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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Qortal - fully decentralized infrastructure - websites,trading,communications on: June 28, 2020, 12:47:07 AM

Please check the wiki or for most updated information! Wiki is updated constantly and there is a TON going on with Qortal!
Qortal Blockchain Project (wiki link)
Discord ‘QORT Project Official’ chat: Discord Chat

Decentralized Internet Infrastructure of the Future + New Coin Distribution Model/Method + Distributed secure Voting System + secure worldwide economic system + from scratch project


* Version 3.0 is now live! Qortal Data Network - public data - decentralized web hosting *

Qortal Core
Qortal Core Downloads

Qortal Core Version 3.3.1 - Qortal Data Network is NOW LIVE - free and unhackable webhosting! DGB and RVN now supported in Trade Portal. (5.25.2022)

Windows Qortal Core Installer
Linux/Mac/Universal Qortal Core Zip

Qortal Core releases Github

If you don't know for sure you're getting the newest, check - or check

Qortal UI
Qortal UI Downloads

Qortal UI version 1.9.2 - websites and data management now live! UI auto-updates are back as well! Dark/light mode, and multiple new supported coins (5.25.22)

Windows UI Installer
Linux UI .appimage file, download, make executable, and run!
Mac UI Installer
Raspberry Pi .appimage file, download, make executable, and run!

Qortal UI releases Github

.deb repo re-activated with auto-updates again (Feb 28th 2022)

After 6+ years of development, the infrastructure of the decentralized Internet of the future is prepared to launch Phase 1 on June 29th 2020!
Active development started in 2016 with the takeover of QORA project. Since then, the QORA codebase has been completely re-written, leaving none of the original QORA code. A completely new platform is born, capable of re-building the Internet entirely, on a entirely unhackable network. Built by the people, for the people!

A Truly 100% Decentralized Concept Unlike Anything Seen Before

Not a single aspect of Qortal’s core as well as core plugins are centralized or require any centralized components. Every person on the network runs a core node and UI application on their individual systems, and accesses the network and services via their own computer.

Qortal’s First ‘Core Application’ is Completed: ‘Q-Chat'

Blockchain-based, Real-Time, encrypted chat platform! Q-Chat is Qortal’s first demonstration of its application hosting aspect. It does not utilize servers for any reason as it utilizes a specialized tx type in Qortal, to send instant messages. Both GROUP and PM messages are possible.

On-Chain Groups System

The Qortal blockchain allows the creation of ON-CHAIN GROUPS WITH ADMINS. These groups can be either public or private, and can be used for multiple purposes. They can be utilized to create 1) a group that is representative of a country for mitigation of illegal content in that country, 2) for those who need to or want to follow ‘the rules’, or 3) for things as simple as public communication groups. There is no limit to the use of the on-chain groups of Qortal. When a group is created, by default a chat in Q-Chat is created for that group. So you can immediately have communication with your group on the chain!


QORT is the name of the Coin that is the ‘main coin’ of the system. QORT will be utilized to power a variety of plugins (applications) on The Qortal Network, and can also be utilized for trading value, etc. The value of the QORT coin is derived from the power of The Qortal Network, and will be reflected in the Trade Portal, and its markets.

Minting System with Leveling

The method of ‘powering the chain’ in Qortal, is called ‘minting’. Minting is essentially the way you ‘prove yourself as a full node and online’ so that you can be rewarded for helping the Qortal Network grow to obtain further strength and reach. Minting is the first leveling-enabled account type of The Qortal Network. Accounts will gain level on the chain, and be able to utilize that level for the voting system, and anything else in the future that the levels are given extra value to. For now, as you level up by minting, you gain a larger portion of the block rewards as seen below:

Levels 1+2 = share 5%
Levels 3+4 = share 10%
Levels 5+6 = share 15%
Levels 7+8 = share 20%
Levels 9+10 = share 25%

 are the people whom without the platform would not have been completed. There are a total of only 13 founders who share 5% plus the leftover % from any of the other level tiers that do not have users.

Original QORA holders
share 20% split between them which is based on the amount of QORA held and burned on QORA chain.

Name Registration System

On The Qortal Network, a user may choose to ‘register a name’. What this consists of, is tying a username to the user’s account. So that instead of using a long string of digits, someone may instead use their registered name to send coin, messages, etc. Name registration is now also utilized for Qortal Data Network and hosting websites tied to the registered names. The next feature regarding names will be the 'names market' where you will be able to build entire 'brands' and sell them on Qortal, along with the name, data, app, git repo, content, and followers of the name, ALL AT ONCE! The future internet is BORN!

Group Transactions

In a similar fashion to the method by which the auto-update transactions are carried out on The Qortal Network, other transactions may take place as well. A group can decide upon group creation, how many blocks until their transaction may be approved, and how long an unapproved transaction will sit on the chain unapproved before disappearing. They can also choose how many admins need to approve the transaction, in percentage. For example, in order for an auto-update transaction to be approved, 20% of the developer group on the chain, must approve the transaction within 1 day of the initial transaction being put up. If that doesn’t take place, then the transaction doesn’t ever go out, and the update doesn’t take place.

Inbuilt liquidity

QORT can be traded for other assets such as Litecoin, DigiByte, DogeCoin, and RavenCoin - Now LIVE on the Trade Portal! (ARRR Pirate Chain support coming soon.)

Completely Decentralized Cross-Chain Trade Portal

The Trade Portal of Qortal, (and what has given Qortal its name) is a ‘market’ where users may trade DIRECTLY from one blockchain to another. LTC is now live on the Trade Portal - trade DIRECT from LTC to QORT with NO THIRD PARTY utilizing cross-chain trades with CIYAM ATs.
Below is an image that explains the trade process in the Trade Portal.

Native LTC Support & Other Decentralized Coins

BTC/LTC/DOGE/RVN/DGB/QORT now supported in wallets, LTC, RVN, DGB, and DOGE are supported in Trade Portal.

The QORTector is a 100% open source device built specifically to run Qortal - for details.

QORTector network security and node device completed - Gen 2 device complete now as well, for raspberry pi 4.

Blockchain Hosted Websites, Communication & Other Applications

Qortal Data Network is NOW LIVE! Free and unhackable webhosting, apps, and much more now possible!

Community-Based Voting & Level System To Measure Influence

Voting System will go live once self-sponsorship issue has been taken care of. Self-sponsorship is being addressed now.

For The People, By The People With Endless Possibilities!


The codebase for Qortal initially started as the QORA coin codebase. QORA had launched in 2014 and was completely custom written. Since the current team takeover of QORA in 2016, EVERYTHING HAS BEEN COMPLETELY REWRITTEN  along with the addition of many new features or previous features done in a different fashion.

So why is Qortal not QORA?

Unfortunately, there were a number of factors with QORA which made it less rewarding to pursue development opposed to the new Qortal. Factors such as a  slightly messy codebase that made development very difficult in comparison to what we have now and a convoluted amount of coins which devalued the project’s true worth (not to mention an unethical event where centralized exchanges lost QORA holder’s coins and a massive amount of coins remain ‘unavailable’). After considering the flawed aspects of QORA as well as Bitcoin today in comparison to the original white paper, Qortal has and will continue to be carefully designed to provide the world with a 100% decentralized blockchain concept that improves the way we make use of the Internet and blockchain technology!

In 2016, the Qortal team took over QORA development with plans to re-release QORA as QORA2. Qortal was originally conceived to be solely a 100% decentralized trade portal (utilizing ACCT ATs by ). However, as time went on, the decision was made to merge the two projects into a single, completely re-written codebase to be called Qortal with ‘QORT’ as the ticker for Qortal’s coin.

Qortal is a custom-written and decentralized (fully P2P in all aspects) platform with a core that is capable of a great multitude of functionality.

On top of that, a completely custom web-based user interface (UI) platform that is focused on ease-of-use and simplistic presentation will allow users to easily understand and make use of the complex core with little effort. It will be one of the only completely written-from-scratch projects in the blockchain space. This means it is not a clone of any other platform! There were certain aspects of QORA that were kept, however, nearly everything in the system is completely new. For the portions of QORA that were kept, they were improved upon however deemed necessary to enhance the functionality desired.[/size]

The First Of Many Great Ideas

Those who are in support of the concept of decentralization will certainly be interested in Qortal. The platform is meant to never contain any aspect of centralization! This includes never needing a centralized platform to provide essential services like trading and to be capable of more than any other P2P system that has come before it.

The platform will have a completely decentralized trade portal that allows completely p2p trades in a fashion unlike any done before. The trades actually take place DIRECTLY FROM ONE BLOCKCHAIN TO ANOTHER. There is no need for any centralized control, or even temporary ownership of user coins. The Trade Portal will allow AUTOMATED creation of SmartContract Controlled Trades, execution of trades in a similar fashion to a centralized exchange, with NO centralized aspect whatsoever. The Trade Portal IS NOW LIVE WITH LTC and DOGE SUPPORT!

This platform may well begin the process of rebuilding the internet without any centralized control!

The implementation of a fair voting system that is based on contribution by users to the network and its usability by others seems to be the fairest way to ensure anyone can get involved without sacrificing the security and stability a truly decentralized project like this will demand. Especially when it comes to addressing illicit attempts on the network which need to be sanctioned or removed all together. There will be a ‘level’ system on certain account types which will allow the weight of votes to be based on the amount of input the user gives toward the overall system’s functionality and usability. No longer will votes be weighted and based on the amount of coin a user has. We don’t want any person or entity to have the opportunity to manipulate their way into this new design and potentially sabotage the good intent/stability of its conception!

In other words, with the creation of the custom leveling/influence system, comes the ability to build a truly decentralized community-run economic system within the network. The ability to create ‘committees’ of users focused on any aspect of the system that may require some sort of oversight, such as the concept of ‘illicit activity’ is also well within the scope of the platform’s functionality.

Qortal has REMOVED ALL RELIANCE UPON MONEY in terms of a user's 'influence' on the network. Never again will 'money=power'. Within The Qortal Network, users are only as influential as they decide to be, and input the effort necessary to become.

Qortal aims to be the new completely decentralized internet infrastructure, for the future world.

Qortal Hardware

The QORTector device is 100% open-source both in terms of hardware and software. We have 2 Generations of the Qortector available for orange pi prime and raspberry pi 4 -

Genesis Starts on Monday June 29th

Phase 1 – The Launch & Network Growth Phase

Phase 1 Launch Base Features

(items with * are not for sure yet)
  • QORT Coin (main coin of the platform)
  • Shared Minter Rewards (reward-share transactions)
  • QORTector Device (Gen 1) (
  • Minting & Rewards for Securing Blockchain
  • Minter Creation via ‘Sponsorship’
  • Leveling for Minters
  • Voting System Based on Level
  • QORA Asset / Transition at 250 QORA to 1 QORT Ratio (250:1)
  • Custom Web Based UI Platform
  • Simple Account Creation
  • Secure Access Through Local or Hosted Nodes
  • *Asset System for Asset/Token Creation*
  • *Asset Exchange for Trade of Assets to Qortal*(Trade Portal is QORT trade to other coins, assets are on-chain on Qortal blockchain and hence natively tradeable.)
  • *Built-in Block Explorer*
  • *Code Repo on Qortal Itself*
  • Qortal Data Network and webhosting is now LIVE!

Project Launch Phases Overview

(All Phases after Phase 1 will be pushed in an auto-update to the system)

Phase 1(in progress and now on to phase 2)Genesis Network Launch, Minter Accounts with Leveling, Voting System, Basic Network Functionality, and Trading with LTC.
Phase 2 (current phase)  LTC/QORT and DOGE/QORT markets LIVE - Voting system for Taking votes and suggestions on next coins to list - in progress.
Phase 3 QDN - Qortal Data Network - LIVE NOW! Qortal makes history today Jan 14th 2022!pushed in an auto-update – Data Storage, Data Nodes, Data SuperNodes, Web Hosting for client side languages.
Phase 4pushed in a future auto-update – Blogs, Social Media, Communication with Rewards and Levels for content creators.

Features Planned and Status TLDR

Planned Update development status (complete / in progress / not started yet / completion & update estimate)

Trade PortalLTC active! - NOW LIVE

QrowdFund Decentralized Crowdfunding with LTC supportBack End and SmartContract Complete with automation of creation – Front End built in QORA; needs transferring to the new hosting method in QORTPlanned for after Phase 2 implementation. A previous QORA application and SmartContract system that allows for decentralized automated CrowdFunding. With added support for BTC/LTC thanks to native BTC/LTC support in Qortal.

Committees and FundsComplete . Allow users to create funds with shared contribution from Minters or creation of committees (groups) for various use cases within the system, clubs and so on.

Data Storage / Data Nodes and Data SuperNodes now live Planned for Phase 3. Qortal Data Network is NOW LIVE WITH WEBHOSTING FOR FREE! Completely unhackable and free website hosting is now possible from within the Qortal UI!

Decentralized Code Repo (on Qortal itself) Planned for Phase 3. ]Hosting the code repo on the platform itself for no reliance upon centralized services for code updates.

Public Decentralized GitHub Repo for Other Projects Planned around Phase 3. Hopefully the first ‘hosted app’ on the platform. Allowing others to utilize Qortal’s decentralized network for their GitHub repos.

Web HostingNOW LIVE. Qortal Data Network is now live, with webhosting and client side language support! Come build your website on Qortal for FREE now!

Blogs/Social Media with Rewards Planned for Phase 4. Allowing users to post blog posts and be rewarded for the content. Other users can vote on the content and increase the content creator’s level to receive larger rewards and higher influence. This also needs more thought for the details of the system as far as where rewards will come from/counterparts. Modification of block rewards may be necessary during this phase.

Application Hosting Planned for after Phase 4. (for non-core apps) Core apps are already supported, and first app 'Q-Chat' is live and will run on mainnet on June 29th JavaScript applications are already supported, but the Q-Apps plugin will be developed shortly with more features.

QORA Transition

Since the current team took over the QORA development, it was decided that allowing QORA to ‘transition’ into QORT was appropriate. Users who held QORA will be able to ‘transition’ onto the Qortal chain and into the QORT coin; QORA will not be usable in Qortal. Burning QORA by sending the coin to the QORA genesis account enables users to obtain Qortal via the QORA Transition.

20% of every block’s reward, regardless of who minted it or whether the QORA Transition User is a minter or not, will be distributed to the QORA Transition Users. The amount of each 20% payment a user will receive is based upon the amount of QORA they burned (giving them a ‘weight’ as the 20% is split among the total amount of QORA Transition Users). The QORA asset on Qortal is given to the Transition Users to denote the total amount of coin they burned. At the point that the ratio of 250 QORA to 1 QORT (250:1) is reached, the transition is then complete and that user is no longer rewarded from that 20% of the block reward for every future block.

USERS WHO DO NOT BURN THEIR QORA PRIOR TO THE QORTAL PHASE 1 LAUNCH AND START OF THE BLOCKCHAIN WILL NOT HAVE A CHANCE TO DO SO IN THE FUTURE! The information must be in the genesis block in order to be executed in a totally decentralized fashion. Therefore, the burn must take place prior to the launch.

QORT coin (Main coin)

Initial Block Reward is 5 QORT. Block reward occurs on an average of 60 seconds. This number will decrease every 6 months until reaching 2 QORT where it will stay unless voted to modify.
Reward Schedule and Reduction

  { "height": 1, "reward": 5.00 },
        { "height": 259201, "reward": 4.75 },
        { "height": 518401, "reward": 4.50 },
        { "height": 777601, "reward": 4.25 },
        { "height": 1036801, "reward": 4.00 },
        { "height": 1296001, "reward": 3.75 },
        { "height": 1555201, "reward": 3.50 },
        { "height": 1814401, "reward": 3.25 },
        { "height": 2073601, "reward": 3.00 },
        { "height": 2332801, "reward": 2.75 },
        { "height": 2592001, "reward": 2.50 },
        { "height": 2851201, "reward": 2.25 },
        { "height": 3110401, "reward": 2.00 }[/size]

No Total Coin Cap on QORT, every ‘6 months’ there is a decrease in block reward from its start at 5 coins, by .25, until 2 coins is the reward. That is, unless a vote is made with the suggestion of an increase, which is also possible by submission of a proposal in the system and subsequent vote. The potential for an increase of up to 1 coin per block is possible via vote, however, this type of vote can only take place one time per ‘year’ (in blocks).

For More Information

To learn more about the Qortal Project, please check out the wiki page at: as well as join us on Discord ‘QORT Project Official’ chat: JOIN THE QORTAL OFFICIAL DISCORD SERVER

community user has created us a bunch of forum bbcode signatures open source free to use. Thank you!
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / ANN-QORT device Gen 1-HARDWARE-completely custom blockchain-ACCT, hosting,net... on: October 07, 2019, 01:12:23 AM
Hardware - you can now order with BTC directly on the QORT website, first 100 orders are the lowest possible price.


(above image is hosted on the decentralized network of QORA, the project that founded some of the initial concepts for the Qortal Network)
If you would like to see for yourself and have a QORA wallet installed check here:
If you do not have a QORA wallet installed you can access by bouncing through a hosted node like this:
The core concepts of the decentralized web with QORA are still there and what we've done with Qortal
completely enhances them. We are very excited to finally launch our project that is now well over 3.5 years in development.
Written COMPLETELY FROM SCRATCH. 'Excited' is not even close to adequately portraying our current mood!

Introducing: The QORT Device (Gen 1) 'qroTecTor' router and security device

Secure your existing internet connected devices & prepare for the new internet of the Qortal Project (wiki link)
This announcement is solely for the hardware device pre-sale. The Qortal Project itself will have a separate announcement page posted shortly.

There is no pre-sale related to the 'coin' of the Qortal Project as we believe that to be an incorrect manner of doing things. Therefore the only thing that will have a pre-sale is the hardware device itself.

The Qortal Project will launch with a completely clean blockchain starting at block 0 with 0 QORT tokens. Then the minters of the project will be the ones to attain the first QORT tokens,

along with the users who have continued to hold and support QORA (that will be transitioned over to the QORT blockchain).


A blockchain-focused network security device that has been built completely open source. The QORT Device features are unlike anything ever seen before on any type of device - let alone a router! This includes access to the QORT blockchain and all QORT services by default, the ability to utilize non-blockchain related features, the ability to replace your existing router and pay for your internet service cost and security beyond that of any router, DNS, firewall, cloud storage, file transfer protocol (FTP), internet relay chat (IRC), web access, media access, etc..

We are looking for collaborators with any skill relevant to the project to contribute! If you have skill in art, 3D printing or anything else that you feel may be relevant to the project, please reach out! We will list your name on all websites, announcements, etc. related to the project as well as provide you with a device for your own personal use FREE OF CHARGE (given the success of the pre-sale if it is anything as we imagine it will be)! Come assist a community focused project with a goal of world decentralization and open source domination!

New cases arrived, multiple colors. Mesh will be installed under top portion as seen in pictures below. More pictures coming soon. Check the website as well


  • Open Source Coding & Hardware
  • Access To The Built-From-Scratch Blockchain Project "Qortal" (QORT) - including all features therein (more info below and on wiki - model section).
  • Community Focused and Contribution-Based Development - with a team currently helping things along.
  • Default QORT Full Node Pre-Installed - including optional ability to be a minter on the network which makes the device pay for itself.
  • Huge List of Non-Blockchain Services & Features - see below for more details.
  • BTC & Other CoinD Wallets On-Demand - even without accessing QORT itself, spawn BTC and other CoinD daemons directly in the device.
  • Local Hardware Wallet Security - do not worry about your wallets, they are safe and you are in control.
  • Enhanced Security for All of Your Network Devices - protecting you from all of the newest 'old internet' threats by default.
  • Access To The ‘New Internet’ Services Hosted on Qortal - through the QORT Network, gain access to a massive list of fully decentralized services on any device without installing anything.
  • ACCT Cross-Chain Trade Portal for BTC/QORT trades - including other supported coins, QORT assets and user-created tokens as implemented and created by the development team, votes and users of the Qortal Network.
  • Easy-to-Use UI for QORT Device, Networking and QORT Access - everyone needs something that is easy to use, right?
  • Pre-Configured QORT Node, Network Setup Walk-Thru, etc. - again, for ease-of-use and functionality.


The Qortal Project has been in development for many years after the team took over QORA development in 2016. Since then, the team has been silently working on both the QORT Network platform and the ideas for the QORT Device.

There have been a lot of contributions made over the years with respect to the concept and development of this project. Now after many years of work, both the QORT Project itself and the QORT Device are nearly ready to be released to the public!

It is our great pleasure to finally show you all what we have been hard at work on!


Given the fully open source nature of every aspect of the hardware and software, we would like to provide the opportunity for any member of the community to contribute to any aspect of the project. The current development team behind the project believe that the key to success in the open source world is to not limit the development of a project to that of a singular team or company. Therefore everything we are working on is open to anyone who has a valuable asset that could be added to the project.

Multiple contributors have already helped to conceive the initial ideas for the Qortal Project and hardware. We would like to continue that notion by leaving an open invitation to anyone with interest in helping us with the overall goal of decentralizing everything on the internet!

If you’re interested in assisting in any aspect, please reach out and we will be happy to add your name to the list of contributors at the bottom of any and all publications we put out as well as list you on the website when complete.

We believe that in order to compete with the ‘big boys’ we must work together - building the best possible solutions with as much community contribution as possible. We already have proof that this method works with the release of the QORT Device and the Qortal Project nearing completion very soon.

We hope to entice as many contributors as we can and build the most dedicated open source community project in history!


The QORT Device is built completely by open source - both it’s hardware and software. It is built to be a full node on the QORT Network with the option to be a ‘Minting Node’, which will bring rewards to the owner on the QORT Network. The minimum specification of the device is Quad Core ARM Cortex A53 with NEON, FPU and dedicated Java acceleration. It is our dream that the device will provide it’s owners with features beyond that of any other while simultaneously providing access to an extremely advanced blockchain network. This includes rewards to pay for internet service costs!

This open source hardware router/node/wallet is an all-in-one solution with more security and features than any other device, period. This easy-to-use package comes with automatically configured blockchain node, network configuration and immediate security for your entire home as well as access to a totally new, fully secure, blockchain-hosted network unlike anything seen before.

The QORT Device offers a copy and paste command mechanism to add / remove firewall rules and allow / disallow services on and from the router aspect. New UI function and features will also be added as development continues and more support is attained.

The open hardware used is ever evolving and there will be variants available such as 32-bit or 64-bit with different single board computers (Raspberry Pi hardware will not be used due to it‘s severe limitations, bottlenecks and port limits / expandability).


(Up-to all mentioned)

On-Demand CoinD - I.E. Bitcoin and Litecoin with web wallet for BTC local on the device. For BitcoinD, a USB expandable storage required as on-board 128GB limit is allocated for personal storage.
QORT Direct Access - access to the QORT Network and all services.
Automatic QORT Node Setup - your node comes pre-installed and ready to work.
Nextcloud - local secure file storage, automated sync / backup and more.
MiniDLNA - a server software with the aim of being fully compliant with DLNA / UPnP clients. The MiniDNLA daemon serves media files (music, pictures and video) to clients on a network. Example clients include applications such as totem and xbmc as well as devices such as portable media players, smartphones and televisions.
VPN Server or Client Gateway with One Command Connect
Hostapd for Wifi Access Point
TV Headend - TV streaming service.
Dynamic DNS Client
Torrent Server - download & save on external media via USB interface.
Web Server - host your websites utilizing the device with Apache + PhP + mySQL.
FTP / SCP Local Server
Office Suite Server for OpenOffice Docs - supports MS doc formats as well.
Game: Minecraft Server - that's right, even a Minecraft server add-on!
Mumble VoIP Server - secure encrypted voice/video and push to talk communications server.
Pihole Adblocker - or Bind9.
Bind9 - your own DNS over https / recursive or forwarder.
Personal Tor Router with Socks5 Proxy - tunnel your blockchain and browsing traffic through it for your home / office LAN or CoinD directly from the router itself (this is the best real anonymous practice today).
OpenHAB - smart home suite.
UrBackup - similar to Apple’s Time Capsule.
Extreme Security for All of Your Network Devices - protection against all of the newest CPU and BIOS level threats that allow attackers to remotely control all systems with processors built pre-2019.

Limitless Expandability - there is no limit of what feature can be added. If it is Unix friendly, it can be added provided it's source code exists. For example, G-Wan web server only provides binaries so it can’t be ported on the device but a legendary IRC Client BitchX can be ported.


QORT Full Node Functionality - completely decentralized blockchain based functions.
Trade Portal - decentralized coin and asset trading using ACCT.
Direct Cross-Chain Trades
Direct BTC Wallet - including other coins when added.
Minting System - earn rewards, pay for your internet service cost, use features of the QORT Network and more!
Leveling System
Create Your Own Assets / Tokens - for any use case and trade with BTC or other coins.
Voting System - for System Changes / Updates; democratic economy with influence based on contribution to the network.
Voting for Varying Block Rewards
Delegation for Fund Creation & Committees Creation - create committees to help regulate the system fairly between users.
Decentralized Website / Blog Hosting
Decentralized Encrypted Communications
Decentralized Features Without Limitations
Decentralized Application Development & Hosting
All QORT Services Are Decentralized - you can access them via localhost.


Yes, we've already built it! You're not buying vaporware! The following videos are taken by the development team of the original prototype device. You can see the device's streaming service as well as the minting being done on the testnet for the QORT Network.

MINTING - QORT Device - testnet (Sept 2019)

STREAMING - QORT Device - streaming service function (sept 2019)


new case with mesh behind top portion.

final design for the case, with LED lighting as seen in above render

The QORT main http page and menu.



In order to get the QORT Device into the hands of the people, we have decided to do a pre-sale. Since we are doing this without any outside investment and have already built a prototype that is running the QORT testnet as well as all other listed features, we feel a pre-sale is an acceptable method of distribution.

Ordering now possible with BTC DIRECT ON THE QORT website -
Also - now the first 100 orders are given at the lowest possible price!

Given the costs of the hardware alone for the device ($125 at the time of this announcement) we believe a fair price for the initial pre-sale is as follows:

First 25 100 orders verified with payment received will pay $180 (US dollars paid in BTC or LTC) for the fully customized device with Qortal Node setup and all above features ready.

Next 50 100 orders verified with payment received will pay $225 (US dollars paid in BTC or LTC) for the fully customized device with Qortal Node setup and all above features ready.

Final pre-sale price will be the current retail price of $250 (US dollars paid in BTC or LTC).

If you are interested, please reply to this thread to mark your interest. Only people who pay are counted in the first x number of users.

BTC address (do not send to ANY other address or reply to any PMs. Anyone who PMs you regarding this is likely trying to scam you!) - 16VNPuEs7YrNrSQfXV699iRKpb89awvZ3G
LTC address (do not send to ANY other address or reply to any PMs, anyone PMing you regarding this is likely trying to scam you!) - Lc3ywiRAkB3gd7Q4BU6odbF22xYscfgvpX

All proceeds from the sales will go toward future development of both new devices and the Qortal Project itself.

Estimated Delivery - delivery estimates will be posted after pre-sale funds have been received. Delivery will happen ASAP.*

What's Included In Delivery - Pre-sale purchasers will receive the QORT Device with a custom case that is delivered to their address anywhere in the world (shipping is extra on top of the base price and calculated accordingly).


The QORT Project as well as the QORT Device project have had many wonderful contributors to help it get to where it is today. Again, if you would like to be a contributor, simply reach out to us with what you are able to bring to the table and we’ll add you to this list! The following is the ever-growing list:

Permanent Development Team

crowetic - Crowetic Computers, LLC. - QORT project team leader, infrastructure, networking, server management, hardware, device / software testing, confusing the public and community announcements.

dmax - pure madness, hardware prototyping, firmware development, software portage, services deployment and full time TROLL.

CIYAM - automated transactions, cross-chain technology, development consulting, idea creation and extreme brains.

catbref - main QORT coder, all around badass, ability to do what most cannot and from-scratch java master.

irontiga - main QORT UI developer, from-scratch UI coding and comic relief.

farmboy - publication editing, hardware sales, manufacturing manager, getting info where it should be, product testing and keeping dmax supplied with memes to keep his focus.

gfactor - business development, marketing, sales, content creation, publications and keeping the dmax troll happy / engaged before he goes full-troll then forgets how to work.

Other Contributors

Sawyer - Everyday Surplus LLC. - 3D printing / case design assistance.


Interview - crowetic explains some information about the Qortal Project -
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / -ANN- **NEW ANN** - POLYTIMOS - no ICO, no Premine, No nonsense - community on: February 27, 2019, 07:18:59 PM
**PLEASE NOTE - This is a new ANN creation for POLY (polytimos) project, due to the initial creators reaching out letting me know the account had issues, and asking if I would re-create it. I have taken it upon myself to do so, since I love community focused community developed projects, and we are developing the first service provider POLYSHIELD that is going live in the coming days.


we are anonymous
(name means 'very precious' in Latin. We will provide it with the means to live up to its name!)
we are anonymous

NEW algo, beginning CPU mined, looking to progress very similarly to Bitcoin. Organic growth, and natural community developed progression from CPU to other platforms with which to mine.

New, intensive, long-lasting algorithm.
 No IPO, no pre-mine, no insta-mine.

There are too many crypto-currencies these days that have forgotten what it is to be truly decentralized.

There are too many projects looking to start an ICO, make a ton of money right away, then slowly (if ever) finish their project. But, would YOU work if you had already been paid? The answer in most cases, is no.

This is why we believe that the way to launch something truly decentralized, and fair to all, is to do so with a ninja launch, without an ICO, pre-mine, or insta-mine, and with anonymous development.

This will lead to a strong, stable coin backed by many people. More decentralized, more powerful.

The knowledge of Bitcoin only furthers the power of a coin launched in this manner, as more people will see it at the beginning, allowing the growth to be natural and starting with a larger core group. Think of it like Bitcoin, but faster (in terms of how progression should take place.)

Introducing, Polytimos… The project built by anyone, for anyone.

Have you ever felt left out of the Bitcoin movement? Here's your chance to not be. Polytimos has taken all of the best and most fundamental parts of Bitcoin and launched them in a time where many more people are familiar with crypto-currencies and their potential, with a location where people are already looking for new project launches.

This will allow Polytimos to adopt true decentralization, by having more people in the beginning who are aware of the project. More miners in a more diversified collective finding the project near launch, and mining the coins all over the globe.

More nodes to come all over the globe sooner, to last longer, and create an extremely large and solid worldwide network that can be used by anyone, for any purpose they deem worthy.

To have a ‘team’ dedicated to the development, not only limits the amount of development that can be done, but also limits the use cases, usability, functionality, etc., of the project.

Polytimos DOES have people that will help it along (at least at the beginning…) but, it does NOT have a paid team that will be the only team to develop the project. Instead, it will have a totally anonymous development team that will lay the groundwork for anyone and everyone to take the project and adapt it to whatever means they see necessary.

This is how the Polytimos creators would like to see things. Everyone who wants to do something and needs a decentralized platform with which to do so, may use Polytimos with which to accomplish their goal.

We believe that the reason Bitcoin got as big as it is, is because it was launched this way. Allowing anyone and everyone to become part of ‘the team’ of Bitcoin. We want Polytimos to be this way, everyone should view Polytimos as ‘their project’ and care for it that way.

POLYSHIELD - FIRST POLYTIMOS SERVICE - MASTERNODE HOSTING AND SHARING / STAKE POOL / more coming - dedicated to providing value to polytimos and other partner projects. Contact @crowetic for information and possibility of listing other coins!

POLYSHIELD IS GOING LIVE - you can register now at

Service utilizes a new method of anti-bot registration utilizing the polytimos blockchain. In order to register, you must send a transaction on the chain, and provide the txid to the service. If anyone needs assistance, contact @crowetic


The new, intensive, miner-focused algorithm that Polytimos uses, was built with longevity in mind. It was built to allow miners to mine longer on the same hardware, and to eventually run the entire gamut of mining options, (just as Bitcoin did,) however, most likely in an accelerated fashion.

The coin creators will only provide the first CPU miner. This allows anyone and everyone to mine the new algorithm, and allows Polytimos to begin just as Bitcoin did, mined on every individual CPU.

This also allows for other developers to jump in, and develop other miners, to keep the competition and miner excitement going for the project. The coin creators love to see the ambition and love of the mining community coming towards something they have put their effort into, and would love to see their decentralized theory taking place real-time.

In order to be as fair as possible to everyone, and not allow any sort of pre-mine, or other nonsense that is so rampant in the space, the algorithm's DGW difficulty adjustment, kicks in at block 50.
The blocks will NOT start moving until AFTER the announcement is posted and the miner is available to everyone.

EVERYTHING that is provided, is provided to EVERYONE at the SAME TIME. This is the only way something can be TRULY fair.

Community makes or breaks a project. The creators of Polytimos would like to have one of the strongest ‘hardcore’ decentralization fanatics’ community on the planet. After all, the project was built to be one of the most fully decentralized in existence.

The community should always keep this in mind, and only build things for Polytimos that would further its reach and help to keep it as decentralized as possible.

Build anything and everything on top of this proven coin core, and know that whatever it is, it runs upon the strongest possible network. Or at least, this is the plan.

There will be community site and community discord put together by some of the coin creators at launch, however, this does not mean that these should be the only in existence. The creators would love to see many new communities, many new websites, services, and any possible ideas, spring forth from the humble start that is Polytimos.

The world is YOUR oyster, Polytimos community!

Anyone and everyone who would like to contribute to Polytimos, DO IT! There is no limitation on what can and will be accomplished, the only limitations are those imposed upon yourselves! If you have been waiting for a ‘canvas’ on which your decentralized ‘art’ will be placed, look no further!

Build atop an extremely solid platform backed by an algorithm that is very likely to last a VERY long time, and surprise many people.

Name - Polytimos

(pronounciation - poh-lee'-tēe-mOs)

Ticker - POLY

NEW algorithm - polytimos

(built from the following with longevity in mind)[/size]


Mining Rewards Structure:

Blocks 1 - 800,000 - 300coins/block

After block 800,000 - PoW/PoS Hybrid with 100coins/block PoW

PoS reward - 8%

Block Time - 3 minutes

Total (PoW) Supply - 550M - Main polytimos website and information page. - FIRST polytimos-focused service providers, providing a MasterNode sharing service, stakepool, and more services to be launched as well. Site is now in public beta and looking for users to join up and try it out.

(see POLYSHIELD announcement below for more information.)

POLY IS LISTED ON CRYPTO-BRIDGE - (decentralized exchange) [/size][/color]

See the how-to on using and registering for Crypto-Bridge here... - EXPLORER CURRENTLY BEING REBUILT

Source and binaries -

Direct binary links on top of website -


original GPU MINER (sgminer) AMD/NVIDIA -

ENEMY GPU miner for nVidia (recommended miner for nVidia) - Enemy Miner ANN page (link)


pool owners please list your pool along with bat file for ccminer and sgminer example. Pool start date, and any other relevant information, and pool will be listed here, along with the information.

POLYTIMOS TEAM recommended POOL (run by @crowetic and team -

ccminer-polytimos ( example:

-a poly -o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=POLY

--other pools--

Protopool info -

-a polytimos -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET_ADDRESS -p c=POLY

 You can now mine Polytimus at  autoexchange mining pool at 0.5% fee. Please use following commands for different mining options
 Option 1 Auto coin switch by profitability within algorithm with payment to wallet
-o stratum+tcp:// -u <YOURBTCWALLET> -p c=BTC

 Option 2 Direct coin mining to coin wallet
-o stratum+tcp:// -u <YOURPOLYWALLET> -p c=POLY,mc=POLY

 Option 3 Direct coin mining with autoexchange to specified coin wallet
-o stratum+tcp:// -u <YOURBTCWALLET> -p c=BTC,mc=POLY

 Please note mc stands for mining coin symbol, c stand for payout coin symbol
 Autoexchange to BTC, LTC, DASH or any other currency we mine
 Happy mining,
  cheers pinpin

(message me with your pool to be listed here.)

4  Economy / Computer hardware / crowetic garage sale 1 - GPUs/Mobos/etc Lots to look at! on: July 05, 2018, 07:21:14 PM
Hello everyone, been a while since I've posted here in the hardware section, but I've got a lot of stuff available that I think I'd like to get rid of.

Will take BTC, LTC, or basically any alt that has value, and will consider deals for multiple items. I have a LOT more so feel free to ask if I have things you need. I have tons of stuff. Thanks! I will post other threads once I get to the rest of my stuff I'm looking to be rid of.

GPUs - I have mostly AMD 480s that I'm looking to be rid of, a lot more will be posted in the next few days as I dismantle a few more things.

-- First, I have 8 'new' cards that I got from RMA, so they're not in original boxes, but they're brand new back from factory RMA.

* I have 4 Sapphire 480 4GB cards (picture) - $300 OBO (these are 'new' from RMA)

* I have 4 'new' Sapphire 470 4GB Nitro+ Dual Bios as well. - $275 OBO

-- I have a TON of used cards that have never been overclocked and run great. I will list them slowly, as I have a TON. First here's a couple.

I have a reference version PowerColor 480 8GB - $175 OBO

I have some motherboards for sale as well.

-- MSI Gaming Pro Carbon RGB (Z170A gaming pro carbon socket 1151) - (motherboard was ordered refurbished and never used.) - $150 OBO

Power Supplies - More will come, I have stuff in 3 different locations that I'm gathering up.

-- Corsair HX1050 Good Condition - $150 OBO

-- NICE USB 3.0 controller card - Sonnet Allegro USB 3.0 4-port controller extremely nice, BRAND NEW - $150 OBO

-- Hard Drives (external) (only posted picture of one of them as there's a lot and I don't want to take pics of them all, but let me know if you'd like them.)

4TB Seagate External HDD (barely used, pretty sure I have the original box.) - $100 OBO

3TB Seagate External HDD (barely used, pretty sure I have the original box.) - $60 OBO

8TB Seagate External HDD (barely used, once again pretty sure I have original box.) - $160 OBO

I have a lot of these, various sizes and types, WD, Seagate, 3, 4, 6, 8 TB, etc.

5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Pools (Altcoins) / [ANN] - new multi-coin pool CRYPTOPOOL.PARTY! - The Crypto Pool Party! LCC LIVE! on: February 20, 2018, 03:32:41 AM

I would like to announce a new pool run by myself and my extended team!

The Crypto Pool Party!

We are Full-Time crypto entrepreneurs focused on finding new coins with speculative and future value.


We add new coins to the pool frequently and are always available for assistance. We are full-time after all!


-Run by 100% full-time cypto entrepreneurs
-US based (Houston, TX DataCenter)
-Dedicated admins
-Total Transparency, NO HIDDEN FEES!
-Discord support server
-Constant new coin additions and speculation additions.
-Solid server with 99.9% uptime and synchronous 1Gb/s line (adding backup servers as well)
-Custom firewall with DDOS/attack mitigation.
-YIIMP based no registration needed.


sha256 - DGB (digibyte) , LCC (LitecoinCash) - NEW!

x16r - RVN (RavenCoin)

skein - CURV (CurveCoin) , FRM (Ferrum) , ARGO (ArgoCoin)

x11 - POLIS (PolisCoin) **new coin to be added soon for x11

scrypt - MOUSE (MouseCoin) , SAGA  (SagaCoin)

- KREDS (KredsCoin)

- BWK (Bulwark)

polytimos - POLY(T) (Polytimos)

New coins being added all the time! Come to our Discord server for all the most updated info!



example for skein below...

-o stratum+tcp:// -u (WALLET for CURVE or any skein coin) -p c=CURV (for curve) or c=ARGO (for argo)

you can also specify d=(number) for difficulty specification.[/size]


6  Economy / Computer hardware / Buying 1070ti, 1070, 1080ti GPUs, would consider others as well on: January 04, 2018, 01:50:50 AM
Hello all, as the title states I'm looking to buy some GPUs, if you have some, let me know what you have, however the most interesting to me are the following...

1070 nVidia
1070ti nVidia
1080ti nVidia

potentially these as well...

AMD 480
AMD 470
AMD 570
AMD 580

however, I'm less interested in the AMD cards than I am the nVidia ones.

pricing will vary based on the use and condition, etc. But I will pay fair prices.

Let me know what you have, and its condition and previous use, pictures are a plus. and I'll give my offer. Thanks!
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Looking to talk to the LTC developers on: February 01, 2017, 03:55:07 AM

    I'm wondering if anyone has any information on who I can reach out to in order to speak with a Litecoin developer... I'm in the process of working out a new project, and I've come across what I believe to be a bug in LTC -regtest (internal testnet setup)...

Until this bug is handled, my project is going to be moving along much slower than I would like it to be, so if someone can please let me know who I can reach out to for some assistance with this, that would be great.

8  Economy / Computer hardware / Testing waters - gauging interest - 2 AntMiner S7's on: November 15, 2016, 05:22:01 PM
I've got 2 antminer S7's, one with 2 fans one with 1, I don't recall what batches they're from, but they are both 4.7TH I believe... I've not run the 2 fan one more than about 10 minutes because I simply don't have the location I thought I was going to in order to effectively run it.

The other I know is 4.7 but I've kept it underclocked.

They're both in full working order.

Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks!
9  Economy / Computer hardware / AlienWare m15x laptop for sale - 8 core i7 (HT), 8GB RAM, nvidia, 256SSD on: August 14, 2016, 03:49:51 AM
I've got an AlienWare m15x for sale, great condition, stripped, cleaned, and rebuilt. Brand new 256GB SSD installed.

8core i7 Q740 4core (8 with HT)
nvidia graphics
15" screen

blue and green lit keyboard, orange lit mousepad.

Silver outer casing

380 USD paid in BTC OBO

includes charger, and Windows 10 ready to roll, all Windows Spyware removed. Quick and solid laptop for your desktop replacement needs!

Can get specifics on the specs if requested, more pictures here...

Will accept escrow if buyer pays fee, and will do free shipping to continental US, shipping from Reno, NV, USA


10  Economy / Computer hardware / Lenovo Yoga 11 laptop / tablet 3rd gen i5, 4GB, SSD - AUCTION starting at .25! on: May 20, 2016, 11:35:57 PM
You're looking at a Lenovo Yoga 11 laptop/tablet convertible up for sale. AUCTION! This laptop has a very small amount of damage, but it doesn't affect the use of the machine in any way, everything else is in perfect condition aside from a few use scratches.

CPU - 3rd gen i5 3317U
Screen - 10 point touchscreen
Windows 8 currently installed.

This laptop is also a tablet, you can flip the screen all the way around and turn it into a very powerful tablet that runs full legit version of Windows. It has 10 point multitouch screen that is in perfect condition. Also comes with a thin cover/case (shown in pictures).

Here's the closest I found on Amazon after a quick search...

Starting bid .25 BTC Have fun!

11  Economy / Computer hardware / Checking for interest - 16 Antminer S3's USA on: May 01, 2016, 10:38:09 PM
I have a partner that is looking to sell off his S3's gauging interest here to see if anyone would be interested in the whole lot. Would also be willing to toss in some PSUs and a backplane that would run about 10 of them

Not sure the going rate, but maybe 1.6+shipping BTC for the lot?
12  Economy / Currency exchange / BUYING BTC with PayPal - High trust rating - looking for 2+ BTC - bitstamp+3% on: February 12, 2016, 11:06:14 PM
As title says, I'm looking to buy a couple more BTC, let me know what you've got available, I'll pay stamp +3% and won't send first unless I know you. My paypal is perfect, so is my trust here and well, everywhere... haha.

I will not be causing issues, I would expect you to do the same. Thanks!

Willing do sign a digital contract with seller if need be.
13  Economy / Securities / [Pre-ANN draft] Crowetic Computers - Investment op - REAL company, REAL asset. on: January 30, 2016, 06:11:27 PM
I wanted to get some more feedback aside from what I've received based on the very limited number of places that this has been posted, I've got the document open for comment, so please do so.

But please, this isn't the place for trolling, if you're the type to do that, if you could leave this particular thread and link alone, I would appreciate it. This is something that is serious, and I'm serious about it. I'm all for fun and games, but not here and not in my Pre-release draft. Thanks.

Anyway, to all interested in something that is going to be long-term, and based on a real company, I present to you the Crowetic Computers, LLC. asset. (Asset is based on the BURST chain, but it isn't absolutely necessary that you purchase with BURST. Though, you will have to at least have a BURST account, with which to hold your asset and receive payouts. The ease-of-use within the BURST wallet, makes it as easy as copying and pasting a phrase, (or how I would suggest, use the encrypted passwords manager within the Windows GUI wallet) and logging into the wallet. There are web-based wallets that allow for no need to download anything, and you can easily switch to a new wallet at any time, transfer over your asset holdings, and you'll then get paid to that address.

I am open to comments and suggestions in all aspects, so please do so (without immature nonsense please.)

This is something I've been thinking of doing for quite some time, and the productivity and growth I've seen within my business in the short time since I've decided to really start pushing things and going back out doing local and actual IT services, is happening a lot quicker than I had initially expected, and I think things are almost ready to be setup now. I've written this doc for people to get a better idea of what my offer will be, and also in order to get feedback, and have the ability for people to gain more information on me, and why this investment is something that will give a good name to the crypto community, and show that there are many uses to many aspects of the technology, and provide more exposure to one of the most exciting and innovative projects (BURST ((my opinion here of course, but DYOR)) currently available.

This would be the second long-term asset I've released, first of which was just based on a project and some mining, but has been running solid for a year, never missed a payout, and is one of the most well respected and highest volume assets in the network. This one, I believe, will be MUCH larger, as it involves something that will bring a flow of money into the community, and likely bring more eyes to all aspects of crypto and especially the BURST (coin) project.

I will quit talking, and let you read and comment on the paper. Thank you for your time, and potential comments!

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] -NEW BURST OP- MINE ANY FREE SPACE-(HDD MINING)- ATs, AE, P2P MARKET+MORE! on: January 11, 2016, 06:17:00 PM

A short Introduction to BURST's POC mining

Burst uses a new algorithm for proof of hdd capacity (POC) mining.
Miners pre-generate chunks of data known as 'plots' which are then saved to disk.
The number of plots you store is effectively your mining speed.
Every block the miner will skim through the saved plots, and come up with an amount of time until it is able to mine a block
if another block hasn't yet been found. After reading through the plots is complete, your hardware can idle until the newest block.

Burst uses a new algorithm for proof of hdd capacity (POC) mining. Miners pre-generate chunks of data known as 'plots' which are then saved to disk.
The number of plots you store is effectively your mining speed.
Every block the miner will skim through the saved plots, and come up with an amount of time until it is able to mine a block if another block hasn't yet been found.
After reading through the plots is complete, your hardware can idle until the newest block.

• NXT based
• Proof of Stake Removed
• Proof of Capacity implemented
• No IPO
• No Premine
• 4 minute block time
• 2,158,812,800 coins total
• Block reward starts at 10,000/block
• Block Reward Decreases at 5% each month


Miners generate and cache chunks of data known as 'plots', which are divided into 4096 portions known as 'scoops'.
Plots are generated by taking a public address and a nonce, then hashing it, pre-appending the resulting hash,
repeating the hash-pre-append cycle many times, and then hashing the whole thing and xor'ing the last hash with the whole thing.

Plots are staggered together so chunks of the same scoop number are together, then written to disk.
Each block has a generation signature which is derived only from the previous block's generation signature and miner, so it is difficult to manipulate.

When mining, the scoop number to be used for a block is derived from the generation signature and the block height,
so the miner reads all relevant scoops (each plot will have 1 relevant scoop, and staggering allows for larger sequential read with less seeking).
Only 0.024% of the stored data will need to be read each block.

The generation signature is hashed with each scoop. 8 bytes are taken from the hash, then divided by a scaling factor (inverse difficulty).
The resulting number is a number of seconds. If that many seconds passes since the last block without a new one,
the address/nonce combination used to generate that plot/scoop is eligible to announce a new block.

The miner's hardware can just sit idle until either that time or a new block.
The address/nonce is included in the block as proof of eligibility, and the block is signed by that address.

Technically, this mining process can be mined POW-style, however mining it as intended will yield thousands of times the hashrate, and your hardware will sit idle most of the time.
Continuously hashing until a block is found is unnecessary, as waiting long enough will cause any nonce to eventually become valid.


After running wallet, access it through a web browser at http://localhost:8125 When upgrading wallet, move burst_db folder into new wallet folder to avoid re-downloading the blockchain. For detailed instructions, see Guides below.


Download Windows Client based on V1.2.4  


Always up-to-date Blockchain:

   Blockchain   (extract to burst_db folder!)

Please vote:

Markets Listing:


Chinese: (looking for a new Webmaster - PM us)
Brazilian Portuguese:

Offical Forum

Social media


Freenode: #burst-coin


Step-by-step Video guides:

How to Install, Setup, Plot and Mine with the Windows Client by Crowetic - using Windows client

How to Mine Burst Coin with the Windows Client by Steven Pearson - using Windows client

How to Install, Setup and Fund the Burstcoin Wallet by RiskyRandoms - without Windows Client

How To Plot Your Hard Drives For Burstcoin Using The CPU Or GPU Plotter by RiskyRandoms - without Windows Client

How To Pool Mine Burstcoin Using The CPU Or GPU Miner by RiskyRandoms - without Windows Client

Asset Exchange:

How to use the Asset Exchange of Burst by Crowetic

Burst Coin Decentralized Assets Exchange Review by FXAlTareeq

Escrow Service:

BURST Decentralize Escrow Service Smart Contracts by FXAlTareeq


How To Setup Decentralize BURST Crowdfunding Projects For Free by FXAlTareeq


Features the Burst Coin Wallet: Market Place, Escrow, Asset Exchange, Crowdfund, Lotteries by FXAlTareeq

RiskyRandoms showing his mining-rig

Adam Guerbuez interviewing Crowetic, the BURST team-leader

BURST releases Android Client

A Series of BURST Videos in russian language:

Janror's CPU plotter (sse4/avx2)
cryo's (bipben's) GPU plotter:
Linux x64 | Linux x86 | Windows x64 | Windows x86


Blago’s Windows Miner

luxe’s openCL for Win/Linux/MacOS
Highly recommended if you have a decent or good graphics unit. Highly increased performance, lower read times, and quicker submissions.

Uray's Miner
Multiplatform C++ Miner |

dcct's c miner for Linux

Dev's POCMiner in java

Pool Mining

Overview with stats:

dev's pools - v2 pool

Tom's Pool

NEW POOLS!! -  by Burst Development team - Based on code by catbref released by crowetic - based on uray code

Elmit's v2 pool in Singapore (based on uray's source):

PCFiL's v2 pool (based on uray's source):

Italian pool v2 pool (based on uray's source):

Various tools and resources

dcct's plot tools (faster generator, plot optimizer, c miner)

Gui mining system

Various Online Resources

Network Size (real time updates)

Charts and statistics

Mining Calculator: Calculator Calculator (offline)

Block Explorers:






NEW - (well, old bounty, new addition to OP) - crowetic is offering a 500k + a number of ByteEnt assets to be determined for development of the front end of pool.
NEW - Bounty offered for development work leading towards a decentralized exchange (more info @
NEW - Bounty offered for new BURST graphics designs
NEW - crowetic offering personal bounty paid in BURST to hopefully attract BURST people to it, for various development projects both BURST and non, and for anyone willing to develop a BURST related service.

Also felt the need to mention haitch's offer to host any BURST related service from the community. Contact him for more information.

Emission Rate

Technological RoadMap

New Roadmap here -

Basic pool support (done)
Improved pool support (done)
Advanced transactions(escrow, subscription, reserve funds then transfer not yet known portion later)(some done)
Automated transactions (turing complete smart contracts) (done)
BurstId authentication system / Two-Factor Auth
Dezentralized Exchange with BTC and QORA (done)

Promotional RoadMap

    Software Development

Windows:'s Windows Miner Windows Plot Generator for SEE4 / AVX / AVX2      Burst Wallet for Windows
Multi / Linux / Mac: Develeopment: Main Wallet, Java Miner by burstdev, vbcs Transactions, BurstMine(graphical plotter/miner) OS, Burst ARM Tools, DCCT Tools GUI, gpuPlotGenerator Plot Generator by Kurairaito Linux Burst Plotter / optimizer / miner Miner, Pool, Block Explorer, Plot Composer (not active anymore, fork?) Address Generator by luxe        Burst GPU Java Miner by luxe Plot Optimizer GUI 1.0.3 by j6jq Batch Generator for Plotter (Win / Linux)

Burst Development

Core developers / main developers - fuse and dcct.

Automated Transactions development -vbcs - is the expert on programming Smart Contracts for Burstcoin.  

Wallet development / GUI - daWallet - daWallet is wrapping up the best tools in one package to start with Burstcoin on Windows. See: Windows GUI

Mobile / Android - daWallet -  daWallet is pushing Android Development to enable 1 Billion Devices worldwide to participate in the Burst Network.

GPU miner dev / GPU implementations / core assistance - luxe - luxe has proven himself to be extremely valuable with GPU miner release, faucet software and more. We are extremely proud to have him on our team.

Infrastructure / VMWare / Development of foundations - haitch and crowetic - haitch is the backbone of the Burst infrastructure except of the decentralized network itself.

Miner development - luxe and Blago

Join Developing - Would you like to contribute to Burst?
Submit your ideas and requests to the BURSTdev-team at any time!


2016/07/19 New version release Burst 1.2.5
2016/07/07 New version release Burst 1.2.4            
2015/04/20 2016/01/11 New temporary self-moderated thread and community takeover.
2015/04/20 New version release Burst 1.2.3
2015/02/05 New version release Burst 1.2.2
2015/01/20 New version release Burst 1.2.1
2014/12/22 New version release Burst 1.2.0
2014/11/04 New version release 1.1.5
2014/10/18 New version release 1.1.4
2014/10/04 Escrow transactions enabled
2014/09/27 New version release 1.1.3
2014/09/14 New version release 1.1.2
2014/09/13 Stuck transactions statement
2014/09/13 New version release 1.1.1
2014/09/09 New version release 1.1.0
2014/08/31 V2 mining pool now up
2014/08/27 New version release 1.0.3
2014/08/20 First pool (v1) now up
2014/08/17 New version release 1.0.2
2014/08/16 Statement regarding the difficulty adjustment
2014/08/11 Statement regarding The pool situation

15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / MOVED - LOCKING THIS AS SOON AS i POST THE OTHER, WITH LINK. SORRY MODS! on: January 11, 2016, 05:21:50 PM


16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / -[ANN]- Easily mine with your extra HDD space - BURST GUI on: August 27, 2015, 03:01:58 AM
Hello everyone, I simply wanted to let everyone know about the new GUI for BURST, the one and only Hard drive mining coin! The algo, PoC (Proof Of Capacity) is not only extremely innovative, but more secure than PoW.

Hard drive mining takes only 25% more power than simply leaving your computer on. Which means it is VERY CHEAP to RUN!

Here is my instructional video on how to mine with your HDD with the new GUI and BURSTcoin!

Also, BURST was the first coin to have fully working turing complete AUTOMATED TRANSACTIONS, and the first coin to do a CROSS CHAIN TRANSFER with another coin called QORA.

Has a built in Asset exchange, decentralized marketplace, encrypted messaging, and blockchain escrow built into the wallet!

This is one that will surely be going on long into the future.

Have a great day!
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [ANN] - BURST Windows GUI Wallet/Plotter/Miner! HDD mining for all! on: August 18, 2015, 04:10:14 PM
Hello everyone,

     I wanted to let everyone know that BURST now has a Windows setup.exe for an all-in-one Windows GUI Wallet/plotter/miner! This means now no one can say that BURST isn't easy to use! Bring HDD mining to the masses!

Instructional Video -

Sourceforge download -

PR Document (feel free to share!) -

(more links coming soon)

18  Economy / Computer hardware / damaged S1 (upgraded to S3) on: July 31, 2015, 06:05:51 PM
Hello, I have an S1 that has been updated to an S3, but during my last move a couple of the capacitors were knocked off. I have the capacitors as well, so if someone is decent with soldering, I'm sure they could fix it.


Asking ~50USD in BTC only. Escrow for any non-trusted members. This miner was fully working, I haven't run it since this happened, but I know it can be repaired.

19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / -[VIRAL]- First Sponsor Review on: June 05, 2015, 01:36:54 AM
***I would like to begin by saying this... no matter your feelings on Adam, VIRAL is a great idea, the marketing style is new and a fantastic idea, and as far as I'm concerned, there is nothing at all in the VIRAL project that is either misleading or scam-like in any way. Everything has been presented upfront and honestly, and so far everything that the VIRAL team has said they would do, they did, and most of the time they beat their own deadlines. If the project continues in the direction it has been, I fully expect it to last a long time and become immensely popular. Not only in the crypto world, but outside it as well, as everyone needs marketing to promote their wares. Please leave the BS out of this thread about Adam or anyone involved in the Crowd Fund that you may not particularly like. Judge projects based on their merits and what they've accomplished, not based on nonsense you may or may not believe about the person who started it, or the people who may have invested in it. This thread is not for discussion on VIRAL being anything other than the project it is. If you mention anything else in this thread, I'll delete your post with extreme prejudice. Do your own research on the PROJECT, and decide for yourself whether you think it is a good idea or not, I myself believe that it is. Regardless of anything else. Thank you.***

-[VIRAL]- First Sponsor Review
My story:

Hello everyone!

I wanted to take the time to give VIRAL a review, so that everyone knows, when they’re investing in some VIRAL marketing, they’re going to get their money’s worth! I wanted to tell everyone what I witnessed, and what has happened, now that the first VIRAL sponsor (BURST in general, and in particular, myself) has had time to see what VIRAL did, and see the results for a decent period of time.

When I decided to make this sponsorship, and become the first VIRAL sponsor, I knew that the promotion of another crypto coin would be a great start for VIRAL. I knew then that the market had around 55 thousand possible accounts that could see the VIRAL marketing messages, and I knew that it would be interesting if nothing else, just to see.

I took the chance, and gave the 3 BTC necessary to get the project started. I spoke with Adam, and provided him with my plan. I gave him some factoids that I had written, and told him to change them and modify them as he wanted, as he was the marketing expert, not me! Adam took my fact sheet, and turned them into some beautiful tweets, both well-phrased, and effective in noting the key information that I wanted to get across to the public. The messages came out very nice, not spammy looking, and not in your face. They made you question, they made you want to click and search, and figure out what exactly this “BURST” is. The overall quality of the marketing material was exceptional, and I was very pleased.

Once I saw that the VIRAL campaign had begun, I was SUPER excited. Watching all of those tweets with a search on twitter for ‘$BURST’, was purely amazing! All of these people, tweeting to all of their friends, about the information that I WANTED THEM TO KNOW! It was all very exciting. Not to mention since it was the first actual sponsorship, it was great to see how the VIRAL platform functioned, and it functioned amazingly!

I literally sat there and watched the VIRAL stream, posting new and well written messages to thousands of followers, for quite a while. I’m sure that I wasted at least 45 min of my workday at my day job. Hehe. It was really cool, to see all of this promotion happening right in front of my eyes! BURST is a coin that desperately needed some promotion,(with all of the features and power it has, it must be known!) and I was glad to see it, regardless of the outcome. Although, of course, I did hope for the best!

The VIRAL outcome:
Immediately after the VIRAL campaign, BURST price shot up by a good chunk, and so did the volume, I was of course very pleased by this. But what started happening later, is what really proved to me that the VIRAL marketing system works. (You must also bear in mind, that the VIRAL network at the time of the promotion, was easily 3 times SMALLER than it is now! So imagine the power of the network now! Imagine the power it will be in the future if it has grown THIS MUCH in such a short time! It is all very exciting, and it will be blatant that the compounding value of the VIRAL marketing, will continue to grow.)
After the campaign, the attention on BURST continued to grow, and since I’m part of the core team, I know we weren’t doing much else in the way of promotion at the time. I’m 100% sure that this all came from the VIRAL marketing platform. The following occurred, and has still been occurring…

1.       BURST volume, on all 3 of its exchanges, has steadily been on the rise.
2.       BURST network size increased at a much faster rate than it had been before, meaning more people were mining on the BURST network.
3.       People messaged me both on twitter and bitcointalk, asking questions about BURST. Saying they saw it on twitter. (This continues still.)
4.       People jumped into the BURST ANN thread on BTT and said they saw it on twitter and wanted to know more. A few other new people came in, not mentioning twitter, but it was fairly obvious at this point where they heard of it.
5.       These things continue, as the words from the VIRAL campaign are STILL spreading around twitter!

Everything worked out just great! It started an affect that continues still, and I believe will continue to continue, as everyone reads more about VIRAL, and reads about VIRAL sponsors. So, not only does VIRAL promote the product for you for however long you pay for, but that promotion lives on, sparks conversations, and gets people interested!
I can’t wait to see the future of VIRAL! Already the size has TRIPLED since I did my campaign! That means the reach is over THREE TIMES BIGGER than it was when I did this. Imagine what that could mean for you and your promotions! There is a real future for this platform, and as long as everything continues the way it has been, I see no reason why VIRAL won’t become a name that everyone knows.
Overall Rating:

A+ - This campaign surprised me with how long its results lasted, they continue to this day, and I’m 100% that they’ll continue past it! The size of the VIRAL network continues to grow at an alarming rate, and I know this will cause some really amazing things to happen for the future VIRAL sponsors! Don’t hesitate to give this a chance, the VIRAL platform is REAL, it WORKS, and if you have something that you need promoted, who better to do it through? Who are people going to listen to more? Random banner ads, or THEIR FRIENDS? The choice is blatantly obvious.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really just wanted people to know that VIRAL works, and not only that, the network continues to grow, and thus the reach continues to grow. Get your promotions done with the VIRAL platform, and become pleasantly surprised by VIRAL’s ability to go beyond your expectations!
20  Economy / Services / ((WANTED))- CSS designer for popular BURST pool on: May 27, 2015, 08:36:36 PM
Hey CSS guys!

I am the owner of one of the largest and most popular BURST coin mining pools. As you may or may not know, BURST is the only HARD DRIVE MINED coin currently in existence!

My pool is here -

I'm currently looking for a designer to do the new UI for my pool. I need something that is fairly fancy, and you'll need to work with my pool developer closely.

Currenly the bounty is over 500k BURST, and 4% of my company

That means you get residual income from this until you decide to sell off your assets! This asset is already almost double the price of the most expensive release.

This is a legit crypto project, and I need a legit designer here.

I will give more details on what exactly I'm looking for, but I want something to match the .ninja domain! Some ninjas and throwing star shaped pies, go nuts! Make it look amazing.

Get at me and we'll talk.

Thank you!
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