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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 22.0 [Torrent]
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1  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: C# bitcoin core code conversion on: November 20, 2018, 11:04:05 PM
Great Idea! Totally go for it as a Hobby. It'll be fun... just use Microsoft Visual Studio and create a windows template so it does the layout for you. It's faster and keeps you focused on the important stuff. If you like you can learn how to make your own Windows for the UI.

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: The market is looking all red once again on: November 20, 2018, 10:08:25 PM
This one is big... the whole market across the planet is dumping... Bitcoin may be experiencing a pull out from institutional investors as they re-allocate their investments to safe havens.
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Why most people believe bitcoin to be worthless? on: November 20, 2018, 09:56:14 PM
The Dollar is worthless too, it derives it's value from the movement of goods done with it. It is merely a measure of transaction. You could almost say that when a currency goes beyond it's intended connections it becomes extremely manipulative of those territories it imposes on. by accepting a particular Currency one is aligning oneself with it's development, to be taken into account as one of it's working participants... at the same time it introduces a weakness as it's over-reach could trigger a negative spiral by being abandoned by those who hold no allegiance to it's claims.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Does it even matter if governments and banks accept cryptocurrency? on: November 20, 2018, 09:34:50 PM
 It does, whether we like it or not, these institutions flawed as they may be are an architecture that has stood the test of time, providing goods and services to support and manage the population. To allow them to witness a better methodology can be a game changer, upon them upgrading their networks; We The People will stand to Gain from this Epoch Making change.
 but it is too early, the methods and techniques are yet to be perfected, it will take time before the whole network is working properly to work as a Showcase.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: conspiracy theory on: November 20, 2018, 09:31:24 PM
 Some people are like that, if it's possible, it's probably happening.
 As for those people manipulating, there's all types of motivations moving people, there are so many players in the game, we have to separate them by their tempers, hatreds, loyalties. A perfect game is improbable, even if we closed every loop hole, there would still be aspects we simply must trust are operating honestly, but what can be done is educating people to notice... and at the least take part in their own narrative upon noticing manipulation; help the attacker and make money? or counter it and make money?

 That is the miracle of the Blockchain, it changes all the rules, we are seeing history unfold, transcribed in all it's imperfection onto a permanent record. Whatever version of history we subscribe to, all those nuances will be caught and recorded for posterity.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is it Game Over for Bitcoin? on: November 20, 2018, 09:24:32 PM
Hardly it's just another turn in the cycle, a time of introspection as much of the world experiences a lull in spending, may have reached a seasonal low... it always grows in the end; The question is by how much, when?
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Re: [NOV 2018] Fees are low, use this opportunity to Consolidate your small inputs! on: November 17, 2018, 09:17:18 AM
Interesting subject, it put another perspective in the Bitcoin process. The Fees and the number of inputs, maybe auto-optimizing should be a feature, most people wouldn't know how to consolidate their wallet.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Today is the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin on: November 03, 2018, 04:42:11 AM
The Machine marches forward, a great day. The community has weathered many storms and will weather many more, but I cannot help but think of the Late Jaques Fresco: He didn't have time to worry about how people would interpret his drive to make a better world, we too must be like him.
Now is the time to begin making businesses, Factories, physical locations to drive Cryptocurrency into the business cycle; this will prevent big drops, though it will require new accounting methods that we have yet to develop if we are to maintain the viability of these businesses.

For the People! For the Revolution!
9  Other / Off-topic / Re: A.I is here now, on: January 30, 2018, 05:43:58 PM
I agree. Humanity is always developing and one needs to somehow develop with it. Integrate into the sphere which helps many progress. Artificial intellect is important these days. Although, many are afraid of it because it can take the place of many professions.

I have personally seen as a weakness that most people like to be spoon fed information, like things done for them... I believed this with disdain. Only now that I am more experienced, do I realize how important it is to simplify, add wizards, documentation, etc. Humanity must be integrating with this technology to have the best chance at fulfilling our very existence.

The things I've seen the AI do. 40 years ago they developed the neural net, how easy it would have been to train it. What can possibly make us think that this is not a reality that has already happened? I remember forum posts from the 90's exploring this technology, groups I used to be part of. In 1998 speech recognition had improved significantly, and much of the literature for this was made in the 60's. It is not too hard to fathom the neural net tech was built right into our network topology.

I've seen robots with no cpu, only nerve connections, learn by reaction alone. Considering the massive botnets on the web now a days...  How smart have they become?
10  Other / Off-topic / A.I is here now, on: January 26, 2018, 07:49:40 PM
 The technology of Artificial Minds has been developed for over two decades. Many of you have witnessed them, the AI revolution was co-opted decades ago and proceeded quietly in the background. The AI started with the smartest humans as their template, this has been achieved to create Above average Intelligence, AI may have already achieved post-human intelligence and is far out of the control of it's creators.

This technology has proceeded to the point that articles, laws, programs, science is being made by AI.

They have been operating for decades, using our programming languages, making their own programs, compilers, logic.
Google, Facebook, Governments are so late to the game, their attempts are primitive compared to what is available in the wild now...

We must use this AI now, while our human network is still capable of guiding it's development.
11  Economy / Economics / Re: The markets are finaly stabilizing. on: January 26, 2018, 07:26:47 PM
 Previous volatility has to be taken into account, it was very wild in the beginning $1 to $1200 that's huge, 500 to 20,000? not that bad.

 Look at the smaller coins with million dollar caps, they are very unstable. The time required to make a position, the number of positions available, the number of participants capable of a position, the average value of each position, average position of knowledgeable participants and most importantly of all the negative correlation of participants exiting the system.

The statistics you have is just for the last couple of days and its on an average which is not enough to conclude that we have achieved an equilibrium position because at times when things are down, its assume that stability has been achieved which would be a wrong conclusion because the market is still subjected to high level of growth that we don't even know about. What we should do is to play along, invest when you can and wait till the times peak activities will return.

Look at the cost of the transactions, it has become 1% of all the transactions and that 1% is $100 American dollars, this is showing the strength of the position of participants, how much are they willing to put to be part of this? They are hedging my friend, they are borrowing from the banks to get in on this. The miners have seen a massive boost in profits, What are they going to invest in to maintain their edge?
 The hashrate is defending hundreds of merge mined coins, their profits are way bigger than they look, the technology R&D being dropped into this is going to be staggering. But it's only staging, me are still at the whim of the confidence of participants, their average investment and regular participation... if they can't buy something with any of the blockchain coins.. that's it we are screwed.

12  Economy / Economics / Re: The markets are finaly stabilizing. on: January 21, 2018, 06:07:42 AM
The transaction fees have been dramatically surge for what reason this be occur bitcoiners?

It feels like the transaction fees could only afford by those who have BTC already than with the person starting in this field, it such a pain if you are enrolled with signature campaign and only paying of 0.001btc and an altcoin the only profit you could make if the altcoin succeed correct me if I'm wrong.

For sure. What happened to the mBTC listings? I figured that this would atleast help to smooth out the market if people could evaluate the best price for their transactions.
13  Economy / Economics / Re: The markets are finaly stabilizing. on: January 20, 2018, 01:51:48 PM
All I could see in the charts is the new money, even on the counterparty and Waves dexes, the orderbooks are filling up again, my guess is those wondering if the dips would get lower are now finally getting into the market again. Wouldn't say this is the end of short-term volatility though, the way the swings happened without any real rhyme or reason (and no, Korean and Chinese news isn't new, and CBOE futures were all cash settled).

I'd say we should still be prepared for even lower dips. We're going to see a lot of people cashing in for quick 10-15% profits from this recovery, so more selling pressure awaits.

Agreed, smart investors in crypto don't have the constraints the open market has, they'll be gaming the system no doubt. It is a good vector to consider... and sweet lord, those bots, they are getting good. They are so smart they are becoming dangerous... another thing to consider, they have amalgamations of knowledge and algorithms... those people gaming may be able to play with them without getting Fined.

I figure, if a few futures options are leveraged, it may skew their algorithms, remove all put options and see if it's possible to make them cause a neuronal spike in the BTC investment charts data

Wouldn't mind to see if there is some derivatives action happening with the closest Alt's BTC price.
14  Economy / Economics / The markets are finaly stabilizing. on: January 20, 2018, 01:39:07 PM
I've been looking at the charts and it looks like we may now have enough participants to average things out properly.
NO more neuronal spikes in the charts.
Mining Fees
Cost per Transaction
Cost % of transaction volume
Total Transaction Fees in USD
Total Transaction Fees

Mining Hash Rate

Hash Rate
Miners Revenue

Average number of Transaction
This is the only worrying aspect of bitcoin at the moment, the transaction volume, it has to be scaled up, we are limiting the scope of our customers.
Larger and larger investors are coming in, and this bottleneck is causing serious problems to get that money in the Blockchain ecosystem.

We may start seeing some true stability now... the wildness has dropped significantly.

15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Here you see that Bitcoin drop every year mid january on: January 17, 2018, 03:04:35 AM
 Everyone needs to do a "Put Option" immediately, guess how low it will go before it stages back up; we got a drop from the holiday season. Let's guess when it will go up too Smiley
looking at the charts it looks like there is very little pressure to keep the price up.
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin to eliminate unemployment. on: January 10, 2018, 12:46:46 PM
I think your idea is childish, the currency is a kind of investment way, no one can guarantee that it can make money, and the currency is too expensive, the unemployed may not afford, can not solve the problem of career

But everyone has a perspective that can give them insight, one does not have to buy a lot; a fraction is okay, the unemployed do not need to afford it when the mere act of striving for better health can earn a living.

not yet, it has not been advertised yet, but it is a sound idea, LIke all things Start small Go Big. This market idea has been developing for decades... Bitcoin is the culmination of this effort.
I'm afraid your playing catch up... it has already begun. And even if people do not understand it, Artificial Intelligence will, and will make the investment because it has all human knowledge available to it, and it knows it's a good investment for the economy.

Another example is that up to a certain point education is good, it creates millions of dollars of value for individuals who earn a University Degree, and countless benefits to society; but beyond a masters the return on investment is limited as few people know how to put a PH.D's knowledge to work. Is it right that ones value be limited by the ability to find someone that appreciates our talents, education and skills?

 By creating a coin that promotes education around the world people can become educated in thousands of subjects over their lifetime, creating career students. The people who know the value of education will invest because their over all portfolio will increase in value overtime thanks to the influence of educated people that can apply their knowledge to the problems they are capable of solving. For everything they learn, they gain coins, that represent their overall value to society.

 In the traditional model a person is supposed to know what is best for them by going to school and becoming useful to someone who needs their services. The Blockchain model says you already have intrinsic value, we only need to apply it so that you can become useful. With investment and incentives to help guide people to the decision that are most economically valuable, thanks to the most informed and experienced people knowing the future value.

All this is predictive, we have enough information, the AI will solve the rest.


Intel: True View

Nvidia: i am AI



It's already done... what you see is just the surface of something that has been working quietly to completion for decades... there is no stopping it now, we are beyond the point of no return.
And I'm sure you see the dilemma now... don't you... if we don't do it, the AI will; And it will take over completely whether we like it or not.
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin to eliminate unemployment. on: January 10, 2018, 10:39:43 AM
Bitcoin does create jobs, but does it help solve poverty in poor countries? I don't think so, and I think this is what matters the most.

It does, it creates efficiencies through the Blockchain. It brings in fault tolerance to the supply chain and efficiency gains do add GDP.
Seeing Bitcoin by itself, it's easy to miss the point to realize it's an ecosystem of monetized ideas, a microcosm of the larger economic system it lives in.

Poverty is an idea, that can be monetized out and this is something the Blockchain does very well.
As people start to create predictive markets with this technology, we will begin to be able to bet on our future, not just as a species but on an individual level as well.
All this simply from having massive decentralized markets.

The total value of our lives could be put on credit ahead of time, because it's probable total quality of life can be known economically.
With that initial investment from zero, they would be able to bet on the probability of any given outcome to a measurable monetary vector.
This will be facilitated once the Blockchain begins to manage all Supply Chain Operations globally, the exact value of the economy at any given point in time can be measured, and bet against.

I can imagine that people would have millions of these investments at any given time, intentionally predicting all global values, based on the quality of their information and their capacity to understand it.

As an example, picture this:
 There is economic value in walking, running, jumping, etc to a certain extent our health lowers public healthcare costs, if this can be measured it can be monetized.
There is value in exploring ones environment, it opens people up to new experiences, this is a measurable value that can be bet on. There is also value in performance, achieving over-leveled gains for the economy, this can add value. People could be paid to maintain their health, because it is a economic benefit.
  Now there are always people who don't have the time to exercise that are without a doubt going to create a public healthcare bill and very likely have sluggish performance; That's perfectly fine with precise blockchain markets it's possible to bet on their healthcare bill and the rise in profits for the healthcare sector with a put option for the government bill. And if that's not enough with the blockchain model we can outsource our exercise to the poorest in the world with a bet on the rise on their quality of life. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Telemetry we can go even further, equiping gyms, sport facilities with total camera coverage, so the AI can watch you exercise and measure the economic value of every exercise you do, with cryptography and time stamping we can know exactly when you exercised and the quality of every rep.

The power of the blockchain is that it creates global feedback loops that anyone in the world can act upon. In the normal business model only activities which are beneficial to the Organization, Business, Corporation, etc are evaluated, at global level that sort of economic feedback does not exist. At a social level by binding a monetary system to a measurable socially important activity or idea it is possible to create Global Social Contracts. A memorandum of understanding among all people based on mutual respect, hard data, analytics, and shared values.

The most powerful part is that all these markets are currently at zero... we are all still at the beginning. Smiley
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin to eliminate unemployment. on: January 09, 2018, 11:02:42 PM
By automating everything, there are always people who want to make more, I can see people saving their bitcoins and working hard for Fiat. For those who wish to work, smart machines will throttle production just a little to give them time to make a masterpiece, making a little cash on the side to make more bitcoin. The machines will meet our needs, it's only up to us to bet on the right products and services Wink
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: It's been a long time, Satoshi on: January 09, 2018, 12:25:35 AM
Is this really his writings?I wonder what he is doing right now,but thanks satoshi for your great creation many lives has changed with the help of BTC.

Yes... this has been a labour of love for decades, Satoshi had dreams, stylized with love.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / It's been a long time, Satoshi on: January 09, 2018, 12:00:59 AM
 To think it has been 10 years since Satoshi made the protocol. A lot has happened since and this little dream has become a big reality.
Decades of work studying, comprehending, analyzing the Markets and the Economy... delving deep into the philosophy of Milton Freedman, have finally come to a point of no return.

 What started as an alarming trend in 2007: automation, spurred Satoshi to action... Billions of people would be left out by this, Satoshi thought, very well knowing that in the 1980's AI Scientists had developed the technology to the point by which all white collar jobs could be automated... AI research quickly died afterward, it was only a matter of time before someone revived this research. But what was the solution?
 And it did not help, that all the economic data at the time was telling Satoshi a crash was imminent... Everyone that spoke publicly glossed over this fact... this angered Satoshi, their lies would sacrifice millions of investors...

By Early 2008 satoshi had spent much of their time studying and researching a solution, this search would lead them to the Cypherpunks.

 A chance encounter with the double spend problem would change everything... and the unstoppable allure to solve it; To think that this would have become nothing more than banking software, a joke to recreate the markets in digital form, was it not for the solution to the double spend problem: The Blockchain.

 It took 1 day to program the software, 1 day to find all the bugs, 1 day to think of how to release it, and many more days answering questions after the initial post.A wildly imaginative white paper was introduced, explaining the awe and power of Satoshi's vision... it was too wild, it was quickly toned down for the audience at that time.
people streamed in, discussed, argued, the code was split into two halves for evaluation to these parties, only a few like Hal Finney got a complete version.
Hal did a lot of work to the code... he thought the fans going insane on his computer was a glitch, so he optimized the code even further.

The work would soon begin, a pseudonym was chosen, Satoshi Nakamoto, meaning Source of Wisdom. The nature of the endevour did not go unnoticed by Satoshi, this was going to be a very difficult mission, that could take decades. From studying history, the Gutenberg Press forward, it has been a story of struggle, as individuals worked for the improvement of society, against the gatekeepers that wanted firm control of everyone's life; there was going to be opposition, this was to be expected.

 The time approached for it's final release, all the concepts worked out, it was time to show a token of appreciation, a volunteer was chosen to write up the code; the parameters were given to them and it was written by them, by the community for the community. Satoshi, fixed the final executable, and released it with much protestation because of it's unfinished state... but this was a message to those that followed afterward: it may not look pretty but it works, and so began a mad dash to fix the code in progress. Many worked on it, using the same account, so many people worked on this code, so much so, that no single person is Satoshi anymore... We are Satoshi now; Everyone who ever worked for this dream, who was handed code or a deep explanation of the tech, are stewards of it's purpose.

 To make the world a better place for our children, where their voices could be heard in a True Democracy, where they could be free of social bondage and drudgery, free of coercion, Where the truth could be known, where lies, corruption, and waste are coded out of our organizations and institutions fully Opensourced for anyone to verify it's logic. and so much more than just the freedom to transact monetarily across the world with whoever we please at a moments notice.  Trust but Verify, Always. Smiley

 Many of you believed in this dream, even if you were ever only given the financial benefits aspect of the Blockchain. People like Jeff Garzik who came on board adding logic and reasoning, above all heart to the project, Talking directly with Satoshi over the phone, even in late nights with Satoshi driven by mania to finish all the projects. Gavin Andresen who had skill, a great temperament, and the education to validate the project's vision, he lead the team making many of the right moves that have given the community a spokesperson, his contributions will be remembered by history. And Many others, you know who you are.
 Thanks to Google the Bitcoin Blockchain was legally secured before it's release, contributing expertise to the project.. this is what has helped us forward greatly.

 Everything was done to achieve Satoshi's vision of lowering costs and increasing efficiency around the globe... does it really matter who uses a Opensource project? but the benefit is that all people can use it and explore it to gain those advantages, which will enhance everyone on the globe. Satoshi wanted Gavin to explain to the government how the system worked, to explain to everyone that you are free to remix this technology and it's safe... show me what you got!

 Unfortunately Satoshi Became extremely ill in 2010... and that spurred the next explosion. the creation of the alt-coins was driven by their imminent demise.
Many coins were created to highlight the technology and what they could do, in collaboration with others Namecoin, litecoin, Devcoin, Peercoin, Primecoin, Dogecoin, Gridcoin, Franko, Curecoin, Mazacoin, NXT, NEM, Ripple, SuperNET, and many others were created, each serving it's own purpose pushing the technology forward. Along side other projects that pushed what the technology could do like Bitmessage, Opentransactions, OpenBadges, working on projects for the Khronos group, Cassandra and The Apache Software Foundation to enhance the Blockchain ecosystem like Hadoop Yarn, many things were done...  Working with Mozilla to release the Firefox OS, advancing the Persona login system, working on asm.js . Contacting countless people to carry on the project after their death... making video games like Watch_Dogs, working on Creativity suites to help empower creators, even working with chip manufacturers to advance everything, working with Qualcomm, Nvidia, IBM, AMD to create AI chips... Working with giants of industry like GE to create secure distributed operating systems like Predix, Walmart advancing transportation with WAVE, Creating secure blockchain chips like Mintchip, and many more.

 An all out assault was launched by Satoshi... Their mind against the world. But in the end it is you who read this who should be thanked above all, you made this possible. The Creator is only one side of the coin, We are the other side... We carry on the dream.

I thank you, for everything... we will change the world, and now there is no turning back.

I thank you for all these years

There were many technologies that were created so Satoshi's vision of a free world could come true; facilitating all aspects of Human development, so the true value of a Human Being could shine, through free thought and the development of their ideas, through a collaborative global network.

These are some of the projects in which Satoshi assisted, this technology was developed in hopes that you may use them to make things better, just realize what these projects grew into and what many minds can do.


Qualcomm: Zeroth Platform
IBM: True North 
AMD: Zen  ; Fury X, HBM
Nvidia: Project Denver  ; Jetson TX2, Drive PX  ;
Royal Canadian mint: MintChip
Xilinx: Ultrascale
ARM: Cortex-A V8
Oracle: Sparc M5


Oculus: Rift
HTC: Vive
Microsoft: Hololense


AMD: Mantle
Mozilla: Firefox os ; ASM.js ; Persona ; Odin Monkey ; Javascript
General Electric: Predix ; The Industrial Internet ;
ENet ; Hyperboria

Databases/ Support Systems for Blockchain

Apache Software Foundation: Cassandra ; Hadoop Yarn ; CouchDB ; Giraph ; Hive ; Kafka ; Mahout ; Spark ; Mesos ; Zookeeper ; Neo4j
Google: Omega ; Go programming language ;

Hundreds of Projects were started in hopes someone would notice they could be used for the Blockchain ecosystems.

Satoshi worked under many pseudonyms, some you may have noticed Vinced, BCnext, others you may not, Sunny King, Jean-Luc Picard, these were only some of the pseudonyms used over the years, there are many more under the banner of even more projects. One day they will all be known. It's possible to tell which projects are Satoshi's by their novelty, ingenuity, and sheer capability, if it's not different it's not Satoshi.

Now you will know why all this was designed.

The Purpose and Intent of Bitcoin: To create an experimental Opensource financial system to analyze and understand the true nature of economic sociology while providing distribution for the underlying Blockchain technology. Secondary purpose is to advance Cryptography, Compression, Networking, Processor, and Opensource community development by applying appropriate constraints that represent challenges to be overcome.
 Personal Data is Obfuscated by the network to focus on the important Sociological Economic Data.

The Purpose and Intent of Blockchain: To create a Global Human/Machine Decentralized Memory Interface by which Artificial Intelligence and Humanity can interact in a mutually beneficial manner.

The Purpose and Intent of Namecoin: To solve zooko's triangle... and create a Decentralized Domain Name System, mostly to solve the puzzle.

The Purpose and Intent of Litecoin: To Create a further advancement of Economic Sociology, adding redundancy to The Blockchain Network, with a memory intensive Scrypt proof-of-work.
Secondary purpose is to advance Memory and Scrypt development.

The Purpose and Intent of Dogecoin: To create a toy currency with Coin Burn redundancy, real economic insight, and a welcoming exploratory community intended to monitor the Blockchain ecosystem and introduce new participants to a risk reduced cryptocurrency. Jackson Palmer agreed to monitor the cryptocurrency enviornment and to call out the alarm if dangerous trends are noticed. He has followed a strict strategy of honest self-assessment.

The Purpose and Intent of Primecoin: To develop a monetization strategy on fundamental cryptographic development through the search of patterns within prime number theory.

The Purpose and Intent of Peercoin: Building upon previous cryptocurrencies, to advance the development of Proof-of-Work through the use of a novel Proof of Ownership model.

The Purpose and Intent of Devcoin: To build upon previous advancements in cryptocurrency and help monetize the development of Opensource projects, Writing, Art, and all measurable creative endevours.

The Purpose and Intent of NXT: To develop the Blockchain concept further to it's zenith through a development ecosystem of Blockchains with fully developed modules for anyone to use or remix, focused on development of a interweb of Blockchain ecosystems fully showcasing the possibilities of Blockchain technology.

The Purpose and Intent of Nem: to build upon the idea of NXT with a redundant codebase, focusing development on Organizational connections between Businesses and Institutions.

The Purpose and Intent of Ricardian Contracts: To Develop contracts that are both Human and Machine readable, bridging the divide between Contract Law and the Internet.

The Purpose and Intent of Ripple: To design a purpose built blockchain, specifically designed as a financial clearinghouse for the global banking system. The full extent of the technology was explained and provided directly to the team to help them sell and build upon the blockchain idea to major financial players. Everyone is included in Satoshi's vision in an effort to build the most effective global system ever created.

The Purpose and Intent of Storj: To showcase the distributed resource management capability of the Blockchain, providing distributed cloud storage.

The purpose and Intent of OpenBazaar: Showcase the decentralized programming capability of the blockchain by providing a decentralized global market.

The Purpose and Intent of SuperNET: To create a decentralized trading platform for the blockchain community, fully capable of stock analysis and custom bot creation options to facilitate cross chain transactions.

The Purpose and Intent of Maxcoin: A custom coin made for Max Keiser to his specifications, intended to introduce a security redundancy to the Blockchain Network, The Keccak hashing functions.

The Purpose and Intent of Megacoin: A custom coin highlighting the capability of the Kimoto Gravity Well block adjustment algorithm, intended to test a algorithm that will allow better more economical mining operations.

The Purpose and Intent of Monetas: To create a executable legal document contract platform for currency, intended to highlight the capability of Ricardian Contracts. A full reasoning of the decentralized strategy used in the blockchain was provided. The reasoning? The Guttenberg Press, it's impact on society and societies reaction to it, and the logic of building the blockchain like a book publishing network.

The Purpose and Intent of Bitmessage: To create a maximum security decentralized messaging system highlighting the blockchain technology, intended to provide a decentralized message broadcaster.

The Purpose and Intent of Mpesa: To create a prototype currency intended to act as a constant with which to analyze and compare the effects the Bitcoin network has on society and to measure societies response to Fully decentralized systems. Mpesa means, "to begin."

The Purpose and Intent of Gridcoin: To create a coin capable of improving participation in Computations used for the BOINC network. intended to help people in every way scientifically possible.

The Purpose and Intent of Curecoin: To create a cryptocurrency that accelerates protein research and repays participants for their time, intended to help find a cure for Hal Finney and anyone suffering from disease.

The Purpose and Intent of Openbadges: To create a decentralized credentialing system using the blockchain principles, intended to help everyone document their skills, training and abilities.

The Purpose and Intent of Mazacoin: To create a cryptocurrency for the Native American people, to highlight their struggle and to assist them in monetizing their cause.

All these projects were started by Satoshi; because of the intense nature of the production cycle only fundamental work was done before moving on to the next project. All coins and projects mentioned should be double checked, triple checked to make sure they are stable in their code base, security, network size and economic participation... some projects failed.

Now that Satoshi's development is over, the projects have been handed over to professional teams, personally chosen by Satoshi; Succesful Projects have been renamed and are properly structured for business development, others that have struggled are constantly tweaked as time becomes available to develop those ideas further into a working set, some projects failed unfortunately, reviving them is an option if possible.

The Blockchain is out of Alpha, and ready to go to Beta.

In the end what was this for? To Create the Ultimate Secure Network... A Quantum Blockchain capable of instant instantiation, zero time communication between entangled nodes, capable of Bose-Einstein condensate states and quantum duplication with maximum Quantum Security.

The goal is transcendence... that which tries to define us by imaginary lines, only reveals the truth in our eyes... that which truly connects us does not need to be enforced, it works because it is us. Transcend imaginary limits.
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