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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Fantasy crypto portfolio on: November 04, 2017, 06:43:26 AM
I'm currently investing zero actual funds according to this allocation, but I'm going to track its performance here for a while. I will probably update the allocation targets monthly. The goal is to maximize performance and minimize risk when measured in USD terms.

The intent is to limit the universe to reasonably liquid coins (approximately top 20 by market cap) which can handle entry and exit of significant size positions. (For technical reasons it is currently limited to coins trading on Poloniex, though that restriction may be removed.)

If you find it interesting or want to follow along on paper or with real funds (this not a recommendation; do your own research and invest at your own risk), then welcome to the thread.

XRP 44
BCH 15
BTC 12
STR 10

Assumed initial value 99 000 USD.

Reference USD values:

XRP 0.20
BCH 607.3569379
BTC 7174
STR 0.02754816
LTC 54.716098
STRAT 3.11882476
STEEM 0.89875872
ZEC 226.19987874
ETC 11.57474682
DASH 270.10102826

Self-moderation will be only used to keep the thread on-topic (already a forum rule) more actively than forum mods have time to do.  
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / rpietila is a scammer and heavily in debt. New 2020 scam info enclosed on: April 28, 2017, 08:29:58 AM
The Crypto-Kingdom game founded and run by rpietila (forum profile link) started as a legitimate fantasy role playing game with a rich economic model and an in-game currency fully-backed by real crypto (XMR).

However, it was recently turned into a fraudulent fractional reserve scam when rpietila decided to create in-game tokens for himself without depositing, and further being unwilling or unable to pay the resulting debts incurred by the game and himself.

I am personally owed 2.5 BTC which was due 12 hours after transfer of the in-game token. That was several days ago. After 12 hours, 1% per hours interest applies. His offer of this extremely high interest was, I speculate, a last-ditch attempt to prop up confidence in his fractional reserve scheme and reduce the run on the bank. In fact it had the opposite effect and many accepted the offer resulting in >500 BTC of unpaid debts on his part, plus (at the time of writing) over 1000 BTC of interest.

It is unfortunate that what was once a promising game with many contributors in the community has turned into a scam, but such as it is.

Requests for payment are met with excuses or deleted on his self-moderated game thread (Zechariah=rpietila), such as:

Quote from: Bitcoin Forum
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by the starter of a self-moderated topic. There are no rules of self-moderation, so this deletion cannot be appealed. Do not continue posting in this topic if the topic-starter has requested that you leave.

You can create a new topic if you are unsatisfied with this one. If the topic-starter is scamming, post about it in Scam Accusations.

<Zechariah> Created Instagram acct. As usual, I give my greatest fan 1,000,000,000 and then the ones who Follow me (so that I see it) get 1/2, 1/3, etc. of the amount WITHOUT LIMIT!!!
 * Zechariah forgot to add: “Hear ye, all peoplez”

Actually was third and got 333,333,333M

go follow!

Maybe instead of more giveaways Zechariah should pay his existing debts first.

Bottom line, whatever you do, do not deposit money into the game or extend any sort of credit to rpietila, because he can not be trusted to honor his word and pay what he owes.

Cast of characters assembled by community member, linked for being informative without any particular endorsement (though I didn't notice anything inaccurate):

Other supporting posts:

There are not enough XBT to back all the b1 or EUR to back all of the e1. This is combined with a form of exchange controls. EUR withdrawals are only allowed in cash in person in Tallinn Estonia, XBT withdrawals are subject to certain delays unless one pays a premium for a faster withdrawal (B2).

If you want delivery of your B1/B2/E1, you can take it as follows:

GIVE B1 amount 1 [address] => If (amount-10) mBTC has not been sent to address in 12 matrix-hours from changelog timestamp of this; amount += 0.01*amount, each full hour.

GIVE B2 amount 1 [btc-address] => If (amount-10) mBTC has not been sent to address in 12 matrix-hours from changelog timestamp of this; amount += 0.01*amount, each full hour.

GIVE E1 amount 1 [prio5] => If (amount-100) Euro has not been surrendered to hand of courier in the Throne Room in 336 matrix-hours from changelog timestamp of this; amount += 0.01*amount, each full hour. Total maximum 10000*500 EUR banknote(rounded down (your loss) to nearest unit), first come first served.

GIVE E1 amount 1 [prio4] => If 0.95*(amount-100) Euro has not been surrendered to hand of courier in the Throne Room in 48 matrix-hours from changelog timestamp of this; amount += 0.01*amount, each full hour. Total maximum 100*500 EUR banknote(rounded down (your loss) to nearest unit), first come first served.

GIVE E1 amount 1 [prio3] => If 0.90*(amount-100) Euro has not been surrendered to hand of courier in the Throne Room in 12 matrix-hours from changelog timestamp of this; amount += 0.01*amount, each full hour. Total maximum 10*500 EUR banknote(rounded down (your loss) to nearest unit), first come first served.

The following apply only once per [person;encounter]  with SA Risto, General (meaning: only one exchange per meeting me please & 1 matrix-hour apart in any case):

Give 10,000,000 Markka certificate to Risto's hand => Gain 2*500 EUR banknote to your hand.
Give 5,000,000 Markka certificate to Risto's hand => Gain 1*500 EUR banknote to your hand.
Give 2,000,000 Markka certificate to Risto's hand => Gain 200 EUR in banknotes to your hand.
Give 1,000,000 Markka certificate to Risto's hand => Gain 100 EUR in banknotes to your hand.
Give 500,000 Markka certificate to Risto's hand => Gain 50 EUR in banknotes to your hand.
Give 200,000 Markka certificate to Risto's hand => Gain 20 EUR in banknotes to your hand.
Give 100,000 Markka certificate to Risto's hand => Gain 10 EUR in banknotes to your hand.

EDIT 2017-06-20:

generalizethis claims that the game has gone its own way, kicked out rpietilla and seized all of his assets, and should not longer be considered a part of the scam.

Assets were seized yesterday, accounts were locked weeks ago, and yes, PJ is a hack DEV--but risto paid him upfront and he's all we have atm until we can get a blockchain asset  and fund it ourselves. So unless you have a way to expedite these matters, like creating a blockchain asset with your skillset, you are just repeating what we already know. Though if you are suggesting tying the game's currency to a blockchain asset, you would be damning the game--we were lucky that saddam was never hacked when M was pegged to XMR--risto's actions actually highlight this risk, rather than point to it as a solution. [Note: I am distinguishing between asset and currency]

Also, no one is asking anyone to deposit anything into the game atm--but meanwhile, risto is creating another game--so feel free to protect those people.

EDIT 2017-06-28

@generalizethis, I edited your comments about kicking rpietilla out of the game and seizing his assets into the OP. Now my question to you is whether those assets are going to be used to compensate the players who were scammed?

Yes, if risto does not pay his debt and reclaim his account, his assets will be used to repay the debt he created, and this is a huge IF, if the game is successful enough to do so.

And just to be clear, I am using some seized assets (his M, land, and deposhares will remain untouched as per game rules) to create bounties and fund other projects to help ck become a successful gaming platform.

Also, I did not follow this thread, but will do so as to answer any questions that may arise about the game sans risto.

Thank you for the reply. I will copy this information to the OP so people will be aware of this apparent effort on the part of the current game operators to do something for the scammed players.

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / There was no DAO hack on: June 17, 2016, 05:04:24 PM
Investors agreed to give their ETH to whomever it was who figured out how to take them up on their offer.

Read this carefully.

The terms of The DAO Creation are set forth in the smart contract code existing on the Ethereum blockchain at 0xbb9bc244d798123fde783fcc1c72d3bb8c189413. Nothing in this explanation of terms or in any other document or communication may modify or add any additional obligations or guarantees beyond those set forth in The DAO’s code. Any and all explanatory terms or descriptions are merely offered for educational purposes and do not supercede or modify the express terms of The DAO’s code set forth on the blockchain; to the extent you believe there to be any conflict or discrepancy between the descriptions offered here and the functionality of The DAO’s code at 0xbb9bc244d798123fde783fcc1c72d3bb8c189413, The DAO’s code controls and sets forth all terms of The DAO Creation.

(Unless someone can point to a bug in the EVM that executed the code improperly, but I haven't seen any such claim.)

4  Economy / Reputation / CIYAM calls for an end to the bulls__t! on: May 31, 2016, 12:53:41 AM
Not sure why the thread got locked; it looked interesting and on-topic to me.

Being the creator of the world's first live Turing complete smart contract system (you can search about Qora or Burst about that) I unfortunately got involved in some of the "shit side" of this Wild West.

The charismatic @Come-from-Beyond used to actually chat to me and admitted to me that there was no "@bcnext" (and that he wrote the entire initial version of Nxt which IMO was rather shit software anyway).

I also got tricked by @Matthew.N.Wright who stole 70 BTC from me (he is really an asshole).

Am I looking for pity here - no!

Just a head's up that this space is full of cheaters and scammers and nothing much of any worth.

(well - if you do talk to Matthew then remind him that he owes me 70 BTC)

If you were stupid enough to invest in IOTA then sorry but you deserve to lose your money.

(but that aside those assholes are not brave enough to try and cause trouble here in China so if you have been fucked over then let me know)
5  Economy / Services / Steem/ accounts blockchain-powered social media on: May 26, 2016, 02:04:32 AM
Steem is a blockchain-powered social media platform. is a social media web site in some ways similar to Reddit or Medium and powered by Steem.  Access to the Steem blockchain requires a minimum account balance but offers free signup only by linking a Facebook or Reddit profile.

For Bitcoin community members who do not want to link a Facebook or Reddit profile, I'm offering free or reduced cost funded Steem accounts to established members of the Bitcointalk community, and at-cost accounts for lower-level members. The accounts include an quantity of locked Steem coins (details below), allowing full access to the site, but this is not an offer for the coins as you won't be able to access them easily anyway. The primary purpose of this offering is to allow access to the Steem/Steemit social media platform.

Offer details

. If I know you and have interacted with you: free
. Hero/Legendary: free
. Sr.: 0.0025 BTC free
. Full: 0.005 BTC 0.0015 BTC
. Any: 0.0025 BTC (reduced!)

Payment in advance (equivalent in any top 10 crypto is ok). Prices are subject to change based on market conditions.

You will receive a new account with the required minimum powered up Steem (amount of powered-up Steem subject to change according to network rules and market conditions). Powered up Steem gives you access to the network (bandwidth), voting power, and earns interest. It can't be powered down (converted to liquid Steem that can be traded on an exchange) until you reach 10x the minimum account balance. Powering down, when possible, is 1/104 of the balance per week.

PM me to get your account.
6  Other / Meta / Once per day bumping is not allowed? on: May 25, 2016, 09:10:17 PM
This thread refers to a post of mine that was deleted at the request of another user. Original meta topic:

The thread in question was not spam promoting a coin. It contained relevant, documented information warning readers about aggressive self-moderation of a set of threads by a particular coin community (deleting all questioning or critical post leaving only their own promotion), and, also, provided a link to an unmoderated discussion thread as an alternative. The thread was locked because otherwise it would be another redundant unmoderated discussion thread for the same coin.

It was bumped no more than once per day in accordance with the forum rules:

13. Bumps, "updates" are limited to once per 24 hours.

Previous bumps were deleted in accordance with the forum rules:

21. Old bumps should be deleted.

How did this topic violate forum rules leading to its deletion?
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / [BXC] Bitcedi OTC trading thread [bid 1000 ask 1450 last 1750] on: May 19, 2016, 07:14:13 AM
Bitcedi ANN:

You can either escrow already-agreed trades, or fund a open order by sending the BTC or BXC to me (PM for an address) with a price and I will complete the trade directly once a counterparty is found. Available funded offers will be listed in the OP.

Fee is 1% for all escrow trades, paid in BXC. No fee if there is no trade. Escrow fee is temporarily 0%. Tips accepted

Please edit your thread posts with p2p offers to keep them current.

Orders listed in bold are pre-funded (contact OP to trade). Other orders with a username can be found in the thread -- contact the user directly to trade.

3000 @ 50000 sat (traumschiff)
500 @ 2000 sat (hashmaster1)
700 @ 2000 sat (btcluka)
unk @ 2000 sat (Ayers)
20k @ 1750 sat (deore)
765 @ 1500 sat (onnz423)
300 @ 1450 sat (Dossis)

5000 @ 1000 sat (chen miao)
unk @ 700 sat (Bank_sy)
5000 @ 500 sat (ROBERTO)
1k @ 70 sat (robelneo)
3m @ 25 sat (CjMapope)

Other offers
Fademigo (looking to buy 10000)

Completed trades
2016-05-19 14:52:58  1800 @ 1750 sat (reported by Nik4691)
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [XVC] Vcash (former [VNL] Vanillacoin) cryptocurrency unmoderated discussion on: April 19, 2016, 12:33:07 AM
I'll start with this deleted post that was removed by one of their scam promoters claiming that Bitcoin is going "copy Vcash" by adding an adaptive blocksize. I pointed out that Monero (and previously Bytecoin) had such an adaptive blocksize almost a year before Vcash launched.

Quote from: Bitcoin Forum
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by the starter of a self-moderated topic. There are no rules of self-moderation, so this deletion cannot be appealed. Do not continue posting in this topic if the topic-starter has requested that you leave.

You can create a new topic if you are unsatisfied with this one. If the topic-starter is scamming, post about it in Scam Accusations.

Hey monero guy, how is the monero's blockchain bloat? Lol

Its adaptive blocksize that was launched in early 2014 is doing fine, thank you for asking.

Enjoy this open, neutral forum for discussion of Vcash/Vanillacoin as my gift to you.

Other resources from community members below. No endorsement implied.


Welcome to the official community topic of Vcash. This topic is moderated by the Vcash community members.

Vcash is a cryptographic currency that is not a clone of any other project. It is designed to be innovative and forward-thinking. It prevents eavesdropping and censorship, promotes decentralized, energy efficient and fast network transactions by use of irrevocable contracts and provides opt-in client-side anonymity. It has no pre-mine, pre-sale, IPO, ICO or BS.


30.7 million coins.
Variable block time targeting 80-200 seconds.
128 coins per block initially.
Difficulty is retargeted every block.
Blake-256 Proof-of-Work algorithm.
0.7% interest rate by use of energy efficient Proof-of-Stake.
0.0005 coin per kilobyte transaction fee.






Proof-of-Work Mining/Coin Distribution

Ledger Explorer:

Developer Announcements:

Development Team ANN:



Disclaimer: This project is considered "beta" and is in an ever-changing state. This said, it moves rapidly and keeping up with the evolution is not easy. The best channel for up-to-date information is through the "official" forums. Anything posted on BCT or elsewhere regarding changes to this project's current state should not be considered unless also confirmed through the "official" forums.

Thank you for your support

I'll add the official threads info here.  Please add this to the front page smooth.   If you really want this to be an unmoderated announcement page you should at least start it off with the appropriate information.

Just created an unofficial Vcash facebook fan group. Click below to join !!!
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / HOdlcoin HODL OTC thread [bid: -- ask: 0.00012000 last: 0.00006000] on: February 21, 2016, 11:34:06 PM

OTC thread closed. Please use exchanges

You can either escrow already-agreed trades, or fund a open order by sending the BTC or HODL to me (PM for an address) with a price and I will complete the trade directly once a counterparty is found. Available funded offers will be listed in the OP.

I have eliminated escrow fees and I just collect interest on the HODL coins deposited. If I end up holding the coins for a while and there is no trade I'll send back a reasonable estimate of the interest. For pre-arranged trades where both parties ask me to escrow the trade and I'm not holding the HODL coins, there is still no fee but I will gratefully accept tips for good service.

Please edit your thread posts with p2p offers to keep them current.

Orders listed in bold are pre-funded (contact OP to trade). Other orders with a username can be found in the thread -- contact the user directly to trade.

2000/0.00018500 (Dogedigital)
3000/0.00018000 (Kushedout)
1400/0.00017000 (gregofdoom)
3480/0.00013999 (proletariat)
4000/0.00013000 (incognitoworker)
7500/0.00012000 (Dogedigital)


Completed trades
2016-03-24, 00:59:19  8000/0.00006000
2016-03-21, 01:09:03  5000/0.00007140
2016-03-14, 16:08:09  5000/0.00011000
2016-03-10, 07:52:42  5000/0.00011000
2016-03-09, 02:23:12  2000/0.00012500
2016-03-06, 15:16:27  3000/0.00013000
2016-02-29, 23:15:40  2000/0.00014500
2016-02-27, 23:49:36  2000/0.00013000
2016-02-26, 11:06:39  2000/0.00010000 *
2016-02-26, 03:54:43  2000/0.00014000
2016-02-25, 23:05:24  100/0.00011000
2016-02-24, 00:31:03  1000/0.00013000
2016-02-23, 04:35:57  2000/0.00017000
2016-02-22, 22:18:47  2000/0.00017000

* trade report delayed
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Pools (Altcoins) / No-nonsense CLAM staking pool on: October 05, 2015, 02:04:12 AM
No web site, just pooling and staking. You send me your CLAMs, I stake them on a 24/7 reliable and secure server. When you want your CLAMs back you get a proportionate share of stake earnings. The idea is to get CLAMs out of exchanges and staking, and to provide and alternative to just-dice and its 10% staking fee (and currently >50% stake share)

Fee: 0% (tips and donations welcome)

Tips vs donations: Tips support the operation of the pool itself. Donations are distributed to all pool members, increasing the effective staking rate (and encouraging participation).

Transaction policy: No "excessively frequent" deposits and withdraws. Service is intended to stake long term holdings and help secure the network.

All deposits and withdraws will be disclosed as to amount and time but not identity. You are free to disclose your own identity if you like.

Current pool balance 336.15646 CLAMs

Shares outstanding 336.15646
Tip pool 16.28266751 shares
Current share price 1.11637772 CLAM/share

date / transaction / pool balance / share price / total shares [notes]

1. 2015-11-21 / start / 728.5926 / 1.00000000 / 728.5926
2. 2015-11-21 / deposit 1000 / 1728.5926 / 1.00000000 / 1728.5926 [1000 shares]
3. 2015-11-22 / stake 4.0053 / 1732.5979 / 1.00231709 / 1728.5926 [height 740999]
4. 2015-11-23 / stake 4.0051 / 1736.603 / 1.00463405 / 1728.5926 [height 742785]
5. 2015-11-24 / stake 1.0001 / 1737.6031 / 1.00521262 / 1728.5926 [height 743354]
6. 2015-11-24 / deposit 2000 / 3737.6031 / 1.00521262 / 3718.22142102 [1989.62881685 shares]
7. 2015-11-24 / tip 2 / 3739.6031 / 1.00521262 / 3720.21104984 [1.98962882 shares]
8. 2015-11-24 / deposit 2000 / 5739.6031 / 1.00521262 / 5709.83987447 [1989.62881685 shares]
9. 2015-11-25 / deposit 544 / 6283.6031 / 1.00521262 / 6251.01891379 [541.17903931 shares]
10. 2015-11-25 / stake 4 / 6287.6031 / 1.00585252 / 6251.01891379 [height 745083]
11. 2015-11-25 / deposit 1000 / 7287.6031 / 1.00585252 / 7245.20043557 [994.18153488 shares]
12. 2015-11-26 / stake 3.001 / 7290.6032 / 1.00626660 / 7245.20043557 [height 746135]
13. 2015-11-26 / deposit 3000 / 10290.6032 / 1.00626660 / 10226.51771625 [2981.31728068 shares]
14. 2015-11-26 / tip 3 / 10293.6032 / 1.00626660 / 10229.49903353 [2.98131728 shares]
15. 2015-11-27 / stake 15.0008 / 10308.604 / 1.00773302 / 10229.49903353 [height 748385]
16. 2015-11-28 / stake 16.0004 / 10324.6044 / 1.00929717 / 10229.49903353 [height 749995]
17. 2015-11-29 / stake 8 / 10332.6044 / 1.01007922 / 10229.49903353 [height 751390]
18. 2015-11-30 / stake 12.0001 / 10344.6045 / 1.01125230 / 10229.49903353 [height 752637]
19. 2015-12-01 / stake 8.0767 / 10352.6812 / 1.01204186 / 10229.49903353 [height 754140]
20. 2015-12-02 / stake 11.0009 / 10363.6821 / 1.01311727 / 10229.49903353 [height 755682]
21. 2015-12-02 / withdraw 1049 / 9314.6821 / 1.01311727 / 9194.08088942 [1035.41814411 shares]
22. 2015-12-03 / stake 9.9995 / 9324.6816 / 1.01420487 / 9194.08088942 [height 757269, net of tx fee paid]
23. 2015-12-03 / withdraw 1000 / 8324.6816 / 1.01420487 / 8208.08680578 [985.99408364 shares]
24. 2015-12-04 / stake 6.9994 / 8331.681 / 1.01505761 / 8208.08680578 [height 758570, net of tx fee paid]
25. 2015-12-05 / stake 7.0001 / 8338.6811 / 1.01591044 / 8208.08680578 [height 759952]
26. 2015-12-06 / stake 10.0002 / 8348.6813 / 1.01712878 / 8208.08680578 [height 761354]
27. 2015-12-07 / stake 11.0004 / 8359.6817 / 1.01846897 / 8208.08680578 [height 762926]
28. 2015-12-09 / stake 6 / 8365.6817 / 1.01919995 / 8208.08680578 [height 765054]
29. 2015-12-09 / donation 10 / 8375.6817 / 1.02041827 / 8208.08680578 [height 765054]
30. 2015-12-09 / stake 2 / 8377.6817 / 1.02066193 / 8208.08680578 [height 765748]
31. 2015-12-09 / withdraw 2030.7384 / 6346.9433 / 1.02066193 / 6218.45797242 [-1989.62881685 shares]
32. 2015-12-11 / stake 8.9983 / 6355.9416 / 1.02210896 / 6218.45797242 [height 768000, net of tx fee paid]
33. 2015-12-12 / stake 12.0004 / 6367.942 / 1.02403876 / 6218.45797242 [height 770065]
34. 2015-12-13 / stake 4.0005 / 6371.9425 / 1.02468209 / 6218.45797242 [height 770859]
35. 2015-12-13 / withdraw 1018.72 / 5353.2225 / 1.02468209 / 5224.27644839 [-994.18152403 shares]
36. 2015-12-13 / tip 5 / 5358.2225 / 1.02468209 / 5229.15601061 [4.87956222 shares]
37. 2015-12-15 / stake 15.9993 / 5374.2218 / 1.02774172 / 5229.15601061 [height 774391, net of tx fee paid]
38. 2015-12-16 / stake 6.0001 / 5380.2219 / 1.02888915 / 5229.15601061 [height 775865]
39. 2015-12-18 / stake 12.0002 / 5392.2221 / 1.03118402 / 5229.15601061 [height 778521]
40. 2015-12-20 / stake 8 / 5400.2221 / 1.03271390 / 5229.15601061 [height 781464]
41. 2015-12-21 / stake 8.0001 / 5408.2222 / 1.03424380 / 5229.15601061 [height 782791]
42. 2015-12-24 / stake 11.001 / 5419.2232 / 1.03634758 / 5229.15601061 [height 786191]
43. 2015-12-24 / deposit 120.9999 / 5540.2231 / 1.03634758 / 5345.91210849 [116.75609788 shares]
44. 2015-12-27 / stake 20.0003 / 5560.2234 / 1.04008882 / 5345.91210849 [height 790680]
45. 2015-12-31 / stake 16.0002 / 5576.2236 / 1.04308180 / 5345.91210849 [height 797157]
46. 2016-01-03 / stake 14.0002 / 5590.2238 / 1.04570066 / 5345.91210849 [height 800817]
47. 2016-01-05 / stake 13.0001 / 5603.2239 / 1.04813244 / 5345.91210849 [height 803357]
48. 2016-01-13 / stake 46.0007 / 5649.2246 / 1.05673728 / 5345.91210849 [height 816185]
49. 2016-01-20 / stake 35.0005 / 5684.2251 / 1.06328443 / 5345.91210849 [height 824799]
50. 2016-01-26 / stake 24.0005 / 5708.2256 / 1.06777393 / 5345.91210849 [height 834153]
51. 2016-01-26 / withdraw 702 / 5006.2256 / 1.06777393 / 4688.46957500 [-657.44253348 shares]
52. 2016-01-26 / tip 2 / 5008.2256 / 1.06777393 / 4690.34263065 [1.87305565 shares]
53. 2016-02-03 / stake 35.0000 / 5043.2256 / 1.07523607 / 4690.34263065 [height 846289]
54. 2016-02-07 / stake 8.0002 / 5051.2258 / 1.07694175 / 4690.34263065 [height 850020]
55. 2016-02-07 / withdraw 4002 / 1049.2258 / 1.07694175 / 974.26420710 [-3716.07842355 shares, height 840024]
56. 2016-02-07 / tip 2 / 1051.2258 / 1.07694175 / 976.12131776 [1.85711066 shares]
57. 2016-02-07 / deposit 1700 / 2751.2258 / 1.07694175 / 2554.66537574 [1578.54405798 shares, height 850093]
58. 2016-02-08 / stake 1.9967 / 2753.2225 / 1.07772334 / 2554.66537574 [height 851819]
59. 2016-02-08 / deposit 1500 / 4253.2225 / 1.07772334 / 3946.48825369 [1391.82287796 shares, height 851828]
60. 2016-02-08 / stake 2 / 4255.2225 / 1.07823012 / 3946.48825369 [height 851971]
61. 2016-02-08 / tip->donation 2 / 4255.2225 / 1.07873714 / 3944.63336209 [1.85489160 shares, height 851971]
62. 2016-02-15 / stake 30.0003 / 4285.2228 / 1.08634248 / 3944.63336209 [height 862836]
63. 2016-05-15 / deposit 1.14428 / 4286.36708 / 1.08634248 / 3945.68669473 [height 862836]
64. 2016-02-24 / stake 43.0017 / 4329.36878 / 1.09724089 / 3945.68669473 [height 874700]
65. 2016-02-24 / withdraw 3875.86511 /  453.50367 / 1.09724089 / 413.31276860 [3532.37392614 shares, height 874700]
66. 2016-02-24 / tip 5 / 458.50367 / 1.09724089 / 417.86965309 [4.55688450 shares, height 874700]
67. 2016-03-28 / stake 7.9967 / 466.50037 / 1.11637772 / 417.86965309 [height 922121]
68. 2016-03-28 / withdraw 130.34391 / 336.15646 / 1.11637772 / 301.11355180 [-116.75610130 shares, height 922121]
11  Other / Meta / Trust abuse? on: August 16, 2015, 01:04:38 AM
Is there any rule about trust abuse? I understand that in general trust is subjective and not moderated. But I'm wondering about someone who claims to have risked BTC but has not (and thus certainly has no evidence of such).  Abuse or not abuse?
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Someone in BCT is scamming for dukey8? on: August 01, 2015, 03:09:48 AM
This needs to be looked into. Why are the mods protecting dukey8? Is there conspiracy? NSA involvement?

I got my post calling your trolling out deleted, like many many others that I don't bitch about. I guess the mods work for you now.

Quote from: Bitcoin Forum
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by a Bitcoin Forum moderator. Posts are most frequently deleted because they are off-topic, though they can also be deleted for other reasons. In the future, please avoid posting things that need to be deleted.


My technical post for Monero development is deleted today, here and Monero Reddit.

If you don't want the censored version of Monero development, I have post the deleted information in an open thread:

There is nothing technical in your pure trolling, anyone with half IQ can see the Monero github is full of activity with real underlying improvements over cosmetic ones.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] AEON rebrand, new thread, new developer team (positions open) on: March 28, 2015, 08:50:07 AM

Discussion moved back to main thread:

The previous developer of AEON has abandoned the coin and some community members want to rebrand it.

Discuss here. If the rebrand goes forward this will become the new ANN thread for the coin.

What is needed:

1. New name/logo/etc. Bounties may be available depending on fundraising (item 2)

2. Fundraising to pay for development (incentives/bounties if desired for team members, etc.), hosting, seed nodes, etc.

3. People to work on the project, especially creating new builds, porting other cryptonote tools (gui wallets, etc.). Bounties may be available depending on fundraising (item 2)

4. Marketing and business development to get relisted on some exchanges, renamed on pools (if any still support it), etc. Bounties and/or pay for work may be available depending on fundraising (item 2)

5. More?

If you are looking for the most up to date AEON repo (source code) it is here:

PoW algorithm: CryptoNight
Max supply: ~18.4 million
Block reward: Smoothly varying using the formula (M−A) / (220) / (1012) where M = 264 −1 and A = supply mined to date.
Block time: 60 seconds
Difficulty: Retargets at every block

Launched: 6.6.2014 at 6:00 PM UTC

OTC trading thread (trade at your own risk, use escrow):
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Why the darkcoin/dash/dashpay instamine matters on: March 23, 2015, 01:06:16 AM
That drk wasn't insta, fast or opportunistically mined. Do you really think if Evan and his friends weren't the ones who benefitted most that the coin would not be relaunched? Don't rename it, relaunch it if you won't to avoid the scam label.

There is no one trying to deny many coins were mined fast in the beginning.

It is not denied; that would be even insane than the current attempt to whitewash it. It is downplayed describing it as 48 hours (in fact most of the coins were mined in 8 hours), the unprovable claim that the coins were redistributed is presented as fact, and relevant information about the highly suspicious circumstances surrounding the instamine/premine orchestrated by the then and current developer are omitted (see above).

Regarding distribution:

[DISCLAIMER: see disclaimer of conflict of interest at the bottom]

Sigh, I'm a bit tired of seeing the same talking points from the DRK FAQ, etc., but just once I will respond because I think in general AlexGR you are pretty sincere.

You are missing the point.

Quote: "If you see fraud and don't shout fraud, you are a fraud"
  -- Nassim Taleb (author of The Black Swan and Antifragile; credit to opennux for the quote).

First of all, on the matter of redistribution:

DRK/dash supporters frequently claim that the instamine happened but it "doesn't matter" any more because the coins have been redistributed. This is repeated in the DRK FAQ along with several other unsupported statements about who does or does not own certain quantities of coins. However, these statements are at best supposition, as it isn't possible whether it actually happened as claimed.

The problems is, you don't know 90% of what happens in the markets. You can say "coins traded at such a price" but you don't know who was on each side of that trade. If I were trying to legitimize my instamine, the first thing I would do is trade it around, move the coins between wallets, and generally create an appearance of redistribution. To contend that there are not pump groups, whale groups, shady coin developers and others who engage in manipulative and sham trading of altcoins is absurd to the point of ridiculous. This is not the New York Stock Exchange (even there, you probably shouldn't trust everything you see). There is simply no way to know that didn't happen or if it did how much of the activity it represents. This applies at both low prices and high prices.

I will grant that if the coins were traced to a theft at Mintpal and then dumped, that was probably actual redistribution; I don't think the Mintpal scammer was tied to the DRK instamine scam (but you never know with these things; scammers gonna scam). But at best that was a minority of the instamine (and wouldn't early instaminers and other adopters logically have had their in masternodes by then?)

Now I agree it is certainly fair to say that the coins might have been redistributed or could have been redistributed. I would not object to that at all.

But to continue to present this as fact (in the FAQ and frequently used as a talking point by dark supporters) is unsupportable and effectively fraudulent.

In addition, the DRK FAQ claims that the 2 million coin instamine happened over 48 hours, and this talking point is also frequently repeated by DRK supporters.  However, this grossly understates the severity of the instamine, and perhaps paints a picture of a short mining period over which outsiders could still realistically decide whether or not to participate.

In fact:

1. Within the very first hour over 500,000 coins were mined

2. Within 8 hours over 1.5 million coins were mined, which is most of the instamine.

On the matter of the instamine itself, to focus on the amount of the instamine and the subsequent disposition of the coins is to ignore a whole host of extremely deceptive and arguably fraudulent practices that surrounded it:

3. That Evan misled people into thinking that the launch would not happen for days (and specifically "definitely" not in "hours"), then it happened in a few hours, late at night in the US and during the early morning hours in Europe. Considering the >500K coins mined in the very first hour alone, the effect of this "ambush" was enormous.

4. That the stated reason for delaying the launch for days was to do more testing and fix bugs. Yet when the coin was lunched it still had a "serious error." Why was the rushed ambush launch done in this manner?

5. That Evan withheld information about the purpose, features, and goals of he coin development until after the instamine was complete. It was absolutely impossible for you to have any reason to mine this coin unless your strategy was to mine 100% of new coins that were launched, you just happened to stumble into it, you were friends with Evan, or you were Evan. In effect it turns the instamine into a premine, because the coins were mined before the coin was properly announced.

6. That various changes have been made to rewards, etc. multiple times., always in the direction of reducing/restricting/locking up supply, to the benefit of existing holders. The latest version of this is masternode payments, which look very much like a HYIP (a form of financial fraud which attracts new investors by offering high yields to the benefit of earlier investors)

7. Renaming the coin has been proposed by Evan and then later later implemented to reduce attention on instamine, the previous withholding of information, the manipulation, and the misleading and deceptive statements that occurred in connection with the previous name(s).

Now it is possible all of this was an accident. If so, you are asking us to believe in a string of extraordinary coincidences all apparently (by sheer luck) benefiting the same party or parties.

If it is instead not all an "accident" then it is evidence of deliberate fraud on the part of the person or persons still involve with running the project. That is certainly relevant and troubling information, even if the nature of circumstantial evidence (even strong circumstantial evidence) is that it can't be 100% proven. Things might be different if there were a complete and transparent change of leadership (as for example with BitMonero->Monero, and probably some other coins). But that is not the case. The person (assuming, not necessarily with certainty, that he acted alone) responsible for everything reported above is still there.

None of this proves it was not an accident, but given the fairly strong circumstantial case, I'm going to not only stay away, but advise other people to stay away.

AlexGR further claims that the instamine was okay "because satoshi did it too" or that "satoshi solomined" (paraphrases), a frequent defense of various premine/instamine/fastmine/ninjamine scams. That is a fairly absurd justification, even if it were a valid equivalence in this particular case, but it is not. Let's review (using the numbers above):

1. The rate of Bitcoin mining followed the published schedule. There were no extra coins mined at the beginning (in fact I think some of the early blocks were quite slow). It took 2-3 months to mine 500K coins, not one hour

2. It took the better part of a year to mine 1.5 million BTC, not 8 hours.

3. The Bitcoin launch was announced well ahead of time, the code was reviewed by several people who help finish it, and it happened on schedule. No misleading statements were made about the time of the launch. "Many people" are reported to have mined during the first several thousand blocks. Certainly many mined over the following months as well.

4. There were indeed bugs in the code, and some mined coins were even lost to fix them, but none of this involved a "serious error" right after launch when an enormous number of coins were mined.

5. satoshi did not withhold information about the features and goals of the project. He engaged in a detailed and extended discussion about how it would work and what it was attempting to accomplish before it was launched.

6. No changes were made as satoshi made it clear that to have legitimacy as a decentralized system, the parameters needed to be "set in stone"

Furthermore it isn't even true that satoshi was the only one or one of only a few mining in the early days of Bitcoin. "Many other people" were mining in the first several thousand blocks, according to gmaxwell.

One more thing to add. The part of this that is (probably) fraudulent is not that Evan got a lot of coins, its that it was held out (and in many ways continues to be held out) as a public open distribution process, when in reality what happened was in effect more of a premine (see items above esp. #6), and I believe at this point that was very likely the intent. If he had forthrightly presented it as a premined coin, one might think that was a bad idea, but there would be no claim of probable fraud, at least not by me. I've never claimed that an openly premined coin was a fraud (maybe a bad idea, maybe something that should be relaunched sans premime, but not a fraud if done honestly).

DISCLAIMER: I am a Monero core team member and I do not deny a conflict of interest. Nevertheless I endeavor to be factual and I suggest that readers consider the facts, check the facts, reach your own conclusions about what happened and how it matters today, and finally to avoid the temptation to attack the person stating the facts or the coin(s) with which he might be associated]

EDIT: add disclaimer, various typos, writing cleanups, reformatting, add references.


Ok now it insta crashes when I type "setgenerate true".

Time to go to bed and try again next week?

Yeah, let's do that. I obviously need to do some more testing. Thanks everyone!

Best thing to do I guess. Please, confirm you won't be launching after some minutes/hours even if you fix it, and the sooner would be tomorrow, thanks.

Definitely not. I'll also follow up with this post when I do set a time.

Launch is being moved to 11PM EST!

Everyone please update to the new version on the git repo, there was a serious error that I just fixed:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'
  what():  CreateNewBlock() : ConnectBlock failed
Aborted (core dumped)

I compiled the exe for Windows... no blocks yet, just a bazillion rejects.

Any chance you could upload that windows client exe? I'd be willing to throw 5k XCO at you. Just make sure it's the latest source from github

Ok now it insta crashes when I type "setgenerate true".

Time to go to bed and try again next week?

Yeah, let's do that. I obviously need to do some more testing. Thanks everyone!

Best thing to do I guess. Please, confirm you won't be launching after some minutes/hours even if you fix it, and the sooner would be tomorrow, thanks.

Definitely not. I'll also follow up with this post when I do set a time.

Launch is being moved to 11PM EST!

... seriously?

Just woke up to this Sad How many hours have I lost? Oh, well.  Time to git pull and launch it again.

Did Darkcoin have a fair launch?
Yes and it was publicly preannounced.

Was Darkcoin Instamined?
~2mn coins were issued in the first 48 hours due to problems with the difficulty readjustment. That represents approximately 10-15% of the total money supply that will ever be issued.

The majority of these coins were distributed through the market in the following weeks and months at very low price levels* (0.0000x BTC per DRK to 0.000x BTC per DRK) and a lot of them were also absorbed in the April/May 2014 price increase.

  • Examples of prices and selling action almost two weeks after launch:

  • Forum member coins101 did a blockchain analysis of Darkcoins distribution as of September 2014:

I read somone who wrote that 50% of the coins in circulation are owned by the devs
No. This is a classic case of spreading FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) by supporters of other cryptocurrencies who perceive Darkcoin as a threat to the coin they support.

The coin has been well distributed through exchanges since early February 2014 – almost 15-20 days after the coin's launch. One could buy as many cheap DRKs as they wanted, with prices of 0.0000x per DRK or 0.0001x per DRK. This can be verified by historic charts of and of early Feb 2014. These two exchanges were the first that adopted DRK. Huge buy orders of 20-30-50k DRKs were being filled by early miners who were dumping their coins for pennies, not really appreciating the coin they had in their possession due to the “abundant” way in which they mined it as people do not really appreciate what they are given in ample quantity.

Miners who “instamined” large quantities never foresaw the huge price increase and as such sold over a million coins at prices from 0.0000x up to 0.002 – with the first large batch being sold after DRK hit the exchanges and the next large batches being sold from February 2014 to April 2014 @ 0.0015 BTC price levels. In fact, many coin holders were complaining* of all the “dumping” by those who held cheap coins from the start that kept the price at artificially low levels for 2 months straight.

The dumping ended, due to tremendous market demand, when a “pump” was initiated by “whale” buyers that swallowed millions of USD (in DRKs), raising the price from 0.0012 to 0.017 within a few weeks.

  • During this dumping period there were certain individuals who spread FUD about how the coin will never rise in price due to the instaminers dumping continuously. These are typically the same people who are claiming that the 50% instamine distribution affects the coin distribution today. However it is impossible to simultaneously claim that the coins were being dumped and that the 50% instamine holds true today. It's either one or the other. Since the coins were being dumped, the 50% instamine distribution was gradually reduced with each dumping wave. Blockchain analysis indicates a well distributed coin, reflecting the fact that the dumped coins were evenly distributed through the market. Early distribution is not currently an issue as huge buyers have been reshuffling the "rich-list" in their favor, buying millions of dollars in Darkcoins during May 2014. Late distribution through aggressive buying is currently more of a concern than early distribution.

1. Satoshi mined almost alone from 1/3/2009 to 1/25/2010 (block 0 to block 36288).
He did not. I mined during that time— so did many other people I've talked to. As you're probably aware the original software mined _very_ slowly, and contemporary hardware was slow. Heck even a fairly current machine with state of the art software can just barely do enough hashrate for difficulty 1. (and god, before more handout requests come: Bitcoin was worthless then, the software was annoying windows-gui only— I ran it in wine+vncserver, and I didn't keep my original wallet)

A sister coin would wipe out Darkcoin, especially if we did it. So it's not a good idea.

Other options are:

1.) Renaming the coin. It keeps coming up over and over, maybe we should really consider it. Everyone start coming up with names and I'll make a voting page to gauge if our user base even wants this.
2.) The first 24 hours of the coins existence keep causing us problems, an "airdrop" could be a solution to this. We could airdrop all holders (uniquely verified) with a equal portion of coin. This coin would come from a block in the future that paid 2.4million+ coins to a specific address that I hold. We could use some kind of verification system like mastercoin (
The airdrop would be a month or so into the future, so it would give users time to buy coins and become holders creating some demand. Also, we'd have a much larger market cap and the argument about the first 24 hours would become invalid.

As always, we listen to the community. If enough people complain, we'll do something...

1) The name is fine - "the general public" is never going to use darkcoin, it will be used by people who care about ANONYMITY - The general public will just stick with bitcoin, because it is "anonymous enough" for 95% of folks, and has tons of other advantages (wide retail acceptance etc)
2) The first 24 hours became a larger problem when the # of coins decreased from 84million to 22million, In retrospect this was probably a mistake... but we can't take that back now without killing the price and shaking investor confidence. The airdrop idea sounds super shady, even if it isn't.

Major changes like this should not be taken lightly.  Investors want specs that are written in stone. Major changes should ONLY happen if it's crucial for the success of the coin.  Neither of these issues meet that requirement and therefore I think should be left as-is.

Darkcoin airdrop (cancelled)
2014-04-07, 04:49:41

The first 24 hours of the coins existence keep causing us problems, an "airdrop" could be a solution to this. We could airdrop all holders (uniquely verified) with a equal portion of coin. This coin would come from a block in the future that paid 2 million+ coins to a specific address that I hold. We could use some kind of verification system like mastercoin (
The airdrop would be a month or so into the future, so it would give users time to buy coins and become holders creating some demand. Also, we'd have a much larger market cap and the argument about the first 24 hours would become invalid.

How would you get a part of the airdrop?

- You must own 100DRK ( if you're new to Darkcoin but want to be part of the drop, you would need to purchase 100DRK ).

One of the following:
- Github: To redeem this reward, you need either at least three public repositories and your account must be older than August 1, 2013
- Reddit: To redeem this reward, you need a Reddit account with more than 100 karma.
- Bitcointalk: To redeem this reward you need an activity score above 10 as well as at least 10 posts

Any of these accounts would need to be created before April 1, 2014.


Sorry, this was a terrible idea.

Someone asked me this via email, I thought I'd post the answer for everyone:

I'm looking for some clarity on the amount of Darkcoins that will be minted.  I've read some where that it is something quite large.  I'm looking to invest founds into emerging crypto's that have a possibility of longevity.  I'm very concerned thought with the total number of coins that will be minted.  Please advise. thanks.


DarkCoin is unique in the since that it has a variable block reward that is based on difficulty. This means that while currently the block reward is 120, when difficulty rises the block reward will fall. Eventually the block reward will be driven down to it's lowest amount which is 15DRK. After that, every 2 years the block reward is halved again. So in 2 years, 7.5DRK, in 4 years, 3.75DRK, etc.

So, we don't know how many there will be, but it definitely won't reach anywhere near 84 million. It mostly depends on how long it takes us to reach the lower block reward cap. At this of rate of growth that should happen this month (it happens at about 100 difficulty).  

I've read that variable block rewards are exploitable from "dishonest miners" in coins like dogecoin who switchover when the rewards are low. Could that happen to Darkcoin also? If yes then it is tempting for someone to take Darkcoin code, clone it and say "a better and improved Darkcoin, safe from dishonest mining tacticts" etc.

So, without getting insanely technical, Doge and DarkCoin are setup differently. The block reward function in DarkCoin is set on a very even curve and reward is higher toward the beginning. Later on people will forget that it was ever not fixed and they'll just talk about the halving. So there's not anything to really take advantage of, right? After a difficulty of 100, no matter what the blocks will return 15 DRK.

When I wrote the reply to the email earlier, I was thinking we'd hit 100 difficulty in a few weeks, but we're already at 600Mh/s for the network (up from 200 yesterday). If this keeps up we'll have a difficulty of 21 tomorrow and we only need 5x the growth of the network to reach that lower cap.

So I guess it's a question of incentives, knowing that we're going to cap at some point who wouldn't mine right now? From an economics point of view it's a feedback loop and it should actually make the growth exponential.

Great, now that everything is stable, I'll be posting later about the vision of this project and milestones! Time to move on to actually implementing what I set out to do.

As promised, here is our vision and future plans for XCoin!

TL;DR: We're building XCoin into a moderately-anonymous network, where the transactions are sent encrypted and only able to be read the party who is receiving the funds. Blocks will be published via CoinJoin as to ensure some amount of anonymity. This is being built in such a way to compete with the other top alt-coins and maybe even Bitcoin.  

I compiled the exe for Windows... no blocks yet, just a bazillion rejects.

Any chance you could upload that windows client exe? I'd be willing to throw 5k XCO at you. Just make sure it's the latest source from github
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Crypto Kingdom assets auction land buildings characters gold/CKG on: March 01, 2015, 11:42:23 PM
Smooth QC is complete

Useful references: Crypto Kingdom thread, CKG thread

After quarrying tens of millions of stone as one of if not the largest commercial entity in the game, Smooth QC is liquidating at the conclusion of the ancient era. This is a great opportunity to acquire prime assets in the game prior to the (expected to be soon) opening of the online playable version and the listing of CKG on a major crypto exchange.

The auction will commence immediately with delivery in 0-2 game years (assets/characters which are still in use at the quarry site will be delayed until quarrying is complete in 2 game years; other assets will be delivered immediately upon sale). 1 game year = 1 real day. and delivery is immediate upon closing of bids and payment.

Please read the rules of the auction carefully.  Items will be sold individually by lot. Minimum bids will decline by 25% of the original price on all assets at every 24 hour interval after this post. If an offer is received, a best-price auction period will commence, during which the highest offer posted within two hours of the previous high offer will prevail. Offers must increase the price by a minimum of 3% of the previous bid price. Prices are stated in and payment to be made using in-game "moneritos", or may be made using out-of-game BTC or XMR which will be be converted to in-game at 5% service charge. 1 XMR = 1 million moneratos. BTC exchange rate by market. All payment will be sent first. Check my trust ratings and don't participate if you don't trust me.

Added item (active)

Lot 17: 72 SCI points more info


Lot 1: 500 CKG - 370,000/CKG SOLD
Lot 2: Land and buildings 2-NW-K8 (12q). Rental income producing - 500 million WITHDRAWN
Lot 3: Quarry site 5-E (150q). Undeveloped land. 900 million. SOLD
Lot 4: Land and buildings 3-W-C3 (8q). Rental income producing - 600 million 450 million
Lot 5: 8 million stone. Stone delivered in its present location (see STONE db) - 60/stone SOLD
Lot 6: 22 drills. - 4m/drill 3m/drill SOLD
Lot 7: MGR-5. Highest level (most productive) manager character in the game - 40 million SOLD
Lot 8: 2x MGR-4 - 48 million SOLD
Lot 9: 2x MGR-3 - 24 million 18 million SOLD
Lot 10: 4x ASS-3. Highest level (most productive) assistant character in the game; only ASS that also yields mgr points - 24 million SOLD
Lot 11: 4x ASS-3. Highest level (most productive) assistant character in the game; only ASS that also yields mgr points - 24 million SOLD
Lot 12: 4x ASS-2 - 12.8 million SOLD
Lot 13: SPE-4 - 24 million SOLD
Lot 14: 5x SPE-3 - 60 million SOLD
Lot 15: SPE-2 - 6.4 million 4.8 million SOLD
Lot 16: 4 shares THC - 4.52 million SOLD

Subject to correction of errors.

EDIT: typos, add references, define game year, delivery on all items is immediate upon payment
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / [XMR] Monero Speculation on: August 23, 2014, 12:54:48 PM
Self-moderated thread for discussion of Monero trading and price speculation.

Off topic posts will be removed. Off topic includes any extensive discussion of other coins, promoting other coins, or posting of promotional materials from other coins.

Non-substantive comments such as Monero sucks, Monero is a scam, Monero is great, Monero to the moon, etc. are considered off topic. Every post and reply should add to the discussion. The preceding sentence forbids repetitive exchanges on the same topic without some topical context.

Hostile trolling (which includes but is not limited to use of "meme" pictures to attack or demean) especially by sock puppet accounts is not allowed.

When quoting posts, please remove any large charts or other images unless the quoted post is at least one page old. Please shrink (or remove) large images in replies in all cases.

When I am speaking as the moderator, and only then, I will write in red. Other messages using red text are not permitted.

People speculating on Monero may also be interested in the MoneroMarkets subreddit (unaffiliated)
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Monero XMR large trade OTC on: July 29, 2014, 08:44:56 PM
There is no longer any structured service/directory provided by this thread as (unlike when this thread was created) there are numerous other ways to trade XMR now including many exchanges, Bisq decentralized exchange, OTC desks, etc.

Thread to discuss and/or arrange large OTC (off-exchange) trades in Monero XMR. By large we generally mean a minimum of 5000 XMR but that is only a guideline. Feel free to discuss any smaller amounts that not readily tradable on an exchange.

I will edit this post (below) to include a summary of indications of interest that are PMed to me or posted to the thread. This will be relatively unstructured, not a formal "order book." Unless otherwise indicated, all indications listed here are non-binding and serve only as a starting point for negotiation.

I will escrow trades for 1/2%. This can include presubmitting coins to me with a pricing limit so a counterparty can complete the trade directly with me or a more traditional escrow arrangement where the coins are sent only after a deal is agreed. Presubmitting carries a non-refundable fee of 10 XMR payable in advance, but applied against the 1/2% escrow fee if a trade occurs.

Buying interest
statdude: Feel free to approach me via PM for large XMR buys if you don't trust the exchanges
dEBRUYNE: Want to buy 2500 XMR @ 0.0035, so basicly 8.75 BTC total. Feel free to PM! Can also join irc channel if needed
rpietila: I might be in the market for these. I can aggregate coins for large buyers, and buy up big lots from sellers. 10-50k (EUR/USD trades possible, with markup)
rontus: I would like to buy ~65k Moneros at Poloniex spot price
David Latapie: I have very large buy orders from external entities. Contact me for arranging a deal

Selling interest
saddambitcoin: selling 5000 XMR @ 0.025 BTC each!
rpietila: I might be in the market for these. I can aggregate coins for large buyers, and buy up big lots from sellers. 10-50k  (EUR/USD trades possible, with markup)
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [CLOSED] (Unofficial) XMR Community Monero FAQ thread on: July 11, 2014, 10:07:49 AM

Thread is now closed. New replacement thread is here:

This thread is to host a community-built FAQ for Monero [XMR].

Post questions and answers in new replies and I'll edit them into the FAQ.

Controversial changes will be held back in a separate controversial section until there is reasonable consensus.

Have at it.

Monero FAQ (collaborative draft)

Official software, wallets, etc.

Q: Where is the official Monero thread?

Q: What are the minimum requirements for a computer to run the wallet?
A: A 64-bit OS is highly recommended. At the time of writing (July 2014), 4 GB of RAM should be sufficient, and 2 GB of disk space is required to store the block chain (currently growing at about 10 MB per day).

Q: How do I use Monero with 32-bit Windows?
A: The official 32-bit binaries have been reported to work only with PAE enabled. More info:

Q: What are the best installation instructions to use, where do I get more information, etc.?
A: Be sure to rely only resources linked from the original post on the official Monero thread.

Q: When trying to send coins I get an error stating that transaction is too large.
A: This is due to many small inputs (dust) to the address such as from mining to it. The solution is to split up the transaction and send smaller amounts. This problem has mainly been mitigated by the pools updating their software to not payout dust amounts.

Q: Why is Monero not user friendly like most other cryptocurrencies? Why is there no official GUI wallet?
A: Monero is not a Bitcoin clone, and so it's code is entirely new (originally derived from Cryptonote). Similarly to the early Bitcoin days, a lot of pieces have just not been built yet - the puzzle is largely incomplete. There's good and bad that comes with this fact, amongst other things: there is certainly some additional risk as the code is a lot more experimental than that of Bitcoin, while on the other hand, there is also a lot of potential, as Monero is just in it's infancy. A GUI Wallet is certainly an important part of this puzzle, and there are unofficial GUI wallets that can be used (recognizing that they are test-quality software) -- see the next question.

Q: Where is the GUI wallet ?
A: The official release does not yet include a GUI wallet. Information about several available GUI wallets can be found on the GUI wallet bounty thread here : Bounty for open source ByteCoin/Monero GUI
The Jojatekok GUI wallet thread is here : [XMR] Monero Client .NET - A GUI wallet made for Windows

Q: Do I have to run a full node to keep a personal/offline wallet?
A: Yes. Note that at the present state of development, running a full node & using the wallet is not a particularly friendly venture, so it is wise to really go through the setup instructions available and see if your computer skills will tolerate the effort. Experienced/Advanced users will have no trouble setting up a node & wallet.

Q: Can I have multiple Monero addresses in my local node?
A: Short version - yes. Long version - Each wallet currently holds a single address. To have multiple addresses, you'll be creating and executing multiple wallets (one per address). Note: Multiple wallets cannot be running concurrently on a given system. Non-experienced users are strongly advised to not attempt running multiple wallets.  

Q: Monero blockchain uses too much RAM, is filling up my hard drive, etc. / What's up with all the bloat?
A: The privacy features in Monero do come at a certain cost of an increased blockchain size. That said, the codebase is very much alpha stage at the moment, and currently, there is absolutely no compression of the blockchain data. This is one of the main priorities for the dev team - to implement a robust & scalable database platform. The team is very active on this, but it is pointless to ask/spam 'are we there yet?' on the forums or IRC, since the task is non-trivial and will take whatever is the necessary amount of time to be done right(tm). When this is complete, bells and whistles will be heard on the Interwebs.  

Q: How do I use the view key?
A: tbd

Q: How do I restore the wallet from the mnemonic seed?
A: Use the --restore-deterministic-wallet flag when running your simplewallet, it will ask you for a NEW wallet name, a NEW wallet password, and then the previous 24 word string that was given to you when the original wallet file was created.

Q: How do I change my wallet password/name?
A: Restore the wallet from the mnemonic seed

Q: How do I generate a new wallet address for a transaction, like in Bitcoin?
A: This is not necessary with Monero, you only ever need one receiving address. A new receiving address is created automatically for every transaction, inside the program.

Q: How long does it take to send a transaction?
A: Block time is one minute. On average it will only take a one minute a transaction to first appear in the block chain; however, exchanges usually will require at least 18 confirmations (blocks) before adding funds to your account, and the standard wallet requires tbd confirmations before considering received coins to be available for use. A time of 10-20 minutes is generally the longest length of time you should consider waiting if your transaction isn't confirmed in a couple of minutes.

Q: What is the net hashrate/difficulty/coins in circulation?
A: Check this site

Q: I can't send XMR because simplewallet or bitmonerod reports something like 'failed to send ...." How do I solve this?
A: Delete poolstate.bin, your compiled version is probably from the one before tx expiry was added. So also recompile with the latest commits (or download the latest official binaries).

Q: I've heard that mixins can be unmasked if outputs are spent with mixin=0. Is this true?
A: (From tacotime) It refers to a well known privacy issue on CN coins. We've had a fix for this in the development for weeks now after corresponding with a Bitcoin core devs that should be more effective than the solution for Boolberry, we're just waiting until the core of the software is more mature before we roll it out.

Development team

Q: Who are the official development team members:
A: (in no particular order) - tacotime, eizh, smooth, fluffypony, othe, davidlatapie, NoodleDoodle

Q: Monero dev team seems to be too sluggish, does not?
A: (From fluffypony) We are far from sluggish. All 7 of the core team members have to earn a living. Each of us can spend 14 hours a day on Monero, but then we need to draw an hourly payment to cover our time. Thus far we have received well under 1 BTC in donations, a trivial amount. That means that all of our time and energy and effort is completely self-funded.  We are not sitting on mountains of XMR, this is a cryptocurrency that had an absolutely 100% fair launch. Given the current size of the cryptocurrency market I would argue that it had an even fairer launch than Bitcoin, because tons of people jumped on and mined it from day one. We had no opportunity to amass any sizeable amount of XMR. Thus, our entire effort is a labour of love and completely because we want to see XMR become useful. If we get no donations, we are unable to spend large amounts of time on it, and we will have to peck away at it in our spare time. If you want to see less "sluggishness" (i.e. more time allocated), then donate. If you haven't donated you have absolutely no room to manoeuvre in this discussion.


Q: What on earth are these 'PaymentIDs' I keep hearing about?
A: The way that Monero works today, causes the exchanges to have a single address to where all customer Moneros get deposited. Given the intrinsic privacy features built into Monero, the exchange is unable to verify the source of any incoming transaction. Enter 'PaymentIDs'. Each exchange user get's a unique PaymentID assigned, so that by tracking PaymentIDs on incoming transactions, the exchanges can identify the user account that is to be credited.

Q: I have send to an exchange without using the payment id? What do I do now?
A: Contact support. You have to be the first to claim that specific amount with a rough timeframe and normally they will credit it to your account

Price speculation

Q: Why is the price going down?
A: Because more people are selling more XMR than there are people buying XMR.

Q: Why is the price going up?
A: Because more people are buying more XMR than there are people selling XMR.

Q: Will the price go back up?
A: No one can predict future prices with certainty however it is likely that prices will fluctuate both up and down.


Q: Can I mine directly to my exchange address, or do I need to setup a local wallet?
A: Mining to exchange addresses is not possible at this time, as the pool will not attribute a PaymentID to your mining proceeds, resulting in the exchange not being able to find out who said proceeds belong to. Mining to an exchange address will almost certainly cause your funds to be lost. Note: There is one exception, as one pool (MinerGate) has advertised that they have implemented PaymentIDs in mining withdrawals. This has not been independently verified yet (to the best of my knowledge), and the pool in question is 'closed source', thus generally not recommended.

Q:Anything to do with pools ; Connectivity, payouts etc.
A:Contact the pool dev via their support methods (the Monero core team has nothing to do with operating the pools and won't be able to help). Many pool operators can be found on the IRC channels if immediate help is required.

Q: I'm mining with 'x' hashes/second. How much can I mine per day?
A: Use this formula, which will give you how much of a block you can mine in 24 hours: (x)/(net hashrate) * 60 * 24


Key image - encoded version of a private key that does not reveal the private key, but reveals if the private key is used to attempt double spending

One time key (address?) - Monero public addresses are not the addresses to which coins are actually sent, instead they are used to create a unique address for each transaction.

Cryptonote - The protocol which Monero is built on.

Cryptonight - The mining algorithm which Monero uses. CPU/GPU friendly algorithm.

Mix in count - Number of outputs you would like to mix your transaction with

Payment ID - Code which distinguishes your payment for people who use single addresses (usually exchanges)
19  Other / Meta / email notification of new PMs on: April 22, 2014, 07:06:09 AM
Any idea why I stopped getting emails for new PMs about a week or so ago? I've toggled the setting, reset my email, no change.

20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / BCN Bytecoin trading thread and OTC xchg (bid 11.2 ask 12.5 last 8) on: April 22, 2014, 05:09:54 AM
This is a trading thread and OTC exchange for Bytecoin BCN, the anonymous currency based on CryptoNote-ring signatures.

Post bids and offers here or PM them to me and I will collect them into the top post.

I will escrow for 1% and if you presubmit your coins into escrow with me, your orders will be displayed in bold without your name, and the order can be filled through me. PM me to set this up.

Partial fills are allowed by default. If you don't want partial fills, specify "all or none" when posting your order.

price (uBTC) / BCN / BTC / trader {member level, click for trust}

Bids (to buy)
0.112 / 5000000 / 0.56 / danteT

Offers (to sell)
0.125 / 20000000 / 2.5 / NoodleDoodle {Jr}
0.180 / 10000000 / 1.8 / 33zer0w0lf (min 1m)
0.190 / 300000 / 0.057 / RUNNY
0.200 / 500000 / 0.1 / gts476
0.200 / 3000000 / 0.6 / madzooka {Member}
0.222 / 900000 / 0.2 / desil
0.233 / 3000000 / 0.7 / DarkHarry
0.240 / 500000 / 0.12 / amsat
0.250 / 800000 / 0.2 / VaultBoy
0.280 / 10000000 / 2.8 / NoodleDoodle
0.286 / 3500000 / 1 / Yanakitu Tenatako
0.300 / 100000 / 0.03 / Vilchaco
0.300 / 10000000 / 3 / matej krkic {Jr}
0.300 / 427000 / 0.1281 / skybot13x {Member}
0.471 / 850000 / 0.4 / danteT
0.700 / 5000000 / 3.5 / ccienet {Newbie}

Orders displayed in bold can be executed with the OP. Other orders must be done peer-to-peer. If you try to fill an order and the counterparty does not honor the order or reply within 24 hours, post on the thread and the order will be removed.

price (uBTC) / qty / btc / time
Reported Trades
10000000 @ 0.080 2014-05-11 10:12:32
5000000 @ 0.130 2014-05-10, 10:44:53
5000000 @ 0.120 2014-05-09 23:21:13
0.167 / 6000000 / 1 / 2014-04-30 20:10:00
0.100 / 10000000 / 1 / 2014-04-29 14:17:37
0.125 / 10000000 / 1.25 / 2014-04-28 19:17:04
0.115 / 10000000 / 1.15 / 2014-04-27 21:48:42
0.259 / 800000 / 0.2 / 2014-04-26 23:32:35
0.100 / 10000000  1 / 2014-04-26 16:00:00
0.250 / 2000000 / 0.5 / 2014-04-23 19:42:48
0.040 / 2500000 / 0.1 / 2014-04-22 07:20:55 (auction)

Inactive orders
0.130 / 5000000 / 0.65 / smooth {Sr} min 1m
0.120 / 4000000 / 0.48 / bitfromit {Sr}
0.100 / 10000000 / 1 / MadCow
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