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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 0.21.1 [Torrent]
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1  Economy / Reputation / Rausvi15 HACKED ACCOUNT on: November 05, 2017, 05:54:53 PM;u=92546

Trust summary for rausvi15

This user's email address was changed recently.

2  Economy / Auctions / [WTS] Legendary account With 3 negative trust on: October 30, 2017, 10:40:28 AM
Hi,im selling this useless account, 0,005 BTC or 3 newbie account with different date of registration

3  Economy / Lending / Offering loan with collateral account on: October 29, 2017, 07:31:26 PM
Hello, i can lend you some money, i accept account as a collateral, pm ME

4  Economy / Lending / Im lending BTC, account collateral accepted on: October 17, 2017, 10:23:28 AM
Hello,i can lend you some money  in BTC, i accept account collateral  :

- Jr member can borrow up to 1$ in BTC
- member up to  5$
- Full member up to 15$
- Sr member up to 50$
- Hero and Legendary  up to 100$

5  Economy / Scam Accusations / JoeyW=SCAMMER DO NOT TRADE WITH HIM on: October 17, 2017, 10:05:05 AM
This guy is a scammer
6  Economy / Lending / Need 0.01 btc loan on: October 02, 2017, 09:37:23 PM
please pm me
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / NoirShares v 2.0 Re-launch MAY 1 2016 ~~ on: April 21, 2016, 02:41:50 AM

NoirShares 2.0 Specs and Features

Algorithm change from momentum to sha256D (merged mining support to be added)
Import of balances from NRB and NRS version 1
Initial reward of 50 NRS with halvings every 50K blocks
Support for CLV and CSV (BIP 112)
Additional assets suite available at launch and accessible from standard wallet

Source Code


In your OLD NRS wallet
type dumpprivkey "insertyouraddresshere"
Copy the result and
in the NEW NRS wallet
type importprivkey "resultofdumpprivkey"

Your balance as of snapshot date should show up in the new wallet.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Where can i find source code for XC ? on: March 07, 2015, 09:21:49 PM
as the topic says
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / OLD CODE on: January 04, 2015, 12:39:19 AM
Every PoS coin is being cloned from a clone of a clone. Most PoS coins are still based on code from late 2012 up to mid 2013, only a few are late 2013 and maybe 1 or two 2014.

Noone has tried to update the source to level with bitcoin, except Balthazzar on the novacoin unstable branch, and even that is still very behind.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Today's news IMO on: October 17, 2014, 12:29:31 PM
Been a while since I've shared.

Well, hope I don't jinx it, but it seems like the EXTENDED altcoin spring has finally died down, less and less coins are being launched on a daily basis. This is mostly in part likely to the lower BTC price as most quick scams feel it is not worth it.

The altcoin forum was rocked by some major events such as the launch of the largely (IMO) worthless string of Color themed coins whose overall uses baffle me up to now. The relentless bombardment with useless pointless coins was at times punctuated by some rather obvious disasters whose victims were subject to much deserved ridicule at the hands of forum members. Then came the string of so called Anonymous coins. LOL  Roll Eyes throwing in unconfigured zerocoin libraries is a far cry from what they claimed to do. Funny enough even after three consecutive scams of that nature , people still threw their money at the IPOs.

Another interesting trend was the animal themed coins, all in all i lost hope for the community when they would rave like lunatics supporting these coins, only to have them come crashing down within a month or three. I think that we have seen it all (i hope) or else things will get even more ridiculous.

Some interesting concepts did punctuate the last few months though, bright spots like the innovations from Myriad and Dark coin, the release of BTSX client (finally), there are other but most still stand to be proven.

Some unique ideas were also posted for example Lottoshares, which while it was ultimately abandoned brought to life some concepts most had only dreamt of. I abandoned my own implementation in favor of Freetrade's rather inspired approach to the problem and integrated it into NoirShares.

In other news Monero became a plague on the forum after its supporters began to ruffle dignified and otherwise feathers on the forum , at some point they had BCX pointing his guns at them but that seems to have been a hoax (last I checked). The fanaticism on the forum has become rather disturbing as people rely on account farming and spam posting to get their message, useful or not across. The forum complaints reached an all time which the moderators responded with a stickied post, i'll leave it to you to form your own opinion on the matter.

Exchanges have been hit by hackers rather far too frequently for comfort, these "hacks" somehow seem to have immediate explanations waiting handy which has always seemed dubious to me. I may not be into security that much, but IF you could figure out how it was done within the hour.... meh , just my opinion.

The recent drop in BTC price is a welcome circumstance for those in the development circles, it eases the pressure and because the majority charge their rates based on USD value , they are accruing huge sums of BTC for the various jobs the do.

In all the development that has happened , one comes to mind UNITY... the saga continues........
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Notice:: PROJECT X, Come Join the Movement on: September 21, 2014, 06:09:01 PM
Project XUC

What Is Project XUC?

Project X Union Currency is meant to bring as many crypto users as possible under one banner. It stands as a refinement to the Antimatter initiative i started long back here:- as a clone of the thought experiment Abstract Coin. Some of the ideas are discussed here :- On it's functions. The inital implementation was nevercarried out as i lacked the necessary skills to execute the project.

The idea was to bring the holders of coins into a single coin, that has been refined to the following

1) Coin must be traded
2) Coin must have a huge following
3) Coin dev/community must agree

How will it be done?

The proposed implementation is to parse the blockchains of selected participating coins and create a snapshot of the balances. Then relative to their price at date of snapshot each blockchains allocation will be calculated and entered into the genesis block of XUC. So one maintains the value of their coins relative to other participating currencies, but gains the benefit of having huge user base and wide spread initial dispersal.

When will XUC be launched?

Tentative Expected Launch date is 15/10/14, this allows for time to select participating coins, get accurate snapshots and acquire realistic price snapshots.

Why XUC?

XUC is chance to bring together as many current crypto users into one unified coin with immense benefits from user and developer interest.
Overall, as some coins have had stalled development due to technical constraints or developers abandoning them , it offers holders of those coins a chance to move under a new banner while maintaining their relative stake in the crypto sphere.
XUC also offers a rough method of combining ones entire crypto holding into one single wallet allowing greter simple personal control of your finances in a single application.
XUC uses a crowdfunding platform adapted from MMC 2.0 to ensure that developers are always on call and any under performing ones get fired. This means that instead of developers abandoning projects, they will be lining up and competing for the job. This will encourage innovation and dedication to the currency.  

How to get your Coins

There will be no IPO or ICO, the community has already done all of that in advance by participating in any of the selected currencies.

When the Wallet is made public simply go into  your wallet of any and all of the selected currencies and


type dumpprivkey "insertyouraddresshere" and copy the result.

Then in the XUC wallet


type importprivkey "yourprivatekeyhere",

Your balance should show up immediately.

How to Help

I need help identifying any and all possible coins that can be added to XUC to ensure that as many people as possible can have a stake. If the coin is dying then i may need a copy of the blockchain data.

Why Help and why participate?

A lot of coins depend of the cost of mining to prop them up or have a lot of money thrown at them, this coins value will be based off community acceptance and how each individual values their share.

Does this affect my holdings in the participating coins?

No, your coins remain yours in all the currencies, you just have a stake in a "commons" currency that you can do with as you wish.

XUC Specifications

**Coin Generation**:

50% of total Money supply is allocated in the genesis block
1% is allocated to me personally. (Premine)
49% is allocated via PoW

**Proof of Work Algorithm**:

CPU Only Memory hard Algorithm

**Total Number of Coins**: 21 million

**PoW Block Reward**:

20 coins per block (standard reward)

with random multipliers.
Block XXXXX:- reward is 999 tokens (this will be expected Launchdate)
**PoW Target Blocktime**: 3 minutes

**Time to Maturity**: 150 Confirmations

List of selected coins( will be updated as more will be added)

Bitcoin -- blockchain downloaded
Blackcoin --blockchain downloaded
BitcoinDark --blockchain downloaded
Whitecoin -- blockchain downloaded
Cinnicoin -- blockchain downloaded
XCurrency -- blockchain downloaded
Vericoin -- blockchain downloaded
MINT -- blockchain downloaded
Community coin -- blockchain downloaded
NoirShares -- done
ProtoShares -- blockchain downloaded
Memorycoin 2.0
earthcoin -- blockchain downloaded
Magic Internet Money
Sync --blockchain downloaded
VIA   Viacoin
VTC   Vertcoin     
REDD   Reddcoin
XBC   BitcoinPlus
CGA   Cryptographic Anomaly
NEOS   Neoscoin
XPM   Primecoin
XRP   Ripple     
QORA   Qora
GRC   Gridcoin
BCN   Bytecoin     
XCP   Counterparty
WC   WhiteCoin
HUC   Huntercoin
EXE   Execoin
CINNI   CinniCoin
ADN   Aiden
RIC   Riecoin
ABY   AppleByte
SYNC   Sync
NMC   Namecoin
MCN   Moneta Verde
GML   GameleagueCoin
URO   Uro
MRS   Marscoin
CURE   Curecoin
X   LiteCoinX
XCR   Crypti
CRYPT   CryptCoin
CYC   Conspiracy Coin
PPC   Peercoin
EMC   Einsteinium
MON   Monocle
MINT   Mintcoin
XSI   Stability Shares
PC   Pinkcoin
MYR   Myriadcoin
DRKC   DarkCash
C   Coin
KEY   KeyCoin
AEON   AEON Coin     
BDC   Black Dragon Coin
MNS   Mining Shares, GH
PRC   ProsperCoin
RBY   Rubycoin
WDC   Worldcoin
NOBL   NobleCoin
FLT   FlutterCoin
BOST   BoostCoin
JPC   JackpotCoin     
CR   CRedit
BONES   Bones
AUR   Auroracoin
GDN   Global Denomination
PLX   ParallaxCoin
NRS   NoirShares
BITS   Bitstar
XHC   Honorcoin
QC   QubitCoin
GUE   Guerillacoin
SILK   Silkcoin
PAWN   Pawncoin
DIEM   CarpeDiemCoin
TOR   TorCoin
TRUST   TrustPlus
PRT   Particle
BELA   BellaCoin
AXIS   Axis
PIGGY   New Piggycoin
SOC   SocialCoin
SRCC   SourceCoin
NAUT   Nautiluscoin
PMC   Premine
TAC   Talkcoin
POT   PotCoin
MIN   Minerals
GOLD   GoldEagles
MIL   Millennium Coin
NX   Ncoin
VOOT   VootCoin
FRAC   Fractalcoin
WOLF   InsanityCoin
XAP   API Coin
ENC   Entropycoin
EFL   Electronic Gulden
EBT   Eoin
DVK   DvoraKoin
MMC   MemoryCoin
COMM   CommunityCoin
MAST   MastiffCoin
CHA   Chancecoin
BURN   BurnerCoin
BNS   BonusCoin
LOL  FROZEN LeagueCoin
LGC   Logicoin
IXC   iXcoin
BCC   talkcoin
HOT   Hotcoin
RZR   Razor
AERO   Aerocoin
WC WhiteCoin   
TEK TekCoin
MEC MegaCoin
CINNI CinniCoin
CGB CryptogenicBullion   
MINT MintCoin
KEY KeyCoin   
APEX ApexCoin
ORB Orbitcoin
TAG TagCoin     
CRYPT CryptCoin     
SFR SaffronCoin   
TGC TigerCoin
AC AsiaCoin
VOOT VootCoin
MRY MurrayCoin
CRC CraftCoin   
DGC DigitalCoin   
EAC EarthCoin
LSD LightSpeed
IXC IXCoin   
DRKC DarkCash     
NAUT NautilusCoin
HBN HoboNickels
FLT FlutterCoin
FRK Franko     
EMC Einsteinium   
DMD Diamond   
DVC DevCoin
CAP BottleCaps
SAT SaturnCoinV
GLD GoldCoin
ALF AlphaCoin     
RZR Razor     
RPC RonPaulCoin
ACOIN Acoin     
XLB LibertyCoin
SRC SecureCoin   
IFC InfiniteCoin
SXC SexCoin
FST FastCoin   
SHADE Shadecoin   
SUPER SuperCoin     
NOBL NobleCoin
NRB NoirBits
BTB BitBar
LKY LuckyCoin
SYNC Sync     
MED Mediterraneancoin
SYS SysCoin
UNB UnbreakableCoin
CLR CopperLark   
XBOT SocialXBot   
GML GameLeagueCoin   
FFC FireflyCoin
CSC CasinoCoin
DEM eMark
HUC HunterCoin
CNL ConcealCoin
ARG Argentum   
SILK SilkCoin
NMB Nimbus
EXE ExeCoin     
KGC KrugerCoin
SPA SpainCoin
GUE GuerillaCoin   
NET Netcoin   
STR StarCoin
RIPO RipoffCoin   
XCR Crypti
YAC YaCoin
HVC HeavyCoin   
KDC KlondikeCoin   
LYC LycanCoin
PXC PhoenixCoin
BTG BitGem     
GLC Globalcoin     
X LiteCoinX
TAK TakCoin
SPT Spots
CASH CashCoin
SMC SmartCoin
GDC GrandCoin
AMC AmericanCoin     
GLYPH GlyphCoin
OSC OpenSourceCoin
FRC FreiCoin   
NYAN  NyanCoin
TOR TorCoin   
SBC StableCoin
BNCR BancorCoin   
XJO JouleCoin
MIN Minerals
LK LuckyCoin
BCX BattleCoin
CAT CatCoin
PYC PayCoin
TES TeslaCoin
SHLD ShieldCoin
SOLE SoleCoin     
GLX Galaxycoin
BEN Benjamins
NEC NeoCoin
PHS PhilosopherStone
FLEX Flexiblecoin
JUDGE JudgeCoin
JBS Coinmarketscoin     
ELC ElaCoin   
BET Betacoin
ICB IcebergCoin     
PSEUD PseudoCoin     
ZCC ZcCoin     
JKC JunkCoin
LGD LegendaryCoin
MNC MinCoin
BTE ByteCoin   
FRAC FractalCoin   
BUK CryptoBuck
COMM CommunityCoin
COOL CoolCoin
NAN NanoToken
LTB LiteBar
RT RotoCoin
NBL Nibble     
RYC RoyalCoin     
NRS NoirShares
AGS Aegis     
CMC Cosmoscoin
ZED ZedCoin
NAV  NavajoCoin
DOOM DoomCoin
DUO ParallelCoin
ESC EsportsCoin
GIVE GiveCoin
J JoinCoin
QTM Quantum
RODS Plutonium
TECH TechCoin
XDE XDoubleEagle
ZIPC ZipCoin
PIGGY PiggyCoin
THEO Theorem
NTR Neutrino
BANK BankCoin
GOAL GoalCoin
BTI BitcoinInstant
UPM eUtopium
OC OrangeCoin
RVC RevoCoin
VC VirtualCoin
MAST MastCoin
AAA Coinaaa
BMY BitMoney
BURN BurnerCoin
JUDGE JudgeCoin
GDN GlobalDenominationCoin
RIN Ringo
BOB DobbsCoin
BLC BlakeCoin
WIN WinCoin
WACG WaccoinGold
USE UseCoin
ICB IcebergCoin
XC XCoin
JADE JadeCoin
BSY BanksyCoin
GUE Guerillacoin
CFC CoffeeCoin
DRKC DarkCash
FIRE FireCoin
SOLE SoleCoin
DGB Digibyte
MONA MonaCoin
QBC Quebecoin
FRAC FractalCoin
PSEUD PseudoCash
GLYPH GlyphCoin
FLT FlutterCoin
XBL BitLion
VEIL VeilCoin
U Umbrella
TRK TruckCoin
DOLP DolphinCoin
MIN Minerals
GPC GroupCoin
TRDR TraderCoin
TAC TalkCoin
MYR MyriadCoin
DRX DarkFox
FC FuelCoin
SHIBE ShibeCoin
MNS MantisCoin
RAW RawCoin
MAMM MammothCoin
XSI StabilitySharesXSI
PRO PayProCoin
RIPO RipoffCoin
SHLD ShieldCoin
FRSH FreshCoin
PES Pesa
TRUST TrustPlus
ELT Electron
MUGA Mugatu
NUD NewUniversalDollar
DRS DenariusCoin
VAULT Vauoin
ICG IncognitoCoin
CYC ConspiracyCoin
ZET ZetaCoin
WATER CleanWaterCoin
BRIT BritCoin
UNAT Unattainium
XURO XuroCoin
XBM Bitmo
ENRG EnergyCoin
NOBL NobleCoin
SC SilkCoin
BIG BigBullion
KTK KryptKoin
EFL ElectronicGulden
GRK GreekCoin
AXR Axron
COIN CoinCoin
BLKT BlackToken
CURE CureCoin
SLR SolarCoin
BTL BitleuCoin
VTC Vertcoin
WSX WeAreSatoshi
MAX MaxCoin
MWC MultiWalletCoin
FOOD PlanktonCoin
RBY RubyCoin
JPC JackpotCoin
INT IntelliCoin
XDQ Dirac
CCN CannaCoin
TRI Triangles
SUPER SuperCoin
CRYPT CryptCoin
BNCR BancorCoin
ANC AnonCoin       
PPC Peercoin       
KARM KarmaCoin       
TIPS FedoraCoin       
LOT LottoCoin       
FTC FeatherCoin       
VRC VeriCoin       
ASC AsicCoin       
EAC EarthCoin       
MEC MegaCoin       
QRK Quark       
VTC VertCoin       
CPR CopperBars       
BC BlackCoin       
ZEIT ZeitCoin       
GLD GoldCoin       
CGB CryptogenicBullion       
FST FastCoin       
XNC XenCoin       
EZC EZCoin       
MEOW KittehCoin       
FLO FlorinCoin       
AUR AuroraCoin       
BAT BatCoin       
DGC DigitalCoin       
LEAF LeafCoin       
IFC InfiniteCoin       
MST MasterCoin (Hydro)       
DVC DevCoin       
ADT AndroidsTokensV       
DIME DimeCoin       
NYAN NyanCoin       
CRYPT CryptCoin       
FLAP FlappyCoin       
ZET ZetaCoin       
TIX Tickets       
YAC YaCoin       
FRK Franko       
GME GameCoin       
CTM Continuumcoin       
SBC StableCoin       
SXC SexCoin       
RED RedCoin       
DBL Doubloons       
PXC PhoenixCoin       
ELP ElephantCoin       
CLOAK CloakCoin       
MEM MemeCoin       
NET Netcoin       
X LiteCoinX       
SUPER SuperCoin       
RBBT RabbitCoin       
COL ColossusCoin       
DMC DamaCoin       
GUE GuerillaCoin       
XC XCurrency       
RZR Razor       
CNC CHNCoin       
MAX MaxCoin       
TES TeslaCoin       
GLYPH GlyphCoin

If you wish to have a coin added, just say so, everyone is invited.
12  Economy / Speculation / Weak hands for the noobs on: September 19, 2014, 12:11:25 AM
 Roll Eyes LOL, the entire first page is just about how bitcoin is going down, that is meant to be in speculation me thinks, a lot of people joined in the last boom and thought it was infinite, not realizing exactly what we mean by "volatile". The complaints are from those who came in at 1000, IMO.

Those who were around and bought up at below 200 are still smiling.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / FUD , Shills , Fanboys and Groupies on: September 17, 2014, 11:09:55 AM
While looking for innovative partners and constructive community members in the most popular threads, I came to the conclusion that reading through threads here is now virtually pointless as objective conversation died long ago. there appear to be wars between holders of certain coins, and the sheer level of spamming must be at an all time high. People around here now attack other coins with spam and accusations (some of them warranted) , to the point where it gets to verbal abuse. Is this behavior indicative of the type of people in the alt-coin forum or is it another "extended summer" of some sort?

I thought my experience was bad, but sheesh!! there are some trolls, i guess that is why a lot of people have resorted to self moderated topics.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / MY opinion on Proof of developer and some suggestions, on: September 07, 2014, 09:32:04 PM
You are free to post anything that isn't overboard, but maintains relevance

Oh...and i don't tolerate trolls.

I was recently asked by some shrew on the NRS thread to "submit" to Proof of developer by CryptoAsian

Here is my response and i'd like to hear the community's opinion on my thoughts.

1) No, i will not "submit" myself to this hogwash (no offence CryptoAsian , but i think you are doing it wrong)

here is why:-

The total of the Proof of Dev verification is nothing but an identity verification. It has zero to do with one's ability to develop, or guarantee his willingness to stay and further the project. If we are going to have a real Proof of Dev system, then let's make it legitimately about development and stay the course. I fully understand that the community is tired of scammers and  pump and dumps and as a result this system came up , and i hear he does it free, good on him.

However, to create a viable system, we have to consider the issues at hand, we need innovation and devs that stick.

Here is a partial solution, that anyone interested can help set up (i'm sure if we talk to the mods they'll help)

1) We have a rating system 1-5 (just like CryptoAsian)  but it's based on the coins merits , judged by a panel of trusted forum members who have looked at the code.

i) Clone (1) this basically means no effort was put into the creation of this coin and it is not recommended to mine
ii) Clone+ this is a clone with a few new ideas  that can maybe set it aside from a typical clone
iii) Fresh, this means a coin going in a whole new direction
iv) Fresh+ is a coin going in a different direction and has visible active development
v) Score , this refers to a coin which has been verified to be different enough to not be a clone/goes in a different direction AND has confirmed development activity spanning a set span of time , proving developer commitment

This is a result-based rating system, that actually looks at the development, and allows coins to traverse up or down the scale.

How to actually implement the system?

We just have a stickied thread that maintains a list of coins that have been vetted and rated.

Who decides what is what?

I think that a simple election can be done to name the board and the members can be fired or hired by the community. We can simplify the process ( here's the kicker) by using NoirShares 2.0 or MMC 2.0, (i'd like it if we used NoirShares but MMC will do just fine too). The two mentioned coins have FreeTrade's Blockchain based voting system integrated into them (yes i cloned it, it's pretty good) which can be used to "hire" the council of whose job it will be to vet new coins. Once they rate it, it's posted to the thread and the OP.

Why support this?

Well firstly, it will start to discourage the people who use scrypt cloning guide (why does it even exist?) since their coins will always get a low rating and low support.

Secondly, since you guys invest a lot into alts, would it not be perfect to just logon, see a list of new coins and be able to easily discount the dubious looking ones? (note: we can tell you there is development, not whether it is a scam, unless the scam is in the code or linked to code related stuff)

Thirdly because it is a decentralized solution for which anyone and everyone (even with 0.001 NRS/MMC) can contribute to. You actually have influence over who actually does the assessment and if you don't like the current one, you can vote and help get your own candidate on the Job.

Four, it creates an honest job for some of the devs who waste time and energy on clones, thereby reducing the pool of devs who collectively waste our time and spam the forum with rebranded coins.

Five, the scam will begin to subside and the forum will start to get a bit cleaner and more coherent .

We dont need much from the mods, just a thread stickied that can be modified by using a single account whose details will be shared among the council , and if one gets fired, the password changes. Essentially, we make the altcoin ANN section, community moderated.

See? while we cannot force devs to stay, we basically can warn the community when something is amiss well in advance. And in the event that a dve in on the run, the community knows and maybe someone will pick up the torch. So, thats ANN threads and REVAMP threads dealt with in one go.

Ask me to "submit" to this kind of proof of dev and i wont have a problem.

What say ye?
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / COWARD lajz99 tried to FUD NRS and failed. on: September 07, 2014, 08:53:26 PM
lajz99 started a thread spreading FUD and trying to discredit the NoirGroup and me here:-

After we started responding, he locked the thread and ran out like the coward he is. He first started off using sockpuppets and after we called him out on it he was forced to use his main account. Locking his account is his admission of fault and because he wont let us respond to his accusations, he lacks any credibility.

I am opening this thread to warn people that before they feed into the hysteria of scam accusations, please get some facts. some members around here nomatter how long they have been here are just trolls. They try to use their status as "X" member to get you to believe they know what they are doing or to buy in to what they are selling. Others go as low as to open and maintain a number of accounts just to support their views , opinions and ideas.

Do it yourself is the best advice i can give. Read up and gain some notes of your own. 
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / What is bnTrustedModulus.SetHex on: August 16, 2014, 01:59:18 PM
I ran into this bnTrustedModulus.SetHex("d01f952e1090a5a72a3eda261083256596ccc1929...................................... .............

and am wondering what it is, how it works.

The full piece :-

CBigNum bnTrustedModulus;

    if (fTestNet)
        pchMessageStart[0] = 0xcd;
        pchMessageStart[1] = 0xf2;
        pchMessageStart[2] = 0xc0;
        pchMessageStart[3] = 0xef;

        bnProofOfWorkLimit = bnProofOfWorkLimitTestNet; // 16 bits PoW target limit for testnet
        nStakeMinAge = 1 * 60 * 60; // test net min age is 1 hour
        nCoinbaseMaturity = 10; // test maturity is 10 blocks

is it similar to "magic" bytes or is it a completely different concept.
17  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Decentralized Bit-shop on the block chain (More like classifieds) on: July 12, 2014, 11:02:55 PM
This is partially something i read here on the forum, can't find the thread, but it got me thinking.

An in-QT listing of items being sold for BTC, or any other alt-coin. Rather than storing all the listings on the chain, they are stored on host nodes. Basically if i am selling something i just make a small tx, 0.00001 BTC and place the item details in the tx comment. The client would then parse the comments (ie, we'd need a standard format) in the chain and present them like a "classifieds" adverts. Clicking on an item would take you to a (secure) browser in the app that retrieves the information from the host machine (the sellers computer) for proper viewing of the item(s) for sale. Basically, we use the tx hash as a pointer to the items being sold.

Not sure if i phrased this right. But would such a system be feasible (maybe with a custom QT ? ) and would it actually be something worthwhile for the community?
18  Economy / Service Discussion / Blockchain info needs to explain this on: March 20, 2014, 12:32:22 PM
Since Blockchain's downtime, the binary tree of the TXs of the recent 200k BTC moved by MtGox is "not found". I do not know much about this but it seems very fishy.
19  Bitcoin / Group buys / 1 Th BTC ASIC vs 20 pack Gridseed on: March 13, 2014, 08:46:33 PM
which has a better chance to turnover and be profitable in a reasonable time frame?

if received in the next 10 days?
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Where to buy on: March 10, 2014, 07:35:38 PM
Looking for a store that sells Macbook and iphone for BTC and ships internationally.
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