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1  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] OK.Fun | The World's Most Innovative Casino | Signature Campaign ~ Hero+ on: June 26, 2024, 05:47:57 PM
2  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] Zeusmix-Instant cryptocurrency exchange signature campaign | upto $125/w on: May 30, 2024, 10:41:55 PM
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3  Other / Meta / Re: Is this forum getting worse and worse? on: May 25, 2024, 06:13:48 PM
Genuine question- do you think it is about time that the forum makes another "leap of faith" where it can improve on certain aspects and conveniences?

For example, one of the biggest jump that the forum made was the introduction of the merit system where it became controversial yet beneficial in combatting spams and bots on this forum. Additionally, the other big jump was the total banning and prohibition of mixers that caught a few off-guard but it was for the long-term improvement of the forum.

Do you think that creating a friendly "mobile" version of this forum or at least something interesting (e.g. a chat box, or any kind of improvement, etc.) would at least attract more users and entice the old members to stay relevant?

I also do think that we are now on the point of diminishing return- people are leaving and lots of spams and repetitive posts are being recycled. I genuinely think that it is about time that something must be introduced whether it be an improvement or a new system.
4  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Crypto investment is exhausting for some ? on: May 25, 2024, 05:42:24 PM
The only people that I see from getting tired on investing on cryptocurrencies are the people who did not do any prior research before such investment and they are the ones who complain when the price dips after they purchased it on ATH.

I really find it funny and ironic that the people who complain that BTC is a "bubble" are the very same people who failed on their BTC investments. Just because that they failed does not equate that BTC is a whole "scam" or "scheme" as others may say.

I guess he is just lazy? Or he want something different all along?

Some might to lazy but to be sincere I dont blame those who believe cryptocurrency investment to be exhausting and it's true unless we want to lie to ourselves because 90% of all crypto investors had enough sleep ever since they joined the space while the remaining percent that dont know about the market opportunities had 6-8hours sleep.
if there's no creation of bots that ease the working of some traders and investors the exhausting level will be more than what we're seeing now.

Literally, HODL means holding your coins for a designated time. You have total control over your BTCs (as long as you have your private keys) and you decide whether you should liquidate them or not.

Do not sweat on these things- investments are called "investments" for a reason. Nothing is guaranteed and profit-making is not absolute; exercise caution and diligence in order to maximize every opportunity especially during forks or bull runs.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: The difference between gamblers and real Bitcoin investors? on: May 25, 2024, 05:03:34 PM
If you ask me, what is the hardest job? Then perhaps my answer will be the investment profession. It is a truly unique and harsh profession compared to other professions. Especially with Bitcoin and a volatile market like cryptocurrency.

You will see that every area of ​​life (sports, education, business, music, academics...) is a competition for rankings. But investing is completely different, it's not about how much money you make compared to those around you, it's a very unique profession, when what you fight for and win is not with others who join the market that is yourself. Win over yourself.

I think this is where it lies a difference between making investment as your main source of income vis-a-vis making it as a sideline. The problem with people who make it their source of income is its unpredictability.

Yes you're right- its market volatility makes it very unstable and unpredictable. Despite knowing the market and all the relevant information regarding its price movement, there is still no guarantee on your investments if it would make a positive return. On the other hand, those people who view it as a sideline would most likely HODL for long-term and they would cash out when they think that the price is comfortable enough for them to realize on their profits.

Between two gamblers or investors, they are also investing in the same way, just different in the category in which their capital will be used. The other is gambling, where the chances of losing the capital you have are high, that you don't need any research to be done just so you can play and win gambling, that you can get lucky in the jackpot, and that you can also be unlucky in gambling.

Whereas in investment, the chances are high that your ROI will be good if you invest in the right investment, and since your comparison is with bitcoin investors, there is no doubt that our ROI will be good for the future with the capital we will use today.

I agree- both have their fair share of similarities (e.g. the risk of losing your money, unpredictability, etc.) but the very essence is different.

Personally, I would definitely recommend investment over gambling due to the latter's risk that can potentially snowball into a bigger problem in the future.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Can soccer players collaborate with gamblers to help them win there bet? on: May 25, 2024, 04:12:09 PM
What's your view on this, is it possible that such alligatoin might be true?

Well if this allegation is proven to be true, then we are now facing consequences of game fixing on the match.

The essence of sports betting has always been the competitiveness of a given sport where you watch players compete with each other against their skills, techniques, and other technicalities. If soccer players (or football players) are influenced by money to the point that they can control the outcome of their games, then this will absolutely defeat the purpose on why sports betting has been created in the first place.

Just like what I mentioned on my previous replies, the NBA has also banned Jontay Porter of the Toronto Raptors where he allegedly released confidential information that can give some bettors an unfair advantage over the players.1

Sports betting is fun and watching sports can be very entertaining. If you mix the two worlds together, then people could watch and at the same time bet on their favorite team.
But if the players themselves can control the outcome of the match by intentionally losing the game or doing some acts that are against the spirit of the sport, then the future of sports betting may be compromised as well.

7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Day streaming as gambler experience on: May 25, 2024, 02:08:01 PM
Lately, I have started day streaming as a sponsored gambler on one of the casinos I use to be a tester there, I chose one of the known platforms to start my stream, bought the gadgets I need even though Unfortunately I live in a country where the internet speed is limited, the quality of my stream isnít as good as other popular streamers, however, I have got much support from the community and viewers, had fun and good slot hits.
For now my experience is pretty good for now, but I certainly need some advices from you to upgrade my channel, community, and how to grow and to the next step.

Do you think it is a bad thing to do, promoting gambling?

Like what I mentioned in my previous posts, it really depends on the perspective on how you would promote the gambling platform.

Basically on your perspective, you were asked to promote a gambling advertisement on your channel via streaming. Sure, you earn some money and compensation for your services and advertisements that you make. Given that you are just starting out, any kind of paid service or advertisement on your end would be beneficial to you in order to upgrade your current account and garner more viewers in the process.

Now this may be tricky given that you are promoting an act which can be potentially dangerous especially if it gets exposed to the youth.

You have to ask yourself: is the advertisement done in public platforms and social medias where teens and children can get access to? If the answer is YES, then you may want to consider if you want to promote that gambling platform. On the other hand, if the answer is NO, then feel free to advertise and take advantage of the pay to your heart's content.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Why Lotto Winner Takes Time To Claim Their Rewards, What's The Point? on: May 25, 2024, 10:55:38 AM
It is actually for security reasons and purposes on why some people delay the claiming of their prizes on the designated lottery establishment.

If a person wins a lottery, the first thing that they must secure is their security and safety. They would naturally feel skeptical and afraid that some people might go against their own safety; or someone might actually steal their ticket or kill them during such process. If they delay the time in claiming their prize, then there would be more time for preparation, planning, and deciding which routes/places to go to after winning.

Remember, fear your own safety when it comes to huge bets such as this one. If you won that life-changing money that can turn your whole life upside down, it is definitely better and recommended to exhaust all the necessary steps and to take all the precautions to ensure a smooth sailing ride in claiming such prizes.
9  Economy / Economics / Re: Ever dreamt of turning your passion into profit? on: May 24, 2024, 06:21:54 PM
Turning a hobby into a business sounds so fun! But I bet it has its challenges too.  What did you do for fun that you managed to monetize? I wanna hear all about how you went from hobbyist to entrepreneur!

Tell me, what struggles popped up as you worked to turn your passion into a profit? How did you push past them? Got any pro tips you can share to help other hobby lovers try to make it big? I love hearing stories of folks who bet on themselves and won.

I am a diehard game fan. I have been playing online games ever since I was first exposed to a computer and fortunately, I had gotten pretty good at some FPS (first person shooter) games to the point that I have participated in some local tournaments held in my country.

Though the pay may be relatively low, I am still proud that I can turn what I am passionate about into something that can earn me some monetary compensation due to my own skill, techniques, and practice on that game.

While I do think that I am still far at some players that already reached international level, I am quite satisfied with my progress given that I only do this as a hobby and not as my main source of income. Still, however, this kind of opportunity is definitely a blessing that I would forever cherish.
10  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: What to do to get merit reward? on: May 24, 2024, 05:49:38 PM
Hello everyone, I have been here for a few weeks/months now but I'm yet to receive "merit" so I'm just worried, please can someone tell me what I will need to do or how long I will need to be here for before I get merit and other rewards?

Generally, forum members are given a wide latitude of discretion on how they would want to distribute/give their merits to someone. Perfect example here would be your own post as someone merited you for asking this question.

There are no answers that can give you perfect results but here are some guidelines that I have compiled during my journey here in this forum which garnered me some merits:

  • Make your discussions/topics concise and informative;
  • Contribute to the forum (e.g. reporting scams, etc.);
  • Fix your grammar and at least know how to reply to some threads by being relevant;
  • Share interesting posts or facts; and
  • Share some memes on proper boards.

Again like I mentioned, there are tons of ways for you to get merits but I do suggest that instead of focusing on getting merits, prioritize first on learning in this forum. By applying this kind of perspective, you would be able to contribute to the forum that will ultimately garner you some merits along the way.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: What are the limits and common sense of bet? on: May 24, 2024, 04:02:07 PM
Have you ever made a bet that led to an embarrassing situation or do you know someone who has?

There was actually one time where I was on a winning streak in a physical casino. It really got into my head that I was winning so I was very cocky at that time and announced that I would bet $1,000 in one go. Well long-story short, I lost all the money that I have won that night and I even incurred more expenses along the way since I risked my monthly savings during that time.

What are the limits of a bet, can a bettor bet something that he is unable to pay? i.g: betting your own life or 10 years' salary? And also without gaining anything in return, since he only bet against and didn't bet anything if that bettor won...

I think the limit in what we can bet is the things that we have.

Obviously, we cannot bet something that we do not own but there may be some instances where you could bet something that is considered "extreme" in the normal sense. The perfect example here would be the infamous "Russian Roulette Game" where people would bet their own lives on a gun.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Is gambling bad to the society? on: May 24, 2024, 12:00:04 PM
It really depends on perspective on where you want to look it.

As a general rule, everything that is too much is naturally bad for you. This applies to really anything that exists- hell even too much water can kill you. Now, the problem with gambling stems from its addiction where people fail to see its long term effects. They sacrifice their resources in order to satisfy their gambling urges, which ultimately affects their responsibilities as a whole (e.g. a father spends money on gambling instead of allotting it to the family, etc.).

As some of you already know, gambling generates $$$ of revenue that almost all gambling establishments pay a percentage of their earnings as tax. Also, some countries take advantage of gambling establishments since this really generates so much money that the society would benefit in return.

Personally, I humbly submit that the gambler must find that sweet spot of not spending too much while not sacrificing in meeting their obligations to their family or to oneself. Everything that is just too much is truly bad and that will outweigh all its positive effects in the long run.
13  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Day trading or Long term on: May 24, 2024, 06:31:40 AM
The major difference between them is that day trading tend to make profit from small market volatility, while hodling make profit from the bigger change in crypto value.
  Day trading involves more techniques, self discipline and rational decision making.
Which do you prefer and think is better

Why not do both? Nothing prevents you from exercising those two (2) options are once. These options are meant to be exercised successively; not that day trading bars you from doing long-term HODLing.

At this stage of our investment, it is definitely recommended that we be smart with our expenses. When we mean "smart", it means that we have to exercise all the possible means in order to maximize every opportunity of profit on our end.

OP I do believe that you have experience on day trading albeit you incur small profits like what you mentioned. Though that may be the case, a profit is still a profit. While you are doing your day trading, you must also maximize and increase your long-term investments for profit at a designated time when you decide to sell those cryptocurrencies.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: When you are confident with your picks, do you win most of the time? on: May 23, 2024, 03:50:38 PM
So how about you? Have you ever thought of this idea when your picks aren't hitting? I mean, if we keep following how we think and feel with our picks and it doesn't translate to profit, there's no reason to continue following the same strategy. But are we comfortable with betting against our own picks just for the sake of fading ourselves strategy?

I find it ironic that whenever I try to concentrate and focus on my betting strategies, the result of those games is different from what I expected- in fact, it's worse than my bets that were made instantly.

For example, if I try to concentrate on sports-betting where I analyze data from previous games and compare it against the other team, I compile those data and arrive at a decent conclusion in which I rely my bets on. Surprisingly, my results are the otherwise I have anticipated as I lost more than I won by doing this process.

Probably by reflection, I tend to overthink my bets and I also go overboard with my analysis that I somehow overlooked some parts and overestimated most. Though the problem here is with ME and not on the process, I still recommend doing your own research in order to at least have some basis on your bets.
15  Economy / Gambling / Re: BC.Game asking for KYC before letting me Withdraw on: May 22, 2024, 03:14:41 PM
Been playing at BC.Game for over 5 years. Lost THOUSANDS. Have been a VIP, I go on a little run and try to withdraw some money, and they ask for KYC verification. Their website doesnt even let me do it. Wondering if I just got scammed for 10k?? Anyone have any experience with this. Help is appreciated!

Have you ever contacted their customer support for help with your issue? Do they also have a designated thread in this forum? It will definitely help that you exhaust all the possible remedies before resorting to a thread like this.

Anyway, it is stated on their website that BC.Game enables KYC as a "vital process" for the registration to their services, to wit:

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a vital process that BC.GAME uses to verify the identity of its users. It's a regulatory requirement aimed at preventing identity theft, fraud, money laundering, and other illicit activities.

Have you also visited this ARTICLE to check the possible self-help remedies? I really do think that you should also include all the chat/messages that you had with the CS (assuming that you have it) so we could help you solve your issue.

Link to the quote:
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Lunatic gamblers who says Airdrop rewards are free funds. on: May 22, 2024, 01:56:27 PM
Well, technically airdrops are not free perse though it may look like it is free because cryptocurrency companies send their tokens to a designated wallet. However, in order to be eligible for airdrops, there are certain conditions that are required for a person to do in order to receive it.

One may argue that the amount of effort that they do is negligible; basically, it is something that is somehow "free" but there is always that mutual trade-off where you do the tasks and they reward you with these airdropped tokens.

Lastly, these tokens also are of somewhat low in value. Given that lots of cryptocurrencies are being created weekly, they do these airdrops as a marketing ploy in order to advertise their coins. You sell these coins but you also have to look for a buyer that is willing to purchase it.

In conclusion, airdrops are not free perse. You may receive some tokens but their value is significantly low and it may be quite a challenge for you to sell these coins in order to maximize its value for gambling.
17  Other / Off-topic / Re: Does exercise before and during trading activity help ones chance of good profit on: May 22, 2024, 01:12:12 PM
The importance of neck strength in Fl drivers serves  both safety and performance reasons, but I want us to imagine and relate this to how the performance and profit statistics would be for a trader who is fit and exercises regularly.

*Does doing regular exercise before and during trading activity help ones chance to make good returns or is it not reason enough to help a trader earn better during trading?

I think there is a misconnection on the comparisons that you made but there is some merit to it.

First, F1 drivers are mandatorily required to undergo these exercises for their safety and strength in case of a potential problem on the track involving any kind of physical stress/damage. That is the reason on why they also have to be in shape (for less weight on the car and more speed) in order to fully utilize the power of their machines.

Second, there can be a correlation between regularly exercising and performing well on a certain activity. For example, if you regularly exercise, your mind and body are in shape- meaning, you have better health and strength which will be beneficial to the person in the long-run. Also, if the person is healthy, there is that possibility that they can make rationalize decisions in trading.

Lastly, being "fit" does not necessarily and absolutely guarantee that you would be able to earn more in the process of trading. Remember, trading is all about the risks and nothing is absolute when it comes to liquidities, etc. Though that may be the case, it can definitely help the person in making good decisions as they can adhere and understand better the market if they are both physically and mentally fit.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: What need to follow to play the stress free gambling game on: May 21, 2024, 07:21:06 PM
I think I already mentioned this before that regardless of the result in a gambling game, the person would most likely gamble again.

For example, if a gambler wins, the initial reaction would be to try again his luck and to see if he could win the 2nd time; or the 3rd time... and so on. On the other hand, if a person loses a gambling game, the reaction would be to recover the said loss by gambling again!

Not only does this create an endless cycle but there you could see their thought process on how they deal with their winnings or their losses.

To anyone who is struggling to control their addiction, set your own budget for the day. Remember that gambling is just one part of your time everyday- there are lots of things that can be enjoyed and give you the similar feeling of winning without risking any kind of monetary expenses on your part.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling and Religion. Beliefs or Choices? on: May 21, 2024, 06:54:41 PM
There are some religions that have strict views on gambling, some considering it morally wrong. However, people still gamble for various reasons.

Have you ever faced any conflicts between your religious beliefs versus gambling? How it happen and how did you handle it?

As a Roman Catholic, I do think that gambling is not strictly prohibited by my religion. The only prohibition that I felt was during the sermons of the priests about over expenditure to the point of neglecting our daily and monthly obligations to our families. Other than that, I have not faced any sort of prohibition or any kind of halting from our religion.

How do different religions view gambling? What could be the reasons behind it?

There are some religions that strictly implement the prohibition of gambling.

One example here would be the Muslims and their religion. They see gambling as something that is forbidden in their religion1, to wit:

According to the Quran, Muslims are forbidden to gamble.

Though this may be the case, there are still some muslim countries that have gambling on their country or at least some parts on their world. Obviously, we all know the negative effects of addiction in gambling and on how it could potentially destroy the lives of many if left uncontrolled.


20  Other / Meta / Re: Should mods make a post to justify why they locked a thread? on: May 21, 2024, 02:37:40 PM
I know sometimes mods lock threads at their own discression, especially at boards where they are a local moderator. At least when s thread gets moved there's some forum notice being posted. But for locking a topic there's nothing to signify it was a moderator action.

I just think it would be a nice courtesy if mods would just add a post before locking a topic to justify why they felt it should be locked. It's good to put this info on the record for future reference. And also from what I understand, since the OP can unlock a topic locked by a mod, a post by the staff member that took the action would prevent misunderstandings.

It depends actually but I guess for due process and fairness, it would be most appreciated if mods would actually message you personally the reason on why your thread got locked.

Similar to our comments when it gets deleted, we receive a personal message (although from a bot) the reason on why it was deleted either to being spam or being out-of-topic on the said discussion. If mods were to at least apply this kind of practice to some locked threads, then it would be again, most appreciated by us.

On the other hand, I would also argue against this especially if the reason for the thread being locked has a patent nullity on its face- meaning it is obvious on why it was locked in the first place. The reasons may include due to:

  • Topic is irrelevant to the board where it was posted;
  • Thread was already answered in a previously-created thread; or
  • The discussion was primarily created as a spam which includes nonsensical replies from the OP.
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