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221  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Did i miss the train? on: March 04, 2018, 08:27:31 AM
I sold my BTC at 8200$ and I have kept USDT. I thought to buy it at a lower price but that didn't happen. And when it comes to price 11000$, i thought it was about to fall and now it is fucking 12700$. I think  many people have the same case.

 What is your advice?
 1/ Keep waiting, because it will definitely fall at 8,000, 9,000$
 2/ Buy the fucking BTC, because it will reach 15,000$ at the end of this year
 3/ Buy another atlcoin any, because i miss the train.

Hi there silenthawk, if I were you I will go to number 3. But rather than buying an alt coin you could buy bitcoin it self. Let me give you a scenario, let say you bought at 1 point 12k and the price didnít go up rather it fall from 10k., so you could then buy at 1 point 10k then you are just equal if you sell at 11k. Therefore selling the 2 point at 12k will be could give you a profit.
222  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Will bitcoin be used to support terrorists? on: March 02, 2018, 12:31:46 PM
On March 8th, Cheollima Civil Defense(CCD) released a video on its website claiming:Ē Han Sol, the son of Kim Jong Nam, and two other family members were met quickly and relocated to safety. ď And they receive bitcoin for financial support. This is something nice to do. But what if bitcoin be used to support some bad organizations, even terrorists? Is this already happening?  What i am worrying is if bitcoin be widely used for bad things, negative news would be all over and bitcoin price will drop. It will lead to tougher regulation. Do u think world leaders are willing to kill btc to make sure they can fight terrirists?

Hi there Doofus, long before bitcoin reach to the streamline there are hundreds and thousands of individuals who have used bitcoin to buy illegal stuffs like drugs. It is not far from letting terrorist knew the advantage of it or maybe before you and I even knew about bitcoin, they are using it year ahead of us. But still the price donít drop but it even continuous to increase year by year.
223  Economy / Speculation / Re: 2018 good year or bad year for Cryptocurrency ? on: March 02, 2018, 11:58:01 AM
Do you predict crypto to get to new highs or the opposite ?
I speculate a sharp decline on Cryptocurrency specially  Bitcoin this year.
Call it a inner feeling.

Hi there Hooli1, my inner self said the exact opposite of your inner feeling. This year is a very good year for cryptocurrencies. We knew that this year we start rough, but due to the recent advancement and improvement of bitcoin network thru the help of segwit, the transaction speed is once more faster and cheaper than previous December. This triggers more opportunity to other company to look at bitcoin as an alternative to fiat.
224  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin is NOT DEAD on: March 02, 2018, 11:37:40 AM
Bitcoin is not dead lol. The price is getting low but bitcoin will not die quickly we can recover it in somehow. Many people thought bitcoin is secretly dying I just wanted to say that its wrong Bitcoin will back soon to higher value.

Hi there lyledark10, who said that bitcoin is dead? Who shoot him? Does he recovering in the hospital? Lol. Even if there are many people who are saying bitcoin will fall, that could be their propaganda to bring bitcoin price go down again so that they have a new opportunity to buy and sell again when the price is high. Bitcoin will never die even the price goes way below the ground, those coins are forever and there will be time when the price could sky rocket again.
225  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I'm gonna sell my house on: March 01, 2018, 10:25:58 AM
I am sure we touched the bottom today. so i am going to real Estate Dealer for selling my house and buy bitcoin. I suggest you all do that

Hi there Potent, I hope you have made a good fortune about selling your house. But do you really sell it? And when do you plan to buy back it again? I have add some bitcoin in my portfolio last February fall just like you but, I just use my salary from a day job to do that. You are such a good risk taker by that move, I can't risk my house just like what you did, wish you a great fortune.
226  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: bitcoin cannot replace currency in the world because price is not stable on: March 01, 2018, 03:25:15 AM
bitcoin cannot replace currency in the world because price is not stable.
currency should be more stable.
you may reply me. currency is not stable also but you should think  
USD currency price is up and down 1-2% in 1 month.
bitcoin price is up and down 20% in 1 month.
what will people think if they just change USD to bitcoin then their money down 10% in 10 minutes?
bitcoin can become stock but cannot become currency

Hi there facenew111, your opinion could be true but not most all of it. First, I agree with you that the price of bitcoin is not stable but it is not the reason why companies prefer usd rather than bitcoins. Let say you want to send money in the across the globe using money transfer company, they charged from 5-10% and could be transfer for about 10 mins to an hour. If it is bitcoins, those fees and speed could be much cheaper and faster, transaction fees nowadays in my wallet of choice range below 1%. so that is a huge cut cost.
227  Economy / Services / Re: KARATbank Sig &Avatar Campaign on: February 28, 2018, 07:00:04 AM
I hope to work with you again...Thank you.

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228  Economy / Services / Re: Decent Signature Campaign on: February 27, 2018, 03:40:59 PM
Btctalk name: markleal
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229  Economy / Services / Re: Eroiy Twitter Campaign(reapply) on: February 23, 2018, 11:49:29 AM
Follow eroiy_coin
Post twitter account link
Post audit link
Post # of your followers 989
Post BTC Address 16Z9GtAehyaMZe42LMakxvRtq1koeXKPYh
230  Economy / Services / Re: Signature Campaign(Higher rewards for users with merits)(reapply) on: February 23, 2018, 11:45:25 AM
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231  Economy / Services / Re: bustadice signature campaign(FULL) on: February 12, 2018, 04:39:40 AM
Applying in case there are slots for member.
Thank you.

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bustadice Name: markleal
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232  Economy / Services / Re: Sig and Avatar Campaign(FULL) on: February 02, 2018, 06:03:12 PM
This campaign is now closed, sorry all.

Thank you for working with you once again. I do hope for more work in the future.
233  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: You can actually buy a lot of things with Bitcoin on: January 30, 2018, 06:30:36 PM
Bitcoin is just a virtual currency, but it is used as real money to buy many things. There are many people who accept Bitcoin payments for items, including online stores and regular stores. Popular online stores accept Bitcoins including Newegg, Overstock, Microsoft, Dell and more.

In the United States, there are Reeds Jewelers, One Shot Hotels, Holiday Inn, and even pizza locations, restaurants and more. You can even use Bitcoin to buy addictive drugs, gambling, bullion, or even donate to charity. This is the reason why I like BTC.

Hi there SherryHurry! Yeah your right, there are even restaurant that accept bitcoin, have you seen the KFC advertisement, I just hope I live there to try of the chicken bought thru bitcoin is much more tastier than fiat based chicken price. lol. Anyway, one of I think that would surely accelerate more is that if ebay or amazon start to accept bitcoin as a payment, I can't imagine how good it is. I never bought physical items using bitcoin, I always use it as payment for services.  Wink  
234  Economy / Speculation / Re: time to buy bitcoin on: January 30, 2018, 05:37:18 PM
you think this is the right time to buy and hold bitcoins? because from 19k its 11k today. Grin Grin

Hi there JimXcrab! Yes it is a good time to buy because the direction of price is going north for the next few weeks. For your information, the price even go deep from 9k couple weeks ago. What you could do is just simply to buy until the price is could be considered quite way below average. Some analyst says that before the first quarter ends the price could hit the all time high of 20k again.  Wink
235  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: tips for begginers on: January 30, 2018, 03:50:13 PM
any advice for beginner trader ? what exchange to use and worth trust ? what coins to consider trading in ? what strategies to use ?

Hi there milo07! Ill give you five tips. First, read a lot more before going into serious trading, there are tons of tutorial out there for you to start with. Second, choose an exchange that will meet your expectation, remember there are exchange that are fitted for new trader, which offer low or even no fee on buying and selling under several limitations. Third, don't place your invest all at once, if you will allot 10k for trading place 5k-7k first, for you to move freely. You will understand it when you get there. Fourth, don't focus on one coin only, sometimes the price of your coin didn't swing enough thus you will earn almost nothing. And lastly, if you are stress due to manual trading, there are bots out there to ease your task, but some did not perform well. Good Luck!  Wink
236  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Making a living on bitcoin. on: January 30, 2018, 03:04:34 PM
So I recently got into bitcoin, I can see there is definitely good profit potential so I'm curious on how possible it is to making a living off of it. Mainly on mining but in still figuring out trading.

I bought an Avalon 741 and also using a few high end gpus for mining and making a decent profit on that. (Gpus in 2 gaming pc's I built and a gaming laptop so they just mine when I'm not using them) Currently on nicehash1 but I'm also curious about switching to an actual pool.

I'm thinking to expand and build a mining farm eventually and I think I have a solid plan for that for the next couple years. Basically just buying miners with profits from miners and eventually I know I'll need some kind of warehouse to put them in.

I'm also interested in trading but I don't fully understand it yet.

Any insight and advice would be great, thanks.

Hi there shmack2004! Wow, those Avalon 741 are good and I think your hashing at more than ten tera. I suppose you are not mining other crypto because it needs some knowledge in trading in order to exchange your mined crypto into some other more famous crypto like bitcoin. About trading, you could visit several tutorial video at youtube or you could better purchase some tutorials at paid academic site like udemy. A couple of advise, choose a good trading platform at first so that you could move and exchange based on what you need and not based on the restriction and limitation those exchange mostly impose.
237  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Why people attract for the BitCoin than other crypto currency? on: January 30, 2018, 02:26:02 PM
Please give your opinions.

Hi there amaljinadasa! The basic answer for most is the that they want to be part of the technology, they want to be in trend. To others, they found bitcoin and other crypto could give them extra bucks of income. Other found it a huge deal and could generate income enough to sustain their daily living and needs. Just like me, I use the income in my investment to pay for bills like the internet fee.  Wink
238  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: cryptocurrency on: January 30, 2018, 05:23:23 AM
First of all, I suppose you should differ cryptocurrencies based on protocol behind then.

Basically we could to separate protocols by next features:
1) Block validators motivation way based on consensus
2) Transaction and data storing rules

One of them give us way to exchange value in a private way (ZCash, Monero, Dash), another provide VM for smart-contracts. Some of them allow anyone to mine cryptocurrency, another require stakes to "forge" coins.

I think great way to understand most of them: select some which is most interested for you from list below and we will discuss more about them:
Top 100 Cryptocurrencies in few words
Name            | Sym.  | Description                             
Bitcoin         | BTC   | Digital gold                             
Ethereum        | ETH   | Programmable contracts and money         
Bitcoin Cash    | BCH   | Bitcoin clone                           
Ripple          | XRP   | Enterprise payment settlement network   
Litecoin        | LTC   | Faster Bitcoin                           
Dash            | DASH  | Privacy-focused Bitcoin clone           
NEO             | NEO   | Chinese-market Ethereum                 
NEM             | XEM   | Batteries-included digital assets       
Monero          | XMR   | Private digital cash                     
Ethereum Classic| ETC   | Ethereum clone                           
IOTA            | MIOTA | Internet-of-things payments             
Qtum            | QTUM  | Ethereum contracts on Bitcoin           
OmiseGO         | OMG   | Banking, remittance, and exchange       
Zcash           | ZEC   | Private digital cash                     
BitConnect      | BCC   | Madoff-like investment fund             
Lisk            | LSK   | Decentralized applications in JavaScript
Cardano         | ADA   | Layered currency and contracts           
Tether          | USDT  | Price = 1 USD                           
Stellar Lumens  | XLM   | Digital IOUs                             
EOS             | EOS   | Decentralized applications on WebAssembly
Hshare          | HSR   | Blockchain switchboard                   
Waves           | WAVES | Decentralized exchange and crowdfunding 
Stratis         | STRAT | Decentralized applications in C#         
Komodo          | KMD   | Decentralized ICOs                       
Ark             | ARK   | Blockchain switchboard                   
Electroneum     | ETN   | Monero clone                             
Bytecoin        | BCN   | Privacy-focused cryptocurrency           
Steem           | STEEM | Reddit with money voting                 
Ardor           | ARDR  | Blockchain for spawning blockchains     
Binance Coin    | BNB   | Pay Binance exchange fees               
Augur           | REP   | Decentralized prediction market         
Populous        | PPT   | Invoice trading futures                 
Decred          | DCR   | Bitcoin with alternative governance     
TenX            | PAY   | Cryptocurrency credit card               
MaidSafeCoin    | MAID  | Rent disk space                         
BitcoinDark     | BTCD  | Zcoin close                             
BitShares       | BTS   | Decentralized exchange                   
Golem           | GNT   | Rent other people's computers           
PIVX            | PIVX  | Inflationary Dash clone                 
Gas             | GAS   | Pay fees on Neo                         
TRON            | TRX   | In-app-purchases                         
Vertcoin        | VTC   | Bitcoin clone                           
MonaCoin        | MONA  | Japanese Dogecoin                       
Factom          | FCT   | Decentralized record keeping             
Basic Attention | BAT   | Decentralized ad network                 
SALT            | SALT  | Cryptocurrency-backed loans             
Kyber Network   | KNC   | Decentralized exchange                   
Dogecoin        | DOGE  | Serious meme bitcoin clone               
DigixDAO        | DGD   | Organisation manages tokenized gold     
Veritaseum      | VERI  | Vaporware                               
Walton          | WTC   | IoT Blockchain                           
SingularDTV     | SNGLS | Decentralized Netflix                   
Bytom           | BTM   | Physical assets as tokens               
Byteball Bytes  | GBYTE | Decentralized database and currency     
GameCredits     | GAME  | Video game currency                     
Metaverse ETP   | ETP   | Chinese Ethereum plus identity           
GXShares        | GXS   | Decentralized Chinese Equifax           
Syscoin         | SYS   | Decentralized marketplace               
Siacoin         | SC    | Rent disk space                         
Status          | SNT   | Decentralized application browser       
0x              | ZRX   | Decentralized exchange                   
Verge           | XVG   | Privacy Dogecoin                         
Lykke           | LKK   | Digital asset exchange                   
Civic           | CVC   | Identity and Authentication App         
Blocknet        | BLOCK | Decentralized exchange                   
Metal           | MTL   | Payments with rewards program           
Iconomi         | ICN   | Digital asset investment funds           
Aeternity       | AE    | Decentralized apps (prototype)           
DigiByte        | DGB   | Faster Bitcoin                           
Bancor          | BNT   | Token Index Funds                       
Ripio Credit    | RCN   | Co-signed Cryptocurrency Loans           
ATMChain        | ATM   | Advertising network                     
Gnosis          | GNO   | Decentralized prediction market         
VeChain         | VEN   | Supply chain item IDs                   
Pura            | PURA  | Cryptocurrency                           
Particl         | PART  | Privacy marketplace and chat             
KuCoin Shares   | KCS   | Profit-sharing exchange fees             
Bitquence       | BQX   | Mint for cryptocurrency investments     
FunFair         | FUN   | Decentralized casino                     
ChainLink       | LINK  | External data for contracts             
Power Ledger    | POWR  | Airbnb for electricity                   
Nxt             | NXT   | Cryptocurrency and marketplace           
Monaco          | MCO   | Cryptocurrency credit card               
Cryptonex       | CNX   | Zerocoin clone                           
MCAP            | MCAP  | Mining investment fund                   
Storj           | STORJ | Rent disk space                         
ZenCash         | ZEN   | Privacy-focused Bitcoin clone           
Nexus           | NXS   | Bitcoin clone                           
Neblio          | NEBL  | Decentralized application platform       
Zeusshield      | ZSC   | Decentralized insurance                 
Streamr DATAcoin| DATA  | Real-time data marketplace               
ZCoin           | XZC   | Private digital cash                     
NAV Coin        | NAV   | Bitcoin with private transactions       
AdEx            | ADX   | Advertising exchange                     
Open Trading    | OTN   | Decentralized exchange                   
SmartCash       | SMART | Zcoin clone with rewards                 
Bitdeal         | BDL   | Bitcoin clone                           
Loopring        | LRC   | Decentralized exchange                   
Edgeless        | EDG   | Decentralized casino                     
FairCoin        | FAIR  | Bitcoin that rewards savers

Hi there alerdenisov! Nice post! I wonder if you could have include the programming languages they use in each of those coins and it could be more awesome if the protocols were also be indicated. Anyway, I can't see a table like that so i affirm your good work there. I just don't have enough merit to add it for you.

what are the different types of cryptocurrencies?
what are the major differeces?

I think you could also check this post to to gain more further insight with different coins. As of now most of the so called "major coins" are listed by their price and popularity or other are by market cap and traded volume and not by the innovation it brings.
239  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin to eliminate unemployment. on: January 30, 2018, 04:02:29 AM
Almost every country has unemployment problems. There are many young boys who are working unemployed. But the days of settling their turn are over. Now, if you wish, you can earn a lot of money sitting in the house. Bitcoin can earn their unemployment by earning. It can be possible to improve the country by improving their lives by earning bitcoin. That is why Bitcoin among all Habetahale to spread the knowledge of the second day will increase the demand for Bitcoin.

Hi there rony01941! In deed bitcoin could help the people who are not employed, and even to those who are employeed, bitcoin could give then extra income. However, I do doubt that it could help the government or the country as a whole because some countries did not get revenue thru tax from people who are gaining income from bitcoin and other crypto.  Wink
240  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Can Bitcoin Really End World Poverty? on: January 28, 2018, 07:12:06 PM
Can bitcoin really do anything to solve world poverty problem? Brian Singer certainly think so. He thinks that Bitcoin can bring minimum everyday earning for people more swiftly than any other economy system.

Is it possible?

Hi there bornil267645! Based on what is stated I think he is pointing out to end world poverty because the transaction cost of processing the payment using blockchain technology is way much more cheaper than the check or credit card verification and payment transaction processing. I can't even see the statement that said bring bitcoin could make earning rather than a cut cost in transactions. You could continue to read at page two to comprehend the whole story. Anyway, as I believe bitcoin could bring extra revenue to people but way far from lifting poverty in the whole world.  Wink
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