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Author Topic: Let's create some Ethereum clones  (Read 1565 times)
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August 27, 2018, 02:42:15 AM

examples of tokens

examples of tokens and coins

from the aura thread
since we are about to start having youstocks everyone should have more resources for creating contracts on the blockchain

for anyone wondering what youstocks are going to be and are not sure exactly what aura is here is an example of what is about to happen here is a list of ethereum github repositories that allow you to create ethereum tokens these same smart contracts can be copied and pasted off of the ethereum blockchain and people can start creating youstock tokens and the developer of aura is most likely going to create a platform that is better than any of these but this is an example someone could copy and paste these right now and have people start launching tokens but that is what is going to be happening soon anyways

here is how people create tokens on the ethereum platform

this is a web browser similar to mozilla or google chrome or internet explorer that exists on the ethereum blockchain

token generators

qr code generators for smartphones

resources for solidity users

here is an example of a pretty detailed smart contract token

here are some other ethereum blockchains if we can all start creating tokens on the various blockchains as our youstock platform comes out we can have tokens that can be traded across platfroms for example say someone from the aura community goes on the ethereum blockchain right now and creates a token on the ethereum blockchain they would not even have to do an ico they could just hand out the token or tell people that they can earn the token by posting about aura on twitter or by posting about aura on steemit for all the steemit users to see or by writing on a blog website that the creator of the coin creates so that he can populate his new website whatever the reason is it would be an aura goal for an ethereum token and we could all start using it today instead of waiting for the youstock platform and I am not pushing saying that someone absolutely needs to do this I am just pointing out how cross pollination works

but then say after someone created an ethereum token another person created an etherzero token or some other kind of ethereum token like on the soil or victorium blockchains at that point instead of being the competitors of aura those blockchains become pools of new users that can come to aura and the tokens they are using will be tokens that are used both by that blockchain and aura users which is not something that another blockchain has no other ethereum blockchain is connected to all the other ethereum blockchains except for ethereum and only because of the fact that all of the new blockchains came from the ethereum blockchain and just have different IDs and genesis blocks

other ethereum blockchains we could benefit from making tokens on various blockchains and have them all being traded by aura users it will bring capital to the aura exchanges and bring in new aura holders

if anyone wants to create an ethzero token here is how

is there a website or app to create tokens on the etherzero blockchain and what is the etherdelta equivalent on the etherzero blockchain?

Download metamask extansion for chrome browser, and add custom node by url
Keep balance 0.01 etz at least in your account at metamask
Connect web3 by Remix(, now u can code and create tokens in Remix

Not yet token exchanges like etherdelta on ETZ, but soon it will be, please wait.

If you have legger just connect to wallet.ethezero,then chose send tokens,connect your wallet and it should be ok. Dont forget in legger select etherum>settings>browser suport>yes

Should be ok.

here is what the people on the expanse blockchain said

is there any kind of way to create tokens on the expanse blockchain by just typing in values and the ticker and everything and putting it through an app that has been created on the blockchain? if there is a way to create tokens on the expanse blockchain that is simple for people to create tokens then I will share the app with everyone and have people create new tokens on this blockchain I am currently holding aura and waiting for them to create the aura youstock platform to share but the more places people can create tokens the more there can be cross pollination of markets

You can create tokens on the Expanse blockchain through Tokenlab!

here is tokenlab

here are some social media blockchains that are on ethereum right now everyone should go to them and start asking them to create social media products on the aura blockchain

we can also use these platform to get tokens that we can then use to fund own youstocks as well as use them to spread the youstock platform because platforms where people are already earning tokens are the perfect places to tell people how to make their own tokens using youstocks

this one plans to overtake facebook

this one allows people to create challenges and put more money towards challenges other people have created in order to get people to do them

this one says you can mine tokens using existing social media accounts like facebook

a few more social media platforms

thug coin

these are ethereum contracts that aura should be aware of as aura could have smart contracts just like these and anyone can launch them on the aura blockchain

these are similar to the youstock idea but different

review writing token

article writing token

social media like facebook

japanese social media

like youtube but with a token

a virtual reality with tokens

a smart contract meant to unify exchanges in some cross platform way

an exchange that seems to have some new ideas

supposedly this token allows you to monetize your email address by accepting random emails

content market

a social media thing to meet new people

a currency that watches the market and changes its value

like kickstarter or gofundme

create mesh networks for tokens

this is like cloud mining but you can buy a share in any monetized machine so a robot that does labor could be owned by 100 people who profit from the labor whether they are directly involved with the company or not or it could be used for cloud mining services

I am going through and looking at all the eth tokens so I will be adding more here so that people can see what the possibilities are for aura

here are some more interesting smart contracts just to show everyone what exists and what can be created on the aura blockchain

bitcoin as an ethereum token meaning a blockchain on a blockchain

minereum a self mining blockchain

300 token is a token that exists on minereum which exists on ethereum meaning it is something like a blockchain on a blockchain on a blockchain

a proof-of-stake ethereum token

this is basically the exact same thing as youstocks

another youstock type platform

a youstock type exchange where you can supposedly create tokens

airdrop as a service

a social market currency

another article writing token

a book publishing token

like soundcloud on the blockchain

this is a trading bot like the gunbot thing that you purchase except it runs on a token

this is a virtual reality where you either mine gold or do things to make money from the people mining gold

a lottery

another lottery

bounty token connected to an ico bounty website

another youtube with a token

here is a poll taking token but I am not sure if they pay the people that take the polls that is not clear

this seems to be a token that watches all the other tokens for you

this token is putting games on a blockchain so gamers can pay miners for running the game and everything

internet and cloud type services on the blockchain

this is something called mercury protocol and has something called the global messaging token (gmt) I am not sure this is the main thread but I can't find a main on

this is a coin you supposedly get when you buy certain things

like a mining stock that represents a certain amount of mining power in a mining facility and can be rented or sold

indorse is meant to get you paid for sharing your online data

proof-of-time blockchain

a gaming token that pays you not to die

another virtual reality token

a token that pays you to participate

a token to help students find jobs

tokenizing assets like silver

pay in any cryptocurrency using 1 token platform

senderon is helping fund crypto projects

crypto hedge fund creation

a token for elearning and teaching each other and helping each other

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September 02, 2018, 05:04:12 AM

very soon we will be getting started here, Sept 1st we will be able to make tokens using the CETH platform
Aliya Taj
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September 04, 2018, 09:04:00 PM

Oh please, NO! see what happened when people thought of this same thing, and made a shitty coin out of bitcoin; Bitcoincash. That coin was a mistake and we do not need something like that again at this point please. Ethereum is more good enough for us, and as such, let's just stick with it please.  no more clones. thanks.
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October 16, 2018, 03:16:16 AM

Someone should put Voting on a Blockchain, and instead of using the Coins as Voting Tokens, make it where if someone can prove they Voted they get a 1 Vote Coin or whatever. Then it would work better. Voting would be secondary like a dApp on the Blockchain.

State by State, Party by Party, etc, a new regular use for Blockchain everyone can earn money Voting
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March 06, 2020, 12:43:39 AM

I have been paying attention for a while and it is still only just starting. If I had to guess I would say there are 200 people or less actually on the game at any given time, so this is still really only a few people playing
can someone who has played the game please post here about it there is hardly anything on the internet about this game and it seems that the only place to see updates is through the february medium post or reading the telegram channel which seems to be the most active and which I was just shown by a friend a few minutes ago but can someone post their experience with the game or a screenshot or two from their gameplay here

there is also a steemit post from 2017 that talks about the pre-beta game that was out because apparently there was a practice game and that was available to everyone if I am not mistaken then the recent beta was 100 chosen test users who got to test the game first and look for bugs and then they were just going to fix any bugs but seem to have gotten more ideas according to their telegram channel and are now adding to the game so maybe this thread could also be used for suggestions and suggestions would be easier to make if we all knew a little bit more about how the beta test went and had some information from the people who were involved

the only reason I am saying all of this here now is because it doesn't seem to all be in one place anywhere else on the internet and anyone who wants to learn about this game probably specifically wants to know this stuff

just saying that this thread would be a lot better if it was people talking about what the game was like or talking about the things they want to see added to the game
Someone in the game chat said "the only downfall of this game id you can't turn the in game gold to PGL"

So I just had to tell them this:
"Go to the Exchange tab where you turn PGL to gold and click 'swap', now it is gold for PGL"

That is the whole point of the game.

This is a game to grow your investment, the FIRST EVER GAME WHERE THE IN GAME GOLD IS REAL CRYPTOCURRENCY YOU CAN TRADE ON THE MARKET. That is what this is.

How to clone Ethereum Tokens

Bitshares Assets

How to create an EOS Token

Once you have Capital in the game, you can use it to buy Ethereum to pay for Ethereum Gas prices to launch your own Token, and your Token could be traded for PGL. So an Asset/Stock type Token you own could be traded for ETH and PGL, and you could invest back in the game to earn more PGL to cash out, or you could just trade your Token on the market with PGL users as a pool of buyers. And they could use your Token to trade against PGL.

More Token platforms

I think the next step is to start a Facebook group if there is not already, then create a group on Minds where they are already using a Crypto called Minds Token. So that makes it possible for you to earn PGL on Prospectors, and buy Minds Tokens and you can use those to promote you posts on Minds. There is also Steemit where you can also earn money, so you can use PGL to buy Steem, then talk about Prospectors on Steemit, and use your Steem to Vote on posts and earn more Steem.

Then we need someone to create an Exchange, because the whole newdex to wax thing is too complex for most people. And then we need Prospectors users to make their own Tokens, either through like Tokenlab or OpenLedger. So then you can use a Facebook group, and Minds, and Steemit, to talk about PGL and user Tokens, which creates a whole Ecosystem of Wealth.

If you look at the Wood Charts you can see how this all works. The Sell side is at 12 gold pieces each, which is the people who have Wood and want you to come pick it up. The Buy side is people who do not have Wood and want it delivered to them, that price is at 16 gold pieces.

But you can see there is not actually much Wood on the Market at 12 through 43 gold pieces, the 12, 15, 20, etc hardly have any left, and it jumps to 44 gold pieces before you see lots of Wood. So it will be 44 each soon, and is 12 right now.

The Sell price is already up to 39

So, just to point out the details of this economy. So, the base Crypto layer, PGL is traded for other Cryptocurrencies, Ex: Bitcoin is a Crypto. And these are traded for USD, the price of PGL will go up as other Cryptos go up because they are traded against each other, not the USD. Only Coins on Coinbase can be traded for USD, so you use your other Crypto to buy the USD tradable Crypto.

The next layer is the Trade Platforms. Trade volume is pretty low right now, Trade Volume going up means there are more people joining the game and buying PGL. The more people there are buying PGL and investing in the game, the more rare PGL gets. Because it is just natural that when 5 people share 1000 things, it is easier to collect/horde than when 500 people are sharing those 1000 things. So as Trade Volume goes up, the price will go up.

Then, also, as PGL is bought and brought into the game, it is basically inflation. So if there are 5 people playing the game, and they spend $50.00 each on PGL at $0.06 each, then build Goldmines, and Tool Shops, etc, and dig more Gold out of thr ground, it is limited to whatever they can retrieve. So right now, because there are only maybe 200 players (which is why it is still a great time to get it and earn a lot of Gold) sharing whatever they all purchased in PGL to bring in, and whatever they dug out of the ground, and many are cashing out into USD putting PGL back on the market, lowering the in game Gold supply. So 1kg of Rocks in the game is maybe 5 Game Gold right now, but when 500 new people come in and spend $20.00 each to get in the game, the in game Gold supply goes up. And they buy rocks, raising the price of rocks because 500 new citizens exist, using the rock supply.

So in Game prices can change, and holding an in game Product and waiting for new citizens to buy up all the cheap products, could be as profitable as holding a Cryptocurrency itself. It's possible that when there are more like 1,000,000 users, that the workers could be paid like $15.00/hr in in game Gold for their in game work. This is the first ever Real Life Currency traded in a Game App like FarmVille. Right now it is more Profitable to buy PGL and invest it in the game to flip it, there will come a time when working for in game Gold by selling game products on the market, and working, will be more profitable than buying PGL and bringing it in. Because this Currency is based on a game, there will come a time when the game and the market will switch in the "Buy buy buy!!!" and "Sell sell sell!!!" moments on the Crypto Exchanges.

This is similar to how in the Real Stock Market, NYSE, DOW, NASDAQ, etc, when stocks drop, or in a recession for example, Gold goes up because people are selling stocks to buy Gold, so it goes up. Markets shift, and part of the PGL market is in Game work.

Here is how game wages could be as high as regular wages. Right now, work is in high demand and game gold is in high demand. But say that 100 new people start playing, and they all want to be at the top of the work orders list. Instead of 7 game gold max, they could offer 10 or 12 game gold. So at 10, that is 600 game gold per hour. Now, that let's another 150 or 200 or 300 people get in the game, start making the Auctions competitive, bring up demand for tools and wagons and building material. Now prices go up even more.

Then if people simply decide they want more gold. Stone in the cheapest resource right now, but say I wanted to bring the price up? Or stone building material? Hardly anyone is buying stone building material on the buy side of the market, they don't have buy orders up. So if you bought up all the sell orders for all stone materials, and were sitting on 1 million stone, 150,000 stone tiles, and 70,000 stone blocks and a stone workshop. You could set the price yourself. Anyone could do that with any market in the game, like a Cartell.

And if the price of materials goes up, the price of tools and wagons and everything goes up. If the price of tools and wagons goes to where you need $0.50 and $1.00 or $5.00 to buy tools on the market with PGL, now people with game gold and wagon shops and tool shops and stone mills and saw mills have new found wealth; from a video game Cartel bringing PGL in off the exchanges with USD, then putting it into game gold (not coming from the ground in the game), which also raised the price of PGL to maybe $0.50 each or $15.00 each. And maybe they can start to afford 25 or 50 or 100 per minute for jobs, making 50,000 or 100,000 game gold per tool they sell. Now people are getting 1 PGL every couple minutes, the PGL/WAX/EOS market gets super active. And then suddenly we are all stockholders and employees l

Apparently there are levels, my account says level 4

And just btw, some people may already be doing this, but you can take your Referral link, and a Prospectors image, and go on Google Ads or some other online Ad service and pay for your Referral link to show up as Ads for people. You get your Referral link at the top right hand sideof the game screen, you just click your username and then there is a Referral tab. And you get like 20% of all Taxes you pay the in game Government, or DAO, the Contract that is under the game. The Taxes go to replenishing the game in the game world once it hits a certain amount.

And the replenishing won't hurt the prices of the Coin permanently every time, because there is a limited supply, so every time the map replenishes it will just be a good Bullish opportunity to buy, and for new people to join. But there will market hits each time it replenishes. There are only maybe 500 people or less playing right now though, so it has to happen to let new people in so it will be fine, because the more people there are holding PGL the more and more rare it will become. 1,000,000 people trying to share something is different than 500 sharing the same exact thing.
New buildings

To put this in perspective, many of us were not here when the game started. There was a Pre-game Auction where the PGL developers sold off game gold, tools, and other game items before the game launched. So when the game started, it is likely that people started with no buildings and had to build them. So, for example, if I wanted to build a Gold Mine I would need Clay Bricks, but if I went to look at the market there wouldn't be any.

So, I would have to start a Brick Yard, and manufacture my own bricks, and maybe my own wood girders, and maybe my own everything, with nothing for sale on the market yet. So first, you have to build a Brick Yard, and maybe even a Stone Yard before that, all in order to make a Goldmine.

That is why the prices are where they are, because the game started with more Gold than Industry. But now the Industries are popping up, and you can mine Stone and sell it to stone yards, or mine clay and sell it to clay yards. You don't have to sit on everything you mine because other people need it.

Eventually there will be more land with buildings on it than without land, we just need more users. The Coffee industry is about to be a renewable resource, like growing your own woodland on the map from seeds. We are basically going to be farming, and farmers need empty land to farm on. So eventually there will be no abandonned plots, and the only option for new people will be jobs, no collecting resources. The Auction will then be the only place to look for new land. And everything will be completely different from how we see it now.

Anyone who wants this to be big
since the prospectors game is probably going to be the largest cryptocurrency based game that has been invented yet I want to make a list of other games that we should all try to get on the blockchain and this may also give the developers of the prospectors game some ideas

these are their twitter handles so send them messages showing them the prospectors game because if other games start creating currencies it would change the way people earn money


there are many more than this and I will post more later plus if we can get a thread going with all of these people tagged in it and mentioned by multiple prospectors users then we can probably get some of them to start paying attention to what is going on here and they might either want to get involved or copy the crypto idea

This is a guide for anyone playing the game starting with $0.00, no PGL. And the 1st 4 steps should take like 12 hrs checking every hour, or spacing it out. Then you get tools and should be able to make at least 1000 gold a day on the website. 1000 game gold = 1 PGL which is only around $0.06 right now. If you can put $10-$20 in, that is really all you need. It is complex for people new to crypto, but they can do it. You go on Coinbase, get Bitcoin with a Debit card (not bank) so it is available instantly. Then convert that to EOS, Convert is an option on the Coinbase trade page when you click the blue "trade" button.

Once you have EOS, go to NewDex (don't let coins sit for days or weeks if you need to spend them, they could lose value by the time you need them). NewDex makes you create a Wallet, Wombat works easy because it is a Google Chrome Extension, which just means it makes a Wombat Wallet Icon in Chrome for you so you can click it easily. Your Username is 12 Letters long. Go back to Coinbase, open the Wombat Wallet by clicking the little button it made for you in Chrome, copy your username, send the EOS to yourself from Coinbase on Coinbase in you Coinbase wallet to your 12 letter Wombat username.

Then go back to NewDex, or just Google search for:
Newdex PGL/WAX

When you find that trade page, go to EOS/WAX over on the right side and switch to that page, then click the bottom red colored trade option on the left hand side of the page, then buy it. And keep doing that until your EOS is gone.

Then on the right side click WAX/PGL, do the same thing with the red ones and buy them.

Now, your WAX account is your Prospectors Account, so once you buy the PGL it will already be in the game because NewDex makes you log in to WAX to trade.

Then go to the Prospectors game and at the top right click the settings button, it looks like a little machine gear. Then click "deposit". And type in the amount of PGL it says you have.

You won't need more than $10-$20 until you learn more about the game, and that is plenty to start with. If you compare this to a App Game, like FarmVille or games more like it like Mobile Strike that Arnold Swartzenater was advertising, or whatever else, it is much much cheaper than those. $10-$20 at this point in time, with PGL at $0.06, will go a long way.

And just because for some reason there is no "n00b" love yet, I will help start it. I will write a more complete guide eventually, but here are a few tips just to get people started.

1. At the beginning, at the Government building, you can not pull those items out. You start with 0 Gold and 0 items, but 3 workers. Also, btw, the Government Office is Coordinates 0/0 when you start to learn the Coordinates.

2. When you click a plot, and it shows you the box at the top with the resources numbered, it says whether the plot is owned or not. You can also ckick the rental sign inside the plot.

Find a plot with trees but no owner, start the game by collecting wood by hand.

3. When you do things with tools you get 10x as much. For example, wood gathered by hand by workers comes in at 0.1 wood per min, so 6 in 60 min. With a saw and axe you get 60 per hour.

If you can find a cheap used stone hammer (stone only requires 1 tool, wood requires the 2 tools), use the money you get from gathering wood to buy that because 1 cheap tool is easier to get than 2x 100% non used tools.

4. Then get a saw and axe, because wood sells for a better price, and with tools you get 60 per hour.

5. Then decide if you need a wagon first, or more tools for your workers, and get a wagon or more tools for your workers.

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March 08, 2020, 07:07:13 AM

So coming up here soon I am going to get a small network together, of people creating tokens, using PGL for Capital and either Bitshares Assets, Ethereum Token Clones, EOS Tokens, or some other Token platform like Tokenlab on EXP.

Then there will be an entire economy and not just PGL
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March 08, 2020, 07:33:51 AM

There are already too many shitty projects, please not creating more
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March 08, 2020, 07:44:51 AM

It is about 1 BTC or about $9000 to list  a Bitshares asset
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March 08, 2020, 08:22:05 AM

Currencies, both fiat and crypto, don’t actually contain any value they simply represent value. They are called Trade Instruments, meaning, instruments that facilitate trade. Stocks are an example of trade instruments that aren’t money, they have no actual value but they represent a share of a company and the company itself does the work that turns the profits that gives a share its theoretical value. All trade Instruments work along the same lines: Fiat is traded by banks and Foreign Exchange companies, Stock is traded on Stock Exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange and Cryptocurrencies are traded on various Cryptocurrency Exchanges. All of their values are representations of real things, for example Stocks Represent created and distributed goods and services by a particular company, while fiat currency represents created and distributed goods and services of a nation. Both change based on industrial/technological/scientific/developmental/etc. advancements within those companies or nations, as well as various factors such as trade volume and inflation. It is best to trade your trade instruments at the highest value possible and use them to buy real items, such as: Precious metals, Livestock, Software, Machines, Produce/Seeds, Land, Realestate, etc and then use those to get more trade instruments.

Trade volume is how many people are buying and selling a particular currency or stock. The more people who are buying it, the higher the value will rise.

An example of Inflation is when the United States starts printing too much money. When this happens a dollar starts being worth less, which in turn means it will take more money to buy the same materials. For instance, if you go to the store and one day Milk is $3/Gallon but then you go a few months later and notice it is $5/Gallon, this is because of inflation. Inflation also drives things like the minimum wage and social security checks, which are usually based on the cost of living. Cryptocurrencies with no cap will eventually inflate into eternity and lose value, unless they have a high trade volume.

Supply and Demand is the comparison of how many people want something against how many their are of that thing. For example, when Apple creates a new IPhone the value is higher than it really should be and as the technology slightly or drastically ages, the value goes down.

A Whale is a person who has a large quantity of a certain trade instrument and uses that to effect the markets. For example, if someone has 51% of a particular stock they could either sell them all quickly which would bring the value of that stock down, or they could hold on to all of them which makes them more rare and makes them more valuable.

Bubbles are when something is artificially high in value, 2 examples of this are: IPhones as mentioned before, and Gasoline. Gasoline raises in value based simply on the speculation that “one day we might run out”, this creates bubbles which raises prices. But Gasoline will probably be replaced by ethanol before it ever even gets close to being used up.

Look at different exchanges- Sometimes you can get more on one site than you can on another site, for the same coins. And sometimes you can even buy coins on one site and sell them on another site for more. This works better when you are trading Crypto to Crypto rather than Crypto to fiat.

Use coins to create goods and services- Don’t just use coins to buy random things, buy software and other goods that you can use to produce things or spend them on things like textbooks. Create a product if you can.

Promote your favorite coins- If you have a favorite coin and buy some, don’t forget to share it on social media.

Create a currency- Satoshi gave out the Bitcoin source code so that people could make their own currencies.

Create an exchange- Transaction fees can earn the owners a lot of coins and you can help fledgling altcoins by offering them on your exchange.

Don’t buy above spot- If you are trading coins for precious metals, check the current global value of that metal and buy as close to that value as you can.

Invest in foreign countries- Don’t think America is the be all end all.


I am going to start with Politics. Politics can effect a nations Currency or Stock Market. For example, when Mosul was taken over by ISIS and all of the Gold in the Bank of Mosul was taken, and the Investment Opportunities went bleak, their Money became much less Valuable, even though after the fall of Sudam Hussein the British Government just printed the Country of Iraq new Notes. The opposite of that can be seen in 2 ways, and that situation can also be compared to the effect of a Cu-De-Ta on the Currency or Stocks. But the opposite would be Vietnam, who had a Civil War that America got way too involved in, and then at the end opened up their Markets and their Currency did well and Investment in Vietnam continues to be good. A Similar effect is Trump. The people with a lot of Money and Stocks and Companies on the Stock Market in America, all just got Tax Breaks, so they are willing to spend more, and take bigger risks, and they all trust Trump not to do them wrong because he came from the same Environment as them.

Then, an example of something similar but not exactly the same, is Brexit. When Brexit happened, everyone panicked. Stock Markets dropped in America, as well as Britain and Asia, and then the British Pound went down in value. That was not good for Britain, because anyone with savings, or anything, had money that was worth less than it was the day before on the Global Market. But that was good for everyone else, because you could buy British Pounds, and you would get more of them than usual for USD. So you could go on vacation in Britain and get things for Cheaper if you were starting with USD. Or, you could buy British Pounds and wait for them to go up in value.

So that is how Politics can effect the Economy. And it is the same for Cryptocurrencies. You can move back and forth within Markets, and there are situations that hurt and help coins from within and without.

Bulls and Bears

This is a lot more simple than people think before getting into it. Bulls strike upwards, with their Horns, so that represents someone who makes money buying Stock when they see that a Market is doing well and is likely to do better. That way they can make an investment, and it is likely to go up and they can sell soon after and make a profit.

Bears strike Downwards, with their Paws and Claws, that represents someone who makes money as the Market goes down. So when you are scared, because you spent $5 per Stock or per Coin, and now it is $4, and you want to get out before you lose any more money. The Bear will buy your Stock, or Coin, and will wait for it to go back up later. So he profits on the Fear of others, or on temporary situations like Brexit, etc. A Bear doesn’t look for a Stock that is doing good and will do better, a Bear looks for a Stock that has done good long term, and is not doing well at the moment, but is likely to bounce back.

Another example of “being Bullish” would be buying stocks in Companies like Apple, or Google, and just waiting for them to go up at some later time. Or investing in a Company like that early on and holding until it goes up.

And another example of a Bear Tactic, other than investing on the way down. When something is on the way down you are invested in, you can sell at the top of the drop, then invest in something else for a short period; and that may even go up while the other stock goes down. Then reinvest in the Stock you were holding before, with the higher amount of money you have from the Stock that either retained its value or went up.

Then that brings us to the Bear Whales, Buy Wall and Sell Walls of the Cryptocurrency World. A Bear Whale is someone who has maybe 50,000 or 100,000 Bitcoins, maybe more, and they decide they are going to drop 50% to 90% of that on the market, to kill the “Buy Wall”. A Buy Wall is all the people who have said “I will pay X price” but that price was below the last price that it was sold for on the Market.

So say I am selling my Coins, and I want $1 each, but you put a Buy Order up for $0.90 cents each, I might sell my Coins to you. But if there are 5,000 people trying to buy it, they may have Buy Orders at $0.99 cents, and $0.98 cents, so your $0.90 one may take a long time to get filled, or may never get filled if the coin goes to $5 each, and $10 each. But if someone comes on the Market, and drops enough Coins on everyone to get to $0.90 cents, and even $0.80 cents, and $0.50 cents. That scares the shit out of everyone, and they sell their Coins, which makes it worse, because now they are selling into the Buy Wall, and dropping the price even lower.

And the Bear Whale buys all your Coins at the bottom, so instead of 50,000 or 100,000. Now he has 200,000 or 1,000,000 Coins.

Just as an example. If the Bear Whale starts sales at $1, and you have a buy order for $0.95 cents, and he sells to everyone that wants Coins for $1, and he sells down to you at $0.95 cents, then sells down to $0.80 cents. You might sell your Coins to him at $0.80 cents out of Fear, and he may have sold that exact Coin to you for $0.95.

And if you were buying $500 worth at $0.95 cents, you might sell all of those to him at $0.80.
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March 08, 2020, 10:12:57 PM

So, just to point something out that Pop Culture doesn't realize yet. And this is the "lost key" to Crypto that everyone used to understand but forgot about BTC.

@prospectorsgame has like 1000 users max. Probably like 150 or less. There are 7 Billion people left on the planet.
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March 11, 2020, 02:15:11 AM

There is about to be a change in the Crypto world.

When Satoshi released the SHA algorithm, it was going to be used by a Corporate entity, but they would have had control of it.

Because he released it Open Source, people were able to vote of edits, etc. And to clone and fork it.

Then someone created Scrypt, a whole new algorithm meant to get away from the old Butterfly labs ASICs. That is why the first Scrypt coin was Litecoin. Soon after was Feathercoin, then the ASICs got in.

PeerCoin was the first Staking Coin, then Bitshares created a cloud type Entity, a DAO, and Assets on a platform. Then Ethereum ramped that up to the next level. Then EtherDelta was hacked, and Ethereum Forked, Ethereum Classic is the original Ethereum. Then the Bitshares people made EOS.

Now, what is going to happen next started with Steemit, and a few similar Currencies. What happens next is people get paid for engaging in websites, or with a corporation. The User Experience and desire to make a better UX in almost every company almost demands this. And on a non-Profit level, the Government could fuel a Blockchain, running their websites, etc, on Public Mining and Public engagement and pay the Public. The Post Office could let you mine for STAMP coin. At McDonalds you could peel a sticker and redeem 100 McD Coin. Political Candidates could have AOC Coin, Trump Coin and Biden Coin. There could be a whole Twitter website on a Blockchain called Congress.

Or, you could make a Forum, and pay people for posting.
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March 11, 2020, 03:56:20 AM

Prospectors (PGL) Group on Facebook. The first ever game where the In-Game Gold is also a Real Life Cryptocurrency. Did you ever want to Mine Bitcoins, but it was too complex? 

This is everyone in the World's chance to Mine Cryptocurrency by Playing a game

EIP 1167 has made cloning Ethereum Tokens drastically cheaper, and we will be teaching people how to launch them here and this group will be a place to spread Tokens before they launch. So PGL can create an entire Ecosystem.
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October 02, 2020, 06:46:38 PM

STEEM code
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October 23, 2020, 06:18:54 AM

There is no Announcement thread, so I thought I would discuss it here.

"The Blurt blockchain was created using a prototype of the SocialGraph generator. A platform that, once refined, will be able to churn out turnkey blockchains based on any Blurt snapshot, just add witnesses! The SocialGraph team are the founders of Blurt, which is one of many niche chains intended to be launched via SocialGraph technology. You may have heard Zapata for example will be launching once the Blurt bugs have and best practices have been ironed out."

Quoted from here

Anyone who invests now will have a stake in several future Blockchains that have yet to be forked.

The Discord Chat

Block Explorer

Buy and Sell Blurt here

Blurt is about to Moon Ramp. There are 400,000,000 coins in Circulation today, at 10% inflation, the whole thing started this August. But only like 600 Active Blurt Bloggers & Curators/Voters. As there are 1,000 active users, and 5,000 active users, and 50 people holding 1,000,000 Blurt each refusing to put it on the Market, and actively multiplying their funds by Voting/Curating, the rewards go up and the platform grows.

What is coming is a Bubble, like the Housing Bubble, where these currently $0.01-$0.02 may be as expensive as $20.00 as people around the World start to flood the platform. 100,000 active users is not a long shot for a place that pays you to be there. It will then Stabilize probably at a few Dollars. Then, finally, once there is a Stable Ecosystem and Stable rate of growth instead of a big influx. Then at that time we will still be earning, but there will be the inflation slowly bringing the value of each one down like the U.S. Dollar's inflation. But that will be from the higher stable value.

This all happened with STEEM, which stabilized at a few Dollars after starting at fractions of a Penny. Then Justin Sun bought Steemit, and all those people that had it locked in earning on their accounts, took it out and dumped it on the market. That is the only reason STEEM is as low as $0.15, but even if Blurt were capped at $0.15, and it isn't, that would be a 700% increase if you bought to today.
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October 23, 2020, 07:20:46 AM

There are more than enough eth clones of the market. Most of them are already dead for years. Why we need another one?

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October 23, 2020, 07:32:04 AM

there have already been many forks of ethereum as well as bitcoin but let's say that a very low percentage of these new altcoins have been successful on the market, why create a clone? better to create a new altcoin with innovative features with real outlets on the market as it is possible to do it at very low cost, all you need is a winning idea
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Bisq Market Day - March 20th 2023

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October 23, 2020, 10:04:35 AM

This is a good guide but obviously some people will find it difficult to follow the guide to the end because some way to create crypto is some how complicated to some new users that just joining the forum. I think they need some steps to follow to be master to all guide.

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October 23, 2020, 06:22:45 PM

If I am right these topics are talking about how we can create our own Blockchain that’s exactly like Ethereum (maybe ERC-20 tokens)? If someone creates an Ethereum clone what exactly are they going to be doing with it?

Unless you have some good plans or idea that you want to create, if not, then creating more of these tokens when we already have so many of them that are heading to nowhere is of no use. And there is a similar thread, I don’t know if you’re creating your own that’s unique or you’re copying from the one we already have in the forum.

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October 24, 2020, 12:50:26 PM

We are about to be making Tokens and Blockchains. Starting with Steem-Engine Tokens and TRON Tokens.

STEEM held in March 2020, is in a BLURT account at with the same Username and Pass.

BLURT is creating a Turnkey Steemit Clone Tool
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October 24, 2020, 03:22:48 PM

I don't want to know how to build Ethereum tokens or other coins because I have no reason to, why would I want to build a token? To scam people probably? No thanks, this information is only good for upcoming developers and encoders not all bitcointalk forum members are developers

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