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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 0.18.1 [Torrent]
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3181  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Why Bitcoin Core Developers won't compromise on: August 04, 2017, 10:03:12 PM
Why are you here then? Trolling only?
I am here to prevent the cancerous, paid shills to mislead newbies and newcommers with fake information (and gather more, real, Bitcoin of course Cheesy, among other things). More specifically, to prevent the spread of the scams such as XT, Classic, BU, ABC, BCash, w/e. If you do not support the real Bitcoin, why are you here then?

^ im laughing

he pretends to prevent cancer, as if he is a knight in shining armour.. yet supports the group that is growing cancer cells from within..

secondly apart from reading reddit scripts he has no idea what the truth is. he cant even understand the basics such as consensus.
the only statement that is accurate is he is here to gather more bitcoin (by scamming people into handing over their wallet.dats so he can grab a cut of peoples funds just to give them back their funds when peoples bitcoin-core clients crash. and yes he wont report the issue/error because he doesnt want to admit that core does have issues. purely so he can milk people of their funds when core crashes

message to lauda.
how about go to your altcoin/services topic and spam your sig campaigns there. if you want to be involved in bitcoin. atleast learn what bitcoin is. if you think bitcoin belongs only to core and that they are the only party you want deciding the future.. you have failed the fundamental basics

lessons to learn before summer 2018
1. consensus
2. diversity
3. decentralisation
4. c++

please learn those 4 things, because everyone can agree they will help you understand bitcoin
3182  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Mainstream Media: Bitcoin split is good on: August 04, 2017, 04:34:09 PM
your getting too obvious.
its funny, just months ago u and ur pals were screaming for anything not core to F**k off' you and your friends loved it when gmax requested non-core implementations to do it.. and now you pretend it was some government agenda fighting core..

just admit you wanted the split so you can get fiat rich, everyone knows all you care about is fiat income.
your drama to try speculating the price is not subtle. and infact too obvious. you and billy really need to stop getting your material from reddit
3183  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: what is core gonna get up to? on: August 04, 2017, 04:13:00 PM

answering OP's topic question
while remaining sheep of the BScartel. core are gonna waste time with LN and sidechains to dilute demand for full nodes. and then ramp up their 'pruned SPV is the future' so that they can control the full nodes (network consensus vote) leaving the sheep in the cludgy [filtered downstream stripped] area of their tier network either running 2nd tier software or 3rd tier ln software and blame it on onchain bloat[once gmax adds more 'weight' with his CT  features] as the cause why no one is full noding anymore.

its not fud... its obvious and rational logic that can be seen by anyone who isnt a bscartel sheep
3184  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: what is core gonna get up to? on: August 04, 2017, 03:55:23 PM
you mention spam..
but when i correct your spam comment about timing.. you then meander about price... pffft.. (u failed)
you and billy need to stop reading reddit.. try real research next time

also by you using the word "conservative" just shows that you are just reading a well known and out dated FUD script, where you dont even understand the actual usage of the buzzword in reality.

go play with your fiat. i know its all you care about and waiting for the right time to exit bitcoin and return to fiat. so go.


core know 8mb is perfectly fine.. infact 32mb is fine, 8mb is also fine to the people who are anal.. 4mb is super anal fine.. 2mb is extreme anal and in 2015 considered the ultimate compromise just to get cores butt plug removed to move things forward.  

writing code for a 2mb base block should have begun in 2015... but even now mid 2017 core still have the 1mb base block butt plug inserted..
so dont pretend they are doing things methodically over years to test things out carefully.. when they havnt even removed the 1mb butt plug to test it out..

like i said they are gonna finally write something hopefully in 2018 and then pretend it took 2015-2018 to implement it safely.. when reality is.. do nothing for 2 years then remove the 2mb when it suits them.. much like having segwit code on an dang altcoin in 2014-2016.. and only having segwit test ready for bitcoin june to october of 2016.. (might be worth you checking beyond reddit at how 'well tested segwit is' P.S ven now segwit keypairs are not ready for bitcoin mainnet)
3185  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Utopia on: August 04, 2017, 03:07:52 PM
not everyone in the world would use bitcoin.
bitcoin will not be the "one world currency". because if it did.. it will become no better than the corrupt fiat system of the IMF

bitcoin will have the niches that replace travellers cheques and wire transfers between countries. with the added bonus that in many shops will accept it direct (EG at the moment try to use a Euro in an american store, it will be frowned upon, but bitcoin wont)

but although bitcoin will have uses in many/all countries. it wont replace fiat. it will have a niche along side fiat.

so if anyone is spilling out stories of 10billion people in a couple decades using bitcoin for every single daily need.. please slap them with a wet fish and tell them to think more rationally.(meant as humorous wakeup, not violent wakeup)

so if anyone is spilling out stories of 7billion people within a decade  using bitcoin for every single daily need.. please slap them with a wet fish and tell them to think more rationally.

we should continue to expand bitcoins onchain growth to allow freedom to transact. and stop stiffling/delaying growth by using the foolish utopian stories as scar tactic excuses why stiffling should occur.

and come to the realisation natural progressive incremental dynamic growth should be accepted, not rekt

the governments can adapt.
EG driverless Uber/taxi cab services could be the method of covering the costs of the road repair. much like train services repair the rail network through customers train ticket income.

retailers like mcdonalds end up paying a few sats per food packaging, to cover the street sweepers that clean up town city centres.

residents pay local manicipals for theirgarbage pickups. etc..

things can change. but not much has to. because even now with people earning money abroad, they still end up paying income tax somewhere
3186  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: MtGox Bitcoin Cash on: August 03, 2017, 08:25:22 PM
I don't know if this is normal practice in "the West", but in Southeast Asia in at least two countries I've experienced, this happens:

When people are facing bankruptcy as a result of defaulting on bank loans or even credit card payments, it can happen that the bank forcibly deducts salaries paid into the bank account to help pay off debts. If, for some reason, some amount of cash enters into the account, it is also held. Customers can't access their funds until they agree to some sort of repayment.

It's a similar sort of situation, just situations switched.
Sorry, but I don't see any similarities here. We know that Gox owes money to the victims and funds are being held by the law firm. This is an exceptional situation, because the value of these funds are now worth 20% more thanks to BCC. The problem is BCC appears on the private keys, so if the firm moves BTC (for instance to redistribute it to the victims) it will still control BCC.
they could have sold it in 2014-2017 and now only hold fiat. meaning any changes to btc are no longer applicable because everything is now fiat based and the lawyers are just eating the fiat until a small % is left
3187  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: MtGox Bitcoin Cash on: August 03, 2017, 07:22:48 PM
put it this way.

if you got illegally evicted from an apartment. and ended up being owed say $3k for certain purposes.
if it then took 4 years to recover the amount. you cannot then say you want $1m simply because what used to be a apartment is now a large complex valued at significantly more.

you only get what was owed at the time.. minus costs of the lawyers that eat into what you are owed.

so if you are owed 10btc.. its not going to be %of 10btc + %of 10bch
its just % of 10btc

they may try to play silly maths like if it worked out they could pay out lets say 5% btc or 25%btc
they will play it to say 4%btc 1%bch=5%btc
they will play it to say 20%btc 5%bch=25%btc

just to pretend they are helping their clients
3188  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: what is core gonna get up to? on: August 03, 2017, 06:56:09 PM
No one uses BTC beyond speculation, buying drugs, and the most important: Cold storage.

your missing the whole point.

also you revealed your hand. you think bitcoin is useless.. so its time you go play in fiat land because you dont care or understand it

Centralizing the network because Roger Ver spammed the network is a dumb idea.
1. actually if you check the timing.. the spam events occured when core wanted their bips activated and wanted to scare people into thinking activations are needed to reduce spam
2. actually if you check the code. core have done more to dilute the 'full node' groups to cause more centralisation, down to being a cludge of non full nodes and less actual full nodes
3. even you are trying to promote centralisation. by REKTing diversity

but anyway all you care about is fiat value, so you go play in fiat land. you have missed the subtle points i was making about what core should be concentrating on.. rather then the drama they cause
3189  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: what is core gonna get up to? on: August 03, 2017, 06:48:28 PM
core need to man up or shut up

1. if they want to cry that others are 'stealing' their code.. then dont cry if there are errors, just admit core had errors
2. sue coinbase employee's that stole core code too, such as litecoin. and all the other altcoins. or even other bitcoin businesses such as BTCC
3. dont cry that others are forking their code.. accept that any alterations makes it no longer their code.

hopefully the 3 options above should reduce their exaggerated drama and reddit fud scripts.

if another altcoin can handle 2mb of data.. then shut up with the 'stick with 1mb base block coz internet cant handle more'  fud
if core think 4mb serialised weight is network safe. then atleast shut up saying 2mb blocks are bad..

then just get on and program it.. not waste 3 years doing nothing at all while pretending it takes 3 years to do anything.
its like sitting on your ass for 3 years drinking pepsi and then finally stand up and grab a fruit juice. just to pretend it takes 3 years to make a fruit juice drink

if core actually bothered to make a 2mb base block after the late 2015 table / roadmap plan.. there would be no quarrel..
3190  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: MtGox Bitcoin Cash on: August 03, 2017, 02:52:28 PM
law firms dont spend years fighting for the best compensation package for customers. they spend time charging labour for silly notices, memos and other correspondence. charging exaggerated 'investigation/research' costs..

so dont expect anything better than pennies on the dollar whether coin split or not..

in short
if they found extra value (the split).. soon they will find some admin charges to eat up that new value before the case is settled

EG if they had a figure in mind of 5% repayment before the split was even considered/ known.
after the split they will change things and say something like it would have been 4% pre split but the luck of the split happening has given a bonus to everyone to get 5%. just to make it sound like people are getting a deserved split bonus.. but reality is those lawyers now get more to keep

dont knitpick me saying 5%. its not an official figure. its just a random number i chose for demo purposes only
3191  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Have we all been entertained? Can we finally have business as usual? on: August 02, 2017, 06:51:22 AM
Nope. The real drama hasn't even begun yet. The biggest hurdle has always been the 2x deployment part of segwit2x that's due in 3 month's time.

and the mempool drama of whenever segwit let users actually use segwit keypairs.
3192  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: did not credit its users BCH/BCC after all promise of support on: August 02, 2017, 06:04:19 AM
but everyone knows this split is for bch/bcc so why complicating issues and defending them?

everyone knows there was an intentional bch altcoin occuring

but the email was so vague/subtle to not mention bch and only mention the risks of a segwit split. that it played people about the november-august drama of segwit UASF... but never mentioned the separate BCH event

not illegal, just immoral

its like not reading the small print, and just assuming it will be ok

P.S im not defending them, im clarifying that third parties should not be trusted and people should not assume best intentions of third parties
3193  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: did not credit its users BCH/BCC after all promise of support on: August 02, 2017, 05:39:45 AM
firstly if you dont have access to the privkeys, then you dont have control.

secondly from reading the email literally. it is talking about the bip141/148 split (which has not occured).

imagine it this way
group1 want segwit via november to november miner consensus
group2 want segwit via a august first mandatory change
group3 want segwit via a july to august miner consensus

group4 want an altcoin branded bch that begins in august

the email is talking about 1.2.3... and the possible issues concerning 123 that might (but didnt) cause a split.

the group4 got a altcoin but cex never promised anything related to group4, nor mentioned anything related to BCH.

BCH is an entirely different and separate piece of drama and event that just so happen to occur on the same proposed date.
the email does not mention anything about giving access to BCH

seems cex intentionally remained subtle about what they would protect/accept to make people unaware of what cex was actually proposing to honour.

not illegal but immoral by not being clear about all possible eventualities

lesson to learn stop trusting third parties
3194  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Total bullshit on bitcoin cash, can't dump it nowhere! on: August 02, 2017, 04:03:24 AM
Lucky me i dont have any of that useless shit cause my bitcoin wallet provider doesn't support it maybe they know it will turn out to be another shitcoin although i still want my hands of those free BCC giveaways to to sell and dump them then convert it to BTC everybody is thinking the same thing so while it still has a value better sell it than sorry but this bitcoin wallet providers have disabled the send and receive features i can't do a thing to those free bitcoin coins. Seriously why would this wallet providers have done this? Are they trying to stop the BCC dump?

you foolishly let some third party service hold coins. so technically the bch from those coins belong to them because its on THEIR privkeys.

in short by not withdrawing to a wallet you control the privkey to. you vetoed your right to the bch
now the third party service is taking their bch from their privkeys and making profit for themselves.
3195  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: First block larger than 1MB in the history of Bitcoin mined on: August 02, 2017, 03:43:03 AM
It's not the first. Bitcoin Unlimited already tried to hard fork without success.

the BU block earlier in the year was a mistake of adding an extra tx and got rejected in seconds. there have been a few from different pools on different occasions this has happened and no one cared because they all were non consensus ruled blocks. and got rejected. this is nothing new and is exactly a feature of why bitcoin works. rejcting non-consensus rules.
BU's block only got attention because the core fanboys love over dramatising things.

BU didnt lose 13btc. they never had 13btc. it was a reject like all others.(there have been thousands of rejects over the years)

however the bitcoincash block got accepted into their chain and thus makes it a valid first block larger than 1mb

it proves that a network/crypto can handle more than 1mb of data and as such core/bscartels fud about only 1mb base blocks being safe for the internet has been debunked and that if core done this and allowed ovr 1mb baseblock . bitcoin mainnet would also have a block over 1mb accepted in the bitcoin mainnet chain
3196  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is BTC Segwit an altcoin? on: August 01, 2017, 05:18:04 PM
segwit started as an altcoin
blockstream:elements project 2014 <- research it

certain core devs have incorporated blockstream:elements:segwit parts into NEW and VOLUNTARY keypairs which can be used on bitcoins mainnet. although the network topology had to change in a cludgy way to attempt to make these new keypairs functional.

but the facts are that just having segwit "activated" is meaningless to most people.
all the features promised by the certain core devs are not automatic for everyone.

users need to at a later date (when certain core devs spoon feed the code), need to move their funds over to new keypairs and remain using funds on the new style keypairs to then disarm themselves from being able to do anything malicious.

segwit does not stop people doing things by sticking with older/legacy keypairs.
segwit does not mean quadratics is eliminated, and does not mean that spam/bloat/malleability is eliminated either

the network wide change that does affect everyone is the centralisation of the network topology with the cludgy tiered network segwit has created.
there are other cludgy parts to segwit which people are too afraid to research, admit to. and have proven to not know, yet still kiss ass of segwit devs.

in short dont expect segwit activation to be the end of the drama and the beginning of utopia.. people will realise soon enough the promises of 7tx/s are empty gestures, promises of eliminting certain things are empty promises and that normal people are still going to be limited due to the base block, which even segwit is still limited to in ways.
3197  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Bitmain Cash was stillborn. (ITS DEAD!) on: August 01, 2017, 03:26:06 PM
btc1 has nothing to do with bitcoincash.
bitcoin cash is a transparently admitted bilateral split (an altcoin)

btc1 was an attempt to twist peoples opinions and promise things without guarantee, just to get segwit activated

Do you mind give the link to btc1 blog you mentioned since i couldn't find it?

segwit2x made by BLOQ and branded btc1 is made by the same financed group as blockstream

check out the bscartel
3198  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin fees reduced thanks to BCC/BCH fork? on: August 01, 2017, 01:59:08 PM

once segwit keypair functionality is allowed (future BScartel/core client release)

then people will need to move their funds to segwit keypairs.. and once its moved to sgwit keypairs. they then have to stick with using transactions of segwit<->segwit to actually get the 'discount'

so what you will see is the mempool bloat up again when the surge of funds(53mill outputs) moving ramps up again... and then the mess and cludge of different average fee's occur between those that remain with legacy keypairs and those with segwit keypairs


im still shocked that all the segwit fanboys do not even know the basics, even after a year of kissing segwit ass..

seriously if you wanna fanboy something, atleast research learn what your devoting your opinions to
3199  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: attempts to "rebrand" Bitcoin Cash won't work and look pathetic on: August 01, 2017, 01:29:45 PM

oh, so much fud

atleast try to be accurate if your going to spread fud

bitcoin cash is a bilateral split (true altcoin creation)

the other guys above are listing clients that did not want bilateral splits. even gmax admitted the list refused a bilateral split.
What you are describing is what I and others call a bilaterial hardfork-- where both sides reject the other.

I tried to convince the authors of BIP101 to make their proposal bilateral by requiring the sign bit be set in the version in their blocks (existing nodes require it to be unset). Sadly, the proposals authors were aggressively against this.

The ethereum hardfork was bilateral, probably the only thing they did right--

the list of clients do work on bitcoin mainnet but with functionality/features which core refuse to implement


3200  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoincash forked out, now when is Segwit? on: August 01, 2017, 12:25:36 PM
the flagging of segwit is pretty much over. but the utility of segwit has not even started.
even the pools on litecoin are not using segwit keypairs, yet they were all dramatised as being all for segwit... funny that!

the only reason the segwit flagging jumped from 35%-80-95% is the (near/possible) promise of 2mb base block in the next 3 months.
not because people suddenly adored the idea of segwit miraculously.

anyway lets see what happens in the next few months and find out what other promises are retracted and dont become forfilled
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