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Author Topic: NXT Funding Committee Candidate Statements  (Read 10392 times)
rickyjames (OP)
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February 21, 2014, 12:41:58 PM
Last edit: February 24, 2014, 08:10:35 PM by rickyjames


Nominees eligible for appointment to the NXTmarketingfund, NXTtechdevfund and NXTinfrastructure fund spending committees are as follows:

^[GS]^, 2Kool4Skewl, abuelau, Allwelder , Anon136
Arckam_(frmelin), bitcoinpaul, bloodyrookie, brooklynbtc, buybitcoinscanada
Chanc3r, ChuckOne, CIYAM Open, Cointropolis_JustabitTime, Come-from-Beyond
Damelon, davethetrousers, drevil, EmoneyRu, EvilDave
ferment, Fry, hughmanwho, Jean-Luc, brooklynbtc
jl777, Joefox, Kattywampus (NiftyNikel), Klee, l8orre
landomata,laowai80, Mario123, msin, mww
nextern, opticalcarrier, Pandaisftw, Passion_ltc, PeercoinEnthusiast
pinarello, Pouncer, rickyjames, Ricot, salsacz
SecondLeo, smaragda, Asian Prepper, TwinWinNerD, Uniqueorn
Utopianfuture, VanBreuk, Wesleyh, Zahlen, ZeroTheGreat

If your name is on this list, please make ONE AND ONLY ONE post in this thread BY MARCH 1 stating your willingness to serve, what committee you want to serve on, and any commentary you wish to make on why you would be a good candidate to sit on that committee.

If your name is NOT on this list, or you do NOT want to serve on a funding committee, please DO NOT post on this thread.  Help keep it tight and focused on the serious task at hand.

Votes for the five/seven members of each committee will start on March 1, with candidates limited to participants in this thread by that deadline.

NXTmarketingfund goal is to support the advancement of NXT through spending on advertising, conference participation, and other expenditures to introduce NXT those who are not yet aware of NXT.
NXTtechdevfund goal is to support the advancement of NXT through spending on software development and the introduction of new financial and social service capabilities.

NXTinfrastructure goal is to support the advancement of NXT through spending on worldwide hardware deployment and those software/firmware efforts which minimize the NXT blockchain, minimize the NXT transaction time, and increase the transaction throughput to 1000 TPS and beyond.

Basically we want to maintain and tinker with what we've already got (infrastructure), make it significantly better in brand new ways (techdev), and grow it to da moon (marketing).

A spreadsheet documenting the current balance and past expenditures on each of these NXT Funds is permanently available at:

rickyjames (OP)
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February 21, 2014, 12:42:36 PM
Last edit: February 27, 2014, 10:20:34 PM by rickyjames

Well, after being the one who argued for creation of the NXTinfrastructure fund in the first place, I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for it.  I have the desire but not the technical background that would be appropriate for an in depth deep dive into evaluating its proposed projects.  The slate is still full with five other qualified candidates, maybe more will join them if I move on while there is still time.  I will still be pursuing infrastructure questions here on the forum with great interest, but I'm thinking I am more use to NXT doing more background treasury organization stuff, maybe acting as de facto secretary behind the scenes for all committees perhaps, creating more marketing copy, etc.  We can all only split our time between so many projects.

So...NXT infrastructure committee.  If you're interested in it, your chances for getting on just got better.  Think about it.
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February 21, 2014, 01:23:05 PM
Last edit: March 05, 2014, 06:21:18 PM by Mario123

Applying for marketing committee

1. created,,
2. studying economics
3. have a weakness for human-centric product design
4. my wife can pronounce and spell NXT and knows the importance of having no "coin" in the name
5. I like odd numbers, that's why there is a fifth point

Thank you and god bless Nxt.

ps: I'm an agnostic.

Regarding Election for Marketing Committee Members

If you didn't vote yet: Please don't vote for me (Mario123), vote for brooklynbtc!

I want this committee to succeed and believe we need this type of person on the board.

Kind regards,

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February 21, 2014, 01:30:16 PM

I've removed my name from the list of Tech Committee nominees. (But thank you mysterious stranger for nominating me Smiley) I might be busy come April and won't be able to keep up with the going-ons. Don't want to be made a committee member, only to not show up for any discussions and voting afterwards.

Maybe I'll try for a committee seat the next time round Smiley


4. my wife can pronounce and spell NXT and knows the importance of having no "coin" in the name
5. I like odd numbers, that's why there is a fifth point

This is the man who will change the future. Mario123 2014!

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February 21, 2014, 02:32:52 PM
Last edit: February 21, 2014, 10:59:14 PM by allwelder

Applying for NxtMarketingFund Committee

1.Creat Nxt website
3.Nxt Chinese
4.Chinese moderator of
5.Promotion Nxt in China with my team.

Thank you,and wish we see a great success of Nxt in China.

                                . ██████████.
       .   .██████████████████████████████████████████████████████.
       .      .████████████████████████████████████████████████.

       .       .██████████████████████████████████████████████
       .    ██████████████████████████████████████████████████████
                                   █████████|.MAKE POSTS AND EARN BTC!.🏆
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Nxt-kit developer

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February 21, 2014, 06:26:05 PM
Last edit: March 01, 2014, 05:26:06 AM by EmoneyRu

According to pin's definition, I am already debating @ infra topic, but with your topic grouping, I'm applying to NXTtechdevfund.
1. As you can see @ my stat panel, I'm only interested in Nxt.
2. I've created helping tool for managing VPSs (code is in public domain). Open peers tab @ your NRS client and search for "". Main nodes use my software.
3. I've found the cheapest VPS.
4. I've found free VPS that could run Nxt.
5. I've always been skeptic.
6. It would too hard to convince me to give bounty. Seriously, don't even try.
7. I like odd numbers, too.

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February 21, 2014, 08:07:13 PM
Last edit: February 21, 2014, 08:19:18 PM by Damelon

Applying for marketing committee

Things done and involved in:

1. Set up and posting a minimum of one article on it (summaries, client articles, personal essays, charity):
2. Helping out with the Songs of Love charity by keeping it in people's minds and by providing escrow service:
3. Actively involved with Nxtopia Game project:
4. I'm moderator of the /r/Nxt subreddit and actively helping out there:
5. I have been actively involved with most discussions on Nxt, while being aware that technology is not my forte. That's why my energy goes to things I dó know about.
6. Currently working to get a professional Branding Agency to develop the Nxt brand, not by throwing much money at them, but by offering them a fair amount (30,000 Nxt) which will rise exponentially in value when they do their job right. I like to incentivise working and not give out freebies. I also like people to actually be involved with Nxt instead of just providing services from the "outside".
7. Doing the same with a small group of investors for Nxt payment modules that do not require 3rd parties to handle the merchants' money.

Professional background:

1) 15 years in theatre as a director/lighting tech/actor/writer. Had my own company for most of these years. Believe me, I have already máde most mistakes with money in the past! Painful, but good lessons! Wink
2) Due to having had to work in lots of different projects and with different groups over the years I have a good feel for what makes particular groups "tick" and how to change tack to reach them.
3) Currently working as a sales/marketing rep for a European company that sells meditation materials. What can I say, I like odd combinations. Also, yes, I meditate often and find benefit in it. < a propos of nothing.

What will I do as a committee member:

a) I intend to listen to every proposal fairly and ask questions that need to be asked.
b) I will judge on "value for value". Projects must be beneficial to the spread of Nxt and the Nxt ecosystem.
c) I will strive to ask as much for clarity and reduce "vagueness" where possible. If I go by "gut" feel, I will always state that, so people know it is not backed by numbers.
d) Basically I intend to do as I already do: throw myself into the job, because I like it, it fires my imagination and I fully intend to make it fire others, too.
e) I don't believe in marketing by opposing others, but by trusting in our own strength.


Member of the Nxt Foundation | Donations: NXT-D6K7-MLY6-98FM-FLL5T
Join Nxt Slack!
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February 22, 2014, 09:01:27 PM

I'm available to work on the marketing committee.

1.  Why are you spending time to promote btc and other cryptocurrencies?

I believe the distributed consensus technology is one of the most revolutionary technologies created to take power away from the 1% on Wall St and give it back to the 99% on Main St.

I don't like being one of those people who talk and complain about the banks and our governments.  I'm one of those people who prefer to take action and make a difference.  I have never seen bitching and whining change anything in society.

2.  Why did you choose to work with NXT instead of other alt coins?

I would prefer to promote BTC but I missed the boat on BTC and I'm not a coder so I can't contribute much in that arena because they are well established.

I originally thought NXT was just another lame copy cat coin but when I found out NXT was going to develop it's original source code, it caught my attention.  I hate copy cats.  If you want to create your own coin, then come up with your own code. Don't go copy Satoshi's code and claim you got something new.

3.  Why do you want to help with the NXT marketing committee?  What's your motive?

First of all, I'm tired of sitting on the sidelines watching a bunch of coders who are good at coding try to promote BTC to the mainstream public when they have no knowledge, experience, or formal training in sales or marketing.   

Second, instead of complaining about coders not knowing how to sell/market their coin, I decided to jump in and contribute my expertise.  My philosophy has always been if you don't like something, change it... don't bitch and whine about it.

Third, my motive is help take power away from the 1% on Wall St and give it back to the 99% on Wall St.  I make a good living trading and doing my sales/marketing already and do not need to rely on NXT for income.  When NXT grows and I profit from it's increase in price... i will consider that a bonus and not something to rely on to feed my family.

4.  Do you know anything about sales/marketing? What's your background?  What type of training do you have?

I've been involved in sales all my life selling and hustling on the streets when I was young and then selling/marketing professionally in the corporate world later on in life.  I have seen many people get ripped off in the financial world so now I have an opportunity to do something about it.

Commissioned based selling and marketing is my full time gig and puts food on the table for my family.  Since my livelihood depends on my ability to sell and market, I invest on average of $3,500-$10,000 to get professionally trained in sales/marketing every year.  Every dollar i have invested in myself has yielded more then 10X returns that is why I continue to get training every year.

I am the creator of the Modern Sales Training Blueprint at which helps businesses set up their sales funnel/process. PM me if you want complimentary access to the program for review.

Keep in mind that all my income is derived from trading (stocks, forex, futures, btc, etc) and working in sales/marketing.  I do not have a salary and my sales/marketing work are all commission based.

5.  How will the NXT community know that your sales/marketing efforts are benefitting NXT?  What metrics should be used to measure and gauge your NXT marketing progress, efforts, successes, failures, etc?

Selling and marketing NXT is no different then any selling or marketing any other product or service and the metrics for success/failures are the same.

In marketing, success/failures are measured in terms of CPA (cost per acquisition).  This is the cost to acquire a new customer. In the case of NXT it is the cost to acquire a new user/adopter.

For example, I make this video with my buddy Leon, and it generates 2,037 views.  How many of those viewers went out and bought some NXT after watching the videos.

This is not accurate but for explanatory purposes only... Let's say we have a 10% conversion rate on the video which means 10% X 2,037 views = 204 new users/adopters of NXT but then we have Ricky James speak at the Texas Bitcoin Conference and after his talk.... we have 1,000 new users/adopters of NXT.

If the community donates 3,000 NXT for my video that will equate to a CPA of 15 NXT because 3,000 NXT divided by 204 = 15 NXT/new user.

On the other hand if the community donates 30,000 NXT to fund Ricky James trip/hotel for the conference then his CPA will be 30 NXT because it cost the community 30,000 NXT to acquire 1000 new users/adopters.  30,000 NXT divided by 1,000 new users = 30 NXT/new user

In this marketing example in which the numbers are randomly made up, then my video efforts were better then the talk at the conference.

CPA should be the key metric to measure mine or anyone's marketing efforts.

There are other metrics to use but CPA would be my primary gauge of progress. 

6.  What type of sales/marketing strategy will you use to acquire new NXT users?

I will be using only direct response sales/marketing strategies.  i will not be wasting my time using 5th Avenue marketing gimmicks to acquire new NXT users because 1) there is no way to measure progress or results and 2) the NXT community does not have an endless supply of marketing funds.

7.  What would be your top 3 strategies/objectives to get mainstream adoption of NXT?

The goal/objective of ALL my marketing efforts will be to ELIMINATE CONFUSION & make it USER FRIENDLY for the mainstream to learn, acquire and adopt NXT.

First, establish weekly/monthly? online meetings for all NXT marketers so we are all on the same page.  NXT needs to be decentralized but marketing efforts needs to be more centralized.  We have too many people digging their own wells.  If we combine our efforts, we can dig one well that is bigger and deeper and be able to find water (new NXT users) much faster.

Second, establish marketing goals n targets.  A ship without direction sails nowhere.

Third, create a centralized, neutral, source of info to educate the public and new users about NXT. Do market research on what is the easiest n most user friendly NXT client and establish a NXT default client for new users.  In sales terms... there needs to be a clear and concise NXT sales funnel for new customers.

8.  The NXT community understands that there will be marketing successes as well as failures, how can the NXT community trust you to do the right thing for NXT?  Basically, how can we TRUST you?

You can't.  I'm a human not a computer algorithm.  I'm a total stranger so you can only rely on my past actions....

This is me:

You can find out what I have to say about NXT throughout my site:

I'm open to the public and see no need to hide and be mysterious like BCNext.  Being mysterious and anonymous does not create trust in sales/marketing.

Tai Zen

As of 2014-04-09 I no longer post as "Asian Prepper" and will post under my real name "Tai Zen" to eliminate confusion.

Founder of | BTC: 19HHZ1yEimKUYVFM9TkXqd9xwM54jSFrmc | LTC:  LTA99422wieqR1MfWeNxZU5xAsESE9MzW7 | NXT:  17225446755425423638
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February 23, 2014, 04:52:57 AM

I am applying for NxtMarketingFund Committee.

I have been involved with Nxt since about 1 week after its inception.  I host and administer the Nxt Wiki, have proof-read many Nxt articles, provided free voiceover work for people making videos, produce a twice-weekly "Nxt Minute" that is broadcast on "Let's Talk Bitcoin", and have begun a podcast called "The Nxt Crypto".

I am a fluent English speaker, and a serviceable French speaker.  In addition to my degree in engineering, I work as a professional actor and producer, and also manage a team of desktop support personnel for a major Canadian university.  I have eight years' experience serving on boards for arts organizations, including a three year stint on council for a national artists union, where I chaired a two-year, national project to assess and improve policies related to small-scale and independent theatre production.  I am quite accustomed to "herding cats", which is a useful skill in a decentralized environment, such as this one, where geography, time, motive, and political background are all impossible to predict.

This background presents a rare and powerful combination: I have the brains to understand Nxt's internals and potential, as well as the voice and presence to articulate these things with passion.  I am detail-oriented, thorough, and will be involved with Nxt for the long haul.

I admin the Nxt Wiki at Please support my work by donating to Nxt account #1234567740944417915
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February 23, 2014, 05:48:59 AM

I am considering this but i would like to point out some things. I would be willing to do it not because i want to, honestly it sounds dreadfully boring, but because i think of it as civic duty. I am considering it because I know that i am honest, reasonably intelligent, and have the general welfare at heart. This will not be an argument for why I should be on a committee. I'll let the community decide that. What this will be is a frank discussion of who I am, what I have to offer, and what I don't have to offer.

I think there may be some misconceptions around here as to what sort of person I am. I think that some people may be under the impression that i am some sort of general purpose tech guru. I am not. I am a lay person who has disposable income and free time who's main focus is to find ways to make that disposable income grow. In the pursuit of that end i have dedicated a certain amount of my time and energy towards understanding how a few specific technologies work in abstract. Technologies that i find promising in their capacity to make my wealth grow. I identify an opportunity, then i laser target in on that opportunity and learn about that until i feel that i understand it well enough to make an informed decision. Like with nxt and bitcoin before it. I think this is something i have in common with most of the early nxt adopters, the only difference being that i put a little more time into learning how it actually works on a mechanical level than some other people and passed that knowledge on to everyone else.

Additionally there is one subject that a do have a certain level of general proficiency in, that is economics. Specifically I think that I know how to think like an economist. I know how to think about incentives. How to think what sorts of incentives are created by what sorts of initiatives. How people will respond to those incentives. And how to craft those incentives in such a way as to lead to desired outcomes. If I bring anything to the table it is this.

Anyway i know that im just dreadful at marketing so that ones off the table. between software and hardware i know more about software. so i think where i would have the highest comparative advantage would be the tech committee.

Anyway there you have it. I will perform my civic duty to the best of my ability if you guys feel that I am the best choice but i will not make any promises to how well i will be able to perform it. If people start throwing around jargon from fields that i have not specifically studied than it very well may go over my head.

Rep Thread:
If one can not confer upon another a right which he does not himself first possess, by what means does the state derive the right to engage in behaviors from which the public is prohibited?
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February 23, 2014, 07:28:11 AM

 Applying forNXT techdevfund

1. python / physics / Asset Exchange guru. Basic C/assembler knowledge
2. interested in developing nxt business models
3. convinced that coupling nxt with the python language will unleash huge creative power and greatly benefit nxt
4. working on nxt client written in python

- my candidacy should be subject to a Disclaimer:
I have implemented a nxt api in python3/pyqt, and am currently putting a finish on the GUI widgets.
When it is released, I wish to file this Client to the tech fund or for a bounty.
This may create a conflict of interest that should be stated prior to participation. 

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Crypti Community Manager

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February 23, 2014, 10:27:07 AM

I want to drop out of this and nominate Mario123 and Anon136. Smiley

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February 23, 2014, 10:40:43 AM

I am applying for the NXTtechdevfund. I thought that I was applying for the NXTinfrastructure but the way it has been explained in this thread makes it clear that actually is the NXTtechdevfund that I can help the most.

I have created ( We have 20 public Nxt nodes running on AWS, we have the alerter system which currently monitoring almost 500 accounts, we have the Forwarder for Nxt aliases and we have the Block Explorer and more recently the first Nxt Online Wallet.

I also would like more clearer rules on the committee voting system, because I can already see that we will not agree 99% of the time. I seem to have a fundamental different point of view than other(s) that already applied for the same fund.

My view is that we need to foster an ecosystem around NXT and this includes individuals, start-ups, projects and efforts. Some will be open source, some will not, some will look better than others, some will be more secure than others but ultimately it's all about supporting all the nice people trying to increase Nxt adoption and advancement. If we don't support them, they will go and do something else.

I would like to suggest that the committee has an odd number of members and the majority of votes are used to decide whether to move ahead with funding a project or not.

Know what's happening in cryptoworld:
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February 23, 2014, 02:53:42 PM

(Not a candidacy statement, just wanted to comment on the campaigning process.)

1) A candidate does not need to be good at writing English. Some candidates may not have English as their mother tongue. If you're voting, don't confuse lots of writing for ability to judge the worth of a project. Remember that ultimately the committee's job is to decide which projects get funded.

2) Consequently, writing about everything you think you can bring to the table may not help your case. Being succinct is being clear. Too many words may just be information overload for voters. (Maybe we could have separate threads for the different committees?) If you want to sell your case, you should make your case easy to understand. IMO candidates should be able to freely edit their posts.

3) In another thread, I suggested that candidates could say something about what working experience they've had to help their case. But saying too much about your profession(s) can give away your identity. If you want to stay anonymous, you could just mention what you think are your most relevant fields of expertise.

(Odd numbers are cool, so this sentence isn't a point.)

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AKA jefdiesel

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February 23, 2014, 03:07:29 PM

I'd be proud to be a part of the NXTMarketingfund. My forum name is BrooklynBTC, where as I am trying to be known by my more common name, jefdiesel

I have been involved and invested with NXT since December, and personally hold

1. I work in customer service and understand peoples desires and demands
2. I am focused on providing useful, suitable, timely and responsible marketing.
    I would for example lend my support to focused tech centric marketing campaigns that would provide information to interested parties, ie Coin Conferences, Crypto enthusiasts, and neo Wall St types.
    I would not lend further support to DOGE-style public hype campaigns, especially not copying what someone else did last week. ie, Radio spots,  Songs of Love, Meme contests, etc. These are a waste of time and money in my opinion, and at this point any lay person who hears about NXT will be confused and probably not look much deeper.

3. I live in NYC, and would be proud to be an intermediary to the modern finance world.


S   U   P   E   R    N   E   T
Uniting cryptocurrencies, Rewarding talent, Sharing benefits..

Blockchain Technology.

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February 23, 2014, 04:46:39 PM

I want to drop out of the list. I don't think i can stay active on reddit/r/NXT and make fundraisers all the time + serve as a commitee member.

Gl guys

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February 23, 2014, 05:04:09 PM
Last edit: March 13, 2014, 12:19:41 PM by chanc3r

If I am going to help - its with the Infrastructure Fund, which I would consider a privilege if I were allowed to.

My background;

I'm an engineer.
I started programming in assembler before I discovered girls, then I stopped....
I've built chemical plant control sw, mobile radio planning and fixed network planning systems.
I run mobile and financial services internationally across many countries.

Today I drive the investment in person 2 person realtime financial services over mobiles in emerging markets (with some success)

I would hope I know a bit about how to get value when working out how to invest in projects.

My reasoning;

I came across the crypto world in May 2013 - how time flies.
In my job crypto could be seen as a threat, I actually see it as an opportunity.
Since May I've invested a fair amount of my own money in a number of crypto-currencies including NXT, rather than just be a spectator and I've been really drawn in by the community I have seen.

I'm being open about what I do as a 'day job' because some may see this as a conflict and I would understand this.

All I would say is after careful thought, what personal time I can give to these communities, I have spent 90% of it with this one.
Specifics: comments, reviewing when opportunities arise, some donations to projects, and gotten involved in the Nxtopia game initiative.

With what time I need to give to this activity I would use the same diligence and expertise in guiding the funding of NXT projects as I do in my 'day job' and would be open about any conflicts. I would not expect to, nor do I need to benefit from being involved in this activity.

If this is full time job count me out but if I can help over evenings and weekends and the community wants me to then I would be please to serve on this committee.

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February 24, 2014, 02:19:05 AM
Last edit: February 28, 2014, 08:02:31 PM by CoinTropolis_NiftyNikel

I am applying for the Nxt Marketing Committee

Old Bitcointalk: Kattywampus
 - Changed to current one to have consistency across all forums
 - I can provide proof if needed NiftyNikel NiftyNikel

- I have have been involved in customer service in some aspect throughout my career
- I currently work for a major IT Managed Services Provider

Prior/Ongoing work:

 - I helped create (with Justabit) the first Feathercoin video, jingles, and tagline
 - I was involved with marketing and swarming

- I have been involved with Nxt since Dec. 2 over at;u=5
- I created the Nxt volunteer form to help organize and learn of people wanting to help out:,1718.0.html
- I develop press releases, swarms, and marketing pushes:;area=showposts;u=5
- I went to the Miami Bitcoin conference - Summary of completed/ongoing work:
 -  Justabit and I helped get Nxt coverage in Spiegel:
 - I worked with Justabit on the charity drive for Songs of Love

I have been actively involved with marketing Nxt and developing ideas to get Nxt into the spotlight since I became involved in the early days. I will continue to work hard for the community and believe I could be an asset on the Nxt Marketing Committee.
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February 25, 2014, 02:19:04 AM
Last edit: February 26, 2014, 01:05:56 AM by EvilDave

EvilDave as candidate for the NXTinfrastructurefund.

Who the f*** is EvilDave:

I'm an ancient geezer, originally Anglo-Irish, but living in Amsterdam for the last 20 years.
Over the course of my chequered career I've:
trained as a lab technician/research scientist, worked in a whiskey bottling plant, barman, DJ'ed, washed dishes, co-ordinated free festivals, trained people to ride motorcycles, worked as courier on bikes/cars/vans, 1st and 2nd line helldesk, junior network admin, and a few others.
Should be a writer, that lot will look good on a book bio. I'm currently winding up one classic car related business and starting on a major restoration project, as well as diving head first into the crypto scene.

My computer skills are reasonable, if a bit out of date. Got a good spread of skills, not much depth. I am an all-rounder, with the emphasis on hardware and networking. And shouting at users.....working helldesk is not good for your view of humanity.

What have u ever done for NXT:

Much too much forum time, lots of blah about NXT and some troll hunting.
Some general NXT promo activities.
Lots of noisy support for NXT.

Set up and maintained VPS and private nodes

Helping out with Amsterdam Bitcoin Conference.

Made a proposal for a green, zero-emissions structure for NXT using carbon-offset credits.

Designed / printed some NXT promo stickers. (Some still available if ya want them !) Want to do more on the NXT merchandise front.

There might be a few other things, but thats all the important stuff.

What will you do as a NXTinfrastructurefund committee member ?

TBH, not very much. the role of the committee is (as i see it) to simply decide on the best use of our available funds and green-light (or red-light) projects that will help NXT.
This means that my role will be to listen to proposals from the NXT community, and make decisions based on the feedback from the community.
I'm not going to be try and force my personal agenda onto NXT, but I'll obviously be slightly biased towards plans that do fit with that agenda.

What agenda, Evil One?

My number one priority as NXT-ISF commitee dude,  is to make sure that one of the most basic elements of NXT, the network infrastructure, is the best that it can be. We need to have a solid base for further development and to make sure that NXT can be used reliably 24/7/52.

My personal ambition, very much in second place, for NXT would be to be able to take advantage of green marketing by making NXT as energy-efficient as possible, but I have to emphasise that if I need to choose between functionality or green-ness, I'll choose functionality without hesitation.

Thats the end.
 Vote for me. Or not...I'll not be offended if I don't get on.

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February 25, 2014, 03:49:11 AM

I feel that I have a good grasp on what the NXT network needs in order to be considered "healthy", this I would apply for the infrastructure committee. I believe that the infrastructure fund will play an extremely important role until service providers see that they can earn profits off processing 1000+ TPS. Until then, it may be necessary to subsidize, or even fund projects that encourage forging.

As for my skills, I can do a little programming, deal with hardware, etc. as I have a background in electrical engineering, so if I don't know any of this stuff, I can pick it up provided I put in the effort. I also studied a bit of finance and management, so I have an idea of what needs to be done to provide an financial incentive for service providers to take on most of the network load.

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