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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Wilder vs. Fury II: The Rematch is On on: Today at 12:08:37 AM
After this fight even Fury loss as long as the loss is not so devastating(I hope), AJ and Fury would still be an exciting fight, however, it's not as exciting as Wilder vs AJ as we could potentially see a knock out on this fight, I predict coming from Wilder of course.
I thought Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder would be a great boxing match before the Andy Ruiz fight but not anymore and we know how he won the rematch against Ruiz and to expect Anthony Joshua to knock out Deontay Wilder is a fantasy as he does have a good chin and he even took some good shots from Luis Ortiz and did not go down and if he can take shots from Ortiz then he can probably take from Joshua too and i am expecting Wilder to knock Joshua out silly  Wink. Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua will be a great fight to see the baddest boxer in UK and it will be a successful PPV fight.
The numerous knockouts of Wilder proving that he is ruling the heavyweight world in boxing. If the rematch is on, my chicken will be Wilder; I'll bet on his side because there is a high chance that the history will repeat itself. It is obvious that wilder has a lot of odds in terms of skill and power. They are both arrogant but the important thing is only one of them who can become champion again.
2  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Do expert traders hide their loses? on: January 16, 2020, 01:01:10 AM
I think there 2 types of expert traders. First type, always show winning trade and never talk about their lose. This type, sometime they are not real expert but just want to show off and get more fame for their personal purpose. Second type, the real expert and most of them did not show off and always analyze for everyone why they are losing.
We cannot consider it as expert if he only showing his winning trade, professionals are also experiencing loss in the market because we should remember that losses are inevitable but those professional are only have small losses because of their risk and management. Not all times that our biased will happen, there are times that our bias can be againsts us.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: How can we overcome our gambling addiction! on: January 16, 2020, 12:02:52 AM
Seek for professional attention and opinions, addiction is not something that we can solve easily. We need to know what are the suggestions of the professionals. I also became a addict in terms of playing gambling games but I overcome it when I visited psychiatrist. She limited me play and there are a lot of activities that she requires me to focus. She's opinion are effective to me and that is why. I have now control to my self.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: If People Just Stopped Doing Bitcoin & Crypto on: January 15, 2020, 05:58:36 AM
If people stop doing bitcoin and crypto, then that means the end of crypto because people leave crypto. Cryptocurrency itself will not have a chance to grow more, and it just stops at that moment without knowing if someday, cryptocurrency will be back to us or not. The team itself will also leave the bitcoin project, the bitcoin price will drop too deep, and we cannot make a profit from bitcoin.

Once bitcoin drops, the altcoin will also drop deeper, and all of the altcoins will not have a price because bitcoin price is dropping too. We will not have the opportunity to make money, and everything will be back to the old time.
If people stop patronizing the cryptocurrencies, the supply will go up and the demand will decrease and there will be huge effect to the price. The traded volume will also decrease and it is the worst part. But the good thing is, it will not happen to the bitcoin because the mass adoptiong is continuing to happen and the demand is keep increasing.
5  Economy / Economics / Re: Halving is approacing: HOLD YOUR BITCOINS AND NEVER SELL THEM (129 days left) on: January 15, 2020, 02:19:56 AM
Unfortunatly, while you are hodling, you dont have any profits.  To get them you should find right date  for selling. And i guess, after halving will be right time  for that

I agree, "holding forever" doesn't make much of a sense, but if by "selling" you mean selling all of it, please consider the following. In July 2010 Bitcoin price went from $0.008 to $0.08. That was 900% increase. And maybe it looked like the right time to sell, but those who sold everything at the time were regretting it one year later, when the price was $30. Now, $30 looked like a really good price to sell everything at, because BTC went sharply down ending up at $2 level at the end of the year(2011). Yet, it was $266 in April 2013, and so on.

My point is, even if Bitcoin reaches $100k, don't sell everything. Leave yourself an opportunity to become much richer in the future.
But the point is are we even sure that the bitcoin can become more valuable in the future like what you said? $100k per each is not realistic, I do not say that trading is better than holding. I'm favor with trading because I'm a trader and not a investor. For me therr are more opportunities in trading than in holding. And we should also be aware that holding requires right timing.
6  Local / Pamilihan / Re: NBA discussion, betting and etc. on: January 15, 2020, 01:17:25 AM
Splash Bro changes the perceptions of basketball stars, kaya nga halos lahat ngayon kahit big man tumitirada na rin sa malayo, ang magandang contrinutions ng GSW eh yung system ni Coach Kerr na " Your Offense is also your defense" papatayin ka nila sa outside halos lahat sila pwedeng bumato sa 3 point area then tulong tulong sila sa defense.
Kerr is such a good strategist kaya nga talagang explosive yung GSW it's just sa nakaraang Finals nag-iba kasi talaga namang napakarami ng key players nila ang injury. Sa current roster naman nila I don't think na they are that explosive enough and their standing is too low but I guess they just need their key players to get back on track like Curry and Thompson and they should trade much better PF and C at yung experienced na kasi yung Center nila ngayon na si Spellman it's just too young.

Moreover you should watch this video as well talaga namang ganda ng defense na ipinakita ng Warriors rito.

Defense wins the game pero sa sitwasyon ng warriors nga yon pilay na pilay sila sa opensa malaki ang nawala sa kanila nung nawala sila KD at Iggy di naman kaya ng splash brother na buhatin ang team dahil wala na din silang ibang katulong sa ilalim kailangan din kasi talaga na may katulong sa ibang pwesto hindi puro PG o PF lang ang gagalaw.

We will see what would happen to the Warriors once the splash bothers back again.
As long as these 2 are playing, warriors will be a good team because they can find a player that would fit as long as the offense of splash brothers are present. Also, Draymond is a smart player, he can be a big help for the Warriors to recover.
They cannot recover anymore ngayong season, sila ang pinaka kulelat in terms of power ranking sa buong liga. Kahit na magbalik ang splash brother ay mahihirapan na nila mabawi ang magandang standing nila dati. Sa ngayon ang current record nila ay may 9 wins sila at 32 losses. Impossible na silang makapasok sa top 8 sa western conference para makapag laro sila sa playoffs. Pero sa tingin ko next season sila naman ang challenger kaya for sure sabik silang bumawi.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: two gambling games that are players favorite on: January 15, 2020, 12:16:11 AM
I tend to dice card games like poker gambling because poker can activate andernalin that makes me mentally challenged while bluffing my opponents. And besides that poker gambling I really need to be able to control myself and tolerate emotions and restraint when playing, and there's still a lot of exciting anticipation that makes me challenged so compared to dice gambling.

Dice games are boring for me but card games is my favorite gambling games. I love the excitement especially when I playing poker. I do not have any idea what cards that the players have and I use my predicting skill and my gambling skill to win. But still there are formidable opponent who is really hard to beat because of their advance gambling skills.
8  Economy / Speculation / Re: Will bitcoin hit 15K in 2020? on: January 14, 2020, 05:43:02 AM
I do not speculate so I do not expect too much. Bitcoin will not easily achieve $15000 per each. We should be aware that in a uptrend there is no such a coin that increase straight, there are always pullbacks that happening. Let's just monitor the price action and our decisions should be based on it. If the price is continue to grow, the bull market will come and price will start increasing.
9  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: How to start trading with 2 BTC? What is the first step? on: January 14, 2020, 04:17:23 AM
If you have zero experience in trading, don't think about it. Save your 2 BTC in a secure wallet while you gain knowledge about trading. That should be your first step. If you decide to deposit that 2 BTC and start trading, believe me you will get rekt soon. Trading is not easy. Most of the time you won't even be able to make profit.

Forget about books. Learn the basic in babypips. Learn technical analysis. Please don't get rushed into trading. Start with a demo account after you learn some things. Don't expect profit daily duh it's not realistic. Trading is just like taking an opportunity. The opportunity won;t always be available daily.
Big capital requires huge knowledge, information, passion and also effort. There are only two possibilities, you can increase your capital or you can lose it. For those new in the market, do not make huge investment even if you have a lot of money. The preferable investment that a newbie can invest is around $400 and below. If they manage to increase it then it is the time to add up big capital.
10  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Do Trading Bots Work? on: January 14, 2020, 03:09:44 AM
For me trading bots are not working for me, it is just what I experienced. I know that there are few people who are ysing trading bots and it is effective to them but there are also traders who ranting because of the trading bots. I do not use anymore trading bots because I want to trade with the use of my own skill and knowledge. The risk are also lesser if I am the one who trade and not the bots.
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: We are giving too much attention on the halving on: January 14, 2020, 02:03:59 AM
Everybody is focusing and giving attention in halving, I think we should not expect too much. I'm not excited about the halving because I'm a trader and I am not a speculator. Most of the posts that I keep seeing are about their hopes that the price of the bitcoin will increase after the halving, let me remind you it is just a "hope". It is better if we will still focus and give attention in price action than in halving that will happen.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Lottery In Your Place on: January 14, 2020, 12:58:12 AM
I'm from Philippines and the lotto here is PCSO lottery which you would guess random numbers that you want and there are different categories, like jackpot and betting on few numbers but the amount of money you could win depends on the bet you place and of course depends on the category you will choose. It is a very famous gambling here in the Philippines, mostly to the adult ones, but there are also gambling site that have lottery like Trueflip, and etc...

Check for more here:
I haven't try it but my father always buy lottery ticket in our barangay. PSCO is one of the famous lottery in the Philippines. Every time that no one gets the exact number in lottery game the price of jackpot keeps on increasing and the biggest jackpot that I have ever seen is almost 1.18 billion php (21.8 Million USD). I am looking forward trying my luck in lottery game that's why I'm planning to buy a ticket once my father buys a ticket.
if you are in right age like 18 y/o then you can just buy your own lotto ticket and no need to wait for your father to do it for you,though i can see some outlet that allows youngsters to buy ticket for their parents so basically the government is not that strict in regarding to purchasing power of the public.actually i also buying ticket at least once or twice a week just to try my luck but limiting myself from being intact and engaged to this addicted game,as one of my companion cant help himself and spending almost 20% of his daily wage just to buy tickets and this is addicting.
There is a study that the people buying lotto tickets are more then millions because all of them are hoping that they will win huge prices. The most popular game is the 6/56 and 6/58, it is the combination of 6 digits. The lottery is live at a specific channel in my country so the participants can ensure that there is no any form of cheating that is happening.
13  Local / Pilipinas / Re: Bitcoin all over the Philippines on: January 13, 2020, 09:54:03 AM
As time passing by, nag iincrease na ang awareness about bitcoin. Sa katunayan kasama ang Pilipinas sa asian countries na pwedeng gumamit ng bitcoin dahil nilegalize to ng ating government. Padami na din ng padami ang mga businesses na handang tumanngap ng bitcoin dahil sa unique characteristics neto. Alam ko na sa susunod pang taon ay mas lalaganap pa ang awareness kung saan dadami na din ang mga bitcoin users.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Why will you invest in something you know nothing about? on: January 13, 2020, 07:30:25 AM
That's the major problem why there are people who keep ranting and posting their concerns about their investment. They experienced loss and it is their fault because they do not know what they are doing. In every type of investment that we will do, we should equip knowledge that we can use to grow our capital and to protect it from the risks that we are currently taking.
15  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Is Crypto Pump Island a scam or legit? on: January 13, 2020, 04:53:02 AM
We must accept that there is no legit pump and dump groups. There are a lot of newbies are encourage to join in this kind of scam group where they need to pay in order to join in trading signals groups. It is the biggest mistake that a newbie could do because they do not have any idea about what they are doing. It is the newbies fault if they believe in the trading signals groups because they did not first invest in their knowledge before entering the cryptocurrency market.
16  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Ruined my account through multiple mistakes on: January 13, 2020, 01:37:17 AM
I will just assume that you are a newbie because if you are not then you will not post thread like this here Cheesy.

As a newbie in trading, losses are inevitable so you will experience losses along the way. I see 2 mistakes that you did.
1. You are a newbie and yet you invested a huge amount of money. Now that you lost, you can't take it. As a newbie, just invest a small amount of money first.
2. You trade using your emotions instead of your strategy (if there is). One mistake of a newbie is they are trading thru their emotions and you saw the end result of it Cheesy.

Take this as a learning and at the same time, try to research more and then go back to trading if you still want to trade. If not then find another way to earn cryptos Smiley.
you are right for newbie  better to start from the small steps. First of all, do not prefer investing large amount of money as it is quite sudden and unpredictable that what change is going to occur in terms of the value of the currency you are currently investing into. So, take consultancy from the ones who are experienced and do not prefer to use your coins quickly.try to hold them for some time.
The preferable investment of the newbies is below $1000, newbies cannot put a huge amount of money in their first investment because mistakes are inevitable. Newbies are required to study the market very well in order to get used to handling risks and also to become familiar in the market. Identify what kind of a trader/investor are you is the best way to become a successful trader.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Who are are your bet for this year's boxing fight of the year on: January 13, 2020, 12:38:04 AM
In this current year which is 2020, the name Ryan Garcia is starting to become popular. I watched his highlights and he had 16 KOs. His current record is 19 wins with 0 losses. That boy has potential and he is becoming one of the strongest and popular in boxing world. He can become be part of the fight of the year because of his crazy speed and also high boxing IQ.
18  Economy / Economics / Re: stupidity is so close to poverty on: January 12, 2020, 11:45:17 AM
My grandmother used to say that if you were born poor, it is not your fault, but if you die one, it is your fault. I honestly don't believe in it at first, but I understand it better now when I grow up. We are the ones who control our circumstances, yes there will be ups and downs in life, but then we can do something to improve our lives. You don't have to be super rich. But you can make your life better and give your family and loved ones a happier and more comfortable life.
I have heard that saying before and many people do not like it especially those that are still poor because it makes them accountable for their mistakes, one of the things that I have found which is very common among those that have been unable to improve their life conditions is that they keep blaming the system, the rich, the government or anyone that they imagine is putting them down.

And to me that is a big reason why people do not progress not only in economic terms but in anything in general, you need to be accountable for your actions and for the outcomes that you get, only once you accept that fact you will begin to make the changes necessary to improve your life conditions.
Those who are ready for criticism and willing to adjust are mostly the beneficiaries  of success.  As those who are not willing to any changes
and always afraid or angered when being criticize unable to see the future benefits. Willingness to challenge your destiny and keep trying to
achieved your goals will attained into succession.
We should be used in criticism in order to become successful, those people who are afraid of criticism have a high possibility to fail in trading. I do not care about other people's opinions. I just work silently and I will prove them that they are wrong. Passion can sometimes boost our confidence, if we have passion then we can motivate our self to achieve our goals.
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin is the future ?? on: January 12, 2020, 07:41:03 AM
Okay, in this universe there's no stable, and essentially we can't assume that Bitcoin will be cryptocurrency's future as technology is changing.  In one side, what is now common and most modified will be obsolete in the near future, unless Bitcoin creator keeps up with the advancing technology and has made many changes and enhancements to Bitcoin to remain competitive. Bitcoin itself has many flaws but the good thing about Bitcoin, unlike these altcoin ICO, IEO craze, it doesn't start with crowdfunding, besides being the first decentralised cryptocurrency and widely adopted cryptocurrency.
That's right, we cant assume that bitcoin will be the future of the currency and the cryptocurrency because as time passes by technology around us is evolving day after day in which the technology is so fast on changing in different phases that's why we can't assume that this is probably the future.
Bitcoin right now is one of the trending in the internet world in which it is already become popular due to many of users that are engaging into it and that is the best way we can say that bitcoin right now is good, but until when it will be good enough for us crypto enthusiast? Until the next decade? What if after some years there would be some cryptocurrency that will defeat bitcoin? Then we cannot say that bitcoin is really the future.
As time passing by, the demand of the people into bitcoin is constantly changing. As long as the demand will stay as it is or if the demand will become more higher then there is a bright future waiting for bitcoin. There is no altcoins that can surpass bitcoin, even there are altcoins that have more good characteristics than bitcoin; investors are still choosing to make investment with bitcoin because it is already proven that its value is continuing to rise over time.
20  Local / Pamilihan / Re: BSP will be selling P10,000 and P500 comemorative coins [70th Anniversary] on: January 12, 2020, 06:40:08 AM
Para sa mga collectors jan, for sure bibilhin nila itong dalawa na ito.

Para sa akin, since hindi naman ako collector ng coins hindi ako masiadong interested dito although marami ang nagsasabi na magiging mataas ang value nito in the future. If nagbrobrowse kayo sa facebook, malalaman niyo na nag post ang ABS at GMA regarding this news. Natatawa lang ako sa mga comments ng mga halatang hindi nagbabasa at walang alam na kesyo bumababa daw ang ekonomiya natin dahil sa 2 na coins na ito Cheesy. Ang pagkakaalam kasi nila magiging legal tender ang coins na yan like nung 20 na barya. For sure marami na ring nakabasa ng ganun sa facebook Cheesy.
Tingin ko for collection lang mga ganitong token malabong maabotan mo pa ang pagtaas ng price kase for sure aabutin ng matagal na matagal bago paa umangat ang presyo nito. Tingin ko masyadong mahal na ang 10k na coins or overprice na kung sa ganoong price mo bibilihin sigurado talagang ang mga next generation muna ang makikinabang bago magkaroon ng profit sa binili mong token. Sigurado naman mayroong magkakaroon ng interest sa mga coin collectors.

Kung bibli wag na kayo umasa ng profit or kung naghahabol kayo ng profit masmaigi wag nalang bumili since matagal bago ito tumaas bilihin lang kayo kapag for collection or may pera talaga  Grin
Kanya kanyang diskarte sa mga nakakaintindi ng ganitong market, may mga collectors kasi na magaling pagdating sa sales talk and magaling pumili ng bibilhin nila lalo't negosyo kasama ng interest nila sa pag cocollect ng mga ganitong coins. Kaya kung papasok or mag iinvest ka sa ganitong coins make sure na malalim din ung interest mo para mas malaki ung chances mo na mag gain while having this coin.
Kahit ako ay gumagamit ng fiat currency, I do not trust fiat currency anymore kaya wala akong balak na bumili ng isa sa mga comemorative coins na kanilang inilabas sa publikio. Siguro eto yung mga natutunan ko sa pagbabasa ng books. Ang BSP ay nag create ng coin na kung saan ang presyo ay mas mataas pa kaysa value neto. Alam kong may mga investors ng gusto bumili neto at mag hoard netong coin na ito pero ang problema ay hinde natin alam kung may kasiguraduhan bang kapag binila natin ang nilabas nilang bagong coin ay kung magiging valuable ba ito sa hinaharap
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