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December 02, 2023, 05:25:09 PM *
News: Mixers will no longer be allowed after Jan 1
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1  Local / Hrvatski (Croatian) / Re: Novosti on: Today at 03:46:41 PM
A čekaj... Što je onda s recimo Monerom? Znam da nije mixer ali je kriptovaluta kojoj su cilj transakcije koje nije moguće pratiti. Možda sam sad bubnuo glupost jer nisam baš proučavao Monero, ali znam da na neki način omogućuje privatne transakcije. Je li moguće da netko odjednom zabrani XMR?
theymos je eksplicitno naveo Monero kao primjer necega sto nece biti zabranjeno od 1.1. To doduse ne znaci da nece biti u buducnosti, ako i sam Monero bude sankcioniran sto uopce ne bi bilo iznenadjujuce.  Tongue

Examples of things that are not banned mixers include exchangers (unless they have a mixing function), CoinJoin-supporting non-custodial wallets, and Monero.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany ⚽ - Qualifiers on: Today at 11:33:50 AM
They literally have only one achievement in their history which is an Olympic championship in 1920.
What about being 3rd in Russia back in 2018, that doesn't count as success?

Especially in Euro rather than World Cup they can be more successful. It isn't impossible for them to win a title despite the existence of very challenging opponents. management.
Before EURO expanded to 24 teams, it was arguably even harder to reach later stages than in WC as in order to even get out of the group you have to beat some serious teams. For example, Belgium could end up in a group with Denmark, Croatia and Italy, where basically any team can move further while in WX you always have at least 1 team in a group that is total outsider.

By the way, today at 17:00 there will be EURO draw. For those who want to play with possible draws, you can try Interactive UEFA EURO 2024 Draw Simulator where you can make a draw based on variopus parameters.

For Croatia, I woulnd't mind us getting in a group with Germany, Albania and Poland.
3  Economy / Reputation / Re: Royse777 will not pay anyone for the last week /Sinbad campaign/ on: Today at 07:29:10 AM
US customers buying and selling crypto is a privilege, not a right?
George Carlin - You Have No Rights.

My concern is that should i be worried about this ? I do not live in the US and the funds are in my Electrum wallet. Can law enforcement agencies can approach me  Huh
As long as you keep bitcoin that you received from mixers away from services where you did KYC, you should probably be fine.

4  Other / Meta / Re: Bitcointalk was down on: Today at 07:17:17 AM
Another downtime for bitcointalk was observed today. I did not know that exact duration but roughly it was for an hour or so.
It was a bit longer than that, as according to there is a gap with no posts between 05:29 UTC and 07:11 UTC so ~1:40.

Still, we do not have the exact reasons for these downtimes but anyways the good thing is that we are back online and there is nothing to worry about.  Smiley
Afaik, we never got an answer what exactly is causing it.
5  Other / Meta / Re: Mixers Signatures : A challenge or Respect on: December 01, 2023, 06:42:04 PM
This solution is incredibly stupid. This will kill the entire forum ecosystem  Embarrassed
Incoming mixer ban certainly sucks big time, but let's not overdramatize it.

If signature campaigns (and altcoin bounties) were banned alltogether, then I would say that you are right and that forum is pretty much done but at the moment that's not the case.
6  Local / Italiano (Italian) / Re: [Meta] Andamento sezione italiana on: December 01, 2023, 06:37:44 PM
@fillippone Mi hai spaventato! Quando ho visto la notifica proveniente da te e dal consiglio italiano, pensavo che avessi giŕ pubblicato la tua panoramica mensile!

Mi hai traumatizzato, amico!
7  Economy / Reputation / Re: After Chipmixer, Is Next To Be Shutdown? on: December 01, 2023, 06:20:32 PM
I already removed all funds from Binance so nothing can be frozen.
Its good to hear that you managed to withdraw your funds as I assumed that they blocked your account while waiting for an explanation. Out of curiosity and to clear that out, did you use Binance address for signature campaign payments, or you sent the sig campaign monmey from your own wallet to Binance?

Regarding what to do, its a touchy matter and I personally don't feel comfortable sharing advice as honestly I am not sure what would I do in your situation, but I do know that Binance can be very persistent if they think you are bullshitting them without providing solid evidence for your story so if you go that route, be careful.

8  Local / Hrvatski (Croatian) / Re: Novosti on: December 01, 2023, 05:10:10 PM
Ne brini, cirkus dolazi u grad kako je i bilo planirano  Wink
Ma nema smisla brinuti se o stvarima na koje ne mozes utjecati, tako da no sikiriki, ja sam prvenstveno fokusiran na ove "obicne probleme" oko kojih neki kurac i mogu napraviti.  Wink

Ukratko ovo, da. Mene zanima ulaze li u to i dex p2p servisi, recimo smije li se spomenuti, linkati, štoveć nekakav Uniswap.
Po ovom trenutnom theymosovom tumacenju mislim da ne bi trebalo biti problema sa ovim gore, jer koliko ja znam ne zadovoljavaju sva 3 kriterija koje je on spomenuo, a koja mixer servisi ispunjavaju.

Upravo tako. Ili recimo freebitcoin? Nije casino, nema KYC (iako su u TOS stavili da mogu zatražiti), možeš deponirati sredstva i odmah povući ako želiš, čak i bez minimalnog zahtjeva za kockanjem. Ako se ne varam, to se prema ovom tumačenju može smatrati mikserom
Mislim da ne, evo sto on kaze bas o toj situaciji koju si ti opisao.

Even though you can sometimes use non-mixers to mix coins by depositing and then withdrawing, this doesn't make it a mixer because this is an incidental use of the service; the service isn't advertised as privacy-enhancing.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽UEFA Conference League Discussion Thread -- 2023/24 | Qualifiers on: December 01, 2023, 04:59:06 PM
I must admit that it was a good bet for you mate but you were unlucky. Because I really liked their effort in the first half. Their goal expectation was around 1.20 but there was still no goal. If they scored first things could have been easier for you. But they couldn't. The red card they got after a goal conceded was the end of the hopes for Astana.
Yep, pretty lucky considering the fact that Astana was quite good in the end half and even missed the penalty. If they scored, I think that match would end up very differently as Dinamo was just horrendous in the first half and was ready to conceed few more goals.

I have to say that as a Dinamo fan since 1980s, it pains me to see them looking like this, where they are not favorites even against 4th tier teams and its been quite a lot of time since they were so bad. Worst of all, future doesn't look any better too as their youth team isn't what it was few years ago.
10  Other / Meta / Re: Mixers to be banned on: December 01, 2023, 04:51:47 PM
3. The service does not collect KYC-type info from all users.
So what's next?
Are you going to ask all members to perform KYC on bitcointalk?  Roll Eyes
There are plenty of legit websites you can use without kyc, virtual cards, vpn services, casinos, etc.
I don't know if I misunderstood him, but he said that's just one of the requirements when deciding whether something is mixer and that all 3 have to be met, meaning webiste not collecting KYC info and not meeting one of those two criteria won't be considered mixer, therefore no problem. At least for now, but the way things are developing it makes you wonder how long it will take before that changes too and other services that don't ask for KYC get prohibited too.  

Are you all saw now that how much this forum is decentralized?  
Calm your tits, no one that knows how forums work thought that bitcointalk is decentralized.

Just the other day after what has happened with Sinbad I speculated on our local board that theymos might ban mixer campaigns all together if this practice of mixers getting busted continues but I didn't expect him to act on it so fast. It sucks big time, but it is what it is.
11  Local / Hrvatski (Croatian) / Re: Novosti on: December 01, 2023, 12:39:32 PM
Ono o cemu smo spekulirali neki dan se nazalost i ostvarilo, theymos zabranjuje mixere te njihovo oglasavanje na forumu od 1.1 2024.

Prenosim objavu u cijelosti aims to allow about as much freedom as is reasonably possible. But this is not a darknet forum, and with mixers looking "grayer and grayer", it's no longer reasonably possible to allow linking to mixers. Even though "a cryptocurrency mixing service is not necessarily illegal," a clear pattern has emerged where mixers pop up, last for a little while, and then get taken down by law enforcement once they get too big. Allowing mixers to be posted on before they seemingly-inevitably get declared illegal and seized is not sustainable. Therefore, linking to mixers will no longer be allowed, just the same as linking to darknet sites is already not allowed.

To avoid disruption, there will be a grace period: Nothing will change until Jan 1, 2024.

Starting Jan 1, 2024:
 - Existing mixer announcement topics (and a few topics that have no value without mixer-links) will be locked and archived.
 - Going forward, directing people to mixers in new posts/edits will be totally disallowed, and doing so could lead to a ban. Many mixer URLs will be wordfiltered-out, and if you bypass the wordfilter, then that'll definitely be ban-worthy.
 - Any remaining mixer signatures (etc.) may be deleted. Anyone persisting in advertising mixers will be banned.
 - In most cases, old posts will not be deleted. Nobody should be banned for old posts.

You do not need to go edit/delete your past posts. Links will be automatically wordfiltered-out as of Jan 1, or in a few cases mods will archive or delete posts, but you will not be banned for old mixer-related posts.

It will continue to be OK to discuss mixers in a general sort of way. Just don't direct people to mixers: don't link to a mixer, don't link to a directory with links to mixers, don't tell people to "Google ASDFmixer", don't link to a mixer's telegram, etc.

Definition of a mixer

For clarity, here is a detailed definition of what we mean by a "mixer". Most people know intuitively what a mixer is and don't have to read this.

Something is considered a mixer if it meets all of these requirements:
 1. It has a feature advertised for taking property, improving its privacy somehow, and then returning roughly the same type of property.
     a. Even though you can sometimes use non-mixers to mix coins by depositing and then withdrawing, this doesn't make it a mixer because this is an incidental use of the service; the service isn't advertised as privacy-enhancing.
     b. If a site is not primarily a mixer but has a mixer function, such as a mixer function on a gambling website, then the whole site is considered a mixer.
     c. If the site takes coins, gives you a possibly-transferrable IOU, and will convert this IOU back into mixed coins much later, then the temporary conversion into a different type of property does not prevent it from being considered a mixer.
     d. If the site internally converts your deposit into other things as part of its mixing, but ultimately the point of the product is to get your original type of property back, then that's a mixer, not an exchanger.
 2. It is possible for the mixer to steal property passing through it. Assume that the sender does everything as correctly as possible. Also assume that no miners/verifiers on the base-layer cryptocurrency are evil. But assume that every other actor involved is evil (everyone able to vote in a DAO, every coordination server, every counterparty, every member of a multisig, etc.). Ignore short-term software bugs which are expected to be quickly fixed.
 3. The service does not collect KYC-type info from all users.

Examples of things that are not banned mixers include exchangers (unless they have a mixing function), CoinJoin-supporting non-custodial wallets, and Monero.
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What is the best way to store your seed phrase? on: November 30, 2023, 04:53:31 PM
Is it unsafe for me to keep on Google Drive? I've been keeping my seed phrase in google drive for quite some time now but so far I haven't had a problem.
You only have to have problem once and your money will be gone. My advice is to transfer your money while you still have it to a new wallet and store your seed phrase properly, offline.

Here I want to say that I have not given anyone access to my google drive, if I don't give anyone access, how can they access my google drive?
Ever heard of hacking? These kind of things can happen to even the most careful& vigilant ones (btw, you don't strike me as one) and for that reason no one who actually cares about stuff like that will use Google Drive to share anything sensitive.

Regarding the question in OP, I store my seed phrase in two separate locations and I have contingency plan set in case something happens to me.
13  Economy / Reputation / Re: Royse777 will not pay anyone for the last week /Sinbad campaign/ on: November 30, 2023, 04:42:19 PM
Working for a mixer and depositing what they pay you in a CEX, even more by doing it just like that, without going through a previous coinjoin for example, I don't quite understand, I would appreciate it if someone could explain it to me.
What I don't understand though is whether those who got asked by Binance to explain their connection with that address used Binance to deposit their signature campaign earnings, or they first got money on their own non-custodial wallets and then moved it to Binance?

I mean, neither of those are smart things to do but I am curious how deep Binance actually goes in their investigation.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2024 Oscar Awards bets and discussions on: November 30, 2023, 03:49:25 PM
Yes I agree with you but in his initial message bbc.reporter was talking about movies he watched likely to receive Oscars according to him.
From what I see, he was merely sharing his personal opinion on those 3 movies, and not saying that its not good enough to win any Oscars.

And from what I understood he isn't thinking that Killers of the Flower Moon is good enough to receive one main Oscar. I think the opposite, for me this movie is "cinematically" better than Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer is not surprising, and looks too much like other movies such as The Imitation Game, I believe.
I have yet to see Killers of the Flower Moon (waiting for a good screener) but I agree about Oppenheimer/Imitation Game as I wasn't imporessed with neither of those and I think that the are both highly overrrated.
15  Economy / Exchanges / Re: Ronaldo Faces $1 Billion Class Action Lawsuit For Promoting Binance!! on: November 30, 2023, 03:40:24 PM
Is that number serious? compare with CZ's personal fine some time ago of around $50 million
Those 3 clowns that sued him can ask for $10 billion but they obviously won't get that much even if they win the case. My guess is that they are riding on the recent Binance news (CZ stepping down, $4 billion fine, Binance US closing etc) so they thought why not try to squeeze some bucks from Cristiano Ronaldo, hoping for a settlement.
16  Local / Hrvatski (Croatian) / Re: Novosti on: November 30, 2023, 03:26:43 PM
Je li to bilo vezano za uplatu primljenu od sig. kampanje? Vrlo je zajebana situacija…
Koliko sam ja skuzio da, jer je on do prije par mjeseci bio clan kampanje a onda je vjerojatno sa svoje adrese slao na Binance (pretpostavljam da nije toliko lud da je dao Binance adresu za isplatu). U ovakvoj situaciji mislim da nema smisla lagati i muljati ako zelis zadrzati account.  

Vjerujem da ima veliki broj članova koji svoju tjednu zaradu šalju direktno na mjenjačnice i mijenjaju u lokalnu valutu.
To sigurno, ima ih dosta kojima je to jedini izvor primanja tako da se sigurno dosta salje na CEX.

Ja ne prodajem svoje coine, ali sada moram razmišljati o načinima da "operem" coine koje sam zaradio od kampanje, a na način da ne koristim usluge mixera jer to ovdje gubi smisao.
Ja takodjer bitcoin zaradjen ovdje nisam do sada prodavao te nemam namjeru ikada slati na ikakve cexove bas zbog ovakvih situacija, a sav bitcoin zaradjen ovdje drzim dalje od ostatka.

Da nejasno je, kao sto je nejasno sta Binance zahteva od njega. Traze nekakve dokaze, ali ne pise koje.
Koliko sam ja skuzio, morat ce objasniti na koji nacin je povezan sa tom adresom, znaci objasniti da je dobio lovu od signature kampanje i poslati screenshotove kao dokaze.
17  Other / Meta / Re: My LB do not have a merit source. on: November 30, 2023, 11:27:37 AM
@Rikafip can give us an analytical view, but through my weekly visits to that LB and the presence of a merit source, I believe that the minimum limits of merit * are met.
Adding more sources would be good, but there is no need to complain at the moment.
Its true, at the moment Nigerian local board is receving enough merit but that's only because you are regularly meriting their posts via your thread. If we remove you from the equation, they will lack merit once again as CryptopreneurBrainboss allocation alone is imho not enough for board of that size.

This got me thinking, if you continue to merit their posts on the regular basis, maybe theymos might conclude that they don't need more merit and not approve their member's merit source applications?
18  Local / Hrvatski (Croatian) / Re: Novosti on: November 30, 2023, 11:14:17 AM
Sasvim je moguce da je tako. Cini se da su bolje zastitili sebe nego sto je to radio CM svojevremeno. Bice ovde zanimljivo.
Bas su se oglasili i najavili zvanicno saopstenje.
Vidio sam i onaj screenshot sa njihove telegram grupe koji si sherao, znaci oni i dalje tvrde da im stranica nije zaplijeljena.
A Binance je vec poceo gnjaviti ljude koji su imali doticaj sa Sinbadom, a ocekivati je da bi i ostali CEXovi mogli takodjer zajebavati. Nadam se da nitko ovdje ne salje mixer lovu na CEXove na kojima ima odradjen KYC.

Ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass die Sinbad Kampagne da vielleicht schon noch ein Nachspiel haben wird, zumindest hat mich Binance heute folgendes gefragt:

Dem aufmerksamen Leser dürfte die Adresse bekannt vorkommen, ist nämlich die Escrow Adresse der Sinbad Kampagne.
19  Other / Meta / Re: My LB do not have a merit source. on: November 29, 2023, 09:18:40 PM
It's obvious people cant read. What do you think is hidden here. I have gone through the individual links I see on the forum. And read all pinned topics. I am not new to technology. I know how to navigate a platform even if I just new it. This is the 21st century there is nothing hidden in search engines. I could know much about the forum if I just asked google to tell me what I need to know.
Cool story bro.

No legit newbie will care about merit, let alone lack of merit sources in the forum after few hours of browsing. Instead of posting this with your alt account, you should have used your main and bump one of the older threads as you are not doing any favors to your local boart by doing this.
20  Economy / Reputation / Re: Sinbad is down, why people leave negative feedback for LE? on: November 29, 2023, 09:14:03 PM
I don't know if they were dropped on their head or something, but did 2 DT members just tagged a LE representative on this platform?
Just because someone names his account "FIODNederland" doesn't mean that its their representative.

I'd suggest they remove their feedback immediately if they don't want to be associated with a sanctioned service and having their names blacklisted.
Lol you serious? Even if it turns out that it was indeed legit account, why would their name be "blacklisted". This is not North Korea.

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