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Author Topic: [Ultracoin] [Est. Feb 2014] ~ ASIC Resistant & Ultrafast 6 Second Transactions!  (Read 380977 times)
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Welcome to the future !

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August 06, 2014, 05:51:21 PM
Last edit: November 13, 2018, 03:23:50 AM by Official Ultracoin Team

updated Tues 13th November 2018 - usukan

Please note that the Main UltraCoin Website ( is currently being upgraded - some links to this site and others may be down periodically while we work through these changes.  Thank you for your patience.


Ultracoin is also listed on Altilly -

UltraCoin is listed on Cryptopia -


Ultracoin has hardforked to a new and much improved wallet. This new wallet addresses many issues including the diff re-targeting causing trouble for miners and includes more efficient staking plus increased staking rewards (new wallet after fork - 5.6% PA).

The fork occurred without any issues after several months of exhaustive testing, November 13th , 2016 (block number 1,824,237).

You MUST download, install and run the new wallet.  The old wallet will not function correctly after the fork.

  The new wallet files can be downloaded from here:

    Official Download
    Mirror Download

    This link has downloads for both 32x and 64x Windows installations.

    The simplest installation of the new wallet is via running the appropriate setup.exe for your Windows operating system - either 32x or 64x i.e. "UltraCoin-v1.0.0.0-Win64-Setup.exe" or "UltraCoin-v1.0.0.0-Win32-Setup.exe"

    This applies if you want to install a NEW Ultracoin wallet - OR if you want to update and old installation.

    So - if you have a Win64 operating system - just download and run "UltraCoin-v1.0.0.0-Win64-Setup.exe"

    Once the installation has completed - you need to be sure to run the correct ultracoin-qt.exe so the NEW wallet opens (i.e. don't use your old desktop shortcut).

    Best create a new desktop shortcut - as follows

    - Navigate to C/Program Files/Ultracoin folder
    - Find the file ultracoin-qt.exe
    - Create a shortcut to this file - and put it on your desktop.

    Use this new shortcut to run the new wallet (and best to delete your old desktop shortcut)

    As always - be sure to back up and save your wallet files (wallet.dat) to several other storage devices.

    If you know what you are doing - you can use the .zip files shown in the MEGA download link (i.e. to manually configure your own wallet installation.

Ultracoin is ultrafast with an transaction speed of 6 seconds and it needs only 60 seconds for confirmation !

Ultracoin is a hybrid proof-of-work / proof-of-stake coin, whereby active nodes are involved in the mining of blocks if they hold Ultracoin.
With Ultracoin you can send and receive currency worldwide to friends, family or business partners.
You may even exchange it for other currencies or simply use it to buy goods.
Miners are currently awarded with 10 new Ultracoins per block, an amount which gets halved at 4,000,000 blocks, and then again at 6,000,000.
The Ultracoin network is therefore scheduled to produce 100 million Ultracoins, which is almost 4.5 times as many currency units as Bitcoin.

Ultracoin can be mined with both CPU's and GPU's.
Furthermore, with an ASIC resistant Scrypt ChaCha base, you can feel at ease.
This will ensure that you won't be surprised by new hardware technologies.
UTC is a hybrid proof-of-work/proof-of-stake coin, whereby active nodes are involved in the mining of blocks if they hold UTC.

The Ultracoin Mission

To create a première, accepted, easy to use, decentralized and supported crypto-currency with enough mass appeal to become seriously disruptive to the current economic system. To remain competitive in an unforgiving and ruthless free market in competing currencies, and never become a commodity. To become a powerful alternative to debt backed fiat, and never lose sight of that purpose. To take economics seriously, with disregard to gimmicks and manipulation. To provide stable releases that can serve users without fail. To garner a community united by a common purpose, mutual self-interest, and passion for crypto-currency. To take our communities investment, time, talent, and effort to the future, instead of "to the moon". To create a currency worthy of voluntary acceptance, without "legal tender" laws. To create money that will last years beyond generations, and not money that will be losing its value, starting wars, manipulated by political agendas, controlled by banks, printed to infinity, forced upon the people, squandering savings accounts, propping up the financial sector, or controlled by the few. To create a currency that will be recognized beyond political affiliations, geographical boarders, or nationalities. To change the face of currency and the way commerce is performed as we know it.

  • Total coins: 100,000,000
  • Premine: 2% (1.6% IPO / 0.3% DEV / 0.1% REWARDS)
  • Block time target: 60 seconds
  • Block reward: 10, halving at 4,000,000 blocks
  • Difficulty retarget over 10 blocks (Max 8% Up, 16% Down)
  • Mined block confirmation: 50
  • Transaction confirmation: 5
  • NFactor Integration - Currently NF14
  • Port: 44100
  • Rpc port: 44101

Proof of Work Reward Rate & Schedule
  • 10 UTC per block - 4,000,000 (Current)
  • 5 UTC per block - 6,000,000
  • 2.5 UTC per block - 8,000,000
  • 1.25 UTC per block - 20,000,000
  • 1 UTC per block - 25,000,000
  • .5 UTC per block - 30,000,000
  • .25 UTC per block - 40,000,000
  • .125 UTC per block - 50,000,000
  • .01 UTC per block - 208,145,600

Proof of Stake Reward Rate & Schedule

  • 5.6% per year (Current)
  • 3% per year at block 3,000,000
  • 1.5% per year at block 4,000,000
  • 1% per year at block 8,000,000

UltraCoin WAVES Token

Recently - The UltraCoin Community was issued a token (UltraCoin Asset ID DxG3PLganyNzajHGzvWLjc4P3T2CpkBGxY4J9eJAAUPw) on the WAVES platform by members of the WAVES Community as a promotion and demonstration of the synergies possible between different Cryptocurrencies.  This token was distributed to UltraCoin Community members based on current UltraCoin holdings and support for UltraCoin irrespective of their current UltraCoin holdings - on a voluntary basis.  This was not an official UltraCoin project but it now presents UltraCoin with some new opportunities.

First - we can consider the UltraCoin WAVES token as an ''extension" of Ultracoin itself.  The UltraCoin Token will be tradeable on the WAVES decentralised exchange (DEX) in the future and convertible to BTC, other cryptos/assets/tokens and convertible to FIAT currencies through WAVES gateways.

- WAVES has provided wallets in Win/Apple/iOS/Android for this token - allowing the UltraCoin Community members a wide range of use and development options.

The UltraCoin WAVES token can be stored on the WAVES Lite Client - available here.

Android -

Github -

The UltraCoin WAVES tokens are now traded DIRECTLY on the WAVES DEX (decentralised) exchange against many other digital currencies including BTC WAVES etc - trading is done directly from your own WAVES wallet.  Its a very impressive technology.

- The Waves platform will also release "multigateway'' templates in Scala allowing direct conversions of UTC to UTC Tokens - and back to UTC - further adding seamless utility to this UltraCoin extension provided by the token.
- The UltraCoin WAVES token may also be listed on Cryptopia allowing many, simple and diverse trading opportunities in the near future.

The WAVES issuer of these tokens (Team @Cripto) will also issue Tokens as REWARDS to any UltraCoin Community Member who contributes to the UltraCoin Development Fund.  They have stated that they will issue rewards at the rate of 1,000,000 UltraCoin tokens minimum per 1 BTC contribution until the reserve runs out - and this system has already been used by one member.  (Contact usukan or Rapture333 if you wish to make any contributions).

Further to this Team @Cripto has made a generous gift of UltraCoin WAVES tokens to the Official UltraCoin WAVES wallet to fund future development of UltraCoin.  Additionally two community members have also made very significant contributions to this same fund.  In the future we hope to be able to use this fund for specific UltraCoin development projects.

This is an experiment in the making using cutting edge crypto functionalities - we have no idea how it will evolve - but follow the progress - only on UltraCoin.
No other Crypto currency currently has a token like this - as an extension on another blockchain.

Please Note :
This thread is self moderated.
Trolling and baseless accusations will be removed without consent.
Please mind your manners and report incidences of malice accordingly.
Thank you and enjoy

Create an ultracoin.conf within your %APPDATA% folder and add these lines:
Start the ultracoin client, edit solo_mining.bat with the specified user and password, and run the .bat. Enjoy mining!
NOTE: Please set expiry = 1, scan time = 1, and queue = 0 in cgminer to receive lower rejects. Thanks!


5.60% interest per year if you:

1. Have UTC in wallet
2. Don't spend it  
3. Have wallet online as much as possible - you can update your stakes every 2-3 weeks
4. Have wallet unlocked for minting, do this like so:
    - Just "click" the Staking box on the wallet Overview and enter your password  

In Depth Explanation of POS:

        Please visit our site HERE to browse the most up-to-date list of UTC Services.

        Please visit our site HERE to browse the most up-to-date list of UTC Marketplaces.

        So, you now have UTC? What else can you do with it besides sell/hold it? How about buy stuff. After all, that is the purpose of a currency - to exchange it for goods and services. Below you will find the available (these will be reinstated when UTC lists on shops whom accept UTC!

        Original Post:

        I would like to take this opportunity to announce the release of our coin called :[b]Ultracoin (UTC)[/b] on [u]February 1st[/u].

        [b]which is asic-resistant[/b]

        We have been working hard to finalize our coin, and I have been fortunate enough to work with a team consisting of a good dev and a professional external consultant to help guide the entire process. We have also commissioned custom pool software with real time API data to our website to track various statistics, such as users, hashrates and current difficulty.
        You may know me (bumface) as a chat moderator on btc-e, however i would like to emphasize the fact that this coin is [u]not[/u] an affiliate of btc-e, but a personal endeavour with a proper team.
        Through our common love for crypto we got together as equal partners to make this coin a reality. We have offered rewards in BTC and UTC for many jobs, and some jobs are still open (Please view the 'Rewards and Bounties' section.)

        We are currently in negotiations with multiple exchanges

        Announcement                             : 13 jan.
        Launch and                         : February 1st.
        Mining start                                : X

        We have this logo as a temperary logo, we have commissioned a logo by a real graphic designer, if this does not work out, we will organise a competition with a reward.

        [size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt]Launching time:7:00PM UTC


        #ultracoin on [url=][/url]
        [i]Please view the technical specifications and information below: [/i]
        -2 equal partners (ziggy and bumface)


        ultracoin is a hybrid proof-of-work/proof-of-stake coin, whereby active nodes are involved in the mining of blocks if they hold utc.
        this will give a strong incentive to a. hold coins and b. be an active node (e.g. have wallet open/running) on the network.

        this means that, under certain circumstances, you may accrue 20% proof-of-stake interest per year on the coins you own.

        a good source for more information is
        -Total coins: 100,000,000
        -Premine: 2% (2 million UTC, please view public premine distribution ledger below.)
        -Block time target: 30 seconds
        -Block reward: 50, halving every 990,000 blocks
        -Difficulty retarget:max 200% per 30mins
        -Mined block confirmation: 50
        -Transaction confirmation: 5
        -Port: 44100
        -Rpc port: 44101

        [u]Windows-qt client:[/u]

        [color=red]OFFICIAL POOL 1: [/color][url=][/url]  NOT open yet for registration

        [u]CPU Mining:[/u] Open the console and type setgenerate true to start mining.

        [color=red][u]GPU Miner:[/u] [/color]

         Open ultracoin.conf and add these lines:
         Start ultracoin client, edit solo_mining.bat with user and password, run the .bat, done.
        please set expiry = 1, scan time = 1, and queue = 0 in cgminer to lower rejects.


        [u]Twitter:[/u] [url=][/url]
        [i]-Why is there a premine?[/i]
        You will probably have noticed a 2% premine, allow me to explain why we did this. We wish to be open about every single coin in existence, so you may see where it went and why.

        [b]Public premine distribution ledger:[/b]
        [u]-1.600.000 UTC[/u] are available to purchase by any potential stakeholder (Please view stakeholders proposition below.) in an open bidding system with a minimum bid of 0.00005[btc]              
        [u]-100.000 UTC[/u] go to partner 1:[u]Ziggy[/u] (dev)                                                                                                                      
        [u]-100.000 UTC[/u] go to partner 2:[u]bumface[/u] (founder)                                                                                                                
        [u]-100.000 UTC[/u] go to our professional external consultant. (as well as 5 btc)                        
        [u]-100.000 UTC[/u] go to rewards for jobs done by any capable developer, for example: making an android wallet, or making a working  
        mining pool with real-time API data link to our main website. (also btc rewards)

        Please note that every partner gets [u]0.1%[/u] of the total number of coins, we feel this is not unreasonable as a compensation for our time and investment.
        We will have the balance of our wallets visible on our homepage  so everybody can see when we sell coins from our personal wallet. The reason we do this is because we feel there are too many coins where the premine is left unexplained and there are vague wallets with unidentified coins and owners.

        We hope that this will foster a good relationship with the community.
        [b]What is different about Ultracoin??[/b]

        Let be honest, the code is not the most difficult part of an endeavour like this,although scrypt ChaCha is not the easyest thing to do because of enhanced asic resistance.

        So what is left then? ......the team.The people behind it. What is their intention? what is their vision?

        Ultracoin has employed many influential people for ammounts like 5 btc, 10 btc and 15 btc per person as well as UTC rewards.Every person brings a different skillset to the table and is hard at work to make things happen for UTC.

        It is not yet super evident to the public how this will unfold into actual results, but if you keep an eye on us you will see many fast and wonderfull developements.

        Without this kind of support a coin is just a coin, and has no real future.We wish to stand out from a legion of altcoins and with the building of this community we will achieve that.
        [b]Stakeholders proposition[/b]


        The reason we want to sell of coins during the launch is because not everybody has an ability to mine coins, this would give an unfair advantage to early miners.
        They would get a fairly large amount of coins due to low difficulty, giving a great advantage over traders who have to wait until our coin is accepted on exchanges.
        [i]Stakeholders rights:[/i]
        Stakeholder have a right to be anonymous for as long as they please (including in perpetuity).
        [u]A total of 1,600,000 UTC will be available to purchase[/u] right after the UTC launch by anybody who desires to do so. These 1.600,000 UTC will come out of the 2% premine, [u]not[/u] on top of it. This means 98% (98 million UTC) of all coins can be mined by anyone with a GPU or CPU.
        We will accept open offers with a coin amount and price of your choice (with a minimum bid of 0.00005 btc per unit of UTC), and will select people until all 1,600,000 UTC is sold.

        We will launch as on February 1st, however you may make an offer to us now as of [u]now[/u].

        Please send your offer to [b]X[/b]. Offers will be entertained and replied between 13-1-2014 and 27-1-2014

        this offer must include:

        - your (nick) name this name will be on our website along with your UTC adress to offer total transparancy, if you wish to remain anonymous put an X here.

        -The ammount of UTC you wish to purchase

        -Your UTC unit price (with a minimum of 0.00005[btc]) and the totals in UTC and BTC.

        [i]Example message:[/i]

        name             : billy
        UTC amount     : 10.000 (ten thousand)
        unit price         : 0.00005
        total             : 0,5[btc]

        you may copy & paste this

        name             :
        UTC amount        :
        unit price         :    
        total             :      [btc]

        If your offer is accepted you will recieve an adress to send [btc] to, and as soon as we have received and verified your [btc], you will receive an e mail confirming your payment.We will destribute all the wallets to stakeholders on the same day as the wallet link goes up, and then you will recieve your coins( this is to prevent early mining and also reduce chance of 51% attack

        please note that verification will not be optimal in the beginning since we need the miners to act as nodes (Custom pool software is being built).



        [i]-What will happen with the [btc] that comes in?[/i]

        A portion of this amount will be used for rewards and bounties to further the development of Ultracoin (please view the rewards and bounties section below), as well.
        The remainder of the BTC will be divided under the 2 equal partners to recoup the investment in this coin, and yes, we will also earn [btc] with this endeavour.
        Also note that we are in this thing for the long haul and we are thinking long term, so because we might sell our coins years from now, the 2 partners will take some BTC at the start from the stakes that are sold.
        We have no intention of dumping our coins when it reaches a certain value and then abandon this project. We would also like to state that we have no intention of becoming the next hype coin, with a massive rise in the first week and then a downwards slope without recovery. If this is what you desire there are many hypecoins to choose from, but that`s not us.
        Bitcoin took 5 years to get to this level, so we have all the time in the world. We would rather have slow growth towards a truly stable coin than the next hype coin.

        [i]Please note that we would also like to ask larger stakeholders to sell responsibly right after launch, so that a healthy market may form.[/i]

        [b]Rewards and Bounties [/b]
        We will be giving rewards/bounties for certain jobs paid in BTC and/or UTC.

        Our dev will review your work, and if it is selected we will launch it for a 2 week evaluation period in which the community can use it so we may test it for flaws and bugs.
        After the work has passed the quality norm,you will receive your reward, and it will be visible on our homepage.
        such jobs include:
        -Blockchain explorer       -     7500 UTC

        -Android wallet              -     3000 UTC
        -Mac wallet                   -     3000 UTC

        -mac os gpu miner         -     3000 UTC

        -Linux wallet                 -     3000 UTC
        -Linux gpu miner            -     3000 UTC

        If you feel you are a capable developer, you may start one of these jobs at once, please announce that you are working on it on this thread.

        We hope to have informed you properly and openly about our project and we know that we are nothing without acceptance from the community. Crypto is an open market and we hope we can provide a stable coin with a proper and dedicated team behind it, however the community will decide our success or failure so please join us and make ultracoin a success.
        Thank you :D

        Welcome to the future of Ultracoin - now upgrading to Ultracoin 3.0
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        August 06, 2014, 09:19:01 PM
        Last edit: August 06, 2014, 09:52:26 PM by PaulR1

        Dear guys and girls, dear community members.

        After some rough days we can inform everybody that our management team is 100% back and in full control again about our precious Ultracoin.

        Fabian, Steven, Xwebnetwork, Thiago and myself are still 100% leading and ruled out this kind of problems can happen again.

        We wish everybody will migrate to our Ultracoin Talk Forum at because this is the best and professional forum to be for Ultracoin.

        But we also want to give you a choice to use our new Ultracoin 2.0 Bitcoin Talk Forum.

        Please remind that we wish that our community have normal and respectful communications and discussions with each other, this Bitcoin Talk forum is still a self moderated forum, in case our management team think it is needed we will moderate messages or content without any warning.

        Please enjoy again our discussions and communications at this new Ultracoin 2.0 forum.

        Warm regards,

           ~ Ultracoin Website ~ UltracoinTalk Forum
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        August 06, 2014, 09:26:26 PM


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        August 06, 2014, 09:57:27 PM
        Last edit: August 06, 2014, 10:54:01 PM by RichardMiner

        Great job guys..... I will help, so let's do it together and bring UTC to higher places  Wink

        We all are ready for the run with you :

 ~ Ultracoin Website ~ UltracoinTalk Forum ~ Ultracoin Pool ~ Ultracoin Pool
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        August 06, 2014, 10:04:51 PM

        Nice work - thanks Paul


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        August 06, 2014, 10:26:54 PM

        Onward's and upwards! We are witnessing the future and its great to be apart of it!
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        August 06, 2014, 10:42:47 PM
        Last edit: August 11, 2014, 08:20:11 AM by BorisWCR

        Onward's and upwards! We are witnessing the future and its great to be apart of it!

        Success UTC team.....
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        August 07, 2014, 12:21:58 AM

        So how do the effects of the last few days effect that vegas convention? I think it's important for Ultracoin to be represented and management should reach out and not miss this. opportunity.
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        August 07, 2014, 12:22:48 AM

        If you are going through hell, keep going - Ultracoin Website - Ultracoin Multipool - Ultracoin Pool
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        August 07, 2014, 12:38:31 AM

        Wait...wha...?...I thought UTC was done with the bitcointalk forums and returns. Well alrighty then...

        Vive le Ultracoin! - Ultracoin Website  | - Ultracoin Pool
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        August 07, 2014, 12:53:33 AM

        Why is the coin tanking?
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        August 07, 2014, 01:04:47 AM

        Wait...wha...?...I thought UTC was done with the bitcointalk forums and returns. Well alrighty then...

        Vive le Ultracoin!

        haha I thought the same but I guess it's hard to break old habbits
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        August 07, 2014, 04:12:44 AM

        i dont understand whats the problem with this coin?? its dying slowly more and more..we soon gonna see the price till 1 satoshi per ultracoin...marketcap keeps going down further and more..where is the future we have been promised by devs??where are the glorious days of ultracoin when prices was there when it belongs for this coin to be..i now realised that the coin is not going to survive only with the 6 seconds transaction moto...all i see is that none has anymore interest on looks like its another ordinery altcoin with not anymore innovation and only with some 1-2 movements by individuals like rapture and the new multipool guy trying to save what ever they really concerned if this coin is going to be traded anymore by any other trader neither anyone is going to buy ultracoin the way did bumface let the team and the coin once and forever???

        I am buying, trading and mining all the way down  Grin With the new team it will have great success !

        UTC UTC UTC
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        August 07, 2014, 04:16:42 AM

        I'm so glad that you guys made it!!Good job!
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        August 07, 2014, 05:23:35 AM

        I would like to remind all of you who hasn't changed signatures yet. We have new multipool so please delete cryptotrain Smiley Thanks

        UTC address: UMzy2N8oTFmcQ2bfZoqLnmXsWzvfA8miRy    -- Ultracoin Website  -- UltracoinTalk Forum
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        August 07, 2014, 05:37:36 AM

         It's hard to break  a old  habbit

        ............It's never late to buy BTC for $1.........
        ........Services-backed cryptocurrency of $1 000 000 000 000 market .........
        ...........PRE ICO            Sep.27 – Oct.04............
               ............ICO            Oct.10 – Nov.07............
        ...................ANN thread      Bounty....................

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        August 07, 2014, 07:07:36 AM

        Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

        I just want to first start off, by thanking all of you that are still here. When I first learned of Ultracoin, it was from a good friend of mine that I met when I first started getting into Crypto. My original plan was to start mining Litecoin, but when that fell through, the first coin he recommended I mine was Ultracoin. At this point, I didn't even know how to setup my miner, I could build my mining rig, but I had no idea how to start mining. He helped me get setup, and I've been on the Ultracoin train ever since. Back then I was mining off my 2 R9 280x's, soon enough I bought one more, and then another. My 4 x R9 280x rig sat proudly in the corner of my apartment, and I paid a bit more for the electric bill every month between me and my room-mate, I can't blame him there! My infatuation with crypto grew, I was so interested in Bitcoin, it was the future, it was the next step in human evolution, it would free humanity from the central bankers. And I remember when I first discovered Bitcoin too, butterfly labs was selling ASIC miners at Paul Fest back in 2012, I thought to myself, "Bitcoin? This will never take off." Little did I know that years later, Bitcoin would be the new internet.

        As I got more and more into crypto, I would invest in other coins, I mined a few other coins for a little while, playing with the configs and wallets and browsing the different alt-currencies. But something always took me back to Ultracoin, perhaps it was the community, the direction, the speed, I liked it. And that's when I started Ultracointalk, because I FELT that the community deserved something more in order to grow. I got close to the development team without ever being a part of it, and then when asked, I stood up to the plate and became the marketing & PR director. I knew what the coin needed to become successful. I can see why Bitcoin is a success, and the answer is as bright as day. I had the opportunity to use the knowledge I have in marketing, communication and economics to help the coin grow to where it needed to be.

        Acceptance was key, and still is, and I understand that that is #1 above all else. That is why I am working on a project that I think will be huge in helping merchant acceptance and bring more legitimacy to the coin. I will also be adding a ton of new features to Ultracointalk over the next several days that will hopefully entice members to join and become a part of the forum. I am going to be making videos for a new YouTube channel over the course of the next week (as soon as I get a replacement processor), that will reach out to new miners and investors. I realize that there is a whole untapped demographic of individuals who would be interested in crypto if they just knew about it, and I want them to start by learning through Ultracoin. I have plans for a physical wallet that will look and feel similar to a credit card, this will be done as soon as I get the designs finished but I would like to contract out the work (let me know if you are interested in volunteering). T-shirts designs are also another big thing coming down the pipes, and I think it will be a great marketing tool. I have a lot of ideas and a lot of things I would like to see happen, and as long as there is a community I will continue to be a part of it.

        I would like to give a shout out to Craig and his associates, who have started, without anyone asking them to might I add,! It is people like Craig who make a coin what it is, without the people and without the support, a coin is nothing more than a stock or a commodity. I would encourage everyone to do what the can for the coin, whatever that means to you. From using it to buy and sell things, to promoting it and spreading the word, to using it to become independently wealthy or starting a business, using it for agorism or moving wealth, building infrastructure and uses for it, or using it as a learning tool to show friends and family. Even messaging me to help us help each other like many of you have has been a big help! We can make Ultracoin work, we can make it a success, but it takes a strong community and I think that's what we have.

        We also have a great opportunity ahead of us, Hashers United in Las Vegas. What better opportunity than to promote Ultracoin to hundreds, if not thousands of investors, entrepreneurs, and miners. This is a huge opportunity to promote the coin, and I am still talking to management as to what my role will be in this event. Personally, I am not overly tech savvy in cryptology or Scrypt-ChaCha, but I know the basics, the implementations, and I definitely know the philosophy. Michael was offered to speak at the conference, and I am still deliberating whether or not I should take his place, as I said, I don't have extensive technical know how of Scrypt-ChaCha. However, I do have experience in talking with people and promoting complex ideas and theories in ways they can understand, and I believe I understand where Scrypt-ChaCha's place in crypto can be and it is a very unique positions. We were also offered to lease tabling space for $1000, including the entry fee and this could be a great opportunity to talk to miners, investors and entrepreneurs one on one. We still haven't decided how we will play our cards but we will not pass up this opportunity. I will also be documenting the event and conducting as many interviews as I can while promoting Ultracoin and the Ultracoin YouTube channel.

        Ladies & gentlemen, I hope you can all find it in yourselves to do what you can for this currency. The world needs crypto, and I think Ultracoin is a great coin with great people behind it .Scrypt-ChaCha is a great algorithm, and the community is strong. Let's not let that go to waste, let's pour our hearts & souls into making this coin a success, and we will become that success. Ultracoin is only 5 months old, and the trials & tribulations are already beginning (check out my essay, a brief history of money for a summary of the human struggle: Not much is said of the failures endured in order to reach success, people only see the successes. To that, I will end with a quote.

        No one will ever appreciate you as much as you think they should. They might see all of your efforts, acknowledge what you do, and even respect the sacrifices you've made, but it is impossible for them to ever FEEL the visceral turmoil that goes into your work.

        The sharp head aches, sorrowful heart breaks and relentless stomach pain is ALL YOURS. The self denial, spiritual battles and physical pain of sleepless nights is ALL YOURS. The labored breathing, muscle cramping, and impulse restraint is ALL YOURS.

        And what makes this even more challenging is that it's also impossible for anyone to ever truly relish in your victories along side you. They might see the fruits of your labors, acknowledge a job well done, and even benefit from your work, but it is impossible for them to ever FEEL the visceral turmoil that goes into your work.

        I venture to say that the list of joys and pleasures in victory pale in comparison to the level of sacrifice given to achieve it. When you reach one summit, it is natural to seek one higher... and the people in your world will accept nothing less of you!

        You will be under-appreciated because you are a living sacrifice. The seed gives his life for the tree and its fruit; the animal who eats the fruit gives his life to nourish man; and you grow stronger so that you may empower more souls.

        You will never comprehend the level of appreciation deserved by the seed, the tree, the fruit and the animal who was sacrificed for you. The only sensible way, is to be in full sacrificial-service to the bodies and souls in your world, and instead of seeking appreciation, find the joy in giving your blood... and hold gratitude for the blood that feeds you.

        In this way the cycle of life moves forward with grace, allow your sacrifice to add to its momentum. There is no greater reward than a life fully lived. No money, trophy, kind word, or pat on your back will ever embody the feeling that "Yes, I gave it my all and held nothing back", upon lowering your eyelids on the final blink. - Elliott Hulse


        Steven "Rapture"
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        August 07, 2014, 08:03:37 AM

        my wallet no sync
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        August 07, 2014, 09:57:33 AM

        Excellent to see that ULTRACOIN is back on track!

        Hope the new multipool gets online soon.

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        August 07, 2014, 09:58:18 AM

        good to have utc thread back on btctalk!

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