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News: Make sure you are not using versions of Bitcoin Core other than 0.17.0 [Torrent], 0.16.3, 0.15.2, or 0.14.3. More info.
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1  Economy / Gambling / USA has world largest lottery prize. on: October 20, 2018, 02:04:35 PM
I wonder if  any people overseas   would want to go in on a pool of tickets.

I would buy 50 tickets  for 100 usd and sell  49 shares . Keep 1 share for me.

If we won  it would be a glorious tax mess and make newspapers tv and internet all over the world.

Just a thought.

Not sure if a ticket is 2 usd, but I think it is.
2  Economy / Computer hardware / Still selling off most gear this is a feeler for avalon 841's Still have 2 on: October 12, 2018, 10:35:13 PM
Update  I have a commitment for 1 of the three units.
I sold it for 320 usd  included  the shipping to Maryland from New Jersey

So remaining 2 units.  would be 320 each  .

640 for the 2 .  If you buy the 2 I will include the controller and all extra parts.


I have 3 avalon 841's

I can sell them as a 3 pack with 1 controller
I can sell them as a 3 pack with no controller

I can sell them as a 2 pack with or without controller

with psu's without psu's

pretty much mix and match the items .

I am in NJ and these won't be read to ship until monday or tuesday next week as I have a busy weekend.

I own one and buysolar owns two.

pm me offers.

841's are good gear but are 90 to 110 watts a th depends on room temp and clocking.

I self escrow my trust is good.

I self mod and will delete bs.

It goes without saying you need to be not concerned with power cost to buy this gear.

These go for over 449 each from blokforge New  plus shipping plus a rasp pi and wires.

so a set from them now is more then 600usd if you count  the rasp pi. auc wires etc.

then add shipping cost so about 650 for a full set of one. plus add for the psu .

a set of three is about 1550 plus three psu's

blokforge is a solid seller and if you want new with warranty and use a cc go to them and pay more.

or come to me pay with btc get used and save

so if a new set  with everything but a psu is 650
and a two pack with everything but a psu is 1100
and a three pack with everything but a psu is 1570

and pay with a cc  that works for some of us.

go to there site and grab that.

or pm me and ask for a good deal on used paying with btc.

I will better those prices .  and I do have some psus that work with this gear. If you need the psus.
3  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Will btc difficulty go sideways for rest of the year? on: October 04, 2018, 01:45:01 PM
Found this puppy using google
every btc jump ever made

On nov 5th 2014  we did 10.05% Jump

the whole net work had 283,116,151 Ghash a diff of 40,300,030,328

on may 31st 2015 we did a -2.50% Jump

the whole network was 340,659,562 gh  a diff of 47,589,591,154

total of 14 jumps or 28 weeks  and we did about 1.12% for those jumps

We are close to those margins  so do we do 1.12% a jump over the next 28 jumps?

could this repeat as it did between  nov 2014 and late may 2015?

Here we are  from bitcoinwisdom

Difficulty History

Date.................Difficulty.................   Change....   Hash Rate
Oct 04 2018   7,454,968,648,263   4.23%   53,364,744,228 GH/s
Sep 20 2018   7,152,633,351,906   1.90%   51,200,543,878 GH/s
Sep 07 2018   7,019,199,231,177   4.34%   50,245,385,237 GH/s
Aug 24 2018   6,727,225,469,722   5.29%   48,155,355,642 GH/s
Aug 11 2018   6,389,316,883,511   7.39%   45,736,511,764 GH/s
Jul 29 2018   5,949,437,371,609   14.88%   42,587,731,568 GH/s
Jul 17 2018   5,178,671,069,072   -3.45%   37,070,371,464 GH/s

hash would be 62,369,646,904

diff would be   8,712,939,020,023

based on this projection  the s9j  would earn 41 cents a day  28 weeks from now  if price stays the same and power is 7 cents

at 8 cents it earns   9 cents a day

and it loses at 0.084 cents a day
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / To cryptonight-xmr and progpow developers how about a new algo mash up? on: October 02, 2018, 02:29:20 PM
Okay progpow seems to work okay to prevent or slow asics.

And CNv2 will be coming out.

So how about a mashup algo.

Use both algos and on the last day of every month  check to last block made for it tx hash and flip back and forth the two algos.

So a gpu only needs to switch from one software to the next.

Every asic needs two machine one for cn2 algo the other for progpow algo.

And every FPGA would need a flashing to switch.

How hard would it be to do this?

I realize it could cause a stability issue in the chain but it seems doable.
5  Economy / Digital goods / AMD Gift code download on: October 01, 2018, 02:57:59 PM
Okay  I got one coming to me from newegg
same as this one

he wants 38.99

best offer over 25usd in coin  and it is yours

you can pay in btc or bci or ltc

I self mod and will cut all bs posts out.

I self escrow cause I can.
6  Other / Meta / My review of newbie list for merits. on: September 30, 2018, 04:55:05 PM
 I will post here on and off  as I read the list given to me by Thermyos of demoted newbies.

I am happy to say I found 1 good poster and gave merits to him

Mark X got merits from me today

daoudhichem 2 merits  1 from stingers 1 from Gary Levanevskii

anxenial 104 posts bounty hunter with some content
Mark X     98 posts   lots of good info gave a merit not hunting bounty

Sailor J   118 posts  bounty hunter 99% bounty posts
KiyuJebot 122 posts bounty hunter 95% bounty posts

edwardsolo2021  he got a merit from engrlodi

To The Moon And Beyond 375 posts bounty and lots of Portuguese translation someone else should figure if he needs  a merit. He also got 2  negative trusts from Lauda and The Pharmacist
Armed95 162 posts all in Indonesian I need help canít judge it
his posts are here;u=1832840;sa=showPosts;start=0

MikeWillBulls369 posts  like 98% + bounty

hoanggiabkit608 posts more then 98% bounty

I reviewed 10 people and more then 1000 posts today.
7  Economy / Computer hardware / All sold off. Used T1 dragon mint , used s9 , used A3 etc. on: September 24, 2018, 10:50:37 PM
All gone.

edit Tue the 2nd 2 avalon 851's left

1 antminer a3 left

Edit Sunday the 30th

see link to bottom of thread

this is what is going on sale now.

Friday the 28th


1 dragonmint t1  3 good boards

2 avalon 851's  with wires and rasp pi controller

1 antminer A3

the rest is sold

I can provide psu or not

I have some used

Antminer S9's delivered last dec 2017 I have 2 both have three boards sold these

Halong t1's    delivered april 2018    I have 5 three have full boards two have 2 boards
 Antminer A3    delivered say  March 2018  1 it works fully

 Avalon 851     delivered say August 2018   2 both work and I have a rasp pi and an auctioneer and cables.

I have various psu's  if you need them.

I am New Jersey USA LOCATED.

Make offers be reasonable gear is yours.

what is reasonable.   well I don't mind giving good deals  but if you are in Portland shipping hurts deals

If you are near me shipping is cheaper.

I self escrow cause I can. Grin
I self mod and will delete bs.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Running bitcoin core 16.0.1 looking to upgrade to 16.0.3 on a mac on: September 21, 2018, 01:35:39 PM
I download 16.0.3

I empty my wallet down to 0.00009644 btc

I have an offline clone of the hdd

and I am about to do this.

Any thing sound wrong  about procedure above?

As I am getting this choice.

I am not looking to kill old info and I can't recall  what to do.

9  Other / Meta / re: Enhanced newbie restrictions & requirements on: September 19, 2018, 10:11:29 PM
I am now a source the best way for me to be neutral is to look at a list of names of jr to newbie and read posts.

I now have a list and have decided to pass on the first 2 people on the list.

   I do have a concern about people selling merits.  0.0010 is cheaper then 0.0020  for copper purchase.  I am not selling merits I am reading posts on the list I have been given.

But My concern would be other sources will sell that 1 merit  for 0.0010 btc.

They'd be risking red trust if they do that. More likely some old/hacked accounts could engage in such sales.

good point.

I looked at the first part of the list sent to me from thermyos

| id      | name                      | loginDay | activity |
| 1197204 | ZUTEN12000...........|    17792 |      364 |
| 1183714 | rakkhusi.................|    17792 |      336 |
|  985565 | abdu_hz..................|    17792 |      324 |
| 1192004 | cobs27...................|    17792 |      322 |
| 1130372 | Anhdienhg .............|    17792 |      308 |

| 1240244 | scolcoin                  |    17792 |      308 | He may get a merit

| 1298826 | wandogim................|    17792 |      308 |
| 1333241 | dendenseptember.....|    17792 |      308 |
| 1341161 | suzychan.................|    17792 |      308 |
| 1382518 | D4smin....................|    17792 |      308 |

I do not want to  get these people marked up with red trust  but I do want to continue do this tomorrow.

I have hundreds more to check these have the most posts.

My assumption is posting this list is okay but I will stop if thermyos says not to post it.

One caveat is there are some posts in other languages which I don't know.

about 475 names  on the list sent to me.

did these today

| 1269904 | arbl0422                  |    17792 |      294 |
| 1411783 | Vika12345                 |    17792 |      294 |
| 1428814 | rizabek123                |    17792 |      294 |
| 1430930 | Valhalaa                  |    17792 |      294 |
| 1445790 | Ramadhoni060616           |    17792 |      294 |

| 1450751 | siena23                   |    17792 |      294 |
|  979603 | duncaneastlance           |    17792 |      283 |

the two in bold made some effort to post stuff other then facebook or twitter campaigns

| 1104048 | jdgranfiel                |    17792 |      280 |
| 1215835 | Jrfranco                  |    17792 |      280 |  these 2 also did some post other then the bounty garbage

first 19 on the list 18 are hunting for bounty money  4 of them bothered to try to write some other posts  1 is a coin or ico guy and may get a merit from me.

Have to rest my eyes for now.
I will review 17 more on my list today

| 1364460 | dedeipangm                |    17792 |      280 | over 20 pages 99% bounty and some in foreign language  

| 1423222 | h0nganh90                 |    17792 |      280 | 20 pages 5 with some posts then 15 pages all bounty

| 1453967 | success007                |    17792 |      280 |this post is pretty good

many bounty posts but the one above is well thought out.

| 1454421 | bijoy12                   |    17792 |      280 | bounty hunter no real content
| 1468673 | s4l1wu                    |    17792 |      280 | bounty hunter almost no real content
| 1488954 | Thanhjonhan               |    17792 |      280 |bounty hunter with some content here and there

| 1522816 | Ikingpain                 |    17792 |      280 |he does hunt bounty but made good posts in russian I googled translated quite a few and I will give him merits

| 1056527 | lafter                    |    17792 |      266 |
| 1345107 | badranaya                 |    17792 |      266 |
| 1389208 | nitin8263                 |    17792 |      266 |
| 1467308 | jalaludin96               |    17792 |      266 |
| 1497449 | KriptoFull                |    17792 |      266 |
| 1577999 | marcus13                  |    17792 |      266 |
| 1633411 | zangleerb                 |    17792 |      266 |
| 1650479 | garybyerz                 |    17792 |      266 |36 pages very little content mostly all bounty
| 1680274 | edisopian                 |    17792 |      266 | bounty hunter no real content

| 1681678 | omfg.xekcep               |    17792 |      266

 he has some long thoughtful posts
I gave him 2 points for this post made months ago.
10  Bitcoin / Hardware / Innosilicon T2Turbo review 24th model on: September 17, 2018, 08:42:05 PM
this is for the low power efficiency setting
Your video will be live at:

this is for balance speed setting

Your video will be live at:

I was asked to do a formal thread on the innosilicon T2Turbo 24th miner.

First off I purchased it   using minefarmbuy they were able to let me use PayPal to pay for it. My miner came directly from innosilicon before the 25% tariff started so I paid 1719 usd via PayPal for it to be shipped to my home in NJ

[quote author=philipma1957 link=topic=3926710.msg44488135#msg44488135 date=1534909925]
Okay. My unit showed up the other day Monday the 20th.

I get about 17500 th at 1450 watts.

This is close to 82 watts a th.

It is a good number

So what does the firmware do?

Optimize hash. Does not mean optimize power.

So. Will hash go up and power go up? =  not what I want.

Will hash go up and power stay the same = very good

Will hash stay the same and power drop = best

I have only made one purchase from you this unit.

I donít want high power use

[quote author=philipma1957 link=topic=3926710.msg44512992#msg44512992 date=1534949937]
[quote author=minefarmbuy link=topic=3926710.msg44511886#msg44511886 date=1534948613]
I agree, more specific notes on the updates would be nice. For me though if it was working well why touch it but then you're proposes and skills are a lot different.  

Others, be careful as we're talking T2 and T2T in here, so watch what firmware you're using on which unit.

yeah  part of doing these reviews is so that others don't take the risk of shit firmware upgrade.

so I did the up grade to this one

For your better user experience, please download onto:

and my balanced is now at 20.49  but the power moved to 1876 watts so 1876 / 20490 = 91.5 watts a th  which is not as good as the numbers before  which were 89 watts a th.

I will check efficiency  setting  next.

and fans are faster but unit is cool.    57 c

so  about 1 more th and 110 more watts  for balanced.  this is all fine and good  if btc jumps higher.  but  instead of  giving less watts and the same hash better watts per th

it is more watts and more hash   worse watts per th exactly what I did not want.

I will test balanced next
I will also attempt to roll back firmware after that which may not be possible since I don't have that file

And @ Inno_Asic  give me a link  for original firmware  not the newest.

For your better user experience, please download onto:

For your better user experience, please download onto:

So I have the two above
give me the first one  that came with  the machine

[b]Note T2Turbo is what I have[/b]

[quote author=philipma1957 link=topic=3926710.msg44513892#msg44513892 date=1534951107]
[quote author=minefarmbuy link=topic=3926710.msg44513359#msg44513359 date=1534950423]
Can you or anyone else read decibel level or give a general opinion on noise level?  

well  the firmware  upgrade fucked up the noise level  since it boosted fan speed.

It was far better then an s9

fan speed  was 50  and temps  were 63c  for efficiency

fan speed was 73 and temps were 63c for balanced


fan speed is 90%  and temps are 50c  for efficiency
fan speed is 90% and temps are 56c for balanced

so typical innosilicon BS  which is why  I never purchased a unit from them  until  I got this one from you.

I will keep this one and if I can not roll back  firmware I won't be buying anymore.

I will also mark all innosilicon products with  neg feedback  if I can not  roll back this upgrade.
and mark all innosilicon  reps with  negative feedback  if I am unable to roll back this firmware.

Only because I asked a specific question  and was given what I suspected was a false fake answer.
my question:

[quote author=philipma1957 link=topic=3926710.msg44488135#msg44488135 date=1534909925]
Okay. My unit showed up the other day Monday the 20th.

I get about 17500 th at 1450 watts.

This is close to 82 watts a th.

It is a good number

So what does the firmware do?

Optimize hash. Does not mean optimize power.

So. Will hash go up and power go up? =  not what I want.

Will hash go up and power stay the same = very good

Will hash stay the same and power drop = best

I have only made one purchase from you this unit.

I donít want high power use

fake reply:

[quote author=Inno_ASIC link=topic=3926710.msg44490685#msg44490685 date=1534916962]
Dear Valuable Innosilicon Miner User,

Weíre glad to inform you that the [b]firmware of T2 has been optimized[/b] again though unremitting efforts of our Innosilicon Firmware team.

For your better user experience, please download onto:

[b]Upated items:
- Improved the over-temperature protection performance;
- Optimized the start-up process of miners;[/b]

You can upgrade the firmware as shown below:
Please send email or add Skype to our technical support team if you meet some problem when you update the firmware.

Thank you.
Innosilicon customer service team
[quote author=philipma1957 link=topic=3926710.msg44521352#msg44521352 date=1534961799]
[quote author=minefarmbuy link=topic=3926710.msg44519517#msg44519517 date=1534959034]
Why even bother releasing the update. . ..

They should have the firmware posted for roll back. Philip, not to poke the bear but a basic reply is all I might expect from their forum account. Hopefully once they get to business hours over there they'll update and list the original firmware. We'll give them a chance to help us out.

yeah  I will wait  but  as for now the new august 14 update is unacceptable  garbage  90% fans  vs 50% fans  85 watts a th vs 82 watts  a th.

100 watts more power for 1th more hash which is not what I wanted for efficiency setting.

I would have preferred 0 watts more power  for .5th hash

or 100 watts less for 1th less

which would be 1350 watts and 17 th  or 79 watts per 1th

I sent an email to support.   I will wait to see if they reply.
[quote author=philipma1957 link=topic=3926710.msg44533250#msg44533250 date=1534989174]
I got a reply  on facebook

I have the oem  file

/Users/macmini/Desktop/T2Turbo Firmware/t2t_20180803_112014.swu

I will fuck with it tomorrow.  

[quote author=philipma1957 link=topic=3926710.msg44574714#msg44574714 date=1535053475]
To be on point kudos to Innosilicon  they replied in under 20 hours  with oem file  

I ask on facebook  they gave an answer.
I ask via pm they gave an answer.
I ask via email they  gave an answer.

I am going to redo firmware now as fan speed on 85% is too loud.

It is back

and room is hot but fans dropped to 60%  which is much better then  85%
power dropped to 1450  vs 1498
hash drops just a little  say 18200 to 17700 waiting for auto tune to settle.

[url=][img height=200][/img][/url] [url=][img height=200][/img][/url] [url=][img height=200][/img][/url]

[quote author=philipma1957 link=topic=3926710.msg44605723#msg44605723 date=1535115028]
[quote author=Inno_ASIC link=topic=3926710.msg44598874#msg44598874 date=1535104706]
Dear all,

Thank you all for feedback about the new firmware of T2T.

It maybe set fans to 90%. But fans will go down after running about one hour.

And we are also developing a new firmware to improve this problem.

Thank you so much.

Yes they did drop to 85%

and on efficiency setting it does very close to same watts per gh.  say 83  or 84 a th  vs 81 or 82.

I am doing all testing in a place where sound matters.

When I set up  in solar array I will do newer firmware  as sound does not matter.

I really want to thank you for giving the older file  so I could roll back.

Bitmain was a fucking asshole about this  with the s-9 for  along time.

You guys did the right thing giving access to older file.

Thank you again.

[quote author=philipma1957 link=topic=3926710.msg44768380#msg44768380 date=1535373488]
So far  at efficiency setting

I do 1450 watts at wall

and about 17340 gh   which is  83.6 watts

It does better at night when garage is cooler.

I know of no other gear this efficient

I kept stock firmware as my unit is cool and fanspeed is a bit lower.

I wish  they were cheaper in price as  they are close to 1725  if you use crypto to pay.

1592 bank order

.255456  btc is 1724.52 at coinbase

30.14    ltc is 1743.29 at coinbase

I do like the 83.6 watts  a lot.   but it is a little bit under spec.

I should burn around 1398 watts to do 17340 hash  not 1450

When room cools we will see if it improves.

[quote author=philipma1957 link=topic=3926710.msg44887720#msg44887720 date=1535577631]
[quote author=sarcheer link=topic=3926710.msg44885637#msg44885637 date=1535574112]
"Aug 29 15:28:23 InnoMiner cgminer[1319]: chain1: detected 93 chips"

According to the logs for my T2T there are 93 chips per chain.

I looked for that for so long!

 thank you for posting it.

So 93 x 3 = 279    

17,350/279 = 62 gh a chip at efficiency setting

I do about 1450 watts at k-watt meter  so close to 5 watts a chip   simple math says 5.197 watts   but there are 2 fans and a controller.

These would be nice usb sticks

better yet 5 chip pods

hmm 25 watts and 310 gh
11  Economy / Goods / Oddball item New Sealed Eureka V Vacumn Bags. on: September 14, 2018, 02:41:59 AM
Okay I have  an eight pack and 2 three packs.

New sealed  I want 1 penny  plus shipping I think I can squeeze them all into a flat rate box.

They are some what like these.

so 14 bags are worth about 14 bucks.

They do fit in a flat rate regional a box.

I am in NJ  So  if you are close like NY,NY the postage is 7.10  so this would be $7.11 usd

But if you are Del Mar ,CA  the postage is $10.80  so this would be $10.81 usd

I would take ltc or eth or btc

And I will toss in a surprise set of items (3) that will be new and sealed items worth more then the Vacumn Bags.!

My vacumn broke and I hate to toss new bags in a landfill.

So my zip is 07731  and I will send them in  a regional flat rate box A.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / amazon preorder for rtx 2080 799 to 839 on: August 20, 2018, 08:46:45 PM
msi pre order

zotac pre order
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX Processors. Has any one ordered it? on: August 07, 2018, 06:32:09 PM
preorder on


32 cores 64 threads 80MB cache  a mofo beast

of course it is 1799 USD

I skipped the 1950x   but I would like this monster.

Anyone going for it?

use this mobo

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Posting a speculation thread on Acorn gear from Gpuhoarder to keep a promise on: August 06, 2018, 01:15:09 PM

I posted on August 2, 2018 in the Acorn M.2 FPGA thread and stated I would not post in the thread.

So this turns up today and I decided to start this thread.

I can say this  preorders out to Nov = shaky
But no discounts offered on the Nov  = WTF
This is wrong and looks bad see below same price  for sept order and same price for nov order.

I guess in the crypto world we have become used to how the various ASIC miner manufacturers have done their pricing for pre-orders, and consider that "normal." Given that the ASICs are not particularly flexible in what they can mine, perhaps it's necessary to even out the order flow and entice new orders to keep the manufacturing lines busy and the coin rolling in.

Seems SQRL has opted for a different approach to pricing their offerings. Time will tell which method is the right one, or if there is room for different pricing models based on the flexibility of the mining hardware being offered for sale.

Alternatively - instead of a million conspiracy theories you could see that the price of components is only going up and most are extremely constrained right now, and building these things doesnít magically go down in cost in November. There isnít some huge profit margin to discount things just because you feel they should be discounted further out.

If you donít want it - donít buy it. If youíre skeptical, wait till the review units go out. It really is pretty simple. There is a massive amount of effort and activity behind making these, and the software, and the logistics. I welcome someone else here to step into that for even a day. We are regularly at the mercy of Xilinx and component supplies in the global supply chain as well.

Weíre awaiting actual production line roll off starting next week, and some verification time after that to ensure that all is going smoothly. Exactly on-time.

Thanks for the reply .

 There is no conspiracy it is a fact that  you have not sold out Sept. batch at 329 according to your website

and you offer Nov batch at 329. The screenshot is simply taken from your website showing that.

Simple accounting shows  that is wrong .
So why offer it?
Your website has sept and should not list oct or nov  until sept is sold out.
All it does is create a chance that a buyer makes a mistake and gets his batches later at the same price.

This free marketing advice for your company.  You could follow it or simply resist my advice because it is your company and you ultimately make those decisions not me.

Has anyone made the mistake of ordering from Oct or Nov batches I don't know as I don't have that info.

Did your store create the chance that someone can order Oct or Nov vs Sept yes it did plain and simple fact.

Will you fix that?  I don't know.
Will you allow an order for Nov to be moved to Sept if someone fucked up I don't know?
Will you give a coupon to a Nov order because the buyer is delayed for 60 days I don't know.

Will you say phil in this case you are right we did create a chance for a buyer to have a 60 day delay thanks for pointing it out and we will fix it.

We checked our records and only 2 people placed orders in Oct or Nov we will move them up to Sept.
We will only list  Sept until it sells out then list Oct till it sells out then list Nov til it sells out.
I don't know.

Do you think I like posting here over and over and over pointing out issue after issue .

Fact is I don't and would rather not post here until the gear I ordered arrives.

Tell you what I stopped posting here. Until the gear I ordered arrives.

As I understand my order with squirrels it is for 1 215+ and 1 nest and is due for sept batch.
order number 482 is my squirrels order reads sept batch

As I understand my order with mineority it is for 1 215+ and is due in the august batch.

Order Number: 25 is my order from mineority

btw it does not say that it is August batch or Sept batch or Oct batch or Nov Batch  when order was placed it read August shipping so Hopefully it ships with the August batch.

WOW! Whatís wrong with you? People like you are the reason why nobody can put out stuff for the community. Why donít you learn vhdl coding and you can be up and running by 2023. If not wait just like everyone else.

I said I would not post here until I got my order.

15  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Mucho gear coming out in next few months. on: August 05, 2018, 06:23:21 PM
Note this is me quoting my own post on another  thread

well a lot of   gear coming out

Bitmain >>>>>>>>>>>>>  s9j    Tweak of the s9i
Avalon  >>>>>>>>>>>>>   851   Tweak of the 841  I will be reviewing this soon

Innosilicon>>>>>>>>>>> T2 turbo Tweak of the T2   70 watts per th I will review this
Pangolin/Whatsminer >>>> M10      New chip            65 watts per th I will review this

GMO >>>>>>>>>>>>>> B2         New chip            82 watts per th

Avalon >>>>>>>>>>>>>  A9         New chip            65 watts per th 2-3 months out

I don't have an s9j  and do not plan to review it
I am trying to find a good seller of the GMO to review it.
I will review a s11 if it comes out.

Locking this until the Avalon 851 arrives.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: 8th Alt coin thread. Or what to do now that asics are all over the place on: August 05, 2018, 03:30:10 AM
that upcoming fork will hurt sales of the acorn 215+  as they have monero V1  or as some say monero7

so  the fpga acorn will have 1 less viable algo when and if it arrives.

I busted chops in that thread so much that I decide to no longer post in it.

this is my last post there

I will leave this analogy

gpus = a bicycle

fpga = a motorcycle

yeah pedal bikes are slower  but they works and tossing them out  for motorcycles  and or bikes attached to motorcycles would be laugh at.

to end the widespread gpu mining for profit is stupid  at least 1 developer team sees this thank you monero developers.

If you read the above I am not against fpga's  I am against them destroying gpu mining.

at the moment ::

I mine with asics on :  LTC and BTC
I mine with GPUS on : BTG and ETH
I mine with CPUS on : Monero7  or v1
I mine with FPGAs on : nothing as acorn 215+'s are yet to ship

I sold 2 1080ti's for 900 today after shipping I will get about 850 for them.
17  Bitcoin / Hardware / Avalon 851 on its way. on: August 03, 2018, 02:06:24 PM
Dhl has sent me info  that the Avalon 851 is arriving on Tues the 7th

I will review it here and with a youtube video
18  Economy / Computer hardware / SOLD Two 1080tis for sale. SOLD on: August 02, 2018, 12:47:33 PM
SOLD these.

Okay a nvidia geforce

and an Asus turbo
19  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / What has happened to bitmain having the most efficient gear? on: July 22, 2018, 03:08:25 PM
Innosilicon  now beats bitmain for efficiency with every product they have.

Why hasn't bitmain built more efficient gear for sale?


T2  is 1430/17200 =   83 watts per 1 th  or +10% = 91 watts a th
S9 is  1400/14000 =  100 watts 1th  or -2%  =  98 watts a th


A9  is 620/ 50000 =  12.4 watts 1000 sols
Z9  is 266/ 10000 =  26.6 watts 1000 sols


A6   1500/1230 =      121 watts 100 mh
L3+  800/505    =     160 watts 100 mh


A8   480 watts /248 =  193 watts  100kh  
x3    550 watts/220 =   250 watts 100kh    


A5 750 watts/32500  =  23.07 watts   1gh
D3 970 watts/17000  =  57.05 watts   1gh


S11 1380 watts/4300gh   = 320.9 watts 1000gh
A3   1275 watts/815gh     = 1564 watts 1000gh

I am not sure about a bitmain  decred miner

and Innosilicon does not have an Eth miner  or a B3 miner

but bitmain  is a clear cut loser in efficiency to everything  you can buy listed above.

This is not about service of the gear
This is not about price of the gear
This is not gear working or being durable

This is about  efficiency  and bitmain  either sucks at that (I don't think so)

Or bitmain  has  better gear they don't release

or something else

At moderators.

I only listed  the entire list of gear byc and alt because the pattern is very clear  and that is the way to show it.

So will bitmain  put a better miner out or continue the price war with the s-9?

I can believe that bitmain  loses  in every model  listed above  so whats up here?
20  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Super Typhoon heading towards China on: July 06, 2018, 01:34:12 PM
Weather underground says a world class top size typhoon (hurricane) is going right at China

Now I put this in speculation  since it is merely a possibility that some Chinese mining farms will flood out.

but western digital was crushed in 2011

and here is a recent flood story in China

So to those that want lower difficulty  rates  keep your fingers crossed  Roll Eyes
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