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361  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: how long have you been holding for? on: December 10, 2017, 08:05:37 AM
How long have you been holding your bitcoin for so far?

Hi there ibininja! Since I obtain my first coin which resulted from a pc based mining test several years ago, I still hold it until today. However, most my coin is accumulated monthly, I still consider adding and adding more. I think I will hold those coins forever, but five years from now, I will start little by little to withdraw the revenue it generates. So, I wish that the price continues to soar, and hope that regulations, government, powerful people will not hinder the technology but help it and support to make it more sustainable and concrete. Wink
362  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bit coin hit $12500. Is this the time to invest in Bitcoin? on: December 09, 2017, 12:56:39 PM
I have a $1200. I want to invest in bitcoin  Undecided. Is this the time to invest in Bitcoin or should i wait until BTC down?

Hi there newslanka! As of this moment, I think the bitcoin price could still go below 12k, but it is hard to predict and no one as of now could tell that it could go below 10k. My advice is to go and buy bitcoin if you can, yes, there are high and low price, but the real game is not the correct timing when to buy but when to sell it. What if as you wait it to go below 12k and it wont and it reaches to 120k for example, what you could even think is that I should have bought when the price is at 12k. Remember, there could be is no perfect time but what matters is the perfect revenue.  Wink
363  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What was BTC Value When on: December 09, 2017, 11:43:36 AM
What was bitcoin value when you first heard about bitcoin, or actually pay head to it. And what was it when you first started earning it.
And for what value did you first bought bitcoin?

I don't remember about the value of bitcoin when I heard about it, because I was not interested back then. But when I got interested, the value was around 350-400 USD. And I started earning and also bought a very small number of satoshis as well.

What about you?

Hi there shamzblueworld! I have heard it around four years ago. Unfortunately, after hearing the good benefit the bitcoin have, what follows is the hack accident of Mt Gox which drastically lower the price of bitcoin. After hearing that I stop reading news about it. Eventually one year later, I again hear the bitcoin and in its second coming the price from less than a thousand is now on almost two thousand. What I did next is to rebump my mining rig, which still did not return a positive value. I try to purchase using an app and eventually see the dramatic increase.  Wink
364  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: One thousand people control 40% of Bitcoin on: December 09, 2017, 11:16:43 AM

Trying to post a link to this article. Don't know if it lets me but according to the article 1,000 people control 40% of Bitcoin and they all know and are in contact with each other. A bit scary, that's a lot of control

Hi there Walrus1! That is terrible! But as I read the article it seems that the author just want to give warning to other users which could be the small fishes. But do I feel scary, I think not. If they are really could manipulate the price so, one wise fish could simply go with the whale to make swimming and navigating to the deep bitcoin market safe and secure. However, as I check the link from ďstompixĒ if the link he shared is the source, you can examine that not almost half of the address have a few times of out, and less than a hundred is active with almost day to day transactions.   Wink
365  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is holding bitcoin Greedy? on: December 09, 2017, 10:42:38 AM
Most people now with the rise of bitcoin value, just want to hold bitcoin for as long as they can so that they can maximize their worth. But isn't it a little too greedy to just keep holding bitcoin?
We've all read that story in the school with the moral "Greed is a Curse".
So what if too much greed in bitcoin may backfire? What if, the hodlers end up with nothing?

Hi there shamzblueworld! In my opinion, greed is an act of getting much that leaves other to have a little or nothing, and ended up one happy and other is in despair. Currently, it is the problem that hindrance several company to implement and accept cryptocurrency. Rather than helping the currency circulate, most of the people hoard it, the positive effect is the price goes high, which most people are happy with. But, when people start to use cryptocurrency like fiat, the whole system would be health and be sustainable, however, the price could not swing a lot which then makes some people not happy.  Wink
366  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Which is the most likely to happen first? on: December 09, 2017, 10:26:14 AM
In curiosity, I know all of these can hack the price of Bitcoin, but the question is, which in your opinion is most likely to happen first?

Hi there Filmmmakerr! I think you could add another option there, when the mining pools are hacked. I think two of those events have already happened in the past. And what happened is a major declined in price, the Mt Gox hack for example bring the most major price decline. That is why I vote for No. 3. While the government ban just what happened in China several months ago also signal the price drop but not as devastated as the Mt Gox. The first one, I think it is next to impossible but theoretically doable and I never heard of the whole network been hacked.   Wink

367  Other / Meta / Re: Are there real people here, or just bots? on: December 09, 2017, 10:08:11 AM
Strikes me with the same questions being asked over and over, with the same replies over and over...

Forums like this are simply a purvey of bots.

Clever I gotta say... but as Abe Lincoln once said....

Hi there PointHope! I see people loose hope about bitcoin and I think you are one of them. What is the point of bashing the forum and its users. Didnít you experience been ask by several people and ended up saying the same answer. As more people jump in to this forum and due to the search limitation, most of the people prefer to start new thread and ask almost same question. There is even a weekly question about bitcoin price by different people, but as you read there is a unique feature a question have. And if the question is not relevant there are industrious administrator that endlessly monitor this forum.   Wink
368  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Women in the cryptocurrency industry on: December 09, 2017, 09:33:58 AM
Every so often I run into an article that talks about how few women are involved in this industry compared to men. My suspicion is that there are more women involved than anyone realizes; they're just not putting their gender front and center.

What do you all think?

Hi there wiser! This is the first time I realize that gender is becoming an issue or topic in crypto currency. Iím amaze about the article and never realize it happened. Never the less, I think what ever gender a investor, trader or user of the cryptocurrency it will not affect the way people appreciate and use it. The best part is that we could see that there are more and more people are grasping the power of the crypt currency and the blockchain technology. Anyway, Iím hoping to see more woman be successful as man in this era.  Wink  

369  Economy / Speculation / Re: How high do you think bitcoin will go in the next year? on: December 09, 2017, 09:17:19 AM
What are your projections and why?   Thanks.

Hi there cgatx! As of the current year the price increases at near 1,400%, last year its only 79%, if the trend increases a 15k price could easily reach 2M a coin. But if the market go sluggish like the previous year it could still reach around 50k. However, there are so many factors to consider when predicting the bitcoin price, most of all is the people emotions who could be driven enough to buy more bitcoins or in doubt and think the market could collapse ending to dumping of all possession which could trigger a price drop.  Wink
370  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Do you have a escape plan? on: December 09, 2017, 08:44:09 AM
Have you ever considered getting out of bitcoin in case of, for whatever reason, flactuate or plummet?

Hi there jumpercrypto! You got a nice question there, I just think of it the moment I saw your post. Currently I have no escape plan when things go to worst. I think it is because my faith in bitcoin is so concrete enough that failing is just like thinking an Armageddon will happen. But you are correct, due to several speculation, and even some expert says bitcoin is definitely in bubble, one should be aware to secure their investments. I think, the best way to do is to sell all your initial investments and retain the incomes.  Wink

371  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Anyone else feel unsettled about recent price? on: December 09, 2017, 08:27:27 AM
This recent boost in Bitcoin is a pretty big deal, but I'm kind of worried because it happened so fast. A lot of people were saying 20k by the end of 2018, but it almost hit it this year just a couple days ago. It is weird thinking that just 3 weeks ago bitcoin was at $7000ish. This massive boom recently makes me worry that the market is being manipulated. Hopefully it is just demand and not manipulation. I just want bitcoin to remain healthy.

Hi there TheGodson! Iím also struck the moment the price become rouge, one of a sudden it goes up to almost 20k and suddenly it goes down and little by little it start to come back to 15k then another drop at 14k. I just recently add possession at 15k before it goes up and hold it thinking it could go beyond 20k, but I feel pessimist at the moment. But I think because the recent Thanksgiving massive new investors starting to ride which boost the crypto currency market and drive the price up and not by anyone who manipulated it.  Wink
372  Economy / Speculation / Re: Can Bitcoin come down to $1500 again? on: December 09, 2017, 08:10:30 AM
Can Bitcoin come down to $1500 again?

Hi there timcheerful1! Based on different analysis bitcoin current support level is at %15,000 which answer your question, yes. However, the next question is when will it happen or will it ever happen, as I check the current Relative Strength Index it is going bearish and a pennant is formed with the bitcoin price. On the other hand, the current moving average is pointing a little bit upward. But a piece of advice, If you are willing to buy bitcoin, just check the price regularly because something will change within the next day.  Wink
373  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Bitcoin or Ethereum on: December 07, 2017, 07:26:18 AM
I want to buy some coins.Now the Btc price is around 10000$.best thing is buy btc or ethereum now

Hi there nipunchathu123!  Most of the people nowadays is focus more on bitcoin but when you visit and compare the charts you could realize that etherium price soar more than bitcoin. So most likely, experienced trader check the potential of etherium and its promise of no limitation. However, when it comes to price swings, I would probably still go into bitcoin, I think some portion of the price of etherium is based on the current price of bitcoin, which at the end makes the bitcoin the leader and king of all cryptocurrency.  Wink
374  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin = $1 Million by 2020 on: December 07, 2017, 06:36:37 AM
John McAfee Bullish on Bitcoin Price Reaching $1 Million by 2020.
He wrote in Twitter: "When I predicted Bitcoin at $500,000 by the end of 2020, it used a model that predicted $5,000 at the end of 2017. BTC has accelerated much faster than my model assumptions. I now predict Bircoin at $1 million by the end of 2020. I will still eat my dick if wrong."

Can yo believe this? What are your own predictions?

Hi there Bit4UTeam! It could be hard to predict and even say that McAfee is right nor wrong. First, McAfee is not just an ordinary joe that could talk to people and announce what he think overnight. Second, based on the current price compare to past price, in a year bitcoin increase more than 2,000% which if could compute it could be theoretically be achieved if the same rate continue. Third, it could depend on the support of different company, ,the market and people thus price swing could be complicated based on this factors. At the end, who will oppose to the $1M price per bitcoin? Most of the people will love it.  Wink
375  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Are you surprise by bitcoin price now? on: December 07, 2017, 06:18:33 AM
October 29, 2017 Bitcoin price ranges from $6,000 - $6,100 and today, bitcoin price is now $7,000. Are you surprise?

I think, if only those people who planning to invest in bitcoin manage to notice this sudden increase. I think there is a high chance that they will start investing.

Hi there b_parin! At the time of this writing the price is at $14,400 which is much higher and eventually almost vertical than your stated date. However, when you check altcoins there are coins that relatively skyrocketed more than the bitcoin. People just saw the bitcoin, but other even not bitcoin, let say Netflix and Amazon have almost vertical stock price. Those company disrupt the retail and entertainment services. On the other hand, bitcoin is starting to disrupt the banking system, and electronic payment and service system. In the end, I think this is just a starting point, the price could be more sharp ahead.  Wink
376  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Which is the best wallet to store bitcoin. on: December 07, 2017, 05:56:40 AM
Hello i have recently bought some bitcoin and litecoin and was wandering what wallet or method is the best to store it in. (From the UK if that helps)


Hi there anonszs! I just wondering how you bought bitcoin and litecoin without having a wallet. Anyway, based from my experience I use coinbase, Iím not connected or paid to endorse them but it seems fit to my need. The good feature of it is the ability to handle bitcoin, litecoin and even etherium, which is good thing because you can eve swap each other. The mobile app comes with it shows QR code for fast sending and receiving. Moreover, you can also buy and sell direct from the application. On the other hand, transaction cost could be pricey compare to other wallet. Hope it helps!  Wink
377  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Too late for Bitcoin? on: December 06, 2017, 05:28:51 AM
We all know that bitcoin is now rising and rising. And before this year ends it is expected to rise doubled the price right now. Is it too late to invest Bitcoin?

Hi there omegagold18! There is one motto that I usually love, ďIt is better than late than neverĒ. I would regret my whole life if I didnít be part of this cryptocurrency era and experience its advantages and even disadvantages. One can invest even the price is so high, the only difference is that when you invest when the price is high the chance of receiving great interest could be lower than those who buy it in the same week in a much lower price. But take note that the average increase is 10-25% in a month that means even you buy high there is still a change that you could earn good, just donít sell it earlier.  Wink
378  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What is BTC for you? on: December 06, 2017, 05:13:02 AM
What is bitcoin for you? Is it a chance or a scheme to get rich? Or is it actually to keep your wealth to yourself.
What lead you into bitcoin world and what's keeping you here?

Hi there shamzblueworld! Three words could express what is BTC for me ďItís my LIFEĒ. Yeah, it sounds like a song but when I first realize cryptocurrency especially the bitcoin, it really change how I purchase things, from a local fiat or even from bank transfer, bitcoin literally save the cost in paying bills, I donít need to withdraw or write a check, I think Iím lucky that the local application accept bitcoin as payment from different services like cellular phone and even movie tickets. As the same time I obtain bitcoin thru different sources like trading, investing which make a enough money to live.  Wink
379  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Stop buying Bitcoin! on: December 06, 2017, 04:51:05 AM
You guys should stop buying Bitcoin - how am I going to fatten my wallet if the price keeps rocketing up?

What are we going to do when the Satoshi achieves parity with the dollar? Smiley

Hi there Jet Cash! Do you really want people to stop buying bitcoin? If that happen the price will drop which is what you wish for, but did you know that when people stop buying and the price will dramatically drop that your own investment will also drop its value thus you will ended up thinning your wallet. I think the good thing to do is to buy bitcoin even the price is high hold it for a while like a month or so, by then it could generate 10-25% of its value. When it reaches parity with dollar, it will continue to raise its value.  Wink
380  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What's your biggest regret about bitcoin on: December 06, 2017, 04:35:11 AM
My biggest regret is when I got introduced to this back in 2012, I tried to buy £200 worth, the platform was down and I never bothered, just recently woke up to it again at over £4k per coin, it is a physiological thing where I don't want to buy at that price.

Hi there bebrave! The most biggest regret is not being ďbraveĒ enough to dive in to the technological change the cryptocurrency and blockchain could do.  Just like you I heard and even attended huge gathering that introduce the bitcoin together with different mining rigs. I should have try to buy those miner then, or even bough even .001 bitcoin those days when the price is relatively around 5000% lower than today. However, one that my conscience didnít hunt me is because I have tried to mine bitcoin on those years but my powerful computer didnít yield enough coins that could even equal to the electricity fee it consume.  Wink
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