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141  Other / Beginners & Help / How to find ICO team member's fake or real. on: June 11, 2018, 08:10:02 PM
We can't prevent ICO scam. But before contribute any ICO we should check their team member's. They are real or just collect from online or stock image.

Simple way to check it Google search. You can search on Google for justify them. Some time Google can't give accurate result.
So you can use a useful website for more deep investigation for reverse image search.
Just simply upload an image or image url and you will see result.
I will suggest use both for good result. If any ICO collect picture from online here you should find them.

Even we can't prevent scam but we need to be careful.
142  Economy / Reputation / Merit buyer, abusing merit system on: June 11, 2018, 07:46:28 PM
Attempt to buy merit

Profile link: LympoMan

143  Economy / Reputation / digaran posting too much spam and crossing limit. on: June 10, 2018, 07:28:17 PM
digaran making too much spam post on this forum. Today he leaving negetive feed back on my profile. You are not DT and will not reflect on my profile. I bought account? Lol. What's a joke. Because I was changed my email address.

Is it enough proof to prove that I bought account? I don't think. Yes I change my email. You know why ? Because I make sound against spammer , bounty cheater, connected  account and merit abuser. They are all Pm me or mail me. So that I changed and hide my personal email. Is it wrong?

Am I foolish that I will buy newbie or Jr. Member rank account ? I build my account myself. Check my post and merit history. I become member from newbie by earn merit. How you leave feed back I bought account. I know you don't like me due to I caught many spammer and bounty cheater. Because you always supporting scammer and spammer. Because you scamming people by getting paid for removing negetive trust. Lol. Nice joke. You can't remove your own negetive trust how you will remove other people's negetive trust?

Hey  digaran, I am not bounty hunter like other. I don't care negetive feedback from spammer. Leave me more negetive feed back, I have spend many time here to find spammer and cheaters, I will continue find spammer and scammer like you.
You are making dirty this forum. Always mane thread against DT. Why ? Any DT didn't leave negetive feedback without valid reasone. So stop spamming. Do your own job. Those time you spend for spamming do something for. It will better for you. Stop scamming people. Remove your own trust first by doing something good. Don't wast time by spamming.

I didn't post this only due to you leave  me your feedback. I make post because am observing you during long time. You are really a spammer every one should know that.
144  Other / Beginners & Help / Reality of ICO rating/listing website. on: June 10, 2018, 05:01:30 PM
As well we know there is many ICO rating or listing site on internet. It's really worth? What is true value? Can we trust them blindly ?
All questions answer is no. We can't trust them blindly.
Mostly once you search on internet you will find ICO bench, listico, ICO bazaar, ICO time line, coinist, ICO hotlist and many more.
If they listing an ICO it means ICO is legit? Never. It can't legit only depend on they are listed.
You can see all their website they have warning or disclaimer that they are not provide investment advice. So what does mean that they are listed. Nothing.
They just get paid form ICO project and simply listed on their website.
Their rating depend on how much they are paid. They have listing package.
I am not against them. I just want to bring reality and true value about them. Those listed or review free at least we can trust a little bit their website. Because they didn't get paid for review. 
My suggestion that when you join ICO you can search their site but don't depend on their review. Research yourself about legit or not. Because you are going to invest there.
145  Economy / Reputation / Full member's connected account & merit abuser with alts. on: June 09, 2018, 10:00:19 PM
Connected account :
nascasto :;u=1025627
TurkiyePriest :;u=1025635
PastirmaliYumurta :;u=1025638
casty3000 :;u=1025646
All of the accounts were created at close times in the same day. (June 09, 2017)

Related Eth address:

These are the ethereum wallets of the multiple accounts,
nascasto : 0xA386D2E284e8Ab0AA4127110a9ff9cE070e0189F
TurkiyePriest : 0x57A9914689331Eea1A41fF1Cb749ED78f60cc1c8
casty3000 : 0x2c5B838e4435EAE8469e95f6aEff447202d932c0
PastirmaliYumurta : 0x4B1079Ba4f1476BCaFe3B867C4062aFDAbd02Ecc

Proof 1- SprintX Bounty Signature Campaign used eth address:

nascasto #328: 0xA386D2E284e8Ab0AA4127110a9ff9cE070e0189F
PastirmaliYumurta  #647 : 0x57A9914689331Eea1A41fF1Cb749ED78f60cc1c8
casty3000  # 352 : 0x4B1079Ba4f1476BCaFe3B867C4062aFDAbd02Ecc

Proof -2 : STOX Twitter Bounty Campaign used eth address ;
TurkiyePriest #143: 0x57A9914689331Eea1A41fF1Cb749ED78f60cc1c8
PastirmaliYumurta #144 : 0x4B1079Ba4f1476BCaFe3B867C4062aFDAbd02Ecc

He uses same ethereum wallet (0x57A9914689331Eea1A41fF1Cb749ED78f60cc1c8) for TurkiyePriest account in the STOX Twitter Bounty Campaign and for PastirmaliYumurta account in the SprintX Bounty Signature Campaign.

On the other hand, he uses another ethereum wallet (0x4B1079Ba4f1476BCaFe3B867C4062aFDAbd02Ecc) for casty3000 account in the SprintX Bounty Signature Campaign and for PastirmaliYumurta account in the STOX Twitter Bounty Campaign.

Proof -3: Rivetz Signature Bounty Campaign used eth address:
casty3000 #58 : 0x2c5B838e4435EAE8469e95f6aEff447202d932c0

He joined LST (Lendroid Support Token) ICO with these ethereum wallets and sent these tokens to this ethereum wallet : 0x57A9914689331Eea1A41fF1Cb749ED78f60cc1c8 (ethereum wallet for using bounties by TurkiyePriest and PastirmaliYumurta accounts)..

Transection link:

nascasto : 0xA386D2E284e8Ab0AA4127110a9ff9cE070e0189F  also joined LST (Lendroid Support Token) ICO with these ethereum wallets and sent these tokens to this ethereum wallet : 0x57A9914689331Eea1A41fF1Cb749ED78f60cc1c8 (ethereum wallet for using bounties by TurkiyePriest and PastirmaliYumurta accounts)..
Transection :

He uses the same ether wallet for his accounts in the different bounties and even forget sometimes for which account he used the ether address.
So these multi accounts don’t have a unique ether address.
Lastly, these accounts also exchange merit with each other.

146  Other / Beginners & Help / 💚💚Know the most helpful self volunteer list for this forum 💚💚 on: June 09, 2018, 04:48:51 PM
Last update - 15/06/2018

Since I have joined this forum, I have seen some self volunteer. Those are working hard to explain to forum member's. Specially for new members.
It's important for us to know who they are and we must appreciate them. I post this topic to know them. So every one can follow them to help forum. Just it's my little try to bring them front of all. May be there is many more helpful persone that I don't know. If anybody know, you can reply to add here.
 Those I found list is below, I will update more once I found more.

1) Profile link : Jet Cash
Specially help to understand new merit system, even he have build a website/ blog about merit system. Blog link here

2) Profile link: bill gator
Specially hard work for spam free forum, even he post a topic for post review

I believe above both user must deserve more merit for their hard work. Both are Hero member's. They have spend many time for this forum.

3) Profile link : LoyceV
Specially hard work for build a script for check full merit history. He have also make a thread about it. Link is here.

4) Profile link : TMAN
Keep role for motivate spam free forum.

5) Profile link : DdmrDdmr - (Recommended by  NadiaHel )
He has made many significant topics about statistics in the forum, and also, he has help to understand how the forum works with graphics design.Thread link is here.

6) Profile link: sncc - (Recommended by NadiaHel )
He has analyzed the global structure of merit networks with nice graphics art. Thread link here.

7) Profile link: Lutpin - Recommended by Welsh
Specially hard work against of spammer.

8 ) Profile link: pugman - Recommended by Welsh
Help to learn about crypto and forum.

I will update topic once I found more.
147  Economy / Reputation / Spammer Deathspell-Omega leave me negetive feedback. on: June 07, 2018, 05:37:18 PM
Spammer and merit abuser Deathspell-Omega leave me negetive feedback. Not only me, he send negetive feedback to multiple DT member's. Check his Trust rating.
Even I don't know him, he is claiming I bought this account from him on his negetive feedback. I have seen his trust rating he was attempt to buy merit. O don't know why he try to hit my reputation.
This kind of user should be ban from forum
148  Economy / Scam Accusations / Ethereum Private token Bumping ANN Thread by newbie. Look like pure scam. on: June 06, 2018, 05:07:34 PM
I have seen just now Ethereum private token  using newbie account to bump their ANN thread. It is an ERC20 token.

They have no any team on their website. This is not hard fork of eth. They should be provide potential team for their ICO. It's look like scam project. Stay away from them.

I don't know how they called it fork of Eth? It's already deployed on eth network.

If I just create a token on ethereum network it's fork of eth? If yes then all erc20 is fork of eth. I think it's individual token. Just deploy using eth blockchain.
I can't find any whitepaper. I am not clear about their concept.
I haven't noticed yet Ethereum going to fork. If not, then Ethereum private token is fake ?
149  Other / Beginners & Help / Coinbase closing account. Move your fund on other wallet ASAP on: June 06, 2018, 03:16:03 PM
One of the best Bitcoin wallet closing member's account without any specifics reasones. They just mailed about violates their terms and condition. They are deleting account permanently. Coinbase give me chance to move my fund on other external wallet.
If you are using coinbase you should be move your fund as soon as possible. Because account delete is not normal case. I think coinbase was hacked anyhow. That's why may be coinbase required to make new account and closing old account.

For safety reasones I feel better to move your fund to any other wallet before they locked account.

I receive below mail from coinbase before deleted account:

Thank you for your interest in Coinbase. Our primary goal is to make digital currency safe and secure for our customers. Coinbase is a regulated Money Services Business under FinCEN (, and as part of achieving this goal, we are legally obligated to implement regulatory compliance mechanisms.

Upon careful review, we believe your account has engaged in prohibited use in violation of our Terms of Service and we regret to inform you that we can no longer provide you with access to our service. We respectfully request that you follow the on-screen instructions presented when you log into your Coinbase account to send any remaining balance offsite to an external address.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please let us know and we'll be happy to help.


Coinbase Customer Support

Edit: Coinbase not giving chance to appeal.
150  Economy / Reputation / Connected account. Cheating on Elementh(EEE) bounty campaign. on: June 05, 2018, 08:11:07 PM
Connected account:
aliwinchester – rank: Jr. Member
imperror – rank: Jr. Member
spacesniper93  – rank: Jr. Member
gentlebaguette – Rank : Member
inquisition15  – rank: Jr. Member

Related Eth address:

Aliwinchester= 0x516fE580e6eF59dfAB499edb6Fe763fB82C8Cf49

imperror= 0x579E769965D01E4525038F690fce083D59F584F2

spacesniper93 = 0xb4de09b94331919093819c057b021f837bf57708

gentlebaguette= 0x33EC4a8Da86d9F9322e2f207dad34c623f341368

inquisition15= 0xA9af902fabBa478CefBdA4dd4003FF3B9B9efC36

All token transfer to : 0xD74B7850aE4bB6787Eb0717E7293B109D25a0E2b

They all joined Elementh ( EEE) Facebook campaign:


aliwinchester # 1276

imperror # 1265

spacesniper93 # 1059

gentlebaguette # 1034

inquisition15 # 1306
151  Economy / Reputation / Spammer want to boost topic to spam forum. on: June 05, 2018, 06:08:05 PM
Spammer misakama . He is looking for boosting post.
By boosting post he will spamming forum. Look like spam farmer. I already report his post.
My aim is not only tag him but also every one should know one of spam farmer.

Boosting offer thread:
152  Other / Meta / Disable sign. camp. officially to prevent spam & know true value of merit system on: June 04, 2018, 04:36:12 PM
I don't know may be there is more similar post. But I will try to explain more about it.
I have main three reasones to request it:
  • Prevent spam and shitpost
  • To know true value of merit system
  • To motivate for make HQ post
I think it's very important to disable signature campaign officially to prevent spam permanently. So that Jr. Members will never spam on forum.
Although I am reporting many spam post to moderator. But it's not doing many others. It's can't be parmanent solution.
On the other hand Jr. Members will know the true value of merit system.
If disable officially sign. camp. for Jr. they will try to make quality post for upgrade their rank.

Currently they have chance to participate sing. camp. so for reward they start make spamming even they don't know proper English. Even though some reputed managers didn't allowed them for sign. camp. But I think it's not enough to prevent spam.

So I believe that if sign camp. disable officially from forum only for Jr. Members, it will help prevent spam permanently.
153  Other / Meta / Bug report. Error during report a post to moderator. on: June 04, 2018, 09:00:22 AM
Once I am going to report a post to moderator, I have seen this massage. It's happens from two days. Yesterday also happen, I just refresh page and it's become fine. Today again happen. Even though I didn't make any post today. But I can see below massage. There showing I make post 7 second ago. But I didn't make any post recently.

Another thing there showing I am trying to post ! But actually I am trying to report a shitpost. You can check address bar. Action=report. I think there is no limit on report a post to moderator. Even there is limit but I just try first time for today. Make a new topic and report a post can't be related. So during report a post this massage should not be appears here. It should be appears during make a new topic.

I think there is bug error and need to fixed it.

Edited: I am not using vpn and I am using mobile network. There is no chance that some other will use my ip. And I didn't double click.
154  Other / Beginners & Help / Really high risky submit KYC only for Airdrop. Stay away, be safe. on: June 03, 2018, 10:28:38 PM
Recently most of ICO asking for KYC. It's really high risky to submit document for KYC. Even though I am not support to join on Airdrop. Then when question of KYC, I am totally not supporting. Only for 5$ how is possible to submit personal document? Although airdrop is wast of time. Then asking for passport or any id card. Do you think it's fair? Really not.
Even you like airdrop, I suggest personally to avoid submit KYC document for Airdrop. They can misuse your personal data.

For example, you are trading on Bittrex.  You already verify your address by submit your passport. Now if you submit your passport any ICO airdrop, they can claim and hack your bittrex account. Nothing is impossible!

So be careful before submit your document for Airdrop. May be you will got scam or any harmful thing.
155  Other / Meta / Need to remove advertise of on: June 03, 2018, 06:19:10 PM
First I apologise to Mr. theymos for this topic.
This topic regarding

We have faith to theymos that he will care about every member's. And he is doing from beginning.
I know this website is not scam. And almost trusted. Also not against of forum rules.
But I just share my opinion about this ad on this forum.
I will point out why I think need to remove this ad from here.

This site based on Betting.
This site based on like lottery.
This site mentioned 99% luck 1% skill.( there is no valu of skill. People can't use their skill earn from here)

I believe that this site can't be much profitable for people. In my experienced most of betting or lottery player on loss.
For me betting is one kind of addict. People become addicted on it. Then he can't able to understand he is going loss his capital.

As well as ICO advertising is not allowed on this forum. Due to high risk. I think also this site also high risk for forum member's.  Personally I don't want that some one will got big loss from here.

Judgment depend on you. If you think it's really harmful then you can remove this ad. If you think it's profitable then you can continue.
156  Economy / Scam Accusations / New scammer CryptoPredicted. Just create bitcointalk account for scam. on: June 03, 2018, 05:30:53 AM
Scammer account: CryptoPredicted

He just create a topic about his service for trade signal.
Topic link:


He is offering partnership. That means he will get paid from members and partner too. It's absolutely scam. He only create bitcointalk account for this cheating. His account is newbie. It's look like he has another account on this forum. He create this account for scam. Till now he just make 5 post about his service. I have reported his all the post for save people. I don't know moderator will take action or not.

Be aware from this kind of offer.
157  Economy / Trading Discussion / Trading signal become a smart scam!!! on: June 02, 2018, 09:12:50 PM
I don't know how many people got benifite from paid trading signal. Yes, there is best and legit trading signal. But it's very rare. Most of them are smart scammer or silent scammer. It's normal that if any one have huge paid member's on his group. He can simply give signal to buy some coin. Because they will give signal only single exchange. Once they give signal people start buy. Then automatically price will go up. Then who is give signal they sold their coin on good price. Yes that time may be some people get profit and some people can loss. Those are in loss, they think our bad luck so we loss. No it's not only loss it's one kind of scam. Signal giver show success by those are on profits. Specially on day trade happened this kind of scam.

We get scam because we are very lazy. We didn't try to research or analyse crypto market. We only depend on other.

My question is if some one know whice coin will pump then why they need get paid for signal ? Why they didn't trade huge themself? Because they are not sure. Main reones to get paid for signal is pump a coin and get profit.

My suggestion is even you pay for signal, you should research yourself too. They just make fool us.
158  Other / Beginners & Help / Some basic crypto scam you should know to avoid loss your hard worked money. on: June 02, 2018, 05:02:13 PM
Some basic scam I will describe for newbie to avoid big loss. We can avoid it before attacked.

1) Wallet hacking:
Basically we used some crypto wallet to store our crypto coin. Example: blockchain, coinbase, coinpayment and MyEtherwallet. We can got scam by visiting phishing site. Once you enter your details on phishing site, they will access your wallet and stole your coin.
To avoid phishing site, we can bookmark that orginal website and we should use 2FA for each site. Don't use same password your all wallet. So that we can avoid this kind of scam.

2) ICO scam:
Now a days it's very difficult to avoid scam ICO. ICO become now as smart scam. They are easily make us fool. To avoid ICO scam you should research strongly about their project. Any existing project there? How quality their whitepaper? How strong team? Team are existing or fake ? Check their social media profile. How strong their community and advertising strategy? Amount of total supply etc. Even we can't avoid ICO scam, but we can minimize.

3) Ponzi scheme:
Some of ICO or token offer various profit. Like lending and revenue sharing from their project. For me it's a silent scam. They scam slowly. For example : Bitconnect is one of them. I think better this kind of project.

4) Chose crypto exchange:
Many people got scam for exchange his coin. Specially from local exchange. Verify difficult to identify legit local exchange. So be careful and research when you use local exchange. In the other hand some international exchange make silent scam. For example: Yobit and hitbtc. They have many bad reputation on this forum too. You can use simply search button to find them here. You have to choice best exchange for trade. Example bittrex and polonix.

5) During trade:
It's the latest scam. We have no way to find out the sxmcammers. I called them big while. Because they can dump or pump any coin for a moment. Some time we can see suddenly dump or pump any coin. They have strong team. They start buy then trend become up. Once we start buy they simply sale their hold coin and market become down. Then we are worried and sale our coin even in loss.

6) Fake give away offer:
May be you will received spam mail or you can see any tweet or tweeter reply with give away offer from scammer. Actually they use a name from reputation company or exchange to make fool us. Avoid this kind of massage once you see. Don't click their any link.

I will edit post if I found more new scam system.
159  Other / Beginners & Help / How to write a quality and useful topic. on: June 01, 2018, 11:06:29 PM
Also I was think about how write a quality and useful topic on this forum. Almost I have got that point and I am going to share it. So that I can learn more by discuss about that point. I am wrong or right.

For quality and useful topic we need to identify a problem on crypto related.

Then research about the solution. Once you get solution then you can make a topic about the problem. So many members can learn from your post.

For example: why crypto market downtrend now?
This is current situation. You can research about that and can make a topic.

Unnecessary topic on this forum will be counted a spam. So be careful about it. Another thing, before you make any new topic you should use search option here. Because if some one already make a topic your similar, there is no need to make same topic. You can help by reply his post.

For keep clean and spam free this forum you can report shitposter or spammer to moderator if you found. And you can make post about alt account holder and bounty cheater. I think this kind of post will count as a quality post.
160  Economy / Scam Accusations / Scam ICO BEX token on: June 01, 2018, 04:38:32 PM
Archive :

Look like they stolen name from Binance. As well as they has buy good rating form various ICO rating/listing site. I have read their whitepaper. Their concept is exchange and they will share revenue from exchange profit. I think it's look like lending platform. Those is already vanish. White paper quality is not much fun and many red flag there.

Anyway that is not my main point, may be they are legit. We can't say before complete their ICO.

My main point to describe about their team. Is it possible to handle an ICO only 2 person? If they have more person on tram why not mention on website ? Also they use vector image for team. They don't use original image on their team. Even they use original picture for LinkedIn, why not use on website ?

Their ANN thread also not much professional.
Archive :

Total token supply: 21 Million BEX . They didn't mention their contract address on website. I search link on etherscan.

Their crowdsale duration also too long.
They use Singapore country on contact but they are not mention any team members from Singapore.
Need be careful before buy their token.
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