.000; reward blok baru antara 3 sampai 50 XMG
PoS-II: dimulai pada blok ke-10.080 (lihat rincian berikut)


Untuk menonaktifkan PoS-II

Sebuah sistem jaringan reward: proof-of-mining (

arXiv adalah sebuah e-prints. arXiv telah mendapat perhatian tinggi dalam akademi:
[Dimulai pada tanggal 14 Agustus 1991 sampai 3 Oktober 2008, ada setengah juta artikel peristiwa penting yang tercatat di Pada 2012, submission rate telah berkembang menjadi lebih dari 7.000 setiap bulan].



XMG: 95V9eZnrghtEriGUhBwwEuqMbDm1HBJ58u
BTC: 188AmugttD1jfy2xYNy6muTzVzYha1JEuq
11  Other / Off-topic / What can I do with a VPS? on: January 25, 2015, 06:46:42 AM
I have a free CentOS VPS. What can I do with it? Please give me an idea. Roll Eyes

Some time ago I used it as a Minecraft server to play Minecraft with my friend, but it's laggy. LOL Cheesy
12  Economy / Digital goods / 6 Months License for BitDefender Internet Security 2015 (Accept BTC) on: January 02, 2015, 03:30:28 AM
6 Months License for BitDefender Internet Security 2015
Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 builds on technology awarded by AV-TEST Best Protection for three years straight, and Best Performance for system speed. It is exceptionally easy to use. It detects when you are working, playing, or watching movies, and prevents apps from slowing down your system. OneClick Optimizer frees up hard disk space.
Besides unrivaled antimalware protection, Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 offers network protection by preventing unauthorized access to your private data with a two-way firewall. Additionally, the state-of-the-art anti spam technology blocks all unwanted e-mails, and keeps your children safe by helping you monitor their activities with the complete yet subtle Parental Control.
I got it from my friend. But I don't use BitDefender, so I sell it here for $29.95 or ฿0.095 if you want  Grin. I just accept BitCoin  Wink
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