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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / Fake giveaways by using name of Binance decentralized exchange. Be careful ! on: Today at 04:53:27 AM

What happen: Fake giveaway.

Be careful from this scammers. They have create fake website and collecting eth from people's. There is no annoucment officially from Binance. Scammers offering 10 times from your send eth. There is fake reviews from scammers team.

IMPORTANT: For every ETH contributed, you will receive back 10 times more ETH !

They are showing fake transaction here :
Archived :  
I surprised once see their address on etherscan:

How there is diposite from like Binance1, Binance2. May be someone diposite from Binance ?

Domain information:

Title: Binance Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Beta Launch
Description: Binance Academy: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Education for the World Fellow Binancians
Type: crypto,education

Domain Age: 1 Days
Last Refreshed: Just now
Website Speed: Average

Organisation: Cvetkov Daniil Aleksandrovich
Owner: Cvetkov Daniil Aleksandrovich
Owner Address: Polevaya 13
Owner City: Pushkin
Owner Postcode: 196602  
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / Brand new account offering high return ponzi scheme. Be careful. on: Today at 04:39:32 AM

Profile link :;u=2479818  (Brand new )

What happen: Brand new account offering high return ponzi scheme.

I don't think I need discuss additional. You can read from his quote. This is his first post on this forum.

- FxTradingCorp

New Investment site paid up to 2.5% per day, payments made in bitcoins BTC, headquartered in South Korea has only 3 months. Project to last 3 years [/ b]


How It Works FxTradingCorp ?
Each package lasts until you make 400% of the amount invested up to 200 working days [/ b]
You invested Usd $ 500 [/ b], you will receive daily until you complete the $ 2000 [/ b]
has packages of 100usd, 300, 500, 1000, 2000 to 50000usd once you have purchased one you can upgrade to any other paying only the difference
Investment Packages: Site pays a rate of up to 2.5% [/ b] every working day
- Payment Method: BITCOIN only
-The minimum withdrawal is 50usd [/ b] and it's made for your wallet bitcoin. (with a 500usd packet it gets 50usd on average in a week)
You receive 24 hours after ordering

a live panel of the transactions that are being made in several brokers

plans that you can buy once you have purchased one you can upgrade to any other paying only the difference and the system automatically updates the%

Archived :
3  Other / Meta / Eventually became Sr. Member. Thanks to forum. on: November 21, 2018, 08:50:05 AM
Thanks to forum for such as opportunity to learn about crypto and thanks to member's for help me to learn and upgrade my rank. Just noticed now I became Sr. Member. Intention of this post isn't gain merit or signature campaign. This post for them who made complain about rank and merit system. So they could motivate.

I am exited to see that eventually I became Sr. Member. I am not exited for rank up only, because I am feeling that at least something I have contributed to forum successfully. I have joined on this forum at March 28, 2018 and obviously I accept that I was not good poster. Because I wasn't aware about all of rules guidelines and I am weak on English. But I tried to improve myself by following quality poster. I have been trying to contribute myself what I can. Still I am learning and I believe everyone could improve himself if their aim is strong. Everyone was not high quality poster from began. Every one can try to learn and contribute himself. I always told contribute yourself whatever you have experience.

This forum members is most helpful. Obviously everyone can help each other's and build a decent forum. I have been trying to help by expose some corruption. Everyone can help forum by different way, I mean which one you have most experience just share with forum.

I spend my free time to find scam ICO's and report spam to moderators. I will try my best to help forum member. Summary of this post is, everyone could improve himself if aim is strong even we called them spammer. Today someone is spammer it doesn't mean he can't improve on future. Forum members is enough helpful. So let's try to contribute yourself and build a decent forum.

Apologise for broken English.
4  Economy / Scam Accusations / Scammy activity "besteex" exchange and ponzi scheme. on: November 19, 2018, 06:06:52 PM
Archived: Click here
What happened : Using fake reference of EOS and ponzi scheme.

Once you open website you will see this page:

They have mentioned EOS CEO with them on their telegram.

But really they are not connected with EOS. I have talked with one of admin on EOS telegram group.


They don't have any team mentioned on website and they have high return ponzi scheme.

I don't know what kind of exchange it with ponzi scheme.

Domain Information

Description: Besteex-Exchange

Domain Age: 12 Days
Last Refreshed: Just now
Website Speed: Very Fast
Website Value: $2028.56

Organisation: Privacy Protect, LLC (
Owner: Domain Admin
Owner Address: 10 Corporate Drive
Owner City: Burlington
Owner Postcode: 01803
5  Other / Beginners & Help / Confusion about BCH hard fork and clear statement for newbie. on: November 14, 2018, 09:25:16 AM
There is some confusion about BCH hard fork. I think mostly people's already clear about it except new people's. Thats why I just want to clear my opinion. There will happen 2 thing.

1. Upgrade existing BCH blockchain.
2. Hard fork of BCHSV or BSV.

Upgrading existing BCH blockchain means there will split blockchain with new upgrade called BitcoinABC. So BCH will no exist anymore if upgrade happen. I just want to clear by simple language. But nothing to worry about it because you balance will remain on Bitcoin ABC. Most of wallet and exchanger supporting this upgrade you can move you fund there or you can hold with private key wallet. For us (genaral user ) we can say just exchanger will rename BCH to BCHABC.

About Hard fork of BCHSV, It will be another coin split from BCH blockchain with new features. You will get airdrop 1:1 those exchange and wallet supporting BCHSV.

So if you hold 1 BCH currently. Then you will have 1 BCHABC and 1 BCHSV. Old BCH will not exist.

My suggestion move your fund those wallet and exchange supporting both upgrade and hard fork. So you will get free BCHSV. Although you will get free coin from private key wallet but there will be hard for newbie.

If you need more details then read poloniex announcement or others exchange announcement.
6  Other / Meta / @Theymos! Can you consider to add "Report to moderator" button on post history ? on: November 06, 2018, 07:10:19 PM
I am not sure if it has already discussed. Just remind me I will locked the thread. Its just come on mind during visit a spambie profile. Usually I visit profile if found someone spamming, and I have been reporting his all spam post. Since there is no "Report to moderator " button so I need to click his every post for report spam post. Its little bit difficult and question of time.

So how will it if enable "Report to moderator " button on post history also ? I think it will easy to report from someone profile, and it will help reduce more spam. It will save reporter time.

I should look like below picture I have edited;

Although it has been discussed multiple time, I just want to remind again. I think need Disable report button if post already reported by someone or mark ''Reported". So that no one will make double report. Like I made mistake , report same post 2 time and report mark bad.  Some times its happen from Patrol. I think admin will consider both to keep clean this forum.

Apologize for broken English
7  Other / Meta / Split: Reported post has deleted but why marked bad ? on: November 05, 2018, 05:54:58 PM
I didn't get the point, reported post has deleted but why has it marked bad ? This report not from patrol so I don't think others peoples submit report same time. I had not made double report, it can't be mistake on 20 post.

Any Mod could clear me what is the reason ?
8  Other / Beginners & Help / Warning !!! Read before you buy bitcointalk account. on: October 24, 2018, 09:34:23 AM

Are you trying to buy bitcointalk account ? If yes then read my post before attempt. Perhaps it will help you to save your money.

Most likely your are thinking account sales are allow by forum. Let's see the rules about it.

Having multiple accounts and account sales are allowed, but account sales are discouraged

As you can see I have bold and marked red about discouraged. Although account allow but it's strongly discourage by forum. In a result DT are free to tag sold account. If your account tagged by DT means it's useless. Your intention of buy account will not worthy.

Are you thinking how it will be identify that you bought account ? It could be easily found from Security log and your posting behaviour.

My intention to create this thread is save your money from scammers. You are going to buy an account means your going to get scamed. And scam are not moderated by forum. You will found many scam accusation about account sell on Scam Accusation board.

Accoumt sellers will never trust you then why should you trust them? Obviously a seller will ask you to pay first. Most of account seller never hold any account then how will  they provide you an account? In a result you will get scammed. Perhaps they will provide you escrow website, but all of them are not trusted. Just use Google search then you will get lot of result. On the other hand any trusted forum escrow will not allow to trade bitcointalk account. So is it not high risk ? Could you ask them to send first ? Obviously they will deny you.

Imagine, seller proved you account details, but do you know who is the real owner ? Account might be hacked or scamed from others. So if anybody claim it then it will tagged and worthless.

Do you know why really you need to buy account ? I can't see any porpuse except shady signature. You will never except on good signature campaign like by Bitcoin. Because a good poster will never sold his account. Now-a-days build an ranked account isn't easy and nobody will sale to you original account. So why not avoid from buy account and build your own?

To be honest if you are a good poster you could build easily your account. If you are shitposter then there if difficult. But even you bought account and you are a spammer then I don't see any point to buy account. Because any spammer will not accept on good signature campaign. Perhaps you could join few worthless token signature campaign which is more than 90% are scammer.

Eventually I want to say don't attempt to buy account, it's really not fair. Somehow you might got scam or red tag by DT. Just try little bit to improve your posting behaviour then you could build easily your own account.
9  Economy / Reputation / Spamming and promoting fake ICO rating website '' on: October 22, 2018, 06:39:42 PM
Profile link: wiserico

I am not sure what should post title. is a ICO rating website. I am just monitoring during few days user wiserico is promoting this website. I believe he is from team. They are giving high rating even a scam or fake project to misguide investors. He has been spamming on forum with same post almost. Just now noticed from Myoho ICO ANN thread, even some one warning this is scam ICO but they give rate 4.8 on their website. Even scam warning was above his reply. Check on Archived


Check their rating. (Archived)

They have listed also exiting proven scam with good rate. For example Xcov, their rating was 4.0


User wiserico contributions is zero, just spamming and promoting his website with fake rating.

10  Economy / Reputation / Account seller on: October 20, 2018, 05:45:30 PM
Account seller :;u=513480

Price: 600$

No negative trust, no ban!

With original e-mail.

Telegram: vssttr

11  Economy / Scam Accusations / ICO listing and rating site "DropYourICO" itself is fake. on: October 19, 2018, 08:51:10 PM
Archived team:

What happened: Fake team

DropYourICO is a ICO listing and rating site. I don't know how they are rating where themselves are fake. I don't know if they have any bitcointalk account, I didn't found.

Actually photos are taken from stock image. However I will give sample below picture are using randomly on different website.

Don't believe this kind of ICO rating site.
12  Economy / Scam Accusations / Scam - Nestfame ICO - Fake team on: October 19, 2018, 07:56:15 PM
Archived: Here
ANN thread:
What happened: Fake team

They have not changed photo from template

Here is the template link:

13  Other / Beginners & Help / 👉 [ List ] Exposed scam ICO list by Coolcryptovator. Updated: 19-10-2018 🔴 on: October 18, 2018, 08:37:50 PM
My intention of this thread  is motivate more people's to find and investigate scam ICO and save forum members.   

I have locked my previous thread due to long quote (its not looking good). Since I don't want to loss my history that's why didn't delete.

List of Scam ICO exposed by Coolcryptovator

However, this list below are exposed by me. I decide that only those ICO exposed by me, I will list here and list will be update regular. Intention of make this list is monitor them and newbie can find scam ICO easily, since they are not visiting much on Scam Accusation . Its little bit hard to find out one by one. So this list will help me to monitor exposed ICO. You will find lot of scam ICO on Scam Accusation board. I expect everyone should visit there once a day.

If you would like to help community than read this post; Guidelines, how to spot a scam ICO & report effectively
If you like to check only team fake or not shortly than read this thread; Useful tools for find scam / fake ICO team.

Here is all list that I opened Scam Accusation against ICO, and you can see status also. If you know more details please click on name and discuss on original thread(not here). On status Exit means they run out with fund or website and social media suspended and no any updates. Live means still  they are  trying to collect fund after exposed. Failed means somehow they are failed to raise fund but they are active or they have update. And if there is no claim from investors that means faild.

I have exposed ICO once I found something wrong on thier projects that I think harmful for investors. It doesn't mean they are 100% scammer. But I can see most of them has became scammer eventually. If you believe they will not scam you than I have no comments.

Updated: 19-10-2018

1. XeonFrame - (Exit)
2. Xcov - (Exit)
3. EOSGAS - (Exit)
4. COINECT - (Exit)
5. Bitcoinmax - (Exit)
6. Fake VERGE Airdrop - (Exit)
7. Messicoin - (Exit)
8. EGOLD - (Exit)
9. GigaHash - (Exit)
10. STOXUM - (Exit)
11. Boldman Capital - (Live)
12. Vantum - (Failed)
13. Bitrolacoin - (No Activity)
14. Nettek Coin -  (Live)
15. Lunarlink - (Exit)
16. Cryptual - (Exit)
17. Acommax ICO -  (Live)
18. GENKI Token -  (Live)
19. CRYPTOLUX ICO - (Exit)
20. ETHONLINE - (Live)
21. Ethereumnano - (Live)
22. AngryToken - (Live)
23. EXTEREUM - (Live)
24. EXSPACE ICO - (Live)
25. HubrisOne - (Live)
26. Realive ICO - (Live)
27. SURGENET ICO - (Live)
28. Translatix ICO - (Live)
30. ICO LAUNCHER - (Live)
31. Nestfame ICO - (Live)
14  Economy / Scam Accusations / Scam - Translatix ICO - Fake team on: October 18, 2018, 09:56:44 AM
Archived:  Here
Archived Team : Here
ANN Thread:

Accusation reasons; Fake Team.

After 4 days they are going to start ICO sale. Stay away

SUDONO NASİR-CEO=Mr Emirza Adi Syailendra

Source link :

Jusuf Bakar=albarsr

Source link:

Yasonna Supriadi= Huh

Source link:

Domain info;

Title: Home - TRANSLATIX
Description: WHAT IS TRANSLATIX? Decentralized Interpretership based on Blockchain. Imagine Google Tran
Type: crypto,Marketing
Domain Age: 34 Days
Last Refreshed: Just now
Website Speed: Slow

Just noticed all photo from Indonesia

15  Economy / Scam Accusations / Scam - AVENGERBLOCKCHAIN - Fake team on: October 17, 2018, 06:04:08 PM
Archived: Here
ANN thread:
What Happened : Fake team

Although they aren't distributing ICO but their Airdrop is live. Perhaps they will sell token through their exchange on future. Most likely they will launch Exchange.

Billy Nakamoto (CEO) = Jason Chang

There is fake LinkedIn profile of CEO with only 1 connection.

Source link:

There is also original LinkedIn profile:

There are more, I think all fake photo. I just avoid to same time.

Source link:

Daulton Williams = Eoin Neylon

Lets watch him direct video:

He has a YouTube channel:

There are more proof:

Source link:

Alex Sanches= Alec Fujimoto

Source link:

Their all photo is fake. Just avoid search to save time.
16  Other / Meta / Moderators should ban those user's who is starting post with "Good project" on: October 17, 2018, 04:39:23 PM
A bounty thread continuously bumping thread daily more than 5 page. Today they have bump 6 page. Since I don't have proof they are using paid bumping I have bookmarked it for daily report. Mod could check my report history. Hope mod will handle it.

During reporting time I have found some account those are just joined and their first post is "Good project". Not only this post, there are many. If a user first comment is "Good project" than how are we expect he will contribute something for forum. Is he not joined for thread bumping only? At least I will not believe that they are assets of forum. Account has created only for bumping thread. I know, obviously everyone one will report this kind of post and post will get deleted. But do you think they should ban also?

They aren't just spamming, they are misleading investors and wasting time of others members who are reporting spam post. So why not just ban them on single report ? I think it would be better " User will ban if his first post get deleted by moderators for spamming on forum and bumping thread". I am not sure if temp ban is appropriate. But they should punished by the way.

Below are just sample for show; I think mod. already handle it, that's why I have archived.

Good project


Very good


really best project


Great project...congrats Cry Cry Cry

Great project

very good project


Apologize for broken English.  
17  Economy / Speculation / Bitcoin pump on binance. Already cross 7.5K USDT on: October 15, 2018, 06:12:31 AM
Just now noticed from Binance, Bitcoin already cross 7K USDT. I think big whale are playing. But on others exchange it's still $6300+. It's play time if you have btc on binance. I don't think this is bull run. Perhaps it's temp run on binance. Still down on others exchange. So be careful if you want to play.

Edit: Apologize to use $ sign. Really it is USDT. How ever it's look also effecting on USD price. Seems USD price also increasing.
18  Economy / Reputation / Is this not merit abuse really ? on: October 14, 2018, 06:32:45 PM
40 merit for this reply,


29 merit for this reply,

For reference you can visit here ----> and select monthly to view the leaderboard at any time.

20 merit for this reply,

Come on site and ill send the satoshis  Cool

All merits send to Dice-Bet, is it not merit abuse? since there are btc involved.
19  Other / Beginners & Help / [Guide] How to detect fake token and spot scammers. on: October 13, 2018, 04:35:53 PM
I have noticed few case about fake token. Scammers are trying to scam by new way. I have remember 3 case with fake token.

1. Airdrop of fake token.
2. Fake collateral for loan.
3. Promote/sale fake token.

Airdrop of fake token.
I have noticed and remember that someone's promoting a airdrop with fake token. It was happened on outside of forum. Airdrop form have asked for send gas fee to their contract address. But once I check token contract it wasn't real one. Someone just create fake token and airdrop form to scam people's. Usually we are much greedy. Just think if scammer reached to 1 million people's than how much they could raise only from gas fee ? So if you found any airdrop like this than must be check on their website, ANN thread and bounty thread. Just use Google search and you will able to find it. Also same trap on telegram airdrop bot. I have found a similar case, check it here.

Fake collateral for loan.
I have noticed a scammer send fake token for collateral of loan. You can check this case here. Lender wasn't aware about that fake token and he send btc for loan. But scammer exit with fund. Once lender check token for sale than he saw that sent token is fake. Original token contract and scammer sent token contract isn't same. So be aware about if you found same case.

Promote/sale fake token.
This case are ongoing. You can check more details here. A scammer team has been promoting fake Telcoin token. They have added this token in forkdelta manually. But really this is fake contract address. They are trying to sale in low price. But original token has listed also on forkdelta. But both token contract is different. So if any greedy people's try to buy this fake token means he will get scam.

So what should we do if found similar case?

Actually this is very simple. I think most of us already know process, this post especially for newbie. If you found airdrop case that is ongoing ICO, then check their website, ANN thread and bounty thread. Also you can check their other social modes. Just use Google search than you will get result. Don't send any eth for airdrop gas fee. Usually ICO hasn't been asking for gas fee. If ask someone than verify the contract address from website.

If you found case like collateral of promoting fake token than simply use CMC for 100% confirmation. You can search on CMC for any token. Than click on token name. You will see full details. I will show how you will find contract address of original token.

Step- 1. Open CMC website, and use search button. Like I will search "TEL" than click on TEL or your searched token. If already listed on CMC than it will show.

Step- 2 :  Now there will be full details of token. You can see I have marked explorer. Just click on there, it will redirect you original token contract address.

Step-3; Now you can match with fake token contract and original token contract. Fake token contract will always different from original. Two token contract address can't be same ever. Creator could be same address. But contract address will never match each other.

On addition: You can find there easily that, This token are trading on how many exchange. You can see bottom of page, there is market option. Just simply click on it and you will see that token are trading on which exchange.

I believe if you follow above step scammer will not able to scam you by fake token. Usually scammer will not create coin. Even create coin process are same.

Note: As far as I know it's very easy to create token on ethereum network. They just need gas fee to deploy token. I don't think more than 5$ need.

However if you found similar case than please make a thread on Scam Accusation board. Just don't save yourself, try to save others forum member's.  

Apologize for my broken English. Stay safe, prevent Scam and help forum.

20  Other / Meta / Moderators Please stop gusts of Telcoin. Plagiarizing with multiple account. on: October 12, 2018, 08:15:49 PM
Apologize for create new thread, I will lock after solved. It's not only plagiarism, scam and multiple account related here.

User Bigfatbags54 has created a thread on October 10, 2018

TEL is the next moon mission - I wanted to let you guys at bit coin talk know about this.

Right now its on kucoin, and forkdelta.

Right now (check your self) it's going for about 80% CHEAPER on forkdelta.
I've been personally arbtiraging the exchanges, and buying them on forkdetla, then trading
them off on kucoin. Cheesy Check prices your self if you think I'm lying before accusing Cheesy

The exchange is here >>>!/trade/0x31bbd084f5d3f46fe5c0a43d28c8eec7f5c7403b-ETH

you can find the kucoin exchange your self w/ google.

Enjoy the free monies guys Cheesy Feel free to +REP me on here ! Looking to start to fit in w/ the community! Excited to be here!  Smiley Kiss

And User SweetSam69 (banned)has created a thread on today.

TEL is the next moon mission - I wanted to let you guys at bit coin talk know about this.

Right now its on kucoin, and forkdelta.

Right now (check your self) it's going for about 80% CHEAPER on forkdelta.
I've been personally arbtiraging the exchanges, and buying them on forkdetla, then trading
them off on kucoin.
Right now you can accumalate pretty hard, or arbtirage.
They're going for ~0.000003125 and 0.000003131 on FORKDELTA, and they're going RIGHT now for ~0.0000058 on kucoin. Do I need to do this math for you? Huge arbitrage chance here boys.   Grin Grin Grin

The exchange is here >>>!/trade/0x31bbd084f5d3f46fe5c0a43d28c8eec7f5c7403b-ETH

you can find the kucoin exchange your self w/ google.

Enjoy the free monies guys Cheesy Feel free to +REP me on here ! Looking to start to fit in w/ the community! Excited to be here!

They have another account Bigfatbags53

Obviously its plagiarism. But both accounts have been trying to sale fake Telcoin by fork delta. Already proved and clear evidence is here.

I will request to moderators please delete thread and ban both account and save peoples.
I have reported thread but its unhandled

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