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1  Economy / Economics / Re: Quit borrowing on: June 04, 2023, 11:20:48 PM
Actually borrowing is not a bad thing people are usually victims of circumstances, there are many times when the situation has to take after it is not a shame but you have to stay within your limits. Must be able to take and pay back on time but it will not be right to do it all the time. We borrow money from each other for various needs in our life. But if this money loan becomes a habit then there is a doubt that we may not be successful in our life. When you buy something with your own money and buy it by borrowing money from above, the joy of the two will never be the same and there will be pressure on the head when to pay it back.

Is it not actually a bad thing, it exist so incase of emergency we could use some help by borrowing money and just to make sure that you could pay it so you wouldn't be in debt. The thing is having a loan is not advisable in investing or trading since there's always a risk involved in this industry. It's like you're having a gamble with the money that you borrowed. Plus always note that if you're having a loan always think ahead if you could pay it in the future and if you could budget the money you have.
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Educating unemployed friends about Bitcoin on: June 04, 2023, 02:43:35 PM
Buy low, sell high; you people are missing the point. Bitcoin doesn't come out of the sky, nor is it that easy for someone to get started. I've been here for quite a few years, and I'm far from becoming rich or wealthy. Bitcoin requires capital, and the OP is mentioning that his friend is unemployed. As a result, he doesn't have any kind of income flowing in and relies on his savings. Thus, it'd be reckless to claim that Bitcoin could assist him in this case—perhaps after he finds a job, but currently definitely not. Bitcoin's volatility isn't helping in this case because it could lead to a loss of funds, which the OP's friend is actively using due to his situation.

Doing trading should not be their only option at this stage, as I said it's very convenient to do as part time job with little physical effort so at the situation of nothing to lose I can suggest it but becoming successful with it depends on every individuals skill levels. I have been in that situation and I did trading as one of my job at the time of recovery that is why I suggested it.

Maybe I am calm and focused about financial goals with some luck factor too but it depends anyway.

That's actually commendable for you, since people would love to be spoonfed in everything like informations, techniques especially the easy money. They didn't even exert effort for them to improved their financial status. In crypto it's not really recommended to invest or trade if you don't have a money sources like salary or earnings. Because there's always risk present in this industry it would be a bad decision to put at stake the savings that you might be needing soon. If you think you could handle work plus crypto that's much better.
3  Economy / Economics / Re: Will chatgpt really destroy the job market? on: June 04, 2023, 02:11:43 PM
Technology improves people's standard of living and hence should be welcomed. Recently some people may have temporary difficulties because Chat GPT is approaching something that was never imagined. Because of that, there will definitely be difficulties in some workplaces. This matter has already been widely discussed in various media of the world. Many people are going to lose their jobs. But there is another point that is emphasized that this risk is more for those who perform online based tasks because Chap GT is able to do any simple task in a short time. So with the development of technology, people have no choice but to keep up-to-date quickly.
I think it depends on the technology because there are also some who only destroy the peoples lives. It also depends on the people. As long as they use the Technology properly and have limitations, they will only attain the benefits and not the disadvantages. I don't know what happens to Chatgpt on why some are having a difficulty.

This is only just a software and people can just ignore it if it is making their lives miserable. If it's about losing a job, I don't think workers will allow this shit to take over. Given that there are risks when using a Chatgpt, business owners aren't likely considering this as a replacement to the human workers. If this affects their company, that will be a big problem instead of being practical.

Exactly, companies wouldn't risk their reputation by just using AI as their tool to their work. Its actually not a good idea especially when it got leaked that some companies are relying into AI instead of doing some research which is more accurate. Some people think it could replace the workers but it won't since it's just a convenient tool made for us, but in our history there's a lot of job that has been overtaken by the technology already but so far in this new introduced AI it wouldn't be a threat. Companies still need a brain where it could do tasks that AI couldn't do like emailing.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Don't Force Your Children to Learn Bitcoin on: June 04, 2023, 10:53:23 AM
If you don't teach properly, other's will impose their ways and thoughts in a thousand different manners and those probably won't be positive or good hearted, I don't see why anyone wouldn't teach their kids how crypto works.

Maybe you could teach them the basics so they could have a background when Bitcoin was mentioned to them. If people might impose their ways then just simply tell them that "your dad is doing crypto you could ask me about it" because for sure they would be curious as others are teaching them something they don't know. Thing about forcing them to learn is that they couldn't even absorbed yet those complicated knowledge which is not suitable for their age. This industry always involve risk and wise decision making or analysis so it would be a headache for them and might causes pressure for them. Let them have fun for their age, once they grow up enough to learn this then you could teach them.
5  Local / Pilipinas / Re: Ano ang isususgest mong batas para sa Crypto adoption sa ating mga lawmakers on: June 03, 2023, 04:46:44 PM
Una kong naisip dito kasi sabi ni OP batas na makakapag pabilis sa pag adopt ng Bitcoin eh. So bali una kong naisip is banned yung other digital app or currency as in yung magagamit lang as payment online is yung mga crypto currencies? Kasi that way walang magagawa mga tao kundi tangkilikin yung bagong way of payments sa bansa. Kaso ang problema dito is mawawalan ng kalayaan ang mga tao para pumili ng gusto nilang gamitin. Pero ayon ang una kong naisip nung binasa ko yung post ni OP.
6  Economy / Economics / Re: Will inflation in the world grow by 2023? on: June 03, 2023, 04:16:06 PM
Inflation would literally grow day by day, since climate change also has been an issue which could affect the economy of one country. Like for example a country's farm has been affected by the sudden changes of the climate like there's no literally rainfall that could water the plants causes them to die. Which results to shortages or scarcity of resources as a solution the country have no other solution but to increase the market price just to provide the needs of the farm. Here in my country the worst part is despite of the sudden changes of the prices due to inflation, the salary of a person still remain to minimum wage which could still be seen nowadays how else in the future?
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Benefit of bitcoin on: June 03, 2023, 03:58:44 PM
The only thing that people might consider a disadvantage of Bitcoin is its volatility which is basically there in all cryptocurrencies and it's because their prices go up and down based on demand and supply and because of the flow of the money invested.
Some people consider this not to be a disadvantage, as it is precisely this volatility that allows certain individuals to profit from these price fluctuations. Who else but traders? Yes, they leverage the nature of Bitcoin, where its value is unstable based on supply and demand.

If it comes to transactions, perhaps this may not be the optimal choice. However, for investment or daily trading purposes, Bitcoin can yield profits for skilled traders.

Exactly, with those volatile nature of Bitcoin people took advantage from it since it affects the Bitcoin's value which it could drop and increase in just time. It would be just considered disadvantage if people use it in a wrong way where they could lose their funds. As a good trader they should know when to enter and bounce out in the market. Without it's volatility Bitcoin might not reach it's value as this current day because people wouldn't find Bitcoin worth to invest with.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: 10% Cashback by paying with Bitcoin in more than 250 Shops in Lugano on: June 03, 2023, 02:05:21 PM
If this is real it's either Bitcoin is already known in the country or it just attract more customer to acknowledge Bitcoin. But I think using those method would target people who doesn't think of the transactions fee which mean customer would be lose on this promo. %10 is more likely a payment to the fee already so it's a win situation to the owner. But I guess it would hook more people to invest themselves and gather knowledge. But in our country it would be consider hassle due to Bitcoin is not known as payment and there's more convenient with less fee.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: The most worth watching Bitcoin movies on: June 03, 2023, 11:53:16 AM
I thought it was just a clickbait since common movies are 1 hour long. But dang I clicked the links and find out there's a lot of sources of Bitcoin movies that are actually free. These list are so many so it took a long time to gather these information so salute to the OP. I always find a series or movies mentioning Bitcoin so I think it is a good advertisement to Bitcoin as well like the series Euphoria. Since the girl (Kat) want to receive some payment anonymously so her fans used Bitcoin so she took advantage for it without revealing her identity.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Opportunity to buy on: June 03, 2023, 10:38:53 AM
. I know some will kick against my tips but what's your reasons?

No one will go against your advice because what you say is absolutely true, but what I suspect is that many people won't do what they agree with you on. Many people are expecting a bull market this year, which shows they don't want to buy more or accumulate more bitcoin. So I don't believe they will continue to buy when the price drops further.
I have the same opinion as you and I also think that many people will disagree with my thinking. But as a long-term investor and will only sell my bitcoin when it hits $100k or more, I don't expect a bull market any time soon.

No one literally since we all have different ideas and thoughts on how we should start investing in this time of the year. We have different goals on how to handle the volatility of the crypto some would disagree since they might doing some quick flip from it but for a long term investment this is actually a good idea. But hitting $100k is a long way road it might take literally years before it reach the half of $100k. So in those year you probably need some alternative money so you won't use the investment you planned for a long term. I also planning to have this but maybe I'll sell few as a treat for myself.
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: The effect of Bitcoin on children on: June 02, 2023, 11:55:37 PM
I'm gonna bet $100 that this didn't really happen.
It is possible that this story is fictional. If the author confirmed the said photo of the BTC-logo on the sand, drawn by children, then there would be no doubts. @Fuso.hp said that there was no mobile connection in that place, but he had a phone with him, if he could determine this. If I was in that place at that moment and wanted to tell this story, I would definitely take a photo to support what was said with evidence.

Even if this story is true, drawing the BTC-logo by children means nothing. They can switch to other games the very next day and doesn't mean that they will become bitcoin-enthusiasts when they grow up. As children, many played pilots or sea captains. How many of you have become them now?
Agree, a photo will prove some of our doubts about the story. After all, there's nothing wrong with taking photos to demonstrate the legitimacy of Op's story. But despite what the Op and the story say, we're pretty limited on this one. Given that if it is true then their parents are trying to introduce Bitcoin in a simple way like a picture while the rest I still doubt if the child's parents explain Bitcoin in its entirety. Then if this story is just an essay to attract our attention, at first glance it might make sense but because there is no evidence of pictures on the sand we only respond to it as a fictional story.

OP could have picture the mud itself where there is a logo but never take a photo of someone else without their consent even if it's a kid. Imagine you are just drawing stuff and then you found out that you have been posted in some forum right? Invading someone privacy would never be okay but I'm wtih you that the story itself lack something to make people believe with it. It needs more information and some proofs. If it's true then the story itself is actually good since despite of a remote place Bitcoin is acknowledged.
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Dad's retirement money is invested in Bitcoin! on: June 02, 2023, 11:28:10 PM
Since the OP mentioned that he will invest half of his dad's pension is actually a good idea to 50/50 it. Just make sure that the money you will risk is a money that you actually afford to lose since there's always a risk involved when it comes to investing in Bitcoin. While you guys are figuring out how to counter inflation due to expensive materials then crypto is the answer, just do more research and knowledge. Take your dad's consent since it's the money we're talking about it might conflict your relationship. But having an investment after a long serving in the military is the best.
13  Economy / Economics / Re: Is there anything like Bitcoin savings? on: June 02, 2023, 10:46:02 PM
It's literally different to fiat money when you save Bitcoin as savings since it has a volatile nature that doesn't suit for savings. Plus you control your funds as you like and you take actions to earn or profit in Bitcoin which you take advantage from its volatility. In fiat money when you save in banks or by yourself which can be affected by inflation or bankruptcy but it's just simply withdraw and deposit without profits.
14  Economy / Economics / Re: Why do people stay poor? on: June 01, 2023, 01:40:21 PM
I think the thing that makes a person still poor is difficult opportunities, many people are smart but they don't have the opportunity to work in companies or are given capital for businesses. Of course the role of the government is very important to raise the skills or abilities of its citizens who have potential but don't have the opportunity.

Actually, if you are positive and think there are a lot of opportunities right there that could serve you a chance to get out of this kind of situation people think they are poor and they doing this action as poor better to change the mindset first to make growth and improvement at their selves. Seeking for the changes and adopting, making a mindset, and changing the lifestyle is useless if you are asking why you are poor and then keep doing nothing at all times, better to invest to your knowledge, self, experience, and connections. This could serve an asset to change your life.

It would be possible that's true but if were being realistic, nowadays being positive is not enough for people to get out of that situation. As they take time for them to grow and find the right time to improve, the world is also changing. Inflation also increases so it also affects people's budget for their needs since their salary still remain the same at the minimum wage. I'm gonna be real due to their have to provide their needs to their everyday life they don't have the time to invest for what you've mentioned. They have to work despite the salary is low just to survive. That's why some people's life only changes when someone give them a hand. But of course this doesn't apply to anyone.
15  Economy / Economics / Re: Deposits-in the bank or in gold? on: June 01, 2023, 11:37:57 AM
I suggest noone to hold their gold as assets in bank accounts. Those are lil bit scammish. Honestly saying. I observed there are bank that permits you to withdraw real gold in my country. But there are only 2-3 banks and there are huge limits (waiting for a week or month or something). I think best thing you can do to buy real gold issued by your local company. There is one gold/silver producer in my country so nearly everyone buys their gold and silver from them. Its called "nadirgold". I can safely suggest them if you are Turkish or visiting Türkiye as tourist. I am not well informed with American companies.
Exactly, if someone wants to hold gold, it is best to buy physical gold and keep it in his safe. Never deposit gold in a bank for interest, it's no different than we deposit with fiat because what we get from them is just a piece of paper with numbers. But in this case, I would like to add a proposal, in addition to gold and banking, we can add bitcoin. If you are not comfortable buying physical gold to store at home, you can use bitcoin because it is much easier to store bitcoins than gold. But diversify, don't focus on just one asset, no matter how good it is.

That's my method of investing in gold, less hassle less fee when it comes to buying gold itself without the bank that causes your investment interest and fees. It's literally depends on the convenience to one person. If they find gold investment much more better than in the crypto since it involves complicated techniques for newbie to understand. Unlike to buying gold where you can just buy physical gold then hodl it for a long time where it could worth a lot. But for me it would be better to explore more alternatives why not do gold investment and try also the crypto investment for you to know what suits for you funds and your skills.
16  Local / Pilipinas / Re: May Mga Influencer Ba Tayo Na Tutok Sa Cryptocurrency? on: May 31, 2023, 04:47:44 PM
I'd only really recommend Kookoo and Luis Buenaventura.

Kay sir Kooks pag mahilig ka sa NFT games, kay Luis naman pag crypto in general. Wala na akong mairerekomenda na iba kasi ung ibang influencer kung ano anong kalokohan ung binebenta at inaalok sa mga tao. Pati si Marvin Mavis hindi ko mairerekomenda.

Yung ibang influencers kasi puro pang ha-hype lang ang alam inensert ko lang din dyan si Marvin favis since minsan may maganda din naman syang content maliban lang sa kanyang pang ha hype sa mga iilang scam projects.

Si Kookoo at Luis talaga ang pinaka lodi dyan since may matututunan lalo na pag niche mo ay gaming kay Kookoo ka pumunta at latest news about crypto kay Luis ka makakasagap nito. Malayo nadin narating ng mga yan lalo na si Kookoo kaya nakaka bilib talaga achievements nila.

Totoo to pre lalo na nung time nung mga pandemic uso pa yung mga Axie. Since connected yun sa crypto industry so yung mga newbie na nag invest dito akala tutok sa cryptocurrency yung mga sumikat using Axie. Kaya nung namatay yung axie nakita ko mga content nila it's either about crypto like basic updates nalang like hyping about certain games na sumisikat huling alala ko yung farming game na nag rug pull.

Si Kookoo deserve talaga acknowledgement niyan maganda contents and informative talaga. Deserving talaga yan kaya lodicakes mga achievements niyan. May finofollow din ako sa tiktok may youtube din siya si chinky ata yon maganda mga tips niya open siya for advice!
17  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: A opinion on regrets on: May 31, 2023, 04:18:32 PM
Well in this industry we can't deny that we have regrets that we didn't take the risk. Of course we all want the safety of our funds but if we don't risk it for a better opportunities then nothing will change. The volatility it gives people the fear to lose their funds, but as time pass by we are learning. We're already using those volatility as advantages for us to earn and have profit. Still whenever there's new tokens, coin or project you still need to do your own research where you have peace of mind whenever you put you money at stake.
18  Economy / Economics / Re: How we survive food shortages on: May 31, 2023, 02:39:52 PM
Many farmers today complain about increasingly severe weather changes, and now global warming is increasing, many people fail to design something they want to fulfill, especially the problem of food that cannot produce optimally, so now we have to find new space to deal with all this for example investing in the crypto world and other businesses that we can run without any problems with the current weather conditions, At this time, we have to release new ideas because they are needed.

Imagine that as already the problem of the farmers for the shortage in the foods but here in my country there's also a problem when it comes to payments or salary of a regular farmer which is literally minimum that couldn't support for your needs. My thoughts about this if government give concern to the farmers and also to the issues from the farm itself then it might have a good impact to the agriculture and food industry. Since we're already in the era of new technologies introduced to us then maybe we could invent something for the convenience of the farmers.
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Educating unemployed friends about Bitcoin on: May 31, 2023, 02:12:41 PM
First of all I am the only person in my area who has a basic understanding of Bitcoin. That is, in the region where I live, no one but me knows about Bitcoin.

The maximum number of friends I hang out with are unemployed. They are not uneducated they are all well educated in their respective positions but due to lack of adequate facilities they are unable to find any employment. When we walk together I talk to them about Bitcoin but they tell me that they have only heard about Bitcoin on various social media and they think that if anyone is involved in Bitcoin, the administration of our country will arrest them. Because it is through this kind of news that they are aware of Bitcoin. But when I tell them that I have a rough understanding of Bitcoin. Then they don't want to believe me when I tell them all about bitcoin they believe me. And I assure them if we all get involved in Bitcoin maybe our unemployment will go away. Because there are enough ways to earn money with Bitcoin.  

Out of all my friends two of my friends have some savings and when I told them about the investment they became very interested in investing but I didn't tell them only the positive aspects of the investment I told them the negative aspects. And I know the rest of my friends would also be interested in learning about Bitcoin but I just don't know how to start teaching them about it. Because bitcoin crypto currency is completely illegal in my country. So how can I help my friends in this regard?  

Hope you guys can give me proper feedback on this and help me move forward in helping them.

If I were you, I would not tell my friends that I own and trade bitcoins.  

I would just tell them that I heard about this technology from third parties and got a bit interested in Bitcoin.  After that, I would tell them about the pros and cons of investing in bitcoin.  

If they were not interested in my story, then I would not convince them that investing in bitcoin is what they need.  Perhaps this is not true.  

Your friends do not have a permanent job, perhaps they do not have free funds to invest in bitcoin.  Perhaps they need to find a job first, and only then buy bitcoins for themselves?

I think you have point since OP said it's illegal in their country so it would be better to tell a story in a third party, that's why Bitcoin was made for you to be anonymous no need to expose what you are doing. If they really curious and really interested maybe you can give more information for them of course it should be included the risk and negative effects. But the thing that I would like to consider is that they don't have sources of money so how they could invest in Bitcoin? You shouldn't put your savings in a volatile environment that might lose your assets in just second. Find a job that could support your needs if you have extra money then that's the time you could put some investment.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How to know a good bitcoin investors! on: May 30, 2023, 04:14:28 PM
i  didn't get to see HAVING PATIENCE in the list because this alone is another side of the business, no patience no chance of good reward, am likely to stimulate around the whole scenario of an investor. i see it as a hard task for me to handle.

Well the list of OPs are actually a good characteristics of a good investors. I think what you said it's already a part in the listed since for example, if you are a good planner then you would follow what you have plan right? Then that's the patience will entry, because without patience then probably you would get bored and do something risky that could result that you just wasted what you have planned. In any aspect of being a good investor patience is always a key to success because if you want to be rick quick then patience would literally be gone affecting the listed of characteristics posted by OP.
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