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1  Economy / Services / [FOR RENT] vlad230's signature & avatar space on: October 12, 2018, 09:06:21 AM
As the signature campaign I was enrolled in just ended, I have decided to put my signature, avatar space & personal text up for rent to the highest bidder.

Here's a little bit about myself and the areas I usually post: Sr. Member thanks to the merit system

I can post up to 50 posts/week.

Feel free to post your offers here or PM.

  • I accept weekly payments from trusted members after the job is done, other members can pay upfront
  • I reserve the right to refuse advertising for things I don't see fit
  • I will not promote any scams
2  Other / Meta / [Merit Analysis] Users ranked Sr. Member & up that have not earned any merit on: October 01, 2018, 02:59:47 PM
I was challenged by a user yesterday, in my [Merit Analysis] "Self Made" Jr. & Member users that have earned merit thread and promised I would deliver by today. Since I'm a big fan of challenges, I couldn't refuse  Cheesy

Here's what user cryptovigi asked me to deliver:

I like your analysis and have another challenge for you ;-)

Ranked Members - Member and above who was given merit airdrop (while introducing merit system) according to their ranks and didn't earn even one "by themself" this one maybe interesting!!!
So, let's see how this looks like in our forum.

The questions I will find answers to are:

1. How many Sr. Member & up users exist that have not earned any merit?
1078 Sr. Members
476 Hero Members
224 Legendary Members
There are 1778 users ranked Sr. Member & up that have not earned any merit, they just got "airdropped" merit from when the merit system was implemented.
I was caught a bit off guard by this number, as I didn't think there could be so many users that have not earned any merit. This could signal some problems with the distribution of merit as these users should be knowledgeable enough to produce quality posts & get merited.

Another possible explanation could be that some of the users here might not be active anymore, thus didn't come in contact with the merit system at all. Sadly, I do not have access to more information about the users like "last date active" to be able to produce more accurate data, yet.

Since there are a lot of users and decided to limit myself to the post max size, I have analyzed Sr. Members & up. Let me know if someone would be interested in seeing the rest of the user categories and I will created another thread.

2. Who are the Sr. Member users that have not earned any merit?
UserName Rank
$Darkloard$ Sr. Member
$anounimus$ Sr. Member
-Joni- Sr. Member
19Nov16 Sr. Member
232drialf Sr. Member
24core Sr. Member
2tang Sr. Member
320hz Sr. Member
4rzun4 Sr. Member
8rch7 Sr. Member
93_didan Sr. Member
@boutiuqe Sr. Member
AK47- Sr. Member
ATAK T-129 Sr. Member
Aceeakell Sr. Member
Acguy Sr. Member
Adbitco Sr. Member
Adya Sr. Member
Adykingcity Sr. Member
Affilate User Sr. Member
AiloveYouks21 Sr. Member
AjithBtc Sr. Member
Aleator Sr. Member
Aleya Sr. Member
Alns Sr. Member
AltsBoom Sr. Member
AmXProX Sr. Member
Amalker Sr. Member
AmericanBit Sr. Member
AmunRa Sr. Member
AncilVTwo Sr. Member
Andergriff Sr. Member
Andrey Smirnov Sr. Member
Anegg Sr. Member
Apes Sr. Member
Ariess Sr. Member
Arksun Sr. Member
Arsenyo Sr. Member
Arumi.Bilqis Sr. Member
Ashong Salonga Sr. Member
Asi4btc Sr. Member
Asimmo Sr. Member
Atdhe Sr. Member
Aura689 Sr. Member
Autto Sr. Member
Awalt541 Sr. Member
Aying Sr. Member
BERKUTcryp Sr. Member
BETAWI Sr. Member
BTC-Graphicdesigns Sr. Member
BTCBusinessConsult Sr. Member
BTCGOLD Sr. Member
BTCdude007 Sr. Member
Baby Dragon Sr. Member
Bacchu Sr. Member
Badboy[BTC] Sr. Member
Bakemat Sr. Member
BarbieCasino Sr. Member
Bastime Sr. Member
Bedebah Sr. Member
Beijideluotuo Sr. Member
BekantanSejagatTeamPenipu Sr. Member
Ber86 Sr. Member
BetcoinPoker Sr. Member
BicolIsarog Sr. Member
Bikers Sr. Member
BitTeo Sr. Member
BitcoinLoan Sr. Member
Bitinator Sr. Member
Bitum Sr. Member
BlackWidow Sr. Member
Blackdeath Sr. Member
Blackwhite69 Sr. Member
Blizzhard Sr. Member
Bloodxtz Sr. Member
Boathouse Sr. Member
BobBct Sr. Member
Bondho Kompeni Sr. Member
Bonenx14 Sr. Member
Braino Sr. Member
Brama Jasa Sr. Member
Brattavito Sr. Member
BtcVolcano Sr. Member
Bulletdodger Sr. Member
Bunsomjelican Sr. Member
ButtCrack Sr. Member
CC23 Sr. Member
CODE200 Sr. Member
Caesar-Giulius Sr. Member
Calangaman Sr. Member
Carmen_Sandiego Sr. Member
Cashcash Sr. Member
Celendion Sr. Member
Chainsmokers Sr. Member
Chasoid Sr. Member
Cherylstar86 Sr. Member
Chinesegandalf Sr. Member
Cimmy_revenger Sr. Member
Clavulanic Sr. Member
CloudStrife Sr. Member
ClutchThese Sr. Member
CoinTasker Sr. Member
Colt81 Sr. Member
ComponY Sr. Member
Coroline Sr. Member
Cortes_Cripto Sr. Member
Cossack Sr. Member
CrowdFunder Sr. Member
Crypt1x Sr. Member
CryptoRekt Sr. Member
Cryptorast Sr. Member
Crypviser Sr. Member
CyanFox Sr. Member
CyberCombat Sr. Member
D4RK5T4R Sr. Member
DLCseller Sr. Member
DStefanov Sr. Member
Daha19 Sr. Member
Daneal Sr. Member
Dank Frank Sr. Member
DannyBOfficial Sr. Member
DaveWave Sr. Member
DavidSantamaria Sr. Member
Davids123 Sr. Member
Decksperiment Sr. Member
Defloration Sr. Member
Delaforetnoire Sr. Member
Delicieuxz Sr. Member
Delinquency Sr. Member
Denov Setu Sr. Member
DevSoft Sr. Member
DevilSlayer Sr. Member
DidiMidi Sr. Member
DimaKHV Sr. Member
Distraction Sr. Member
Do4a Sr. Member
Docent85 Sr. Member
Domenc Sr. Member
DonYo Sr. Member
DragonETH Sr. Member
DrearyUrbanite Sr. Member
Drobek Sr. Member
DroomieChikito Sr. Member
Duzter Sr. Member
ECore Sr. Member
Easteregg69 Sr. Member
EbenTheva Sr. Member
Eclipse26 Sr. Member
Eldest Sr. Member
EleGiggle Sr. Member
Elsonbol Sr. Member
Etanllah Sr. Member
EuSouBitcoin Sr. Member
Experia Sr. Member
Factmine Sr. Member
Faiyz Sr. Member
Fasdartin Sr. Member
FaucetKING Sr. Member
Faxmate Sr. Member
Fidemoga Sr. Member
Fishbones78 Sr. Member
Flapmin Sr. Member
Flexibit Sr. Member
Flooks Sr. Member
FlorentineNobleman Sr. Member
ForeverFener Sr. Member
Frank0209 Sr. Member
Frank37 Sr. Member
Fredii Sr. Member
FreshB Sr. Member
FridaKallo Sr. Member
Fulmand Sr. Member
Fundamentals Of Sr. Member
FundsMoney Sr. Member
GSpgh Sr. Member
Gabri Sr. Member
Ganlok Sr. Member
Gargo Sr. Member
GatotKaca Sr. Member
Geekphazm Sr. Member
Ghris Sr. Member
Ginger Ninja Sr. Member
GlacierBIT Sr. Member
Glen Hoddle Sr. Member
Gold.Boriska Sr. Member
Golstrim Sr. Member
GriTBitS Sr. Member
HV3S Sr. Member
HabiebRiziq Sr. Member
Heimer Sr. Member
Heishehui187 Sr. Member
Here4Trades Sr. Member
High Plains Drifter Sr. Member
HopeCrypto Sr. Member
HyperLup Sr. Member
HyunBin Sr. Member
Ignacia Sr. Member
Images21 Sr. Member
Infinity7 Sr. Member
IntelligentIdiot Sr. Member
Invester Sr. Member
Iserviceman Sr. Member
JC btc Sr. Member
JDS1000 Sr. Member
Jackling Sr. Member
JahriMeayer Sr. Member
James_H Sr. Member
Jammalan the Prophet Sr. Member
Jekwizor Sr. Member
Jelly0621 Sr. Member
Jembut Ireng Sr. Member
Jerzzz Sr. Member
Jian_Liux Sr. Member
JimmieA Sr. Member
Joe200 Sr. Member
Joker07 Sr. Member
Jose Mourinho Sr. Member
Joshapat Sr. Member
JumperN Sr. Member
KDjr Sr. Member
Kamayulka78 Sr. Member
Kand1990 Sr. Member
Karolina26 Sr. Member
Kasperiko Sr. Member
KawaBunGa Sr. Member
Kawasanz Sr. Member
Kazkar Sr. Member
Kennedy Sr. Member
Kersh768 Sr. Member
Kevinatin Sr. Member
Kewatia Sr. Member
KickItDown Sr. Member
Kienbui Sr. Member
Killerpotleaf Sr. Member
Kimi80 Sr. Member
Kizaki Sr. Member
Kj1 Sr. Member
Klausi Sr. Member
KnightElite Sr. Member
KnightRiderus Sr. Member
KoBaTeJIb Sr. Member
Koppa Sr. Member
Krista Sr. Member
Kupid002 Sr. Member
LIghtvelocityCoin Sr. Member
Larion94 Sr. Member
Larva14 Sr. Member
LastKiss Sr. Member
Lauren Smith Sr. Member
Lazada Sr. Member
Lebraam Sr. Member
Lecam Sr. Member
LegendOF45 Sr. Member
Lesya2015 Sr. Member
LilitKha Sr. Member
Linuld Sr. Member
Lone Shark Sr. Member
Lontongmie Sr. Member
Looarn Sr. Member
LordMeowMeow Sr. Member
Lorilikes Sr. Member
Lubang Bawah Sr. Member
LukkasG Sr. Member
MMysterious Sr. Member
MOSSAD Sr. Member
MSZCoin Sr. Member
MXXWLL Sr. Member
Macrochip Sr. Member
Magkirap Sr. Member
Magnavox Sr. Member
Mame89 Sr. Member
Mang86 Sr. Member
Marc De Mesel Sr. Member
Mark81 Sr. Member
Maryshka91 Sr. Member
Masyudhi Sr. Member
McKane Sr. Member
MehdiBmm Sr. Member
Meowth05 Sr. Member
Meteeray Sr. Member
Mihaylovic Sr. Member
MoonJeina Sr. Member
Moondreams Sr. Member
MorGan-id Sr. Member
Mr. Legendaris Sr. Member
MrBAU Sr. Member
MrData Sr. Member
MrZ28s Sr. Member
MtRev Sr. Member
Myfe Sr. Member
Myra4 Sr. Member
NASdaq Sr. Member
NH Sr. Member
NJB18 Sr. Member
Nathan047 Sr. Member
NathanJB Sr. Member
Nboramir Sr. Member
Neo501 Sr. Member
Nevsky Sr. Member
Newton90 Sr. Member
Ngewex Yuk Sr. Member
Nicol3 Sr. Member
NikuSH Sr. Member
Nobtcoin Sr. Member
Noidor Sr. Member
NoiseBoy Sr. Member
Nordblitcer Sr. Member
Northa Sr. Member
Noruka Sr. Member
ONCF Sr. Member
ORiN Sr. Member
Obito Sr. Member
OrsonJ Sr. Member
Osmanli42 Sr. Member
Oumal Sr. Member
P4ndoraBox Sr. Member
PM.coins Sr. Member
Paritor Sr. Member
Pejoh Asu Sr. Member
Periodik Sr. Member
PeterTheGrape Sr. Member
PinkHead Sr. Member
Pinkris128 Sr. Member
Pipshunter Sr. Member
Poloherb Sr. Member
Prettygirl01315 Sr. Member
Pride97 Sr. Member
Primal Base Sr. Member
Prodigan786 Sr. Member
Pulithey1986 Sr. Member
Pump N Dead Sr. Member
Pumuckel21 Sr. Member
QFT Sr. Member
QueenOf Sr. Member
Quietman Sr. Member
R4v37 Sr. Member
RACT Sr. Member
RAGEmond Sr. Member
Ragnarcoin Sr. Member
Rahman11 Sr. Member
Raizou Sr. Member
Rana590 Sr. Member
RandyMagnum Sr. Member
Rapidgator Sr. Member
Rasel5209 Sr. Member
Raven91 Sr. Member
Reatim Sr. Member
Reavon Sr. Member
Republicofizmir Sr. Member
Roidz Sr. Member
RonMank Sr. Member
Ronin_sv Sr. Member
Rora Sr. Member
RouletteRun Sr. Member
RussiaCoinDotInfo Sr. Member
RussianTranslator Sr. Member
Ryker1 Sr. Member
SNS Sr. Member
SUM2dev Sr. Member
SacriFries11 Sr. Member
Saidmod Sr. Member
Sam San Sr. Member
Sarisang Sr. Member
Sate Jamu Sr. Member
SateRebus Sr. Member
Satorus Sr. Member
Scyntech Sr. Member
SeaSoul Sr. Member
Selly Arumsari Sr. Member
Senja Kemuning Sr. Member
Serco Sr. Member
Servantes Sr. Member
Shanto Sr. Member
Sharkzz1 Sr. Member
Sifat33 Sr. Member
Silvercell Sr. Member
SimonBeCoinin Sr. Member
SimonJones Sr. Member
Sir Lagsalot Sr. Member
Sir Legend Sr. Member
SistaFista Sr. Member
Smoker00 Sr. Member
Sniar Sr. Member
Snipe85 Sr. Member
SoeNan89 Sr. Member
SomeRelax Sr. Member
Soots Sr. Member
Sorros Sr. Member
Sosaso75 Sr. Member
Sponsoredby15 Sr. Member
Spotswood Sr. Member
Squirrel Dearing Sr. Member
Starving_Marvin Sr. Member
StinkyLover Sr. Member
StonerStanley Sr. Member
Stormspirit Sr. Member
Sundoor Sr. Member
Surrapatt Sr. Member
Sven11 Sr. Member
TRONTON Sr. Member
TaShoKi Sr. Member
Take the red pill Sr. Member
TaliskerDarkStorm Sr. Member
Taner Sr. Member
Tara11 Sr. Member
Tcher_L Sr. Member
Termin4tor Sr. Member
TexasofblackseA Sr. Member
Tg87 Sr. Member
TheClownSong Sr. Member
TheCoinGrabber Sr. Member
The_Don Sr. Member
ThomasVeil Sr. Member
Tidsdilatation Sr. Member
TitanGEL Sr. Member
Tommot Sr. Member
TonTon Sr. Member
TravelsAsia Sr. Member
Tribizz Sr. Member
Turkoin Sr. Member
TyfrTR Sr. Member
UNOE Sr. Member
UltraPlay Sr. Member
Umbrella Holdings Sr. Member
VINSIN Sr. Member
Vanderbleek Sr. Member
Vasilije69 Sr. Member
VeiweiLo Sr. Member
Vesperion Sr. Member
VforVictory Sr. Member
ViceOfBTC21 Sr. Member
Victoo Sr. Member
Vika26 Sr. Member
Vilchaco Sr. Member
Vinaa77 Sr. Member
Virman01 Sr. Member
Viscera Sr. Member
Vlegale Sr. Member
Voidcrafter Sr. Member
Vovka4 Sr. Member
WackMack Sr. Member
Wandika Sr. Member
Wayan_Pedjeng Sr. Member
Wesimon Sr. Member
White Christmas Sr. Member
Whitly Sr. Member
WhyMe Sr. Member
Willeampere Sr. Member
Wipeout2097 Sr. Member
Wolframio Sr. Member
Wong Gendheng Sr. Member
Wysi Sr. Member
Xsinx Sr. Member
Yamifoud Sr. Member
Yoshi Livo Sr. Member
YourMom420 Sr. Member
Yza_azY Sr. Member
Zaizoun Sr. Member
Zechis966 Sr. Member
ZeroFossilFuel Sr. Member
ZhuldyzKaladinova Sr. Member
Zorik Sr. Member
[BTC]Girl Sr. Member
_Django05_ Sr. Member
_Lucky_ Sr. Member
___TR___ Sr. Member
_noname_ Sr. Member
aagert Sr. Member
abdulmad Sr. Member
abramovich Sr. Member
acedia Sr. Member
aces777 Sr. Member
acharias Sr. Member
acpr23 Sr. Member
adabau Sr. Member
adorid Sr. Member
adpinbr Sr. Member
aeternus Sr. Member
agentx44 Sr. Member
ahmia39 Sr. Member
airdnasxela Sr. Member
ak49er Sr. Member
akar87 Sr. Member
al7878 Sr. Member
alankasman Sr. Member
alexsandria Sr. Member
alfaisal890 Sr. Member
aligator2017 Sr. Member
alucard20724 Sr. Member
amy1284455127 Sr. Member
andibongkol Sr. Member
andriarto Sr. Member
anehh Sr. Member
angryswamp Sr. Member
anticolay26 Sr. Member
apolok Sr. Member
appbox Sr. Member
arikassuja Sr. Member
arin_muah Sr. Member
armlock Sr. Member
arus Sr. Member
aryana42 Sr. Member
ashuawei Sr. Member
asus09 Sr. Member
asyakashi Sr. Member
auctioneeeeer Sr. Member
autada Sr. Member
avp2306 Sr. Member
awas Sr. Member
awsses Sr. Member
ayoubouni95 Sr. Member
aysg76 Sr. Member
ayu07 Sr. Member
babaya Sr. Member
babos8383 Sr. Member
babysweetTiger0401 Sr. Member
badungs Sr. Member
baga105 Sr. Member
bagera Sr. Member
bagikoin Sr. Member
bambazamba Sr. Member
basesaw Sr. Member
baskanx Sr. Member
bere3kin Sr. Member
bestBTCdomains Sr. Member
betMaster Sr. Member
betterangels Sr. Member
bettercrypto Sr. Member
betudontbet Sr. Member
bgaf Sr. Member
bhabygrim Sr. Member
bigon Sr. Member
bitboxxer Sr. Member
bitcampaign Sr. Member
bitcasino Sr. Member
bitcoinbelieve Sr. Member
bitcoineverything Sr. Member
bitcub Sr. Member
bitillionaire Sr. Member
bitofc Sr. Member
bitvalak Sr. Member
bizzargin Sr. Member
blah01 Sr. Member
bleachX Sr. Member Sr. Member
bmxakias Sr. Member
boller Sr. Member
boo50 Sr. Member
borntorun Sr. Member
bosian Sr. Member
brjameng Sr. Member
brontosaurus Sr. Member
btc4peace Sr. Member
btcdamnit Sr. Member
btcjocan Sr. Member
btcsharehub Sr. Member
btmtb Sr. Member
bubblebit Sr. Member
budiartha Sr. Member
budlo Sr. Member
bustedsynx Sr. Member
butcherboss Sr. Member
byteminr Sr. Member
calya Sr. Member
capcaypro Sr. Member
carcassone Sr. Member
cashundone Sr. Member
castiloros Sr. Member
cattani30 Sr. Member
cbIpok Sr. Member
cbtc Sr. Member
cbw Sr. Member
cercitolga4545 Sr. Member
chadtn Sr. Member
chaosagent Sr. Member
charles2k Sr. Member
cherry11800 Sr. Member
chikiuso Sr. Member
chromosoma Sr. Member
cijulangboy Sr. Member
cisA Sr. Member
cleygaux Sr. Member
clint25n Sr. Member
codenamethisNutz Sr. Member
coin2.0 Sr. Member
coinpool_de Sr. Member
contactmike1 Sr. Member
cozytrade Sr. Member
cramcram21 Sr. Member
crazybtrade Sr. Member
crazyhashmanz Sr. Member
creepyjas Sr. Member
croTek4 Sr. Member
crocozino Sr. Member
cryp24x Sr. Member
cryptocyprus Sr. Member
cryptogaga Sr. Member
cryptogeek101 Sr. Member
cryptojoe Sr. Member
cryptomad Sr. Member
cryptospreader_temp Sr. Member
cryptotore Sr. Member
crzybilly Sr. Member
dacosta Sr. Member
dadach Sr. Member
dadas15 Sr. Member
dannygroove Sr. Member
dannyjr89 Sr. Member
deathmul Sr. Member
deddod Sr. Member
deep4u Sr. Member
deepcoreotc Sr. Member
deliveryman Sr. Member
dellzxd Sr. Member
dentldir Sr. Member
devid2017btc Sr. Member
devil11 Sr. Member
devlin Sr. Member
dgigit Sr. Member
dgmon Sr. Member
dieselmeister Sr. Member
digaran2 Sr. Member
dimastegar Sr. Member
dimb Sr. Member
dimonarka Sr. Member
disam Sr. Member
djgtr Sr. Member
djuragan Sr. Member
dmamigo Sr. Member
dmgta Sr. Member
dmty.0809 Sr. Member
dnz gns Sr. Member
domoy77 Sr. Member
doothewop Sr. Member
dragonares Sr. Member
drumamat Sr. Member
drumingspz Sr. Member
drwoo Sr. Member
duyduc256 Sr. Member
dycell Sr. Member
dzkrb Sr. Member
eP Sr. Member
ePesoInitiative Sr. Member
eagle10 Sr. Member
earnbitcoins Sr. Member
edutBTC Sr. Member
edwardspitz Sr. Member
eerygarden Sr. Member
einsteinium Sr. Member
emrek Sr. Member
entropi Sr. Member
erep Sr. Member
erickastella Sr. Member
erik777 Sr. Member
europesss Sr. Member
ex33s Sr. Member
ezehy2014 Sr. Member
fairbee Sr. Member
faridkifly Sr. Member
fearofsalt Sr. Member
febriyana Sr. Member
fenghush Sr. Member Sr. Member
finist Sr. Member
finity Sr. Member
finzyoj Sr. Member
fivejonnyfive Sr. Member
fkod Sr. Member
fndsr Sr. Member
formator Sr. Member
franss Sr. Member
frozenking Sr. Member
fuer44 Sr. Member
fulcare Sr. Member
fullcointalk Sr. Member
funchiestz Sr. Member
gavrilo Sr. Member
gawuk Sr. Member
george888055 Sr. Member
getmoremonline Sr. Member
ghost15 Sr. Member
ghostfaceuk Sr. Member
gielbier Sr. Member
glavos Sr. Member
glax1983 Sr. Member
gobisirom Sr. Member
golder1 Sr. Member
goldkey0070 Sr. Member
grermezter Sr. Member
gri0 Sr. Member
gtzanap Sr. Member
halker2010 Sr. Member
hanlieuiypm9832 Sr. Member Sr. Member
hashtag101 Sr. Member
hellsingfan Sr. Member
hellyeahent Sr. Member
heppot Sr. Member
hikky22 Sr. Member
himozavr Sr. Member
hovrah Sr. Member
ibuddy122505 Sr. Member
iged_war Sr. Member
ikm Sr. Member
inanilujimi Sr. Member
indika Sr. Member
indo1 Sr. Member
infarterr Sr. Member
inthelongrun Sr. Member
ipsec Sr. Member
ironm@n Sr. Member
isen Sr. Member
isprofits Sr. Member
itsonlikedonkeykong Sr. Member
ivandu Sr. Member
ivanovmoscow Sr. Member
ivanpoldark Sr. Member
iyan33 Sr. Member
izotoniq Sr. Member
izunuy Sr. Member
jackchun Sr. Member
jackflag Sr. Member
jaksone Sr. Member
jambul_kribo Sr. Member
jaybny Sr. Member
jc89 Sr. Member
jcpone Sr. Member
jeeb Sr. Member
jelma Sr. Member
jems Sr. Member
jesselivermore Sr. Member
jezus Sr. Member
jh0w4n1z Sr. Member
jimhsu Sr. Member
johan11 Sr. Member
jommy99 Sr. Member
joosep Sr. Member
jorenpo Sr. Member
jovi18 Sr. Member
jovs Sr. Member
judeafante Sr. Member
judypug1956 Sr. Member
juhakall Sr. Member
jw_industry Sr. Member
jyotianand01 Sr. Member
kalenen Sr. Member
kaltar Sr. Member
kamrulhasan001 Sr. Member
kanayaTabitha Sr. Member
kawacaki Sr. Member
kaycyrpto23 Sr. Member
kayvie Sr. Member
kbhutto Sr. Member
kelseydustin Sr. Member
ken thung Sr. Member
kendedes Sr. Member
kenelmark Sr. Member
kheein Sr. Member
kikiyo Sr. Member
kirdin Sr. Member
kissmarx Sr. Member
klychmen Sr. Member
knuckey Sr. Member
kojektea Sr. Member
kololo Sr. Member
konstant111 Sr. Member
kotakamal Sr. Member
krack-r Sr. Member
kralkral Sr. Member
kumala_abi Sr. Member
kuverty Sr. Member
kynaz Sr. Member
kyori Sr. Member
l3ocky Sr. Member
lagharto Sr. Member
lankyman Sr. Member
leetcoiner Sr. Member
leexhin Sr. Member
lehard Sr. Member
lenyro Sr. Member
lesom Sr. Member
lider1971 Sr. Member
ligator19840208 Sr. Member
lind82 Sr. Member
linkme Sr. Member
linyhan Sr. Member
liqidoxgen Sr. Member
lisasteca Sr. Member
loading... Sr. Member
lolgato1 Sr. Member
lombok Sr. Member
longyenthanh Sr. Member
lovewiki Sr. Member
loveyouforever Sr. Member
loveys Sr. Member
lukmandog Sr. Member
lusiaga Sr. Member
mackenzied Sr. Member
magmar Sr. Member
makerst Sr. Member
maleemk Sr. Member
maman09 Sr. Member
mamesso Sr. Member
mandor Sr. Member
martinholly167 Sr. Member
marufnang Sr. Member
masterkiller Sr. Member
masternode Sr. Member
mattmct Sr. Member
maursader Sr. Member
mbah Sr. Member
medsi2 Sr. Member
meemiinii Sr. Member
megacrypto Sr. Member
megadeth Sr. Member
megynacuna Sr. Member
melisande Sr. Member
meph Sr. Member
merle Sr. Member
meyer Sr. Member
mig5000 Sr. Member
mig6r Sr. Member
mihaisav Sr. Member
mikewirth Sr. Member
millgates Sr. Member
minairia3 Sr. Member
mine2slow Sr. Member
miramax-10 Sr. Member
mitsarasss Sr. Member
miztaziggy Sr. Member
mkhadazz Sr. Member
mlindjo Sr. Member
mmedinas Sr. Member
mmkiwi Sr. Member
mmo_online_1981 Sr. Member
mohammedfaiz143 Sr. Member
mone99 Sr. Member
monkeybars Sr. Member
moonfrog Sr. Member
mrbanjo Sr. Member
mrvision Sr. Member
mt55 Sr. Member
naira Sr. Member
namjar Sr. Member
necromastery Sr. Member
neite99 Sr. Member
neleonele Sr. Member
nelmari Sr. Member
nelson4lov Sr. Member
nesso Sr. Member
nethan1btc Sr. Member
ngerok Sr. Member
nhaila Sr. Member
nhfccbhjdrf Sr. Member
nhminer Sr. Member
nicomedya5 Sr. Member
nicster551 Sr. Member
nid125 Sr. Member
nihilnegativum Sr. Member
ninjaskip Sr. Member
nmaryrai Sr. Member
noashh Sr. Member
nogoodcoin Sr. Member
noninum Sr. Member
nu1mlock Sr. Member
nubbins7 Sr. Member
number37 Sr. Member
nur1labs Sr. Member
nyteo Sr. Member
oginiimaoyani Sr. Member
okissabam Sr. Member
oleg1984a Sr. Member
olesya Sr. Member
olloman Sr. Member
ololajulo Sr. Member
ongahawak Sr. Member
oogone Sr. Member
optigon Sr. Member
orarider Sr. Member
ottogary Sr. Member
oxygen88 Sr. Member
paladium Sr. Member
pastan Sr. Member
patrickus Sr. Member
paulk11087 Sr. Member
pavan@hosur Sr. Member
pdogg147 Sr. Member
pentol86 Sr. Member
peschi Sr. Member
piccionipier Sr. Member
pikachuy Sr. Member
pikkie Sr. Member
pisston Sr. Member
platinum4 Sr. Member
poiseulle Sr. Member
pokerjet Sr. Member
pokeviktor Sr. Member
polemarhos888 Sr. Member
poulembertus Sr. Member
prashanta Sr. Member
preda Sr. Member
proride Sr. Member
psyx80 Sr. Member
puffmais Sr. Member
pumawolf Sr. Member
pushyk Sr. Member
putradaerah Sr. Member
quake313 Sr. Member
quang99 Sr. Member
quantum Sr. Member
quintiilieo Sr. Member
raes Sr. Member
rainingbitcoins Sr. Member
ranggenga Sr. Member
rayday11 Sr. Member
rchstr Sr. Member
reflexmk Sr. Member
renbit Sr. Member
rizkyrz Sr. Member
rjp55 Sr. Member
rlm42 Sr. Member
rmyg5907 Sr. Member
robertiv2 Sr. Member
rocketron Sr. Member
rod1234 Sr. Member
roncar Sr. Member
rossr1 Sr. Member
rubiprojects Sr. Member
ruptan Sr. Member
ryjin1007 Sr. Member
sairji Sr. Member
sammrheza Sr. Member
santygo777 Sr. Member
saymissme Sr. Member
sconklin321 Sr. Member
scott btc Sr. Member
sealofsun Sr. Member
secdark Sr. Member
seddik Sr. Member
sekalitas Sr. Member
sellrai Sr. Member
sellscript Sr. Member
septi.JR Sr. Member
sergiorus Sr. Member
sergsen Sr. Member
sert Sr. Member
shadowdio Sr. Member
shams Sr. Member
shenxirrwya1582 Sr. Member
shimbark123 Sr. Member
sidodadii Sr. Member
silverleafy Sr. Member
skarais Sr. Member
skiorf Sr. Member
skish85 Sr. Member
skypeTeo Sr. Member
slackcryptoz Sr. Member
smic Sr. Member
snowcrawl Sr. Member
snowyNNN Sr. Member
soham Sr. Member
sokusimafuckusima Sr. Member
sonic212 Sr. Member
sorji Sr. Member
spacelab Sr. Member
spadormie Sr. Member
spartanrules Sr. Member
speedy1987 Sr. Member
speedy963 Sr. Member
spike420211 Sr. Member
spin Sr. Member
sprinkles Sr. Member
stas Sr. Member
stasyk411 Sr. Member
steinkopf Sr. Member
step_mike Sr. Member
stephanirain Sr. Member
stepwilli Sr. Member
stil55 Sr. Member
strasboug Sr. Member
stryker Sr. Member
summonerrk Sr. Member
supto005 Sr. Member
surfer43 Sr. Member
suryana Sr. Member
sva_h4cky0 Sr. Member
taibas Sr. Member
taidulvseh78044 Sr. Member
tanghere02 Sr. Member
tansoft64 Sr. Member
tarolog Sr. Member
tbonetony Sr. Member
tekno Sr. Member
temeler Sr. Member
tetra Sr. Member
tezcatcatl Sr. Member
thefaucetrunner Sr. Member
thesims Sr. Member
thms Sr. Member
thunderbitz2717 Sr. Member
tianglistrik Sr. Member
tigz Sr. Member
tittensor Sr. Member
titteringtacos Sr. Member
tommy163 Sr. Member
toodamntired Sr. Member
tosmartak Sr. Member
travwill Sr. Member
trickyriky Sr. Member
ttoroie Sr. Member
tukang_rosok Sr. Member
tukangkopi Sr. Member
tunctioncloud Sr. Member
ubeing Sr. Member
ucliktea Sr. Member
udecker Sr. Member
ugr_erkn92 Sr. Member
ullikume Sr. Member
umbara ardian Sr. Member
uniquehero Sr. Member Sr. Member
usamamalik555 Sr. Member
utkuy Sr. Member
valuater Sr. Member
verb Sr. Member
vinc3 Sr. Member
vincentvincent Sr. Member
vindicare Sr. Member
vivland Sr. Member
voltesbit777 Sr. Member
vvu351 Sr. Member
wakier Sr. Member
wallstone Sr. Member
wawan99 Sr. Member
weav Sr. Member
weisonghypsp291 Sr. Member
welshy9 Sr. Member
wendelllee Sr. Member
wenzuo Sr. Member
what1005 Sr. Member
whiteblue Sr. Member
wiak2 Sr. Member
wickedsick Sr. Member
wildey Sr. Member
will_k Sr. Member
wiss19 Sr. Member
wnfmzm74 Sr. Member
wolverine5pl Sr. Member
worthyou Sr. Member
wowok Sr. Member
wry Sr. Member
www.www Sr. Member
xLays Sr. Member
xapwxrm5742 Sr. Member
xonecoinlovers Sr. Member
xvids Sr. Member
xx-man Sr. Member
xx63245613 Sr. Member
xypos Sr. Member
xyzzyx Sr. Member
ya.knf Sr. Member
yatogami Sr. Member
yohananaomi Sr. Member
yrreg ger Sr. Member
yslyv Sr. Member
yuLyaS Sr. Member
yudi09 Sr. Member
yulionoo Sr. Member
zaisha Sr. Member
zhongzy Sr. Member
zidanw Sr. Member
zombie6 Sr. Member
zoom_rich Sr. Member
zucknail Sr. Member
zuzuca Sr. Member
zxl912157 Sr. Member
Sr. Member

3. Who are the Hero users that have not earned any merit?
UserName Rank
--DarkSecrets-- Hero Member
... ... Hero Member
007eminem Hero Member
727miner Hero Member
77kdub Hero Member
@Hakermania@ Hero Member
ACP Hero Member Hero Member
Ab-Soul Hero Member
Ailmand Hero Member
AirFlame Hero Member
Ais08 Hero Member
Aleister Crowley Hero Member
AlexNeto Hero Member
Altcoin Agent Hero Member
Ambros Hero Member
Amritt Hero Member
Andre# Hero Member
AndrewBUD Hero Member
AndrewK Hero Member
Andrey Hero Member
Apened Hero Member
Arcas Hero Member
Arcteryx Hero Member
ArdiPrabowo Hero Member
Armstand Hero Member
Askit2 Hero Member
Asurmen Hero Member
AuroraHF Hero Member
BTCdoaA Hero Member
BTcoint Hero Member
Beans Hero Member
BernieCoin Hero Member
Bfljosh Hero Member
BitcSeo Hero Member
Bl4ckw00d Hero Member
BlackPrapor Hero Member
Bojcha Hero Member
BtcCrazy1 Hero Member
Burovik99 Hero Member
Byte16 Hero Member
CASlO Hero Member
Cacingkemi Hero Member
Camus Hero Member
CapnBDL Hero Member
Capuchino Hero Member
CasinoBetGame Hero Member
Cazkys Hero Member
Chainger Hero Member
CharlyKa Hero Member
Cloudpost Hero Member
Coinbuddy Hero Member
Coindgr Hero Member Hero Member
Colombina Hero Member
Cosbycoin Hero Member
Daffadile Hero Member
Dammitt Hero Member
DanWalker Hero Member
Darker45 Hero Member
Darwin02 Hero Member
Dhoe Hero Member
Digitalbitcoin Hero Member
DocBones Hero Member
Doging Hero Member
DrkLvr_ Hero Member
Dusty Hero Member
Easy2Mine Hero Member
ErikvanBreen Hero Member
Evan Hero Member
Ezravdb Hero Member
FFI2013 Hero Member
FastSlots Hero Member
FeelTheBeat Hero Member
Flep182 Hero Member
FreedomCoin Hero Member
Frenk Best Hero Member
Frequency Hero Member
FrictionlessCoin Hero Member
Frizz23 Hero Member
Furious 7 Hero Member
Fuzzbawls Hero Member
GHCoins45 Hero Member
GideonGono Hero Member
Google+ Hero Member
GreenCoin22 Hero Member
HarHarHar9965 Hero Member
HardwarePal Hero Member
HasHe Hero Member
Hassan02 Hero Member Hero Member
IamNotSure Hero Member
Icon Hero Member
InVarianT Hero Member
Inkdatar Hero Member
Isildur (official) Hero Member
J1mb0 Hero Member
JGCMiner Hero Member
JL421 Hero Member
JakeThePanda Hero Member
Jody.Drummer Hero Member
JollyTrades Hero Member
Kashif009 Hero Member
Kazadar Hero Member
KenChanYu Hero Member
KennyR Hero Member
KickAzzDude Hero Member
Koadharber Hero Member
Kolder Hero Member
KosmoKisa Hero Member
Kotone Hero Member
LieXurui Hero Member
Lion BItcoin Shop Hero Member
LiskQH Hero Member
Litejavichu Hero Member
LoneRangir Hero Member
M0ndialu Hero Member
Mahanton Hero Member
Martisor-Sobru Hero Member
Master_dandosha Hero Member
Mento Hero Member
Mkmanik Hero Member
MoneyIsDebt Hero Member
Monkey1 Hero Member
Morguk Hero Member
Mountaingoat Hero Member
Myr Hero Member
NILIcoin Hero Member
NaXxow Hero Member
Nabilo Hero Member
Nevis Hero Member
Nibelung Hero Member
Nightz Hero Member
NikiForCrypt Hero Member
OracionSeis Hero Member
OrcaTech Hero Member
Panzersin Hero Member
Pattart Hero Member
Penguen Hero Member
PokerBetting Hero Member
PonzyManCrazyLiar Hero Member
Powerpuff Hero Member
PrintMule Hero Member
RB25 Hero Member
Red_Evil Hero Member
Rinder Hero Member
Rizky Aditya Hero Member
Russlenat Hero Member
SISAR Hero Member
SONG GEET Hero Member
Selsonblue Hero Member
SimpeleSimpele Hero Member
Sjacmur Hero Member
Snub Hero Member
Soha Hero Member
Stenull Hero Member
Sumo Hero Member
TERA Hero Member
TGD Hero Member
TR8888 Hero Member
Tamilson Hero Member
TeamDisaster Hero Member
Text Hero Member
TheGodFather Hero Member
Thomas-s Hero Member
Trial Hero Member
U2 Hero Member
USScrypto Hero Member
V1saya Hero Member
Varyg Hero Member
VenMiner Hero Member
Viva! Hero Member
WalkerIVIV Hero Member
Webcelerator. Hero Member
Xantrax Hero Member
Xtar Hero Member
YIz Hero Member
YinShuiSiYuan Hero Member
ZeroTheGreat Hero Member
Zoltan450 Hero Member
aakashsangwan Hero Member
abrakadabra Hero Member
abvhiael Hero Member
aceptamosbitcoin Hero Member
acholagi Hero Member
acs267 Hero Member
adamvp Hero Member
adi33 Hero Member
ahoenk Hero Member
ainv42 Hero Member
akim Hero Member
alamin99 Hero Member
albert11 Hero Member
alinda Hero Member
amgomez Hero Member
anami57 Hero Member
andycarrol Hero Member
axxo Hero Member
badjacks99 Hero Member
basket ball Hero Member
battyKit Hero Member
bclcjunkie Hero Member
beckspace Hero Member
beijihu Hero Member
bennana Hero Member
betlord90 Hero Member
bigdude Hero Member
bighobbit Hero Member
biodieselchris Hero Member
bitjoin Hero Member
blastbob Hero Member
blockman Hero Member
bluedeep Hero Member
bobcaticus Hero Member
bogdan2323 Hero Member
bomberb17 Hero Member
bonosurgut Hero Member
brother3 Hero Member
btcney Hero Member
butya Hero Member
cabron Hero Member
cacucacok91 Hero Member
casinobonusgiveaway Hero Member
cexylikepie Hero Member
chickenado Hero Member
chineseprancing Hero Member
chixka000 Hero Member
clickerz Hero Member
coa032 Hero Member
coin-investor Hero Member
coinmenace Hero Member
coinstatic Hero Member
coldice Hero Member
coynedterm Hero Member
cozk Hero Member
croato Hero Member
crossabdd Hero Member
cryptoheadd Hero Member
cshelswell Hero Member
cxboyminer Hero Member
cyberpinoy Hero Member
cypher21 Hero Member
d@nte Hero Member
dE_logics Hero Member
dakota neat Hero Member
danipay Hero Member
dasana212 Hero Member
daxiake Hero Member
deadsilent Hero Member
dearbesz1219 Hero Member
deepocean Hero Member
djjacket Hero Member
doktor1897 Hero Member
dopey Hero Member
dustboy Hero Member
dzonikg28 Hero Member
eagleman Hero Member
ebereon Hero Member
eeX Hero Member
ekoja Hero Member
ensign_lee Hero Member
error08 Hero Member
esotericizm Hero Member
expert4knowledge Hero Member
eye4bd Hero Member
f4tal1ty Hero Member
fearcoka Hero Member
fedmahnkassad Hero Member
feedo Hero Member
felixbrucker Hero Member
filipe3x Hero Member
flyer88 Hero Member
francisdean Hero Member
frankkkkkkk Hero Member
freigeist Hero Member
futurebit640 Hero Member
gadado Hero Member
garmin Hero Member
gcoffie7 Hero Member
generous Hero Member
geoffreyqp Hero Member
gidlark1 Hero Member
gijoes Hero Member
gomei Hero Member
goodyang Hero Member
hajimasan Hero Member
helipotte Hero Member
hicaribou Hero Member
howardb Hero Member
hugolp Hero Member
hyudien Hero Member
iluvpie60 Hero Member
infazan Hero Member
infested999 Hero Member
instacalm Hero Member
inushkin Hero Member
ipanks Hero Member
irlandescoin Hero Member
isaevski Hero Member
jasonjm Hero Member
jd1959 Hero Member
jeks Hero Member
jets567 Hero Member
jkminkov Hero Member
joesmoe2012 Hero Member
jokowi Hero Member
josephdd1 Hero Member
jpcfan Hero Member
jpoker272727 Hero Member
jt byte Hero Member
junglist.massive Hero Member
katrimans Hero Member
kebabman Hero Member
kendari Hero Member
kiffner Hero Member
klidex Hero Member
kliown Hero Member
kovaa Hero Member
kr105 Hero Member
krisnt80 Hero Member
lab rat hoax Hero Member
ladydark Hero Member
laredo7mm Hero Member
laris2 Hero Member
lastlove9091 Hero Member
laugh2btc Hero Member
lega46141 Hero Member
legendbtc Hero Member
lemfuture Hero Member
leshutov Hero Member
lg15x Hero Member
lindin99 Hero Member
loaddebitcard Hero Member
longthu Hero Member
luka1987 Hero Member
masewild Hero Member
mastica Hero Member
mauriek Hero Member
mega Hero Member
meisner Hero Member
mekar sari Hero Member
mellorbo Hero Member
merlyn22 Hero Member
micher143 Hero Member
micky123 Hero Member
midnight_miner Hero Member
minime0105 Hero Member
miningnew Hero Member
minionsgelato Hero Member
mnightwaffle Hero Member
mornabo Hero Member
mrayazgul Hero Member
mrbodz Hero Member
mrjoy15 Hero Member
mrkavasaki Hero Member
mrongoz_imut Hero Member
mv1986 Hero Member
mwheeleruk Hero Member
najzenmajsen Hero Member
nasashi Hero Member
neochiny Hero Member
nession Hero Member
nick777 Hero Member
nik009 Hero Member
nrigo Hero Member
nxtZen Hero Member
onlinedragon Hero Member
pacifista Hero Member
pashh Hero Member
pcfli Hero Member
phzi Hero Member
pieppiep Hero Member
pigheadbig Hero Member
poetra2501 Hero Member
popcoins Hero Member
pr0d1gy Hero Member
prix Hero Member
prtty2gal2 Hero Member
qory Hero Member
raaajlucky Hero Member
rancidgash Hero Member
rapidleech Hero Member
rekinthis Hero Member
remistevens Hero Member
rindo Hero Member
risatrakib Hero Member
rocku12345 Hero Member
rolik2001 Hero Member
ropyu1978 Hero Member
rpg Hero Member
sacskate Hero Member
salsa321 Hero Member
sandor111 Hero Member
sapusapu Hero Member
sasa9 Hero Member
satria33 Hero Member
savioroshan Hero Member
sebungkus Hero Member
senyorito123 Hero Member
sevendust777 Hero Member
sezyumx Hero Member
shapeshiftscam Hero Member
sinner Hero Member
sir.humus Hero Member
sirohige Hero Member
smithAwesson Hero Member
smokim87 Hero Member
someonesomeone Hero Member
sotoshihero Hero Member
soul-impact Hero Member
spartan82 Hero Member
superscommessebitcoin Hero Member
surfguy72 Hero Member
sxafir Hero Member
szafa Hero Member
t39 Hero Member
tamara163 Hero Member
tarzan2 Hero Member
teilwalL05 Hero Member
teletobi Hero Member
tema Hero Member
template Hero Member
temple Hero Member
thebitstreet Hero Member
thedue Hero Member
thend1949 Hero Member
thew3apon Hero Member
thisappointed Hero Member
thresher Hero Member
timbereagle Hero Member
tkon3 Hero Member
tm2013 Hero Member
tn211 Hero Member
tobsnn Hero Member
tommyj1 Hero Member
tonnynguyen Hero Member
torikan Hero Member
tosha566 Hero Member
totoy Hero Member
truimpheriues Hero Member
turkandjaydee Hero Member
tw0rak Hero Member
twicezeroiszero Hero Member
twiifm Hero Member
ubitcoin Hero Member
ufaiz50 Hero Member
unois Hero Member
unusualfacts30 Hero Member
uservalera Hero Member
vigmar Hero Member
vitvert Hero Member
vondi1122 Hero Member
vortex1878 Hero Member
w0lf0. Hero Member
warr1979 Hero Member
wavesroom Hero Member
wdnj Hero Member
wearepoor Hero Member
wenwen478 Hero Member
wingding Hero Member
wndrbr3d Hero Member
wolfgb888 Hero Member
worldinacoin Hero Member
xeqoRameshAxueamExaqana Hero Member
xleejohnx Hero Member
xp.rie Hero Member
xwebnetwork Hero Member
xzhybbs Hero Member
yokosan Hero Member
yurez Hero Member
zanzibar Hero Member
zcxvp Hero Member
zrunfeng Hero Member
zuggu-1 Hero Member
zupdawg Hero Member
zurg Hero Member

4. Who are the Legendary users that have not earned any merit?
UserName Rank
10000usdperbtc Legendary
2double0 Legendary
50cent_rapper Legendary
5ick3uffalo Legendary
7788bitcoin Legendary
A L I E N Legendary
AcoinL.L.C Legendary
Akka Legendary
Amel Legendary
Anarchy101 Legendary
AngusCanine Legendary
Asatur Legendary
BCEmporium Legendary
Bimmerhead Legendary
BitCoinNutJob Legendary
BitNow Legendary
BitcoinEXpress Legendary
Boussac Legendary
CrackedLogic Legendary
DGulari Legendary
Dewi Aries Legendary
Dogedigital Legendary
Dotto Legendary
Dux2K Legendary
Emerge Legendary
FlensGold Legendary
Geenstijl Legendary
GhostPlayer Legendary
Gianluca95 Legendary
Gizfreak Legendary
Googlulinks Legendary
GreatOrchid Legendary
Griffith Legendary
HappyS Legendary
Hyperjacked Legendary
IBGigglin Legendary
IMZ Legendary
Jasad Legendary
Jayjay04 Legendary
Kepasa Legendary
Kupsi Legendary
Kushedout Legendary
LastClingon Legendary
Lebubar Legendary
MaRSe Legendary
Matt9301 Legendary
Mervyn_Pumpkinhead Legendary
MickGhee Legendary
Micky25 Legendary
MinermanNC Legendary
Monnt Legendary
MonsterV Legendary
MsCollec Legendary
Nahl Legendary
ONLYfree Legendary
Paraka Legendary
Patel Legendary
Pipesnake Legendary
Prelude Legendary Legendary
RoooooR Legendary
Shkembe Legendary
SmartIphone Legendary
Snail2 Legendary
Southpaw0 Legendary
Strongkored Legendary
SwingFirst Legendary
Tauja Legendary
Taxidermista Legendary
TheKoziTwo Legendary
Tony116 Legendary
Tyke Legendary
Undermood Legendary
Winner Legendary
Wusolini Legendary
YarkoL Legendary
Zadicar Legendary
Zicadis Legendary
Zich Legendary
Zombie123 Legendary
ZyTReX Legendary
ahmedjadoon Legendary
aikklond Legendary
aistto Legendary
aleandromagno Legendary
andulolika Legendary
anirgu Legendary
anref Legendary
anticlimax Legendary
bassdude Legendary
benthach Legendary
bitcon Legendary
bithalo Legendary
bitmaster1x Legendary
bittaitaliana Legendary
bitwho Legendary
bms2013 Legendary
boestin Legendary
brian_nguyen Legendary
bspus Legendary
buygazprom Legendary
cagrund Legendary
chryspano Legendary
corather Legendary
crunck Legendary
dadingsda Legendary
danherbias07 Legendary
dave111223 Legendary
david1365 Legendary
dbt1033 Legendary
deblue Legendary
dimox Legendary
dinda22 Legendary
djnocide Legendary
dload.1 Legendary
dnaleor Legendary
dopecoindude Legendary
dunfida Legendary
e1ghtSpace Legendary
edmundduke Legendary
enhu Legendary
eroxors Legendary
escalicha Legendary
etoque Legendary
farl4web Legendary
flower1024 Legendary
frankenmint Legendary
gnargnar Legendary
goxed Legendary
grandFX Legendary
guigui371 Legendary
hahay Legendary
hazarun Legendary
hdd3go Legendary
helloge Legendary
hiddensphinx Legendary
hurricandave Legendary
ifightformerkel Legendary
innocent93 Legendary
ivan1975 Legendary
joele Legendary
johny08 Legendary
joksim299 Legendary
keithers Legendary
keyscore44 Legendary
killerjoegreece Legendary
klf Legendary
kondiomir Legendary
koshgel Legendary
kronkodil Legendary
lionheart78 Legendary
liteon Legendary
logocreator Legendary
lolxxxx Legendary
lottery248 Legendary
louiseth1 Legendary
lowbander80 Legendary
makishart Legendary
malekbaba Legendary
mamamae Legendary
mastertrader777 Legendary
matveevka Legendary
maxll Legendary
maza5 Legendary
mettalmag Legendary
michietn94 Legendary
moppang Legendary
moxl Legendary
nekochan05 Legendary
neolinkhati Legendary
nizamcc Legendary
numismatist Legendary
ny2cafuse Legendary
oli123123 Legendary
pandacoin Legendary
pbleak Legendary
pickupcoin Legendary
piebeyb Legendary
polynesia Legendary
qwed Legendary
rdnkjdi Legendary
reb0rn21 Legendary
redjedievolution Legendary
roadbits Legendary
rodrigobitcoin Legendary
s1ng Legendary
sana54210 Legendary
sardokan Legendary
schnötzel Legendary
serje Legendary
server Legendary
shaklov Legendary
silverbox Legendary
snipsnoop Legendary
splawik21 Legendary
srgkrgkj Legendary
stahanovec Legendary
supermoney Legendary
sureshnsnet Legendary
tair85 Legendary
takagari Legendary
tarmi Legendary
the_poet Legendary
thefunkybits Legendary
tiggytomb Legendary
tiozes Legendary
tobeaj2mer01 Legendary
toptek Legendary
uki Legendary
unamis76 Legendary
usao Legendary
varanvaran Legendary
viboracecata Legendary
vladimirushev Legendary
vokain Legendary
wachtwoord Legendary
wadili89 Legendary
winter Legendary
wonko86 Legendary
wpalczynski Legendary
wuqing78 Legendary
xsentus Legendary
yslyung Legendary
zork Legendary

Please let me know what you think. Have you expected these results?
Also, if you have any ideas on what would be interesting to see related to users & merit, please let me know Smiley

1. The merit data is the latest one, from Friday, Sept 28th.
2. The user data is from Sept 24th.
3. The user data is comprised of 29039 users that have interacted with merit in some way (received or sent).
3  Other / Meta / Sr. Member thanks to the merit system on: September 30, 2018, 07:38:58 AM
I'm not sure if all of you know me, but let me tell you a few things about myself.

I've registered on Oct 31st 2017 after almost a year of lurking this forum, reading a lot about crypto currency trading and mining in general. I'm not sure why I didn't decide to register straight away, but I think one of the reasons was that usually what questions I had at that point were already asked and replied by someone else.

A short while after registering, the merit system was implemented (Jan 24th 2018) so, at that point I was a Jr. Member and had 0 merit by default - nothing airdropped to my account. This seemed a bit unfair to me at that point but one thing I wasn't aware was the huge amount of spam going around each day and the account farmers that were spamming just to make a buck. I quickly realised the importance of the merit system once I have opened up my FREE post review service: vlad230's post review service - Jr. Member and up where I was selecting quality posters to merit. I have seen a lot of account farmers and spammers posting a review request so, this helped a lot in understanding the big picture.

Along this almost 1 year since I've registered, I've learned a lot about crypto currency and expanded my knowledge in different directions by creating a lot of threads & posts and also offering to get more involved into the forum and trying to help with whatever I could. For example I have create threads like:

I decided to create this post to serve as inspiration to others, as I also have been discouraged in the past. Some guys also asked me if I can give them some advice so, the best advice I can give all of you is to: never give up, always read more than you post and don't expect something for nothing.

I would be curious to hear some of your stories or comments Smiley
4  Other / Meta / [Merit Analysis] "Self Made" Jr. & Member users that have earned merit on: September 29, 2018, 06:31:14 AM
After creating the [Merit Analysis] "Self Made" users based on earned merit I saw that there was a lot of interest from newer members about how many users have made it to the Jr. Member or Member ranks by receiving merit and not having anything "airdropped". I didn't include this in the first thread as I consider receiving 10 merits in 9 months trivial.

So, to all newbies out there, stop complaining and start: posting less, reading more and learning more about bitcoin to be able to produce good quality posts that will be merited.
Please consider this an encouragement to start your path in ranking up.

1. How many "Self Made" Jr. Member & Members users would there be if we only considered the earned merit and what rank do they have now?

16041 Jr. Members
5562 Members
Yes, you read that right, there are a total of ~21k users that have received between 1 and 99 merit.

2. Who are the "Self Made" Jr. Member & Members users would there be if we only considered the earned merit and what rank do they have now?

Jr. Members list:
UserName Rank
-Sinner- Jr. Member
7ossam7afez Jr. Member
A.Bagdad Jr. Member
Ada567 Jr. Member
AlexMay Member
ArkadiyDeliev Copper Member
BTCHakan Sr. Member Legendary
Biffa Legendary
BillCoin Sr. Member
BiteByte Jr. Member
BlackFlag Hero Member
Boing7898 Sr. Member
Budweiser88 Member
BurtW Legendary
Buzhou Newbie
CNY dasd Member
Call_Me_Bambi Sr. Member
Cobaro Member
CoinClarity Member
CryptoCoinCup Full Member
DIA7 Hero Member
De_nis Full Member
Dinuxen Full Member
Domain_THEME Member
Edraket31 Hero Member
EfterlysT Full Member
Emilstud Newbie
EvRo74 Sr. Member
FabiAdr76 Jr. Member
Gelbstich Hero Member
Gonzo11 Jr. Member
Gorkii Full Member
Grandik29 Full Member
Greenkarki Member
HAKHALI Jr. Member
Hadrop.Boyle Member
HansakaMadushan Full Member
Hellokitty09 Jr. Member
Holylambo Full Member
Hui8 Sr. Member
IGHOR Hero Member
Iamdeadlyz Member
Idrisu Sr. Member
Insanerman Sr. Member
InvestorBelarus Jr. Member
J.Moriarty Full Member
JesusCryptos Full Member
JohnnyBG Jr. Member
KeyGenKing Sr. Member
KirilBit Jr. Member
Labrader Member
LesterD Full Member
MagicByt3 Jr. Member
Malamadre Member
Mamucha Member
MarkAz Hero Member
Michail1 Legendary
MiningSensei Hero Member
MkGregor Jr. Member
Moxivuki Jr. Member
Mr.John19 Full Member
MrSpasybo Member
Near28 Jr. Member
NightGhost Member
P2Pfinder Full Member
Peanyut991 Newbie
Perejil Member
Piston Honda Legendary
ProofOfLambo Jr. Member
RealMachasm Member
RedLine888 Full Member
Rocou Legendary
Full List here: (check Jr. Member sheet)

Members list:
UserName Rank
Don Pedro Dinero Full Member
edgycorner Full Member
BTCHadzija Member
Danglen1010 Full Member
Perunex Full Member
eddie13 Hero Member
srmecdes Full Member
winterrose Sr. Member
HabBear Hero Member
Polar91 Sr. Member
Baltazaar Full Member
BlockEye Hero Member
Direwolve735 Full Member
G.Butrik Sr. Member
allowance1219 Full Member
goatpig Legendary
jbreher Legendary
sirazimuth Legendary
twbt Legendary
SaltySpitoon Legendary
Shitcointalk Full Member
chn2z Copper Member
Ariem Full Member
LiluSG Full Member
Rugosa Full Member
SeverusSnegg Full Member
alegotardo Full Member
marcus_of_augustus Legendary
monsterer2 Full Member
ranochigo Legendary
AdolfinWolf Hero Member
Killermoney35 Full Member
colacat1111 Full Member
lolchina Full Member
realr0ach Full Member
santino11 Full Member
Avirunes Copper Member
Chainblock Full Member
Loganota Hero Member
MoxnatyShmel Full Member
Necroface Full Member
dreamax25 Full Member
istklin Full Member
mehmet312 Full Member
whisee Full Member
Jeremiesaranza Full Member
Polytesse Full Member
SKMoon Full Member
YuTü Sr. Member
babicena14 Full Member
beeelzebub Full Member
btcminer6212 Full Member
ekiller Hero Member
kaisa Member
legendster Hero Member
1kodumtek7 Full Member
Afina_22 Full Member
BarkingHawk Full Member
CrazyCraig Sr. Member
DronBudloS Full Member
Gummybear67 Full Member
Leonbtc Full Member
Liza Soberano Full Member
Mavilcposeti Full Member
MiChaeng Full Member
Full List here: (check Member sheet)

Please post here if you have any questions or proposals to new ways of filtering for specific user groups.

1. The merit data is the latest one, from yesterday.
2. The user data is the one from Sept 24th.
3. Could not list all data in this post and added google sheets.
5  Other / Meta / [Merit Analysis] "Self Made" high ranked users based on earned merit on: September 28, 2018, 08:33:40 AM
I recently read a topic where there was a discussion about the users who have earned enough merit and have therefore earned their rank for a second time. I was curious to see how would the user ranks look like if we were to remove the airdropped merit that was given to existing higher ranked users on Jan 24th by default, if they already had an account that was ranked Member & up.

This is a way to encourage new members that are skeptical on the merit system to better see that getting large amounts of merit - some have received 1k merits - is indeed possible. Taking into account merit was designed to be received at the same pace as activity, so having received 1k merits to be "self made" Legendary in 8 months, considering it takes about 3 years to get the activity to be Legendary, is an incredible accomplishment.

As you probably know already, these amounts of merit were given by default and were displayed on the user's profile:
Member 10 Merit
Full Member 100 Merit
Sr. Member 250 Merit
Hero 500 Merit
Legendary 1000 Merit

Using Piggy's tool which has the latest merit data (updated an hour ago), let's see how the accounts would look like if we remove this initial merit and only count the earned merit. I am focusing on ranks Full Member & up since these require decent amounts of merit.
I'll try to answer these questions in this post:

1. How many "Self Made" Full Member, Sr. Member, Hero Member or Legendary users would there be if we only considered the earned merit?

265 Full Members
74 Sr. Members
19 Hero Members
4 Legendary Users

2. Who are the "Self Made" Full Member, Sr. Member, Hero Member or Legendary users if we only considered the earned merit and what rank do they have now?

"Self Made" Full Members:
UserName Rank
sabotag3x Hero Member
hugeblack Sr. Member
ibminer Legendary
fine99 Sr. Member
TheBobyHunter Sr. Member
mithrim Sr. Member
Flying Hellfish Staff
paxmao Sr. Member
vlad230 Full Member
Twinscoin2017 Sr. Member
roycilik Sr. Member
jillscarbrough Sr. Member
killyou72 Copper Member
HeRetiK Hero Member
ui_zakharchenko Sr. Member
Claymore Donator
d_eddie Sr. Member
ocminer Legendary
TERA2 Full Member
mprep Global Moderator
Alex_Sr Full Member
Rosewater Foundation Full Member
d5000 Legendary
aleksej996 Sr. Member
Aerys2 Sr. Member
mocacinno Legendary
1Referee Legendary
LFC_Bitcoin Copper Member
Silent26 Sr. Member
Xal0lex Staff
buwaytress Hero Member
vit05 Sr. Member
1miau Full Member
Co1n Sr. Member
alexberezov Sr. Member
Trofo Sr. Member
cAPSLOCK Legendary
ace4549 Sr. Member
morvillz7z Full Member
laszlo Full Member
stompix Hero Member
Mitchell Staff
amishmanish Sr. Member
EcuaMobi Legendary
Joel_Jantsen Legendary
bitserve Sr. Member
phantastisch Staff
EFS Staff
taikuri13 Full Member
NLNico Legendary
franky1 Legendary
Goran_ Sr. Member
hirozaki faraday Sr. Member
Anon136 Legendary
Kreds Copper Member
crypmike Full Member
Rhego Sr. Member
temmuz Sr. Member
BitcoinTurk Sr. Member
Wind_FURY Hero Member
CarlOrff Sr. Member
HagssFIN Hero Member
Bitcocoin Sr. Member
Samarkand Sr. Member
scutzi128 Sr. Member
tvplus006 Full Member
ICOEthics Member
Parodium Sr. Member
Sylon Legendary
pooya87 Legendary
willdono Full Member
mu_enrico Copper Member
aTriz Hero Member
Hydrogen Hero Member
Coin++ Sr. Member
Quickseller Copper Member
spartak_t Legendary
kirreev070 Full Member
ludbega Hero Member
manji Full Member
semux Full Member
Flodner Sr. Member
Hakamura Sr. Member
finaleshot2016 Sr. Member
mindrust Legendary
ToTheMoon_XOM9IK Full Member
DooMAD Legendary
FollowSynergy Sr. Member
Leteravian Full Member
Ranyar Sr. Member
baba0000000000 Sr. Member
Bheze Sr. Member
First1by Sr. Member
levyashin Sr. Member
seoincorporation Legendary
BitSharke135 Sr. Member
Lafu Hero Member
NadiaHel Full Member
Zapo Copper Member
bolshojkush Sr. Member
dumbtool45 Sr. Member
BitcoinPenny Legendary
WaDa Sr. Member
Yury1 Sr. Member
gamerWOT Sr. Member
sidehack Legendary
BOMG Sr. Member
Chachacoin17 Sr. Member
Coin-1 Sr. Member
ColorlessK Sr. Member
Tomatocage Legendary
gunhell16 Sr. Member
Evil-Knievel Legendary
Gothorum Sr. Member
Foxpup Legendary Newbie
600watt Legendary
JohnUser Hero Member
odolvlobo Legendary
cellard Legendary
rusbitcoinuser Full Member
-ck Staff
SyGambler Legendary
aliyagiz207 Full Member
mjglqw Sr. Member
EverGreenCoin Legendary
MagicSmoker Full Member
SFR10 Legendary
grue Legendary
masstahcoiner Sr. Member
tmfp Legendary
trantute2 Full Member
inbizin Full Member
jeremypwr Legendary
teramit Legendary
vphasitha01 Full Member
PolyPanto Sr. Member
Spazzer Full Member
bones261 Legendary
Speculatoross Full Member
butka Full Member
adonay72 Sr. Member
nullCoiner Sr. Member
Paractor Full Member
Storx Full Member
yogg Legendary
JaoBadjap Full Member
johhnyUA Hero Member
toknormal Legendary
Ale88 Sr. Member
AverageGlabella Full Member
BrewMaster Hero Member
vitruvio Sr. Member
Becassine Full Member
fengxia Full Member
yla1974 Sr. Member
TheUltraElite Hero Member
jseverson Hero Member
anunymint Brand new
shahzadafzal Copper Member
explorer Legendary
nc50lc Full Member
slackovic Full Member
Kakmakr Legendary
Moloch Hero Member
dooglus Legendary
ChiBitCTy Sr. Member
Heisenberg_Hunter Full Member
dbshck Staff
kaar Full Member
Koal-84 Full Member
bobita Sr. Member
friends1980 Full Member
numanoid Legendary
CryptoCutie Full Member
sapta Staff
Dr.Mann Jr. Member
Gleb Gamow Legendary
devollito Full Member
lemonrabid Full Member
nickbelski Full Member
RGBKey Hero Member
Raja_MBZ Hero Member
chimk Full Member
etherclassic Member
cissrawk Sr. Member
gallisiardi Member
guybrushthreepwood Legendary
asche Full Member
dimao Sr. Member
kenzawak Full Member
ChardsElican28 Member
RegulusHr Full Member
Slow death Hero Member
alia Jr. Member
emile12 Full Member
icalical Full Member
jstefanop Legendary
LastJedi Full Member
oracleongoodbye Sr. Member
MarcusMillstrom Full Member
digaran Hero Member
temarazin Full Member
vipganyan Copper Member
Nestade Full Member
dinofelis Hero Member
udonmez Sr. Member
amaclin1 Full Member
hybridsole Hero Member
jackg Copper Member
ETFbitcoin Legendary
JeremyB Full Member
duesoldi Sr. Member
pebwindkraft Full Member
Hellmouth42 Full Member
Ibian Legendary
JimboToronto Legendary
NotFuzzyWarm Legendary
cryptolord2077 Full Member
squatter Hero Member
Paashaas Legendary
crackfoo Legendary
ophyrim Sr. Member
roslinpl Legendary
udivkx Full Member
Avatar2030 Full Member
DNotes Legendary
Dabs Staff
Incognito01 Full Member
MorpheWQ Legendary
dumbdragon Sr. Member
kingcarsen Sr. Member
sourish Full Member
B!gSmoke Sr. Member
Ksjywe4ka Full Member
payjoe93 Full Member
Alone055 Member
OmegaStarScream Staff
PavelRostov Full Member
YulyNov Full Member
denis-z12 Full Member
nutildah Legendary
Dice-Bet Full Member
Ekaterinat Full Member
F2b Full Member
The_ Flash Full Member
exus Full Member
hatshepsut93 Hero Member
mezzomix Legendary
owlcatz Legendary Full Member
Bolt Brownie Sr. Member
Cryptoshka Full Member
Early_Waffle Full Member
NeverArgueWithWF Full Member
Urbinklin Full Member
chandra12 Full Member
coffeandtango Newbie
doudou1110 Member
easyboy Member
jooj Sr. Member
tyKiwanuka Full Member
wnj4 Sr. Member

"Self Made" Sr. Members:
UserName Rank
iasenko Sr. Member
o_e_l_e_o Sr. Member
pitipawn Full Member
BTCforJoe Hero Member
sncc Sr. Member
marlboroza Hero Member
HCP Hero Member
HairyMaclairy Hero Member
TheQuin Hero Member
bitmover Full Member
infofront Legendary
jojo69 Legendary
zazarb Legendary
qwk Donator
Hhampuz Hero Member
Torque Legendary
DannyHamilton Legendary
Welsh Staff
deeperx Sr. Member
explorder Sr. Member
LeGaulois Copper Member
coinlocket$ Sr. Member
GameKyuubi Sr. Member
OgNasty Donator
JayJuanGee Legendary
bill gator Copper Member
DarkStar_ Legendary
Carlton Banks Legendary
Smart man Sr. Member
philipma1957 Legendary
romanornr Hero Member
xhomerx10 Legendary
yahoo62278 Legendary
abhiseshakana Full Member
gawlea Hero Member
mole0815 Sr. Member
PHI1618 Sr. Member
hilariousandco Global Moderator
QuestionAuthority Legendary
bob123 Hero Member
Toxic2040 Sr. Member
mfort312 Sr. Member
mstfprcn Hero Member
pandukelana2712 Sr. Member
pugman Legendary
Husna QA Full Member
mdayonliner Sr. Member
poptop Hero Member
Matthias9515 Hero Member
BitCryptex Sr. Member
by rallier Legendary
esmanthra Sr. Member
shorena Copper Member
Xynerise Sr. Member
actmyname Copper Member
Coolcryptovator Copper Member
zentdex Full Member
TryNinja Hero Member
gentlemand Legendary
tonych Hero Member
zonefloor Hero Member
alex bond Hero Member
AlyattesLydia Sr. Member
Limx Dev Copper Member
Elwar Legendary
saulzaents Hero Member
ATMcoin Hero Member
Ajpa94 Brand new
RuSS512 Sr. Member
Steamtyme Sr. Member
Tukang Becak Hero Member
athanz88 Sr. Member
identifyuser Hero Member
minerjones Copper Member

"Self Made" Hero Members:
UserName Rank
hilariousetc Legendary
Last of the V8s Hero Member
nullius Copper Member
Lutpin Copper Member
Jet Cash Legendary
suchmoon Legendary
Vod Legendary
The Pharmacist Legendary
TMAN Hero Member
achow101 Staff
xtraelv Sr. Member
micgoossens Sr. Member
Lauda Legendary
Piggy Hero Member
joniboini Sr. Member
theyoungmillionaire Full Member
krogothmanhattan Hero Member
gmaxwell Staff
BobLawblaw Legendary

"Self Made" Legendary Members:
UserName Rank
theymos Administrator
satoshi Founder
LoyceV Legendary
DdmrDdmr Sr. Member

3. Who are the users that could be "Self Made" Full Member, Sr. Member, Hero Member or Legendary that have enough earned merit but do not have enough activity?2,3

The "Self Made" Full Members that will upgrade rank once they have enough activity:
UserName Rank Total Earned Merit
Claymore Donator 218
mprep Global Moderator 212
ICOEthics Member 168 Newbie 148
anunymint Brand new 127
Hal VIP 122
Dr.Mann Jr. Member 119
etherclassic Member 116
gallisiardi Member 115
ChardsElican28 Member 113
alia Jr. Member 113
Alone055 Member 102
coffeandtango Newbie 100
doudou1110 Member 100
easyboy Member 100

The "Self Made" Sr. Members that will upgrade rank once they have enough activity:
UserName Rank Total Earned Merit
pitipawn Full Member 478
bitmover Full Member 412
qwk Donator 384
OgNasty Donator 355
abhiseshakana Full Member 325
hilariousandco Global Moderator 321
Husna QA Full Member 291
zentdex Full Member 262
Ajpa94 Brand new 250

The "Self Made" Hero Members that will upgrade rank once they have enough activity:
UserName Rank Total Earned Merit
xtraelv Sr. Member 649
micgoossens Sr. Member 616
joniboini Sr. Member 555
theyoungmillionaire Full Member 554

The "Self Made" Legendary Members that will upgrade rank once they have enough activity:
UserName Rank Total Earned Merit
DdmrDdmr Sr. Member 1000
2. Users that have the rank of Founder, Administrator, Staff have been excluded from these stats as they have a special status that can get them merit more easily than the average user.
3. Until we have updated User data that includes the "true" rank of users, I have also removed Copper Members users from these stats.

1. The user rank data is 5-6 days old so you can expect some discrepancies in the data show here. Nonetheless, I will update everything once the user data is updated.
6  Other / Meta / [NEW FEATURE] Night/Dark theme for BCT on: September 21, 2018, 09:22:23 PM
I often find myself reading this forum late at night and would really appreciate a dark theme that is less annoying to my eyes.
Would you like a dark theme for BTC? Please vote.

I know you guys will probably say that this thing has been discussed in the past but after I have searched for it, I couldn't find the best option that would work for me or it was going to be done in the new forum software. Maybe we can install a theme now, before we switch to the new version.

The majority of the proposed solutions were to use a browser plugin/extension. I don't think that's a real option since you can easily compromise your security/privacy by installing various plugins and I would encourage you to avoid as much as possible installing anything like that on your computer.
If you would like a further read on why it's a bad idea to have these plugins/extensions you can take a look here.

The best option from a security and functionality stand-point would be to install a SMF theme. I have ran a forum like this one (but on a different topic) many years ago and have installed themes for my users to use as they please. It's not something hard to do but you do need admin rights to do it.

If I'm not mistaken we are currently using SMF 1.1 which was released in Dec 2006, so I have compiled a dozen dark themes that could work for our forum, found on the official SMF website.
Version 1.1:

Version 1.1.19:

At this moment changing themes is disabled on BCT but once we get new themes installed it can be easily changed, by every user, just by going to: Profile -> Look and Layout Preferences -> Current Theme (change)

7  Other / Meta / Let the "Merit broke my life" thread flood begin on: September 17, 2018, 10:53:05 AM
I assume everyone knows by now that there was a new change to the ranking-up system and in order to rank-up to Jr. Member you need 1 merit. Also, all of the Jr. Members that did not have any merit were demoted to Newbie.
You can read more about it here: Enhanced newbie restrictions & requirements

This is a good approach to stopping the shit posting/spam in the forums and this might help us regain the Bitcoin & Altcoin discussion forums which were lost to spam a long time ago.

Another thing that needs to be fixed since there are a lot of people here that have higher ranks and still post garbage, is a better control over the shit campaign managers that basically pay people to spam. This way we could kill the cause completely and not the effect.

So, to all you guys that were demoted to Newbie please stop wasting your time by bitching about it and start contributing to the forum in order to receive merit and rank-up.

If you wonder where is the best place to start, then take a look at the rules here: Unofficial list of (official) rules, guidelines, FAQ

8  Other / Meta / vlad230's Merit source application - Romanian Local board on: September 16, 2018, 06:34:38 PM
Dear theymos,

Please consider my application here to be a merit source for the Romanian local board.

1. Be a somewhat established member.
I have been hesitating for some time now to try to apply for a merit source position, to help out my local board, but since we do not have a designated merit source and while talking to my fellow co-nationals, some said they would support my application so, I have decided to try my luck. On top of that, recently there was a discussion where a poll was created and the majority said more merit sources would be required.
I am willing to invest my time into this and try to give something back to the forum.

I know I am nowhere near as established as some of the users here, I also think a user may be at least a senior member here to stand a chance at this, although, I am only missing the merit to rank-up, having just gained the activity in the past month.

On the other hand, I don't know how many of the members here remember my FREE post review service that span across 10 pages: vlad230's post review service - Jr. Member and up. I think I have gained a lot of experience with this and could be a good fit for this position.

2. Collect TEN posts written in the last couple of months by other people that have not received nearly enough merit for how good they are, and post quotes for them all in a new Meta thread. The point of this is to demonstrate your ability to give out merit usefully.

As I have encouraged other merit source applicants, I have included a few short posts that deserve merit, based on my opinion, not only the long threads everybody is usually quoting that are easy to spot.
I'm not sure how the merit distribution works, if it's limited to the local board I'm applying for or it can be used more broadly (like on other English forums), or if I should only quote posts from the local board. I'm going to quote posts in both English & Romanian to make sure I cover everything. Please advise if I need to change anything and I'll do it.

I am especially eager to have merit sources in sub-communities such as the local sections.
I'm glad to see you also consider having merit sources important in local boards.
I remember when I joined, although I have some decent English skills, I first posted in the Romanian local forum to see how are my co-nationals buying BTC & selling it using our local currency or Euros. So, I do believe that the local forums are very important too.

I have also started a discussion in the Serious Discussions forum about solutions on how to spark interest in the local forums that I think if put into practice could bring back people to the local forums and also get more members interested into cryptocurrency and not creating spam.

Here they are (will remove some of the quoted text as this posts is exceeding the maximum allowed length of 64000 characters):

1. Could not quote this one as the thread is locked:

I would say that many factors are involved in revitalizing a local board; a Merit Source is just one of them, albeit an important one.

Factors such as regulation, hype, crypto awareness, crypto friendliness, share of wallet one can place on crypto, Bitcointalk SEM/SEO, etc. are all factors to be pondered into the equation.

On a specific local board, a Merit Source would certainly help to keep a certain traction going for those who consider rank important to them, but it is not so much a driver as the above. For example, my local board (Spanish) does indeed have a merit source, although he acts both on my local board and globally. In fact, my first two sMerits came from him and got me started.
I would’t say though that my local board is thriving with posts, nor thrilling in terms of content. Rather more, there is a small set of people that post with a good command of expression and knowledge that try to push things forward, but even so the debates are of late not as intense as before.

I figure nevertheless that Merit Sources on local boards are assigned, amongst other criteria, based on the number of posts on the local board.
My local board for example had an average of 229 posts/day at the end of June 2018, with an average of 0,033 merits/post. Even with a Merit Source, only 22 people have ranked-up at least one level since the Merit System was introduced, and out of those, only 5 have got all their sMerit on the Spanish Local board (the rest have emigrated partially so as to say).  

The Romanian local board had an average of around 40 posts/day at the end of May 2018 (June was 28), with an average of 0,004 merits/post. Only 3 people have ranked-up at least one level since the Merit System was introduced, all of them receiving their sMerit on local and English boards simultaneously.

The French local board had an average of around 170 posts/day at the end of May 2018 (June was 132), with an average of 0,039 merits/post. Similarl, to the Spanish local board, 21 people have ranked-up at least one level since the Merit System was introduced, and out of those only 7 have got all their sMerit on the Spanish Local board (the rest have emigrated partially so as to say).  

To sum it up, a Merit Source is important, but there are many more factors that play their roll in driving traffic to the local board. A “largish” number of posts per day is probably essential to get thing moving.

Sources for the above data:
- Analysis - Ranked-up Users – Section/Subsection profile (& Local Boards)
- Bitcointalk – Posts per Day - evolution during past six months  

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto ?

Satoshi Nakamoto is a talented cipher and coder.
Wrote the whitepaper on bitcoin "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" and published it on the cypherpunks mailing list in October 2008
Developed the code for bitcoin and founded
He used an e-mail address and a web site that is untraceable.
In 2009 and 2010, he wrote hundreds of posts in flawless English.
He invited other software developers to help him improve the code, and corresponded with them,
He never revealed any personal details.
Stefan Thomas, a Swiss coder and active community member, graphed the time stamps for each of Nakamoto's bitcoin forum posts and found:
He made almost no posts between the hours of 5 a.m. and 11 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time.
In April, 2011, he sent a note to a developer saying that he had “moved on to other things.” He has not been heard from since.

His birthday is said to be on April 5, 1975 according to this post.
(But it is likely that he didn't select his real birth-date)

The SpamBuster's Club

SPAM is everywhere, lets try to clean the forum together. I see many people reporting quietly alone, let's joint forces and help each other. Many have turned the forum in a money-making machine, this is not bad in the first place but abusing the possibilities this forum is giving to you is a bad thing.


First       Do not expect any reward (including merit) by joining our club, it's on a voluntary basis.
Second    If you are willing to help and have 300+ good reports and access to your report history you can join*.
Third       All you need to do is to dedicate some of your free time to the the cause and REPORT THE FUCKERS!!!

(*)- to avoid eventual abuse, I will review the applications and decide who will be included.

Side note: If you have no experience in reporting, that's OK. Read this marvelous piece of work - [Guide] Reporting effectively written by our fellow Moderator Welsh
In addition to it you can throw one eye on my work here : [Guide]How to detect rule-breakers.Techniques and tips.
When you reach 300 good reports, just apply here, will find work for you Wink

What is the idea and how is working?
Our fellow member LoyceV will can drop some accounts for manual review here, and we can divide the job in between our members and check them. We are looking mostly for spammers/bots.
You have to decide by yourself if the user is a spammer-bot and deserve reporting or not.

  • You need to be accepted member in order to report the listed accounts. If you are not a member, don't waste your time, no need for duplicate reports and extra work for the mods.
  • You reserve a range of accounts and you need to go trough their post history.
  • If you spot a potential spammer use the report to moderator use the Welsh's guide as reference if you are uncertain*.
  • If you see a spammer bumping few times same threads you can further investigate the Ann threads for eventual incentivizing people to post. [/i]
  • When you are done with all the accounts, update your status to Done.

*Will clarify this later.

Hi everybody

Here's a list of cheat sheets related to Technical Analysis

I think this might be useful not only for newbies but also for experienced traders. Just print it and hang up on the wall in front of your eyes)

If you also have nice cheat sheets, please post them below and I'll add them here.

Market Cycles

full size

full size

Reversal Chart Patterns

full size

Continuation Chart Patterns

full size

Chart Patterns

full size

Harmonic Pattern

full size


full size

full size


full size


full size

full size

It's probably best known Bitcointalk phishing website.

I found two more clones of the forum:

Everyday we see threads about hacked/locked accounts, which are not only beginners' accounts but also for Legendary members'.  In addition to the brute force hacking risk, there are peculiar risks in the current system and by data breach on May 22, 2015.  The security of the forum account has been one of the biggest issue.  The improvement of security, e.g. requiring email verification for changing password/email, introduction of 2FA, automated account recovery system, and the new forum software with stronger security would be ideal.  

Meanwhile, until these features are implemented, what we can do now is to learn how the current bitcointalk system works, how to improve the security of your bitcointalk account, and also what you should do in case your account is hacked/locked.  In this thread, I tried to provide a thorough guide about these topics.  I hope it helps to reduce the number of hacked/lost accounts.  

Table of contents


1. Bookmark and always login from the bookmark.  Avoid, or any other phishing site.

2. Use new email address that you don't use for any other purposes.

3. Use new password that you don't use for any other websites, with sufficient length using a combination of letter/capital characters, numbers, and special characters.  

4. You could set a secret question and its answer for password reset but most likely it increases the risk of your account to be hacked/locked.  For more details, see Tips below and Change password and email / Forgot password.

5. Do not download untrusted softwares and keep your device clean from malware.  

6. Keep all your devices and softwares updated to the latest version.

7. Stake your Bitcoin address.  See Stake Bitcoin address below for more detail.  


This has been quite a long and challenging project given the amount of information to show, i have started to look into it since i saw the network graph threads of DdmrDdmr and sncc. My goal was to have an explorable version of the full network with interactions included, as well as my take on trying to find new merit sources.

Each node represent a user and the edges with arrows merit transactions, received or given.
I made 2 versions, the main difference is in the shape. Then for each of these versions i made two variants,one where the coloring is based on the Rank and the other is based on the Trust.

The node size is based on the Node Merit Size variable (on the User Information Panel) and reaches the maximum with a total of 500 merits given away, i did this to try to avoid the current merit sources shading emerging one. This should help visualize at sight the main givers just by looking at the size of the nodes.

Node Merit Size is calculated in the following way:
If Merit Given > 500
Node Merit Size = 500
Node Merit Size = Merit Given

The node and edge color simply tells the rank/trust of the node.

I removed from the network all the nodes and edges where:

Merit Received + Merit Given = 1

So anybody who sent a single merit or received a single one won’t be in it.

There are exactly 15954 Nodes and 54108 Edges in there. If there are more merit transactions from user A to user B they will be grouped together and be represented with 1 line(Edge) that goes from A to B

What is the purpose?

You can use these visualizations to help identify users which could be a merit source, since at first glance you have a very intuitive way of knowing the amount of Merit given (size of the node) and Rank/Trust (color of the node). Plus the personal network tells the merit story of the user.

How i made this?

I prepared all the data i needed and made several iteration with Gephi for the layout of the network graph. The drawing is made using the library Sigma Js which supports WebGL.

How to use it?

  • Each node you see can show the user name on mouse over and by clicking on it it will isolate the connections based on merit sent and received, both in the form of a graph and with a panel, which shows supplementary informations about the use selected as well. Moving the mouse over the names on the list will show the label on the graph as well.
  • You can drag the network by clicking on an empty space, zoom in and out with your mouse wheel or using the buttons in the bottom overlay. The magnifying lens with the square center the graph on screen.
  • On the left panel you can search for any user by name.

Links to the visualizations:


If this helped you, don't forget to hit +Merit. Thanks

Lot of people asking how to mod RX bios. There are 2 ways the easy one and the proper one.
I will show you the easy way. This bios modding is easy for newbies. This bios mod tutorial is for memory intensive algos such as Ethereum, Monero, Dubaicoin, etc.
Undervolting will only work with Windows.
If you need undervolt bios for Linux you need to do the harder way. You can ask here, someone could make it for you. I know that masters Eliovp and Wolf0 can do it.

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  • Performance timings for all GPUs
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Buy Mining Bios With Performance Timings

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NOBS Crypto by John McAfee and Chris Koerner

Contact me or directly Sampey with my nickname (Mattthev) and you will get 5% discount on your copy.

C.A.T. is an "automatic-trader" written in Java Code (Desktop Application) using Exchanges API
You only need to choose markets, set the first orders and parameters (not mandatory) and then let C.A.T. algorithm trade for you.
C.A.T. works on Linux/Windows/Mac with Java 8

More info:
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For best ETH performance you need to use drivers with compute workload for Windows 7/10 and for Linux blockchain drivers

Blockchain Drivers for Linux
Radeon Software Crimson Edition ReLive Graphics Driver 17.12 - Adrenaline - these drivers need to be switched to compute workload
If you don't have compute workload in settings with Adrenaline drivers use 17.11.4 instead and switch cards to compute workload.
Blockchain Drivers August Windows 7/10 1703

VEGA 56/64

Guide How to Flash VEGA 56 -> 64 + Bios Download + Mods
VEGA Guru3D thread + Bios download - VEGA 56 -> VEGA 64
Bitcointalk VEGA thread
Reddit mining thread VEGA 64 43.5MH/s 130W

Vega Mining - A Consolidated Guide
VEGA 64 Oldcomer's youtube guide
VEGA 56 Hellae guide Bitcointalk
Monero and Vega - the definitive guide by Hellae
VEGA 56 Hellae guide Reddit thread

Reddit Wattman settings
Album how to mod VEGA 64
VEGA 56/64 Video BIOS Collection

Softpowerplay voltage mod guide by Hellm

Basic Performance Timings for Elpida/Hynix/Micron/Samsung for RX

Free performance timings for Hynix H5GC4H24AJ for testers! You need to know how to use PBE or SRB I also need feedback on that. Send me an e-mail

Guide: How to Mine Monero / Sumokoin and Other Cryptonote Coins + Miners Download Links ⛏
Guide: How to Mine AEON Cryptonote-light + Miners Downloads ⛏
Guide: How to Mine ⚡ Electroneum + Miners Downloads ⛏

How To Mod Polaris Bios AMD RX 470/570/480/580

Polaris Bios Editor 3 PRO - This build includes my timings (better than the original and those free in this thread) it's more intuitive you can choose optimized timings for XMR or ETH, it auto applies customized timings for 4GB or 8GB cards and include several options such as power saving. More info on the link.
Polaris Bios Editor 1.4.1
Polaris Bios Editor 1.6.7
Polaris Bios Editor 1.7.0
SRBPolaris Bios Editor V3.4
AMD/ATI ATIFlash 2.84
GPU-Z 2.7.0
ATI Pixel Clock Patcher 1.4.6

10. Romanian post:
TOP-25 termeni răspinditiți în lumea cripto-valutelor, decodarea argoului (SLANG-uri)

Adeseori când vizitezi un forum de schimb de cripte sau un grup, există unele cuvinte care nu sunt pe intelesul tuturor. Sensul lor nu poate fi găsit imediat, deoarece este vorba despre un slang. Pentru a înțelege alți investitori și comercianți, interpretarea anumitor fraze pe care trebuie să le cunoaștem este pur și simplu necesară. Deci, mai jos este o listă a celor mai frecvent utilizate cuvinte pe care le folosesc membrii comunității cripto-valutare.

1.  Hodl / Hold / Holder - este tradus în același mod ca și cuvântul din care se presupune că a avut loc, adică din "hold" - pentru a stoca, a păstra. Expresia "Hold On for Dear Life" înseamnă - ''a păstra ca și când viața depinde de ea". Un cripto-trader, care cumpără jetoane, dar nu le va vinde în viitorul apropiat, se numește "holder de monede".

2.  FOMO - este o abreviere a expresiei din engleză  "fear of mising out", ceea ce înseamnă teama de a pierde ceva. Un astfel de sentiment este experimentat de comercianții care văd pe ecran o lumanare imensă, dar în acel moment au deschis vânzări. Mulți dintre ei opresc imediat tranzacția de la sentimentul de frică și încep imediat să cumpere, pentru a nu pierde trend-ul.

3.  FUD  - o scurtă expresie "fear uncertainty and doubt" - "frica, incertitudine și îndoială". Se folosește de obicei sub forma "XXX distribuie din nou FUD". Un exemplu: "James Daimon de la JPMorgan distribuie FUD, spunând că Bitcoin este un" balon "care va exploda în cele din urmă.

4.  ATH  - o scurtă formă a expresiei "All time hight" - "cel mai mare preț" (vorbim despre prețul monedei crypto). Aceasta înseamnă că prețul unei anumite monede a stabilit un nou record și a atins cel mai înalt nivel.

5.  Whale - este o balenă, adică un jucator mare cu capital considerabil. Balenele sunt adesea forța motrice a pieței pentru dimensiunea imensă a tranzacțiilor cu care intră in joc.

6.  Pump and Dump - "pompare și resetare". Orice salt brusc al prețurilor este însoțit de un declin enorm. Astfel de mișcări sunt adesea explicate prin volum redus, ca urmare, prin apariția "Pump". După un astfel de fenomen, mulți comercianți încep să-și vândă monedele, respectiv se observă "Dump".

7.  Shill  - aprobarea publică exagerată a oricărei monede. Comercianții care au cumpărat jetoane noi sunt interesați de shilling. Cu alte cuvinte, crează în mod obsesiv iluzia popularității, exagerând reputația companiei sau alte informații, prin urmare promovând artificial proiectul.

8.  Bag Holder  - așa-numitul investitor care a cumpărat token-uri la un cost ridicat și a ratat ocazia de a scăpa de ele în timp. După aceea, monedele au devenit mai ieftine sau aproape inutile.

9.  Margin Trading  - tranzacționare prin utilizarea fondurilor furnizate unui comerciant pe un împrumut împotriva unui gaj al valorii convenite - marjă. Acest comerț cu active cripto-active crește semnificativ depozitul comerciantului, veniturile acestuia, minimizează riscurile de a pierde totul foarte repede.

10.  Long  - o poziție care se deschide dacă comerciantul presupune că piața va merge în sus. De obicei, pozițiile lungi sunt deschise de un comerciant dacă acesta crede într-un proiect sau într-o monedă cripto și crede că va crește semnificativ în valoare după o lungă perioadă de timp.

11.  Short  - o poziție care se deschide dacă comerciantul presupune că piața va cădea. Comanda scurtă presupune că comerciantul ia jetoane de la bursă, le vinde și când graficul atinge un punct scăzut - cumpără această monedă și o returnează la bursă. Diferența dintre prețul de vânzare, care este mai mare, și prețul de cumpărare, care este mai mic, comerciantul lasă pentru el, acesta este însuși profitul său.

12.  Limit Order  - o comandă limită plasată la un preț viitor. Poate fi instalat atât pentru cumpărare cât și pentru vânzare. Comerciantul stabilește o comandă limită, cu prețul specificat în prealabil, care va fi activ până la încheierea tranzacției.

13.  Fill or Kill  - executați sau anulați. În cadrul criptologiei, aceasta este instrucțiunea unui investitor de a efectua o operațiune de cumpărare sau de vânzare a unui anumit activ la un moment dat.

14.  BUY / SELL Wall  - un perete creat, printr-o asociație a ordinelor limită cu același preț țintă. Pereții de tranzacționare din cauza volumului mare nu permit ca prețul să crească sau să scadă, menținându-și astfel nivelul.

15.  Altcoin  - altcoin (monede alternative). Așa se cheamă toate mărcile și monedele, cu excepția celor de tip bitcoin, care este considerată a fi principala monedă criptografică.

16.  Circulating Supply  - numărul de monede aflate în liberă circulație pe piață. Prețul monedei nu contează de la sine. Cu toate acestea, prețul monedei, înmulțit cu numărul de monede aflate în circulație, dă capitalizarea de piață a monedei.

17.  Market Cap - capitalizarea pieței. Pe piața cripto-valutară, acest indicator este ilustrat de dominanța monedelor. Capitalizarea pieței se determină prin înmulțirea numărului total de monede emise la valoarea de piață a unei monede.

18.  DDoS  - un scurt formular din "Denial Distributed of Service", care înseamnă "refuzul la distribuirea de servicii" (atac hacker). Un  atac DDoS asupra bursei de valori poate duce la consecințe imprevizibile, deoarece hackerii încearcă să fure monedele de Utilizatorilor sau a Bursei de Valori atacată.

19.  ICO  - oferta inițială de monede. Token-urile proiectelor potențiale dobândite în timpul ICO sunt de obicei vândute cu un profit. Acest lucru se datorează activităților promoționale care sporesc cererea de monede. După intrarea în bursă (piața secundară), valoarea jetoanelor proiectelor de calitate crește in alte cazuri (rar) poate scădea.

20.  Arbitrage  - procesul de cumpărare mai ieftin a unei monede cripto de pe o bursă și vânzarea ulterioară a acesteia către o altă bursă cu scop de a obține profit. Rețineți că comisioanele și prețurile pentru monede se pot schimba în orice moment în momentul transferării monedelor de la platformă la platformă, în special în timpul volatilității ridicate. Un alt factor de descurajare este întârzierea asociată depozitării și retragerii monedelor către saituri. Diferența dintre valoarea de schimb a monedelor este profitul comerciantului.

21.  BTFD  este o scurtă formă a expresiei "Buy The Dip Fucking", care încurajează cumpărarea jetoanelor după scăderea prețurilor pe partea de jos.

22.  Moon sau To the moon  - o creștere lungă sau imediatată a valorii unei monede. În mod excepțional, mișcarea de creștere a prețului activului a crescut agresiv sau in Long dar cu profit foarte mare.

23.  Veak Hands  - acestea sunt numele celor care nu pot suporta reducerea prețurilor pe piață și ca urmare înceap să vândă inainte de timp.

24.  Airdrop  - distribuirea gratuită a indicativelor între membrii comunității cripto-valutare. Uneori, astfel de evenimente se desfășoară după FORK sau chiar la începutul proiectului, pentru a face publicitate și pentru a atrage atenția utilizatorilor cît și a investitorilor.

25.  Vote for Token Listing  - votați pentru introducerea monedelor pe lista de schimb a Bursei. Crypto-bursa  Binance  și  Huobi.Pro  aplică monedele lor BnB și HT pentru a vota proiectele care candidează pentru listare.

Există și alte expresii și abrevieri în lumea cripto-valutară, însă cele de mai sus sunt considerate cele mai comune. Folosirea slangurilor vă permite adesea să transmiteți semnificația unei expresii mari sub forma unui singur cuvânt scurt. Cu toate acestea, nu uitați de importanța altor cunoștințe, care joacă un rol important la investițiile în moneda criptografică.

                                                         Aceasta este o completare a termenilor din posturile publlicate anterior in acest Tread

Looking forward to getting a resolution,
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Network congestion & transactions on: September 13, 2018, 10:38:22 AM
I have been using BTC for some time now (about 1y) and noticed that the completion of a transaction varies greatly in duration from time to time.

For example, I have sent a transaction (223 bytes) that was going to confirm within 10 blocks with a cost of 1 sat/byte and it finalized in about 8h last week, Sept 7th but one week before that I did the same transaction (223 bytes & 10 blocks confirmation again) and it was processed in about 1.5-2h.

Is this because the congestion increased (as well as prices) after I have sent sent the payment and my 1 sat/byte transaction ended up being less appealing to miners, thus got processed later?
Or is there something else that I'm not aware of?
10  Local / Română (Romanian) / Activitate si Merit pe forumul Romanesc. Solutii? on: September 12, 2018, 03:41:11 PM
Dupa cum bine stiti deja, s-a introdus o noua cerinta in a putea avansa in randul rank-urilor aici pe BitCoinTalk.

Problema mare e ca nu prea se trimite merit cum ar trebui si cum a fost idea initiala, pt care a fost implementat sistemul, adica userii care posteaza decent si nu spameaza aiurea, sa poata avansa in acelasi ritm cu activitatea.

La momentul in care a fost implementat sistem (24 ianuarie 2018) eu eram Jr. Member deci 0 merit din oficiu  Sad . Cu toate astea am reusit sa avansez pana la Full Member castigand tot meritul insa, de la un moment dat incolo, nu am mai primit merit cum primeam de obicei, desi postez exact la fel...

Am create numeroase thread-uri pe forumurile Englezesti cum ar fi:

Pe forumul Romanesc:

Dar meritul nu a venit suficient de repede incat sa pot avansa cum am facut-o pana atunci.

Una din problemele forumului Romanesc, in special faptul ca nu prea e activitate ar fi ca nu exista nicio o sursa de merit asignata la noi.
Am vb despre asta aici: Revitalizing the Local boards unde alti useri spuneau ca unele forumuri locale cum ar fi cel Francez au fost revitalizate prin asignarea mai multor surse de merit.

Eu nu consider ca as putea sa fiu sursa de merit pt ca sunt doar Full Member dar as insista ca alti oameni care vor sa devina surse de merit (membrii mai seniori decat mine) sa se implice si sa ne ajute.

Ce spuneti? Cine ar vrea sa fie sursa de merit aici?
11  Economy / Trading Discussion / [Guide] Best/Top Crypto Exchanges: Fees & more on: September 07, 2018, 02:32:00 PM
I did some research on the best/top exchanges I can use for crypto currency trading and decided to do a post about it. In the hopes others will benefit from my research and will make choosing the right exchange for you more easily. I will update the list with more exchanges later on.

I hope that this will become a good guide/resource for people to use and will not be buried by spam.

Criteria for selection
I have been following some criteria in my selection process like:
  • large volumes traded everyday
  • low fees for trading/depositing/withdrawing
  • enhanced security
  • large variety of coins traded
  • FIAT trading & SEPA transfers enabled
  • easy registration process
  • straight forward trading - easy to use
  • option to trade with FIAT
  • multiple trading functions

It may not be enough to use a single exchange for you, you may end up using multiple exchanges in order get your funds from FIAT to crypto and back to your bank account. I am currently using Binance for trading and Bitstamp for getting money in/out to FIAT and avoiding a bank blocade.

Based on these factors, I have come up with my own top of exchanges. Check them out:

This is the all time winner when it comes to trading volumes. It has more than $1 billion worth of coins traded everyday.
It has an easy enough sign-up process, you can increase your account limits by providing the details needed and the staff is prompt.

They are close behind Binance, with a trading volume of $0.5 billion worth of coins traded everyday. Similar process of account limit lifting as Binance but it can take up to 8 weeks to get fully authorised by the staff. They have the most complex trading platform in this top, ideal for expert traders.

They have an insane amount of trading pairs. I don't know of any other exchange to offer as many trading pairs as HitBtc. They also have decent volumes too.

They were not accepting new registrations in the past but recently they opened up the registration process again. Volumes are not as high as the previous exchanges in this top but they still are decent.

For a long time this was considered to be the best exchange for the EU zone, supporting fast & extremely low fees SEPA transfers.
Their trade volumes look decent too.

Another EU based exchange, higher fees but their service is decent and fit for casual traders.
They also work with a lot of banks and "beyond banking" providers with no restrictions, as opposed to Kraken which has started to refuse some.

Exchange details
Rank # |Exchange |Trading fees1 |Deposit fees |Withdrawal fees |Security Rank2 |# Trading Pairs |FIAT trading |Trading functions3
#1BinanceM/T 0.1%FreeVariable#1380NoM,L,SL
#2BitfinexM 0.1/T 0.2%VariableVariable#182YesM,L,S,SL,TS
#3HitBtcM 0/T 0.1%0.0006 BTCVariable#1779NoM,L,SC
#4BittrexM/T 0.25%FreeVariable#2294YesM,L,SC
#5KrakenM 0.16%/T 0.26%FIAT/CryptoFIAT/Crypto#156Yes & SEPAM,L,S
#6BitstampM/T 0.25%VariableVariable#214Yes & SEPAM,L,S

1 Trading fees: Usually every exchange charges a percentage to the maker (user who submits a trade) and a percentage to the taker (user who accepts a trade made by the maker). Some exchanges charge a fee for deposits but the majority are free, majority of exchanges charge withdrawal fees.
2 Security Rank: Exchanges use a variety of ways to make sure the user's account is harder to hack. This includes e-mail, phone, 2FA,  IP address & user agent verifications, ID verifications (for lifting limits).
3 Trading functions: Exchanges support various forms of trading functions like: market (M), limit (L), stop (S), stop limit (SL), trailing stop (TS), scaled (SC).

1. Since some criteria are more important for some people and some are not, this top may not suit everyone. Please take this into consideration.
2. Feel free to suggest other exchanges that you're using and may be equivalent to these or even better.
3. Listed fees are the most expensive ones for the lowest trading amounts, up to 1 BTC, for larger values there may be discounts in place.
12  Other / Serious discussion / Revitalizing the Local boards on: September 05, 2018, 11:00:22 AM
I have noticed that for a few months the interest in the local sub forums has died down (at least for the Romanian local board which I'm aware of) and I wonder why?

I remember when I first heard about this forum, about 2-3 years ago, the first stop I made (although my English skills are decent) was in the local Romanian forum. It seemed like a good place to start for me, to see if my co-nationals have solutions on how to move money in & out of crypto exchanges, how to do that, which are the best exchanges to use with our local currency etc.

I recently saw some posts in Meta: Locked and contented to the given response of Mr. paxmao & Merit source application (French local board) where a lot of people were saying that the Spanish & French local boards were starting to pick up traction with the appointment of new merit sources & stronger moderation.

I know I'm not senior enough to apply for a merit source position but was wondering if any Romanians are lurking here that may apply for something like that. I also tried pinging some legendary members to encourage them to apply, but did not get any response.

What do you think? Would this trigger more activity in the local boards?
13  Other / Meta / New feature implementation @theymos on: August 29, 2018, 08:25:14 AM
There have been a lot of discussions about new features/improvements in this board and I was wondering if there is a plan to implement these in the current forum software (SMF) or if there is some dev that is looking into these.

I haven't been here as long as other users have (~1y) and was wondering if anyone knows if there were any features proposed by the users here that were implemented by the forum administration. Do you guys know of anything like this?

There is a long thread where hilariousetc has created a large list of items here: Community generated suggestions to improve the forum (+ eventual voting on them)
I have also proposed some new features in the past like: [NEW FEATURE] Seeing a post that quoted your post that I see other people are asking for and I think it could be a good improvement idea for the forum.

If there is a plan to implement these, maybe I can create a Kanban board and sort them by priority (=number votes given out by users).

What do you think?
14  Other / Meta / Fighting spam and spammers on: June 26, 2018, 11:30:23 AM
I'll start this off by saying that I normally post in the altcoin & bitcoin sections of this forum.

As you probably know, a lot of these boards are infested with spammers that post one line replies in mega threads just to make their post count and be paid for their signature.
This has to stop because it is killing the forum by making quality posts very hard to find.

Of course there are a lot of newbies who start threads with trivial questions like: "Will x coin moon?", "Time to buy?", "Time to sell" etc. but they are just new here and it's natural for them to have questions. Some may even find it hard to search for answers at first or are unaware they can do that.

Maybe a solution to all of this would be to better regulate the signature campaigns and more precisely, their managers. I know some of you managers would be offended but don't be, this is for the greater good of the forum.

I think a lot of the managers out there are not aware that there are lists with people that are banned from signature campaigns:

Also, since campaign managers review the posts made by their employees, they are the best people who can spot spammers and add them to the list.

I am so tired of the spam that I would be willing to create a repository of all of these lists to be able to stop the spam but this needs to be enforced on the campaign managers side first.

For example let's say a campaign manager hires a user who is on one of these lists, maybe some DT members would be willing to tag these managers and also put them on a list where other campaign managers have broken the rules, have not paid people, have hired spammers etc. These lists would be reviewed periodically and bans could also be enforced.

We can even define what it means to be a spammer, to me it's:
  • making 1 line generic posts
  • replying with the same thing not bringing something new to the thread
  • posting in useless, trivial mega-threads after page 5

Please keep an open mind and I would like to see constructive posts on this matter.
15  Other / Meta / Has the Merit faucet dried up? Solutions? on: June 20, 2018, 03:04:36 PM
Now... hold on... I know what what you guys think: "Look! Yet another a$$hole complaining about the merit system". Just read the post below before posting.

Let me tell you a few things about myself:

Before joining this forum, I have been reading the broads here for about a year on everything Bitcoin & Altcoin related, Exchanges, Trading, what to invest in and what not etc.
As you can see, I have joined at the end of Oct 2017 and by the time the Merit system was implemented, I was a Jr. Member thus 0 Merit by default.
Since then, I have managed to get approximately 0.5-1 merit per day and managed to rank to Full Member before having the necessary activity.
I even had my own FREE post review service thread: vlad230's post review service - Jr. Member and up where I helped people increase the quality of their posts (across 10 pages) and have seen a big difference on the post quality that people had before the Merit System was implemented so, this system has definitely helped to improve the forum.

I have noticed that It's been about a month since I have not received any merit although my posting habits have not changed, I'm mainly interested in Mining, Bitcoin, Altcoins, Trading, helping people with whatever I can etc. and I do have a few threads that I manage and try to create a good resource especially for miners on this forum:

I have noticed however that the majority of merit is only sent out in some particular boards (Meta, Reputation etc.) or for stuff that is not really Bitcoin & Altcoin related like hundreds of merit statistics.
I am not really interested in being a blood hound for scammers, rule/merit abusers (although I appreciate the people who do it) and what not, nor am I interested in merit statistics but does that mean I don't get to rank up on this forum?

On the other hand, I see there is a lack of merit sent out in the Mining, Altcoin, Economics or Local (Romanian - no merit sources here BTW) boards where people have real issues that need to be sorted out. Isn't this the purpose of the community?
I realized some of the boards I mentioned have become spam hang-outs for a lot of people (and this may get your post buried instantly, thus limiting the people who can see it) but for some that are really interested in these topics is really hard to go on.

Maybe a solution for this issue would be to:
  • select a few merit sources that are interested in these topics and regularly posts there for a better distribution of merits
  • have something like a "Rank-a-Thon" (similar to Hackathon  Grin ) where a list of users would be selected and the merit sources would go to their posts and merit whatever they find good
    UPDATE: I think a good start to creating the lists of users that the merit sources would review would be people whom already got the activity but are missing the merits

What do you guys think?

16  Local / Discutii Servicii / Kraken, Bitstamp exchange via Revolut & Mr. Tango on: June 11, 2018, 08:41:51 AM
Care e cea mai buna metoda de a depune/retrage FIAT pe exchange-ul Kraken? (cele mai mici comisioane, rapiditate etc.)

Din cate vad accepta EURO prin Fidor & Blue Orange Bank (SEPA) si Fidor (transfer bancar) si ma gandeam sa folosesc Revolut pt a transfera bani (incarc Revolut cu RON, convertesc la EURO si transfer spre Kraken EURO)

Ce ar trebui sa aleg din lista asta a bancilor acceptate? SEPA sau transfer bancar?

Nu am mai folosit exchange-ul asta si as fi curios voi cum faceti? Stiu ca multi romani folosesc Kraken.
17  Local / Română (Romanian) / Terminal cumparari crypto monede on: June 05, 2018, 10:39:53 AM
Am fost astazi prin Mega Image si am observat un terminal de plati pt facturi numit "Statia de Plata" care suporta si cumpararea de bitcoin sau ethereum. Smiley

A folosit cineva terminalul respectiv?

Nu cred ca poti sa si vinzi crypto monede la el dar poate nu am observat eu. Ar fi super sa poti face asta.

Asa arata:
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day everybody! on: May 22, 2018, 06:14:42 PM
Happy BTC Pizza day, everybody! Smiley

I'm not sure if some of you are aware about the famous sale of 10,000 BTC for two Papa John's pizzas that went down in our very own BCT forum, right here in the market place:

The 10,000 BTC were worth $41 at the time, contrary to popular belief that says it was $0.008 per BTC.

Moreover, laszlo, the person who bought the pizza is still active here (well... kind of anyway, he was last active in Nov 2017). Couldn't find the lucky guy who paid for the pizza though, user jercos isn't present on this forum (maybe it's just a nickname).

So, would any of you like to see how does $82.5 million pizzas look like?  Grin
I did some digging and found the correct & original URL to the photos:

To address the elephant in the room, in Dec 2017, the pizzas were worth: $200 million Cheesy
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [CryptoNight] Forked coins, ASIC resistance and current algorithms on: May 21, 2018, 04:00:01 PM
In support of my [CryptoNight] CPU mining guide & coins that will get you a return thread I've decided to create a thread where I will list all of the CryptoNight coins that have forked, type of algorithm they're currently on and if they are ASIC resistant or not.

I hope other people will find this helpful too as I know a lot of people in my CPU mining thread are interested in this.

Coin Name | ASIC resistant? | Current Algorithm

Feel free to bookmark this thread and propose new coins that should be added to the list.
20  Local / Presa / Fiscul si detinatorii de crypto monede on: April 13, 2018, 02:04:58 PM
Am vazut azi dimineata o stire de pe Ziarul Financiar si ma gandeam sa o pun si aici:

Se pare ca ar face si fiscul romanesc niste bani de pe urma noastra Smiley Nu credeam ca se vor misca asa rapid avand in vedere cum se misca statul Roman in general.

Nu stiu cum vor implementa ei o verificare la asa ceva sau ce planuri mai au pe viitor dar va fi foarte complicat.

Voi ce parere aveti?
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