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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: Today at 12:55:56 PM
By the way, in this match Sponsor on the Lazio jersey will feature Binance against Inter, I want to know the best exchange is partnering with top football.
CZ and Binance are always leaders in the crypto market. They will create a new trend with football tokens. Those tokens are not new but the latest giveaway will help BNB to catch attention of investors and they will hold BNB for 7 days. It is a newest promotion from Binance to attract people to BNB.

Binance will record user BNB balances for 7 days from 2021-10-14 00:00 AM (UTC) to 2021-10-21 00:00 AM (UTC).

Judging by the fact that they continue to train separately from the team, they will not even get on the bench in this match. You shouldn't think that Mourinho will deal with total defense - this season Roma is still performing more successfully than Juventus and scoring a lot of goals, knowing Mourinho's ambitions, I am sure that at least Plan A for this game is a game to win.
Because Juventus don't have their best attacking players, Mourinho will have one more reason to not part a double-decker bus in this match. In this season, Mourinho did not change the traditional style of Roma. They are one of the best attacking teams in Serie A so far.

Beating Juventus will help Roma to keep competing with Napoli and also run far away from Juventus as well.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: price of CAKE $50 realistic? on: Today at 11:50:50 AM
Everyone knows that the PancakeSwap ecosystem is powered by its native CAKE token. This BEP20-standard token has many use cases such as minting NFTs, adding liquidity, using in yield farms, voting on proposals and so on. I really like this DEX.
Because it gets support from Binance. It is a centralized DEX with manipulation from Binance. Some projects have hacks and hackers return coins after hacks. I don't think they are real hacks.

But I must admit that PancakeSwap is a copy of Uniswap V2. A half year ago, the developers have already deployed the Uniswap V3 decentralized exchange on the Ethereum network. In fact, PancakeSwap lacks new features that experienced traders need. I heard that Uniswap V3 technology is open source but patented, so no one can legally copy its code and just install such an automated market maker on other blockchains.
We don't know what the team are working to develop Pancakeswap but they will release their products and if we don't accumulate $CAKE now, it is too late if we see news of product release.

Thus, answering the topic, I think the CAKE token will be stable around $20 but won't reach $50 in the near future. This price seems unrealistic to me.
$50 is a high expectation but $40 is possible. I would choose $CAKE to invest with my expectation that it will increase 100% because Pancakeswap is big and it gives me a safer investment. I can choose other projects with smaller cap but they will give more risky investment that I don't prefer to do.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][CEX] Catena X ( | Bridging Blockchains! [AIRDROP LIVE] on: Today at 11:37:01 AM
@OcTradism, we issued a notice to the Catena X community indicating that we will be adding liquidity (BNB/CEX) in the next hours. The cross-chain feature is currently under development and will hopefully be deployed as per the current roadmap.
Cross-chain feature will help the project a lot. The crypto community will be attracted by cross-chain feature.

I read the roadmap and see that your plan to list Catena X on coinmarketcap is in January 2022. I think the team can consider to speed it up or you can list Catena X on Coingecko first.

Have the team make audit contract with Certik?
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Best DeFi Projcet 2021-2022 on: Today at 11:30:08 AM
Almost all of trusted defi has become major coins. Only a few defi coins that are still undervalued at this moment.
It's not undervalued. They have low value than top DeFi coins because they are late in the game, in the DeFi ecosystem and they can not compete with other late DeFi projects or with top DeFi projects.

Why did they participate too late in DeFi ecosystem? Because they are not game changers, and they only follow a trend in crypto. Without good brains, they only be average DeFi projects and you can not expect those projects will have values of hundred dollar per coin.

It's for me that if pancakeswap and dydx will become a game changer. More and more defi coming every day but it's quite difficult to pick which has big potential among the defi coins in the market. You can try to see some defi coins like uniswap, pancakeswap, quickswap or another swap token.
It is what I thought too.

Top 100 coins should be enough to get legit defi coins from the market, the only thing to do a deep research about that. We can't predict it correct but it's better if you are diversifying your money into the various defi tokens.
In bear market, average or small DeFi projects will die. The bear market always kill weak and less competitive projects.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: Today at 11:20:48 AM
As far as I know, Dybala and Morata won't be available for Juventus against the Roma clash. Although they have won their last 3 matches without these two but winning against Roma without Dybala and Morata is a different story and also a very hard one. I think that Mourinho will play a park the bus and scoring against a bus is already a hard task and combine that with not having your two best strikers, so a tough challenge for Juventus.
Morata is out but Dybala is in doubtful. Days ago, last week, there is news that Dybala was  back to tranining but now his name is in the list of likely injured and suspended players. If Dybala can be in, I think he will start the match on bench and Max will call him if Juventus needs more attacking power.

The match between Lazio and Inter is going to be very interesting. Both teams have ambitions to fight for the top positions in the league this season and they will certainly want to get 3 points in this game.
They have reasons to win this match because Inter Milan does not want to fall behind Napoli. The win streak of Napoli will end someday but any unsuccessful match will be a bad result for Inter Milan. They need to get 3 points in as many matches as possible and wait for stumbling matches from Napoli.

Lazio still be in the competition for top for with Juventus, AS Roma and they need three points too.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: French Soccer League Predictions and Discussion Thread (Ligue 1) on: Today at 11:13:25 AM
Mbappe still worth for PSG and we can win without Lionel Messi, Neymar and Di Maria, but they only win with little score 2-1 and have loss first after Anger success make first goal. I think need new tactic for Pocchetino how to make PSG become stronger again and can win easy with many league 1 club because PSG is most stronger team right now in France league. They have much money and success get many star player but under Pocchetino they not have great performance.
PSG can win without Mbappe too. Because he is in, they rely on him but if they have to begin match without him, they will have other players can help them win matches

PSG does not need Messi to win in Ligue 1 but Messi needs to play weekly to have good form for Champions League. PSG can not only let Messi to do training and reserve him only for Champions League.

Mbappe saved many of us, great play and  definitely a crazy game, from 2 in the half time to 1 in the end, who would expect that from PSG? I didn't for sure.
Mbappe scored one goal and had one assist. He saved PSG again in this season. I don't forget that in early matches, he helped PSG win matches when Neymar and Messi did not return to the club after the Coppa America.

The penalty looks to be a mistake from the referee and the VAR team. I disagree with them because I did not think it is a penalty. And the penatly in last 5 minutes help PSG to get three points with the successful shot from MP7.

The season has gone a few months and it seems Mbappe is happy in PSG and they will have chance to sign a new contract with him.
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is Bitcoin transaction fee fixed? on: October 15, 2021, 03:21:05 PM
Use of the RBF (Replace By Fee) feature in Bitcoin transactions can make it easier to increase the fee before the transaction is included in a block, and increase the likelihood that the miners and pools will see and include the new transaction with the larger fee.
[Guide] Broadcast Your RAW Transaction (Push TX) BTC & Alts coins
[TUTORIAL]getting a low-fee transaction unstuck by creating a CPFP with electrum
All about "stuck" transactions and what you can do to fix them
If people do opt-in a transaction as RBF, they will not be able bump fee later with RBF. They will have to use Child-Pay-For-Parent transaction.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is Bitcoin transaction fee fixed? on: October 15, 2021, 02:00:38 PM
Fix, what is a fix you implied?

You can check mempool space and choose transaction fee for your transactions.,24h,weight
When you check mempool, it is very clear and you can move your Bitcoin with 2 satoshi/ vbyte and get confirmation in 20 minutes.

Bitcoin breaks $60k but the mempool is still clean. I don't know mempool space will be loaded more tomorrow, let's see.

Make sure to avoid wasting BTC for too high fees – step by step guide (Electrum)
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: List of ETF filings this year in the US(NEW ETF ADDED) on: October 15, 2021, 01:34:10 PM
Bloomberg reported about  SEC decision to set soon (reportedly next week)  the  approval of ProShares ETF pertaining to bitcoin. Another relevant  filling  to be approved is an  Invesco one. This will be followed by  Valkyrie, VanEck, Galaxy, etc..Following this news BTC price has touched $60 K on some exchanges, particularly on Binance . I'm watching KuCoin right now where some bots are trying to push the price back. Let's see what will  happen...
The first approval will cause a domino effect. Four years ago, in 2017 we did not have any exchange with Bitcoin Futures but in December 2017, we had two exchanges: CBOE and CME.

Now only CME is still providing Bitcoin Futures but they are pioneers for Bitcoin Futures and today we have many crypto exchanges with Bitcoin Futures.

Next four years, we will see Bitcoin ETF is something normal after the first Bitcoin ETF approval this year, if SEC approves it.
10  Economy / Gambling / Re: | Instant BTC,ETH & LTC withdraws | $100k+/week contest | VIP | on: October 15, 2021, 01:26:18 PM
At the end of the day aren't we all here to gamble? Some of us do go for the competition while the others are here just to have fun and do not care about any competition but what we all do in return is to gamble. If we are gambling and do end up getting something for the competition then someone who doesn't even care about it will share it because why not, it is free money.
Gamble responsibly, with redeem code, with competition or with your own capital just for fun and entertainment. Do it responsibly.

Competition is to make you have higher mood when you are gambling. To win competition, you must have experience, how to join it, how to gamble wisely and obviously luck.

However I prefer not to gamble for competition, I prefer to gamble for fun and if I am doing it properly then I am going to have fun. I rather have some competition prize in the end but if I am going to lose more than I care to admit just because I wanted to participate then I am not going to risk all the money I am putting in there, hoping that I would be winning even more than I am, and end up with literally losing more than I already am. This is why it doesn't make sense too much to compete if you do not want to.
It depends on competition. Some have no risk but some have risks. Like wager contest, you need to have good capital and experience to make bet safely. When you are gambling, for for or for prize of competition, consider how to do it safely first. Prize will be cool if you are winner but at least you must be safe and your capital must be safe.

If you can not control risk and are not afford to lose, don't join competition.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: price of CAKE $50 realistic? on: October 15, 2021, 01:19:26 PM
It's all time high was 44$ but its only because they are new AMM exchange on BSC network and the competition is not tough compared today. And also some of the locked tokens of team and advisors is already unlocked today which means the supply is many compared before that's why it will be hard for cake to reach that level or even the ATH.
Supply shock will have its effects but if the team are working and focusing on their developments as well as if they believe that $CAKE have price higher than $20 or $40, they won't sell their coins.

Cake is a good investment but I don't expect huge profit above 70% on this token investment.
I believe $CAKE will rise to $40 and even can make a new all time high. With the shill attempt from Binance, $CAKE can make a new all time high.

There must be new features to come. CAKE didn't FOMOed by the whales. It needs something big to let the machine to be heated and it will be starting to go to the moon. The train was not going anywhere. It's still stuck but $50 can still be considered as a reasonable price. It has a small gap when cake can break new ATH again.
What new features do you know?

I agree that with the marketcap of less than $5B, $CAKE can rise more and can attract more investors. To assess a project, don't only look at its price, please consider its marketcap as well.

You can not judge that price at $5 is cheap if the marketcap is $100M. That project is big enough.
$CAKE has price about $20 but marketcap is less than $4.6B.
12  Other / Meta / Re: Is it needed a History & Education board? on: October 15, 2021, 01:02:38 PM
I guess a sticky thread would likely be the best option for this rather than a dedicated section, although I think partly this may have been theymos' intention with implementing the merit statistics.
theymos or global moderators might not pin more sticky threads. If theymos thinks that topics about history, education is necessary, he will create a new board like the suggestion from GazetaBitcoin.

A board for History threads is good but about a board for Education, I don't it is necessary. In any board, you can find good threads with educative and informative content. A education board for all will be overwhelming. If it is something to be taken into consideration, I suggest a collection in each board.

List of Education threads in Beginners & Help
List of Education threads in Bitcoin Technical Supports.

It can help newbies but they have to learn and use Search. Those topics if available but can be outdated when authors stop updating.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][CEX] Catena X ( | Bridging Blockchains! [AIRDROP] on: October 15, 2021, 12:54:12 PM
I just checked the CEX liquidity on pancakeswap, there are around 16 BNB, a relatively small amount if you want to attract more investors, a small liquidity will have a big impact on the price of CEX bought in large quantities.
To increase the liquidity, you can run trading contest.

BSC is a chain with cheaper fee for users and on Pancakeswap, there are hundreds of token so you can swap from BNB to available tokens with cheap fee and easy to use.

Agreed, we are working on adding liquidity on the BSC network, we recently had a discussion on the Telegram group in this regards, please join us there to chat!
What are solutions can be used and what options are chosen by Catena X team?

To increase the liquidity, you can consider to build up cross-chain feature that will be a hot trend in crypto from now on. Swap inside a chain is not enough, in the future, it would be cross-chain swap.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2021/2022 on: October 14, 2021, 12:50:03 PM
I don't think any star player is interested in joining the Newcastle team now. Star players will definitely want more wages, at the same time, they will definitely want to play with the same good squad and will want to win the title. Newcastle will probably provide many wages. But they can't afford to fight for the Premier League title. And I don’t think it will happen next season either. They have to slowly sort out the team.
It will take Newcastle 1 year at least to 3 years then they can attract best players to join them. Like Manchester City attracted Kun Aguero but in previous seasons, they have Robinho, Santa Cruz and a few more attacking players.

Newcatsle must improve their results gradually and the investment for transfer will be very costly. We see Chelsea, Manchester City and PSG spent huge transfer fund in a decade or more to become a top clubs in the world now.

The adventure of Newcatsle will be harder because now FIFA and EUFA have more restrictions than one or two decades ago. Rich clubs now can not overspend their money like in the past.
15  Economy / Gambling / Re: | Crypto’s Fastest Growing Casino 🦘 on: October 14, 2021, 12:38:12 PM
I think there are lot of players now for Roobet and this is just an unpopular opinion of mine but how about the possibility of Roobet having a poker PvP game on their platform? I do think there are poker fanatics out here or even to players who aren't in the forum. What do you think?
Poker game is hard to manage and if you don't have enough players, it is not good for casino to handle those poker game or tournament. There are a few casinos with pokers on bitcointalk and with the Roobet's open minds, your request can be considered.

They listed to the community, developed and launched the sportsbook so they can develop and launch poker games. It is possible.

Let's wait for the feedback from Roobet team.
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Another attempt at Bitcoin ETF..You knew it was coming once BTC raised above ATH on: October 14, 2021, 12:26:00 PM
You can check newly filing and waiting for approval Bitcoin ETFs with List of ETF filings this year in the US(NEW ETF ADDED)

This year is like the year 2017 when Bitcoin Futures made the market hyped in October but the 2 official Bitcoin Future exchanges were launched in December. Bitcoin hit 2017 all time high and after that, well we know, the winter season that lasted in 3 years.

This market is bigger now and with the participation of institutional investors and the growth of blockchain industry, I hope that the market cycle will be shorter, 2 years rather than 4 years. I only hope so.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: price of CAKE $50 realistic? on: October 14, 2021, 11:47:54 AM
But now, the defi trend has started to fall. CAKE used to be called #1 DeFi. But that doesn't rule out the possibility that cakes can go up to $50. I've seen it be above $30 albeit with an unlimited supply. CAKE is great to invest in.
DeFi start to fall, I don't see it. People use DeFi to swap tokens daily and DeFi marketplaces help to bring more liquidity for crypto market.

Because they are DEX exchange, projects now can get their tokens listed more easily and save listing fee. If you use Pancakeswap, swap fee is cheap and it is a gift for you to trade tokens that are compatible with BSC.

If $CAKE can break the temporary all time high, $50 can be achieve for $CAKE. $50 is not far from the current all time high.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: price of CAKE $50 realistic? on: October 13, 2021, 02:49:41 PM
CAKE has a good future because Binance are the exchange behind PancakeSwap. Many coins and tokens in DeFi ecosystem have prices above $100. Pancakeswap is a big DEX so price of $CAKE will rise.

Since the launch of PancakeSwap, and its operations so far, it does not have big technical problem. Therefore in my opinion, its quality and security are good enough, high quality in other words.

More than $1.17B in trading volume 24h.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: October 13, 2021, 02:23:15 PM
I haven't seen any use cases for fan tokens like Milan tokens, Juve and so on that support the clubslike PSG did. Have fan tokens in Italy already provided support for the team or are they just regular tokens that cannot provide financial assistance for the club?

Or am I the one who doesn't understand if it's been used?  Grin
With the increase of adoption and invasion of crypto use cases in society, fan tokens will have more use cases.
What are fan tokens ?
Fan tokens are cryptocurrencies that permit their holders to access a variety of fan-related membership perks like voting on club decisions, rewards, merchandise designs and unique experiences. They can be used by sports clubs, music fan clubs and other organizations to democratize and organize experiences, establish club leadership and more.

Unlike NFTs, fan tokens are completely “fungible” or interchangeable. This means that, just like fiat or cash, the tokens can be exchanged for sports club merchandise, VIP experiences and more. Additionally, they play an important role in tightening the club community with another team-branded piece of fandom.
Recently Messi moved from Barcelona to PSG and he received PSG fan tokens as part of his transfer and his contract with PSG
Messi joins crypto craze as gets part of PSG fee in fan tokens. If you are worrying about use case of fan tokens, that transfer is one of example and in my opinion, more use cases will be added for fan tokens
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2021/2022 on: October 13, 2021, 01:12:01 PM
I don't think Manchester United has a coach who is able to take full advantage of all the players they have purchased. Even though I really believe that the existing players, Man United, can compete with City and Chelsea.
We as fans know that and probably the Manchester United President knows that. It is just because Sir. Alex put his belief in Ole and Manchester United already spent too many money for previous coaches, from salary to compensation. Now they want to be more patiently than they used to be and give Ole a longer time to show off.

I also have such thoughts. United needs a charismatic coach. Maybe I'm too subjective, but I can't imagine how Solskjaer is aggressive - he always seems soft and kind.

In my opinion, instilling some fear into the team and opponents is a great skill, but he doesn't have it.
He is soft and can not control star players. This season, with Ronaldo and Sancho, he will have more things to control especially Ronaldo. Pogba is an example that Ole can not control this player. After many seasons in Old Trafford, Pogba did not become a super star and his contribution is up and down, very unstable.

Ole does not want to create conflict with player but he is far behind in quality if you compare Ole with Ancelotti. Ancelotti is very good to neutralize the demand from his boss and his players and he is managed to do his job impressively and win titles, in many clubs.
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