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Author Topic: WildRig Multi 0.36.6 beta multi-algo miner for AMD & NVIDIA  (Read 88496 times)
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September 07, 2018, 10:44:42 AM
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WildRig Multi 0.36.6 beta

DISCLAIMER(mostly for AMD miners):
Mining almost all these algorithms that WildRig Multi support isn't the same thing as mining Cryptonight family or Ethereum. These algo's more power consuming and core intensive, especially something like x16r. So please, make sure your PSU's are good enough, GPU's are rock stable and voltage for them set well. Low core voltage won't work here in most cases. If you get any instability - start from stock and find your optimal settings.


Download for Windows(all versions can be found here)
dependencies: Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 x64

Download for Linux
dependencies: amdgpu-pro driver

HiveOS: check update for HiveOS, it should provide latest version. Also you can run custom script via "Run Command":
cd /hive/miners/wildrig-multi/XXX && wget && tar -xf wildrig-multi-linux-YYY.tar.xz
where XXX(e.g. 0.30.0) is your current version in HiveOS, and YYY(e.g. 0.30.1) is new version you want.

Instructions how to install on EthOS

Alternative way to install on EthOS

- rejected shares on Vega gpu's for progpow family of algorithms if use kernel 2(kernel 1 works fine)
- not all algorithms working on NVIDIA gpu's right now, and not all of them are optimized(see Release Notes)
- any report is welcome! Smiley

- GCN 2nd gen: R7 260, R9 290, R9 295X2, R7 360, R9 390
- GCN 3rd gen: R9 285, R9 380, R9 Fury, R9 Nano
- GCN 4th gen: RX460, RX470, RX480, RX550, RX560, RX570, RX580, RX590
- GCN 5th gen: Vega 11, Vega 56, Vega 64, Radeon VII(but need some changes for better performance)
- RDNA 1st gen: Radeon 5500XT, Radeon 5600XT, Radeon 5700, Radeon 5700XT
- RDNA 2nd gen: Radeon 6500XT, Radeon 6600XT, Radeon 6700 XT, Radeon 6800XT, Radeon 6900 XT
- RDNA 3rd gen: Radeon 7700XT, 7800XT, 7900XTX/XT

Pitcairn, Tahiti and other old cards of GCN 1st gen(like HD 78x0, HD 79x0, R7 265, R9 270, R9 280, R9 370, etc.) are not supported and won't be, because they are too old and need additional work.

- All gpu's with Compute Capabilities >=5.0 should work
- also specific gpu can be supported via use of --ptx-version parameter(like --ptx-version 71 for sm_86, more ptx version is here)

- aergo, anime
- bcd, bitcore, blake2b-btcc, blake2b-glt, blake2s, blake3, bmw512
- c11, curvehash
- dedal
- evrprogpow
- firopow
- ghostrider, glt-astralhash, glt-globalhash, glt-jeonghash, glt-padihash, glt-pawelhash
- heavyhash, hex, hmq1725
- kawpow
- lyra2tdc, lyra2v2, lyra2v3, lyra2vc0ban
- megabtx, minotaur
- nexapow, nist5
- phi, phi5, progpowz, progpow-ethercore, progpow-sero, progpow-veil, pufferfish2
- quark, quibit
- sha256, sha256csm, sha256d, sha256q, sha256t, sha512256d, skein2, skunkhash, skydoge
- timetravel, tribus
- vprogpow
- x11, x11k, x12, x13, x14, x15, x16r, x16rv2, x16rt, x16s, x17, x18, x20r, x21s, x22i, x25x, x33, xevan

Table here was too old, will be updated in future and only for some main algorithms.

Since version 0.15.2 parameters --opencl-threads and --opencl-launch set automatically when you put auto. If you want to try different values to find probably better performance, you can start from values shown below each GPU initialization line.
E.g. lines below means --opencl-threads 2 --opencl-launch 21x0. Where --opencl-launch consist of Intensity x Worksize.
Code: (log)
[2019-02-08 14:20:05] GPU #1 [BusID: #4] [Ellesmere] Radeon RX 570 Series
[2019-02-08 14:20:05] threads: 2, intensity: 21, worksize: 0/256, cu: 32, memory: 4096Mb

- some algo's can boost on amd gpu's if use parameter --opencl-threads set to 2, or even 3(e.g. phi and skunkhash, but can be unstable)
- higher intensity not always more hashrate, try both more and less value than auto
- try different worksize, e.g. 64 or 128 instead of mostly used 0(same as 256).

- by default is 1%
- heavyhash is 2% for nvidia rigs
- lyra2TDC, megabtx, phi5, sha256csm and nexapow algorithms are 2%
- minotaur is 5%

- improve API, show zero statistics for inactive gpu's if use --opencl-devices parameter

Example of command-line start(with loop if miner crash):
Code: (bat)
@echo off


wildrig.exe --print-full --algo algo --opencl-threads auto --opencl-launch auto --url pool:port --user wallet --pass password

if ERRORLEVEL 1000 goto custom
timeout /t 5
goto loop

echo Some error happened, put custom command here
timeout /t 5
goto loop

 -a, --algo ALGO               specify the hash algorithm to use

      --benchmark               run offline benchmark
      --benchmark-hashorder     run offline benchmark and/or set hash order for benchmark
      --benchmark-epoch         run offline benchmark and/or set epoch for benchmark
      --benchmark-block         run offline benchmark and/or set block for benchmark
      --benchmark-timeout       run offline benchmark and/or set how long to run benchmark in seconds(default: 0)

  -o, --url URL                 URL of mining server
      --proxy                   set ip:port to connect via SOCKS5 proxy
  -O, --userpass U:P            username:password pair for mining server
  -u, --user USERNAME           username for mining server
  -p, --pass PASSWORD           password for mining server
  -w, --worker WORKERNAME       worker name(progpow variants only)
  -r, --retries N               number of times to retry before switch to backup server (default: 1)
  -R, --retry-pause N           time to pause between retries (default: 5)
      --max-rejects N           number of one by one rejects before switch to backup server (default: 5)
      --max-difficulty N        maximum difficulty to accept from pool(unit: M), otherwise reconnect (default: 0)

      --send-stale              send stale shares
      --diff-factor N           difficulty factor to use instead of algo default(default: 0)
      --no-extranonce           disable exranonce subscription
      --protocol PROTOCOL       set stratum protocol(ethproxy, ethstratum, stratum, stratum1, stratum2, ufo, ufo2)

      --watchdog                enable checking how long videocards are running OpenCL kernel(terminate if more than 30 sec.)
      --watchdog-script FILE    set file to execute when watchdog triggers(can be used without --watchdog parameter)
      --strategy N              strategy of feeding videocards with job(default: 0)
      --split-job N             set amount of gpu's(or threads of it, keep this in mind) solving one job

      --scratchpad-url URL      where miner can download scratchpad for wildkeccak algo
      --scratchpad-file FILE    where to save scratchpad(including file name)
      --scratchpad-safe-update  use safe scratchpad update, can be useful for avoiding N/A on big rigs
      --scratchpad-full-update  use full scratchpad update

      --opencl-platforms N      list of OpenCL platforms to use(also possible to set amd or nvidia; default: all)
  -d, --opencl-devices N        list of OpenCL devices to use(default: all)
      --opencl-threads N        amount of threads per OpenCL device(default: auto)
      --opencl-launch IxW       list of launch config, intensity and worksize(default: auto)
      --opencl-affinity N       affine GPU threads to a CPU
      --ptx-version N           specify what PTX ISA version to use(numbers should be without dot, e.g. 50, 63, 70 and so on)
      --progpow-kernel          depends on drivers values 1 or 2 can provide better hashrate for ProgPow(default: 0)
      --no-dag-split            disable splitting DAG on two parts(have sense only if AMD fix this problem in their drivers)
      --print-platforms         print available OpenCL platforms and exit
      --print-devices           print available OpenCL devices and exit

      --no-adl                  disable monitoring via ADL
      --no-nvml                 disable monitoring via NVML
      --no-sysfs                disable monitoring via sysfs
      --gpu-temp-limit N        set temperature at which gpu will stop mining(default: 85)
      --gpu-temp-resume N       set temperature at which gpu will resume mining(default: 60)

      --execute-at-start COMMAND execute custom command before gpu initialization(e.g. \"nvidia-smi -lmc 810\")\n\
      --execute COMMAND         execute custom command before gpu initialization(e.g. \"nvidia-smi -lmc 810\")\n\
      --execute-wait N          wait for N seconds after executing the command (default: 1)

      --multiple-instance       allow multiple instances running at one time
      --user-agent AGENT        set custom user-agent string for pool
  -l, --log-file FILE           log all output to a file

      --no-color                disable colored output
      --print-time N            print hashrate report every N seconds
      --print-statistics        print additional statistics(not implemented yet)
      --print-debug             print debug information

      --api-port N              port for API
      --api-worker-id ID        custom worker-id for API

  -h, --help                    display this help and exit
  -V, --version                 output version information and exit

- fixed random hashrate drop for nexapow

- improved nexapow up to 8% for NVIDIA gpu's
- slightly improved nexapow for AMD gpu's
- now 2% devfee for nexapow

- support other pools for nexapow
- fixed curvehash for NVIDIA and RDNA+ gpu's
- now one --user parameter can be used for all failover pools
- fixed dev-fee algorithms for bmw512, heavyhash and skein2 - no more power spikes

- improved nexapow up to 10-20% depends on GPU
- added parameter --execute-at-start(now --execute will work on nexapow after precompute stage)
- extended statistics table with total power consumption and efficiency per gpu

- added --execute-wait parameter
- new statistics table(also extended API)
- improved nexapow up to 10% depends on gpu
- implemented precompute for nexapow on gpu, so RAM requirements should decrease
- improved pufferfish2 for RDNA/RDNA2
- improved nist-family hashfuncs for RDNA/RDNA2(so there should be performance increase on x16-like algorithms, skydoge and so on)
- removed coin-specific algorithms that are dead already(0x10, exosis, geek, honeycomb, megamec, mtp, mtp-tcr, polytimos, renesis, sonoa, x17r, wildkeccak)

- improved nexapow up to 40% depends on gpu

- initial support of RDNA3(AMD Radeon 7900XT/XTX), may still not work
- implemented skydoge
- improved devfee logic for nexapow, now it should restart the miner if it can't connect at all
- slight performance increase on nexapow(~0.5-1%)

- fixed one more memory leak for progpows family
- implemented parameter --execute to execute different scripts on start
- implemented nexapow(5% devfee)
- faster initialization for nvidia(might have some critical errors)

- fixed random crash while getting new job message on some progpow coins(division by zero error)
- fixed invalid shares for progpows after devfee session on low-mem gpu's

- fixed duplicate shares on some pools
- fixed few memory leaks for progpows
- fixed benchmark mode for progpows

- fixed constant progpow kernels rebuild on each period instead of using background compilation

- improved sha512256d performance
- fixed hashrate fluctuation on progpow's
- slight hashrate increase on progpow's for NVIDIA Turing+ gpu's and AMD RDNA2
- some general fixes to progpow`s kernel compilation

- fixed rejects on evrprogpow(and other progpow's) for NVIDIA gpu's
- fixed possible crash while compiling kernel for progpow

- fixed evrprogpow for Polaris/Vega gpu's
- improved performance for progpow family algorithms on RDNA and RDNA2 gpus on newer drivers(Windows 2020+, Linux 20.40+)

- implemented evrprogpow

- fixed ghostrider on nvidia gpu's

- improved pufferfish2 on RDNA2 gpu's up to 20%
- added default intensity values for RTX 4090
- reverted curvehash changes for NVIDIA, so it should be same as 0.32.2 version now

- slightly improved sha512256d on AMD gpu's
- implemented pufferfish2

- improved sha512256d up to 2% on Polaris/Vega
- decreased possibility of stales on ghostrider
- added busID to API

- improved sha512256d up to 12% on AMD and 2% on NVIDIA

- implemented sha512256d
- better intensity parameters for ghostrider

- implemented support of socks5 proxy(parameter --proxy)
- improved cruvehash up to 40% on RDNA/RDNA2 and up to x2 times on NVIDIA(Polaris/Vega not tested, can be better too)

- implemented firopow
- implemented mike
- implemented support for future DAG reduction of progpow-veil
- implemented background compilation of progpow kernels
- fixed support gfx1034(Radeon 6500XT)
- up to 10% faster curvehash

- fixed curvehash for Vega gpu's and old 1-2Gb gpu's
- slight improve curvehash for Polaris, RDNA, RDNA2 and NVIDIA gpu's

- fixed crash on mixed rigs
- improved curvehash up to 1.5x

- up to 3x times faster curvehash

- one more hotfix

- fixes to curvehash

- support curvehash on nvidia gpu's
- slight speedup of curvehash for Polaris/Vega gpu's

- implemented curvehash(NVIDIA not supported yet, also not supported old drivers for AMD Navi gpu's)
- fixed gfx1034 support(Radeon 6500XT)

- support 0x10 algorithm

- improved heavyhash for AMD Polaris(~1.5%), Vega(~10%), RDNA/RDNA2(~3-4%)
- implemented correct message of unsupported iGPU's on newer AMD drivers(21.5.2+)
- implemented parameter --watchdog-script
- fixed monitoring AMD gpu's temperature/power/fan under Linux, and RDNA/RDNA2 on Windows

- improved heavyhash up to 10% on RDNA/RDNA2 gpu's with less power consumption
- fixed power jumps on NVIDIA gpu's

- added default parameters for CMP 40/50/70/90/170 HX and RTX A4500/5000/6000
- improved heavyhash by ~80%(NVIDIA Pascal/Turing/Ampere) and 20%(AMD RDNA2)
- dev-fee set to 2% on heavyhash for NVIDIA rigs

- another fix to broken heavyhash...
- default parameter for RTX A2000, A3000 and A4000
- fixed rejects on Vega56/Vega64 on heavyhash

- fixed a crash introduced in 0.30.7

- fixed low hashrate on heavyhash for AMD gpu's with old drivers
- removed auto-detection of ssl to avoid problems with some pools(no mining after dev-fee, no reconnect and so on)

- one more round of heavyhash optimizations(up to 10% on some cards)
- fixed duplicate nvidia gpu's on some systems

- fixed pool side hashrate for nvidia gpu's on heavyhash
- improved heavyhash on RDNA/RDNA2(up to 10%)

- improved heavyhash(Polaris/Vega up to 10%, RDNA/RDNA2 ~2%, Pascal ~90%, Turing/Ampere ~25%)

- fixed broken 5500/5600/5700 support(introduced in 0.30.2)
- implemented heavyhash(nvidia gpu's need some further optimizations)

- support ssl
- slightly faster ghostrider(1-2%)

- fixed rejects on ghostrider
- lowered devfee to 1% on ghostrider
- now should support gfx803(RX550 cards on newest drivers)

- fixed support different drivers for RDNA/RDNA2 gpu's
- implemented ghostrider

- implemented support of AMD RDNA 2 gpu's(6x00 series)
- fixed support new AMD drivers

- added phi5 algo

- --print-devices now will print busID
- x11k algo will use the same algo for devfee, this should improve miner stability on some cards

- updated progpow-veil for started testnet
- lowered devfee on megabtx and megamec to default 1%

- implemented progpow-veil for Veil(testnet)
- all --benchmark-* parameters will start benchmark, so no need to use additionally --benchmark
- one more fix for minotaur on nvidia
- should be fixed monitoring via nvml on newer nvidia drivers

- fixed issue with getting banned while mining veriblock on official node(this issue possible with other progpow pools too)
- tuned a bit minotaur for nvidia

- fixed crash of some algorithms on nvidia
- further fixes to minotaur on nvidia

- fixed incorrect work and high CPU load of x11k, minotaur and some other similar algorithms for nvidia
- fixed --watchdog for nvidia(now miner will close correctly)

- fixed RTX 3080/3090 support
- fixed --ptx-version parameter
- implemented x33

- fixed incorrect shares on progpow variants after devfee

- added parameter --protocol(ethproxy, ethstratum, stratum, stratum1, stratum2, ufo, ufo2)
- added parameter --no-dag-split
- removed x17r-protocol2(now just use x17r and --protocol ufo2)
- implemented dag split for huge DAG files on AMD drivers
- implemented vprogpow(new algo of VeriBlock)
- implemented x11k(kyancoin)

- implemented megabtx, megamec and minotaur algorithms
- added default --opencl-launch for p102, p104 and p106 gpu's(also fixed it for RTX series)
- support NVIDIA Ampere
- added parameter --ptx-version(to support all new gpu's without separate release)

- fixed crash after devfee for progpow variants
- fixed wrong logic for temp limits(broken since version 0.25.0)
- initial support for amd hardware monitoring via sysfs on Linux

- --opencl-platforms now can be set with values amd and nvidia
- adl/nvml now won't initialize if not needed
- fixed possible crash after donation mining on progpow variants
- improved lyra2 variants for nvidia

- initial support NVIDIA gpu's
- slightly improved speed of kawpow/progpow
- fixed low hashrate of --progpow-kernel 1 on Navi with drivers 20.x
- fixed incorrect shares for progpowz algorithm(--progpow-kernel 2) on Vega and Radeon VII gpu's
- fixed different protocol issues for progpow variants
- fixed possible incorrect nonce when switching from donation session to user session
- added parameter --opencl-platforms to specify on which platforms start mining
- added parameter --no-nvml to disable monitoring of NVIDIA hardware

- fixed broken non-progpow algorithms
- progpow-kernel now set to 2 for Vega
- tune up slightly progpow kernel 2

-added parameter --progpow-kernel(1 or 2 can give better hashrate on different drivers or gpu configuration)
-speedup ProgPow/KawPow up to 10% on pre-Navi gpu's

- faster kernel compilation for ProgPow/KawPow
- fixed start on Linux in some cases
- fixed sending stale shares to pool for ProgPow/KawPow

- improved speed on all ProgPow variants and KawPow
- --donate-level now set to 1% by default

- implemented progpow-sero
- support --benchmark for progpow algorithms and added --benchmark-epoch
- fixed crash when failover pool added

- initial support of kawpow

- implemented progpowz( doesn't work!) and progpow-ethercore algorithms

- added sha256csm
- fixed low difficulty shares on 666pool
- implemented x17r-protocol2 to support other pools(e.g. official
- fixed rejects on x17r when Hvl is first in hashorder
- fixed default --diff-factor for x17r

- one more fix to --split-job logic
- added x17r algorithm for ufo-project
- fixed mtp variants on RX gpu's

- fixed regression of lyra2 variants on Navi

- enabled all algorithms for Navi
- fixed lyra2 kernels for Navi
- fixed logic of --split-job parameter(important fix for mtp-tcr)

- added lyra2tdc
- decreased memory usage for hex(should be possible to increase intensity on some cards and get better hashrate)
- fixed client.reconnect
- fixed crashes in some cases if use --opencl-threads 1

- up to 5% hashrate speedup for mtp/mtp-tcr on Navi gpu's
- fixed x22i incorrect shares
- unlocked 1% dev-fee for mtp-tcr
- increased a bit hashrate for mtp and mtp-tcr on RX and Vega cards
- added parameter --split-job(should be useful for mtp-tcr)
- implemented mtp and mtp-tcr algorithms(Radeon 5700/5700XT support it too)
- new parameter --opencl-less-cpu-load

- fixed x16rv2

- added Radeon 5700/5700XT support for limited list of algorithms
- added support for Vega 11(gfx902)
- implemented x16rv2

- added glt-globalhash algorithm
- implemented --gpu-temp-limit and --gpu-temp-resume parameters
- now additionally to hashrate miner will show GPU temperature, fan speed and uptime
- added parameter --print-power(which will show power consumption per GPU Chip)
- added parameter --benchmark-timeout*

- fixed blake2b family for Linux
- wildkeccak around %1 speed increase
- added --print-devices parameter

- improved blake2b(lower power consumption on pre-Vega gpu's and higher hashrate on Vega gpu's)

- donation for honeycomb now can be reduced to 1%
- slightly improved different algorithms for Vega cards(e.g. honeycomb up to 3%)

- up to 5%-6% faster blake2b-btcc and blake2b-glt
- added skein2(WoodCoin)

- added blake2b-btcc and blake2b-glt algorithms
- fixed gfx907(some Radeon VII gpu's) support

- added just for fun anime algo
- possible fix to crash on Linux
- improved honeycomb up to 3%

- up to 20% faster x25x

- fixed support x25x on Linux
- fixed handling rejects for some pools(e.g. coinfoundry)

- fixed x22i and x25x for Radeon VII
- fixed Tonga support
- re-tuned auto parameters for Baffin's, gfx804 and Hawaii gpu's

- added x25x
- re-tuned auto-parameters to maximize hashrate with new optimizations for x16-family and other complex algorithms(right now only for Tonga, Fiji, RX470/570/RX480/RX580 and Vega cards)

- should be better stability for wildkeccak using --scratchpad-safe-update on some systems
- improved x16-like(Shavite at start), honeycomb and skunkhash

- improved honeycomb
- fixed hex, hmq1725 and some other algorithms hashrate regression
- fixed parameters --scratchpad-safe-update, --scratchpad-full-update, --no-extranonce(they was random if not specified)
- fixed communication with some pools

- continue improve some hashorders for x16 family(JH512 in middle, SIMD at start)
- special improvement for Vega on almost all algorithms(bcd, x16-fmaily, hex, x22i, etc.)
- added parameter --no-extranonce
- added parameter --scratchpad-full-update

- fixed xevan on Vega
- another improve to x16-like algorithms for specific hashorder(SIMD at start)

- added algorithm xevan
- improved speed a bit for some hashorders in x16-like algorithms(CubeHash and Echo at start)
- added parameter --scratchpad-safe-update for wildkeccak algorithm

- added wildkeccak algorithm
- added honeycomb algorithm(since 0.15.6 preview - boost up to 5%)
- improved speed on some hashorders for x16-like algorithms
- interface changes, now real difficulty of shares shown and so on
- tuned auto-parameters for Vega
- fixed Tonga and Bonaire support
- tuned auto parameters for RX550 and for some algorithms for other gpu's
- added support for Lexa RX550(gfx804)
- increased a bit speed of lyra2v3
- added bmw512
- added --diff-factor parameter
- removed diff from accepted message
- fixed support for Fiji and Tonga
- fixed broken Ctrl+C command
- fixed skunkhash

- tweaked lyra2v3 a bit
- fixed x16rt to support GIN coin
- temporary removed mtp algo(will be improved in next releases)
- implemented auto parameter for --opencl-threads and --opencl-launch(will work only for RX460/RX560, RX470/RX570, RX480/RX580 and Vega 56/64)
- now Ctrl+C(closing the miner) works more correctly

- added support for lyra2v3, lyra2vc0ban, glt-astralhash, glt-jeonghash, glt-padihash and glt-pawelhash
- correct shutdown of miner

- added algo x21s, dedal
- correct checking rejects from pools like suprnova
- improved speed of hex, hmq1725, x16r, x16s, x22i

- improved hashrate for hex, hmq1725, sonoa, x16r, x16s, x17, x18 and x22i
- extended accepted/rejected message with number of GPU that solved the share

- added aergo algo
- fixed stability of hashrate

- added x18 algo
- improved speed for x16, x17, hex and other algo's

- increased hashrate for x22i up to 10%
- fixed hashrate drops for x22i
- slight boost for x16r, x16s and x17 algo
- fixed rejects in some cases for x16r, x16s, hex and some timetravel algo's

- speedup for all algo's, up to 10%

- fixed low hashrate on Vega cards
- more improvements to x22i
- now higher intensity can be set

- significant increase of hashrate for x22i algo
- fixed support gfx901
- one more fix for NiceHash support

- fixed random crash after "new job", introduced in 0.12.4
- fixed NiceHash support
- fixed extra nonce subscription
- officially added algorithms x22i, exosis and skunkhash
- fixed hashrate printing per gpu

- added bitcore(timetravel10) algo
- improved hashrate for x16r/x16s/hex algo's when fugue, whirlpool, or skein is first in hashorder
- slight hashrate increase for all algo's where fugue used(e.g. bcd, renesis, a bit higher increase for sonoa and hmq1725)
- implemented colorized hashorder printing for some algo's
- implemented --benchmark parameter
- reworked --opencl-threads, now will work with --opencl-devices correctly
- fixed custom algo support in HiveOS

- slight speedup for bcd
- fixed API for showing correct hashrate when use --opencl-threads
- stripped kernels

- speedup x16r/x16s in some cases on final step
- fixed regress for simd, so should speedup x16r/x16s and return speed for other algos(bcd, sonoa, etc.)
- added hex algo
- now intensity can be set using sgminer-like numbers(old one supported too)
- improved API a bit, now threads contains hashrate per GPU, not per thread, so it should be correct now for HiveOS/etc.
- fixed GPU numbering at start when --opencl-threads used

- regen job now per GPU, should increase poolside hashrate
- added x16r, x16s and timetravel algorithms
- 30% boost for hmq1725
- grouped print of hashrate per GPU when use --opencl-threads parameter
- H/s unit in API instead of kH/s

- slight hashrate improvement
- added x17 algo
- improved pool communication code
- backup pools support(just use --url, --user and --pass as many times as you need)

- fixed regen job(it was working only once per "new job" message)
- optimized phi and renesis a bit
- some changes to kernels for more safe and correct calculations

- some small improvements to renesis, c11, phi, bcd, tribus
- implemented job regen using extra nonce, should be no more "waiting for a new job more than"(pool should support extra nonce subscription, some of GeekCash pools don't support it)
- one more fix to "Duplicate share" problem

- implemented subscribe for extra nonce
- final fix for "Duplicate share"
- implemented support few solved shares per iteration for one GPU

- some minor improvements to hashrate of different algo's
- added c11 and tribus

- critical: fixed sonoa hashing
- fixed sending stale shares
- fixed possible "Duplicate share"
- added phi algo

- fixed support not yiimp-based pools
- significant boost for all algo's
- added geek algo

- fixed rejects after donation mining
- critical: fixed possible stuck at donation mining if miner can't login

- added bcd algo
- improved speed for hmq1725
- a bit more correct share validation for sonoa and renesis
- fixed hmq1725 algo

- added sonoa algo
- implemented --opencl-threads parameter

- added hmq1725 algo
- improved speed for renesis algo
- added gfx900 kernels
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We are Renesis Community !

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September 07, 2018, 11:47:53 AM

Good on you mate. Well done ! = )

Part of Renesis Group but most importantly , part of the community !
andrucrypt (OP)
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September 07, 2018, 08:31:36 PM

Released 0.10.7 beta:
- added hmq1725 algo
- improved speed for renesis algo
- added gfx900 kernels
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Coderz of the Crypto variety

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September 07, 2018, 11:41:48 PM


You're awesome! Thank you very much I know as much as myself and the team appreciate the community does even more! Smiley What a fantastic contribution!

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▓▒░░ Secure Emailing
    ▓▒░░ Site-On-Blockchain
         ▓▒░░ Proof-of-Reliability
▓▒░░ HMQ1725
    ▓▒░░ CryptoCoderz
         ▓▒░░ Bitcointalk ANN
andrucrypt (OP)
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September 08, 2018, 06:50:14 PM

Released 0.10.8 beta:
- added sonoa algo
- implemented --opencl-threads parameter
andrucrypt (OP)
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September 08, 2018, 08:07:49 PM

Updated links, previously wrong kernels were uploaded.
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September 08, 2018, 08:32:00 PM

Great news

Thank you very much for the AMD miner  Grin
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September 08, 2018, 08:44:59 PM

so much reject... on hmq algo
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September 08, 2018, 09:23:03 PM

Great work! Testing it with mining SonoA right now!

andrucrypt (OP)
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September 08, 2018, 09:25:41 PM

so much reject... on hmq algo
Yeah, sorry, broke it with new release. But uploaded fixed version right now Smiley
andrucrypt (OP)
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September 10, 2018, 07:57:12 PM

Released 0.10.9 beta
- added bcd algo
- improved speed for hmq1725
- a bit more correct share validation for sonoa and renesis

ps: see hints for improving hashrate even more
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Online Security & Investment Corporation

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September 10, 2018, 09:12:16 PM


supported algo's:
- renesis
- hmq1725
- sonoa
- bcd


is there any list of supported coin with these algorithms ?

I cannot live, I cannot die, trapped in myself.
Hold my breath as I wish for death. Oh please god, help me !
andrucrypt (OP)
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September 11, 2018, 07:12:02 AM


supported algo's:
- renesis
- hmq1725
- sonoa
- bcd


is there any list of supported coin with these algorithms ?
You can check it on some pools, like icemining Smiley
andrucrypt (OP)
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September 11, 2018, 10:22:56 AM

Released 0.11.0 beta
- fixed rejects after donation mining
- critical: fixed possible stuck at donation mining if miner can't login
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September 11, 2018, 04:21:57 PM

do you plan to make your miner nvidia friendly ?
andrucrypt (OP)
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September 11, 2018, 05:49:56 PM

do you plan to make your miner nvidia friendly ?
Hi, there are plenty of good nvidia miners for these algo's, so I don't plan to support nvidia cards right now Smiley
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September 11, 2018, 06:39:47 PM

Mining Renesis on a Radeon 390 works like a charm. Good job.
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September 11, 2018, 07:19:31 PM

Tested on several hmq1725 pools, 1 accept for at least every 20 rejects.
andrucrypt (OP)
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September 11, 2018, 07:44:31 PM

Tested on several hmq1725 pools, 1 accept for at least every 20 rejects.

Which GPU, coin?
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September 11, 2018, 09:19:47 PM

awaiting Linux build under Ubuntu 16/18
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