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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / - A potentially scam project running a fake signature campaign on: December 20, 2018, 07:36:17 PM
A so called teamless project called SexyCam has recently started a signature campaign in the forum in order to promote their project and earn some money through a public presale that they are planning to launch in January, 2019. The project is so clearly a scam and a person would know it by simply opening their website which clearly shows that the project is totally fake and is just an structure made to scam people out of their money. They didn't even bother to represent a fake team for their project to make their project look at least a bit less suspicious.

The signature campaign they are running has a self-moderated thread, offers very low rates per week, and their signatures are obviously made by themselves because they are totally not good looking. When I posted in their signature thread after seeing their signatures, they deleted my post. Below is what I wrote which they deleted:

And, to fool the members even more, the manager has added a wallet address along with a signed message and a signature claiming that the funds to be paid are held in that address.  Grin
How does it make any sense if the manager himself, who is not trusted by the community, posts a signed message from an address that he himself holds and says, "Don't worry, the funds are available in this address that I hold. So I won't scam you guys."  Grin
2  Other / Meta / [Suggestions] - Copper Membership requires some tweaking || Restrictions in Meta on: September 23, 2018, 05:37:41 PM

So I had two things to say, but since I didn't want to spam the board, I decided to put them both in the same thread.
Here they are.

1 - Copper Membership Requires some tweaking (Suggested here as well by Vod)
After the recent changes/restrictions in lower ranks, people have started to buy Copper Membership in order to be able to wear signature and take part in Bounty/Signature campaigns. Since the user with Copper Membership can wear the signature assigned to him/her, he is not subjected to acquire the rank required to join some Bounties/Signature Campaigns. Therefore, they simply buy the membership in a few bucks to spam the shit out of the forum and earn way more than what they spent on it.

The basic reason for introducing the Copper Membership was to allow lower ranks to post images and reduce some other restrictions, like the time interval between PMs or such, but the usage of it today is totally abusive. Look at this user, who doesn't even know how to reply to a quote properly, but he has bought a Copper Membership and is now a participate of a Bounty Campaign named Apollox (whose manager is also a Newbie with Copper Membership and zero Merits). I, and everyone else as well, I'm sure, would definitely not like to see this happening. That is why I wanted to suggest a little tweaking with it.

Since a Newbie cannot wear a signature after the recent changes, I suggest that a Newbie should not be able to wear it even after buying Copper Membership. A Newbie who buys Copper Membership should only be able to post images and it should remove the other restrictions associated with it, but their signature space should still be restricted for as long as they don't earn a Merit and rank up to Jr. member. This way, they won't be able to buy a Copper Membership and use that as a way of participating in those Bounties/Signature Campaigns again which is what the changes have been implemented to stop.

2 - Posting restriction for Newbies in "Meta"
Every time when there is a change, we see the amount of spam increasing for a few days in almost every section, but mostly in "Meta". There are numerous reasons behind that, and we know them all. But, the recent changes have given everyone a new reasoning to post in "Meta", that is: they think posting in "Meta" would undoubtedly earn them Merits, which is a misconception, but they believe so. This thinking has almost turned "Meta" into a new "Bitcoin Discussion" because of the amount of spam every threads posted here is receiving, and the useless threads that are being made every hour. I know these things mostly calm down after some time, but this wouldn't, because the new changes have demoted all the Jr. members to Newbie, and now they all, plus every other Newbie, require at least one Merit to rank up, and they would keep trying to get it, even in this section.

I think restricting Newbies from posting in "Meta" would reduce this from happening to a large extent. A Newbie should only be able to read everything in "Meta" but should not be allowed to post in here. Once they earn 1 Merit, they would have no such restrictions put on them. If someone says, "This would be injustice to genuine users" then I would simply answer it with: A genuine user should have no problems earning at least one Merit outside "Meta", which would lift the restriction.
In addition, Copper Membership should also lift this restriction, since "Meta" is also used for hacked accounts and stuff. So if a user's account gets hacked, they should simply buy Copper Membership with the account (Since the accounts used for recovery requests are mostly Newbies, and they would not wait to earn a Merit to post their request) they want to request a recovery with, and then post that in "Meta".
I don't think that anyone would not be able to afford buying a $10 (or even $20, or more, if the price of Bitcoin increases) membership in order to recover their precious accounts. And such cases anyways are a rarity, so that should not be a problem.

I would love to know the viewpoints of people on these two issues.
Questions and arguments are welcome too.
3  Other / Meta / Ignore threads (Old script) + My suggestion about ignoring entire threads on: September 10, 2018, 01:39:22 PM
So, before a few days, I saw this reply in my thread about the excessive spam in Bitcoin Discussion board which caught my attention, and I replied to him asking, "Doesn't a thread gets hidden when you ignore the person who has started it?" And he said, "No". So, I started to wonder how helpful it would be for each one of us if there was a feature like that. I tried to search if there is something about it, and I found this:

Ignore threads - user script by NLNico

The work he did is actually commendable. He has created this script so that people could use it to "ignore" the spam threads in Gambling section at that time (it was created in 2016) when there wasn't a Gambling Discussion sub-board available. What the script does is it provides a Minus (-) button at the end of the title of each thread of the board you open. If you click that button, the thread turns into a different state, just like how a thread looks when it is "Moved" to a different section. After clicking the button, it changes to a Plus (+) which would bring the thread back to its original state once clicked.

The script actually does the work of ignoring a thread you don't want to open in future, but what it doesn't do is that the thread would still show up in the same place where it should be. Means, it would still be on the top of the list if it gets a reply from another user, which would fill up the complete first page with the "ignored threads" of yours if they are all actively getting replies, and that is where I want to suggest what I have in my mind.

Now when we ignore a user, it only hides the posts he made, which would only work if he is only doing replies. But if he has also started some threads himself, ignoring him doesn't hide the entire threads automatically. I want it to work like that, like if we ignore a user, all the topics he has started should get hidden for us along with his replies in other topics. That would make it very much easy for us to ignore a lot of spam megathreads in some sections which would only require ignoring a single person, the one who started it, and we would not have to see that thread again.

I don't really see any flaws in applying this function/feature. Let me know if there can be any.

Suggestions are appreciated.
4  Other / Meta / Have we left "Bitcoin Discussion" board for spammers, forever?? on: September 04, 2018, 11:25:48 AM
It really breaks my heart when I visit 'Bitcoin Discussion' board and see the amount of spam there. And believe me, I'm not saying this only to show that I care for the forum, though I do, but I really mean what I'm saying right now and it is really saddening to see this, honestly.

The amount of spam and spammers are increasing all over the forum, but it seems like that board has become their ultimate destination to spit their shit and increase their activities or meet their post thresholds for their campaigns or whatever their reason is behind this. The situation hasn't been this bad before maybe, but now, you cannot find a single thread/topic that hasn't turned into a SMT (Spam Mega Thread), and it takes only a few hours for that to happen. That is how much spam they generate in that board.

I know that almost every single person knows all the things that I just said, but what compelled me to start this discussion is that I wanted to ask everyone that why have we left that board just for them? I know they are way more in quantity than us, but that doesn't justify leaving them all alone, so that they do whatever they want and we won't even touch that board at all.

The forum is named "Bitcointalk" which technically means "Talking about Bitcoin" or something like that. And the place to do that (Bitcoin Discussion board) is covered totally with useless discussions that we don't even want to see. I know that we can't just get them out of there, but at least we can discuss our own things, separately, in that board. That is what Moderated Threads are all about.

I just wonder how nice it would be to have some nice and qualitative Bitcoin discussions with the people that I see and read in Meta or other sections of the forum. What if all of them come together, discussing something regarding Bitcoin? A topic, totally free of spammers, with only quality posters. We can achieve that by creating Moderated Threads in Bitcoin Discussion board where we have the power to delete unsubstantial posts and only leave the ones that contribute something to the discussion.

We should not leave that board only to them. It deserves way more attention from the ones who care for the forum than what it is getting right now.
5  Other / Beginners & Help / Newbies! Kindly Read This..! on: August 30, 2018, 06:35:52 PM

Recently, I have seen a lot of newbies posting in threads that are very old and aren't active anymore. The first page of a section is supposed to have active and ongoing discussions while such actions don't let them be.

If you are a newbie, please take some time and read the OP (opening post) from the first page of any thread before you post anything to make sure it is not old. Because when you reply to an old thread, it pops up to the top again and people start posting in it once again which is something shouldn't be done.
You don't need to share your opinion about a topic that was started in early 2017 or even before that. There are hundreds of new topics which you can use to express your feelings. I'm not saying that you should post in almost every single one of them, but if you think you have something to say about a topic then you should first see the starting date of that and then go on. Posting replies without reading the starting date of a thread only makes the dead alive.

I hope people take this seriously.
6  Other / Meta / [Suggestion] - Posting restriction for users wearing signature below Member rank on: August 19, 2018, 01:28:17 PM
Let me know if this has already been suggested or discussed and I will lock the thread immediately.

We all know that a very large number of spam in every section of the forum comes from users below Member rank, and the reason for that is mainly because they are participating in Signature Campaigns and they need to reach the threshold offered by the campaign to get their payment.
To reduce that, I suggest that any user, below Member rank, should be restricted from posting outsite the Bounties (Altcoins) sections if they are wearing a signature. They can still post freely in any section they want if they are not wearing a signature on them.
This would not bother any user with a low rank but constructive thoughts as they can still share their opinions with the community without any problem, and if they want to join a signature campaign, they will have to earn at least 10 Merits to reach Member rank and then they can wear a signature and post constructively to get paid for it.

Let me know your thoughts on this.
7  Other / Meta / [Suggestion] Restricting accounts below "Member" from creating new threads on: March 18, 2018, 12:47:08 PM
Hi everyone.

I know it might not sound a really good idea, or may no one agree with me, but I think it can (at least to some extent) reduce the spam threads popping up every day in every section/board of the forum.

We all know, of course because we see it all the time, that every new and useless thread carrying a thought/question that makes no sense at all is created by someone within the ranks of Brand New and Jr. member. Such threads give other people around them a chance to start spamming it with their useless replies. Thus, a thread started with a baseless argument ends up receiving over 100 pages of shit. And we are not talking about just one, but they are in hundreds, increasing everyday with a quite good pace. The users get tired of reporting, and the mods get tired of deleting them. So why not stop this all at once?

So, the basic idea that I propose to stop all this, is to restrict accounts below "Member" rank from creating new threads in most of the sections/boards, excluding a few like "Beginners & Help" or some other where they can freely post anything they wish as these boards are made specially for noobs and to help them. Doing so will absolutely reduce a very large number of useless threads started in almost every single thread of this forum.
It can obviously be implemented with changes, but I just wanted to propose the basic idea.

Suggestions/arguments are welcome.
8  Other / Meta / "Merit & new rank requirements" thread should be locked and pinned. on: March 13, 2018, 03:09:37 PM
The thread is excessively over-flooded with useless posts. There are no proper discussions going on in that thread, nor there is any need of a discussion in there I guess. The first post of the thread carries the information that a user needs to know about the system, other than that, there is nothing useful in there. The thread has become a place for people to post utterly useless posts like "I need merits", "Merit is good", "Explain merit to me" etcetra.
Thus, I think, it would be better to just lock the thread and pin it there. So that anyone willing to know about the system can open it and read the OP and just leave without leaving his not-needed feedback in there too.
9  Other / Beginners & Help / Newbies! READ THIS! on: March 02, 2018, 12:49:09 PM
Hello There!

Recently, I have noticed that the majority of newbies right after joining the forum, or making some posts somewhere else, come here and open a thread for just saying "Hi, I'm new here" or "Hello, I'm new to this forum" etc. Which is totally not needed. I mean, I can understand how you feel (as I have been where you are right now), but the forum is for you to read, understand and learn about Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency that exists. The purpose of this forum is not to introduce people to one another, but to share information with each other, which is what our aim should be, right from the start. We should not think of ourselves that "I'm just a newbie, what can I provide for others?", "I don't even understand how the things work yet.", but we should think why not? We have all the resources to learn the things that experts have. They don't/didn't travel to other worlds to learn the things, but they did it from where we are. So why can't we do that? Why don't we do that too? Instead of showing others that we know nothing, why don't we show them that we can also know what they know? Of course anyone can do that! with just a little efforts put in on something. All you got to do is to read, and read, and read, and understand. If you are here (in the forum) to learn something, then please, do that with honesty.

Okay, so what my point is, that if you are new, whether in Bitcoin or in this forum, don't just come here and post "Hi, welcome me! I'm new here", but instead, invest some of your time in reading some useful threads around the forum that you won't find difficult to get if you really look for them, and believe me, you will be interacting with others in the same way how the users with higher ranks do. But only if you be honest in doing so.

It is never about being new or old, it is all about understanding level of someone. If you can understand the things, you won't need to be an old user to know the things.

Try it! You won't regret.
10  Economy / Services / [SERVICE] ⚡ Alone055's Cheap Signature Designs ⚡║ First 3 Designs for Free ║ on: January 21, 2018, 11:31:37 AM
Hello Forum!

Hi. I'm Alone055, and I'm offering my signature designing services to the community with very cheap rates.
I'm not an expert, but I can make quite good looking designs.
I hope I can get something to do from here.

How to order:
Send me a PM or just reply in this thread and i'll reach you myself.

Complete set (without logo image): $90
Complete set (with logo image) $110

Time of completion:
24 hours from the time of order (maximum)
If there is already some work in progress, then I will inform you about that.

I'm giving 3 Free designs to individuals as vouches.
Users taking free designs will vouch for me by writing a small review about it.
I will add those designs in my portfolio to let the people see my work.
Right now I have nothing to show as I'm just starting.

Free designs available: 3
1. Free design 1 (available)
2. Free design 2 (available)
3. Free design 3 (available)

(Will be updated with designs later on)
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