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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 27.0 [Torrent]
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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Ballon D Or Outrights | 2024 on: July 14, 2024, 11:58:57 PM
Rodri has the first chance right now to win right ? and hopefully after a couple of years of rigged Ballon d'Or ceremonies , we will finally have someone who deserves it and that is Rodri from Spain and no one else. It could have been Jude if he managed to score in the final but also win it for his country which didn't happen. The same happened with Vini Jr who didn't even manage to achieve a semi-final with Brazil at Copa America so I doubt that scoring into UCL final is enough to win Ballon d'Or.
I still think Vinícius Jr has an upper hand ahead of Rodri. The UCL has a huge influence as well as the Euros, and let's not forget that the Ballon d'Or lost meaning a long time ago. Lately it's about numbers (goals, assists, trophies and popularity) if you look at all that, you will understand the recent "robberies" in the Ballon d'Or.
2  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: - [ CLOSED MY SERVICES FOR NOW ] on: July 14, 2024, 11:47:44 PM
As for now, is officially closed for business.

I thank you all for your support. I'll find a solution, and maybe one day, I'll return to business.

You're all fantastic people. Thanks for trusting me.
Well, that's sad news as it comes, but it was also refreshing that someone came out and proved to be people that it's possible. You have no idea how many people you might have inspired through this. Best of luck in the other journey of your life  Wink
3  Other / Meta / Re: Lucius Merit Source Application🆕 on: July 14, 2024, 11:32:37 PM
OP, one thing I know is that you have been very active since the time I joined the forum. I think you could be of much greater importance to the community if you were made a merit source, and I hope the admin takes this into consideration.

Personally, I am backing you for this.

109 is just a number. Some are inactive by now, while others merit only specific boards.
4  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🏆 GOSUBETTING 🏆 THE ULTIMATE BITCOIN BETTING GUIDE ⚽🏀⚾🏈🎮🎰📈 on: July 14, 2024, 10:58:53 PM
Got that correct score of 2:1 but as I had predicted earlier on, it was never enough for me to get to the top 10  Grin
As of the final leaderboard. I sit in the 12th position

Congratulations to darbit,  tvplus006 and co. @darxiaomi is that you at the top? I mean, the darbit username?
5  Economy / Economics / Re: Is labour wealth? on: July 14, 2024, 10:52:31 PM
I think it's just a matter of perspective. It depends on how you look at it and who your "employer" is, but to me, Labor is not wealth.
Let's say you are a donkey, camel or horse? Would you say labor is wealth? I don't think so. Those right there are the hardest working animals in human communities. Even the slaves and casual workers in most Third World countries would disagree with you.
6  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Loan Defaulted [BitDane] on: July 14, 2024, 03:00:48 AM
There was something off about this guy's loan request patterns. He started small (50 USDT loan request) and then each other time he requested for a new loan, he kept increasing the amount, probably building false trust until he probably felt like his account's reputation was worth 300 USDT

This is really sad.

Flag supported and tagged.
7  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: 📝[Discussion topic] Overview of Bitcointalk Signature-Ad Campaigns📝 on: July 14, 2024, 02:40:55 AM
According to Ralle14's latest update, so far, there are only 16 active signature campaigns left. Not even that difficult period of COVID-19 has this very low number of active signature campaigns. And this all is happening during the time when we are getting ready for the bull market, or already a half way there. I wonder what will happen once we get to the bear market.
8  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Restrict mining to single country? (Bitcoin algorithm) on: July 13, 2024, 11:49:38 PM
No, you can not. Certainly not for the real Bitcoin network. Maybe for your network that you could attain due to the hard fork.

I suggest you try to understand more about the Bitcoin network and how decentralized it is. Even if you try to convenience some of the mining pools to collaborate with you, which I am pretty sure you know is near to impossible, miners can still do solo mining minus using those mining pools.
9  Economy / Reputation / Re: Only UMG aka GluttonyY could do this. on: July 13, 2024, 11:36:29 PM
LOL homeboy got banned... wonder what it was for, I've been trying not to pay attention to him lately
He is linked to the GluttonyY profile that is already banned, and then he decided to unapologetically evade ban. Good riddance.

He will undoubtedly start a new account, but he cannot do it without marketing his business as usual, so detecting him will be easy. He has all the energy( determined, outspoken, passionate and all that) but if only he was putting them at the right places.
That would be so stupid of him. Even Zoltan aka was way more zealous, but he eventually gave up.

10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Re: London UK crypto exchange cash on: July 13, 2024, 11:26:15 PM
What do you mean sir? Do you want to find or buy cryptocurrency by exchanging it for currency via transfer? My advice, you should be able to provide a more detailed explanation of what you mean and at least you can provide a guarantee of security for those who want to transact with you...?! to provide a sense of security and give full trust to your potential customers, sir. This is just a suggestion from me sir, thank you...🙏
He claims he can help anyone here who is from the UK trade off/sell off their crypto for cash or fiat.
What I wonder about is how he will be able to pull off such transactions without involving an escrow service that can guarantee safely for both parties.

Why wouldn't someone just use popular p2p exchanges that are very available.
11  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Scams Bitcoin Mixers List and Services closed on: July 13, 2024, 10:50:05 PM
Do you think I should compile this list into a searchable database that people can copy and paste the domain name into to see if it's a scam? (Or legit? Or unknown even.)

I'm asking because I'm not sure if anyone actually checks this list before they go to a website.
I think it's a good idea

Well, if you are to have a list of trustworthy services, it's an added bonus if there is a list of services that are scam where people who try to do extra research can look to. It would also help identify services that were previously legitimate and have gone defunct or have turned into scam
12  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Is a single s 12 word seed and passphrase really enough to protect life savings? on: July 13, 2024, 01:15:26 AM
So long as you safely back up the seed phrase. It's safe.
Just practice proper wallet back up techniques (i.e. avoid copying and pasting, avoid taking screenshots, avoid storing the seeds online...) and also make sure you access your wallet using a clean air gapped device.

There's no threshold on the amount of BTC you can put there, except for the current circulating supply. But If the Bitcoins is really a lot, I would split it up in a couple of wallets (if you understand the talk of not putting all the eggs in one basket), but this would also mean more responsibility on the back-ups.
13  Other / Meta / Re: Clarifying Ban Evasion Rules: Input Needed on: July 13, 2024, 12:55:44 AM
OP, the troll has finally been Permanently banned. Under the ban evasion rule, this implies that if one of your accounts gets permanently banned, the alternate accounts are also likely to get banned should you make any post outside your ban appeal thread in meta (evading ban). If you don't make any additional post after the ban, they may not get banned too.

14  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [Warning] is likely a scam. ANN Locked as soon as it was Posted on: July 12, 2024, 11:58:39 PM
They have been trying to spam in a some forums lately

I can see they are also trying to recover their Subreddit that was banned due to massive spam and shilling campaign by them

This is their Reddit account -

Tagged and flagged to protect Newbies and Guest users

Type 1 flag:;flag=3322
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: Why is Coinbase Preventing Me From Sending My Crypto Assets? on: July 12, 2024, 11:47:39 PM
I have seen people have a similar problem, mostly with ADA withdrawals, so I have a feeling it is network specific.
Try to convert the XRP to another network with cheaper fees like Litecoin and then attempt the transfer again and see if it works.
If the problem persists, I suggest you contact customer support, like the other people who had the same problem did. They may help you out as soon as possible.
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: German Government completely sells off all its bitcoins. on: July 12, 2024, 11:31:26 PM
My question is that did the German Government officially announce that they were going to sell off the coins on the specified dates, or people just started panicking and speculating as soon as they saw some coins moving off the wallet where they were being held?
That earlier downtrend could have just been caused by panic sellers who expected the worst.
17  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Holding my funds for more than a month. on: July 12, 2024, 10:59:17 PM
After waiting several months and giving the benefit of the doubt, I have decided to add negative trust to the LuckySea forum account and also ~excluded them from my trust.

They made a post in their thread today yet did not have the decency or courtesy to even mention any of the scam accusations against them. As far as I am concerned, their conduct has been consistently abysmal and is the the complete opposite to what any company offering customer services should be doing.

They don't have any more shame left in them. Ignoring customer issues for a month and then coming back to update their thread about promos. They didn't even bother on updates regarding the previous issues. I hope community members stay warned and keep away from using the casino.
18  Economy / Reputation / Re: need a solution for the bad trust points on: July 12, 2024, 10:44:44 PM
bitcointalk to all those geniuses who judge!!
You get judged because of your actions. Are you trying to blame us for being extra cautious of scammers like you?

looks like your community decreasing a few each time when you respond with these dumb responses !!
... or maybe we could just say, dumb people deserve "dumb" responses  Grin

god I will leave this dumb platform
You can do that by logging out. Are you too dumb that you need instructions for that too?
19  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🏆 GOSUBETTING 🏆 THE ULTIMATE BITCOIN BETTING GUIDE ⚽🏀⚾🏈🎮🎰📈 on: July 11, 2024, 11:57:12 PM
I have been quiet, sorry about it - super busy times.

Still, I hope you guys have enjoyed the EURO and our tipster challenge! Smiley
Thanks for the challenge, efialtis. I have enjoyed every bit of it. From a neutral perspective, the Euros have also been quite enjoyable, and we are just waiting for what comes out of the Finale.

Who`s gonna win, Spain or England?!  Cool
I think this time Spain is taking it
Those kids on the wings, Lamine Yamine and Nico Williams, are Terrific. England's defence will have to be on their toes and alert the whole match if they are to avoid any slip ups.
20  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Advice on selling ETH on (UK) on: July 11, 2024, 11:46:46 PM
but is there a p2p network where you can sell XRP for fiat?
try converng your ETH to USDT BEP20 and withdraw, this i think is cheaper and its easy to sell USDT BEP20 for fiat.
XRP and Litecoin are amongst the cheapest options when withdrawing from an exchange, way cheaper than even USDT BEP20 that is usually 1 USDT in withdrawal fees. I think it can just be easy for him to transfer the XRP from the app to the exchange. Sell it for USDT and then convert that to fiat.

Yes, both are different as there is a seperate wallet and their a dedi wallet that has the exchange. Withdrawal fees are on the higher side and it is not worth it in the current market price to withdraw Ethereum from wallet.
He should probably look for alternatives in case he plans to trade again in the future.
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