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81  Economy / Speculation / Re: Has Bitcoin reached its goal? on: June 07, 2018, 05:13:25 PM
I'm not referring to the price of Bitcoin (we all know it's going to be $250,000/coin by 2022), but the goal that it would be a legitimate alternative to inflationary government fiat currencies.  When the altcoin market is examined, it is inextricably linked to the price of Bitcoin.  Where Bitcoin goes, so does the rest of the cryptocurrencies.  There's even somewhat of a dismissive attitude toward other crytpos in some investment circles; strangely this was a similar sentiment held by those "respectable" investors when Bitcoin was in its infancy.

What do you think?  I'd love to hear from some crytpo veterans.

Hi there jongo! I would like to share my part here even though I am not a crytpo veteran. For me, the purpose has been served but it is still not complete. Satoshi's vision is to create a decentralize noncontrolled form of secured and unique financial system. And there we have it, we are now using the technology sending and receiving bitcoin. Using it as a form of payment for some product or services. However, as there is more country seeing this as an illegal form of money, I think Satoshi is still thinking about its success. One thing that could complete its purpose is government go signals and people could use it freely.
82  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin in business industry on: June 07, 2018, 04:58:03 PM
I am wondering if there's a huge probability of bitcoin investing will become a company's focus. Like making a company that specializes investing of bitcoins

Any thoughts? Smiley

Hi there jurelmartin! Probability could be certain, there are companies that pivot their focus into cryptocurrencies, among those are Bioptix and Long Island Iced Tea Corp. They have changed their name in and change their company focus, from biotech company to a crypto company, the latter from a tea company to another crypto company. What so interesting is the stock has jumped more than 40% of these companies after they have announced it to the public. So, if the question is profit, there you have it. But what lies another question is, will it last more than their previous company focus?
83  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Things you should know before investing in bitcoin on: June 07, 2018, 02:40:46 PM
Things you should know before investing in bitcoin

What everyone wants is to have a stable job and get good savings, the best option is to work the money to get more income for the future and thus have a better quality of life and what better to invest in bitcoin but before you should know certain things about This cryptocurrency.

it is not regulated: there is no entity that regulates and monitors this type of investment. So you should be aware that if you lose your money, nobody will answer

Bitcoin is a high-risk investment: people should know that the level of risk is very high, due to volatility and inability to predict its price. "

Do not get into debt to buy cryptocurrencies: this really should not be done with this or with another investment, if you are going to work your money with extra money you got.

Do not invest more than you are willing to lose: "it is recommended that you do not invest your savings in this currency; on the contrary, invest 1% of your assets, something that you are really willing to lose".

Use reliable pages: use safe sites to navigate and also only use reliable devices such as your cell phone, your computer and your home's wireless network. Never use public networks neither to make investments nor for any type of financial consultation.

Hi there Jackypot! Is this a precaution to future investors or this is what you have experienced? I'm into you, like what other investors say. Do not invest a money that you can't afford to lose. That means the time you start to invest is also could be the time you want more money or the time you could lose that money. A rule of thumb from the experts says, take a portion of your salary of saving, invest a quarter of it. And when it is profitable, you can then upgrade your investment and roll out all the rest. Eventually, the money that you invested could be withdrawn and the rolling money remains is the income you have the gain. By that, it will not hurt your pocket at the long run.
84  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: 3000 Bitcoins ATM worldwide !!!! on: June 07, 2018, 07:26:02 AM
Bitcoins distributors are increasing. Indeed, the symbolic bar of the 3 000 distributors in the world has just been crossed, and there are about six new installations each day. So the situation is changing very quickly.

Hi there Fawez! It sounds so interesting. I haven't seen so many ATM you are talking about. Who is the company behind those atm? Is it fully operational or it is just a plan? However, do you have the maps or the link where those ATMs are? And do all of those residing in each country? On the other hand, I have rarely seen bitcoin atm. And I didn't even have tried to use one. But I hope in the near future, people will be accustomed to those machines just like how they use the ordinary fiat atm machines. Additionally, transaction fee and speed should be addressed first before those machines could function almost instantly.
85  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: BTC transaction fees is going down. on: June 07, 2018, 06:05:07 AM
From last few days, btc transactions fees has been reduced remarkably. Even its transactions fees are now lower than bitcoin cash. It is really a great news for btc trader i think. How it can help the current market?? Share your logic please .

Hi there ClaytonLWils! If you are referring to the advantages of the low transaction fees to the bitcoin traders. I think the benefit will happen on two things. First when they want to add more possession by transferring their bitcoin from one account into another. Which I think is not performed every day, or even once a week. Second, is when those traders will cash out their bitcoin or convert it into a cash. Which then also seldom happened. The most beneficiary of such low transaction fee could be the people who always transfer a bitcoin from one account into another. And they are probably the people who use bitcoin day-to-day.
86  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Regulation of Bitcoin on: June 07, 2018, 04:48:48 AM
Many governments are concern about cryptocurrency and they think it should to be regulated. What do you think regulation and how is it going to effect the price?

Hi there altcoinanalyst1! I think almost all government or administrator in each country already knew the cryptocurrencies. The could be skeptical of this technological change in the financial system but I think they are not closing their doors to discuss it.  There could even be a group of people that have been tasked to research the benefit and the disadvantages of it if implemented or adopted by their country. At first, the government will have an unconsiderable policy about cryptocurrencies, but after that, the system could go smoothly.
87  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What is your ideal transaction fee for Bitcoin transactions? on: June 07, 2018, 04:13:51 AM
based on the amount of bitcoins you are sending and not the transaction packet size.  Roll Eyes

In the tax system, people with more money pay higher taxes and people with less money pay little or no taxes, so it would

make sense to apply this to Bitcoin too.

Hi there Kprawn! Nice idea. I think most of the people will prefer the tax system. It is there is an option to pay little or no transaction fee. That could be good. I will just spread my bitcoins in several wallets so that the system could not determine that I have a lot of bitcoin rather it will determine that I am a poor man with just a small amount of savings. That system could even be applicable to merchants because they could accept small payments from multiple sources until the whole amount is reached
88  Economy / Economics / Re: Which Asian countries have the greatest influence on bitcoin? on: June 07, 2018, 03:43:44 AM

Countries with large amounts of virtual currency transactions such as China, Japan, Korean and India with the increasing trend of many brands continuing to expand their payment operations in Bitcoin, this currency will rise to a peak of $ 20,000 in 2017.
However, recent bad news from Asian countries Bitcoin price is going down very fast. Yesterday bitcoin price continues to fall deep down to 8,200$ and possibly more.
In particular, China and India have a great influence on the BTC currency because the number of bitcoin traders is huge

Hi there vintamodern444! Since you are asking about influence, the first country that comes to my mind is China. They are the most populous and even the government prohibit some transaction about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, there are still many people who engaged in this activities. China did not just influence the people in their country but they also influence people outside their country. That is because the Bitmain which become the most largely well-known company that produces miners for the bitcoin. And its products are shipped almost everywhere.
89  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Can Blockchain Survive Without Bitcoin on: June 07, 2018, 03:15:05 AM

Blockchain Technology was driven to fame by its application on Bitcoin Gold due to its encryption that has been considered hacker proof. Bitcoin has been used as a reference to its success, providing a secure network for users.

The question however is, can blockchain succeed without bitcoin?

Hi there KuyaBreezy! Yes, blockchain could survive without bitcoin. But bitcoin cannot survive without blockchain. The blockchain technology allows bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to record the transaction in a ledger like a format which could be accessible by anybody and in anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. The blockchain technology is used by other cryptocurrencies, thus if that technology didn't sprout the cryptocurrency could not be around or perform differently.
90  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is bitcoin a threat to USD and Pound Sterling? on: June 05, 2018, 05:36:37 PM
Hello guys,

Do you think bitcoin will be a threat to USD and Pound Sterling in the nearest future?

if yes, give an estimated time this can happen.

Hi there kappajess! As of this moment I cant see bitcoin as a threat. What I foresee is that dollar and pound creation will be lessen in future because most of the poeple will prefer to use payment in electronic form as oppose to a physical cash. By then the inflation rate of those country using it will goes up. The amount of those money will be lessen that could also be a reason to increase its price against other currency. That could be a win-win situation by then. But if the bitcoin cross more river than that, the government will then create a reason to minimize the use of cryptocurrencies.   
91  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Samsung has now entered the cryptocurrency world on: June 05, 2018, 05:21:04 PM

As we know Samsung is one of the biggest and famous phones, smartphones, tablets producers in the whole world and now they are planning to make there own mining software. Is this a good news for us bitcoin users? I mean what are they aiming for?

For more info just read visit the link:

Hi there steampunkz! I think samsung have been indirectly connected in cryptocurrency a long time. As far as I can recall they are creating those high speed memory modules that are used in gpu. And those gpu is used to mine and create cryptocurrencies. But if they are considering more on that, samsung could beat your famous asci miner creator.  Samsung have all the facility, people and materials that could create miners that could be more cost effective than others. And when thtat day come, I could be considering buying one form them.
92  Economy / Speculation / Re: Do you have an expectation of bitcoin recovery from fallen? on: June 05, 2018, 05:05:27 PM
I still believe that bitcoin will recover from fallen,and it will grow up to the higher about you?!

Hi there Axelseseclevz! I believe just like what you did. i expect that bitcoin is starting to increase its traction and price after the consensus. They eventually starting to help the government create reasonable rules and policies that could change how people see cryptocurrencies. There price from today could be a history and never been again be touch if the government issue a notice or big support to cryptocurrencies. In that way, people will then start to flock in again to invest in bitcoin.
93  Economy / Speculation / Re: why bitcoin is volatility? on: June 05, 2018, 04:50:06 PM
Hi there imyashir! Let me answer you question as far as I know and also based on my own opinion.

Why bitcoin is votality compare to fiat money. Many say bitcoin is not a good investment because it is votality.

What is votality?
liability to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse. this is the fast price change.

Volatility is how the price could change not just in a single day but through out the inception of bitcoin.
In a market situation where the supplies become in demand and most of the people are continuously willing to buy, the price could terribly change upwards.

Why is the votality of bitcoin high?
Bitcoin is a low supply at the time of its growing number of users and it has become a demand for the masses. Many want to buy, Many want to sell in easy-word multiple transactions. When many bitcoin transactions are fast market movements and we do not know what might happen because of the emotion of the seller and the buyer may have the price increase or decrease. So the bitcoin is votality because of the small supply and in-demand.

Yeah you're right, in-demand that causes price hike. But not just the demand, the amount of bitcoin mined is also a great factor of price. If a market is bloated by a burger, the competitors just tweak their price so the people will prefer their burger. That same thing happen to bitcoin.

Why is fiat money not too volatility?
Because the government is able to regulate a traditional money, they can make new money and just increase its supply so that it does not have a votality compare to bitcoin.

Note: This is my only opinion, if you have any opinion you can also share it.

I think, the government don't just print money because they can. The next probable problem could be is the inflation. Once they print more money, the value of their money goes down too. That is why you are seeing some country that have lower value of their money compare to a much lower class country.

94  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Crypto currency in five years! on: June 05, 2018, 04:19:10 PM
Legendary investor Tim Draper is confident that in five years all will use crypto currency. According to Draper, the technological shift that we can observe now will be more significant than the transition from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. Answering the question about how he sees the current situation in comparison with the period when he invested in the technologies of web 1.0 and 2.0, he replied that web technologies and transformed the concept of information, while blocking has the potential to transform almost all industries, including government services.

Hi there priselive! There could be a huge difference five years from now. The most increasing part could be the price increase. But there could be an atm machine else where or maybe almost all cash atm machine could be vanished due to the preference of most of the people to do cashless. I mean, five years from now, most of the people will prefer to pay using their phone rather than looking for their wallet and counting bills. And yes, that web services could revamp the old way how people pay online.
95  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: No women in Bitcoin you say? on: June 05, 2018, 03:56:29 PM
But the biggest fuck-up of all: Lightning Network / Lightning Labs is led by Elizabeth Stark.  If you like train wrecks, get Elizabeth to lead us there.

You can see for yourself how Lightning works...

Hi there RawDog! I believe that there are several women in bitcoin and even in altcoins. But elizabeth stark is one of the best name you could see in the community. I believe that she got a law degree in Hardvard and become a Yale fellow. Meaning to say, she got a lots of idea stuck in her brain. Being with that knowledge and skills she been helping the community since then. I just wondering, does she have a bitcointalk account? Anyway, at start I cant believe the lightning network will work amazing at it is.
96  Economy / Speculation / Re: Where does bitcoin end up this year on: June 01, 2018, 05:08:22 PM
Bitcoin is starting to climb up again. Where do you think think does it end up by the end of the quarter or eventually by the end of 2018.

Hi there jakech2211! Your bitcoin will ended up in my wallet. Just kidding. Several experts have told that bitcoin price will be much more higher this year compare to last year. They could say that because that phenomenon always happen since bitcoin started to trade. But the real question is, despite the government policies and bannings, will it still stick to its frequent increase? In my own opinion the bitcoin could reach about $25k at the middle of november and gradually decline until to the end of the year.
97  Economy / Speculation / Re: Price manipulation on: June 01, 2018, 04:52:07 PM
I read that they are investigating criminal price manipulations over Bitcoin. Manipulation of prices is really possible ? This happened before ?

Hi there brawdias! I think you are late to the news. Those issues roses several years ago, but just recently there are subpoena that are given to those trading company who did not volunteer their system for an audit. Price manipulation could generate millions of dollar once properly executed, and what more is that they could even be performed by the trading platform itself. If an ordinary user could use a bot to trade for them, what for a trading platform that could create a bot to manipulate price. 
98  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Crypto VS national currency on: June 01, 2018, 04:36:05 PM
I found this expression on the news channel about the crypto currency: "Anyone who will try  to buy coffee for cash in 2023, runs the risk of causing laughter from the seller, that he does not use crypto currency."
how do you think, is it realistic? Can a crypto currency replace national  money?
I think that it's possible, but it will take more time.

Hi there stryker! I just laugh at that opinion. It is just a man from a stone age just step into Starbucks and bought a coffee in exchange for stones. What comes before dollar? It is gold, and what if someone will bought a coffee in exchange for a gold? Will you laugh at it or be amazed because the rarity and price a gold could be twice or ten times more than the coffee. In five years time, I think that is still not possible. Maybe we need more than that, like twenty years or so.
99  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Do you think Bitcoin will become the first world currency for buy and sell ? on: June 01, 2018, 04:19:50 PM
Do you think Bitcoin will become the first world currency for buy and sell ?  Grin

Hi there fikito33! Do you think dollar is not the first? I have been through different e-commerce site and most of them accept dollar. Even those who are headquartered in china like alibaba is able to accept dollar as a payment. There are even local e-commerce that accept dollar as the secondary form of payment. So if bitcoin is being the first is not could be happened because dollar have done it before. Bitcoin could replace dollar is possible, but I think even five or ten years from now, it is still not on the mainstream.
100  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How to get Cryptocurrency Job?? on: June 01, 2018, 03:59:36 PM
There was a news about getting job in cryptocurrency . If you can not make enough money in different cryptocurrency and you think it can not fit your daily income.
Maybe you end up getting an actual job especially for those who have a family that depends on them.
I read about this news about Cryptoconomy offers a job opportunities with no qualifications necessary.
Try to look at this news  Smiley if you want.

But there is a question in my mind. What if you dont have enough skills and knowledge about cryptocurrency. And i am one of them..

Hi there bossloccox! I get your point. There are saying that, in order to land in a job you want, you need an experience in it. But how come have an experience if there are even no curriculum about bitcoin. So, if you want an actual job in cryptocurrency, I think you should be first establish your reputation, profile or portfolio in several website or trading platforms. That could be your job experience and an stepping stone to land in one of the huge company that focuses on cryptocurrencies.
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